Roger Whitley's Diary: October 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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October 1694

October 1. Monday. Mainwaring went early to Knotsford; Huson,& S: Hussey came about 9. Huson went to Northop faire & Mold assises; Hussey desires to take a lease; Palin & Moldsworth dined with me. he would take lands at Bechin; Hoknell & Bidolph dined with us; in the evening I went to Angells to visit his nephews; Bidolph was there with them; I went about 7 to the Ship; there was G.Mainwaring, Johnson. Deane, Edwards, Wright, Burrows; we all parted little past 9. I & Taylor were together awhile before the others came; he stayd but awhile with me; I took pills this night.

2. Tuesday, Anderson & his brother came to pay me the Mayor's rent. Johnson & Pemberton came with a man that desires to be made free; Grantham came about a frind that would lease Tatenhall; I drank Epsom water this morning; Mainwaring sent venison from Peover; Bidolph went a setting towards Peele; Swetnam dined with us; Attorney Minshall came at diner tyme; Walton soone after; then Jackson (the scrivener) & a Warrington man; then the man of Barnet Well, all went (severally) before 4. Bidolph retorned in the evening.

3. Wednesday, I went to the Penthouse past 11. retorned past 1. Streete, Williamson, Bidolph dined with us; about 2 my teame & servants brought the first columne from Manley to towne; G.Mainwaring came about 4. stayd not; Bostock, Davyes &c. came about the mason's work; Griffith & the Brewer complained of Mr Neston opposing them & striking the brewer &c at Chrissleton &c. made him bleed &c. at 6 I went to widow Bennets, there was Fletcher, Colgrave, Kirk, 2 Bathos, Robinson, Madocks, G.Mainwaring, Baroby, Monson &c; we parted past 8. G.Mainwaring, Baroby, & I called at Jackson's; Baskervile came to us; we parted before 11. Houseman went to Shotwick with Winstanley, retorned in the evening.

4. Thursday, Bidolph went abRood a shooting about 7, Johnson came about the tyth fish of Saughall; Houseman went with him to Norbery; Morgan & Key dined with us G. Mold & another came to see me also Thomas Ravenscroft, Hylord & another, they dranck, stayd not long. G.Mainwaring & Cratchley & Deane were also with me.

[fo. 179r]

October 4. I & Bidolph went about 6 to the Lamb; there was 2 Mainwarings (Mercer & Bingley awhile) Minshall, Baskervile &c. we parted past 9.

5. Friday, I went to the Penthouse upon complainte of Kingston, Lowndes &c. against some foreigners for not shutting up theire shops, the faire being ended; I dined (with my daughters & family, Mainwaring, Bidolph &c.) at Angells; went past 4 to the Coffe House; then home; & about 7 to the Feathers; there was Lloyd, Williamson, Daniels, Streete, Holland, Kinaston, Bidolph; we parted past 9.

6. Satorday, went to the Penthouse past 11. made 9 freemen; retorned past 1. Streete. Lloyd, Williamson, 2 Mainwarings, Minshall, Bidolph &c. dined with us; in the evening came Johnson, Deane, Kinaston, Cratchley & 2 Mainwarings &c. parted about 9.

7. Sonday, was not at church; cosen Whitley &c. dined with us; about 5 Sir R. Cotton, his lady, daughters, Lady Catherly came to visit us; then I went to visit Lady Salisbury & the Bishop; then home & supt.

8. Monday, I & G.Mainwaring went to visit Sir William Williams; then to the Court about 1; retorned home; Sir William & his son dined with us; also Streete. Lloyd, Edwards, Ince, G.Mainwaring, Williamson, Minshall, Cumberbach, Sam: Jones &c. past 2 I went to the Penthouse, to the bullbaite (Lawton with me) past 4 he & I went to waite on the Judges; then I went to the Bull, there was Jack Johnson & his father in law (Pack interl) Minshall, Baroby, Mercer & a Captaine from Ireland; the Captaine, Minshall & Boroby went with me to the Ship; there was 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Lawton, Nat. Llee, Bellot &c. I left them past 9. came home, there was Crew, & Delves; then came Mainwaring; then G.Mainwaring; stayd till past 12.

9. Tuesday, Moris came to get 3 li. advanced on account of glasing at Bechin; Frith to shew me a letter from Commissioners of Excise about Excise officers &c. Griffith about the tryall about the way to Wrexam &c. I sent Houseman with him to Maders & Councell &c. Lawton & Attorney Minshall dined with us; after diner Yates came; then G.Mainwaring; all went past 3. I bought a paire of gloves from Billings; before diner came Johnson & 2 others about making a freeman. I went to the Penthouse at 4 to waite on the Judges (with the Aldermen, Sheriffs &c.) at 5. retorned about 6. Lee came & stayd with me awhile; we went to the christening at G.Mainwarings; there was much company, I left them past 10.

10. Wednesday, Basnet came about Shotwick; then Crosse & Maydens 2 men about making a freeman; then Trugarne & 3 more of the company against making Thomas Bateman free. Mr Yates sent his servant to receive 40 li. for Mr Bootell; Bellot & Lawton came to speake with Mainwaring; also Johnson & Holland; Danalds wife came to me for money Roger owes her; Shales came about the sheep at Bechin ; after diner came Parson Gerard about his sister Fernehall's businesse with Mr Coker; about 6 I went to visit Sir Robert Cotton & Nat. Lee; saw them, Lady Caterley, Lady Cotton &c. then went to wayte on Sir W. Aston & Delves; they were abRood; then went to Serjeant Warmingham's; there was Streete, G.Mainwaring, Edwards, Lloyd, Parry, Jackson, Smith, Deane,(Pennington interl), Bolland &c. I left them past 8. then went to Bell's there the Sheriffe, Penington, Warren, Bradshaw, Lee of Booth, Davenport &c. I left them past 9. came home.

11. Thursday, 3 men came to see Mr Richard Warburton's writings. Danald trimmd me; Hachet came about paying the widows 1/2 crowns; Anderton came with a bill from Roger which I refused; the Judges, some Justices of Peace, Gentlemen, Lawyers & Aldermen dined with me; they parted past 4. about 5 I went to the Penthouse to meete the Recorder & Justices about naming the succeeding Mayor. Sir Hugh Owens son came with the Recorder; we had wine &c. Edy went first; then I, 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Sheriffs, Lloyd &c. went to the Ship; the Sheriffe of the ?, Warren & another came to us; also Baskervile; we parted about 10.

12. Friday, (the election day of Mayor, Sheriffs &c.) I went to the Penthouse about 12. then to the Hall; the election was over & the Court up. about 2 they brought me home, dined with me and parted neare 5. Sir Richard Aston, Chetwind came to see us; after them Bellot, Gleg, 2 Lees, Warburton, Delves, William Mainwaring &c. all parted about 7. Broster came today from the audit of Denbeigh 13. Satorday, I sent to take leave of some of the Judges about 11; then to the Penthouse; then to walk the parket. then agen to the Penthouse; then home (about 2). Sir William Williams, his sonne, Lee of Darnhall, Streete, Mainwarings, Lloyd, Williamson, Cratchley,, Cumberbach, Hand, Johnson, William Murray dined with meingroy? and the al: Book came in after diner; all parted past 4. Crosse came, sealed Aricles for the Shotwick bringing Murray with him. Bellot came about Bechin then Attorney Minshall then Charles Griffith.

[fo. 179v]

October 14. Sonday, went to church in the morning; the Aldermen, Sheriffs, Leavelookers with me; Sir William Williams, his son, the Aldermen (& 2 of theire wifes) with us; past 6 I went to visit Mrs Mainwaring; came back past 7, supt; Mainwaring with us; after supper came G.Mainwaring & Johnson, parted before 10. Broster went to Dyssert.

15. Monday, went to an Assembly in the Penthouse before 12; retorned about 3; Sir William Williams, 2 Mainwarings, Williamson, Richard Minshall, Deane, Robinson, Comberbaach, William Mainwaring with us; before 5 I, Sir William Williams & Minshall went to the funerall of Mrs Batho, in our retorne Mainwaring & I alighted at Bostock; there came Dr Pennington & Harper, & 3 masons were with us; we left them before 8. I & Minshall went to the Ship; then came Parry, 2 Mainwarings & Bellot. I left them past 10. came home; Attorney Minshall was with me in the morning about 11.

16. Tuesday, Mainwaring went to Manchester; Houseman to Peele; old Jackson & Crosse was with me about Boswell's lease & the wheate money for Crosse's wife; the clarke & churchwarden for the Parson's quarterages &c. Frith & one of Excise officer about their concernes &c. Key dined with us; Wayne came with a Beanrne? from the Leavelookers & a porter with wine from London; past 4 Bridge came to get a woman the wheate money.

17. Wednesday, Mr Sherwood came (past 10) about taking a lease at Tatenhall. Alderman Hand & Cratchley dined with me; went before 3. Griffith came with 2 carts to goe to Shotwick & for coales. about 8 came Johnson, Adams & Deane; stayd till neare 10 18. Thursday, Houseman went to meete Grantham at Holt faire about selling my cattle; there came one Mrs Web (& another gentlewoman) about some differences betwixt her & Morgan Whitley; Key dined with us; Minshall & Johnson found us at diner; about 2 came Mr Gamell; they went past 3. Robert Done brought me a bill for 30 li. Burgesse brought 20 li. frrom Shotwick; Griffith brought coales; past 6 I went to the Feathers, there was Lloyd & Edwards; Deane came in with me; Basnet & Pugh & Minshall came to us; I left them past 8. I & Minshall walked to the Ship; there we found Taylor & Parry; Deane came to us. we had oysters; parted past 10.

19. Friday, Salisbury came to see me about the hallkeepers place; Crosse about the hospitall businesse, Mrs Web & the other gentlewoman came agen about Morgan Whitley; he & Huson came today from the Audit; Jerome came about the brawne; Pennington about the Court on Monday, Streete to shew me a letter from London; Griffith with coales 20 Satorday, a man came to me about the tithes of Brimstage; Griffith came before 10 with more coles; I went to the Penthouse about 12, retorned neare 2; Streete, Lloyd, Williamson, Bolland, Comberbach, Adans, & Key dined we parted about 4. Morgan Whitley & Huson came, stayd not long; Profit came from Dyssert; Burges from Shotwick Griffith & the butchers rawled up the brawne; Sheriffe Bolland came with a Proclamatcion & brought it back to the clarke of the Penthouse; Mr Johnson came for a woman to have wheatemoney. the new stewards of the Bakers, Jehico & Selsby came to me; had a bottle of wine &c. Huson went home.

21 Sonday, I was not at chuch; Minshall & Morgan dined with me; Houseman went to Huson * Pole retorned at night[ the Recorder & Kinaston came, stayd houer.

22 Monday, Wright came with acccounts of proceedings at Manchester; Houseman want to Bromborer; I went to the Penthouse past 11; dicoursed with the Justices & Treasurers about providing lodgings for the Judges in the Castle; went to the Court in Common Hall; despatched; about 2 went home; Hunt, 3 Angells & sister, Lloyd, Edwards. Williamson, Hand, 2 Sheriffs, 2 Treasures, Hunt, Kirk dined with me; in the evening Mainwaring retorned from Manchester & Peover; his 4 sons 2 with him; past 6 I went to G.Mainwarings; there was Wiliam Mainwaring with him; Mainwaring came to us; about 7 we went to Ned Borones; there was Edwards, Lloyd, Streete, 2 Treasures, Bolland, Bosenet, Deane & 2 strangers; we parted past 9; called at the Ship; there was 3 Mainwarings, Streete, 2 Treasures, Antwistesle &c; we parted neare 11; Dr Angell, his cosens. Lady Bellot &c supt with daughters.

23 Tuesday, Colstone trimmed me (Cookson came to me about his greyhound interl); Treasurer Critchley came to me about one & Brereton; Minshall dined with me; about 4 I went to the Penthouse to advise & prepare the Judges; they came in about 8; we sent our present of wine before; J.Alecomen & Sheriffe wayted on them before 9; then I went home.

24 Wednesday, The 4 Judges, Justice Powys, Sheriffe, Sir William Aston, Gleg, Chatwood, Abersey................Hunt, Booth, G.Mainwaring.......& many more; I stayd not; went (with Mainwaring) to Jacksons; did...Ardren Smith........was with him &c then J & G.Mainwaring; went to take leave......;then to Jacksons agen; ther was M ainwaring, Lawton, Gleg, Lee, Streeet & some more; Baroby &c; parted; I went home before 10(180r October 1694[ October 25. Thursday, the Judges left the towne before 7. Mainwaring & his sister went about 10 towards Dedington. Sam Hussey came about a lease, also Smith & Huxley; Smith left 60 li. of his fine, sealed up with me Lightfoote came about leasing at Lach; John Mosse about his son's leasee, Cratchley Murray, Higgison & Leadbeater & Adams about Sir Thomas Stanley's lease debt money; Key dined with us. Charlotte was let blood after diner & agen at night. came Hand to take my bond for Rogers debt to Edisbery. 2 Angells to take leave of me, also Thomas Lea & cosen Whitley to see us. I went at 7 to take leave of Angels cosens, they were abRood; after supper Johnson & Gill & G.Mainwaring came, went past 9.

26. Friday, Treasurer Cratchley came about Sir Thomas Stanley's businesse; & G.Mainwaring to get releife for 5 poore seamen, Johnson & Bret came about old Mr Bret's place &c. sister Whitley & Lloyd dined with us. about 2 came the Captaine & Lieutenant of the Invalids; stayd an hower; then Slater & a widow with a complainte against Porter; about 4 Higgison came to me about Sir Thomas Stanley's businesse; I went with him to the Coffee House; there was Johnson, Kinaston, Pemberton, Minshall, Murray, Deane, Pugh, Wright &c. the 5 last & I went to the Ship for an houer; then I went to Angells took leave of his cosens; retorned home by 7 &c, Houseman went in the morning to Wrexam &c. came back at night.

27. Satorday, I went to the Penthouse past 11. retorned before 2. Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, G.Mainwaring, Williamson, Adams, Key, Sidney dined with us; all went about 4. onely Streete & G.Mainwaring stayd with us; then came Johnson & Mrs Bret (about hallkeepers place) she went presently, the rest soone after; Flint retorned from Dedington. Jordan was with me but stayd not.

28. Sonday, I was not at church. Bret dined with me, after supper came Johnson & G.Mainwaring, parted about 10, Houseman went to Tarvyn, retorned at night 29. Monday, Gray was with me, I spoke to him of his (& citty's interl) concernes & about going with Houseman to Shotwick; Norbery came to speake with Mainwaring; Adams about Penthouse business; I sent Houseman to Johnson with 30 li. to defray the charge of the late election; past 3 I & Mainwaring went to view the cisterne in Northgate Streete about making it the flesh market. G.Mainwaring, Williamson & Johnson came to us; then we went to the Ship; past 5 to the Penthouse to a comitte about the new Hall; about 7 I went to the ship 2 Mainwarings, 2 Sheriffs, Hand, Allen, Dutton &c. I went home about 9.

30. Tuesday, Houseman went about 7 to Shotwick, Gray &c. with him; Bromley trimmd me. Adams was with me. then Swordbearer; Morgan & G.Mainwaring dined with me; pat 2 came Norbery, all went past 3. Broster came from Dyssert about 6. about 7 came Kinaston, Deane; then 2 Mainwarings; they supt & parted past 10.

31. Wednesday, Mainwaring, his son's &c. went towards Peover about 9. Crosse & Woods were with me about the hospitall businesse; I sent the Macebearer to aquainte Alderman Ince that I intended to send tomorrow to survey the lands he holds which belong to the Mayor; about 5 the Collector of the Customs came stayd not long (2 musitians were with me about the last payment interl); then I went to visit Lady Bellot; then sister Whitley, retorned home before 8. in the afternoone I agreed with Richard Holland for a lease at Lach; John Holland & 2 Lightfoots were with him.