Deeds: A.201 - A.300

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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A.201 - A.300

Chesh. A. 201. Counterpart of A. 199.
[Chesh.] A. 202. Grant by Agatha, daughter of Gilbert le Pede, of Tydryngtone, to Roger le Freman and Edith his wife, of all her lands and tenements in Tydryntone; with reversion to herself if they die without children. Tydryntone, 10 May, 45 Edw. III.
Chesh. A. 203. Confirmation by Ranulf, Earl of Chester, to the church of the Blessed Mary of Norton, and the regular canons there, of Avhatsoever William son of Nigel, Constable of Chester, and his heirs gave them, as their charters testify; also of two mansions (mansuras) in Chester of his fee, which the Canons bought, adjoining St. Michael's Church. He also wills the said Canons and their men to be quit of shires, hundreds, pleas, &c., in his bailiwick, and prohibits his servants seeking food or hospitality on their lands or in any way vexing them. Witnesses:—Philip de Horrebi, Justiciar of Chester, Gwar' de Vernon, John de Preaus, Thomas Despenser, Henry his brother, Norman Pantov, William de Heseleie, Thomas de Horrebi, Peter, the clerk of Earl Ranulf, parson of Frodesham, Thomas, the clerk of Earl Joceram, of Helhesbi, Richard de Kingesleie, and Ralph deSuleni. [A.D. 1181–1232.]
Endorsed: Confirmatio Ran' Com' tertii super libertatibus domui de Norton concessis.
[Chesh.] A. 204. Grant by John de Barra, and Eleanor his wife, to Robert de Ruton and Margery his wife, of land in Heppysford, which Herbert Putout gave to Eleanor his sister, before his departure for the Holy Land. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Wylnhale, Thomas de Kerisleg, Robert de Buschervill, and others (named).
[Chesh.] A. 205. Grant by Robert de Boveton, of Wythibroke, chaplain, to Richard de Corley, of Happysford, Anabilla his wife, and Simon their son, of all tenements and rents he held by grant from the said Richard in the town and fields of Happysford. Witnesses:—Master Robert de Kyrkeby, rector of the church of Wythybroke, John de Normanton, Henry, son of Ralph de Corley, John Carpenter, and John Hancock, of Happysford. St. Aldelme's day, 45 Edward III.
[Chesh.] A. 206. Release by Alice, relict of Robert le Barn, formerly citizen of Chester, to the abbot and convent of Vale Royal (de Valle Regali), for 100s. paid down, of her right by way of dower to the lands and tenements her former husband sold them in Chester, except one shop which she cannot alienate during her life, but which shall revert to the convent immediately on her decease. Witnesses:—Sir John de Wethenhale, Godefrey, clerk of the castle (clerico castri), then chamberlain of Chester, and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 207. Grant by John Jolif, of St. Probus, to Ivo de Tregoys, of land in Trederf, extent and situation described, and common of pasture in Restyr. Witnesses:—Reginald de Trelouthas, Richard de Tresawel, and others (named). Tregoys, Saturday after St. Mary Magdalen, 17 Edward II.
[Camb.] A. 208. Licence from Nicholas Joel, perpetual vicar of the church of Saham, to Sir Philip Basset, as far as he is concerned, to build a chapel in Saham, and to hear service therein, provided the chaplain appointed swear to indemnify the mother church of Saham in all things. Witnesses:— Master William de Clare, archdeacon of Sudbiri, Ralph de Arden, Master William de Brunford, and others (named). [A.D. 1243–1266, probably 1245.]
[ ] A. 209. Grant by Richard, son of William Sweyn, of Sutton, to Roger Sweyn, son of Robert his brother, of a tenement in Nuneton. The Circumcision, 4 Edw. III.
[Derby.] A. 210. Letters patent directing the knights, freemen, foresters, and others on the honor and castle of [Peverel] and forest of High Peak to be respondent to John de Warenne, Earl of Surrey, to whom the King has granted the said honor, castle, and forest for life as fully as they were held by William Peverel before they escheated to the Crown, at a yearly rent of 437 marcs, 6s. 8d. [19 Edw. III.] Defaced. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] [Devon.] Somers. A. 211. Indenture between the King and Henry de Burton concerning a gold mine discovered by the latter in [Cornwall, Devon, and Somerset], as to which some arrangement is made for two years. The arrangement cannot be ascertained, as only one-half of the document remains. 1 [Ric. II. Cf. Rymer, Record Edition, Vol. IV., p. 26.]
[Bucks.] A. 212. Final concord whereby the King, by John Gaunt, his attorney, demands and receives from Almaric de Nowers the manor of Salden, paying 200 marcs for this said fine. Westminster, 18 November, 25 Edward III.
Annexed: Note of the above fine.
[Dors.] A. 213. Grant by Martin the Parson of Maperton, by consent of James de Novo Mercato, patron of the church of Maperton, to William de St. John, clerk, of the chapel of Blakeford, "in puram et perpetuam vicariam," paying therefor yearly to the mother church of Maperton 10s. by way of pension. Witnesses:—Master John de Hikeford, Richard and John, chaplains, Peter de Punttinton, knight, Roger de Weston, knight, Walter de la Crave, Clement de Beauchamp, and others (named).
Dors. A. 214. Letters of attorney of John de la Mare, authorising Seman de Halstede to give Sir Hugh le Despenser full seisin of Asshemere manor. London, "Wednesday the feast of St. Botolph the abbot, 3 Edward [II.] Seal.
Dors. A. 215. Grant by John de la Mare to Sir Hugh le Despenser of his manor of Asshemere. Witnesses:—Sirs John de Handlo, Ralph de Camoys, John Maudut, Peter de Berouse, Ingram Berenger, John de St. John, of Lageham, the younger, William de Deen, knights, and others (named). [London, 17 June, 3 Edward II.] Seal.
[Dors.] A. 216. Agreement between Walter de Lyllyngton, son and heir of Edmund de Lyllyngton, and John de Lyllyngton, brother of the said Edmund, whereby John grants to Walter, and Nicholas his son, all lands and tenements he had by feoffment of Lawrence de Lyllyngton his father, at 'la Hyde,' in Bromshulle hundred, they providing the said John and Matilda his wife with competent support in food and clothing during John's life. Witnesses:—John and Walter de Thornehull, Thomas le Warner, and others (named). La Hyde, Thursday next before St. Margaret, 8 Edward III. Seal.
[Dors.] A. 217. Hugh, the prior, and the convent of Lewes agree that Oliver, the prior, and the convent of Montacute shall hold all the land in Melebury belonging to the prior of Lewes—if they can expel Henry, who detains the said land—at a yearly rent of 12s. for the first three years, and 15s. thereafter. If the prior and convent of Montacute cannot expel the said Henry, the prior and convent of Lewes will hold the land themselves. [A.D. 1226–1236.] Damaged.
[Dors.] A. 218. Grant by Bartholomew de Turberevill to Fulk Basset, bishop of London, of his manor and advowson of the church of Melebyry, paying therefor to the King's Exchequer, London, for Bartholomew and his heirs, 10l. yearly for 12 years from Christmas, 1246, and after that term 40s. yearly, till the sum total paid is 122l.; with other conditions specified. For this grant Fulk has paid 140 marcs. Witnesses:—William de Ebor, warden of Beverley, Henry de Bathon' and Alan de Watsaund, then Justices of the Bench, William de Hailhull, then the King's Treasurer, Master Alexander de Swereford, Treasurer of St. Paul's, London, John le Fraunceys and Master Alexander Secular, then Barons of the Exchequer, and others named). [A.D. 1246.]
[Dors.] A. 219. The counterpart of the chirograph containing the above grant.
[Dors.] A. 220. Another copy of the above grant, A. 218. Seal of arms, defaced.
[Cornw.] A. 221. Grant by Richard, son of Henry de Tregeryek, to John his son and Joan, daughter of William Noyt, of Tregodan, of a messuage and two parts of an acre of land, Cornish, in Tregerick, with the reversion of all lands and tenements Margery his mother holds in dower, and the reversion of two acres of land, English, which his brothers William and John hold for their lives by demise of his father, in the same place; with remainder to their right heirs. Witnesses:—Roger Pridias, Roger de Stymcoyt, and others (named). Tregerick, Sunday next after St. Gregory the Pope, 1 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 222. Confirmation by Edward III., by Inspeximus, of the letters patent of Edward II. restoring to Isabella, queen of England, his consort, the county of Cornwall, which he had formerly granted her, and then taken into his own hands again. Westminster, 1 March, 1 Edw. III. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 223. Release by William Wisa, of Rudrud (Redruth), to David, called Barat, of all his right in the vill of Trewodgen Geffre, to be held of the chief lords of Moresck, David paying 100s. for this quit-claim. Witnesses:—John de Treiagu and John de Lambrun, knights, Benedict de Penbegil, and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 224. Grant by Benedict de Trevarthian to his eldest sou John and his brother Richard, of all his land in Beaulu juxta Marcasiov, at a yearly rent of a pair of white gloves. Witnesses:—Alan de Kernyk, John de Trembethov, John de Trekyliau, and others (named). Trevarthyan, Thursday, the feast of St. Matthew the Apostle, 7 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 225. Final concord made at Westminster, between Master Thomas de Cobbeham, plaintiff, and John de Cobbeham and Amice his wife, deforciants; who acknowledge Hilton manor to belong to Thomas, who thereupon grants them two parts thereof, and that the third part, now held by Isabella, late wife of James de Bouley, in dower, of the inheritance of the same Thomas (to whom it reverts at her death), shall, after her decease, remain wholly to John and Amice, with remainder, if they die without children, to the right heirs of Amice. Easter, 5 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 226. Grant by Robert le Bruy to Pascasius de Terredenec of all land in Tregarnwartha he had through Isabella his wife, for 10 years, at a yearly rent of 17s. If he die during the said term his heirs can pay a fine of 4s. instead of the best beast; and if he wish to leave the land during the term, he can pay 2s. by way of "fargburgh." Other covenants specified. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph de Tregot, Master Ralph de Terredenec, Thomas de Trelanbighan, Stephen de Dynesel, and others (named). [Edward I.]
[Devon.] A. 227. Release by Dionisia, relict of John Champeneis, the elder, in consideration of 5s. paid down, to Thomas le Weten, citizen of Exeter, of two acres of land without the east gate of Exeter. Witnesses:—Alured de la Porte, mayor of Exeter, John de Fenton. Thomas de Gatepath, Philip de Sullingford, clerk, and others (named). Seal.
Devon. Cornw. Glouc. Berks, &c. A. 228. Note of liberties -and privileges claimed by the abbot of Ford "according to charter of our lord King John and Richard his brother." Cancelled.
Annexed:—Grant by King John to the abbot and monks of Ford, of Thornecombe manor and church, in which parish the monastery is situate, Stert, Ayswey, Uppecot, Ash, Colebroke, land called 'Tumbritteford' in Exeter, land in Bristol, a fishery called ' Coresturnan' in Cornwall, &c., and all other property bestowed on them by the grants of his brother Richard, late King of England, and other benefactors. Witnesses:— H[ubert], archbishop of Canterbury, E[ustace] bishop of Ely, J[ohn] bishop of Norwich, S[avaric] bishop of Bath, Geoffrey Fitz Piers, Earl of Essex, William Marshall, Earl of Pembroke, William, Earl of Salisbury, William, Earl of Arundel; by the hand of Hugh de Welles, archdeacon of Wells. Lamhey, 10 October, 6 John. Draft.
[Devon.] A. 229. Note of proceedings relating to the manors of Shelston, Cokflete, and Wynston, formerly belonging to Ralph Wantard, lord of Clys Lauraus, by Exeter, during the reigns of Richard II., Henry IV. [and Henry V.]; tracing their descent through his children, &c. [Henry V.]
Underwritten: Agreement between Sir John de Asshelegh, knight, and Alina, relict of John, son of John de Shelston, whereby the former grants [her] his demesne of Cokflete by Avay of dower, and whatever right by way of dower may be acquired after the death of her former husband in Schelston, Cokflete, and Wynneston, at a yearly rent of 12s., with liberty to distrain in case of failure of payment. Witnesses:—Ralph de Wannecombe, Robert de Wlakeford, and others (named). Sunday next before the Apostles Philip and James, 12 Edward I.
[Devon.] A. 230. Grant by Roger, called' le Arbalestre,' to Thomas de Ayttelegh, for 20s., of his tenement in St. Mary Magdalen Street, without the south gate of Exeter, situate as described, at a yearly rent of 3s. Witnesses:— John Soth, then mayor of Exeter, and others (named). Exeter, Thursday, the feast of St. Nicholas, 20 Edward I.
[Devon.] A. 231. Confirmation by Henry [I.] to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of the grant to them by Queen Matilda his wife of 25l. out of the farm of the city of Exeter, which sum he directs Roger bishop of Salisbury and the Barons of the Exchequer to compel the sheriff to pay them. Witness:—Geoffrey de Glint'. Winchester, [A.D. 1103–1135.] Fragment of Great Seal.
Cornw. A. 232. Confirmation by Richard, son of Thomas de Rosmodres, of the grant (herein recited) by Thomas lord of Rosmodres, his grandfather, to Robert, son of Thomas de Tredeny, upon his marriage with Margery, the grantor's daughter, of land in Legh and a yearly rent of 3d. issuing out of the fulling mill of Legh, paying therefor 12d. yearly and a pair of white gloves for all services, saving the common tallage of the county of Cornwall. Monday before St. Peter in Cathedra, 10 Edw. II. Seal.
Devon. A. 233. Grant by Richard Goodyer and Grace his wife to John Sydenham, for 11l. 8s. 6d., of all their messuages, lands, woods, &c., in Faryngdon, Wodbury, Pyn, Alysbere and Honyton Clyst. 28 July, 22 Henry VIII.
[Devon.] A. 234. Grant by Joan, relict of Gilbert de Brunardeston, to the abbey of St. Mary of Buckestre (Buckfastleigh) of a meadow belonging to her tenement in Brunardeston, situate as described. Witnesses:— Ralph de Cumbe, Thomas de Muthecumbe, and others (named).
Devon. A. 235. Certificate by John Holand, Duke of Exeter, Earl of Huntingdon, and Chamberlain of England, that William Beaumound has done homage to him for lands in Asshewater, Aylescote, and elsewhere in Devon held of him in chief by knight service, as of the castle and borough of Barnstaple. "In our hostel at London," 4 November, 21 Richard II. Seal.
[Suff.?] A. 236. Release by Matilda, formerly wife of Fulk de Tosstoke, to Nicholas Fareman, of Lausell, of the tenement her late husband sold to William Fareman, father of Nicholas. Witnesses:—Sewell de Haningfeld, Walter de Styvele, John Rodlod, and others (named).
[Dors.] A. 237. Grant by Henry de Erdington, heir of Giles de Erdington, to Sir John de Kirkeby, dean of Wymburn, of the homage and service of Jordan Loky and an annual rent of 12d. he pays for a tenement in Wymburn. Witnesses:—Walter de Wymburn, Walter de Odyham, and William de Hamelton, canons of Wymburn, Jordan de Lunger, sacristan of the church of Wymburn, Walter de Augmodesham, Thomas de Stagno, and Roger Edelof. Seal.
[ ] A. 238. Agreement whereby Bartholomew de Quemerford grants to Adam, son of Walter Chamberlong, 6½ acres of land at Whetindon (in Langhelond, Maltelond, Wulvruneimere, Frogghefurlanghe, Gorfurlange, Brumelfurlang, Ellescubbe, and Holeweie), for 10 years, with power to sublet to any but "religiosi" or Jews. The said two parties made affidavit to observe this agreement "in manu Walteri de Kalest, capellani, coram viris discretis." Witnesses:—Osbert the chaplain of Cain', Simon de Caln', chaplain, Henry de Quemerford and Philip his son, William Luvel, Alexander de Tesewurthe, Richard de Caln', clerk. "Facta ad Hockedai," 1525. Seal.
Dors. Somers. A. 239. Letters of attorney of Walter, prior "de Wasto," appointing the prior of Rumilliac and Walter his own servant, the bearers, his proctors to receive from Adam de Stratone, clerk, 7½ marks he owes for the manor and advowson of Winterburn and manors of Bochampton and Swanwich. The feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, 1280.
[ ] A. 240. Alice, widow of Simon Hocchede, declares that she has agreed with Gilbert Basset that she will not let to farm or otherwise sell or alienate her jointure of the land of the said Simon to any one but him, except with his goodwill and assent, nor can she marry except by his consent. Witnesses:—William Walder, Walter de Puderigge, Simon de Scanham, Geoffrey de Hugenden, and John the Clerk.
[Hants.] A. 241. Lease by Adam le Vezie to Alan Basset, his lord, of 20 acres of land in Mapedrewell for 11 years from Michaelmas, 12 John. Witnesses: —Gervase, prior of Anedewell, Hugh de Arundel, Reginald de Calne, Robert de Sancto Manueo, William de Medineham, and Thomas de Hokintone. [12 John.] Seal.
[ ] A. 242. Agreement whereby Isabel, formerly wife of William de Montacute, receives from Alan Basset by way of dower the manor of Gerlingtune and right of patronage of the church there, and Turlebere manor, except the right of patronage of its church; saving 6l. rent which the said Isabel is bound to pay to Alan Basset or the heir of the aforesaid William, or whoever has custody of the land and heir till he is of age. Witnesses: —Gilbert Basset, Warin Basset, Roger de Dantesie, Reginald de Calne, Richard de Husseburne, Master John de Childewic, and others (named).
Dors. A. 243. Acquittance by Richard de Portees for 40l. received from Richard de Brunkescoumb for the rent of the manor of Wynterbourne Stepilton, for two years to come from the present date. Witnesses:— Sir John Mauduyt, knight, Roger de Colyngbourn, Roger Roddes, Nicholas de la Lee, and John de Grantham. Somerford Mauduyt, 30 July, 17 Edward II. Seal of arms.
[Dors.] A. 244. Grant by Walter de Donestanvill to Reginald de Daienvill, on account of his service, of 162 acres of land in Wintreborn, six men in the same vill, two "virgarii" and four "cocharii" in the meadow towards Hamton, and pasture for two team of oxen, two bullocks and two cows, to be held by the service of half a knight's fee. Witnesses:—Thomas Basset, Alan Basset, William the Clerk, and Reginald de Hamtona.
[Dors.] A. 245. Grant by Walter de Daiville to Alan Basset and his heirs of all his land in Winterburn, which William de Frayino held, for a term beginning at the feast of St. Margaret [before ?] "the agreement made between our lord the King and his barons at Rinningmed," to the next Easter following thereafter; the land then to remain to Walter and his heirs in the same state as he grants it, that is, seven acres ploughed and the meadow "ad falcandum," saving Alan's aforesaid crop to the Michaelmas next following. Witnesses:—Thomas Basset, Thomas de Estlegh, Hugh Dispenser, Walter de Coventry, Stephen de Segrave, Richard de Turribus and others (named). [17 John.]
[Dors.] A. 246. Confirmation by Thomas the Clerk of Eimville, of the quitclaim made by Walter de Eimvilla, his brother, to Alan Basset, of the said Walter's land in Winterburn. Witnesses:—Peter son of Herbert, Matthew son of Herbert, John Luvel, Thomas Basset, Fulk Basset, Reginald de Calne, Hillary de Bathamtune, and others (named). [John.]
[Dors.] A. 247. The like confirmation by Emicina, widow of Nicholas de Evenlade and sister of Walter de Eimvilla. Witnesses as in A. 246. [John.]
[Dors.] A. 248. Grant by Nicholas Heunelade, with consent of Hemmecina his wife, and their heirs, to Alan Basset, of all his land in Winterburne from "hocce dai" next after the birth of Henry, son of King John, born at Winchester, for term of 12 years; and with the land Alan receives a house which he will restore at the term aforesaid. Witnesses:—Richard de Stutesombe, Eobert son of Nigel, Thomas de Kenete, William de Bowice, Bartholomew, parson of Cumtene (Compton), Reginald de Calne, Walter de Daiwile, and others (named). [c. 9 John.] Seal broken.
Dors. A. 249. Grant by Osbert Giffard, knight, to Sir Hugh le Despenser of his manor of Wynterbourne Huetone with its appurtenances, including a meadow in Okfordskelling parish, called 'Hod' meadow, at a yearly rent of 50l. during Osbert's life. Witnesses:—Sirs Hugh de Curteni, Robert son of Pain, John de Holt, John de Melebourne, James de Trowe, Ralph de Rocheford, knights, Robert de Farndone, and Nicholas de Antioch. Fasternam, Monday next after St. Gregory the Pope, 30 Edward [I.]. Seal of arms, defaced.
Dors. A. 250. Release by John Giffard, son of Sir Osbert Giffard, to Sir Hugh le Despenser of all his right to the manor of Winterbourne Heuton. Witnesses:—Sirs Walter de Pavely, John de Holt, and Simon de Thorny, knights, and others (named). Fasternam, Saturday next after the Annunciation, 30 Edward [I.] Seal.
Dors. A. 251. Release by the same to the same, "domino meo," of the said manor and meadow called 'Hod' in Okfordskelling parish. Witnesses: —Sirs Ralph de Hengham, William de Bereforde, John le Blound, then Mayor of London, Peter de Bosenho, Robert le Callere, then sheriffs of London, Robert de Harwedone, and John de Wyngrave. London, 1 April, 30 Edward [I.] Seal.
Dors. A. 252. Certificate by Osbert Giffard, knight, that he has enfeoffed Sir Hugh le Despenser with his manor of Wynterbourne Huetone for 50l. yearly; and it is agreed, that Sir Hugh having full seisin thereof, a true extent shall be made of the manor by good men of the manor or neighbourhood of Wynterbourne, and Sir Hugh will lease to Sir Osbert for his life lands and tenements in co. Northampton or Southampton (whichever Sir Osbert shall choose) to the value of such extent: provided the extent and lease be made before the feast of the Apostles Philip and James, 30 Edward [I.] On assignment of such lands to Sir Osbert, payment of the above 50l. yearly by Sir Hugh shall cease. Other conditions specified. Fasternam, Monday next after St. Gregory the Pope, 30 Edward [I.]. Seal of arms, defaced.
Dors. A. 253. Release by Osbert Giffard, knight, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, of 50l. annual rent he was bound to pay for the manor of Wynterbourne Houtone, according to the charter of feoffment [see A. 252]. Witnesses:— Sir Ralph de Rochford, Sir James de Trowe, Sir Ralph de Hulle, Adam de Herteley, John Gerveys, of co. Dorset, Sir Richard Daumery, Sir Robert Pogoys, Sir John de Elesfeld, Sir Thomas de Gardyns, Sir Giles de Insula, Sir William de Scalebrok, Sir Walter de Wythulle, Otwy Porcel and others (named), of co. Oxon. Brackele, Saturday, the translation of St. Edward, King and Confessor, 30 Edward [I.]. Seal of arms, defaced.
[Dors.] A. 254. Duplicate of A. 252.
[Dors]. A. 255. Letters of attorney of Osbert Giffard, empowering Adam de Abbotesburi to put Sir Hugh le Despenser in full seisin of his manor of Wynterbourne Huetone. Fasternam, Monday next after St. Gregory the Pope, 30 Edward [I.].
Dors. A. 256. Letters of attorney of Hugh, prior "de Vasto," appointing John de Olneye his attorney to put Sir Adam de Stratone, clerk, in full seisin of the manor and advowson of the church of Winterbourne, and of all lands he has granted to Sir Adam in Bochampton and Swanewich [see A. 239]. London, Thursday, the vigil of All Saints, 54 Hen. III. Portion of seal, good.
[Cornw.] A. 257. Bond of William de Tregod to pay Richard de Reskemmer 100l. if he sell or alienate any of the 24 messuages and 12 acres wherewith the said Richard has enfeoffed him aod Mabel his wife, being the whole of his lands, &c. in Treuing, Kolter, Chienhalls, Trebyhan, Chienurian, Tregellost, Chienhal, Aranon, Boskelly, Tregod, Tremanhyr, Treverven, &c, together with the services of the tenants (named) of the lands herein specified. Reskemmer, Monday, the vigil of St. Mark the Evangelist, 5 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 258. Release by Marina, daughter of Oliver Lombart, to Richard lord of Reskemmer, of all land to which she has or could have claim by the King's writ of mort d'ancestre in Treles, which was formerly her father's. Witnesses:—Sir Randulf de Tregot, Mathew de Henleston, clerk, and others (named). Lanzaston, Thursday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 12 Edward I.
York. A. 259. Release by Alice, daughter of Ralph Bernard, widow, to Thomas, son of Robert de Bolton, and Eleanor his wife, of all lands and possessions pertaining to the serjeanty of the gate of York Castle. Witnesses:—Robert de Fratribus, Sir Walter Guher [noted "obiit"], Master Robert de Kyrkeham, and William de Barton.
[Dham.] A. 260. Grant by Ralph de Nevill, knight, lord of Raby, to Roger de Lonesdale, William de Elwyk, and two others, chaplains in the parish church of Stayndrop, Durham diocese, of 20 marks of annual rent issuing from his manors of Stayndrop and Raby, for daily masses at the altar of the Virgin Mary in the south part of the said church for the souls of Sir Ranulph de Nevill his father, lady Eufemia his mother (whose body lies buried there), himself, and Alesia his wife, after their decease; with right of distress upon those manors if that sum be not paid. This grant is made by consent of the bishop of Durham and the prior and convent of Durham, and contains clauses regulating the presentation of new canons when vacancies occur, which is vested first in Sir Ralph and his heirs, then in the prior and convent, and finally in the bishop. Witnesses:—Sirs John de Eure, Thomas Surtays, Thomas de Rokeby, and Roger de Essh, knights, and others (named). Stayndrop, Friday before the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 1343.
Quadripartite indenture, this being noted as "Pars Prioris," and scaled with the seals of the canons, the bishop, and Sir Ralph. The last alone remains, seal of arms, defaced.
[York.] A. 261. Release by John Seele, son of Richard Seele, of Fourneys, to Thomas de Heseldene of all lands, &c., in Wakefield, Sandale, and Crigeleston that he inherited on the death of Thomas Seele. Wakefield, Monday after Michaelmas, 50 Edward III. Seal.
[Dham.] A. 262. Grant by William del Hall, of Stayndrop, to Sir Ralph de Nevill, of Raby, of all his lands and possessions in Keverstone. Raby, 6 October, 1361.
[York.] A. 263. Release by Nicholas, son of William son of Wymark de Wartre, to John, son of William de Lepington, of Wartre, of two tofts with a croft in Lepington. Witnesses:—John Bell, of Hayton, Edward Faneeourt, of Brunbi, and others (named). Wartre, St. Laurence the Martyr's day, 1355.
[York.] A. 264. Release by William, son of Reginald de Captoft, of Lepington, to Sir John de Melsa, of two bovates of land (forming a fourth part of a carucate), and a "divisa" in Lepington. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Friyeby, knight, Roger Trussebut, Richard de Bernwyle, John Brun, of Acclum, Richard le Walays, and others (named).
[York.] A. 265. Grant by William de Capetoft to John de Melsa of a bovate of land in Lepington, situate on the west next to the land he gave to William de Fraunceys with his daughter Lecia on her marriage; paying therefor yearly one rose at the time of roses. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Chauncy, Thomas de Hirton, Rocelin de Scrayngham, John Brune, of Ackelum, William Fraunceys, and others (named). Seal.
[York.] A. 266. Demise by John, son of Robert Breton, of Lepington, and Emma his wife, to Scolastica, formerly wife of Sir Godfrey de Melsa, knight, of a bovate of land in Lepington, which she surrendered to them for ever, and which William the Smith (Faber), of Lepington, held the day of the making hereof for three years from Pentecost next; paying therefor yearly 6s. 8d. in two portions, the first term of payment to begin at Pentecost, 1339. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Langton, William Gra, John de Housum, citizens of York, William de Belkthorp, John Fraunceys, and Roger Trussebutt. Lepington, Sunday next before the Apostles Simon and Jude, 1337, 11 Edward III.
[York.] A. 267. Release by Joan, called Stryn, daughter of Walter Breton, of Lepyington, to Sir John de Meux, knight, of all lands which formerly belonged to John Breton, of Lepyngton, in Lepyngton. Witnesses:— Thomas Chauncy, William de Belkthorp, and others (named). Wednesday, the feast of All Saints, 1363. Seal.
[York.] A. 268. Grant by William de Parcho to Emma his wife, by way of dower, of a tenement in Lepington, with an acre of land towards the north part, and half an acre towards the south part of the same place, paying 2s. yearly. Witnesses:—Godfrey de Melsa, Richard Trussebut, Reginald de Cappetoft, John Brun, of Acclom, and others (named). [Edward III.]
[York.] A. 269. Release by William de Capetoft, dwelling in Lepington, to Sir John de Melsa, of two bovates of land in Lepington, part of 10 bovates he holds of Sir John, and which lie between "my carucate" and the land that Sir Reginald, his father, formerly gave to Sir Godfrey de Melsa. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Trussebut and Robert de Frithebi, knights, Richard de Bernevile, William de Barkertorp, Walter his brother, John Brun, of Aclom, and others (named). [Edward III.]
[York.] A. 270. Grant by Robert de Lepington to Richard, son of Ralph de Lelling, and Cecilia his daughter, on their marriage, of a toft with a croft in Lepington (size and position accurately specified) at a yearly rent of a garland of roses on 24 June. Witnesses:—William de Husom, John del Parke, Simon de Rouzeclive, Hugh the Clerk (Clerico), of Scraingham, and others (named).
[York.] A. 271. Demise by Lecia de Capetoft, of Lepington, to Sir John de Melsa, of the same, of the bovate of land in Lepington that Sir John had by gift from her, for six years from the present day. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Chauncy, Thomas de Metham, William de St. Quintin, Ralph de Barkthorp, William de Husom, and others (named). Feast of the Purification, 21 Edward [I.].
[York.] A. 272. Grant by John de Melsa to William de Capetoft, of Lepington, of the toft in Lepington called 'Cuthbertcroft,' which he had by quitclaim of the same William, in exchange for the messuage the latter quitclaimed to Melsa. If, after William's death, his wife Joan, obtain possession of such messuage from Melsa or his heirs, he shall forthwith repossess 'Cuthbertcroft' till the messuage be restored. Witnesses:—Sir William de Botehale, Sir Robert de Friyeby, Sir Richard Trussebuth, Richard de Bernevyle, Walter de Barketorp, John Brun, of Akelun, and others (named).
[York.] A. 273. Release by William de Capetoft, of Lepinton, knight, to Sir John de Melsa, knight, son of Godfrey de Melsa, of two tofts with crofts in Lepinton, and of all his right to two bovates of land with a toft in Lepinton, which Thomas le Cornwalays formerly held of him. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Trussebut, Sir Robert de Fryebi, knights, Richard de Bernevil, in Leghening, John Brun, of Acclum, and others (named).
[York.] A. 274. Grant by William, son of Simon de Lepington, to William the Smith (Fabro), of Lepington, of a toft in Lepington, which he had by feoffment of John de Lepington, of Wartre, at a yearly rent of one rose, if asked. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Trussbutte, John de Lethings, and others (named). Damaged.
[York.] A. 275. Grant by Lecia, daughter of William de Capetoft, widow, to Sir John de Melsa, son of Sir Godfrey de Melsa, of two bovates of land in Lepington she had by grant from her father. Witnesses:—Thomas de Chauncy, Thomas Burdon, Roger Grimet, knights, Ralph de Barkethorp, and others (named). York, Monday next after Mid Lent, 20 Edward [I].
[York.] A. 276. Release by Robert, son of Robert Croc, of Lepington, to Sir Godfrey de Melsa, of a bovate of land in Lepington he formerly held of Sir Godfrey,—a toft with croft excepted. Witnesses:—Richard Trussebut, Robert de Berville, Thomas de Harom, William son of Otho, Thomas Cornubiensis, of Acclom, John de Barkertorp, and others (named).
[York.] A. 277. Demise by John de Meaux, of Bewick in Holderness, knight, to William de Bulmar, of Skrangham, of the messuage and two bovates of land with croft that Robert son of Amand held of him in Lepyngton, for 12 years from the present time, at a yearly rent of 17s. 4d.; the term of first payment for the messuage and croft to commence next Whitsunday, and for the bovates of land, Whitsunday 1365. The said William is to maintain the tenements in good condition, as to houses and other necessaries therein, at his own cost. Lepyngton, Monday next after Palm Sunday, 1363.
[York.] A. 278. Indenture whereby Sir Robert Hanlay, knight, Sir John de Acom, clerk, Sir Henry de Hull, vicar of the church of Killyngwyk, John de Boynton, William de Clifton, William de Weston, chaplains, William Henrison, William Brews, and Richard de Lound, lease to Sir Thomas Ugbtred, knight, the manor of Lepyngton, with all its appurtenances in the vills of Barthorp, Levenyng, Acclom, Fangfose, and Gouthorp, for 10 years from the present date, at a yearly rent of 20l. Lepyngton, 20 January, 20 Richard II.
Five out of the nine seals of the parties to the indenture of the first part remain.
[York.] A. 279. Release by Thomas de Meaux, knight, to Robert de Hanlay, knight, and the other eight as above [see A. 278], of the manor of Lepyngton and its appurtenances in the vills of Barthorp, Levenyng, Akolum, Fangfosse, and Gowethorpe, formerly belonging to John de Meaux, knight, son and heir of Godfrey de Meaux, knight. Witnesses:—Peter, sixth lord of Maulay (domino Petro de malo lacu sexto), Sir Ralph de Hastyng, John Bygod, John Conestable, of Halsham, John de Hothum, knights, and others (named). Lepyngton, Tuesday in the second week of Lent, 2 Richard II.
Portions of two seals of arms.
[York.] A. 280. Release by Thomas de Meaux, knight, to Sir Thomas Ughtred, of Lepyngton manor, and all lands formerly belonging to Sir John de Meaux, knight, son and heir of Sir Godfrey de Meaux, knight, deceased, in Gouthorp, Barthorp, Levenyng, Akelom, Fangefos, York, Migeleye, Sutton in Holderness, Dripehull, Stanfery, and Lopholme. Witnesses as in A. 279. Lepyngton, Tuesday in the second week of Lent, 2 Richard II.
[York.] A. 281. Indenture whereby Adam de Trentham having agreed with Sir Thomas Ughtred, knight, to be bailiff, Serjeant, and keeper of Lepyngton manor and all the lordship thereof, acknowledges having received into his charge all the stock, implements, tools, &c, herein described. Kexby manor, 29 September, 12 Richard II.
[York.] A. 282. Release by William Barton, of Wystowe, to Robert Ughtred, knight, of a messuage and two bovates of land in Lepyngton. Lepyngton, 2 October, 13 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[York.] A. 283. Grant by John de Grantham to Sir John de Melsa, lord of Lepington, of a toft with a croft and 1½ bovates of land in Lepington, situated, and acquired by him, as specified herein. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Percy, Thomas de Chauncy, Thomas Burdon, Roger Grimet, German de Hay, Walter Perchehay, Thomas de Metham, William de St. Quintin, Robert Uhtthred, knights, and others (named). York, Wednesday, the feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 20 Edward [I.].
[York.] A. 284. Grant by John de Graham to Sir John de Melsa, lord of Lepington, of one "placea" of land in Lepington, which belonged to the capital messuage of Stephen, son of William de Parco, in Lepington, and a bovate and a half of land which he had by feoffment of Bartholomew de Galeway, formerly living in Lepington. Witnesses as above, A. 283. St. Barnabas day, 20 Edward [I.].
Endorsed: "Carta Johannis de Grantam de feoffamento de Lepington."
[York.] A. 285. Grant by Robert de Levenyng, living in Acclom, to Sir John de Meaux, of Bewyk in Holderness, knight, of his wood with meadow belonging, in the field of Acclom, and one ' flat' of land reaching in length from the wcod to 'le Northbeke,' of Lepington, and in width between the flats of the prior of Bridyllington and the said Sir John; paying yearly a rose (if asked) in time of roses for the first 10 years, and after that 10l. a year. The term is to commence at the feast of St. Martin next. Lepington, Monday the vigil of Michaelmas, 1366.
[York.] A. 286. Release by Sir Reginald de Capetoft to Sir Godfrey de Melsa, of one half carucate of land in Lepinton, three tofts and crofts lying towards the south next the close of the prior of St. Andrew, and a pasture called 'the wood,' except the "cultura" which is called ' Estflat,' and a meadow called 'Gayris.' For this quitclaim Sir Godfrey is bound to find Sir Reginald, lady Helewisa his wife, their groom (garcifer) and maidservant in all necessaries—food, clothing, &c., as herein specified,—for their lives. If lady Helewisa ever demand part of the said land as dower, this agreement to be void. Other clauses follow. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Trussebut, Sir Gilbert de Briddeshale, Walter Wacellin, Thomas Cornubiensis, of Acclum, and others (named).
[York.] A. 287. Release by William, son of William de Capetoft, of Aldeburgh, to John Frauncys, of Lepington, of the messuage the latter lives in, and two bovates of land in Lepington. Witnesses:—Robert del Wald and Robert le Vaus, of York, and others (named). York, Wednesday next before Palm Sunday, 17 Edward II.
[York.] A. 288. Agreement between John Fraunsays, of Lepington, and Robert son of John, of the same, that as soon as the said John shall be in peaceable possession of 1⅓ bovates of land in Lepington, which he had by grant from John, son of the said Robert, the bond in 10 marcs wherein Robert is bound to him shall be void, into whomsoever's hands it may come; and the said Robert covenants that from the moment he or his heirs implead John or his heirs so that they lose the said tenement, the bond for 10 marcs shall be in full force. Witnesses:—John de Melsa, John de Bernevile, Roger Trussebut, John de Barkethorp, and others (named). Lepington, the feast of the Annunciation, 1326.
[York.] A. 289. Grant by Sir Godfrey de Melsa to John de Parco, of Lepington, of a toft with croft in Lepington, formerly belonging to John's father William de Parco, for six years at 4s. per annum, the first term of payment to commence at Whitsunday next. If at any time the rent be 15 days in arrear Sir Godfrey may re-enter and retain the premises, with all goods and chattels therein, according to the form of seisin he had thereof by the King's writ based on the statute of Acton Burnell. Witnesses:—Ralph de Barkethorp, Hugh Broun and Thomas le Cornwaleys, of Ackelom, and others (named).
[York.] A. 290. Grant by John, son of Godfrey de Melsa, knight, to Simon Taillour, of Lepyngton, and William son of Simon, of the same, of his manor of Lepyngton for ever, at an annual rent of 100l. Witnesses:— Sirs Ralph de Hastynges, William Plaice, the elder, Walter de Heslarton, knights, and others (named). Lepyngton, Monday next after All Saints, 1358, 32 Edward III.
[York.] A. 291. Grant by William, late son of Robert Young, of Lepington, to lady Isabel de Melsa, formerly wife of Sir Godfrey de Melsa, of a toft with croft in Lepington, between land of the convent of Thicheved and William de Capetoft. Witnesses:—Sir William de Boxal, Sir Richard Trussebut, of Leghening, Sir Robert de Fryebi, knights, Gilbert de Melsa, and others (named).
[York.] A. 292. Demise by John, son of Robert Breton, of Lepington, and Emma, his wife, to Scolastica, late wife of Sir Godfrey de Melsa, knt., of a bovate of land in Lepington, which Scolastica surrendered to the said John and Emma for ever—for three years from Whitsunday next, at 6s. 8d. yearly; the first term of the aforesaid payment commencing Whitsunday, 1339. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Langton, William Gra, John de Housum, citizens of York, and others (named). Lepington, Sunday next before the Apostles Simon and Jude, 1337, 11 Edward III.
[York.] A. 293. Grant by John de Lepyngton, of Wartre, to Robert de la More, chaplain, of a toft built over in Lepyngton, for term of the said John's life at a yearly rent of 6s., with right of distress therein, into whomsoever's hands it may come, if the rent be 30 days in arrear. Lepyngton, Sunday, the feast of St. John of Beverley, 1357.
[York.] A. 294. Release by William Bond, of Lepington, to Sir Thomas Ughtred, knt., of all actions or claims on account of a debt for the purchase of grain within the demesne of Lepington. Wednesday next after St. Barnabas, 3 Richard II. Seal.
[York.] A. 295. Release by William de Capthoft to John de Melsa, son of the late Sir Godfrey, of two bovates of land in Lepington which he had by grant from his sister. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Trusbutte, Sir Robert de Frithebi, William de Boscale, knt., Sir William de Belqethorp, Sir William son of Ralph, and others (named).
[York.] A. 296. Grant by William, son of William de Parco, of Lepington, to Emma his mother, of a toft, a croft, and 5 selions of land in Lepington, which his father bought of Robert le Jeven; at yearly rents to him of a clove, 2s. to Sir Geoffrey Agillun, and a pair of gloves to William, son of Robert de Lepington. Witnesses:—Sir Geoffrey Agelun, Sir John de Melsa, William de Capetoft, Rocelin de Scrayngham, and others (named). [c. A.D. 1281. See A. 298].
[York.] A. 297. John de Lepington appoints William de Husom, his attorney, to deliver seisin to Godfrey de Melsa of half a bovate of land in Lepington, in accordance with his charter of feoffment. York, Tuesday next after St. Nicholas, 23 Edward I.
[York.] A. 298. Demise by John, son of William de Parco, of Lepington, to Emma his mother, relict of the said William, of a toft and croft and an acre and a half of land in Lepington for her life, with reversion to. him at her decease. Witnesses:—Sir John de Melsa, William de Capetofte, Rocelin de Scrahingham, and others (named). Christmas, 1281. Fragment of seal. [Cf. A. 296].
[York.] A. 299. Release by William, son of William de Parco, of Lepington, to John his brother, of his right to a tenement that belonged to William their father in Lepington, as is contained in a grant to his mother. Witnesses:—Sir John de Melsa, William de Barketorp, Rocelin de Scrayingham, and others (named). [c. A.D. 1281].
[York.] A. 300. Grant by Richard Skynner, of Lepington, to Scolastica, late wife of Godfrey de Melsa, of a toft with croft in Lepington which he had by gift of Alice his mother. Witnesses:—William de Housum, John Franceys, and others (named). Lepington, Friday before Michaelmas, 10 Edward II.