Roger Whitley's Diary: September 1694

Roger Whitley's Diary 1684-1697 Bodleian Library, Ms Eng Hist C 711. Originally published by [s.n.], [s.l.], 2004.

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September 1694

September 1. Satorday, Mainwaring & I went to Chester, lighted at the Penthouse; dined at the Bull with Streete. G.Mainwaring & 2 Treasurers; after diner came Colonel Atkins; then Llee of Booth (Deane, Wright &c. interl); we went thence about 5. called at Blags. I visited Sir Har[old] Inglesby there; stayd not with him; went to another roome where were 2 Mainwarings, Streete, 2 Treasurers, Wright, Deane &c. we parted at 6 came home about 8. Angell came from Peover.

2. Sonday, was not at church, daughter Mainwaring &c. were (Nixon went to Peover interl); Angell went about 2. I took pills at night 3. Monday, I dranck Barnet water; Mainwaring went to Colebrook; Mosse came about leasing lands for his son in law in Moldsworth; I wrote to George Clarke Esq., Secretary of War about the quarters at Chester; Huson came about 10 (Nixon retorned at night from Peover interl); retorned past 5. Llee of Downhall with him; stayd all night.

4. Tuesday, Gerard & the clarke came about Parish dutyes &c. Llee, G.Mainwaring, Baskervile, Jack Johnson, Danold & Minshall dined with us; Shales, Shore, Wydens, Cross &c in the other roome; they all went past 3. 2 Mainwarings &c. towards Peover; Bostock & Davyes came about Manley stone. I had a buck from Crew's; I must send him another (on demand) for exchange.

5. Wednesday, Angell dined with us; retorned at 5; I sent Nixon with venison to Mr Warburton; Mrs Alpott & her servant came from Peover, about 4 Touchet came then for Roger's debt, was paid. . retorned about 66. Thursday, Widens came about his going with Crosse to Shotwick; Anne Price went early to Chester; I, daughter Mainwaring & Sidney went past 4. came to Chester at 6. Johnson, James Mainwaring & Deanecame to me past 8. parted before 10 7. Friday, Treasurer Cratchley came, also Crosse, Brererton & severall others; Warmingham let me blood; Angell & Jones dined with me; Johnson came after diner, stayd awhile; past 5 I went to visit Colonel Atkins, he was abRood; then to Billins in Bridge Streete; there was Edwards, Lloyd, Deane, Huet, Pugh, Kinaston, Homethorne, Crew, Wright, Yeomans, Parry, Johnson, Robinson &c. with me, parted before 10.

8. Satorday, Warmingham came to unbind my arme; I went to the Penthouse past 11 (there was Colonel Atkins & Alderman Sellers about quarters &c. interl) retorned past 1. Mainwaring retorned from Peover with G.Mainwaring. they dined with me, also Lloyd, Williamson & Cratchley; after diner came Johnson & Deane; I took coach past 5 with Mainwaring, daughters & sister Sydney came to Peele past 7. I found Angell there.

[fo. 178r]

August 9. Sonday, Mainwaring & daughter were at church.

10. Monday, Angell went about 11. Bolton & Bridge came about 2, went past 3. I went to Bromleys at 6. Mainwaring was there & Houseman; we retorned at 7; Huson came about diner time,.

11. Tuesday, Mosse, his wife & son in law came to agree for a lease; so did Hockey's of Tatenhall; also Smith & Huxley; Shore & his sonns about agreeing for Tatenhall; Crosse & Withers about Shotwick; Cokson about the Parke; Basnet but made no proposals nor spoke about holding any longer; Huxley, Smith, Basnet, Hockwel, hoskeys, Warmingham dined with us; Cataine Cookson with Huson &c in the buttry. Pickmore came about money Roger owes him; Mainwaring went to Sir William Aston; retorned at 7; Huson went home in the evening.

12. Wednesday, Houseman went past 9 to call on Huson, soe to Tatenhall & Bechin; Griffith with 2 carts to Chester & Shotwick; when we were at diner Mr Kircam & another came to see John Mainwaring; they dined, stayd till past 5. Key came, supt, stayd all night, 13. Thursday, after diner Mainwaring went to Tarperly & Key to Chester; past 4 I, daughter & sister Sidney went towards Chester; came there neare 7. Mainwaring, G.Mainwaring &Cratchley came after supper; stayd till 10.

14 Friday, Alderman Edwards came to get an old widow into the almeshouse; also Crosse, I gave him order about it. also Pack about servants clothes; Hall about cooperage; Johnson about the Hall keepers place; Griffith with the carts from Shotwick; Hughes about his place, & Alderman Streets Mandamus; Adams about a fine; Angell to see us; Dr Pennington, G.Mainwaring & Cratchley dined with us; about 2 came Norbery & Minshall about Minshall's encroachment; stayd not; my gardner & Bidolph's gardner came after diner; sayd they would goe back to Peele; Basnet came to talke agen about taking of Shotwick; I told him how far I had proceeded with Crosse; he went past 4. Jordan came at 6. then Deane; he & I went to G.Mainwarings; then came Baskervile; then a frenchman; then Mainwaring & Cratchley; we parted about 10.

15. Satorday, Adams, Jordan, Streete, Sparks were with me; also Crosse & Colgrave; I went to the Penthouse before 12. retorned past 1. Angell, Streete, 2 Mainwarings, Williamson, Lloyd, Kinaston, Deane & Adams dined with me; widow Holing & her son in law paid me 5 guineys for 2 heriots; past 4 I went to Jacksons; there came 2 Mainwarings, Kinaston, Jackson &c. there was Mainwaring the butcher; the Butchers had bin with me (past 3) about a contry butcher that had not served prentise &c. daughter & sister Sidney called on me; we went homeward to Peele about 5. Angell was there.

16. Sonday, I was not at church, Angell dined with us; went towards Chester about 2 &c.

17. Monday, Jordan & Booth came to Akerley's; Griffith & carts went to Chester for bottles; Brock went after them; Mainwaring & Houseman went (about 8) to meete the masons at Manley; Huson went home & came agen about 11. Ensigne Dawson came past 11, & with him Spencer, his wife & 2 more about leasing at Bechin; Alban Gray about his accounts; Withins to speake with Mainwaring. as did Delves, Kecum & another ; they dined, parted towards evening; Larden came to lease at Tatenhall; Brock & Anne Price came from Chester.

18. Tuesday, Mainwaring & daughter went early towards Bouer; Huson came before 10, cosen Elainor, Brereton came at 12. dined with us; went about 3. Angell came about 5. Smith & Eaton supt with Huson in the buttry; then came into the compasse, tooke a glasse with Angell & me; went before 10.

19. Wednesday, (fast day) was not at church but ordered my servants to goe; Crosse, Widens & another came about 12; dined with Huson in the buttry; Coxon came after diner; all went about 5; Angell & sister went past 3. Mainwaring & daughter retorned from Peover about 7.

20. Thursday, Huson went early to Tarperly & Houseman to Tatenhall; then they were to goe to Frodesley; in the evening Mainwaring, daughters, sister, children &c went to Bromley's; I went after them & found cosen Whitley with them, we came back at 8. Anne Price went to Chester in the morning to get the house ready.

21. Friday, Griffith went with carts, goods &c. to Chester; after diner Mainwaring & cosen Whitley went to Chester; past 4. I, daughters &c. followed them; came thither about 6. I lighted at Jacksons; there was 2 Mainwarings, 2 Whitleys, Wright, Cockayne &c. we parted at 8. went home. G.Mainwaring with us; Johnson came to us, we parted before 10.

22. Satorday, Deane Fog came on the behalfe of Ratcliffe to make him hall keeper; I went to Penthouse past 11, retorned before 2. Streete, Edwards, Lloyd, Williamson, Cumberbach 2 Whitleys [fo. 178v] August 22. dined with us; after diner came G.Mainwaring & Jack Johnson, parted past 4. then came Morgan, Whitley & Prichard; then Cratchley to speake against making him Alderman; (they crossed out) he stayd not long; at 6 I went to Hall's; there was 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Edwards. Lloyd, Cratchley, Basnet, Deane, Kinaston, Perry &c. parted about 9 23. Sonday, I was not at church; daughter Mainwaring &c. were; after diner G.Mainwaring came & took a pipe; the like after supper. Roger's wife supt with us.

24. Monday, Alderman Edwards & Ellis came to get leave to arrest Jones; I sent for him to speake with me before I would grant it; Pack came about making servants clothes; Jones came in the evening to tell me that he had satisfyed Ellis; about 5 I went to visit Lady Bellot & sister Whitley; they were abroad; then to cosen Ravenscroft; I saw her; then to Griffiths; there was Bolland, Wood, Hall, 2 Forsters, Holland (Fletcher interl) & severall others: & Morris; he left us soone; I parted before 8. called at Jacksons; there were 2 Mainwarings, Baroby, Baskervile, Tindall; parted about 9. came home, 2 Mainwarings with me; Johnson came to us; stayd not, parted at 10.

25. Tuesday, went to the Penthouse; then to the Common Hall, Mr Cratchley was chosen Alderman; came home before 1. 2 Mainwarings, Streete, Lloyd, Edwards, Williamson, Hand, Huet, Kinaston, Cratchley, Johnson, Deane, Cumberbach dined with us; parted past 3. 2 Mainwarings went to Erthwick; I stayd at home all night; took pills &c. Griffith went to Shotwick & retorned.

26. Wednesday, Adams came to me; Brock & the French woman went to Peele; Shales came & paid me for calfes; a Glover came for money Roger owes him; Hardwards man with a letter for money (Broster came from Dyssert interl); I drank Barnet water & stayd home all day; Mainwaring retorned late.

27. Thursday, I drank water; Angell, his 2 nephews, sister, Sidney &c. dined with us; went about 4. (Howsemaan came back from Frodesley interl) ; I went after supper to G.Mainwarings; there was Mainwaring, Payne, Cratchley; I left them past 10. daughter Mainwaring stayd with Mrs Mainwaring (who was brought to bed) till 4.

28. Friday, I, daughter, Mainwaring, Angell, his nephews, sister went to Aston; retorned about 6. Bidolph came this evening; G.Mainwaring came after supper. parted past 10.

29. Satorday, went to the Penthouse past 11; Cratchley was sworne Alderman; retorned past 1. Bidolph, 2 Mainwarings, Adams dined with us; Bostocks & Carter came about masons work and money. Huson, Grantham, Flint, Burges about selling cattle, horses &c. they retorned at night.

30. Sonday, I went to Parish church; Mitton, Baroby, Baskervile, Adams, G.Mainwaring, Morgan, Bidolph & Mainwaring dined with me; parted about 2; G.Mainwaring came after supper. stayd till 10.