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Thoroton's History of Nottinghamshire: Volume 3, Republished With Large Additions By John Throsby. Originally published by J Throsby, Nottingham, 1796.

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Wellum and Suventon of the kings great Soc of Maunsfeild, lying in Oswardbek wapentak, afterwards called only Oswardbek Sok, paid the geld or tax as five bov. 1–3. (fn. 1) The land two car. Five sochm. one vill. one bord. had two car. Meadow one qu. ½ long, one qu. and ten perches broad, pasture wood nineteen quar. long, and two qu. ½ broad, the value 10s. 8d. Of the arch-bishops great Sok of Sutton, Wellum and Suventon answered for five bovats ¼ being near alike to the former parcel.

(fn. 2) Matilda de Luvetot, sometime wife of Gerard de Furnivall, gave to the canons of Radford (near Wirksop) for the safety of her soul, and of the souls of her sons, Thomas de Furnivall, and Gerard his brother, her whole land which she had in the territory of Wellum, with the homages and services of the men and their fequells, &c.

(fn. 3) There was a suit, 5 E. 2. for lands in Wellum, Clareburgh, and Bolum, partible amongst heirs males. Adam Prat of Redford who lived in the time of Henry the third, had three sons, John, Walter, and Thomas: John had Thomas Prat the plaintiff, Adam, Robert, and William: Walter had Adam, John, and Thomas; and Thomas, the son of the first named Adam, had Thomas Prat of Retford, the defendant.

(fn. 4) There was a fine at York, 9 E. 3. between John, son of John de Boughton, and Constantia his wife, plaint. and Richard, son of Walter de Bildeswath, def. of five mess. three tofts, two hundred sixty nine acres of land, and forty two acres of meadow, and 50 and 6s. and 8d. rent, with the appurtenances in Wellum, Harton, Grenley, and Clareburgh, whereby they were settled on the said John and Constantia, and the heirs of their bodies; remainder to the right heirs of John.

(fn. 5) It appears, 8 E. 3. that in Wellum with Morehouses 49s. rent was yearly paid by the free-holders to the lords of Oswaldbeck Sok.

(fn. 6) Humfrey Hercy, esquire, 8 H. 8. claimed against John Brig of East Retford one mess. eighty acres of land, twelve of meadow, forty of pasture, and 12s. rent, with the appurtenances in Grynley and Wellom.

The priory of Wirksop had chief rents in Wellome 21s. 6d. and lands there rented at 5l. 5s. 8d. besides 5l. 7s. 8d. in the parishes of Clareborough, Bolome, Wellome, and Hayton. The free chapel of Tilne, in the parish of Hayton, had lands here, and so had the free chapel of our Lady and All Saints, called Sepulchers chapel near the minster at York.

(fn. 7) George Lesemore, and John Strangman, 13 Jul. 37 H. 8. had licence to give a mess. and tenement in Wellome, late belonging to the priory of Worksop, to Richard Richardson, junior, of Clareborough, and Alice his wife, and their heirs. Gabriel Richardson, gent. 1 Jan. 7 Eliz. (fn. 8) had licence to give it to Chr. Twiselton, and Anne his wife, George and Brian Twiselton, and their heirs. Mr. Edmund Browne built a pretty house at Wellome, and left two daughters his heirs about 1673.

[Throsby] Wellome.

A Hamlet near Clareborough.


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