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'List of abbreviations', Survey of London: volumes 31 and 32: St James Westminster, Part 2 (1963), pp. 573. URL: Date accessed: 25 October 2014.


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Althorp MSS.Archives of Earl Spencer at Althorp.
A.P.S.D.Architectural Publication Society Dictionary, 1852–92.
B.A.Building Act Case, London County Council.
B.M.British Museum.
Cal. L. and P. Henry VIIICalendar of Letters and Papers, Foreign and Domestic, Henry VIII.
Cal. Pat. RollsCalendar of Patent Rolls.
Cal. S. P. Dom.Calendar of State Papers Domestic.
C.E.O.Crown Estate Office, Whitehall.
Chatsworth MSS.Archives of the Duke of Devonshire at Chatsworth.
ColvinH. M. Colvin, A Biographical Dictionary of English Architects, 1660–1840, 1954.
D.N.B.Dictionary of National Biography.
Enthoven Theatre CollectionEnthoven Theatre Collection in Victoria and Albert Museum.
E.S.Escape Case, London County Council.
G.E.C.The Complete Peerage, ed G.E.C., 1910–59.
GunnisRupert Gunnis, Dictionary of British Sculptors 1660–1851, N.D.
H.M.C.Historical Manuscripts Commission.
KingsfordC. L. Kingsford, The Early History of Piccadilly, Leicester Square, Soho and Their Neighbourhood, 1925.
L.C.C.London County Council.
L.C.C.R.O.London County Council Record Office, County Hall.
M.B.O.Records of the Office of Metropolitan Buildings in London County Council Record Office, County Hall.
M.B.W.Records of the Metropolitan Board of Works in London County Council Record Office, County Hall.
M.C.R.Middlesex County Records.
M.C.R.O.Middlesex County Record Office, Dartmouth Street.
Ministry of WorksArchives of the Ministry of Public Building and Works.
M.L.R.Middlesex Land Register in London County Council Record Office, County Hall.
Moss' deedsDeeds of Moss' Empires Ltd. in the custody of the Law Debenture Corporation Ltd.
N.B.R.National Buildings Record, Great College Street.
O.S.Ordnance Survey.
P.C.C.Prerogative Court of Canterbury, records at Somerset House.
P.N.P.Plas Newydd Papers in the possession of the Marquess of Anglesey.
P.O.D.Post Office Directories.
Pollen deedsDeeds of the trustees of the Pollen estate in the custody of Messrs. Janson, Cobb, Pearson and Co.
P.R.O.Public Record Office.
Procs. Hug. Soc.Proceedings of the Huguenot Society of London.
Pubs. Hug. Soc.Publications of the Huguenot Society of London.
R.B.Ratebooks. Unless otherwise stated, all ratebooks quoted are those of the parish of St. James, Westminster, in Westminster Public Library.
R.I.B.A.Royal Institute of British Architects.
Soane MuseumSir John Soane's Museum, 13 Lincoln's Inn Fields.
Sutton deedsDeeds and other records of the Pulteney-Sutton estate in the custody of Sir Richard Sutton Settled Estates.
T.P.Town Planning Case, London County Council.
W.C.C.Westminster City Council.
W.P.L.Westminster Public Library, Buckingham Palace Road.