Deeds: C.1301 - C.1400

Pages 517-526

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 1. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1890.

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C.1301 - C.1400

Staff. Salop. Chesh. C. 1301. Grant by Robert Fulsheurste rector of Bartumley, Richard Eggerton, rector of Stoke, Richard Delves, rector of Weryngton, Thomas Harecourte, and William Chetwyndc, esquires, William Brenner and John Pytkyn, to John Eggerton, esquire, son and heir of Hugh Eggerton, esquire, and the heirs male of his body, of manors, messuages, and lands in the counties of Stafford, Salop and Chester, or elsewhere in England; excepting messuages and lauds in Newbolt, Calcote, Shockelage, Fardon, Crue by Farndon, Horton and Neuton by Malepas, Cheshire; and in default of such issue, to his brothers Ralph and Robert Eggerton in succession. Appointment of Robert Webonbure attorney to deliver seisin. 24 September, 23 Henry VII. Seal and fragments of seals.
[Glouc.] C. 1302. Deed poll by which John, abbot of the monastery of St. Mary, Cirencester, of the order of St. Augustine, in the diocese of Worcester, and the convent of the same, appoint Master Robert Rimpton their proctor, to represent the monastery in all suits. Cirencester, Chapter House of the said monastery, . March, A.D. 1453. Damaged.
[Bedf.] C. 1303. Grant by John, son of the late Roger le Cartere, of Dunstable, to Robert de Linleye, of the same place, of land in Cadendone, adjoining Watling street. Dunstable, Saturday after St. Gregory, 2 Edward II. Seal.
Wilts. C. 1304. Bargain and sale by Thomas Haughton, clerk, of Ludgershall, to George Darell, of Westshyfford, Berks, gentleman, of five burgages and messuages in Winchester Street, Ludgershall, adjoining a tenement belonging to the chantry of our Blessed Lady of Ludgershall. 6 May, 33 Henry VIII. English. Signed.
Warw. C. 1305. Grant by William Hore, the elder, of Stonythorp, to John Wyllenhale, of Grenburgh. John Parres and Thomas Rymell, of Sowtham, and Richard Hulot, of Sullihull, of all his lands, &c., in Stonythorp and Solihull, or elsewhere in co. Warwick. Stonythorp, Wednesday before the Annunciation, 15 Henry VI.
[Berks.] C. 1306. Grant by William Cerne, of Ingepenne, to Emeline Goselyn, of the same place, and Adam Brende, of 'la Hulle,' of land in Ingepenne by 'le Spraygrene,' and a meadow with hedges and ditches in 'la Hulle,' between 'la Borcrofte' and the way leading towards 'le Spraye,' in the said parish of Ingepenne. Tuesday in Easter week, 23 Edward III.
[Berks.] C. 1307. Grant by Emeline Gosselyn, of Ingepenne, to William called de Cerne, of the same place, of the parcels described in C. 1306. Sunday after the Purification, 22 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 1308. Grant by Richard, son of Richard in le Hay, to Adam, son of John Fabris, of Little Bromwych, of land in Little Bromwych of the fee of Bordesley, called 'Warnereslond,' by the road leading to Birmingham. Bromwych, Sunday before the Annunciation, 5 Edward III.
Surrey. C. 1309. Grant by John Drynkwater, of Peckham, to Richard Skynner and Agnes his wife, the grantor's daughter, of all his lands in Peckham in the parish of Camberwell, except a virgate in the meadow called 'le Sterte,' and lan in the field called 'Lyneacre.' 30 April, 10 Edward IV.
Essex. C. 1310. Grant by Roger Burges, of Stratford Langthorn, to William Baldewyn, the elder, of Westhamme, and Edward Buttre, of Stratford Langthorn aforesaid, of pasture in the parish of Westham in a field called 'le Lake,' adjoining a wood of the abbot and convent of Stratford. 10 January, 19 Edward IV.
[? Bucks.] C. 1311. Grant by William le Coupere, of Great Broghton, chaplain, to Sir John de Stonore, knight, and Matilda his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of all the lands which he had by the feoffment of Ralph le Clerk, of Burton, paying 10 marcs rent to himself and John le Drapere, of Aylesbury, for their lives. Burton, Thursday Michaelmas day, 17 Edward II.
Bedf. Herts. C. 1312. Release by Andrew Barbour and Thomas Lundon, of Dunstable, to Robert atte Forde, of Hampslape, Edmund Coton, of Tyllesworth, and John Trougth, of Dunstable, of all their right in lands in Dunstable and Houghton Regis, Cadyngdon and Kennesworth, which they had by the feoffment of Thomas Hobbes. Thursday after the Epiphany, 8 Henry IV.
[Dorset.] C. 1313. Demise by John Kyde, with the consent of Alice his wife, to William Binne, for 10 years, of a yearly rent of 4s., issuing out of a tenement in West Street, Bridport. Witnesses:—Edward Renaud and John Suggel, bailiffs of Bridport, and others (named). Feast of St. Barnabas, 5 Edward II.
[Warw.] C. 1314. Grant by John Dauwesone, of Sulihull, to William, son of Thomas atte Birches, of the same place, of a croft and land in Solihull, the former called 'le Pyriforlong,' the latter lying in the fields called 'Crabbewallefeld' and 'le Orchardesfeld;' in exchange for a field called 'le Grangefeld,' in Solihull. Sunday after St. Martin the Bishop, 22 Edward III.
[Herts.] C. 1315. Grant by Stephen Champeneys, of Berkhamstede, to William Moffichet, of the same place, of 2d. yearly rent issuing out of land in the field called 'Meyfelynesfeld,' abutting on Meyfelyn lane. Berkhamstede, Sunday after the Ascension, 18 Edward II.
[Dorset.] C. 1316. Grant by Richard Russel, son and heir of Henry Russel, to Adam de Larkstok, of land adjoining the lane called 'Killingeslane,' Bridport. Monday after St. Nicholas, 13 Edward II.
[Kent.] C. 1317. Grant by Alice, late the wife of Nicholas atte Forde, of Westerham, to Thomas Chawndeler, of land called 'Sowthelondes' and 'Sandcroftes' in the parish of Westerham. 10 October, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
[Heref.] C. 1318. Grant by Walter Moryn, of Welynton, to John le Souter, of the same place, of a piece of a curtilage in Wellington, adjoining the road leading through the middle of the town. Friday before St. Denis the Martyr, 20 Edward III.
[Bedf.] C. 1319. Grant by John Grygge, of Dunstable, to Walter Bysschop and Alice his wife, of the same place, of a toft lying within their close in West Street, Dunstable, adjoining Ikenildestreet. Feast of St. Fremund the King, 8 Henry IV. Seal.
[Lanc.] C. 1320. Grant by Laurence de Steresacre, and Joan his wife, to John de Lythum and William de Eccleston, chaplains, of all their messuages, lands, &c., in Claghton and Caterall. Witnesses:—Robert de Urswykes, knight, and others (named). Claughton, Monday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 7 Henry V.
[Suff.] C. 1321. Grant by Robert le Taverner, of Great Bures, to Geoffrey le Taverner, his father, of a messuage together with the reversion to a cottage which Alice, wife of Richard ate Re, and Joan her daughter, hold for life. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Bures, Sir Richard de Cornerd, knights, and others (named). Bures, Monday before St. Peter the Apostle, 10 Edward II.
[Middx.] C. 1322. Release by Reginald, prior of the priory of St. Bartholomew in West Smythfeld, to James Bradman, of all actions. 31 March, 2 Edward IV.
Middx. C. 1323. Grant by John Langforde, son and heir of William Langforde, of Welde in the parish of Harw (Harrow Weald), to Alan Nelys, of Wotton under Bernwode, Bucks, and Gilbert Waryn, of Harrow Weald aforesaid, of lands in the parish of Harrow and Great Stanmere, together with wood called 'Lovelsgrove.' Tuesday after St. Alphege, 5 Richard II.
Warw. C. 1324. Grant by Robert Jones, of Pakynton by Licheffeld, to Walter le Bond, clerk, of Yerdeley, of a messuage with curtilage in Stychefford, in the fee of Yardley. Tuesday the feast of St. Mark the Evangelist, 5 Edward II.
[Bedf.] C. 1325. Grant by William Starling to Roger Aynel of land in the parish of Lutone, in Westhyde, in a field called 'le Haut.' [13th century.]
[Dorset.] C. 1326. Bond of John Gybes, of Weymouth, to Richard Barbour, of the same place, for 36l. sterling. Friday the morrow of the nativity of St. Mary the Virgin, 36 Edward III.
[Warw.] [Worc.] C. 1327. Grant by Adam le Walkere, of Solihull, to Sir Charles le Blosmevill, of the same place, chaplain, of all his lands in Solihull and Yerdeleye (Yardley),. Easter Day, 26 Edward III.
[Heref.] C. 1328. Grant by Edmund Brugge, of Bodenham, and Eleanor his wife, to John Balle, of Bradefeld, the elder, and Isabel his wife, of a messuage, land and meadow in 'le Nethurmore' and 'le Venne,' within the parishes of Bodenham, Culpecke, and Maurdyn, and a pasture called 'le Wylde'; excepting the principal room in the said messuage. 'Le Nethermore,' Monday after St. Leonard the Abbot, 6 Henry VI. Two seals.
[Wilts.] C. 1329. Release by John Wyke, of Lydeard, to Nicholas Wotton, son and heir of Walter Chapman, of Wotton Basset, of all actions as to lands which belonged to the said Walter in Wotton aforesaid, except tenements which Walter Heyward inhabited, and except (inter alia) a cottage called 'Ratunrewe.' Also release of land in two crofts called 'Brokunlond' in the parish of Wotton, and lands in the great fields of Old Wotton. 2 April, 8 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
Dorset. C. 1330. Grant by William Mountfort, of Bridport, to Hugh Deverelle, John Chyverelle, Walter Bagg, clerk, and Thomas at the Halle, of all his land in Weymouth, Melcombe Regis, and Wyke, with a moiety of the ferry of Smalemothe, and a house and land in Wyke, with pasture. Witnesses:—William Wyet and Robert Cokeman, bailiffs of Weymouth, and others (named). Friday after St. Valentine the Martyr, 7 Henry V. Seal.
[York.] C. 1331. Release by Isabel, Eudonia, and Elizabeth, daughters of William de Rodwode, to Baldwin del Hyll, of Thurleston, and Margery his wife, of all their right in lands, &c., in Thurleston, which descended to them after the death of their brother Thomas, in 'le Hehefeld' of Thurleston, and in Orntwayt in the territory of Thurleston; also in a meadow called 'le Leye' in the territory of Peningston. Friday after St. Matthias the Apostle, A.D. 1301.
[Linc.] C. 1332. Grant by Robert Jonsone, of Oselby, to John Lyon, chaplain of Osgotby, Robert Jurdanson, and Hugh Elynson, of Usselby, of a messuage in Usselby, and also of all his goods and chattels. Friday after the Epiphany, 8 Hen. IV.
[Norf.] C. 1333. Grant by Sir Oliver Wyth, knight, to John Nally, of Berton, and the heirs of his body, of land which the said John received from Geoffrey Wyth, Oliver's father, in exchange for two pieces of land in Smallburgh. Sunday after St. Edmund the King, 15 Edward III. Seal.
Kent. C. 1334. Grant by Robert Rede, William Bruyn, John Pratte, and Richard Cressy, to Richard Forde, of the King's Exchequer, Nicholas Lachell, Clerk of the Pipe in the Exchequer, Richard Martyn, of Edonbrigge, esquire, John Wybarn and Roger Shelley, esquires, Robert Castell, and Edmund Deny, of land in a field called 'Barnfeld' in the parish of St. Mary, Hoo. Appointment of Anthony Forde attorney to deliver seisin. 20 November, 22 Edward IV. Seal and fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 1335. Demise by Thomas atte Churcheyard, of Solihull, to John son of Ralph de Solihull, and Isabel his wife, for their lives, of land in Solihull. Thursday after St. Gregory the Pope, 18 Edward II.
Oxford. C. 1336. Grant by John, son of John Grymbald, of Sydenham, to Sir Robert de Bourton, warden of the chantry of the church of Leyre Marny, and Sir Henry de Donyngton, vicar of Kyngeseye, of lands and pasture for 12 oxen, which devolved upon him after the death of Robert Grymbald, in Sydenham, Redlane and Ocle. 11 July, 36 Edward III.
[Berks.] C. 1337. Release by William Horshull to Thomas Mayhow of all his right in a tenement in Hungerford. 8 October, 23 Henry VI.
[Heref.] C. 1338. Grant by Thomas de Chaundos to Robert de Bagyndene of land in Welynton, part extending to Pyckelemarse, part by the ward called 'Lynkeloweveye.' Tuesday after Michaelmas, 17 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 1339. Grant by Richard Ingram, of Pakynton, to Thomas le Hore, of Elmedon, and Agnes his wife, for their lives, of a messuage and all his lands in Elmedon. Friday after St. Dunstan, 39 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Berk ] C. 1340. Grant by Ranulph the Baker (Pistor), of Hungerford, to John le Tenturer, of the same place, and Eva his wife, of land which he held from the abbot and convent of Dereford, in the field of Hungerford called 'Puddene.' [13th century.]
[Camb.] C. 1341. Grant by Thomas Wode, John Erlham and Adam Clerk, clerks, to Thomas Boleyne, clerk, and William Lexham, esquire, of an inclosure called 'Roulowe,' in Marche. 21 June, 18 Henry VI. Two seals and fragment of seal.
[Norf.] C. 1342. Grant by Waller atte Wode and Simon Perchynge, of Haylesham, to Agnes, daughter of Nicholas Wynan, of the same place, and the heirs of her body, of a moiety of all the lands, houses, &c., which they had by the feoffment of the said Nicholas Wynan, in the parishes of Aylsham and Horsye. both within and without the liberty of the Cinque Ports: with remainder to Agnes's sister Matilda and the heirs of her body. Sunday the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, 1 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
[Bedf.] C. 1343. Grant by Michael Osebern, of Wibbesnade, to Robert Pilling, of Eyton, of land in the south field of Eyton, on either side of Ikenild Street. Wednesday after the Purification, 8 Edward II.
[Bedf.] C. 1344. Grant by Walter ate Donne, of Wybbessnade, to Isabel, late the wife of Hugh ate Crowche, of Eytone, of a plot of land with a house thereon in Whipsnade, abutting on Ylgerisfeld. St. Philip and St. James' day, 19 Edward II.
Kent. C. 1345. Letters of attorney from Thomas Faukes, clerk, to William Egmanton, clerk, to deliver seisin to William Halton of the manor called 'Seyntmaryhalle' in the parish of St. Mary in the hundred of Hoo, of closes called 'le Rede,' 'le Hethe,' and 'le Fenne,' two crofts called 'lez Newecroftes,' a croft called 'le Leyecroft,' a close called 'Huchonsfeld,' a field called 'Bernefeld,' land in the field called 'Reed,' a marsh called 'Dalam merssh,' pasture in the marsh called 'Hoggekynnes merssh,' and Hoggekynsham, and a marsh called 'Lytelham'; all in the parish of St. Mary aforesaid. 28 May, 29 Henry VI.
[Worc.] C. 1346. Grant by Adam Colomore, of Yerdeleye, to Sir John de la Ford, chaplain, and John his clerk, of land in the field near Yardley church, part adjoining 'le Bromilone.' Friday before St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr, 10 Edward II.
[Dorset.] C. 1347. Release by John Corp and Elizabeth his wife, to William Mountfort, of all their right in a hedge at 'la Hope,' within the liberty of Weymouth, adjoining a lane leading towards 'le Cleffe.' Friday after the Purification, 2 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
Surrey. C. 1348. Grant by Richard Malton, citizen and fishmonger of London, to Katherine, daughter of John Drynkwater, the elder, late of the parish of Camberwell, and the heirs of her body, of a messuage and garden, land, &c, which he, with John Lilbourne, of Southwerk, William Baudon, fishmonger, and John Giblot, the younger, lately held jointly by the feoffment of the said Drynkwater. Camberwell, 28 May, 22 Henry VI.
[Kent.] C. 1349. Grant by John Hosekin, of St. Mary in Ho, to Stephen de Delham, the elder, of land in St. Mary's in a field called 'Weterloke.' 20 Edward II.
[Devon ?] C. 1350. Grant by William de Wideworthe to Laurence de Collebare, of land which William Madewille formerly held at Laclive. [13th century.]
[N'hamp.] C. 1351. Grant by Matilda Duyr, late the wife of John Duyr, of Daventre, to John Duyr her son, chaplain, of a messuage in Daventry. 13 February, 8 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
[Bedf.] C. 1352. Grant by John Bateman, clerk, and John Buntyng, vicar of Eyworth, to John Goldyngton and John Dalby, clerk, John Stanford, and William Halstode, of all their lauds in Eddeworth and Milneho. Third Sunday in Lent, 1 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] C. 1353. Agreement between Sir Geoffrey Wyth and Dame Isabel his wife, and John de Lem (?) and Joan his wife, as to the partition, &c., of villeins, lands, &c., in Stalham, &c., held in common between them, viz. Ralph Carman, of Stalham, the heirs of William Carman, William at Church, and a moiety of Gervase Wykes, with their lands, and Nicholas Spikes with land in Stalham; also rents paid by Adam atte Ferie, Matilda Scurel, part of Warynnedele in Berton, land at Grisesyate; rent out of Dudesfenmedwe, Pikele, land at Longefurlonges, by 'le Grenegate' at Mahewesttoftesende in Berton, land called 'Wistanestoft' in Berton, pasturage called 'Engessnape' in Beston, and Wayesyerd in Neteshirde, land at Millebotmc in Beston, at Holm in Ayschemanhaghe, and in Berton called 'le Hevedlond.' Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Gyney, Sir Reginald le Groos, and others (named). Smalburgh, Tuesday after the Nativity of St. Mary the Virgin, 3 Edward II.
[Bedf.] [Herts.] C. 1354. Grant by Agnes Baret, widow, of Dunstable, to John Sthevenys, Sir Thomas the Chaplain, son of John de Aston, John West, and Andrew Barbour, of the same place, of a tenement in West Street, Dunstable, abutting on Ikenildstreet, and land in the field of Kennesworth. Feast of All Saints, 4 Henry IV.
[Worc.] C. 1355. Grant by Adam, son of Ralph Colemon, of Yerdeleye, to Sir John de Laford, chaplain, of land in the common field towards Yardley church, just between 'le Bromilone' and land of Henry Sywen; also meadow land belonging thereto. Friday before St. Boniface the Bishop, 10 Edward II.
[Dorset.] C. 1356. Grant by Sir Thomas Reve, clerk, of co. Dorset, to Richard Bartholet and Joan his wife, of 13s. 4d. yearly rent, issuing out of a burgage tenement in Bridport, in West Street, which John Mankyswell and Joan his wife then held for their lives, together with the reversion of the said burgage tenement: also of 16d. yearly rent out of his two burgage tenements in East Street, Bridport, held by Thomas Cole and Joan his wife, in tail, with the reversion of the same. Hoke, before Humphrey Stafford, knight. Feast of St. Barnabas the Apostle, 19 Henry VI. Copy ?.
[Oxford.] C. 1357. Receipt from William Hulle, receiver-general of the moneys of the Lady Isabel, daughter of the King, for 8l. from Edmund Stonore, farmer of the manors of Stonore, Watlynton, Penyton, and Harnhull. London, 5 December, 38 Edward III.
Hants. C. 1358. Grant by John Say, knight, and John Clopton, esquire, to Thomas Tyrell, esquire, son and heir of William Tyrell, knight, elder son of Thomas Tyrell, knight, and Anne, wife of the said Thomas Tyrell, esquire, daughter of Walter Devereux, knight, lord of Ferrers, and the heirs of the body of the said Thomas, of their manors of Avene, otherwise called Aven, and Milton, otherwise Medilton, together with lands therein, and in Ruple, otherwise Riple, Sople, Mardyng, otherwise Mordyng, and Sherle, and in the hundred of Christchurch, or elsewhere in co. Southampton, which the grantors lately held with John Marney, knight, Peter Ardern, late Chief Baron of the King, Robert Darcy, and William Tyrelles, of Beches, esquires, John Grene, Ralph Grey, John Poynes, esquire, William Brigg, Henry Skeet, clerk, and Robert Hotoft, deceased, by the grant of John Fray, late Chief Baron of the King's Exchequer, John Doreward, the elder, esquire, and Nicholas Conderowe; with remainder to Thomas Tyrell, knight, in tail. 23 January, 14 Edward IV. Seal and fragment of seal.
Surrey. C. 1359. Release by John Penycok, esquire, and William Bokeland, to Edward Waker, of Alton, co. Hants, and Margery his wife, of all their right in lands, &c., in Waybrigge or elsewhere in Surrey, which they lately held jointly with Sir Henry Northbury, knight, John Weston, esquire, Edward Bokeland, John Wadbroke, Robert Penbroke, and William Chirche, deceased, by the grant of John Wodeham, of Weybridge. 12 December, I Richard III. Two seals.
Notts. C. 1360. Bond of Hugh le Palmer, of Cortelingstoke, to Hagin, son of Bateman the Jew, of Nottingham, to deliver 40 quarters of corn in the said Jew's house at Nottingham. Sunday after the Assumption, 14 Edward I.
[Dorset.] C. 1361. Grant by Robert Attelane to Philip Lanehous and Matilda his wife, of two pieces of land in Kynges[wyke] in the east field, with pasture for one beast or ox. Weymouth, Monday after the Assumption, 39 Edward III. Damaged.
[Hcref.] C. 1362. Grant by Constance Jankynes, of Ledebury, to John de Prato of land in Ledbury foreign, in a field called 'le Holmecroft.' 6 March, 23 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 1363. Grant by John atte Welle, vicar of Hampton, William atte Graunge, vicar of Bykenhull, William de Otleye and John Harpour, of Solihull, to Thomas le Hore, of Elmedon, and Agnes his wife, and the heirs of the body of the said Thomas, of a messuage and land in Elmedon. Friday the Exaltation of Holy Cross, 43 Edward III. Seal and fragments of 3 seals.
[Dorset.] C. 1364. Grant by Thomas Puleyn to Margery, late the wife of William son of Geoffrey le Official, of a curtilage in East Street, Bridport. Witnesses:—Adam de Larkestok and Roger Barry, bailiffs of Bridport, and others (named). 12 Edward II.
[Dorset.] C. 1365. Duplicate of C. 1364. Damaged.
[Leic.] C. 1366. Receipt from Walter Prest, of Melton Moubray, to Simon Houberk, of Scaldeford, for two sacks and 24 stones of wool, for the King's use. Friday after St. Ambrose the Bishop, 12 Edward III.
[Middx.] C. 1367. Release by Walter de Norwich, son of John de Therston, of Norwich, to William de Hedersete, citizen and mercer of London, of all his right in a capital messuage with shops, &c., in the parish of St. Anthony; also in 102s. yearly rent issuing out of tenements in the said parish and St. John's, Walbrook. Witnesses:—Sir John le Blound, knight, Mayor of London, William Cosyn and Reginald de Thunderle, sheriffs, and others (named). Wednesday after St. James the Apostle, 34 Edward I. Fragment of seal.
Derby. C. 1368. Grant by Roland, bishop of Coventry and Lichfield, to his servants Edward Edmondson, and Geoffrey Edmondson his son, of the site of his manor of Sallowe, with a dovecot, garden, &c., together with the ferry and fishery of the Trent there, and pastures called 'Sandholme,' 'Begeford,' 'Conyngre Lays,' 'Haysekewylons,' 'Bondmanhall,' 'Lytyll Seke,' 'Lytell Hallowe,' and 'Wylnepyk,' with other pastures called 'le Lordes pastures,' three mills for grain, and one fulling-mill called 'Wylne myll for their lives. Ecclesall, 10 October, A.D. 1536. Signed. Fragment of seal.
Berks. C. 1369. Grant by Sir John de Stonore, knight, to John le Smyth, Matilda his wife, and John their son, of a piece of land called 'le Fyshpollondes,' in Sottewell. for their lives. Thursday before the Annunciation, 32 Edward III.
[Middx.] C. 1370. Duplicate of C. 1367.
Wilts. C. 1371. Grant by William son of William le Chaumberlayn, to Geoffrey le Parmenter, of laud and a tenement in 'la Rigge,' and a wood which his father had by the gift of Nicholas de Columbare. [13th century.]
[Warw.] C. 1372. Grant by Sarah, late the wife of Thomas Sorel, of Bermingham, to Robert de Brigham, of her bondmen and villeins Richard, son of Peter le Bule, Avice, daughter of Humphrey Frideau, and Agnes, daughter of Galfrida daughter of Margaret, of the same place, with all their belongings. Thursday in the Octave of the Purification, 17 Edward I.
[Norf.] C. 1373. Release by John ate Berghe, son and heir of Merwenna le Vag, of Horsey, to John Fillol, of all his right in land called 'Westmersh' in Horsey, and in 3s. 4d. yearly rent out of land called 'Eldemersh,' in the same parish; also in 12d. rent out of a messuage and land in Heghehorsye, and 8s. rent out of Eldemersh. Sunday after St. Martin in Winter, 15 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] C. 1374. Release by John atte Berghe, son and heir of Merwenna le Vag, of Horsye, to John Fillol, of all his right in land called 'Westmersh' in Horsey, also in the several rents, &c., mentioned in C. 1373. Lym, Monday the feast of St. Gregory, 6 Edward II.
Annexed: Duplicate of the above, executed at Wilmington, Tuesday before St. Malthias the Apostle, 6 Edward II. Damaged.
Sussex. C. 1375. Demise by Richard Tanner, of Lyndefeld, Sussex, to Millicent Buteler, late the wife of Thomas Boteler, the elder, of Cokefeld, of lands, &c., in the parishes of Cokefeld, Wyvelesfeld, Lyndfeld, and Ilerstperpound, or elsewhere in Sussex, for her life. 11 Februarv, 1 Richard III.
[Norf.] C. 1376. Grant by the Knights Templars of England to Robert de Berton, of a meadow in Berton, between the mill croft and the willows, in exchange for a meadow and land between Chegelden and Rutherden, excepting the butts at the end of Rutherden, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas, vicar of Bistlesham, and others (named). [13th century.]
[Worc. ?] C. 1377. Release by Isouda and Sybil, daughters of Richard de Monte, of Yerdeley, to Richard Rastel, and Joan his wife, of all their right in a little croft called 'a [?] Pytel,' adjoining the road leading to 'le Hulbroch.' [13th century.]
[ ] C. 1378. Assignment by Robert Levediston, alias Lediston, to Sir Thomas Lediston, chaplain, John Blakeraller, and William Palmer, of all his goods and chattels. Thursday before the Purification, 11 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] C. 1379. Grant by Richard le Coupe, of Nuneton, and Alice his wife, to William Wyott, of Chelverescote, and Alice his wife, of a tenement in Chelverscote called 'Cotonhende.' Witnesses:—William Bosevile, bailiff of Nuneaton, and others (named). Sunday after St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 44 Edward III.
[Berks.] C. 1380. Grant by Richard Godefray, son of Thomas Godefray, of Westhakeburn, to Osbert Aylward, of the same place, and Cicely his wife, of land in West Hagbourn, in a tillage called 'Stonilond.' [13th century.]
[Herts.] C. 1381. Grant by William, son of Laurence Nicholas, of Dunstable, to John de Thulisworthe, of land in Kenesworthe, part in Flexweye, part abutting on Watelingestrete. [13th century.] Fragment of seal.
[Wilts.] C. 1382. Grant by Robert de Burebach to Sir James de Combe, chaplain, of the messuage and virgate of land in Fitelton, which he had by feoffment of Walter de Suthle. Thursday before St. Gregory the Pope, 13 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
Dorset.] C. 1383. Letters of attorney from Isabel, late the wife of Robert Hoyvile, of Bridport, to William Tracy and Gregory Davy, to deliver seisin to John Burgeis of a messuage and curtilage in Stakelane, Bridport. Tuesday after All Saints, 27 Henry VI.
[Bedf.] C. 1384. Grant by William Nicholas, son and heir of Thomas Nicholas, of Dunstable, to Miles Chapman, of the same place, of a tenement in Dunstable, adjoining Watlingstreet. Sunday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 14 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Sussex.] C. 1385. Receipt from Peter Broun, husband of Alice, the daughter of Richard Cache, late of Cokeffeld, for 10 marks from John Onesty and Richard Tannere, feoffees of freeholds late belonging to the said Richard Cache; being money assigned by him to the said feoffees for the use of the said Alice. Wednesday before St. Andrew, 17 Edward IV. English. Seal.
Essex. C. 1386. Grant by Robert, son of John Rykedon, to Master John Ludseye, John Basset, and John Charwelton, of the manor of Wygepet. Witnesses:—Alexander de Walden and Geoffrey de Brokhole, knights, and others (named). Sunday after the Nativity of St. Mary the Virgin, 16 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
Wilts. C. 1387. Grant by Richard Estbury, of Chute, co. Wilts, gentleman, to William Yorke, the elder, of London, merchant, Sir William Mille, of Rammesbury, Wilts, chaplain, and John Ewyn, of Draycote, yeoman, of a messuage, land, &c., in Baddebury and Baddehamwyke, which he had by feoffment of Robert Shotesbroke, knight. Witnesses:—Gecrge Darell, knight, Richard Darell, knight, and others (named). 30 June, 9 Edward IV.
[Bedf.] C. 1388. Deed poll by which William, son of Thomas Inge, undertakes that he will not claim more than 19 marcs of silver as the value of certain tenements in Wyminton, of which he has been enfeoffed by John de Bergevenny, in case he should be impleaded for the same, and the said John should be vouched to warranty. [13th century.]
[York.] C. 1389. Grant by Richard, son of Richard de Oxpring, to Simon Schozberd, of Brerelay, of two-thirds of a tenement which John de Langelay held in Oxpring, with the reversion to one-third which Alice, Richard's mother, then held as dower; also of a piece of woodland in Thurgerland. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Roderham, rector of Peniston, John, lord of Gunnyldthwayt, and others (named). Thursday the morrow of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 21 Edward III.
[Hants.] C. 1390. Demise by Henry le Boteller, of Brounecandevere, to Roger le Webbe, son of the late Roger le Webbe, of Totteford, and Isolda his wife, of two-thirds of all the lands which formerly belonged to John le Boteller, brother of the said Henry, in Brounecandevere and Nonhampton, reserving one room to the said Henry adjoining the highway. Monday, Michaelmas Day, 22 Edward III.
Surrey. C. 1391. Grant by Henry Pytte, of Lambhithe, Surrey, to John Drynkwater, the younger, and John Gryme, the elder, of Peckham, of a cottage in Peckham. 16 April, 14 Henry VI.
[Norf.] C. 1392. Grant by Alexander Aunscelot, of Berton, to Sir Geoffrey Wyth, knight, of 3s. 6d. yearly rent which the grantor purchased of Katherine Buskyn, issuing out of land and moor in Beston, Tunsted, and Berton. Witnesses:—Sir Reginald le Gros, knight, and others (named). Thursday the feast of St. Peter ad vincula, 8 Edward II.
[ ] C. 1393. Grant by Roger le Vesze to Adam de la Kalne, clerk, of an acre of land in Pikelmers. [13th century.]
[Suff.] C. 1394. Grant by John Heryeth, of Boxforde, to John Aleyn, of Mylande by Colchester, and Richard Aleyn his brother, of a piece of land in Boxforde, in a field called 'Owtfeld.' Saturday the vigil of Whitsunday, 2 Richard II. Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] C. 1395. Grant by Alice, late the wife of Roger Randolf, of Syselonde, to Roger Splitlyng, of the same place, of a piece of land in Syselond aforesaid, abutting on the road leading to Ingelose. Sunday before St. Matthias the Apostle, 18 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] C. 1396. Grant by Alexander son of Richard de Buketon to the hospital of the Holy Trinity without Northampton, of land in Buketon, adjoining a meadow called Thadchesholdon (?). [13th century.]
[Devon.] C. 1397. Deed poll by which John Prydeaux, of Orcherton, esquire, ratifies and confirms the estate of Robert Carreu, knight, Nicholas his son, John Hanley, John Cole, of Nytheway, Robert Wyke, Walter Northecote, William Aysshenden, John Trelay, Thomas Aysshenden, Christopher Purye, John Jaybien and John Colyn, in a yearly rent of 20l. issuing out of the manors of Combe in Tynehyde, Colum John, and Godeford, which his uncle John Prydeaux, knight, deceased, granted to John Prestecote and others, who levied a fine in the King's Court at Westminster, 13 Henry IV., in favour of certain persons, of whom Carreu and the others abovenamed were the survivors. 1 April, 3 Henry V. Seal.
[Oxford.] C. 1398. Demise by John Mennse, of Clayore, and Agnes his wife to Nicholas Dyrevale and Alice his wife, of all their lands in Clayore. St. John the Baptist's Day, 3 Henry V. Two seals.
[Wilts.] C. 1399. Demise by George Darell, esquire, to John Mermyon, and Edith his wife, of his new hostel in Marlburgh called 'le Herte.' Lytelcote, feast of St. Nicholas the Bishop, 35 Henry VI.
Endorsed: Memorandum of furniture, &c., in 'le Herte.' English.
[Warw.] C. 1400. Grant by Thomas Knyth, of Stony Thorp, to Walter Crulefeld, of the same place, of the lands in Stony Thorp aforesaid which descended to him after the death of John his father. Saturday after All Saints' Day, 33 Edward III.