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An Inventory of the Historical Monuments in Westmorland. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1936.

This free content was digitised by double rekeying and sponsored by English Heritage. All rights reserved.



AskeBarry argent and azure.

BardseyArgent two bars gules and a quarter gules with a sleeve argent therein.

Beauchamp of HoltGules a fess between six billets or.

BeaumontAzure powdered with fleurs-de-lis a lion or.

BeethamArgent a chief indented azure.

BellinghamArgent three bugle-horns sable stringed and garnished or.

BromfleetSable a bend or flowered on both sides.

BroughtonArgent two bars gules and a quarter gules with a cross argent therein.

BurnesheadArgent three bends gules and a quarter gules with a lion passant argent therein.

Cartmel PrioryParty or and vert a lion gules.

CarusAzure sown with cinquefoils argent a cheveron argent charged with three molets gules.

CliffordChecky or and azure a fesse gules.

ConstableBarry or and azure.

CrackanthorpeOr a cheveron between three pierced molets sable.

DacreGules three scallops argent.

DeincourtArgent billetty and a fesse dancetty sable.

DerwentwaterArgent two bars gules and a quarter gules with a cinquefoil argent therein.

EureQuarterly or and gules a bend sable with three scallops argent thereon.

FitzAlanBarry or and gules.

FitzhughAzure fretty and a chief or.

FlemingGules fretty argent.

FrectonArgent a fleur-de-lis gules.

Grey of RuthynBarry argent and azure with three roundels gules in the chief.

GurneyArgent a cross engrailed gules.

HarringtonSable fretty argent.

HastingsOr a sleeve gules.

KirkbyArgent two bars gules and a quarter gules with a cross moline or therein.

LancasterArgent two bars gules and a quarter gules charged with a leopard or.

LathomOr a chief indented azure with three roundels argent therein.

LawrenceArgent a ragged cross gules.

Leyborne (Cunswick)—Gules six lions argent.

Man, Isle ofGules three legs conjoined in armour proper.

MarmionVair a fesse gules.

Middleton (Middleton)—Argent a saltire engrailed sable.

MusgraveAzure six rings or.

NevilleGules a saltire argent.

ParrArgent two bars azure and a border engrailed sable.

PenningtonOr a fesse indented azure.

PercyOr a lion azure.

Pickering (Killington)—Argent a lion azure crowned or.

RedmainGules three cushions ermine tasselled or.

Roos (Kendal)—Or three water-bougets sable.

SandfordParty cheveronwise sable and ermine in chief two boars' heads or.

StanleyArgent a bend azure with three harts' heads cabossed or thereon.

StapletonArgent a lion sable.

StricklandSable three scallops argent.

ThornboroughErmine fretty and a chief gules.

ThrelkeldArgent a sleeve gules.

ThwaytsArgent a cross sable fretty or.

ThwengArgent a fesse gules between three popinjays vert.

TunstallSable three combs argent.

UrswickArgent a bend sable with three lozenges argent thereon each charged with a saltire gules.

ValenceBurelly argent and azure an orle of martlets gules.

VescyOr a cross sable.

VipontOr six rings gules.

WarcopArgent a fesse gules charged with three cushions argent.

WardAzure a cross paty or.

WashingtonArgent two bars and three molets in chief gules.

WhartonSable a sleeve argent.