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A History of the County of Gloucester: Volume 5, Bledisloe Hundred, St. Briavels Hundred, the Forest of Dean. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1996.

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For permission to reproduce material in their possession thanks are offered to the Gloucestershire Record Office, the Gloucester Library for items in the Gloucestershire Collection, the Royal Commission on Historical Monuments (England) for items in the National Monuments Record (N.M.R.), Dean Heritage Museum Trust, Monmouth Borough Museums Service, the British Library, Hunting Aerofilms Ltd., Ian Pope, and W. R. Bawden. Plate 34 is reproduced by permission of Keith Allford, Plate 22 by permission of Gerald Smith, and Plates 25 and 44 by permission of Dennis Stephens.

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1. The Buck stone. Photograph by F. E. Jones of Cinderford in a presentation album, 1895 (Glos. R. O., D 4031/2)
2. Old iron-ore workings at the Scowles. Photograph (Glos. R.O., D 3921/II/15)
3. Coleford town centre in 1797. Sketch (copy in Glos. R.O., D 3921/VI/13)
4. Mitcheldean church, c. 1780. Engraving by T. Bonnor, published in Bigland, Glos.
5. Highmeadow House, c. 1700. Engraving from a drawing by F. Harris (copy in Glos. R.O., GPS 227/2)
6. Flaxley Abbey, c. 1710. Engraving by J. Kip, published in Atkyns, Glos.
7. Newland village. Photograph by W. R. Bawden, c. 1960
8. St. Briavels village. Photograph, 1947 (Aerofilms)
9. Lydney harbour, c. 1900. Photograph (Glos. R. O., D 3921/II/20)
10. Brockweir before 1906. Photograph (Nelson Museum, Monmouth)
11. Nass House. Photograph from sale partics. 1916 (Glos. Colln. RX 195.1)
12. Lydney Park, c. 1770. Detail of an engraving from a drawing by B. F. Lewis, published in Rudder, Glos.
13. Clearwell Court. Photograph from sale partics. 1908 (Glos. Colln. RX 81.1)
14. Dean Hall. Source as no. 1
15. Coleford Baptist chapel. Photograph, 1981 (N.M.R.)
16. Blakeney Congregational chapel. Photograph, 1972 (N.M.R.)
17. Zion chapel, Upper Soudley. Photograph, c. 1910 (Dean Heritage Museum)
18. Ruardean church and village. Photograph (N.M.R.)
19. Blakeney Hill. Postcard, c. 1920 (Dean Heritage Museum)
20. Flour Mill colliery. Photograph, early 20th cent. (Ian Pope collection)
21. Cannop colliery. Photograph, c. 1935 (Aerofilms)
22. The former Sloop inn, Gatcombe. Photograph by G. Smith, published in Dean Forest and Wye Valley (Forestry Commission, 1974)
23. Schooner at coal tip in Lydney harbour. Photograph by F. Harris, early 20th cent. (Ian Pope collection)
24. Charcoal burner. Photograph, c. 1930 (Dean Heritage Museum)
25. Free miners at coal level. Photograph by Dennis Stephens, c. 1955 (Dean Heritage Museum)
26. Miner's brass at Newland church. Photograph by S. Pitcher (N.M.R.)
27. Tollhouse and gate at Whitecliff. Photograph, 1888 (Glos. R.O., D 3921/II/20)
28. Stone hauled on tramroad at Bixslade. Photograph, early 20th cent. (Ian Pope collection)
29. The Severn railway bridge. Source as no. 1
30. Lydbrook viaduct. Photograph, early 20th cent. (Ian Pope collection)
31. Cinderford ironworks. Photograph, c. 1890 (Ian Pope collection)
32. Quarry workers at Mitcheldean. Photograph, c. 1913 (Glos. R.O., GPS 220/21)
33. Lower Redbrook tinplate works, 1848. Detail from sketch in sale partics. (Glos. R.O., D 639/14)
34. Tinplate workers at Lydbrook. Photograph, early 20th cent. (Ian Pope collection)
35. Newland church before restoration. Photograph, c. 1860 (Glos. R.O., P 227/MI 3)
36. St. Paul's church, Parkend. Postcard, c. 1930 (Dean Heritage Museum)
37. Berry Hill chapel-schoolroom in 1814. Engraving published in Gent. Mag. lxxxiv (1)
38. Pillowell school. Postcard, c. 1910 (Dean Heritage Museum)
39. The Speech House. Source as no. 1
40. St. Briavels castle in 1775. Engraving by S. Hooper, published in F. Grose, Antiquities of Eng. and Wales
41. The verderers' courtroom. Sketch published in Nicholls, Forest of Dean (1858)
42. Forest officers at the Speech House. Photograph, c. 1865 (Glos. R.O., D 444/Z 11)
43. The Dean road at Blackpool brook. Photograph by S. Pitcher, c. 1920, published in A. W. Trotter, Dean Road (Glouc. 1936)
44. Free miner with coal truck. Photograph by Dennis Stephens, c. 1955 (Dean Heritage Museum)