Petitions to the House of Lords: 1597

Petitions to the House of Lords, 1597-1696.

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The inhabitants of lands of the Monastery of Saint Bennetts in Norfolk. HL/PO/JO/10/1/6 (1597)

To the Honorable Sir William Periam knight Lord Cheif Baron

In all humble manner complaine to your good Lordship your daylie Orators the farmors tenanntes and other occupiors of the possessyons of the Bishoppricke of Norwich latelie belonginge to the Monasterie of Sainct Bennettes in the countie of Norffolk That wheras the benefitt of the possessyons of the said late Abbeye nowe unyted to the said Bishoppricke is the cheife mayntenance for hospytalitie, out of which ther hath bene hetherto answered her majestie and her predecessors yearelie fyve and fyftie powndes or theraboutes and dyverse other great sommes of monie for first fruites tenths and subsedies with other chardges and the whole profittes therof during the severall vacancies of that sea, under tytle wherof for the space of threescore yeares last past Courtes have bene kept tenauntes admitted rentes receyved, services done, and the greatest parte of the said possessyons leased out by the Bishopps ther in severall parcells to her majesty and to manie her highnesse and her predecessors subjectes for yeares and for lyves yet enduringe, Which meane interestes and estates have bene infynitelie bargayned soulde exchaunged convaied and devysed for the payement of debtes, the bringinge up of orphanes, the provycions for wydowes the performance of willes and other just consideracions and hetherto enjoyed accordinglie, Wherby great sommes of monye also have from tyme to tyme bene answered her majestie and her predecessors for taskes, subsedies and other chardges by the farmors tennauntes and occupiors of the said possessyons accordinge to the severall valewes of their estates and interestes therin, and wherby they their wyves children and famelies, (wherof ther are manie thousandes) are whollie or cheifelie at this present maynteyned. So it is (right honorable) that certaine busye and unworthie persons namelie Theophilus Adams Thomas Butler Nicholas Jeffe, William Cade Fraunces Gall George Leicester John Talbott Thomas Hamond Edward Hamond Gayton and dyverse others are confederated themselves together. And the said Adams and Butler under obscure and generall wordes have obteyned for the yearelie rent of fourtie shillinges the fee farme of the said possessyons (as concealed) worth twoe thousand powndes a yeare. By reason wherof manie bargaines sales secreat and dangerous convayances therof have bene made and contryved amongest them, so as in sommer last past dyverse of them in their owne persons and by their messuages lettres and other wrytings generallie dispersed in the said countie have threatned suites to all your Lordships said orators and this last terme prosecuted accions against some of them, and openlie published that they have interest in the said possessyons, which they have and daylie doe offer to sale and that the said estates and interestes therin as well of the Bishoppe of Norwich nowe beinge as of all other your Lordships said orators void to the dammage of her majestie not onlie with the yearelie losse of the said fyve and fyftie powndes and of such first fruites tenthes and subsedies as hereafter shall growe due from the Bishoppes of that sea for the said possessyons but also of all taskes subsedies and other sommes of monie which would be answered her majestie by other her highnesse said subjectes accordinge to the severall valewes of their estates and interestes in the said possessyons to the overthrowe of the cheiffe estate of the said Bishoppricke to the frustratinge of infynite legacies willes payementes of monie and other appointmentes to the greivance and utter undoeinge of orphanes and wydowes to the raysinge up of infynite suites and to the disquietinge therby of the peaceable estate of manie thousand of her majesties said loyall subjectes that nowe are and their posteryties that hereafter maie be interessed in the said possessyons, For remedie of which abuses your said orators have putt up a bill to the present Parlyament wherin they doe humblie praie your Lordship in regard of the equitie of the cause to countenaunce their said suite by commendinge the same to her majestie or by anie other good meanes as to your Lordships grave consideracion shall be thought meet. And your said orators shall ever have cause to praie to god for your Lordships longe preservacion in helth and much honour.