House of Commons Journal Volume 1
15 May 1606


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'House of Commons Journal Volume 1: 15 May 1606', Journal of the House of Commons: volume 1: 1547-1629 (1802), pp. 309. URL: Date accessed: 24 November 2014.


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Jovis, 15o Die Maii, 1606

Clergy Subsidies.

3. Reading: - THE Act of Confirmation of the Subsidies of the Clergy.


Sir Herbert Crofts moveth, touching the Bill of Wales; that, sithence his Majesty, in his Speech Yesterday, would be always ready to give Execution to any Law; desired, that the Bill might sleep, and he would rest upon his Majesty's Grace for Execution of the Law. - The House assented.


The Bill of Subsidy of the Temporalty, sent up by Mr. Secretary Herbert, with the whole House attending him, not One Man left, but Speaker, Clerk, Serjeant.

- Never seen before.

Sir John Crook and Sir Rich. Swale bring a Message, touching another Conference touching the Bill of Beer.

To-morrow, in the Afternoon, at the same Place.

King's Answer concerning Grievances.

Sir Fr. Bacon maketh Report of the King's Speech Yesterday. - Every Man's Spirit sinks towards the End of a Parliament. -

His own Speech first. -

Answ. by the King. -

Grievances he had not yet heard : - He would never deny. -

Two Parts: -

One, a prudent Challenge to some Circumstance of Proceeding :

A gracious Answer: -

Challenge Four Points : -

Remember unto us: - Matter of Joy and Gratulation, as well as Grievance -

From a Woman to a Man: -

From a Prince in Declination to a Prince in full Years.

From a barren : -

From a solitary :

From Religion erected ; -

From a State in Faction : -

From War in Ireland:

From Delays in Justice. -

Asked, whether these began not in the Queen's Time; yet a just, a glorious Queen. -

An O-yes made for Grievances: - He arraigned these Two Months. -

Remembered his Proceeding in Thanks for the Subsidy : - Of leaving Purveyance for Composition.

Promise : - That these Grievances should be read, and read again ; and put every Article to his proper Forge.

Matters of Law to Judges; other Matters to Men of that Profession. -

Admonishment: - That we would carry an even Mind. -

If a little Grievance to the Subject, and a little Profit to the Crown : - A little Profit to the Crown. -

Protestation: - That he would hear the meanest Subject in his Grievance.

Jesuits, &c.

Mr. Speaker offereth to make Report of the other Matter of his Message, touching Execution of Laws against Jesuits, and deprived Ministers; but, because he excused himself that he was not prepared, it was deferred till To-morrow,

Holdich's Relief.

1. Reading . - Bill for the Relief of John Holdich, Gentleman, disinherited, &c.


Delay of Executions : - This Afternoon.