Deeds: D.801 - D.900

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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D.801 - D.900

[Heref.] D. 801. Demise by Thomas Blondell, clerk, master and warden of St. Katherine's hospital, Ledbury, and the brethren of the same, to William Monyngton of Acton Bewchamp, for ninety-nine years, of all that lordship of Hyde lying in the parish of Cradley, with a rent of 2s. 6d. belonging thereto, arising from land belonging to Richard Hyde; the grantee to provide yearly a wax candle of 1 lb. weight before the image of St. Katherine in the said hospital, and to pay 6s. 8d. by way of heriot, and a measure of corn and two capons to each new master of the said hospital. Vigil of the Annunciation, 24 Henry VII. Signed. Fragment of seal.
[Glouc.] D. 802. Release by Edmund Richman of Brodemerston by Pebworth, to . . . . . . . . . ., of all his light in land and rent in . . . . . . Midsummer-day, 19 Henry VII. Mutilated.
[Norf.] D. 803. Grant by John Ives of Saham Tony, to Humphrey Adam, John Adam, and Nicholas Markaunt, to the use of the said Humphrey, of land called 'Roundes,' in Asshill, adjoining a piece of demesne land of the manor of Panneworth called 'Twelveacres.' 20 April, 13 Henry VII.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to delivery of seisin.
[Cornw ?] D. 804. Grant, in tail, by John Beket the elder, to Walter Code, and Joan his wife, daughter of the grantor, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Pendrythy, rendering yearly to the grantor a grain of corn at Michaelmas. 10 November, 15 Henry VII.
Warw. Middx. D. 805. Grant by Richard, earl of Arundel and Surrey, to the master and chaplains of the college of St. Laurence, Pulteneye, London, of the advowson of the church of Napton co. Warwick, in exchange for a hostel in the city of London formerly belonging to John de Pulteney, called 'Pulteneysyn,' which the said master and chaplains, by this indenture, grant to the said earl. Witnesses:—Nicholas Brembre, mayor of London, William Walleworth, Nicholas Twyford, Edmund Fitzherberd, and William Percy, knights, and others (named). 19 February, 8 Richard II.
[Pembr.] D. 806. Grant by William ap Res of Haverford, 'gentilman,' to Philip Reed and Margaret his wife of the same, of land, part called 'a more,' lying on Brittonhill, by the high roads leading to Porttfyld and St. Davids. 15 November, . . Henry VII. Injured.
Linc. D. 807. Grant by Robert Grene of Stamford, to Thomas William of the same, of a cottage and garden in Stamford Baron. 4 July, 12 Henry VII.
[Middx.] D. 808. Sale by John Weston of Cheriton co. Kent, 'gentilman,' son and heir of John Weston the elder, to Robert Exbregge [of . . . . . . in the] same county, for 8l. of a messuage called 'the hede house,' with a garden and five tenements in Smythfeld in the parish of Seynt Sepulcre without Newgate, London; the said John Weston the younger is to make to the said Robert, before the feast of the Ascension [next ?], or to others to [his] use, a sufficient estate in the [premises], and Robert is to find surety for the payment of the remainder of the above sum yet unpaid; if the said John observes the covenants recited, a bond entered into by him to the said Robert is to be void. 24 February, 23 [Henry VII ?]. English. Signed. Much mutilated.
[Devon.] D. 809. Release by William Came, to Thomas Yogge, of all his right in a wall between the garden of the said William and the garden or palacium of the said Thomas in the borough of Plymmouth, abutting on an arm of the sea. Witnesses:—Peter Carswyll, mayor of Plymouth, and others (named). 6 October, A.D. 1485, 1 Henry VII. Portion of seal.
[Pembr.] D. 810. Grant by Owin Perrott of Haroldiston, esquire, son and heir of William Perrott, knight, to John Waryn, gentleman, of the third part of a burgage in 'le Derkestrete,' between a tenement of John Boteler of Coydekenlas, esquire, and 'le Shittrickeslake,' paying yearly 2d. or a quart of wine if demanded; with letter of attorney authorising Philip Rede and David Hugh to deliver seisin. 20 April, 19 Henry VII.
Underwritten: Note of sealing and delivery by the grantee to the grantor as the law requires.
[Norf.] D. 811. Release by William Grey of Merton, esquire, Thomas Irby, William Crosse, Thomas Knyghton of Thetford, and Thomas Lesse of Watton, who are enfeoffed, to the use of Henry Clerk, of a messuage and land in Asshill, to Humphrey Adam, John Adam, and Nicholas Markaunt, at the special request of the said Henry, of all their right in that portion of the said land with which the said Henry has enfeoffed the said Humphrey, John, and Nicholas, part lying on Brakysmeduefurlong, by land of the manor of Uphall, part abutting on Burywey, part at Genel mere by land [called] 'Collardes,' and abutting on land of the manors of Saham and Uphall, part in Caldewell felde by land of the manors of Panneworth and Uphall, part in the same field by lands of the rectors of Asshill and Houghton, and abutting on Caldewell medewe, and part at Calkepytte. 24 February, 5 Henry VII. Seal.
Pembr. D. 812. Grant by William Popton of Honyhoke in Roos, within the lordship of Haverford, 'taillour,' and lord of East Popton, to Thomas Popton his son, and John Estemond of Honyhoke, the elder, of a messuage and land in East Popton, for the life of the grantor. 9 May, 22 Henry VII. Seal.
[Pembr.] D. 813. Grant by Ellen Perrot, widow, late the wife of Lewis David late of Tenby, merchant, to William Perrot of Haroldiston, esquire, of all her messuages, lands, and tenements &c. in Tenby, which she lately had of the grant of John Perrot of Woddistocke, and Thomas Maghaunle of Tenby, merchant. 19 September, 17 Henry VII.
[Pembr.] D. 814. Grant by Roland Redman, and Alice, late the wife of John Thomas of Haverford, 'marchaunt,' to William Perrot of Haroldiston, esquire, of a moiety of a burgage in Haverford opposite the mortuary chapel. Last day but one of February, 4 Henry VII. Two seals.
[Middx.] D. 815. Receipt by Richard Halle, citizen and 'merchaunt taillour' of London, for 4l. received by him on the under-mentioned day between the hours of seven and eleven in the morning, in the church of St. Paul's, London, before the image of Holy Cross, at the north door, from William the abbot, and the convent, of St. Mary's, Letley (Netley) co. Hants, being a yearly rent granted to the said Richard and Katherine his wife, by the said abbot and convent, for their lives. St. Paul's cathedral church, feast of St. Martin in the winter, 23 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] D. 816. Demise by John Beket of Curthuther, to John Trenewith and Joan his wife, for twenty years, of two closes in Paderda called respectively 'Kylle park' and 'Threcornerpark,' at a yearly rent of 16s. 8d. with the best beast by way of heriot or farleu when it shall happen. Michaelmas, 19 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] D. 817. Letter of attorney by John Beket of Curthuther, authorising John Dreynek and John Trehawke to deliver seisin to Roger Beket, his son, of all the messuages and lands &c. in Hendregolyan, which the said John Beket has granted to him. 10 June, 21 Henry VII.
[Pembr.] D. 818. Letter of attorney by William Perrott of Haroldiston, esquire, authorising John Wogan of Wiston, esquire, and William Adams the younger, gentleman, to deliver seisin to Owin Perrott, gentleman, his son and heir, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Tenby. 22 March, 16 Henry VII. Seal, defaced.
Glouc. D. 819. Grant by Sirs Reignold Bray and Thomas Lovell, knights, Jamys Hubart, Andrewe Dymmok, and John Walsshe, with the king's licence, to Thomas Brandon, 'squier,' of the manors of Alkington and Hynton, which the grantors hold for a term of years, to the king's use, 'of the lease of Anne, marquesse Barkeley, the late wif of William late marquys Barkeley, now wif to the said Thomas Brandon,' all advowsons and knights' fees &c. excepted, paying to the said Anne, yearly, 66l. 13s. 4d. to hold to the present grantee from Easter last during the king's pleasure, paying yearly the above rent to the present grantors, as long as he holds the premises &c. 16 May, 11 Henry VII. English. Signed by grantee.
[Cornw.] D. 820. Demise by Roger Beket, to William Kendall and Margaret his wife, for forty years, of all his messuages, lands, and tenements, in Hendregwyllyn, which John Walsshe held before of the grantor, the best beast to be paid by way of heriot or farleu when due. 19 August 23 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] D. 821. Demise by John Yog, to Thomas Hawse, for twenty years, of a close in Kernek in the parish of Hellond. Michaelmas, 19 Henry VII. Seal.
[Norf.] D. 822. Release by Lionel Coo, son and heir of Hugh Coo of Saham Tony, 'geantilman,' to Thomas Coo of Aysshyll, Richard Coo, father of the said Thomas, Arthur Coo, bachelor of laws, and Robert Deye of Sturstun, gentleman, of all his right in land in Aysshyll. 1 July, 17 Henry VII. Signed. Portion of seal, defaced.
[Linc.] D. 823. Release by Geoffrey Hampton and Henry Grymston of Staunford, at the request of Robert Folkelyn of Staunford, to Thomas Williams of the same, of all their right in three cottages and gardens in the parish of St. Martin, within the liberty of the abbot of Peterborough, in the street called 'Hiegate,' and abutting on the road to Pillesyate. 14 February, 19 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
[Linc.] D. 824. Grant by Robert Folkelyn of Stamford, to John Taylior, clerk, William Radcliff, and Thomas Bewscher, of the premises described in D. 823, to the use, in tail, of William Williames, with remainders, in tail, to David Willyames, George Williames, and Henry Willyames, and in fee to Agnes Williames, wife of Thomas Williames. 13 November, 19 Henry VII.
[Devon.] D. 825. Conveyance by Adrian Fortescu, knight, and Anne his wife, to Robert Hickes, for forty-one years, of a tenement with land &c. in Bradston called 'Nethirhowse,' with a messuage adjoining the same called 'Yemanshowse,' and a toft called 'Grenhey.' 2 August, 22 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] D. 826. Grant, in tail male, by John Beket of Curthuther, to Roger Beket his son, of all his messuages and lands &c in Hendregolyan in the parish of Plevynt, with reversion in fee to the grantor. 10 June, 21 Henry VII.
Pembr. D. 827. Award by John Aprice and John Perrot, gentlemen, in a cause 'now hongyng on debate and ple' in the county named, between Lewis William, gentleman, and David ap Jevan ap Guillim ap David Hagar, as to the possession of certain lands and rents &c. in Kemmeis, lately belonging to Ethelew, late the wife of Jankyn ap Ho[well] of Nevern; if the said David and two 'honest men of gode name and fame' are able to make oath, before the Purification next, that the said Ethelew had surrendered her title in the premises to Howell ap Jankyn, her son, by whom David claims, before the said Lewis had any claim to the same, then the said David is to enjoy the premises; if the said David 'faile in this othe doyng,' then the said Lewis is to occupy the lands &c. 2 January, 8 Henry VII. English.
Underwritten: Memorandum that the said oath was made in the presence of the said arbitrators by the said David and two others, named, before the date named &c.
[N'hamp.] D. 828. Release by John Edward of Estpyry, to John Broune, son and heir of William Broune, late of Yerdeley, of all his right in land in Estpyry, at Stonycros, adjoining the read to Morende, which land the releasor had formerly granted to the said William. 19 September, 8 Henry VII. Seal, and portion of seal.
[York.] D. 829. Grant by John Freman of Uskell, to Robert Bercar, bailiff of Tatcasler, Laurence Ranson, and John Burton, rector of the parish church of Garfforth, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Uskell and Grymston by Tatcaster, on the condition specified on the back of this grant and to carry out the grantor's last will; with letter of attorney authorising Henry Bercar to deliver seisin. 12 May, 16 Henry VII. Seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum 'that the feffez within named be mayd & named feffez by within written John Freman to his use & to perffourme his laste Will hereafter to [be] mayd by the said John.'
[Linc.] D. 830. Grant by George Horneby, to William Huse, knight, and Elizabeth his wife, Manucer Marmyon, and Thomas Ballard, of the manor of Sapurton, and of all the grantor's lands and tenements in Sapurton; with letter of attorney authorising Robert Ingoldesby and Nicholas Stonywell to deliver seisin. 20 May, 2 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
Kent. D. 831. Grant by Stephen Tebold of Chalk, 'husbandman,' to John Sedley, one of the auditors of the king's exchequer, Thomas Bere and John Ketill, of Southflete, of meadow land lying in Westmede, in the parish of Chalke. 20 December, 9 Henry VII.
Underwritten: Names of witnesses to sealing and delivery.
[Cornw.] D. 832. Letter of attorney by John Beket of Curthuther, esquire, authorising William Kendale and William Menwynnek to deliver seisin to John Trelaweny, esquire, masters John Corke and Richard Panter, clerks, Robert Langedon, John Menwynnek, and John Trehauke, of all his lands and messuages &c. in Curthuther, Boloythowe, North Trevede, South Trevede, 'Leskerd Burgh, Leskerd maner, Leskerd Seyntuary,' Wilton in the parish of Dulo, Milcombe in the parish of Lankynhorn, Coldreynek, and Paderda, which he has granted to them for certain uses. 1 March, 24 Henry VII.
Worc. D. 833. Letter of attorney by William Hayle of London, grocer, authorising Thomas Harrys of Evesham, and John Pert of the same, to take possession, in his name, of ten messuages, a toft, ten gardens, land and rent, in Evesham, Little Hampton near Evesham, and Parshore, which he had by inheritance after the death of his brother, Thomas Hayle, son and heir of John Hayle, their father, formerly of Evesham. Last day of March, 15 Henry VII.
[Pembr.] D. 834. Grant by Henry Gilmyn of Caperiston, to Walter Dyere of Haverford, shoemaker, of a burgage and a moiety of a burgage in Haverford, situated in 'le Prior is Rew.' 21 March, 13 Henry VII.
[Kent.] D. 835. Grant by Geoffrey Counseyl of Bordenne, to John Profyt, citizen and fishmonger of London, and Cicely his wife, of nine dayworks (daiwercas) of land in a croft called 'Shandwodescroft' in the parish of Bordenne. 20 February, 17 Richard II. Injured.
[Kent.] D. 836. Award by Richard Pett of Sevenoke, John Tymb[er]den of Shorham, Robert Multon of Horton, and Thomas Hylles of Otteford, in a dispute between Thomas Palmer and Thomas Guston, of Otteford, gentlemen; except as to certain lands called 'the lymere' in Otteford; viz. the said Guston is to pay yearly to the said Palmer 6d. rent and a hen at Michaelmas, for the tenement or place late of Thomas Cooke in Otteford, in which the said Guston now dwells, and for twelve dayworks of land in a garden there adjoining a lane leading to the Southemede &c. 26 June, 18 Henry VII English. Seal and fragment of seal.
[Monm.] D. 837. Demise by Reginald Matheu the prior, and the convent of St. Mary's, Monemouth, to Jankyn ap David and Wenllian his wife, for eighty years, of the moiety of a messuage, lands, and tenements &c. within the parish of Llanpadd[ock ?], except the rents and services of the tenants of the grantors; the grantees are not to alienate the premises to any but their lawful issue &c. without the licence of the prior, except a parcel of land and wood called 'Pencoyd' which they may grant to anyone. The Annunciation, 4 Henry VII.
Kent. D. 838. Release by William Martyn of the parish of Chalke, 'laborer,' to John Sedley, one of the auditors of the king's exchequer, of all his right in land called 'Bartelottes,' and a barn built thereon, in Chalk, which the releasor had by right of his wife, Joan Garleyke, late the daughter and heiress of Henry Garleyke, deceased, and which the said John with others, named, lately had of the grant of Stephen Tebold and John Martyn, with the consent of the releasor, to the use of the said John Sedley. 1 October, 9 Henry VII.
[Pembr.] D. 839. Release by Richard Davy, son and heir of Joan William, late the wife of William David, late of Haverford, 'wever,' to William Perrot of Haroldiston, esquire, of all his right in a moiety of a burgage in Haverford, situated in 'le Marketstrete.' 6 February, 16 Henry VII.
Leic. D. 840. Conveyance by Ralph Wodeford of Assheby Folvill, esquire, to Henry Medburn the abbot, and the convent, of St. Andrew's, Osolveston, for eighty years, of 2s. yearly rent from a messuage and croft in Twyford, at 'le bryggefotte,' in order that the grantees may celebrate yearly a mass de Requiem cum placebo et dirige for the souls of the grantor and Elizabeth his wife, on the feast of the chair of St. Peter. 26 August, 2 Henry VII.
[Pembr.] D. 841. Grant by Richard Touker, to William Perrot of Haroldiston, for his life, of all the grantor's messuages, lands, and tenements &c. in the lordship of Pebidiank, and in the town and lordship of Haverford. 20 September, 3 Henry VII.
Kent. D. 842. Grant by Thomas Tybbolde of the parish of Melton near Gravesend, to Thomas Martyn of Chalk, of a tenement in Chalk, in the street called 'Eastchalk,' with land there, and two acres of pasture, one lying in the marsh called 'le Saltun,' and the other called 'le Mede' lying in Westmede, in the said parish; the grantee to pay 7 marks by instalments at the dates specified, in St. George's chapel, Gravesend. 20 February, 23 Henry VII.
[N'thld.] D. 843. Demise by Richard Bradethwate, attorney of John Thwatis of Denton co. York, esquire, to Thomas Herryson of Newcastle-on-Tyne, merchant, of a tenement in Newcastle-on-Tyne, in the street called 'Westgate' and the lane called 'Puddyngchare,' and extending from the said street to a tenement called 'le Crosselofft.' . . March, [1]4 Henry VII. Injured. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: xiiijo ao Henr[ici] VII.
[Norf.] D. 844. Grant by Thomas Mynne, son of Richard Mynne, late of Asshell, to Humphrey Adam, John Adam, and Nicholas Markaunt, to the use of the said Humphrey, of land in Asshell called 'le Henddlondacre, abutting on the common way called 'Brodegatewey,' and which the grantor, among other lands to his own use, lately had, jointly with the said Humphrey, who has released to him all his right therein, and others named, of the grant of Thomas Rouland, clerk, son and heir of John Rouland, the younger, late of Great Kerbroke. 20 April, 13 Henry VII. Fragments of seal.
Endorsed: Names of witnesses to delivery of seisin.
[Norf.] D. 845. Demise by William Englyssh of Letton, Geoffrey Elyott of Asshill, and Robert Fawkener of the same, to Humphrey Adam, John Adam, and Nicholas Markaunt, of land in Asshill, which they, with Margaret Bradenham, deceased, lately had of the demise of Thomas Baldewyn of Asshill. 17 May, 1 Henry VII. Portions of two seals.
[Devon.] D. 846. Release by Joan, late the wife of William Petirfild, and mother of John Petirfild, to Thomas Yogge and Margaret his wife, of all her right in a tenement in the street called 'Finewellstrete' in the borough of Plymmouth. Witnesses:—Thomas Tresawell, mayor of Plymmouth, and others (named). 25 October, 3 Henry VII.
Surrey. D. 847. Grant by John Beknold of the parish of Hascombe, husbandman, and Agnes his wife, and by John Haccher, son of Thomas Haccher, to John Snellyng the younger, of Esthorsley, for five years, of a meadow in Esthorsley, and a field there called 'Cokkysdowne.' 10 November, 10 Henry VII. English.
[Somers.] [Dorset.] D. 848. Release, in accordance with the king's command, by Richard Emson and John Cutte, knights, executors of the will of Reginald Bray, knight, deceased, to Thomas Turbervile, late escheator in the counties of Somerset and Dorset, of 40l. which the said Thomas, with John Welbek of Putneyth co. Surrey, 'gentilman,' and William Parys of West Wrotyng co. Cambridge, 'gentilman,' lately acknowledged before the barons of the exchequer to be owing to John Dynham, knight, late lord Dynham, treasurer of England, deceased, and to the said Reginald; with release also of all actions &c. against the said Thomas relative thereto. 5 June, 23 Henry VII. Signed.
Endorsed: Note of enrolment on the king's remembrancer's Memoranda Roll of Trinity Term, 23 Henry VII.
[Norf.] D. 849. Demise by John Nele of Wymondham, and Thomas Clerk of the same, to John Reynald of Wymondham, William Reynald, and John Langfforth, of the same, of land in the field called 'Northffeld,' towards Westwade, which the grantors, with Richard Nele, vicar of North Wotton deceased, and another, named, lately had, with other lands, of the grant of Thomas Spycer, burgess of Bishops Lynn. 10 August, 39 Henry VI.
Leic. D. 850. Release by Alice Wyche, late the wife of Roger Wyche and daughter and heiress of Alexander Peynter, late of Tong in the parish of Bredon, to Robert Jakes of Whelesburgh, and Thomas Jakes, his son and heir of all her right in a messuage and land in Tong, and in all her other lands and tenements &c. there. 2 January, 14 Henry VII.
[Pembr.] D. 851. Conveyance by John Wogan of Bulliston, to Thomas Stevyn of Haverford, mercer, for . . . years, of a burgage in the high street of Haverford, adjoining St. Mary's church. 2 Henry VII. Seal.
Camb. D. 852. Release by Margery Halle, late the wife of Arthur Grayson of Newmarket, to Ralph Weste of Sudbury, and John Benet of Burwell of all her life estate in a messuage with buildings called 'le Griffyn' in Newmarket, with all the lands in Dytton, Saxton, and Chevele, formerly belonging to William Karon, and which the releasor, with the said Arthur lately had of the demise of John Denston and others, named. 16 June, 1 Henry VII.
[Devon.] D. 853. (1.) Grant by Thomas Yogge, to John Bretton, doctor of theology, rector of the church of St. Peter's, Cornylle, London, and Thomas Abbott, the grantor's servant, of two tenements in Plymmouth, one adjoining the street called 'Fynewyll strete,' and the other called 'Capernon'; with letter of attorney authorising William Thykpeny and John Paynter to deliver seisin. Witnesses:—John Ilcomb, mayor of Plymmouth, Thomas Tresawell, recorder of the same, and others. 26 August, 16 Henry VII. Injured. One shin.
Annexed: (2.) Declaration that the will and intention of the said Thomas Yogge is that the above named feoffees are to convey the said tenements, after his death, to Joan his wife, and her heirs by the said Thomas, and in default of such issue, to the said Thomas Abbott after Joan's death, for his life, with remainder after his death to the almshouse of Our Lady in Plymouth, from which the premises are not to be alienated, under penalty of being entered upon by the prior and convent of the Charterhouse, London. Dated as above. English. One skin.
Endorsed: Proviso that the said Thomas Yogge may alter the said will and revoke the said feoffment &c. Signed. Signatures of witnesses.
[York.] D. 854. Letter of attorney by Thomas de Watton, Robert de Flynthall, and John de Levesham, clerks, authorising Richard del Grene and William Donwell, to deliver seisin to Sir Henry de Percy, earl of Northumberland, of lands and tenements in Lethlay. 20 November, 18 Richard II. Two seals, one broken.
[Linc.] D. 855. Release by Walter son of Roger de Craslound, and Thomas de Melton, of Haxay, to Robert Pyryng of the same, of all their right in land in Estlound, in a place called 'Bysepyte,' which land they, with Sir Peter de Dincotes, chaplain, lately had of the grant of the said Robert. Sunday after the Epiphany, 16 Richard II.
[York.] D. 856. Release by William Faukes of Neuhale, son of Falcasius le Buttyler of Wakefeld, to Falcasius de Lyndelay, son of William de Lyndelay, of all his right in the mill of Farnelay, and in all the land of Farnelay which the releasor's father bought from Richard le Waxand and Margaret his wife, and gave to the said William de Lyndelay and Falcasius his son, except a tillage near Neuhale called 'Prestecroft.' Witnesses:— Sirs Richard de Goldesburgh and Simon Ward, knights, and others (named).
[N'hamp ?] D. 857. Demise by Henry de Barthover, to William de Reyns, of Barthover, for his life, of a house and curtilage with a croft adjoining, in Barthover, at a yearly rent of a rose. Witnesses:—Thomas de Foderyngheye of Tyngwyk, and others (named). Monday before St. James the apostle, 24 Edward 1.
[Norf.] D. 858. Grant by John Champaine of Causton, and Alice his wife, to William Whyghton of Lammesse, of all his lands and tenements in Causton, paying 4 marks yearly. Wednesday after All Saints, I Henry V. Seal. [Henry IV (?) See Ancient Deeds, B. 1021.]
Essex. D. 859. Demise by Walter Merdde and Elizabeth his wife, to John Cherteseye and Simon Owtlawe, for the grantors' lives, of a messuage, toft, land, and rent, in Waltham Holy Cross, of which the grantors had been enfeoffed, for their lives, by John Martyn and the sard Simon, who had the same by fine in the court of the abbot of Waltham aforesaid from the said John Cherteseye and Elizabeth his wife. 2. (Vices . . . . . . . o die) June, 4 Henry IV. Injured.
[York.] D. 860. Confirmation by Sodlein, son and heir of William de Martun, to the canons of St. Mary's, Welleford, of the grant which his father made to them of all his land of Kelkefeld, which he held of Roger de Moubrai. Witnesses:—Walter Garfin, Gilbert de Mulesheie, and others (named). Twelfth century.
[N'hamp.] D. 861. Grant by William Aboueton of Jerdele Gobyon, to Hugh Aboueton, his son, of two tenements in Jerdele aforesaid, and a cottage in 'le Moreude,' one tenement situated between the high road extending to Borewelle and another road extending from Jerdele to 'le Morende'; with further grant of land in Jerdele, parts lying respectively in Borewelle croft, on Cleyputtes, on Hulles, in the field of Couesgrave, at Vernesmerheg, on Verueshul, on Omondecroft, at Heyresstockyng, on Sladefurlong, by Forthewey, on Stubyle, at Chirchewey, on Goselondes, by Coppedethorn, in the field of Pirye, beyond Borewellewey, in Langcroft, ou Gorbode, in Calvercroft, on Hangynde, on Wodestil, on Hertewellecroft, on Hinlize, on Middulfurlong, on Langfurlong, on Heldehay, on Haywey, on Lyncroft, towards 'le Lowe,' 'into' Schortemede, on Lytlenale, on Stanbruggewey, over against Schulvendon, on Thikkethorn, on Medefurlong, in Grysholm, and in Longedole. Sunday after St. Leonard, 1 Richard II.
[Herts.] D. 862. Grant by Richard atte Helle of Aspeden, to John Cohook and Agnes his wife, of a messuage with a house, gardens, and curtilages &c. in Aspeden. Sunday after Michaelmas, 8 Richard II.
[Linc.] D. 863. Conveyance by Roger Bunttyng of Bungaye, 'bedwevere,' to John Galle, vicar of Ouston, John at Halle, Robert at Halle, his son, John Syvyer the elder, and John Syvyer the younger, of all the lands and tenements &c. in the Isle of Axyholm which he had of the grant of John Elmham alias Buntyng. 15 April, 9 Henry VI. Seal.
Kent. D. 864. Demise by John Spreuer of Meltone, Richard Lecote of Northflete, and John Elis of Chalke, lo Thomas Potekyn of Chalk, of land in Chalke, in the field called 'Wevelysland,' adjoining a lane called 'Longemanysstret.' 18 April. 12 Henry VI.
Hants. D. 865. Grant by Alice, relict of Hugh atte Houke, to John atte Houke, her son, of all her lands and tenements &c. in Bercle and Rutherwyk, in the hundreds of Odiham and Basyngstoke. Overton, Wednesday the feast of St. Matthew, 3 Richard II.
[Devon.] D. 866. Grant by Thomas John, to John William alias Wilky, and Margery his wife, of all his tenement with a garden adjoining, in the high street of Plympton Earls. Wednesday before St. Thomas the martyr, 2 Henry IV. Portion of seal.
[Berks.] D. 867. Release by John Curteys of Silhamstede Banastre, to Peter Smyth of Silhamstede Abbots, of all his right in land in SilhamstedeBanastre, part lying in Nephulle, and extending on Est Nephulle, and part adjoining land of the lord of Eyngelfelde. Monday the feast of the Conception, 1 Henry [VI ?].
[Oxford.] D. 868. Letter of attorney by Richard Berton of Fynmere, authorising William Sanbrok of Bukn', to seal the said Richard's deed enfeoffing Aleanor his wife, for her life, and John his son, according to the tenor of the grantor's will. 14 April, 38 Henry VI. Portion of seal.
[N'hamp.] D. 869. Grant by John Edy of Stonystratforde, the younger to William Furtho, esquire, and William Boueton, son of William Boueton of Yerdeley Gobyon in the parish of Potterspyrye, of land in the fields of Cosegrave, parts lying respectively at Wonlond, on Stretfurlong, at Styves at Pybbley, and at 'le Buttes.' Thursday the feast of St. Martin in the winter, 24 Henry VI. Seal.
[Herts.] D. 870. Grant by Symon, vicar of the church of Leyston Chyrche (erclesie de Leyston chyrche), and John Marchall, to John, parson of the church of Aspydenie, Richard, parson of the church of Trokkyng, Thomas parson of the church of Thoywell, William Gyldere, William Blakelowe, Thomas Catteworthe, William Zemon, and John Cawmville, of a messuage in Buntyngfforde, with a garden and croft adjoining. Wednesday after Midsummer day, 20 Richard II. Seal.
[Somers.] D. 871. Demise by Robert Hull, lord of Ayly, and Isabella his wife, to Peter Daunte and Matilda his wife, for their lives, of a messuage in Ayly, the grantees to dwell in the said messuage, and to do suit twice a year at the grantors' court in Ayly &c. Feast of St. Gregory, 22 Richard II. Portion of seal.
[Linc.] D. 872. Release by Robert Waytenyng, son and heir of Robert Waytenyng of Beltofte, yeoman, to Roger Welles of Ouston, William . . . . . . of Kynnardffery, John Jakeson of Esteffery, and John Grome of Eppeworth, of all his right in a plot of land surrounded by a ditch lying in a messuage formerly belonging to Robert Crake. Belton, 14 April, A.D. [14]61. Fragment of seal.
[Herts.] D. 873. Grant by Thomas Mennyll, to Thomas de Claxton and John de Hedlam, of all his lands and tenements &c. in West Berdene. 10 May, 4 Richard II.
[Notts.] D. 874. Grant by Thomas C[o]lumbell of Sand[iacre], to Ralph Crescy, his brother, of Selston, for his life, of the manor of Wannesley, with all his other lands and tenements, bondmen and their issue &c. in Selston. 11 April, 7 Henry V. Injured. Seal. See Ancient Deeds, D. 536.
Endorsed: 'Cresse fee.'
Glouc. D. 875. Demise by Henry Webbe, to Henry Carpenter of Little Bernynton (Little Barrington), for the grantor's life, of all his messuages and lands &c. in Little Bernynton. Sunday after the translation of St. Thomas the martyr, 10 Richard II.
[Pembr.] D. 876. Grant by William Perrot, to Alexander Dier, for ninety-nine years, of all his share in a water corn mill, in the parish of Marthre, within the lordship of Pebidianke, called 'Lower is mill,' and in the site of the same, and his share in a weir called 'Hedewere,' and in all easements &c. in all his lands and tenements belonging to the said mill. 15 January, 2 Richard III. Seal.
[Norf.] D. 877. Grant by William Poope of Asshele, to John Keble, bailiff of Oppe Halle, of land in the said town, abutting on the common pasture. Feast of the Annunciation, 3 Richard II.
[Pembr.] D. 878. Grant by John Walter of Tenby, to William Davy, of a burgage and the fourth part of a burgage, in Tenby. Witnesses:— Thomas Louie, mayor of Tenby, William Barbour and Thomas Magot, bailiffs there, and others (named). Friday the feast of St. Nicholas, 11 Henry IV.
[Kent.] D. 879. Grant by Agnea, relict of Richard Jete, of Chalk, to Walter Josekyn the elder, of Cobeham, and John atte Sole of Northflete, of a messuage called 'Haukerestenement' [in Chalke], in the street called 'Thekestret,' and land, parts lying, respectively, in the field called 'Westfeld,' at Lynkhelle, in Litilbradham, in 'le Westschote,' at Goyldynacra, at Gavelland, in Mochelbradham, and part in the field called 'Estfeld' by 'le Hevedland'; with further grant of pasture for twenty sheep in Estmersshe, and for four animals in Estmerssh and Westmersshe, and half the pasture of one horse in 'le Westmersh,' also of two hoppas lying by 'le Curtmershe,' and four acres of rushes in the said marshes, and a cock (cumulum) and a half of salt hay lying on 'le pole,' also of a bushel of corn and a capon, of yearly rent. Wednesday after the Invention of Holy Cross, 12 Richard II.
Endorsed: 'Chalke. A mese and vi acres of land in thycke strete bought of Sydley.'
[Oxford.] D. 880. Grant by William le Fox of Schiplake, to William Slepit of the same, of meadow land in Schiplake Eye. Sunday after St. Edward the king, 1 Edward III.
[Norf.] D. 881. Demise by William Redemane, 'le Glovere,' of Causton, and Thomas his father, to John Skenere of the same, at Boywode, and Margery his wife, and Hugh Cuchok of Heydon, 'le Carpenter,' of a messuage in Causton lying in the street called 'Netherboywode,' adjoining the common way called 'Fulleryslane,' and abutting on the high road called 'Bullyslane,' with land in Causton and Greytoft, lying partly in a place called 'Bullyslad,' and heath ground in 'Clementesreyd.' Thursday after the Epiphany, 9 Henry V. Three seals.
[Worc.] D. 882. Grant by Richard Wyke, chaplain, to John Cyleby and Alice Arderne, his wife, of two tenements in Evesham, situated respectively in the high street, and in the street called 'le Bruggestret,' which the grantor had of the feoffment of Robert Comyn of Evesham, and of the said Alice, formerly Robert's wife; with further grant of all goods in Evesham &c. which the grantor had of the grant of the said Robert and Alice. Sunday after the nativity of the Virgin Mary, 49 Edward III. Mutilated.
[York.] D. 883. Demise by William Pykeryng of Rolston, and Isabella his wife, to John son of William de Outthorne, and Alice his wife, for their lives, of land in Outthorne which Isabella Card, 'dothere,' formerly held. Feast of St. Margaret the virgin, A.D. 1384.
[Worc.] D. 884. Grant, in tail, by Thomas Walker the elder, of Evesham, to John Walker, his son, and Alice, John's wife, of a tenement with a croft adjoining, in 'le portstrete' of Bengeworht, by the end of the bridge; with remainders in tail to Thomas Walker the grantor's son, and Agnes, daughter of the said Thomas, and reversion in fee to the grantor. Tuesday after Easter, 7 Henry V.
[Kent.] D. 885. Grant by John Paul of Chalk, to Roger le Meister of the same, and Emma his wife, of pasture for one sheep in Chalk, in a place called 'le Westmershe.' 12 Edward III.
[Norf.] D. 886. Release by John Stynt of Hallestede, William de Scrayfelde, parson of the church of Braytoft, and John Boteller of Braytoft, to Henry Busey of Claxby by Welles, of all their right in the manor of Asshill called 'Colardesh . . . .' 10 May, 17 Richard II. Injured. Seal.
Endorsed: 'Collerdes.'
I. of Wight. D. 887. Demise by Robert the abbot, and the convent, of St. Mary's Quarr, to Walter Modeforde and Isabella his wife, for their lives, of a tenement in the high street of Neuport, adjoining the street called 'Seestrete,' also of half a void plot in the 6treet called 'Pylestrete' 3 February, 6 Henry V. Seal.
Bristol. D. 888. Grant by brother Stephen the prior, and the convent, of Farley, to Nicholas Poinz of Farley, of a tenement within Laffard's gate. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Manegodesfeld, John de Dene, and others (named).
[Hunt.] D. 889. Grant by Ralph Murycl of Nedyngworth, to Robert Claydon, chaplain, Robert Rokesdon, and John Sewale, chaplain, of a messuage and land in Halywell and Nedyngworth, which he lately had of the grant of Laurence Skot, chaplain. Monday before St. James the apostle 3 Henry V. Seal.
[Warw.] D. 890. Release by John Doughty, son of John Doughty, merchant, of Coventre, to John the prior, and the convent, of Erdebury, of all his right in a messuage in the street of Gosford, Coventre, which his said father and Katherine his mother, had of the grant of John de Northampton, chaplain, of Coventre. Monday after St. Bartholomew, 2 Henry V. Seal.
[Worc.] D. 891. Grant by Henry Jone, 'knave,' of Strengesham, to John le Smyth of the same, of land in Strengesham, lying in Bradeweye. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Staneweye, and others (named).
[Cornw.] D. 892. Grant in tail by Roger Boskayr and Margaret his wife, to Walter Gibbe and AgDes his wife, in exchange, of all their messuages and lands &c. in the borough of Botreauxcastcll (Boscastle), with reversion in fee to the grantors. Thursday after Michaelmas, 11 Henry VI.
[Linc.] D. 893. Demise by Isabella de Malteby the prioress, and the convent, of St. Michael's without Stanford, to Sir Thomas de Haverthorp, chaplain, and John de Hengham of Corby, for eight years, of the church and rectory of Corby, with the mansion of tho said rectory, and all lands, rents, and easements &c. belonging thereto. Sunday after the Purification, 41 (?) Edward III. Injured.
[Herts.] D. 894. Demise by Robert Louthe, esquire, to John Tylere the elder, of Esenden, and Joan his wife, for their lives, of a field called 'Wodefeld' in the said town, between the high road called 'Longestrete' and the great wood of Bishops Hatfeld, and abutting on Frydayeffeld and Wynsyghtregrove. Sunday before Ascension day, 8 Henry V. Seal.
[Surrey.] D. 895. Grant by Thomas Wylford, citizen and fishmonger of London, son and heir of Roger Wylford, late citizen and fishmonger of the same, and of Ellen his wife, daughter and heiress of Ralph Ryed, late citizen and brewer of London, to William Flete, Thomas Brounyng, Geoffrey Kyke, Thomas Dursle, and John Asshton, citizens and fishmongers of London, and William Helpirby, of a tenement called 'le Rose,' with a cottage and garden annexed, situated at 'le Stuwes' in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerk, adjoining a tenement called 'le Barge,' and extending from the Thames to a lane called 'Maydenlune.' 17 August, 5 Henry V. Seal.
[Hunt.] D. 896. Grant by John Hoore and Joan his wife, to Thomas Hoore of Childerlee, Henry Helperby, John Crabbe, William Herne, John Roys, William Martyn, and John Davy, of the manor of Ravelee, with land, and rent issuing from the manor of Sawtre, with the advowson of the third part of All Saints church, Sawetre. Friday after Michaelmas, 1 Henry V. Two seals.
[Hunt.] D. 897. Grant by Richard Mody of Ramsey, to John Wylden of Heightmangrove, of a tenement in Ramsey, a void plot, and 'le Ile,' the said tenement lying near 'le Wight,' and extending from the common lode (lada) to the ditch by Stokkyngfen, and the said plot lying in 'le Lytilwight,' and extending to 'le He' aforesaid. 20 December, G Henry V. Seal.
Kent. D. 898. Grant by Richard Clerk of Chalk, to John Tebaud of the same, of land in the parish of Chalk, in the field called 'Lyttyldene.' 16 February, 12 Henry VI.
Camb. Essex. Herts. D. 899. Relense by John Skrene and Richard Gybonne, to William Skrene the elder, of all their right in the manor of Olmestedehalle, and in all other lands &c. in Olmestede, Compes, and Bumpstedehelion, in the counties of Cambridge and Essex, and of all their right in all messuages and lands &c. in Shepehale, Halfhide, Stephenache, Homelee, Knebworthe, Dacheworthe, and Aston, co. Hertford. 12 December, 4 Henry V. Two seals.
[Somers.] D. 900. Conveyance by Thomas Harlyng, parson of the church of Yevele, and lord of the town there, to Walter Makemyry, Joan his wife, and Joan their daughter, for their lives, of a messuage with a curtilage adjoining, in Kyngeston by Yevele, belonging to the chantry of the Holy Trinity, Yevele. Tuesday after Trinity, 2 Henry V. Two seals.