A History of the County of Oxford: Volume 14, Bampton Hundred (Part Two)

By A P Baggs, Eleanor Chance, Christina Colvin, Nicholas Cooper, Alan Crossley, Christopher Day, Nesta Selwyn, Elizabeth Williamson and Margaret Yates/ Edited by Simon Townley. Covers the west Oxfordshire market town of Witney and the rural townships of Crawley, Curbridge and Hailey, all of which formed a single parish until the late nineteenth century.

Victoria County History - Oxfordshire. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 2004.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
List of maps, plans, and illustrations ix-xi
Foreword and acknowledgements xiii-xiv
Introduction to Witney and its townships 1-7
Witney borough: Introduction 8-33
Witney borough: Introduction, Architecture and Buildings 33-68
Witney borough: Manor and Manor House ('Bishop's Palace') 68-73
Witney borough: Economic history, medieval trade and industry 73-77
Witney borough: Economic history, economic life 1500 to 1800 77-88
Witney borough: Economic history, the industrial revolution in Witney c.1800-1900 88-97
Witney borough: Economic history, trade and industry 1900-1945 97-100
Witney borough: Economic history, ecomonic development since 1945 100-103
Witney borough: Economic history, markets and fairs 103-107
Witney borough: Economic history, agriculture 107-108
Witney borough: Economic history, ancient mills 108-111
Witney borough: Local government 111-130
Witney borough: Parish church and church life 130-144
Witney borough: Roman catholicism 144-145
Witney borough: Protestant nonconformity 145-154
Witney borough: Education 155-164
Witney borough: Charities for the poor 164-170
Crawley : Introduction 171-176
Crawley : Manor and manor farm 176-177
Crawley : Economic history 177-186
Crawley : Local government 186-188
Crawley : Church, nonconformity 188-190
Crawley : Education, charities for the poor 190
Curbridge: Introduction 190-201
Curbridge: Estates 202-206
Curbridge: Economic history 206-221
Curbridge: Local government 221-222
Curbridge: Church, nonconformity 222-224
Curbridge: Education, charities for the poor 224-225
Hailey: Introduction 225-234
Hailey: Estates 234-236
Hailey: Economic history 236-247
Hailey: Local government 248-249
Hailey: Church, nonconformity 249-254
Hailey: Education, charities for the poor 254-255
Note on abbreviations 257-262
Sources 263-265
Index 267-284