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A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 10. Originally published by Boydell & Brewer for Victoria County History, Woodbridge, 2010.

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THE principal printed works cited in this volume are the volumes of the Victoria County History of Somerset, the calendars of national archives published by the Record Commissioners, Her Majesty's Stationery Office, and the Pipe Roll Society, and collections of national and local material relating to Somerset published by the Somerset Record Society. Other important works are the histories of the county produced by the Revd John Collinson and the Revd William Phelps, Parliamentary papers, the Proceedings of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, and Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries. These will be found listed below as primary printed sources and their abbreviated forms, used in the footnotes, will be found in the list of abbreviations.

Books published in London unless otherwise stated


The major collections of materials used in this volume can be found at the Somerset Record Office. They comprise the extensive archives of the Diocese of Bath and Wells (D/D/, DD/WBF), ecclesiastical and civil parishes (D/P/, D/PC/), nonconformist congregations (D/N/, DD/SFR), the County Council (C/) including records of schools and smallholdings, Rural Districts (D/R/), and Quarter Sessions (Q/) including land tax assessments, meeting house and alehouse licences, jury lists, records of sessions, petitions, friendly society records, bridge records, deposited plans and order books. Among the archives of other bodies are records of the River Authority (DD/RA), Church Commissioners (DD/CC), Department of Education and Science (DD/EDS) including school plans, Inland Revenue (DD/IR) comprising the 1910 land valuation, and Charity Commission (DD/C). Also the extensive collections of the Somerset Archaeological Society (DD/SAS).

Among the many collections of estate papers referred to the most notable are those of the Colston family of West Lydford (DD/JC), the Dickinsons of Kingweston (DD/DN), the Bailwards of Horsington (DD/DNL), the Mildmays (DD/MI), the Phelips family (DD/PH), the Portmans (DD/PM), the Ayshfords and Sanfords (DD/SF), the Thring family of Alford (DD/TH, DD/THG), the Trevelyans of Nettlecombe (DD/WO), the Waldegrave family (DD/WG), and the Wyndhams (DD/WY). Other estates and individuals whose papers have been used include those of the Marquess of Ailesbury (DD/AB), the Bakers of Mere (A/ABS), the Bakers of Weston super Mare (DD/BK), the Battiscombes (DD/BC), the Bellamy family of Rampisham and Matthews family of Yetminster (DD/BR/ehp) the Hallidays (DD/MY), the Hobhouse family of Hadspen (DD/HH), the Harbins of Newton Surmaville (DD/HN) Lord Strachie of Sutton Court (DD/SH), the Speke family of Jordans (DD/SPK), the Stradlings of Chilton Polden (DD/S/ST), the Walker Heneage family of East Coker (DD/WHh), the Wright Rogers family of Yarlington (DD/WR), and the Yeatman Biggs family of Warminster (DD/YB).

Other important archives have been deposited by estate agents, solicitors and surveyors including those of Bennetts of Bruton (DD/BT), Channer, Channer, and Ligertwood of Taunton (DD/CH), Clarke Wilmott and Clarke of Taunton and elsewhere (DD/CWCw), Dodson and Pulman of Taunton (DD/DP), Edens of Sherborne (DD/EDN), Fookes and Darlington of Sherborne (DD/FF), Foster of Wells (DD/FS), Goldingham and Jotcham of Wootton-under-Edge (DD/GJ) Louch, Wilmott and Clarke of Langport (DD/LC), Morrell, Peel and Gamler of Oxford (DD/MPG), Perry of Brighton (DD/BR/py), Rutter and Rutter of Shaftesbury (DD/RUT), Ticehurst, Wyatt and Co. of Cheltenham (DD/TW), and Trail, CastlemanSmith and Wilson of Blandford (DD/TCW).

Important miscellaneous collections include Edmund Rack's parish notes (A/AQP), 20th century parish economic surveys (A/AGH), Vernacular Architecture reports (DD/V), archives deposited by Dr Bartelot of Trowbridge (DD/BTL), Dorset Natural History and Archaeological Society (DD/DT), Ambra booksellers (DD/S/AM), Society of Genealogists (DD/SOG), Sexey's Hospital, Bruton (DD/SE), Sussex Archaeological Society (DD/SX), Somerset Record Society (DD/X/SR), and Wiltshire Record Office (DD/X/WI), records of Somerset County farms (A/BNK) and the deeds of Lower Barton, Barton St David (A/BIQ).

The principle maps used include Ordnance and Geological Survey maps and early printed county maps, but also among the Somerset Record Office collections the tithe and enclosure awards and maps, estate maps especially a late 17th century map of Castle Cary (T/PH/bm 32, original in BL), and maps of railways and roads among Quarter Sessions records.

Many of the principle sources in the National Archives at the Public Record Office have been published but among the most important records used are Chancery proceedings (C1, C2, C3) pleadings of the Six Clerks Office (C 6, C 10), Patent Rolls (C 66), Decree rolls (C 78), Masters' exhibits (C 106, C 111), Inquisitions post mortem (C 133, C 134, C 135, C 139, C 140, C 142), Inquisitions ad quod damnum (C 143), Miscellaneous Inquisitions (C 145), Feet of fines (CP 25) De Banco rolls (CP 40), Recovery rolls (CP 43), Census records (HO 107, 129, RG 9–13), Probate records (PROB 3, PROB 11), Court rolls (SC 2), Ministers' accounts (SC 6), Petitions (SC 8), and Rentals (SC 11).

Less frequently used collections include ships' musters (ADM 36), Crown Estate Commissioners deeds (CRES 38), Exchequer depositions (E 134), Ancient extents (E 142), Inquisitions post mortem (E 150), Returns of papists' estates (E 174), Particulars for leases (E 310), Ancient deeds (E 326), Exemption from First Fruits and Tenths (E 333), Land Revenue office court rolls (LR 3), railway records (RAIL), Star Chamber proceedings (STAC 2), Court of Wards deeds (WARD 2), and Chelsea Hospital, records of pensioners (WO 97).

Important collections elsewhere are the Additional Charters and Manuscripts, Egerton and Harleian charters at the British Library; the Pole MS at VCH Office, Taunton, the Ashton Court MSS at Bristol Record Office (AC), Arundel archive at Cornwall Record Office (AR), Petre MSS at Devon Record Office (123), the archives of Ffookes of Sherborne, solicitors, at Dorset Record Office (D/FFO) and the archives of the Colston (248) and Hoare (383) families in Wiltshire Record Office. Important material that has not been deposited includes the court books of North Cadbury and neighbouring manors and the records of Keinton Mandeville School.


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