A History of the County of Somerset: Volume 6, Andersfield, Cannington, and North Petherton Hundreds (Bridgwater and Neighbouring Parishes)

By A P Baggs and M C Siraut/ Edited by R W Dunning and C R Elrington. Andersfield, Cannington, and North Petherton hundreds together occupy the Lower Parrett valley stretching from the Quantock ridge in the west to King's Sedgemoor in the east, and from the Bristol Channel in the north to the river Tone in the south.

Victoria County History - Somerset. Originally published by Victoria County History, London, 1992.

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Table of contents

Title Page(s)
Spaxton 110-113
Spaxton: Manors and other estates 113-118
Spaxton: Economic history 118-121
Spaxton: Local government 121-122
Spaxton: Church 122-123
Spaxton: Nonconformity 123-124
Spaxton: Education 124
Spaxton: Charities for the poor 124
Stockland Bristol 125-126
Stockland Bristol: Manor and other estates 126-127
Stockland Bristol: Economic history 127-128
Stockland Bristol: Local government 128-129
Stockland Bristol: Churches 129-131
Stockland Bristol: Nonconformity 131
Stockland Bristol: Education 131
Stockland Bristol: Charities for the poor 131
Stogursey 130-136
Stogursey: Castle 136-137
Stogursey: Boroughs 137
Stogursey: Manors 137-145
Stogursey: Other estates 145-146
Stogursey: Economic history 146-152
Stogursey: Local government 152-154
Stogursey: Churches 154-156
Stogursey: Nonconformity 156-157
Stogursey: Education 157
Stogursey: Charities for the poor 157-159
Over Stowey 158-162
Over Stowey: Manors and other estates 162-165
Over Stowey: Economic history 165-168
Over Stowey: Local government 168
Over Stowey: Church 168-170
Over Stowey: Nonconformity 170
Over Stowey: Education 170
Over Stowey: Charities for the poor 170
Stringston 170-172
Stringston: Manors and other estates 172-175
Stringston: Economic history 175-176
Stringston: Local government 176
Stringston: Church 176-177
Stringston: Nonconformity 177
Stringston: Education 177
Stringston: Charities for the poor 177
North Petherton Hundred 178-181
Bawdrip 182-184
Bawdrip: Manors and other estates 184-188
Bawdrip: Economic history 188-189
Bawdrip: Local government 189
Bawdrip: Church 189-191
Bawdrip: Nonconformity 191
Bawdrip: Education 191
Bawdrip: Charities for the poor 191
Bridgwater 192-206
Bridgwater: Castle 206-207
Bridgwater: Borough 207-208
Bridgwater: Manors and other estates 208-213
Bridgwater: Economic history 213-223
Bridgwater: Local government 223-228
Bridgwater: Parliamentary representation 228-230
Bridgwater: Churches 230-235
Bridgwater: Roman Catholicism 235
Bridgwater: Protestant nonconformity 235-238
Bridgwater: Education 238-241
Bridgwater: Charities for the poor 241-244
Chedzoy 244-246
Chedzoy: Manor and other estates 246-247
Chedzoy: Economic history 247-248
Chedzoy: Local government 248-249
Chedzoy: Church 249-250
Chedzoy: Nonconformity 250
Chedzoy: Education 250-251
Chedzoy: Charities for the poor 251
Chilton Trinity 251-252
Chilton Trinity: Manors and other estates 252-254
Chilton Trinity: Economic history 254-256
Chilton Trinity: Local government 256
Chilton Trinity: Churches 256-257
Chilton Trinity: Nonconformity 257
Chilton Trinity: Education 257
Chilton Trinity: Charities for the poor 257
Durston 257-259
Durston: Manors 259-262
Durston: Economic history 262-264
Durston: Local government 264
Durston: Church 264-265
Durston: Nonconformity 265-267
Durston: Education 267
Durston: Charities for the poor 267
Pawlett 267-268
Pawlett: Manors and other estates 268-273
Pawlett: Economic history 273-275
Pawlett: Local government 275-276
Pawlett: Church 276-277
Pawlett: Nonconformity 277
Pawlett: Education 277
Pawlett: Charities for the poor 277
North Petherton 278-282
North Petherton: Borough 282-283
North Petherton: Manors and other estates 283-300
North Petherton: Economic history 300-306