Appendix: Inventory of church goods, 1506

Pages 76-77

Survey of London: Volume 12, the Parish of All Hallows Barking, Part I: the Church of All Hallows. Originally published by London County Council, London, 1929.

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Jhesus. the xxx daye of Juyne A[nn]o xvCvj.

The daye above reherssyd the holl[e] p[ar]ysche of all Hallowe barkynge mad the vewe of the chyrche goodes as here after Ensuythe bye the partyculer parcelles of all maner ornementtes.

Emprimis iij Copys wythe the prest and ij de[cu]nse of red cloythe off tyseewe.

Item iij Copys wt the prest and ij Dekons of blewe welwett wythe Rossys

ij Copys wythe prest and ij dekens of blew wellwet wythe sterys

j Cope wythe prest deken and s[u]bdekene off Red bawdkyne

iij Copys prest deken and s[u]bdekene off wheyt bustyan powdyrd wythe garters

j Cope prest deken and s[u]bdeken of blewe sylke powderd wythe essys and bestes

j Cope prest deken and s[u]bdeken of blake damaske pleyne

ij old copys of blake wythe brawnchys of grene sylke wythe prest deken and s[u]bdeken

j Cope of wheyght bustyan for seynt nycholaz powderd wythe gartersse wythe A gowne and A hod of Red cloythe

ij myterse the one wythe Rossys & the othyr steryse

j Cope wythe prest dekone and s[u]bdeken of wheyght bawkyne powdyrd wythe syke and gold

j vestementt of gren chamlett of Metfordes geft

j Corporas Case of blake & grene & the Corporas in ytt

j vestementt of wheyght bawdkyne powdyrd wt byrdes

j Cope of wheyght bawdkyne powdyrd wythe Red and grene

j vestmentt of Red bawdkyne wt crownes and bestes

j Cope of wheyghtt damaske powdyrd wythe essys of gold the orferase of ymages

j Cope of Red bawdkyne powdyrd wythe pellykane

j Cope of tawnye Damaske old the orferase Conyse and howndes

j Red vestement of worsted wt emyse

j vestement of purpyle wellwett

ij chyldyrnesse Copys of grene bavdkyne

j red Cope old wythe bestes of gold powdyrd

ij Corperase Cassys of good nedle warke one wt bestes and the othyr wythe byrdes

j Jewell of crystall hollow wythe iiij fett and one Agglott of sylver and gylt

j vestement off [wheygh grene] (fn. 1) blake fustyan of naplles wt A Crose of red wellwett

j awtyrclothe of Red satan one benethe & Anothyr Aboofe wythe frontyle of Red bawdkyne and ij Corteynz of chonghabyle sarsenet

j awtyr cloythe of blewe sarsenet one benethe and Anothyr Aboofe powdyrd wythe sterrys and A frontyll to the same wt ij Corteynse

j awtyr cloythe of wheyght sarsenet one for benethe & Anothyr Abovfe wt front & ij Cortense to the same powdyrd wythe garters

j awtyr cloythe for Abovfe and beneythe of gren bavdkyne wt Allhallowe there on

j red awtyre cloythe payntyd for benethe of spryngs gyft

j awtyr cloythe of dyapre markyd letters of sylke

j (fn. 2) awtyre cloythese wt Corteynz for all iij awterse for the terme of lentt

j awtyr cloyth of blake worsted wt A crucyfyxe one Abovfe and Anothyr benethe wt ij Cortenz of blake sarcenet

j awtyr cloythe of [seynt katerynz] (fn. 3) the trinyte wt seynt kateryn & seynt margerte & A frontyle off sylke powdyrd wt branchys and ij Corteynse of leynyn cloythe steyned

j Awtyr cloythe of wheyght and grene wt a front of bavdkyne and ij Corteynse of byrds eyne

j Awtyr cloythe of dyapur wythe A frontt of wheyght damaske of Master Metfordes gyft

j Awtyr cloythe of dyapur cont[aining] v yerdes of the gyft of John Dyxe and ell brod

j Awtyr cloythe of dyapur of thomas rychrdsonz gyft cont[aining] v yerdes (fn. 4) and of yerd brod

j Awtyr cloythe of dyapur markyd wt A croyse of red and thornis there Abowght cont[aining] iiij yerdes

ij verye old cloythse of Damaske brokyne


  • 1. Erased.
  • 2. Altered from "ij."
  • 3. Erased.
  • 4. Altered from "elles."