Clerks attached to Slave Trade Department 1825-56

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Office-Holders in Modern Britain: Volume 8, Foreign Office Officials 1782-1870. Originally published by University of London, London, 1979.

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Clerks attached to Slave Trade Department 1825-56

Until 1853 the Slave Trade Department was staffed by Clerks distinct from the regular clerical establishment. From 1825 to 1841 the salaries of the Clerks, usually three in number, were paid from the funds voted annually by Parliament to meet the expenses of various commissions for the suppression of the slave trade. (fn. 1) In 1841 it was provided that the salaries of four Clerks should be met from the fee fund. The salary of the First Clerk was fixed at £150 rising by annual increments of £10 to £300, of the Second Clerk at £100 rising by annual increments of £10 to £300 and of the Third and Fourth Clerks at £80 rising by annual increments of £10 to £150. (fn. 2) In 1844 Parnther, the First Clerk, was awarded an additional personal allowance of £100, payable out of the contingent fund. (fn. 3) An application made by the Foreign Office to the Treasury in 1848 for an increase in the salaries of the First and Second Clerks, Parnther and Scott, was not approved until 1853. (fn. 4) It was then provided that the salary of the First Clerk should be fixed at £350 rising by annual increments of £15 to £545. The increase took effect from 1850, and the allowance of £100 awarded in 1844 was assimilated to Parnther's salary. Scott's salary was fixed at the same level with effect from 1852. Parnther and Scott were dismissed in September 1853, for fraudulent use of money lodged in their hands as agents to slave trade commissioners serving abroad, and the opportunity was taken to reorganise the Department. Their places were temporarily supplied by established Clerks, until it was determined in 1854 that the Department should regularly be staffed by such Clerks. (fn. 5)

1825 22 Nov. Pettingal, C.
1826 5 Dec. Frere, G.
1827 19 April Le Mesurier, J. J.
1834 16 June Browne, J. H. T. T.
1835 27 April Parnther, C. H.
1837 26 Jan. Johnson, W.
1838 14 March Browne, J. H. T. T. (fn. 6)
1840 5 Feb. Parnther, C. H. (fn. 6)
1841 20 Aug. Dowling, D. M.
1842 5 Nov. Scott, H. C.
1845 28 Feb. Skelton, G.
1845 21 Nov. Dashwood, W. J. P.
1852 1 April Dashwood, J. E. B.
1852 18 Oct. Anderson, H. P.


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  • 6. Reappointed.