Minute Book: September 1673

Pages 194-198

Calendar of Treasury Books, Volume 4, 1672-1675. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1909.

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September 1673

Sept. 1. Send to Mr. Lydcot to give an account of what is in arrear of the coinage duty collected by Sir John Shaw.
The order of Council about the Greenland ship is referred to the Customs Commissioners to report their opinion upon the whole matter.
Mr. Finche's case is referred to the Customs Commissioners.
Speak to the King about Capt. Dean's warrant (to which he got the King's hand) to imprest to him the money which he has in his hands for stores sold to the French squadron.
Speak with Mr. Mountney about the payments to Tangier.
Sir Richard Bellingham's petition is read. To be considered on Thursday morning next.
Acquaint the Lord Treasurer with the state of the debt upon the Four and a Half per cent. duty at Barbados.
Speak with the Lord Chancellor about the docquet for Tangier.
Warrant for the Duke of Monmouth's creation money according to his note.
[Ibid. pp. 24-5.]
Sept. 3. Speak with Mr. Meynell about the Duke of Buckingham's order for 4,300l. : how much is paid of it.
[Ibid. p. 25.]
Sept. 5. The Lord Treasurer to be put in mind of making his report to the King concerning the issues of the city.
On Tuesday next at 3 o'clock the business betwixt the Lord Privy Seal, Sir George Carteret and Sir Ri. Bellingham is to be heard again. [Ordered] that a duplicate of all those papers that shall be presented to the Lord Treasurer upon Sir Ri. Bellingham's account be sent the day before to the Lord Privy Seal by Sir Richard's agents, with copies of all the bills and letters of advice from his lordship and Sir James Shene [Shaen].
Write to the Commissioners of the Navy in the Lord Treasurer's name to hasten said Lord Treasurer's accounts [as late Treasurer of the Navy] and also to despatch the joint account of Sir Tho. Osborne and Sir Tho. Littleton [as late joint Treasurer of the Navy].
Warrant for a privy seal for 2,000l. for the Countess of Oxford : payable out of any treasure in the Exchequer.
Sept. 6. Sir Jeremy Smith and Lieut. Godden are to attend on Tuesday morning in relation to the victualling [of the Navy].
Sept. 8. The Chancellor of the Exchequer will attend the Lord Treasurer on Saturday morning.
The Lord Treasurer may be pleased to take into his consideration the debt of 1,000l. due from Col. Reames to Gosport [town] for [quarters for] Sick and Wounded.
Sir Robert Howard to be desired not to pay any salaries to the clerks of the fee farms till he have the Lord Treasurer's directions in it.
[Warrant for] 20,000l. to the Treasurer of the Navy : to be charged on the Customs after the last list of 40,000l. [Warrant for] 10,000l. more to said Treasurer on the fourth quarter of the [Eighteen Months'] tax : to be charged after 21,000l. odd hundred to the Victuallers ; and 10,000l. more upon the same quarter of the said tax after 120,000l. [charged thereupon]. Memorandum : that out of the 70,000l. already charged to the Navy upon the third quarter of the [abovesaid] tax for the use of the seamen's wages there be 25,000l. after 10,000l. of the said 70,000l. employed to the use of buying stores, &c.
Mr. Hugh Upton to furnish 220 tons of hemp [for the Navy] whereof three fourths [to be] of the best Riga Rhine hemp and one quarter to be of the best Knigsberg Rhine hemp at 29l. per ton : to be paid by Custom House bonds, half taken at London, half in the outports, without allowance of discount.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 26.]
Sept. 8. Monday. Ordered : that Lord St. John and his partners [in the late intended farm of the Customs] shall be satisfied [for the unpaid remainder of their advance money and subsequent loan] out of the [fee farm] rents in possession remaining in the Northern Counties proper [or specifically assigned] to them by former orders : that provision being made for [meeting annually the] pensions [and other fixed payments on the individual counties] the city and Mr. Lindsay are to be satisfied out of the remaining rents and [out of] the rents excepted from sale as nomine decimae rents. But the city orders are to be first satisfied before Mr. Lindsay's orders, and Mr. Lindsay having [i.e. when he has] paid the city money [the remains of the 60,000l. loan to the King] is to have [fee farm] rents for all his own orders as well as for the city money according to his letters patent.
The Trustees [for Fee Farms] and all other persons concerned in this affair are to give all possible dispatch to it.
[Ibid. p. 30.]
Sept. 16. Present : The Lord Treasurer ; Chancellor of the Exchequer.
Write the Chamberlain of the city of London for a state of the city debt of [of 60,000l. lent to the King, viz. as to the part agreed] to be paid [back to the city] by Mr. Lindsay.
Mr. Meynell called in about the Duke of Buckingham's order for 4,300l. on the Additional Excise, on which Meynell owns he has only advanced 3,000l. and that 1,300l. still remains [unpaid] to the Duke.
An order to Auditor Aldworth for a state of said Meynell's interest account.
Col. Strode and Sir Charles Wheeler called in with their counsel about the Four and a Half per cent. [duty] in Barbados. Sir C. Wheeler's petition is read. Mr. Keck moves on behalf of Wheeler that the accounts of the farm may be referred to an auditor, that it may appear what is in arrear of the rent and what the profits of the farm have been, in regard Wheeler is bound by covenants to pay the rent and is interrupted in meddling with the farm. He also complains that Col. Strode doth not attend the former reference to Sir G. Carteret, Sir Nich. Strode, &c. Col. Strode saith he could not account for [because of] want of vouchers which miscarried [when] coming from Barbados, but now they are arrived. Sir C. Wheeler moves that the reference about their private accounts may be proceeded upon hand in hand with the accounts with the King and that new bonds may be entered into by both parties to stand to the award of the old referees. Both sides agree that by the 26th inst. the state of the accounts shall be delivered to Auditor Aldworth and that by the 1st of Oct. they shall be ready stated to be presented to the Lord Treasurer and that on that day they will enter into bonds to stand by the arbitration to the old referees as to their private accounts. And as to the difference of 1,100l. between Strode and Wheeler both parties agree that they will stand to the award of three persons to be named, if upon viewing the state of the account it shall appear necessary to the Lord Treasurer to so refer it : and if such three persons shall not compose the difference within a certain time to be named then both sides agree, upon a state of the case before the Lord Chief Baron, to be concluded by his award. Then about the difference about a person to take up and sell the goods Col. Strode proposing Mr. Samuell Tyrrell and Sir C. Wheeler proposing Mr. Francis Trywhit, both parties agree that Mr. Tyrrell shall not take up or sell any goods but in the presence and with the privity of Mr. Trywhit and then, when the goods are sold, the money to be placed in the hands of Mr. Mountney to be paid into the Exchequer.
[On page 29 this minute is re-drawn as follows.] Ordered that Sir C. Wheeler and Col. John Stroud bring in their account with the King for the farm of the Four and a Half per cent. to Auditor Aldworth on Friday week and that the account be settled with the Auditor for the Lord Treasurer's perusal by the 1st of Oct. That then both parties refer all differences to such three persons as the Lord Treasurer shall nominate and if they cannot end them, to be referred to the Lord Chief Baron for a final end. That the effects be sold by Mr. Samuell Terrill with the allowance from time to time of Mr. Terwhit, but Mr. Terrill not to receive any money but the money to be paid in to Mr. Mountney till it amount to 500l. and then toties quoties into the Exchequer.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, pp. 26-8, 29.]
Sept. 17.
Treasury Chambers.
Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Privy Seal, Duke of Ormonde.
Viscount Dillon's petition to the King was read on a reference from the King. Mr. Coughlan produced copies of the privy seal, the letter to the Lord Keeper, and the order of respite which were read. Upon debate my Lords agree to move the King for an order of respite till the first day Trinity term next for the arrears and growing quit rents and for the arrears of old and new quit rents due before 1668, Xmas. Mr. Coughlan to send by the end of Michaelmas term next a certificate of what new rents stand charged upon Viscount Dillon's estate and what the old rents reserved before the war were and how much his Lordship is in arrear upon both accounts.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 28.]
Sept. 18. The Lord Treasurer to be satisfied that there is such an escheat as Col. Philips sets forth in his petition.
Upon Mr. Seimour's petition my Lord finding a report drawn up by the late Lord Treasurer, and seeing no cause to the contrary, certifies.
Gerard Fowk's petition referred to Sir C. Harbord.
[Ibid. p. 29.]
Sept. 19. Present : Lord Treasurer, Lord Privy Seal, Vice Chamberlain.
Upon hearing the matter between the Lord Privy Seal, the Vice Chamberlain and Sir Ri. Bellingham, [it is] ordered [that] Sir Richard Bellingham give in to the Lord Treasurer an abstract of all his bills and bring original vouchers for each bill at the time of hearing : and to state his particular demands upon the Lord Privy Seal upon the misapplied warrants ; which is to be sent to the Lord Privy Seal on Tuesday morning. The business to be heard again before the Lord Treasurer on Thursday morning at the Treasury Chambers.
Present : the Lord Treasurer.
Mr. Nevill says he is collector of the duty of coals for the city and had his salary paid. The Lord Treasurer asked Mr. Nevill if he received any salary since May, 1670. He replied that he received a quarter in June after and another at Michaelmas, 1670. Upon the question whether there was any difference of his salary before May, 1670, or after, Mr. Nevill said it was the same. Mr. Bridges called in and shewed the power by which he acts for the city, dated 1671, June 14, and said he received 10s. per hundred for this collection. He swore that this was the original deputation and that he entered upon the execution of his office 1671, June 15, and he never had any other deputation. This business to be heard again on Thursday morning.
[? Same day.] Mr. John Truman to attend on Tuesday afternoon next (Sept. 23) with his papers and records relating to Sherwood Forest. The Attorney and Solicitor General to attend then.
Enquire where to send to Capt. Munday to let him know that my Lord would speak with him forthwith.
[Ibid. pp. 29, 30-1.]
Sept. 25. Viscount Grandison's and the city's business is deferred to Saturday morning next. On Viscount Grandison's desire it is deferred [still further] till Saturday week, Oct. 5.
[Ibid. p. 31.]
Sept. 30. The Lord Treasurer will speak with the Attorney General concerning the disturbing the aulnagers in the execution of their office and the taking of Stockbridge, a constable, into custody.
The Lord Treasurer will speak with Sir Robert Howard about Mr. Portman's petition.
[British Museum Additional MS. 28,077, p. 31.]