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A History of the County of Middlesex: Volume 12, Chelsea. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2004.

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Kalm, Pehr,

Karslake & Mortimer,

Keats, Misses,

Keats House,

Kelly, Isabella,

Kelly House,

Kemble, Frances (Fanny),

-, Phil.,
-, Wm,

Kennedy, Edw. Sherard, and his w. Florence,

-, agric.,
-, Brompton, q.v.
-, Catherine Wheel,
-, chars,
-, chs,
-, Coleherne,
-, detached (in Chelsea),
-, Earl's Ct., q.v.
-, estates,
-, estates (More's), Holland estate,
-, fire,
-, foreign chs,
-, growth,
-, Holland Pk,
-, hosps,
-, Kensal New Town, see Chelsea detached
-, Little Chelsea, q.v.
-, manors, n, and see Notting Barns; Earl's Ct; Kensington: West Town
-, metropolitan boro.,
-, mkt gdns,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, North,
-, pop.,
-, Queen's Club,
-, Roman Cathm, and see London Oratory
-, schs,
-, technical schs and colls,
-, turnpike trust, q.v.
-, vestry wharf,
-, water,
-, West Town manor,

Kensington and Chelsea, Lond. (Royal) boro. (RBKC),
-, arms,
-, wards,

Kensington and Chelsea Benevolent Soc.,

Kensington and Chelsea Coll.,

Kensington & Chelsea Corporation Act,

Kensington Canal Co.,

Kensington canal,
-, wharves,

Kensington moor, springs,

Kensington turnpike trust,
-, tollgates,

Kensington Union,

Kent, Wm,

Kent, and see Broadstairs; Deptford; Dover; Margate; St Nicholas at Wade; Sevenoaks; Swanley

Keogh, C.G.,

Keppel Street, see Sloane Ave

Kew Gardens (Surrey),

Keyle, Thos,

Keyle's estate,

-, Mr,
-, Mrs,

Kilburn priory,

Killmaster, Chas,

-, Dr John, rector of Chelsea,
-, Lettice, see Birrell
-, Rob.,
-, Revd Wm,

King James's Theological College, see Chelsea College

King's Arms P.H.,

King's Court North and South,

King's House Studios,

King's Private Roads, Surveyor of the,

King's Road (formerly the King's private rd),
-, dom. bldgs,
-, no.
-, no.
-, nos
-, nos
-, and see Argyll Ho.
-, ind.,
-, lighting,
-, nurseries (gdns),
-, offices,
-, shops,
-, soc. life,

King's Road West,

Kings Chelsea (housing est.),

Kings Mansions,


-, Chas (d. 1860), rector of Chelsea,
-, and his w.,
-, Chas, his son,
-, Geo.,
-, Hen.,

Kipping, Margt, w. of Fras,

Kirkham, Master Rob., Keeper of the Chancery Rolls,

-, Jos.,
-, and his w.,

Knight's Exotic Nursery,

Knightsbridge (in St Margt, Westminster, and Kens.):
-, barracks,
-, chapel,
-, fire sta.,
-, garden ground,
-, growth,
-, ind.,
-, lazar ho.,
-, Lowndes Terr., q.v.
-, manor and ests,
-, retail trade,
-, schs,
-, soc. life,
-, water,

Knightsbridge Court,

Knott, Ralph,

Kobler Centre, see St Stephen's Centre

Krauze, Ben,

Kynaston, Sir Fras,

-, Jane, see Hunteley
-, John,

Labour Party,

Laburnam Cottage or Ho.,

Lacey, Jas,

Lacland Cottages,

Lacland Place,

Lacy, Revd Wm,

Lake, Chas Hen.,

Lamb, Bernard,

Lambeth (Surrey),

Lamprey, John,

Lancaster, Sir Osbert,


Landon, Letitia Eliz.,

-, Dudley, see Gorges
-, Sir Rob.,

Langton Street,

Lansdell, M.J., & E.J. Harrison,

Larke, John, rector of Chelsea,

Latter-day Saints,

Latvian Lutheran Church,

Laurens, Lora, wid. of Wm,

Lavers & Barraud,

-, Anne, w. of Sir Thos,
-, Frances,
-, Grissell, w. of Sir John,
-, Sir John (d. 1638),
-, Sir John (d. c. 1680),
-, John (d. c. 1710),
-, Margt, m. Crew Offley,
-, Martha, w. of Thos,
-, Sir Thos (d. 1593),
-, Thos, his son,
-, Sir Thos (d. 1714),
-, Wm,
-, fam.,

Lawrence estate, and see Chelsea manor, manor ho. (medieval)

Lawrence Street,
-, dom. bldgs,

Lawson, F.W.,

Leader Street, see Ixworth Pl.

Leake, Jas,

Leasehold Reform Act,

Le Blon, Chris.,

-, Anne, w. of Sir Hen., see Danvers
-, Anne, m. Thos Wharton, Lord Wharton, earl and mqss of Wharton,
-, Eleanor, m. Jas Bertie, Lord Norreys, earl of Abingdon,
-, Sir Hen.,
-, John Bennett,
-, Thos Stirling,

Leete Street, see Cadogan Gardens

Lefevre, John, schoolmaster,

Leiden University,

Lemott, Eliz., see Boevey

Lennox Gardens,

Lennox Gardens Mews,

Leoni, Giacomo,

Lester, Thos,

Leverett, Jas,

Leverton, Thos,

Levy, Benn,

-, Hen.,
-, Hen. Furnival,

-, John,
-, Spedan,
-, and see John Lewis Partnership

Lewis Trust, see Samuel Lewis Housing Trust

L'Hirondelle, Mons.,

Liberal Party,

Libya, govt of,

Liddel, Mrs,

'Light of the World',

Lillywhite, Geo.,

Limerston Street (formerly Chelsea Villas; George Street),

Lincoln, earls of, see Fiennes

Lincoln Street,


-, ctss dow. of,
-, earl of, see Bertie

Lindsey House (also Bertie Ho.; Lindsey Row),
-, (the Farmhouse), estate,
-, wharf,

Lindsey Row, see Lindsey Ho.

Linford, Hen.,

Linnaeus, Carl,

Liscartan House (offices),

Lisle, John,

l'Isle and Dudley, Lord, see Sidney

Litchfield, Capt John, MP,

-, Hen.,
-, Hen. Thos,
-, Mrs Mary,
-, Thos,
-, Miss,

Little's Botanic Nursery,

Little Camera Street,

Little Chelsea (sometimes New Chelsea, in Chelsea and Kens.),
-, asylums,
-, dom. bldgs,
-, estates, and see Boevey; Shaftesbury Ho.
-, farmhos,
-, growth,
-, inclosures,
-, Kensington side, n
-, mkt and nursery gdns and gdnrs,
-, omnibus svces,
-, pop. (hos),
-, pub. hos,
-, pub. transport,
-, residents,
-, schs,
-, soc. character,
-, watch,

Little Cheyne Row,

Little Common,

Little Davis's Place,

Little George Street,

Little Sloane Street, see White Lion Street

Littleton, Adam, rector of Chelsea,

-, Wm,
-, Mrs,

Loasby, E.H., rector of Chelsea,

Lochie or Lochée, Lewis,

Lochie's military academy,

Lockwood, J.W., rector of Chelsea,

Lomax, Mr,

Lombard Street,

Lombard Terr.,

Lond, John,

-, Bishopsgate, Crosby Hall, q.v.
-, Charterhouse,
-, Christ's Hosp.,
-, chs, St Jas Garlickhithe, St Mic. Queenhithe,
-, citizens and merchants,
-, City:
-, chamberlain of,
-, City Parochial Foundation,
-, companies, and see Apothecaries'; Gardeners'; Goldsmiths'; Skinners'; Watermen's
-, as conservators of the Thames,
-, corporation,
-, mayor, see Stokker
-, coach svces,
-, estates,
-, Fleet Street,
-, mkt,
-, nonconformity,
-, Queenhythe,
-, St Paul's cath., q.v.
-, Threadneedle Street,

London diocese:
-, archdeacon, see Reginald of St Albans
-, bps of, and see Fletcher
-, Diocesan Reorganisation Cttee,

London, Brighton and South Coast Rly,

London Academy,

London and South-Western Rly,

London and Westminster Steamboat Co.,

London and Wise,

London Botanic Garden,

London Building Act,

London Chest Hospital (Bethnal Green),

London City Mission,

London Colney (Herts.),

London Congregational Bldg Soc.,

London Congregational Union,

London County Council (LCC),
-, bridges,
-, county plan,
-, educ.,
-, finance cttee,
-, fire stas.,
-, General Powers Act,
-, hosps,
-, improvements committee,
-, pks,
-, planning policies,
-, poor relief,
-, pub. transport,
-, river svces,
-, sewerage,
-, technical educ. bd,

London Development Plan,

London Diocesan Home Mission,

London Electric Supply Corp.,

London Electricity Board (LEB),

London Electricity plc,

London Gas Light Co.,

London General Omnibus Co. (LGOC),

London Government Act,

London Government Act,

London Institute,

London Oratory (Brompton, Kens.),
-, schs,

London Parcels Delivery Co.,

London Passenger Transport Board,

London Power Co.,

London School Board, see School Board for London

London Society,

London Squares Act,

London Transport,

London University,
-, Hall of Residence,
-, King's Coll.,

Long, Chas,

Longhouse (farm),

Look Back in Anger,

Lord Clyde beershop,

Lordship Yard (later Place),

Lorrington, Meribah,

Losey, Jos.,

Lots Lane,

Lots meadow (the Lots),

Lots Road,
-, power sta.,

Love for Money, or the Boarding School,

Lower George Street,

Lower Sloane Street,

Lowman, Miss,

-, Chas,
-, Eliz., see Beex
-, Mary,
-, Thos,
-, Wm (d. 1724), Sec. to the Treasury,
-, Wm (d. 1808),
-, Wm (d. 1831),

Lowndes (Thos) estate,

Lowndes (Wm) estate (Spittle Meadow),

Lowndes Sq.,

Lowndes Street,

Lowndes Terr. (St Margt, Westm.),

Loyd, Ed,

Lucan Place,

Ludlow, Geo.,

Luing, Rob.,

Luna Street,

Lusher, Isabella, wid. of Ralph Massie,

-, Fras,
-, Narcissus,

Lutyens, Sir Edwin,

Lyall, Messrs,

-, John,
-, Margery,

Lyons, Eric,

Lysons, Dan.,

Lyttelton, Sir Ric., and his wid. Rachel,

Lytton, Mary, w. of John,

McAslan, J., & Partners,

Macaulay, Thos B.,

Macdonald, Alex.,

MacDonnell, Randall, earl of Antrim,

McGowan, Revd Mic.,

Mackmurdo, Art.,

Maclise, Daniel,

MacManus, Fred.,

McNair, Archie,

Maddox, Oliver,

Magpie P.H. (formerly the Pye; later New Pier Ho., Magpie and Stump),

Magpie Yard,

Makins, Col. W.T.,

Mallord House,

Mallord Street,


Man in the Moon P.H.,

Mann, Ric.,

Manning, Archbp.

Manningham, Sir Ric.,

Manor Gardens,

Manor House (King's Rd),

Manor House (Smith St),

Manor Row,

Manor Street, see Chelsea Manor St

Manor Terr.,

Manresa Road,

Margaretta Terr.,

Margate (Kent),

Margetts, Hen.,

Markham, Mat.,

Markham Arms P.H.,

Markham estate,

Markham House,

Markham Square,

Markham Street,

Marlborough Bldgs,

Marlborough Road, see Draycott Ave

Marlborough Sq.,

Marlborough Tavern,

Marlborough Works,

Marsden, Dr Wm,

Marsden-Smedley, Basil,

-, Edw.,
-, Revd Mic., asst bp of London,

-, Jane, wid. of Wm (d. 1704),
-, Wm (d. 1704),
-, Wm, his nephew,

Mart's estate,

-, John,
-, Ric., rector of Chelsea,
-, Thos,

-, Thos,
-, Dr,

Mary, queen of Geo. V,

Marylebone, St, Tyburn manor,

Massie (or Massey):
-, Isabella, see Lusher
-, Ralph,
-, Wm,

Mathews, J. Douglass, & Partners,

Matthews, Lady,

Maude Grove, see Fernshaw Rd

Maufe, Sir Edw.,

-, Adriana de, m. Armand de Coumonde, marquis de Montpolion,
-, Isabella de, w. of Sir Theodore Turquet de, Baron of Albin,
-, Sir Theodore Turquet de, Baron of Albin,

Maynard, Banaster,

Maynard Place,

Mearns, Andrew,

-, H.A. (Gus),
-, J.T.,
-, Thos,
-, Wm,

Medley, John,

Melchett, Violet, Lady,

Mellor, Ric.,

Memorials of Old Chelsea,

Mendelsohn, Erich,

Mendip, Lord, see Ellis

Menpes, Mortimer,

Mercia, kings and rulers of, and see Aethelflaed; Aethelred; Coenwulf; Egfrith; Offa

Mercy, Sisters of,

Meredith, Sam.,

Merrill, Zachary,

Merritt, Mrs Anna Lea,

Merton (Surrey),

metal working,

Methodists (including Wesleyans),

Metropolis Improvements Commission,

Metropolis Local Management Act,

Metropolis Toll Bridges Act,

Metropolitan Asylums Board,

Metropolitan Board of Works (MBW),
-, fire stas,
-, lighting,
-, pks,
-, sewerage,

Metropolitan (Brush) Electric Light and Power Co.,

Metropolitan Church Fund,

Metropolitan Commission of Sewers (MCS),

Metropolitan Common Poor fund,

Metropolitan District Rly,

Metropolitan Industrial Dwellings Co.,

Metropolitan Police,

Metropolitan Poor Act,

Metropolitan Public Gardens Assoc.,

Metropolitan Roads Commission (MRC),

Metropolitan Turnpike Trust,

Metropolitan Water Board,

Michelin building, pl.

Michelin Tyre Co.,

Middlesex, earl of, see Cranfield

Middlesex, south-west,

Middlesex Cyclist Volunteer Corps,

-, Erasmus,
-, John,

-, Frank (Geo. Fras),
-, Jas,

Millar, Andrew,

Miller, Philip,

Millman Row, see Milman's Street

Mills, Emily Ann,

-, Diana,
-, Mary,
-, Robella,
-, Sir Wm,

Milman's Street (formerly Millman Row),
-, dom. bldgs,
-, nursery gdn,
-, shops,

Mitford, Mary Russell.

Mocatta, David,

Monkswell, Lord, see Collier

Monmouth, duke of, see Scott

Monmouth House,

-, E.C.P.,
-, Frances, see Alston
-, Sir John,
-, Margt, see Stewart
-, Sir Wm, Vct Monson,

Montagu, Eliz. (author),

Montague House (Bloomsbury),

Montefeltro, Count, and his w.,

Montpolion, marquis de, see Coumonde

-, Charlotte Selina, w. - Hobart,
-, Hen.,
-, Miss Jane,
-, John,
-, Miss Mary,
-, Mary Bridget,
-, Mary Jane,
-, Ric.,
-, and see FitzMoore; Halsey

Moore Street,

Moravian Ch., chapel and burial ground,

Moravian Tower,

Morbey, John,

Mordaunt, Sir John,

-, Alice, wid. of Sir Thos,
-, John,
-, Margaret, m. Wm Roper,
-, Sir Thos,
-, barge,
-, house,

More's estate, and see Beaufort Ho.

More's farm and farmho. (the Farmhouse), and see Lindsey Ho.

More House (hall of residence),

More House (Tite St),

Morecote, John,

Morehouse estate,

-, Chas,
-, David,
-, Duff, motor works,
-, Evelyn de,
-, John,
-, Ric.,
-, Wm (fl. 1670),
-, Wm, woodcarver fl. 1690,
-, Wm de,

Morgan's Ground,

Morini, Fr.,

Morland, Wm,

-, Geo., bp of Winchester,
-, John,
-, Thos,

Morley's floorcloth factory,

-, Margt,
-, Wm (designer),
-, Wm, & Co.,

Morrison, Thos,

Moscheles, Felix,

motor works and garages, and see Morgan, Duff; Blue Bird Garage

Mottisfont priory (Hants.),

Mounsey, Wm,

Mowbray, Eliz., dow. dchss of Norfolk,

Moxly, Revd J.H.S.,

Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus,

Mulberry Street,

Mulberry Walk,

Multon, Wm,

-, Chas,
-, Admiral Sir John,

Municipal Reform party,

Murray, John, earl of Dunmore,

Museum Minervae,

Musgrave, Ric.,

Myers, Fr E,

-, Chas,
-, John,
-, Wm Fred.,

Myonet, Jas,

Mytton, Thos,

Naftel, Paul, and his w.,

Narbonne, John,

National Army Museum,

National Health Service (NHS),

National Heart and Chest hosp.,

National Heart hospital (Marylebone),

National Lottery,

National Orphan Home (Surrey),

National Penny Bank,

National Soc. and National schs,

National Soc., training colls,

National Society for the Training of Schoolmistresses,

Nazareau, see Nezerauw

Needham, Lieut.-Col. Fras,

Nelken, Julius,

Nell Gwynne House,

Netherton Grove,

Nettleton, Joshua,

New Cadogan and Belgrave Electric Supply Co.,

New Chelsea, see Little Chelsea

New Chelsea Theatre, see Court Theatre

New English Art Club,

New Foundry,

New Pier House, see Magpie

New Road, see Pavilion Rd

New Street,

Newcastle, duke of, see Pelham-Holles

Newdick, Hen.,

-, Anne, see Stanhope
-, Fras,

Newhall, Peter,

Newhaven, Vct, see Cheyne

Newman, Ric.,

Newman & Billing,

Newson, Revd S.,


-, Sir John
-, Mic.,
-, Susannah, w. of Sir John, see Warton

Nezerauw, or Nazareau:
-, Chas,
-, Mme Judith,

-, John,
-, Mr,

Nicoll, Wm,

Ninepin Place,

Nineteen Acres,

Noble, Allan, MP,

nonconformity (protestant), see Baptists; Brethren; Catholic Apostolic Ch.; Christian Scientists; Church Army Mission; Congregationalists; Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion; Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance; Huguenots; Jehovah's Witnesses; Latter-day Saints; London City Mission; Methodists; Moravian Ch.; Pentecostalists; Presbyterians; Salvation Army; Spiritualist ch.; United Reformed Ch.

-, dchss of, see Mowbray
-, duke of, see Howard

Norfolk, see Houghton

Norman, Mary,

Norreys, Lord, see Bertie

-, Geo. (d. 1805),
-, Geo. his son,
-, Thos,
-, fam.,

-, Ric.,
-, Ric. jun.,

North Street,

North Thames Gas Board,

Northcote, Jas,

Northumberland, duke of, see Dudley

Norton, John,

Notting Barns (Kens.), manor,

Nursery and Botanic Garden,

Nutt, Bartholomew,

Nye, Philip,

Oakham Street,

Oakley Crescent,

Oakley House,

Oakley Sq., see Carlyle Sq.

Oakley Street,

Odell's Place,

Offa, king of Mercia,

-, Crew, MP,
-, John, MP,
-, Lawrence,
-, Margt, see Lawrence

Old Chelsea Residents Committee,

Old Church Street (formerly Church Lane, Church Street),
-, dom. bldgs,
-, shops,
-, and see Upper Church Street

Old Hall Green (Herts),

Old Roman Catholics,

Old Swan inn, and see Swan inn

Onslow Coll. of Science and Technology,

Onslow Model Dwellings,

Opus Dei,

Orange House,

Ordish, R.M.,

Orford, earls of, see Russell; Walpole

Orford Street, see Rosemoor Street

Ormond Maternity Home,

Ormonde, dchss of, see Butler

Ormonde House,

-, Revd H.J.R.,
-, John,

osier ground,

Ossery, Lord,

Ossulstone, Lord, see Bennet

Ossulstone hundred, Kensington Division,

Ouiseau, J.,

-, Chas,
-, Miss Charlotte,
-, Revd Hen. John,
-, John, and his w. Charlotte,

Oxford, Magdalen Coll., president of, see Butler


-, Edw.,
-, Thos,

Paglesham (Essex),

Pakemen, Thos,

-, Eliz.,
-, Eliz., m. John Verney, Vct Fermanagh,
-, Dr F.,
-, Ralph,

Palmerston, Vct, see Temple

Palyng, John,

Pan American Airlines,

-, Dorothy, m. Wm Stanley,
-, Eliz., m. Hen. Arundell, Lord Arundell of Wardour,
-, Thos,


Paradise Row,

Paradise Walk, see Bull Walk

Paradise Wharf,

Park chapel,

Park House, see Elm Park Ho.

Park House (Upr Church St),

Park Place (later Elm Park Rd),

Park Road (later Elm Park Rd),

Park Road West, see Callow Street

Park Terr.,

Park Walk (formerly Twopenny Walk),

Parker, Fras,

parliamentary constituencies,

Parr, Catherine, queen of Hen. VIII, w. of Sir Thos Seymour,

Parrys, Thos,

Parsonage Close,

-, John,
-, Thos,

Passour, John,

Pattenson, John,

Patterson, Fr J.L.,

Paul, Sir John Dean,

-, John, mqss of Winchester,
-, Sir Wm, Lord St John, mqss of Winchester (d. 1572),
-, Wm, mqss of Winchester (d. 1598),

Paultons (Hants.),

Paultons Sq.,

Paultons Street,

Pavilion, The (formerly Sloane Place),

Pavilion (formerly New) Road,

Peabody Trust,

Peachey Property Corp. Ltd,

-, Edw.,
-, Eliz., see Grove
-, Grove,
-, Jos.,

Peake, Mr, surgeon,

-, Anna, see Ricardo
-, Chas Maresco,

Peebles, Alex.,

Peel, Sir Rob.,

Peirene (or Pierene), John,

-, Chas,
-, Eliz., see Warton
-, Sir Thos, Lord Pelham,
-, and see Anderson-Pelham

Pelham-Holles, Sir Thos, duke of Newcastle,

Pelham Court,

Pellegrini, Carlo ('Ape'),

-, Maria, wid. of Thos,
-, Thos,
-, fam.,

-, Cath. Henrietta,
-, Granville,

Pennethorne, Jas,

-, Mary, w. of Sir Jas, see Warton
-, Sir Jas (fl. 1725),
-, Sir Jas (d. 1808),

Pensions, ministry of,


Penys, Peter,

Pepper, W., the yngr,

-, Eliz., w. of Sam.,
-, Sam.,

Perdita, see Robinson, Mary

Perrin, John,

Perry, Thos,

Peter Jones department store, and see PJ2

Petyt, Wm,

Petyt Hall or Ho. (formerly sch.),

Petyt Place,


Phené Street,

Philip, John Birnie,

-, Mr, carpenter to Geo. III,
-, Mr and Mrs,

Phillips and Hopwood, Messrs,

Phipps, Miss E.,

Phoenix P.H.,

Physic Garden, see Chelsea Physic Garden

Pickett, Wm,

Pier Hotel,

Pier House (flats),

Piggott, Lady,

Pilsbury, Thos,

Pilton, Jas, manufactory,

Pimlico Road,

Pinner, Mary,

Piper & Sons,

Pitts, Miss, m. Dominique de Saint-Quentin,


Plees, Wm,

Plegmund, archbishop of Canterbury,

Plucknett, Chris.,

Plumer, Jas,

Plymouth, ctss dow. of,

Plymouth (Devon),

-, Wm,
-, Wm Fuller,
-, Wm Willmer,

Pole, T.A.,

Polytechnic School of Chiropody,

Polytechnic Art Sch. (Westm.), see Regent Street Polytechnic

Pomeroy, F.W.,

Pond House,

Pond Place, dom. bldgs,

Ponsonby, Lady Caroline, m. Wm Lamb,

Pont Street, no. (Farm Ho.),

Pont Street Mews,

-, John,
-, Sam. Gower,

Poole's (formerly Green's) brewery,

Poole's Lane,

Poor Law Amendment Act,

Poor Law Commissioners,

porcelain and pottery making,

Porfiri, Ivana,

Port of London Authority,

-, Hen.,
-, Revd Mr,

Portillo, Michael, MP,

Potter, Jas,

Poultney (or Pulteney):
-, Mic.,
-, Thos,
-, Sir Wm,

-, Adam,
-, Alice, see Beane
-, Sir Edw.,
-, Jas, & Sons,
-, John,
-, Mary, see Vanlore
-, otherwise Hinson, Mary, w. of Sir Wm,
-, Mary, m. Sir John Williams,
-, Thos,
-, Wm, and his wid. Mary,
-, otherwise Hinson, Sir Wm, Bt,

Powerscourt, Vct, see Wingfield

Powlett, Chas, marquis of Bolton,

Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood,

Precious Blood, Sisters of the,

Presbyterians, and see Church of Scotland

Prideaux, S.P.T., incumbent of Old Church,

-, Josias (also Jonas, Jos., and Josiah),
-, Mrs,

-, Geo.,
-, Jas,
-, Mr,

Prince's cricket ground,

Prince's sports club,

Princes Street,

Princes' Arms, see Feathers

Princess Street, see White Lion Street

Pritchard, Thos,

Privy Council,

Progressive party,

Prospect Place, see Church Row

Prospect Place (ho.),

Pryce, T.R.,

Public Libraries Acts,

-, A.W.N.,
-, E.W.,


Punjab Frontier Force,

Purcell, Hen.,

Putney (Surrey),

Puvey, Wm,

Pye, Thos,

Pye, the, see Magpie


Quant, Mary, m. Alex. Plunket Greene,

Queen Anne's Bounty,

Queen Charlotte's maternity hosp. (Hammersmith),

Queen Street, see Flood Street

Queen's Elm Field,

Queen's House, see Tudor (Queen's) Ho.

Queen's Road (West), see Royal Hospital Rd

Queripel House,

-, ctss of, see Cheyne
-, earl of, see Robartes

Radnor House,

Radnor Street,

Radnor Walk,

Ragged Sch. Union and ragged schs,

Raggi, Antonio,

Random, Chas, Baron de Berenger,

Ranelagh, earl of, see Jones

Ranelagh chapel,

Ranelagh Garden (pub. pk),

Ranelagh House,
-, estate,

Ranelagh House (19th-cent.),

Ranelagh House (flats),

Ranelagh Pleasure Gardens,


Ranelagh Sewer,

Ranelagh Walk or Grove (later the Avenue),

Ranelagh Works (King's Rd),

Raphael, John,

Raw Silk Co.,

-, Chas,
-, Laetitia,

Rawlings Street,

Rawnsley, David, and his w. Mary,

Rayner Place,

RBKC, see Kensington and Chelsea, Lond. (Royal) boro.

Reading (Berks),

Redburn Street,

Redesdale Street,

Rees, V.O.,

Reeve, J. Art.,

Regent Row,

Regent Street Polytechnic (including Polytechnic Art Sch.),

Reginald of St Albans, rector of Chelsea,

-, Alex.,
-, Thos Ranby,

Reilly, C.H.,

Rendel, Palmer, & Tritton,

Repton, Humphry,

Retreat or Manor Cottage (asylum),

-, Hen.,
-, John,

-, Diana, see Sloane Stanley
-, Elwyn Villiers,

-, Anna, m. Chas Maresco Pearce,
-, Halsey,

Ricci, Mario,

Rich, Chas, earl of Warwick,

Richards Place,

-, Rob., rector of Chelsea,
-, Thos,

Richmond, W.B.,

Richmond (Yorks.), archdeacon of, see Wodehouse

Richmond Court,

Ricketts and Shannon,

Rietti, Solomon,

-, Mary Ann, see Jones
-, Steph.,
-, W.E.,

Riley Street,

Ripon, mqss, see Robinson

Rising Sun Brewery,

ritualism and High Church practices,

River House,

Robartes, John, Lord Robartes, later earl of Radnor,

Robert Street (later pt of Sydney St),

Robert Terr.,

-, Alf.,
-, Emma,

Robins Garden,

-, G.T.,
-, Geo. Fred. Sam., mqss of Ripon,
-, Griffin,
-, Mary ('Perdita'), née Darby,
-, Ric.,
-, Sir Thos,

Robinson's Lane, see Flood Street

Roch, Ant.,

Rochester, earl and ctss of, see Wilmot

Roehampton (Surrey),

-, Revd Benj.,
-, Mary,

-, Christine, see Drayton
-, John,

Roman Catholicism,
-, cemetery,
-, convents,
-, schs,

-, Ant.,
-, Hen.,
-, Margt, see More, Margt
-, Thos, n
-, Wm,
-, Mr,
-, fam.,

Roper's Gdn,

Rose, Philip,

Rose or Great Rose,

Rose and Crown P.H.,

Rose Cottage,

Rosemoor (formerly Orford) Street,

Rosenauer, Michael,

Rosse, Thos,

-, Dante Gabriel,
-, Wm,

Rossetti Mansions,

Rossetti Studios,

Rothenstein, Wm,

Rothery, Wm,

Rous, Wm,

Rousseau, Peter,

Rowden, Frances,

Rowlandson, Thos,

Rowles, Hen.,

Royal Academy,

Royal Avenue, the,

Royal Brompton (later Royal Brompton and Harefied) NHS Trust,

Royal Brompton hosp. (formerly Hosp. for Consumption and Diseases of the Chest; Brompton hosp.),

Royal Court Hotel, pl.

Royal Court Theatre, pl.

Royal Dairy,

Royal Exotic Nursery,

Royal Fine Art Commission,

Royal Horticultural Society,

Royal Hospital (Chelsea Hospital),
-, bldgs,
-, burial ground,
-, Burton's Ct, q.v.
-, chapel,
-, commissioners of,
-, estate,
-, fire engine,
-, grounds,
-, infirmary,
-, influence of,
-, pensioners,
-, rating,
-, sch.,
-, stables,
-, Treasurer of, see Jones, Ric., earl of Ranelagh
-, Treasurer's Lodgings, and see Walpole Ho.
-, water supply,

Royal Hospital P.H.,

Royal Hospital Road (formerly Paradise Row; Queen's Rd),

Royal Hospital Row, see Jew's Row

Royal Marsden hosp. (formerly Free Cancer; Royal Cancer),

Royal Marsden NHS Trust,

Royal Military Asylum for the Children of Soldiers of the Regular Army (later Duke of York's HQ),
-, chapel,

Royal Society, the,

Rubergall, John,

Ruhl, W.,

Rural Retreat, see Spring Gardens

Rush, Revd John, incumbent of Old Church,

Ruskin, John,

-, Bertrand, and his w.,
-, Edw., earl of Orford,
-, Rob.,

Russell Depository,

Russell Street,

Russia, Tsar of,

Rutland, dchss of,

Ryley, Ric.,

S.P. Mercantile,

Sackville, Anne, m. Gregory Fiennes, Lord Dacre,

Sadler, Geo.,

St Albans, Reg. of, see Reginald of St Albans

St Clement Danes,

St Francis de Sales, Sisters of the order of (Visitandine, or Sisters of the Visitation),

St George Hanover Sq.,
-, Eaton Sq.,
-, Grosvenor Rd pumping sta.,
-, guardians,
-, lighting,
-, nonconf. (protestant),
-, workho., and see St George's Union

St George's Home,

St George's Hospital Group,

St George's Union (later City of Westminster Union), workho.,

St George's Workho., see St George Hanover Sq., workho.

St Giles-in-the-Fields,

St John:
-, Fred., Vct Bolingbroke,
-, Hen., Vct Bolingbroke,
-, Sir Hen., Vct St John,
-, Sir John, Bt (d. 1648),
-, Sir John, Bt (d. 1657),
-, Oliver, Vct Grandison,
-, Sir Walt.,
-, Lord, see Paulet

St John the Divine, Nursing Sisters of,

St John's House (rel. community),

St Joseph's almshos (later Cottages),

St Joseph's convent and schs,

St Leonard's Terr.,

St Leonards (Sussex),

St Loo Ave,

St Loo Court, pl.

St Luke Chelsea Electric Lighting Co.,

St Luke Chelsea Poor Rates Act,

St Luke's hosp. (formerly workho. infirmary),

St Luke's Institute, n

St Luke's Street,

St Mark's College (later Coll. of St Mark and St John),
-, chapel,
-, sch.,

St Martin-in-the-Fields (Westm.),
-, the Five Fields, chapel,
-, Little Spittle Meadow (Spittlefields),
-, St James's Acres,

St Nicholas at Wade (Kent),

St Paul's cathedral, London, canons, see Arrowsmith; Bevan; Burgess, Ric.; Cadman; Cheshire; Eyton; Gamble; Hosebound; Loasby; McGowan; Osborne, H.J.R.; Reginald of St Albans; Sturgess; Thomson; Wellesley; Wilkinson

St Stephen's Centre (formerly Kobler Centre),

St Stephen's hospital,

Saint-Quentin, Dominique de,

Salesians, see St Francis de Sales,

-, Edw. of, see Edward of Salisbury
-, Wm,

Salisbury, earl of, see Cecil

-, bp of, see Beauchamp, Ric.
-, dean of, see Watson, Derek
-, (Sarum), prebendary of, see Walesby

Salisbury's Botanic Garden,

Salmon, Wm,

Salter, Jas (Don Saltero),
-, his dau., m. Chris. Hall,

Saltero's coffee ho.,

Salvation Army,

Salway, Jos.,

Samm, Ric.,

Sammon, Anne,

Samuel Lewis Housing Trust, pl.

Sandeford, Wm,

Sander, Thos, see Saunders

Sanders, John,


Sandy End (Chelsea),

-, Margery, see Bray
-, Sir Wm, Lord Sandys,

Sangar, Gabriel,

Sanitary Act (1866),

sanitary fittings manufacture,

Sargent, John Singer,

Sartre, Jean-Paul,

Sarum, see Salisbury

-, Alex.,
-, Dorothy, see Arnold
-, John,
-, John, son of John,
-, (or Sander), Thos,

Savage, Jas,

School Board for London,

Scoles, J.J.,


Scotland, Church of, see Church of Scotland

-, Andrew,
-, Anne, dchss of Buccleuch, wid. of Jas, duke of Monmouth,
-, Lady Isabella,
-, Jas, duke of Monmouth,
-, Sir Nic., MP,
-, Thos,

Scott, Cuthbertson & Co.,

sculptors, see Bernini, Gian Lorenzo and Paolo; Bevis; Chantrey; Cox, Steven; Dressler; Drury; Fontana; Gillick, Ern. and Mary; Grant; Johnson, Nic.; Lee, Thos Stirling; Marshall, Edw.; Moore, Hen.; Pepper; Philip, John Birnie; Raggi; Stone; Wilton, Jos.; Zambaco

Searle & Hayes,

Seaton Street

Sedding, J.D.,

Seddon, J.P.,

Seden, John,

Seely & Paget,

Seifert, R., & Partners,

Selby, Sir Wm,

Septem Fontibus, see Setfountain

Serbian Orthodox Church,

Serres, John Thos,

Servite Fathers,

Servite Houses,

Servite Housing Assoc.,

Servites (Mission of Servants of Mary),

Setfountain (de Septem Fontibus):
-, Cecily, m. Ric. de Heyle (d. by 1314),
-, Isabel de,
-, Laur. de,
-, Ralph de, (fl. c. 1150),
-, Ralph de (d. 1211),
-, Ralph de (fl. 1254-86),
-, Thos de,
-, Wm de,

Sevenoaks (Kent),

Seville (formerly Charles) Street,

-, Peter, n, n
-, Rob., n

-, Anne, dchss of Somerset, see Stanhope
-, Cath., see Parr
-, Mary, n
-, Sir Thos, Lord Seymour of Sudeley,

Shaftesbury, earl of, see Cooper

Shaftesbury House,

Shalcombe Street,

Sharman, John,

Sharp, Rob.,

-, Geo. Bernard,
-, Revd John,
-, Ric. Norman,

Shawfield Street,

Shelmandine or Shelmerdine, Ric.,

Shepard, Ernest,

-, R.H.,
-, Rob.,

Sheppard Robson,

Sherwood, Mary Martha,

Ship tavern, see Durham Ho.

-, Geo.,
-, Helen, see atte Water
-, John (d. 1407),
-, John (d. 1452),
-, Margt, see Tanfield
-, Maud, wid. of John (d. 1452),
-, Rob.,

Shorthouse, Hugh,

Shrewsbury, earls of, see Talbot

Shrewsbury (or Alston) House,
-, estate,

Shuckburgh (Shugborow, Shuckborough):
-, Frances,
-, Fras,
-, Hen. (d. by 1645),
-, Hen. (fl. 1647),
-, John (fl. 1595),
-, John (d. c. 1647),
-, Thos,

Sickert, Walter,

-, Sir Rob., n
-, Wm, MP, Lord de I'Isle and Dudley,

Sidney Place,

silk making,

Simes, Chas,

-, Jas,
-, Jane, wid. of Thos Bartlett,
-, John,
-, N.F.,
-, Thos Bartlett,
-, fam.,

Sisk, Fr Thos,

Six Bells P.H.,

Skinner, Thos,

Skinners' Company of London,

Skirrow, Walter,

Slaidburn Street,

Slater, J.A., & A.H. Moberly,

-, Eliz., m. Chas Cadogan, Lord Cadogan,
-, Dr later Sir Hans, and see Chelsea: manorial est.
-, (later Sloane Stanley), Hans, see Sloane Stanley
-, Sarah, m. Sir Geo. Stanley,
-, Wm, bro. of Sir Hans,
-, Wm, nephew of Sir Hans (d. 1767),

Sloane Avenue (formerly Keppel Street),

Sloane Avenue Mansions,

Sloane Court,

Sloane Gardens,

Sloane House,

Sloane Place,

'Sloane Ranger',

Sloane Square, pl.

Sloane Stanley:
-, Diana, m. Elwyn Villiers Rhys,
-, Hans, formerly Sloane (d. 1827),
-, Hans (d. 1888),
-, Lavender Eliz., m. John Everett,
-, Major Roger Cyril Hans,
-, Wm,
-, Wm Hans,

Sloane Stanley estate,

Sloane Street,
-, bldgs,
-, shops,
-, soc. character,

Sloane Terr.,

-, Mrs Caroline,
-, Rob.,

-, Anne, see Boevey
-, Edw. Tyrrell,
-, Edw. (fl. 1390),
-, Edw. (fl. 1620),
-, Eliz.,
-, Fras,
-, Hen.,
-, J.T.,
-, Sir Jas (d. 1681),
-, Lucy,
-, Ric., victualler,
-, Ric., ironmonger,
-, Sam.,
-, Thos,
-, Ursula,
-, Wm,
-, Mrs, see Cornelys, Theresa
-, Parson, lecturer of Chelsea,

Smith, Hen., charity estate,

Smith Street (S. of King's Rd),

Smith (later Ives) Street,

Smith Terr.,

Smollett, Tobias,

Smyth, Revd John G.,

-, Hen. Saxon,
-, John,

Soane, Sir John,

-, Hen., mqss of Worcester, duke of Beaufort (d. 1700),
-, Hen., duke of Beaufort (d. 1714),
-, Mary, w. of Henry, duke of Beaufort (d. 1700),

Somerset, dchss of, see Beaufort

Soutar, A.S.,

South Parade,


Southwark (Surrey), and see Winchester Palace

-, Mrs Frances,
-, Miss Mary,

-, John,
-, John, Vct (later Earl),

Spiers, R. Phené,

Spiritualist ch.,

Spitalfields (Stepney),

Spittle Meadow, Great, and see Lowndes (Wm) estate

sports and recreations, and see archery; badminton; bowling; Chelsea Football Club; cricket; cycling; ice skating; tennis
-, sports centres and grounds,

Spoure, Ric.,

Sprimont, Nic.,

Spring Gardens (later Rural Retreat, Grove Ho.),

Stacey, John Wm,

Stadium Road,

Stadium Street,

Stallwood, Benj.,

Stamford Bridge football ground, see Fulham, Stamford Bridge stadium

Standish, Revd Mr,

-, Anne, m. 1 Edw. Seymour, m. 2 Fras Newdigate,
-, John,
-, Col. Leicester, earl of Harrington,
-, Phil. Dormer, earl of Chesterfield,

-, Anne, m. Wellbore Ellis,
-, Sir Chas,
-, Clinton,
-, Dorothy, see Panton
-, Eliz., see Gorges
-, Geo., and his w. (fl. 1583),
-, Sir Geo.,
-, Hans,
-, Jas,
-, Sir Rob.,
-, Sarah, see Sloane
-, Sarah, m. Chris. D'Oyley,
-, Wm,

Stanley House (formerly Brickills; also called Stanley Grove),
-, estate,

Stanley House (Veitch's),

Stanley Place,

Stanley Street,

Stanley Terr.,

Stanley Villas, see Gertrude Street

Stanley Works,


Stanton, Chas,

Stapleton, Sir Rob.,

Star and Garter P.H.,

-, C.W.,
-, Mr,

Stephenson, Geo.,

Stevenson, John Jas,

-, Sir Herb.,
-, Margt, m. 1 Chas Howard, earl of Nottingham, 2 Wm Monson,
-, Thos,
-, Revd W.H.,

Stiles, P.H.F.,

Stocke, Ric.,

Stocken, Jas,

Stokes, Leonard,

-, John,
-, Master Nic.,
-, fam.,

-, John,
-, Margt, w. of Sir Wm, see Croke
-, Margt, dau. of Sir Wm,
-, Sir Wm, mayor of London,

-, Nic.,
-, Noah,

Stoney, Andrew Robinson, see Bowes

Stonor, Lady,

Stonybridge Close,

Stow, John,

Strachan, G.R.,

Stratford-upon-Avon (Warws.),

Strathmore, ctss of, see Bowes

Strewan House,

Strewan Square,

Strewan Terr.,

-, Anne, wid. of Sam. sen.,
-, Sam. (d. c. 1740),
-, Sam. jun.,
-, Wm,

Stromboli House and Gdns,

Stroulger, Isaac, and his w. Jane,

Stuart-Wortley, Archibald,

Stubbington, Mr,

Studios, The,

Sturgess, Chas, rector of Chelsea,

Styles, Sarah,

Sun P.H., see Dog


Surrey, see Banstead; Battersea; Bermondsey; Brookwood cem.; Camberwell; Carshalton; Clapham; Kew Gardens; Lambeth; Merton; Putney; Roehampton; Tooting; Southwark; Upper Norwood

Surry, John,

Sussex, see Brighton; Heathfield; St Leonards

-, John,
-, Dr Matthew, Dean of Exeter,

Sutherland, Graham,

Sutton housing est.,

Sutton Trust, see William Sutton Trust

Swan (or Old Swan) brewery,

Swan Court,

Swan House,

Swan inn (Swan Walk), and see Old Swan inn

Swan Walk,

Swanley (Kent),

Sweed or Swede Court,
-, Little Sweed Ct,

Sweet, Rob.,

-, Sir Fras,
-, Jas,

Swinburne, Algernon,

Swindell, Hen.,

Sycamore Cottage,

Sydney Street,

Symons Street,

t'Hoff, Rob. van,

Tadema Road,

Tait, Thos,

-, Eliz., w. of Geo., earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1590), see Hardwick
-, Fras, earl of Shrewsbury,
-, Geo., earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1538),
-, Geo., earl of Shrewsbury (d. 1590),
-, Ric.,
-, fam.,

Tanfield, Margt, w. of Rob. Shoreditch,

Tankerville, earls of, see Bennet

Tanner, Hen.,

tapestry weaving,

Tarring, J.,

-, Benj.,
-, Geo.,
-, Jas Chas,
-, Mary, w. of Benj., see Butler
-, Mary, dau. of Geo.,
-, Nahum,
-, fam.,


-, C.H.,
-, Fras,
-, John, the water-poet,

Taylor & Clifton,

Tedworth Sq.,

Temple, Hen., Vct Palmerston,

Templewood, Vct, see Hoare


Tennyson Mansions,

Terrett, Nat.,

Terrey's shop,

Tetbury (Glos.),

Thames river,
-, barge hos,
-, boatyards,
-, bridges, and see Albert Bridge; Battersea Bridge; Chelsea Bridge
-, embanking and embankment, and see Chelsea Embankment
-, ferries, and see Chelsea ferry
-, houseboats,
-, piers, and see Cadogan pier; Carlyle pier
-, river walls,
-, stairs and docks,
-, steam and motor boat svces,
-, transport,
-, watermen,
-, wharves,

Thames Conservancy Board,

Thames Embankment (Chelsea) Act,

Thames River Steamboat Service Act,

Thames Steamboat Co.,

Thames Water Authority,

Thames Water Utilities,



The Times,

Theatre Royal, Drury Lane,

Thébault, abbé Gilles François,

-, Cadogan,
-, Eliz., m. Wm Cheyne,

Thomas More housing est.,

Thomson, Revd Leighton,

Thorley, John,

Thorn, Alex.,

Thorney Court Ltd,

Thorpe, John,

Three Tuns P.H.,

Thurloe Court,

Thurston, John,

Thurston & Co.,

Timbrell, Benj.,

Tite Street,
-, artists' studios,

Titegrove, Ric.,

tobacco-pipe making,

Todd, Geo.,

Tolstoy, Leo,

Tomline, Geo., bp of Winchester,

Tooting (Surrey),
-, (Lower), Fairfield Ho.,
-, St George's hosp.,

Topolski, Feliks,

Tovey, John,

Tower Ho.,

Towgood, John,

Town and Commercial Properties,

Town Holdings, Select Committee on,

Townsend, Lt.-Col. H.S.,

Toyoko Metropolitan Co.,

Trafalgar Square, see Chelsea Sq.

Trafalgar Studios,

Traill, Revd Mr,

Transport, ministry of,

Travers, Sam.,

Treatise on Education,

Tregeare, Hen.,

Trelawney, Sir Jonathan, bp of Winchester,

Trench, G. Mackenzie,

Trent, W.E.,

Tribou, abbé,

Trier, Mrs Adeline,

Trigg, Jas,

Tripe and Wakeham,

Tuberculosis (Tuberculin) Dispensary League,

Tuck, Jas Hunter,

Tudor or Queen's Ho.,

Tulley, E.F.,

Turk's Row,

Turlington's ho. (asylum),

-, John,
-, John Shiriston,
-, Jos. Mallord Wm (also Mr or Admiral Booth),

Turner's house (no. 119 Cheyne Walk),

Turner's Reach House,

Tussaud, Marie,

Tweedsmuir, John,

Two Brewers brewery,

Twopenny Walk, see Park Walk

Underground Electric Railways Co.,

Union Street,

Unitas Fratrum, see Moravian Ch.

United Dairies shop,

United Reformed Ch.,

United States of America, see Boston; Chelsea (Mass.)

United Westminster Schools foundation,

University and City Association of London Ltd,

University of London, see London Univ.

Upcerne Road,

Upper Cadogan Place,

Upper Cheyne Row, and see Cheyne Ho.; Cottage, the

Upper Church Street (formerly pt of Church Lane, later pt of Old Church Street),

Upper Manor Street (later pt of Chelsea Manor St),

Upper Norwood (Surrey),

Upper York Place,

Upton, Rob.,

Vale, The,

Vale Ave (later The Vale), pl.

Vale Estates Ltd,

Vale Grove,

Vale Press,

Vanbrugh, Sir John,

Vandervell, Mrs Rebecca,

-, Jacoba, wid. of Sir Peter,
-, Mary, m. Sir Edw. Powell,
-, Sir Peter,

-, Anne, m. Chas Powlett, marquis of Bolton,
-, Herbert Alf., Cardinal,
-, John, earl of Carbery,
-, Fr Kenelm,

Vauxhall Bridge,

-, Sir Harry Jas,
-, Jas,
-, John Gould,
-, fam.,

Veitch's nursery (Jas Veitch & Sons),

-, Sir Edm.,
-, John, Vct Fermanagh,
-, Ralph, Vct Fermanagh, later Earl Verney, and his w. Cath.,

Vernon, Geo.,

Victoria Hospital for Sick Children,

Victoria tavern,

Victorian Soc.,

-, Cath., w. of Geo., duke of Buckingham (d. 1628), m. 2 Randall MacDonnell, earl of Antrim,
-, Geo., duke of Buckingham (d. 1628),
-, Geo., duke of Buckingham (d. 1687),

Viner Place,

Violet Melchett Infant Welfare Centre,

Violet Melchett Training Coll.,

Virtue, Wm,

Visitandine Sisters (or Sisters of the Visitation), see St Francis de Sales

volunteer corps,

Voysey, C.F.A.,

Vsevolod, Prince,

Wade, Geo. Edw.,

Waerferth, bishop of Worcester,


Wales, princes of, see Charles, Prince of Wales; George, Prince of Wales

Walesby, Wm, rector of Chelsea,

-, David,
-, Dame Ethel,

-, Chas,
-, John,

Waller, Fred.,

Wallis, Albany,

-, Horace,
-, Sir Rob. (d. 1745), Paymaster-General of the Army, earl of Orford,
-, Rob., 3rd earl of Orford,

Walpole House,

Walpole Street,

Walter House,

Walton, E.A.,

Walton House,

Walton Place,

Walton Street,

Walton Villas,

War Office, see Defence, ministry of

-, Miss A.,
-, John,
-, Ric., rector of Chelsea,

-, Hen.,
-, Rob.,

-, Eliz., m. Chas Pelham,
-, Mary. m. Sir Jas Pennyman,
-, Sir Mic. (d. 1655),
-, Mic. (d. 1688),
-, Sir Mic. (d. 1725),
-, Susannah, m. Sir John Newton,

Warton estate,

Warwick, earls of, see Beauchamp; Dudley; Rich

Warwickshire, see Birmingham; Stratford-upon-Avon

Water Act,

Waterloo Place,

Waterman's Court,

Watermen's Company of London,

Wates Ltd,

Watkins Gray International,

Watling, Wm,

Watney, Combe, Reid & Co.,

Watson, Derek, rector of Chelsea,

-, Christine or Christian, see Haseley
-, Hen., alderman of London,

Waver's estate,

-, Dan.,
-, Ric.,

-, Fred.,
-, Phil,

Webbe, Wm,

Webster, Mr, schoolmaster,

-, Alf. G.W.,
-, Edw.,
-, John, and his w. Lucy,
-, J., & Co.,

Weeks's nursery,

Weever, John, antiquary,

Weightman, F.J.,

Weld, Cardinal Thos,

Wellcome Trust,

Wellesley, Gerald Valerian, rector of Chelsea,

Wellesley House,

Wellington Sq.,

Wellington Street,

Wentworth Studios,

Wesker, Arnold,

Wesley, John,

Wesleyans, see Methodists

-, Rog., and his w. Christine,
-, Wm,
-, fam.,

West Chelsea housing scheme,

West Cross Route,

West House,

West London Extension Rly,

West London hosp. (Hammersmith),

West London Rly Co.,

Westbourne (Paddington), estates,

Westbourne river (Ranelagh sewer),

Westerband, Adrian, bricklayer,

Westerbone, John,

Western Co.,

-, Belgravia,
-, Charing Cross,
-, chars,
-, Chelsea Bun Ho., q.v.
-, coach svces,
-, courtiers and royal officials,
-, Covent Gdn mkt,
-, Drury Lane Theatre,
-, Ebury,
-, chapel,
-, (Eye), man. and ests,
-, Emanuel hosp.,
-, the Five Fields, see St Martin-in-the-Fields
-, foreign chs,
-, Green Park,
-, Grosvenor Place trustees,
-, growth,
-, Hyde pk,
-, hosps and dispensary,
-, ind.,
-, Jews,
-, Knightsbridge, q.v.
-, manor and ests, n,
-, Grosvenor estate,
-, Mayfair,
-, nonconformity (prot.),
-, physic garden,
-, Pimlico,
-, Ranelagh Works,
-, residents,
-, schs,
-, slum clearances,
-, Soho,
-, St James,
-, St James's pk,
-, St Martin-in-the-Fields, q.v.
-, St Martin's School of Art,
-, St Stephen's chapel, dean of, see Walesby
-, technical schs,
-, Tothill Fields, Stag brewery,
-, water,
-, Whitehall,

Westminster abbey:
-, abbey and abbots,
-, as lords of Chelsea,
-, as patrons of ch.,
-, and see Blois; Crispin
-, canons, see Littleton, Adam

Westminster Commission of Sewers (WCS),

Westminster diocese (Roman Cath.),
-, Diocesan Seminary, see Allen Hall

Westminster School, headmaster, see Browne, Thos

Weston, Lady,

Whall, C.,

-, Rob. G.,
-, Rob. Marr,

-, Anne, see Lee
-, Thos, Lord Wharton, earl and mqss of Wharton,

Wheeler, E.P.,

Whistler, Jas McNeill,

-, Audrey, see Fenrother
-, Hen. (fl. 1525),
-, Hen. (fl. 1651),
-, Leedham,
-, Rob.,

White Hart tavern,

White Horse inn,

White House,

White Lion Street or Little Sloane Street (formerly Princess Street),

Whitear, Jas,

Whitechapel Bell Foundry,

Whitefield, Geo.,

Whitehand, Wm,

-, Hen.,
-, John,
-, Thos., and his w. Emmota,
-, Wm,

Whitehead's Grove,

Whitelands (Draycott Ave),

Whitelands House or Lodge (King's Rd),

Whitelands House (flats),

Whitelands Teacher Training College,

Whitelocke, Bulstrode,

-, John
-, Thos,

Whitmore, Chas Algernon,

Whitworth, Margery,

Wickham Place,

Wigley, G.J.,

Wilcocks, Geo.,

Wilde, Oscar,

Wilderness Row,

-, C. Edm.,
-, Edw.,
-, Gen. Ric.,

Wilford's estate,

Wilkinson, Sam., rector of Chelsea,

Wilkinson Sword, Oakley works,

Wilkyn, see Wylkyn

Willement, T.,


Willett, Wm,

William III,

William of Buckland,

William of Chigwell,

William Street,

William Sutton Trust,

-, David,
-, John,
-, Revd Wm,
-, Wm,

Wills & Anderson,

-, Anne, ctss of Rochester,
-, Hen., earl of Rochester,

Wilsher, Tim.,

-, Eden,
-, Mrs Henniker,
-, Sir Hen. Wright,
-, Hen.,
-, Revd Dr J.,
-, Revd J.E.,
-, Revd Dr Ric.,

-, Anne,
-, Jos.,

Wiltshire, Jeremiah,

Wiltshire, sheriff of, see Edward of Salisbury

Wiltshire Close (MB flats),

Wimbledon, Vct, see Cecil

-, Hen.,
-, Jas Wm,

Wimsett & Co.,

Winchester, mqsses of, see Paulet

Winchester diocese,
-, bps of, and see Tomline; Trelawney

Winchester House,
-, bldg,
-, water supply,

Winchester Palace (Southwark),

Winchester Terr.,

Windsor, Lord,

Windsor, canon of, see Kingsley, Chas (d. 1860)

Wingfield, Ric., Vct Powerscourt, and his wid. Dorothy,

Winks, W.,

Winstanley, Hen.,

Winter, see Ashfield

Winterbottom, Mrs,

Winterton Place,

Wiseman, Sir Rob., dean of the Arches and Vicar General,
-, his wid.,

Witherington, W. Seckham,

Witt, John,

Wivell, John,

Wlwen, vassal of King Edw. the Confessor,

Wodehouse, Rob. of, archdeacon of Richmond,

Wollaston, Wm,

Wolsey, John,

-, John,
-, Ric.,

Wonder What Place,

-, Geo.,
-, Lancelot,
-, Thos,

-, Deborah, w. of Rob.,
-, Ric.,
-, Rob,

Woodmason, Jas,

Woods, Forests and Land Revenues, Commrs of the Queen's,

Woods Building,

Woodward, G.,

Worcester, mqss of, see Somerset

Worcester, bp of, see Waerferth

working-class housing, see Chelsea, working-class housing

Works and Buildings, Royal Commrs of,

Works, Office of,

World's End,
-, growth,
-, housing est., pl.
-, shops,
-, soc. character,
-, soc. life, and see World's End P.H.

World's End Passage,

World's End P.H.,

World's End turnpike,

Worsley, Sir Marcus, MP,

Wray, Chas,

Wray House, see Crown Lodge

Wren, Sir Chris.,

Wrennall, Wm,

Wrennall's farm and farmho. (Hungerford's farm),

-, Edw.,
-, Hen. John,
-, J.J.,

-, Jas,
-, Mat.,
-, T.H.,

-, Agnes, wid. of John,
-, John,
-, (or Wilkyn), Steph.,
-, Thos,
-, Wm, and his w. Alice,

Wylson, Oswald,

-, Edw.,
-, Revd Luttrell,
-, Wm,

Yarborough, Lord, see Anderson-Pelham

Yates, Ric.,

York, duke of, see Frederick Augustus

York, canon of, see King, Dr John

York Buildings,

York House (flats),

York Place,

York Street,

Yorkshire, and see Beverley; Richmond

Yorkshire Grey tavern,

-, Christian, m. Hen. Shuckburgh (d. by 1645),
-, Eliz., wid. of Thos,
-, John (fl. 1472),
-, John (?another),
-, Keith D.,
-, Thos,
-, Wm,

Young estate,


Zambaco, Maria,

Zinzendorf, Count Nikolaus Ludwig von,