Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1686

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1686

Sept;1st Wednesday, Mainwaring dined abroad; D.Minshall, K; Hardware &c dined with us; also yong Fowler the coach maker; he went away about 3.

2. Thursday, Mainwaring dined abroad; there came a man from Downes of Salop with a letter about money Roger owes him; he dined in the buttery with Hughson; I dranck a glasse of wine to him; he went after dinner; about 5 Ned the old brewer brought his mother & 9 or 10 men & woemen from Chester to see the house; I gave them 2 bottles of wine; they eate some cold venison in the buttery; went away before 6 .

3. Friday, Mainwaring retorned from Namptwich & William Minshall with him; they dined with us & D.Minshall, K Hardware &c; after dinner came Alban Gray about making an oven & some other work .

4. Satorday, Mainwaring, D.Minshall & I went to Chester; dined at Alderman Wrights with Salusbury, Alderman Mainwaring & Streete; Holland trimmed me; Mainwaring & I went to visit Sir John Hanmer at the Feathers, he was abroad; we met Alderman Lloyd at the doore; I went to visit Dr Angell; there was sister Lettice Whitely &c G.Mainwaring then we went to visit cosen Mainwaring , stayd but awhile; then went (with 2 Mainwrings) to the Sunne, there was John Hanmer, Captaine Winter & Lieutenant Wynne (2 of his officers) also Streete, Wilcocks, D.Minshall & Faringdon; we had 5 or 6 bottles; we parted & went to Alderman Lloyd & Edwards in the kitchen; had a bottle of wine with them, Mainwaring & I took coach and called at the post house; Hugh (my old coach man) called for my letters; we went home; Mr Deane went part of the way with us.

5. Sonday, went twice to church; Mr Taylor dined with us; after evening prayer Mainwaring & I went to visit the Vicar; found the Deane there; stayd an houer, went home.

6. Monday, Neale the farrier came to dresse the horses; 3 men from Shropshire came to order the flax; the cooper to hoop tubs, &c. in the evening came Lightfoote to speake about the tenement; cosen Whitley came, stayd all night; we parted at 10; his servant Millington came with him.

[fo. 63r]

Sep;7 .Tuesday, the farryer came to blood the horses; cosen Whitley dined with us; there were also Palin & 2 others came from Bechin about the cattle that were distreyned; & one Jennings & 3 others & a boy from Chester to see the house, all strangers to me; they all eate something with Hughson in the buttery; after dinner I gave them a bottle or 2 of wine & they parted past 3; a man brought a buck from Frodesley.

8. Wednesday, cosen Whitley dined with us; about 5 came Hardware & his wife; parted past 6; about 8 came a man that was going to Alderman Lewes to see us onely; then came D.Minshall; he, Whitley & I sate up till past 11.

9. Thursday, cosen Whitley & D.Minshall dined with us; whilest we were at dinner, Charles Harlestone came to us; about 4 cosen Whitley left us; Hurleston & Minshall stayd all night; we parted before 11.

10. Friday, Hurleston went away & Minshall with him; one Taylor of Chester came to dine with us; with a daughter of barbers of Stone; about 4 Nat; Booth came; we had a bottle of wine; he went 1/2 houer past 5; and Taylor & the girle soon after him; Minshall stayd with me all night.

11. Satorday, I went to Chester with my daughter & sisters; called to see brother Whitley; his wife & daughters were with him; we stayd not; we dined at Angells, D.Minshall with us; after dinner he & I went to G.Mainwaring, saw him and his wife; then went to Jackson's; spoke with Finchet of Kelsall, & Deane (the grocer) in the streete; there went with me G.Mainwaring & Minshall & Reece; Streete, Wright & the Recorder came to us; also a farryer about my horse; my daughter called on me about 6; as we went to the Red Lyon; Lieutenant Winne told me Sir John Hanmer would speake with me; he fetched him to me; we discoursed awhile in the streete about money I was to pay him on my sonnes bill &c. we came home by 8.

12. Sonday, I went to church with my daughter & Kate Hardware in the afternoone; no company here that day.

13. Monday, I went to Tarvyn (betwixt 2 & 3) to heare Mr Sadler's funerall sermon, preached by Dr Hanmer; I discoursed awhile with Aldersey & Sherwood in the churchyard & retorned home; Mainwaring came back that night & Traverse with him; we supt & parted before 10.

14. Tuesday, Mr Leeming, Streete & G.Mainwaring, his sonne Owen, Hughes & Mrs Bartley dined with us; they parted about 7 at night; in the morning the keeper brought a buck from Shotwick & the bayliffe of Soughall came with a widdow about a herriot; I remitted it to her being poore & had 5 children.

15. Wednesday, at the end of dinner came Mr Pickering, Sherwood & Traverse; the first sate down & eate; the orher 2 would not; after dinner we had a bottle; Sherwood took a pipe; they parted about 5; D.Minshall came at night; he & Traverse supt with us; we parted at 10.

16. Thursday, Mr Kenrick's man came with a letter for some venison; Finchet & Holland with a herriot; Alderman Streete, Traverse, Jackson, Minshall, Mainwaring &c dined with us; & one Cawley [fo. 63v] Sep; 16. of Kelsall (with Eywart) at the by table; he came with Streete; Jackson & Traverse went (soone after dinner) to the burying of Mr Lorenson (at Tarvyn), Street & I went soone after; we stayd the sermon; parted there; I came home, & walking in the Barnefeild there came by a drunken fellow, talked extravagently about Popery, &c. Minshall stayed all night.

17. Friday, Mainwaring , his wife and sister Anne went to Chester; Lightfoote came to discourse me about Winnpenny's tenement &c. after dinner I went a setting with Minshall, Ewart, Houseman & Hickson; we had a set & took some partridges in Withers field in Manley; that night Dudley came to Peele, also the ministers daughter of Eston in Werrall with a letter from her father to Mainwaring; Dudley went to bed about 10; the rest at 11.

18. Satorday, the old man came from Shotwick with herring, &c; & Cadwallader from Frodesley with a buck, & the buttlers brother with him; the ministers daughter went away about 4; also Mr Minshall went a setting with Mainwaring; Wrench went to Chester; he & his man had bin working here all week; I sent Harpur to Chester about 5 with venison to Sir John Hanmer & Mrs Williams.

19. Sonday, went to church in the afternoone; the Deane was there & told me they had called a Chapter & considered of my businesse &c. we went home with my daughter &c.

20. Monday, Dr Angell & my sister dined with us; went back past 4; after dinner came Lightfoote & Danliffe with their wifes, they brought presents; did eate, drinck &c; also Mr William. Davyes sonne & daughter, with Row & the 2 Syddalls, about Mr Davyes herriots; also Mary Carington about her herriot; & Thomas Wrengh & Jackson's man to Mainwaring about a horse; Dudley supt with us, &c.

21. Tuesday, Mrs Axson & Mr Huet came about the rent she owes me; they dined & went about 3; Dudley dined with us; I saw him no more that day; Hugh Delves supt with us & stayd all night & his brother.

22. Wednesday, Dudley & Delves dined with us; he & his brother went away past 4.

23. Thursday, Dudley dined with us; I settled accounts with him; widdow Bostock (& another woman with her) came about some accounts of her husbands; Mrs Hardware came to see us in the afternoone; after supper Dudley dranck 2 or 3 glasses of wine; I left him about 11.

24. Friday, Dudley went away before I saw him; Lightfoote came to shew me Winpenny's lease; Hardware came about 4 o'clock to discourse about change of land at Moldsworth & Brimbrow; stayd not long; I went to Wrench & the other workmen at the decoy, the pitts, mucking.

25. Satorday, was a wett day, stayd at home, had no company.

26. Sonday, went to church (with Mainwaring) in the afternoone.

27. Monday, one Mr Boyer of Sandbach (& another man) came to speake with Mainwaring; the first came in, dranck a glasse of mum; the other dranck a glasse in the ?Noble; they stayd not, I brought them to their horses; I went with Hughson to James Ward & the other workmen at the pitts; dined at home.

28. Tuesday, I went (with daughter Mainwaring & Sidney) to Chester; dined at Angells; went with Alderman Mainwaring to Mrs Williams & her daughter; my daughter &c was there; I went then with G Mainwaring to Streets; saw him & his wife; another woman was with her; I went then with G.Mainwaring to Streets; saw him & his wife, another woman was with her ; I went then with G.Mainwaring & Streete towards Jacksons; we met Comberbach, Alderman Lloyd, Huet, (& several others) as we went along; they followed us to Jacksons; I called on Baroby & Baskervile, they came to Jacksons, also Mr Robert Lloyd to see me seale a bond (for Mr Child) gardiner; the old carryer came also with us, but stayd not; there stayd.

[fo. 64r]

28. with us at Jacksons, Streete, G.Mainwaring Lloyd, Edwards, Comberbach, Huet, Robert Lloyd; Nat; Booth came in as we were parting; Streete & G.Mainwaring went with me to take coach at Wrights; we met him at the doore, stayd not; went immediatly away with my daughter & sister.

29. Wednesday, I spoke with the man that brought venison the night before from Frodesley; in the afternoone cosen Judith Brereton came from Whitchurch to pay her interest money; stayd all night.

30. Thursday, a gardiner from Boughton came to enquire for my gardiner; about 4 Mr Deane came to see us; stayd till past 6 (onely he, Eywart & my selfe together) about 8 Mainwaring came home & Minshall with him; we sate up till 11.