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G. H. Gater and Walter H. Godfrey (general editors)

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'List of illustrations', Survey of London: volume 15: All Hallows, Barking-by-the-Tower, pt II (1934), pp. XIV-XV. URL: Date accessed: 22 November 2014.


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24.No. 34, Great Tower Street, courtyard and old houses before demolitionFrom sketch by Hanslip Fletcher.
25.No. 34, Great Tower Street, counting house on ground floorFrom sketch by Hanslip Fletcher.
27.No. 34, Great Tower Street, corner of the old dining-roomFrom sketch by Hanslip Fletcher.
36.Custom HouseFrom view of London by C.J. Visscher, 1616.
37.Custom HouseFrom view of London by Wenceslaus Hollar, 1647.
38.Custom HouseFrom view of London by Matthew Merian, based on a 1638 drawing by Gottfried of Frankfort.
57.Key plan of memorials in the church
58.Philip Dennis, 1556, shieldFrom rubbings at the Society of Antiquaries by Mill Stephenson.
60.Thomas Virly, 1454
61.George Snayth, 1651–2
63.Mary Burnell, 1612
69.Margaret Bassano, 1620
70.Agnes Bond, 1552–3, shield
72.The Resurrection and two scrolls
73.Thomas Gilbert, 1483


Supplied by Rev. E. E. Dorling.

1.ALLEYNOr a cheveron between three bloodhounds sable (p. 5).
2.WALSINGHAMPlay argent and sable a fesse gules. (p. 5).
3.MUSCOVY COMPANYBarry wavy argent and azure a ship proper its sails and flags charged with the cross of St. George between three bezants and a chief or with a pale between two roses gules therein and a leopard of England on the pale (p. 6).
4.BARKING ABBEYAzure in chief three lilies argent and in base three roses or all within a border gules charged with roundels argent (p. 14).
5.GREY OF CODNORBarry argent and azure with three roundles gules in the chief (p. 16).
6.KNOLLYSGules a cheveron argent with three roses gules thereon (p. 16).
7.NEWTONSable a saracen's head couped at the neck argent between three lions' jambs issuing from the points of the shield (p. 17).
8.ST. MARY GRACESParty fessewise gules a leopard's head or and azure a fleur-de-lis or impaling argent a crozier sable (p. 18).
9.CROKEAzure a fesse engrailed ermine between three eagles or (p. 18).
10.DENHAMGules three lozenges ermine (p. 18).
11.DEVEREUXArgent a fesse gules with three roundels gules in the chief (p. 20).
12.DRAPERS' COMPANYAzure three triple crowns of the pope or coming out of clouds and rays proper (p. 21).
13.TONGEParty … and … a fleur-de-lis parted and countercoloured within a border engrailed. The colours are not known (p. 21).
14.LASCELLESSable a cross party and a border or (p. 26).
15.TATESix pieces or and gules with three Cornish choughs (p. 28).
16.RUSSELLArgent a lion gules and a chief sable with three roses argent therein (p. 29).
17.BANKSSable a cross or between for fleurs-de-lis argent (p. 29).
18.TURKArgent a bend azure between two lions gules with three bezants on the bend (p. 32).
19.CHURCHMANBarry of four pieces argent and sable and a chief sable with two places argent therein (p. 33).
20.RAWSONParty fessewise wavy sable and azure a castle with four towers argent (p. 35).
21.COPPERS' COMPANYGyronny sable and gules a cheveron between three rings or and a chief vert with three lilies argent therein with a grose between two adzes azure on the cheveron (p. 35).
22.BAYNINGOr two bars sable with two scallops or on each bar (p. 44).
23.MAROWEAzure a fesse engrailed or between three maidens' heads argent cut off at the shoulders with hair dishevelled or (p. 49).
24.HEWITTOr a pile gules with three scallops or thereon (p. 50).
25.SKINNERS' COMPANYErmine a chief gules with three princes' coronets or having caps of ermine and tassels or therein (p. 54).
26.EVYNGARHis merchant's mark as shown on a shield upon his monument (p. 64).
27.THYNNEBarry of ten or and sable (p. 65).
28.STABLE OF CALAISBarry wavy argent and azure a chief gules a leopard of England therein (p. 68).
29.LYTCOTTOr two bars vairy argent and sable (p. 79).
30.HICKSONOr two eagles' legs sable razed at the thigh and crossed saltirewise with the feet downwards (p. 89).
31.HATTONAzure a cheveron between three wheatsheaves or with the difference of a crescent on a crescent(p. 93).

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