Roger Whitley's Diary: October 1684

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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October 1684

Oct. 1. Wednesday, cosen Whitley & Mr Kelsey retorned from Olton, dined with me & went towards Chester in the afternoone.

2. Thursday, went to Chester, dined with Mr Mainwaring & his brother at Alderman Wrights; was trimmed there by Mr Burrows; went about 3 to the Sunne Taverne where was Lord Delamere &c. thence to the funerall of Mrs Booth; then to take coach to the Raven (Mr Mayor, Mainwaring, Lloyd, Edwards, Minshall with us).

3. Friday, dined at home, Mr Kelsey with us.

4. Saturday, dined at home, cosen Whitley & Mat. Browne with us; Mr Dudley came that night.

5. Sonday, Mr Delavall, Mayor, Alderman Mainwaring & Swetnam dined with us; went back in the evening; Mr Minshall & Burrows came to Peele that night.

6. Monday, my sonne & Mr Mainwaring went to Namptwich; Dudley, Minshall & Burrows went away after dinner.

7. Tuesday, I began my journey towards London.

[fo. 19r]

ocr; 8th-84 Dyary &c;.

7. I came from Peel on Tuesday, (7th October 1684) about 8 in the morning; dined at Namptwich with my sonne, the Auditor, Mr Mainwaring, Mr Egerton, Mr Minshall, Mr Chitton, Wright, Morgan Whitley, Mr H. Delves &c; about 2 I went thence (Minshall & Morgan Whitley in the coach with me); lay at Stone that night with Mr Mainwaring, my sonne &c.

8.Wednesday,we went thence early about 7; Mr Mainwaring & Minshall in the coach with me; dined at Lichfield and lay at Colesill.

9. Thursday, we parted early with my sonne, Mr Mainwaring & Morgan &c; Minshall & I went in the coach together; we went through the Star at Coventry; dranck a pinte of sack with Mr Lax & his wife in the yard; went to dine at Creek and lay at Northampton.

10. Friday, we dined at Newport; the master of the house came into our roome and dranck a glasse of wine; we went thence about 2 and lay at Dunstable.

11. Satorday, we dranck a pinte of claret in the yard at the Red Lyon, St Albans; dined at Barnet where Sir Michael Biddolph, my sonne Roger & Mr Kent met us; we went thence about 3; came to Mrs Brittains where daughter Biddolph was; there we prepared & supt; saw Mr Saladine, Mr Jones there & then they went to theire lodgings.

12. Sonday, we dined & supt at daughter Biddolph's lodgings; Mr Dorisla came to me in the evening. sent for 2 bottles of wine but would not stay supper.

13. Monday, I met the Examiner at Mr Humfrey's lodgings in the Temple; I dined with Lord Maxfield (his 2 sons & 2 daughters only with us) I went thence to Lady Wood's; thence to Mr John Cooke to aquainte him about sub penas; thence to Lord Sunderland's office to enquire for Mr Yard; I spoke with Mr Thomas Richards & retorned; I went next to the Swan; there was Sir Michael Biddolph, Mr Abraham Dashwood & Minshall; we parted about 11.

14. Tuesday, Lum. Williams, Tuttle, Tovey, Mr Brocket were with me; Brocket came again with Mr Jones; he pretended something due to him for bad money which he had lost by; Mr Jones owned something of it; I told him he was to be examined in a Cause wherein I was concerned; it was not fit to discourse of those matters till he had bin examined; afterwards I should discourse more particularly &c; my principle being to be just to all men; Mr Duncombe and Mr Pate dined with me; went away about 3; about 4 I went to visit sister Whitley, Lady Connery and Mr Williams in Grays Inne; soe home; my sonne Roger came to me; had some discourse with him; he was in passion against Mr Jones; had been drinking. went away in a heate; saw me afterwards at the Sunne but would not come into the roome; sent for Mr Kent away; Sir Michael Biddolph, Abraham Dashwood, Minshall and selfe stayed till 11 15. Wednesday, I dined at Pontack's with Sir Michael Biddolph, his wife, Mr Dashwood, Minshall; at night Sir Michael, Minshall and I went to the Bull Head; stayed there till 10; the man of the house sometimes with us.

[fo. 19v]

16. Thursday (Mr Fowler was with me about a coachman interl); I went to the Temple, spoke with Mr Cod, Ward & Examiner & Mr Hall's clarke about my businesse;. I dined at daughter Biddolph's lodgings; Lady Wood and her daughter dined with us; I went thence to the Kings Bench; spoke with Sir Trevor Williams & Sir Samuel Barnardiston about my businesse; Mr Pilkington came to Sir Trevor's chamber to see me; I visited Mr Hamden; met Sir Robert Thomas at the Lyon Taverne; thither Sir Trevor came to us & the master of the house sometimes; I came thence about 5; supt at my lodgings with my daughter Biddolph, Roger, Abraham Dashwood & Minshall & my landlady; parted a little past 10.

17. Friday, I went to the Temple to speake with the Examiner & Mr Cod; I desired Sir Richard May to go to the Kings Bench with the Examiner to sweare Sir Samuel Bernardiston, Sir Robert Thomas & Sir Trevor Williams; I gave Mr Peters a guiney to pay for coach &c & 2 guineys for the Baron (if Baron Streete had gone); he gave Baron May one guiney & kept the other himselfe; (I visited Mr Duncombe, discoursed my businesse then Mr Pate came in; I softly refused to see Roger Whitley interl); went after dinner (with cosen Minshall) to Mr Gerard linen draper about getting a house; met Lord Maxfield there; went with him to Mr Williams in Grays Inne from whence he went home (Mr Ashton with him) & I retorned; supt with daughter Biddolph; soe home to bed.

18. Satorday, I went to the Temple to Mr Cod & Mr Peters; made Mr Browne a visit in his chamber. dined with cosen Minshall at the end of Bartholomew Lane; Mr Dorisla came thither to us; went again to the Temple; advised with Mr Ward; gave him a guiney (& Mr Cod another for solliciting); retorned in the evening. met cosen Minshall, Jones & Saladine at the Swan; went thence with cosen Minshall to the Sunne; had a bottle of wine & a dish of meate & soe home; the barber Cosens came & trimmed me.

19. Sonday, went to the Parish Church; dined in my lodgings with Roger, Minshall & cosen Anne; Roger & cosen Minshall stayd with me all afternoone; about 5 they went away & I went to visit Sir Thomas Player where was his lady, Mr William Stanley & his wife; I went thence to the Sunne Taverne; met Mr Gardiner, sent for Mr Dorisla (who apointed the meeting); Mr Gardiner was civill but gave me no encouragement to apply to Lord Arlington in my businesse; cosen Minshall came to me; we had a dish of meate; I payd the reckoning. Mr Gardiner left us, before 10; Dorisla talked of the businesse; would have me compound; talked of unreasonable summes; I replyed I would not undoe myselfe but if others undid me (he having named Froude, Buttler & Werdon I hoped I and my children or relacions might live to question them for it;. he promised his service all he could, we parted past 10.

[fo. 20r]

20. Monday; I went to the Temple, (thence to widdow Morgan in Westminster interl); dined with my sonne at Mr Kent's; Mr Kent his wife, brother & partner & cosen Minshall with us; thither one Cain, an exchange came to Roger for money; I desired Mr Jones to pay him 15 li. in part; I went thence to Lord Maxfields; thence to put Sir William Neale downe in Covent Garden; thence to the sheriffs office (neare Chare market); discoursed the under sheriffe (Rowse) & Benson about Roger's businesse; left Mr Jones with them; brought cosen Minshall home; thence to daughter Biddolph's lodgings & about 10 o' clock went home.

21 Tuesday, I went to Mr Mosier about Frodesly writings; soe back to my lodgings; Roger & Minshall went with me to daughter Biddolph's lodgings, we dined there; about 4 went to the Temple, there parted with them; I went to visit Mr Charles Williams at his shop; soe back to the Temple; gave directions to Mr Humfrey's clarke; thence called on Mr Gerard at a taverne neare his house in Newgate Streete to discourse about a house he had enquired for me; there was with him a fat man I knew not; then came in Mr Adams; after him another I knew not, we drank 2 quarts of wine; parted a little past 7; I supt at daughter Biddolph's & went home about 10.

22 Wednesday, Mr Gerard came to me, to give account about the house he had inquired for me; after him the barber to trimme me; I went out about 11 towards the Temple and thence to dine with Lord Maxfield, his sonnes; Lady Brandon, Roger & Minshall dined with us; I went thence to Mr Humfreys, & visited his neighbor Mr Browne, Mr Minshall with me, dranck a bottle of wine with him, thence to make affidavit before the Chiefe Baron; thence to see Mr Williams & Mr Ward; called at the Castle Taverne, found Mr Fitt Gerard, Mr Minshall, Mr Buckingham & Roger there; Roger left us; we stayd drinking 2 bottles of wine & eating some fryed oysters; soe parted, went home.

23. Thursday, I went early to Westminster; had a motion granted at the Exchequer Court for longer tyme to examine witnesses; walked a while in Westminster Hall; dined at Mr Brownes (the 3 Pigeons) daughter Biddolph, cosen Anne, Roger, Minshall & Mr Kent with us; went thence to Lady Wood's; thence home about 6 o'clock; Mr Saladine with me about ½ an houer; supt wih daughter Biddolph.

24. Friday, I went with my daughter to buy linen at Mr Gerards shop; thence to Mr Baskervile's about Mr Oneby's house; thence to dinner at my daughter's lodgings where dined my sonne Roger, Minshall & Kent; in the afternoone I went to Mr Humfreys chamber, thence to Mr Gulstons about Egertons statute, (talked awhile with Minshall & Allen, Mr Lax interl); thence to the Devill Taverne with Minshall; Gulston came to us; we discoursed about Egerton's statute, his credtors &c; parted before 9; went to my daughter's lodgings; soe home before 11.

25. Satorday, Mr Allen came to my lodgings about Roger's debt; he apointed him to come to daughter's Biddolph lodgings about 2; there he came, we agreed the businesse; he sealed a realease to Roger & received his money &c; (my daughter, Minshall and selfe crossed out) I went out about 4 (I stayed at the Temple....Minshall crossed out) to Mr Hicks to acquainte [fo. 20v] him, he must be reexamined; thence to the Temple; thence to the Sunne Taverne where I found Abraham Dashwood and one Mr Ingram (a stranger to me). Minshall came to us; we ate oysters together, stayd till past 9; I left them at the Bar and went home.

26. Sonday, went to Parish church; dined at daughter's lodgings (with sonne, Minshall and Kent) went to St Hellens church; thence to Mr Page's; thence to daughter's lodgings where was Sir Edward Wood and Lady; after they went away I went to Sunne Taverne where was Mr Fit Gerard, Roger in one roome and Dorisla in another; then came Minshall; we came all to one roome, supt together and parted past 9; I left them at the doore and went home.

27. Monday, cosen John Lloyd came to see me; afterwards Captaine Hilman about making me some clothes &c; I went to Westminster; dined at home; Roger, Kent and Minshall with me; went to the Temple, thence to the Rose Taverne in Covent Garden; Minshall and Roger with me; Fitt Gerard came to us; we parted about 9; brought Minshall home, soe to my lodging.

28. Tuesday, went to Westminster, called on Minshall and on Mr Palmer; dined at home at night; went to Minshall's lodgings; thence to the Griffin Taverne; to meete Palmer; there was Sir John Huban, Mr Thomson (neare Scarberow) and severall others (unknowne to me) we supt there, parted past 11, I went home.

29. Wednesday, I called on Minshall, retained him as my councell; went to Roger's lodgings; spoke with Mr Kent (at the coach side, Minshall in the coach with me) dined with my daughter and stayd there and at my lodgings all night.

30. Thursday, I called on Minshall, went to Westminster; discoursed Mr Bebington about Juely, and Bulstrodes; retorned to the citty; Mr Henshaw dined with me; I went in the evening to Mr Humphrey's; thence to Jone's his house in Covent garden to look for Lord Brandon; dranck a pinte of wine with Minshall thence to Devill Taverne; parted with Minshall at the doore; went up to Lord Brandon; found his brother, Umfrevill, Thomson and Mr Chadwell with him, then came Mr Woosely; I discoursed my businesse to him; we supt there; before 11 I left them and retorned home.

31. Friday I went to Westminster; dined at home with Minshall; went in the evening to Humfrey's chamber; thence to Sir Edward Wood's; discoursed him of my businesse; his Lady present; and about Mr Slater to be examined; retorned to my daughter's lodgings; thence home to bed.