House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 27 March 1607 (2nd scribe)

Journal of the House of Commons: Volume 1, 1547-1629. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1802.

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Veneris, 27o Die Martii, 1607


MONDAY, the Counsel for the Leather-sellers, upon the Motion of Mr. Martin.

Sackvill's Patent.

1. Reading: - B. Whereby Richard Sackvill, Esquire, is enabled to make a Surrender, unto the King's Majesty, of the Offices of chief Butler of England and Wales, notwithstanding his Minority of Years.

Northlech School.

It was moved, in the Bill of Northlech free Granimar-school, by Sir Rob, Johnson, that the Counsel might be heard, and Westwood, the Party interested, be heard at the Bar.

Mr. Gerrard, for Queen's College :

Mr. Westwood himself pleaded, not to have the Right of Nomination taken from him.

Resolved, That it shall be re-committed: - To-morrow in the Afternoon.

Tillage in Herefordshire.

The Bill for Tillage in Herefordshire, reported by Mr. Pembridge: The Amendments twice read; and, upon the Question, to be ingrossed.

Kent Marshes.

1. Reading . - B. Touching the drowned Marshes of Lesnes and Fannts in the County of Kent.

Inundations in Somerset,&c.

Sir Maurice Berkley reporteth the Committee, touching the great Inundations in Somersetshire, Wales, &c. -

1. Course: A Limitation of the Collection of the Hospitals, - 39 Eliz. - Not under 2d. one with another 6d. and no Parish above 12 d. - A Time limited, for Two Years.

2. Subsidy. No Man under 5 l. - 12 d. in the Pound.

3. Course: Voluntary Contribution : Most plausible. -

A Sum of Money to be agreed upon, and to be distributed ; Part voluntary, Part by Constraint. Justices of Peace to be authorized to demand the voluntary; if that would not serve, then such Power to levy it, as shall be fit. -

Mr. Martin, Mr. Hyde, Sir Fr. Popham, Sir Tho. Freak, Mr. Lawrence Hyde, Sir Edw. Sandys, Sir Nich. Saunders: - Monday Afternoon, Parliament House.

House to sit.

Sir Edw. Stanhope and Mr. D. Swale - a Message from the Lords : That they desire this House to sit, till they send, having a Purpose of a Message.

Answ. They will sit till Twelve.

Waller's Estate.

3. Reading. - The Bill for the Sale of Lands of William Waller Esquire, for the Payment of 505 l. 10s. 6 d. for the Performance of a Decree in Chancery.

A Petition offered by Waller, for Delivery of the Bond of 1,000 l.

Mr. Bowyer: - Praecipitia judicia trahi possunt in exemplum.

Intemperans aeger crudelem facit medicum.

Much Objection against the Manner of Proceeding. -

For an extraordinary Sore an extraordinary Remedy.

The Bill to be overviewed in the Committee Chamber, by the Committee : Which was done accordingly.


Marshalsea; Watermen. - Monday in the Afternoon, in the Exchequer Chamber, and Court of Wards.

Waller's Estate.

Counsel of Warren and Waller to be heard To-morrow.

A rare Precedent ; for it was after the third Reading of the Bill, and before the Question.

Copies of Records.

Sir John Parker, - touching Copies. - Sir Tho. Tasborough 60 l. for a Copy: Mr. Serjeant Heale 50 l. for a Copy : The Lord Lisle, in a Suit depending Two Years, paid for 6,000 Sheets of Paper,

Exceedeth the Purveyors, and all other Monopolies.

Union with Scotland.

Sir John Crook and Mr. D. Swale, bring a Message : -

Where their Lordships did send to confer with the Committee of this House, touching the Naturalization, as the same should divide it into ante-nati, or post-nati; with Power to treat freely; without Purpose to prejudice any of your Reasons, much less, that they should be concluded by any Opinion; which Conference, by reason of an unexpected Reservation, had not that Effect, which was desired ; their Lordships, out of their Zeal, and Desire, that the Business may have Proceeding with Freedom and Liberty, and that the Business may have a speedy Passage, - that they may have another Conference; that their Reasons may be heard to and fro, without insisting upon any thing, before their Bills be framed ; that the Houses may understand one another. - Before Easter.

Moved by Mr. Speaker, that the Committee might consider, what Answer to give.

Mr. Hyde - against the Debate in Committee : - For but rem actam agere. -

Conference, upon Cautions, begets infinite Questions. - Persuades a perfect Union. - The Cause of Difficulty in the Scottish Reservation. -

Persuades a Commission, enabled to make a perfect Union.

Answ. to the Mess. That they had considered of it, and that they will send by Messengers of their own, when the Matter is ripe for such a Message.

Waller's Estate.

Mr. Brock delivereth in the Bill, touching Warren and Waller. - Quaere of Mr. Brock for the Amendments agreed on by the Committees.