Deeds: D.1301 - D.1330

Pages 562-565

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 3. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1900.

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D.1301 - D.1330

Lauc. D. 1301. Demise by Robert Neuton, clerk, to Alexaunder, parson of the church of Standissh, of the church of Croston, with the parsonage and glebe land &c. of the same, for six months from the first day of March, in the fifth year of the king; paying 100 marks at the terms specified, secured by a bond from the said Alexander, Robert de Ursewyke, knight, and John de Ines, prior of Charley &c. 2 May, 6 Henry V. French. Seal, broken.
Middx. D. 1302. Grant by Godfrey atte Pyrye, John Wellom, Alexander Tresard, Alan Wombe, vicar of the church of Harmodesworth, and William Lorchon of Stan well, to John Hore alias Okbourne, in tail, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Harmodesworth called 'Padburylondys,' which they lately had of the grant of Peter Lodyngton of Harmodesworth, who had them of the grant of John Lye, citizen of London, and John Dodd of Stanys; with remainder, in default of issue, to the said Peter's right heirs. 26 October, 2 Henry IV.
Wilts. D. 1303. Articles of agreement between Dame Anne Troppcnell of Estchallefeld, widow, and Sir Thomas Inglefeld of lnglefeld co. Berks, knight, for the marriage of Thomas Troppenell, son and heir of Cristofer Troppenell, esquire, deceased, and of the said Dame Anne, with Elianore, one of the daughters of the said Sir Thomas. 10 October, 3 Henry VIII. English. Seal.
[Berks.] [Wilts.] D. 1304. Grant by John Achard, to Sir Robert Achard, knight, his father, of 10 marks yearly rent, to be received from Sir Peter de la Mare, and Joan his wife, for tenements held by them for their lives in Frehsesdon, Coleshull and Caldecote, with the reversion of a messuage, land, and rent, expectant on the decease of the said Peter and Joan. Thursday after Michaelmas, 11 Edward III.
Endorsed: 'Frythesdun.'
[Berks.] D. 1305. Grant by John Bethom of Padworth, to William Aspull, Thomas Brewer, and Thomas Bleuet the elder, all of Redyng, and Stephen Cokceter of Caversham, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Sulhampsted Banastre, Englefeld, Sulhampsted Abbot, and Ufton Robard, which formerly belonged to Roger Banastre. 12 March, 15 Edward IV. Seal.
[Berks.] D. 1306. Grant by Walter Athelard of Selhampsted Abbote, to John Bethom, William Russell, and John Craneford, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Selhampsted aforesaid, which he had of the grant of Walter Athelard his father. Feast of St. Margaret the virgin, 14 Edward IV. Seal.
Berks. D. 1307. Release by John Banastre, son and heir of Roger Banastre, late of Sulhampstede Banastre, to William Aspull of Redyng,Thomas Bleuett the elder, and Stephen Cokceter, of all his right in all the lands and tenements &c. in Sulhampstede Banastre, Englefelde, Sulhampstede Abbot, and Ufton Roberd, which formerly belonged to his said father, and which the grantees, jointly with Thomas Brewer, late of Redyng, deceased, lately had of the grant of John Bythom of Padworth. 13 September, 17 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
Kent. D. 1308. Release by Thomas Holte, mercer, and Nicholas Worley, goldsmith, citizens of London, to Henrv Wyatt, John Cutte, Richard Cholmeley, and John Legh, knights, John Wyatt and Richard wyatt, clerks, Richard Lee, esquire, John Bedyll, Richard Lee, Robert Draper, and Servace Franke, to the use of the said Henry Wyatt, of all their right in all the lands and tenements &c. in Chalke, which the releasors lately had of the grant of John Holte, late of the king's Exchequer. Last day of February, 10 Henry VIII. Signed.
[Leic] D. 1309. Demise by John the abbot, and the convent, of Osolveston, to Henry the butcher (carnifici) of Somerdeby, Agnes his wife, and William their son, for their lives, of a messuage and land in Osolveston. Feast of St. Chad, 26 Edward III.
Warw. D. 1310. Demise by Oliver Adams the abbot, and the convent, of Combe, to Christopher Sadeler of Wulvershill, 'yoman,' for forty years, of the eighth part of the field of Little Copston called 'Copston Felde,' doing suit twice a year, at the abbot's court of Wolvey. 14 May, 10 Henry VIII.
N'hamp. D. 1311. Grant by William Smyth alias Kent, of Morende Castell, to Roger Bull, clerk, Henry Lynnell, Thomas Vyrley, John Virley the younger, all of Pawlerspyrry, and Thomas Maylen, to the grantor's use, and to carry out his last will, of a messuage with a curtilage in the said town, abutting on Plomton lane and on the field called 'Westbryge'; with letter of attorney authorising John Virley the elder and Richard Sturmyn to deliver seisin. 26 October, 27 Henry VIII.
Pembr. D. 1312. Grant by John Eichardes, gentleman, to Anthony Poyntz, knight, William Stradlyng, clerk, John Poyntz, Francis Poyntz, John Walshe, and William Throkmorton, esquires, and Charles Bulkeley, gentleman, of the castle, lordship, and manor, of Walwynscastell, and of all messuages, lands, mills, rents &c. in Walwynscastell, Maries, Pyerston, Fobbestou, Flenton, Rowespole, More, Swertbury, Haroldestonwest, Syke, and Flederhyll, and the advowsons of the churches of Walwynscastell and Herbertiston. 16 September, 11 Henry VIII.
Bucks. D. 1313. 'The title off Elizabeth Pygott, wydow, to the kepyng off the quenes parke and chace off Whaddon and off the quenes woodes ther'; showing the estate which Thomas Pygott, her late husband, one of the king's serjeants-at-law, had in the manor called 'Gyffordes manor' in Whaddon and Newnton Longevile, with reasonable estovers in the said park and chase &c.
Berks. D. 1314. Release by John Viell, son and heir of James Viell, esquire, to Christopher Grantham of London, 'stapler,' John Parke of the same, 'mercer,' George Emerson of the same, gentleman, and Nicholas Grantham, 'stapler,' of all his right in the manors of Hawe, Harterugge, Titcum, Hasylwyk, Hampsted, Asshehampsted, Kyntbury, Inkpen, Yatenden, and Bastilden, and in lands and rent in the said places, with warranty against John, abbot of Westminster. 1 October, 8 Henry VIII. Signed. Seal.
[Middx.] D. 1315. Release by William Brook, citizen of London, to Robert Englefeld, esquire, of all actions &c. 16 July, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
Berks. D. 1316. Confirmation by James Augure, Andrew Mores, and Clement Wilkeshire, of a grant made by Christopher Grantham, to John Viall, son and heir of James Viall, esquire, deceased, for his life, of a yearly rent of 4l. from the manor of Hertrige, which manor the present grantors have recovered in the Common Pleas against the said Christopher by writ of entry sur disseisin in le post &c. 13 November, 8 Henry VIII. Three seals.
Berks. D. 1317. Confirmation by the same, of a grant by Christopher Grantham, to the said John Viall, in tail, and to Frediswide his wife of a yearly rent of 40s. from the manor of Hertrige, recovered by the present grantors as above mentioned. 13 November, 8 Henry VIII. Three seals.
[Linc.] D. 1318. Grant by Richard . . . . . ., of Spaldyng, to Walter 'le Cupere' of the same, of 2d. yearly rent from land with buildings thereon in Spaldyng. Sunday after St. Edmund the king, 1 (?) Edward III. Injured.
Berks. D. 1319. Demise by Frauncis Englefyld of Englefyld, gentleman, to Wyllyam Wollascot of Tydmersche, gentleman, for thirty years, of his manor place or mansion house in Tydmersche, with barn, stable, 'uttergatehowse,' 'hare croftes,' 'Asshengarden' &c. also of his farm in Tydmersche, with lands and fishings &c. belonging, and the 'warren of conys' there &c. 1 January, 35 Henry VIII. English. Signed. Seal.
Endorsed: Memorandum that the grantee is not to stand charged with any subsidy to the king by virtue of this lease.
[Pembr.] D. 1320. Grant by David Laurence, to David Maunsell and William Laurence of Haverford, of a burgage in [Pe]mbr[oke]. Pembroke, Thursday after St. Hilary, 19 Henry VI. Much injured. Fragment of seal.
[Salop.] D. 1321. Demise by Giles, lord of Erdynton, to John son of William de Halston, and Lucy his wife, for their lives, of a messuage and curtilage, with land, in Schaubury. Witnesses:—John de Wythyford, Roger de Preston, and others (named).
[Pembr.] D. 1322. Grant by John Geffrey and Richard Roos, clerks, to Richard Hill of Sutton, for his own life, and that of Matilda his wife, of all the messuages, lands and tenements &c. which they have of the said Richard's grant, in 'le Hill,' or elsewhere within the lordship of Haverford. 4 March, 22 Henry VI.
[Oxford.] D. 1323. Demise by Ligerus de Kerlinton, to the prior and canons of Berencestre, for six years, of land in Kerlinton, lying inPizingehe; the grantees to pay the yearly tithe from the same to the church of Kerlinton. Witnesses:—Peter de Duninton, Robert de Codesford, and others (named).
[I. of Wight.] D. 1324. Grant by William le Wimpelir, to Richard le Draper of W . . . ., of a moiety of a messuage in Newport, paying 16d. yearly to the abbot of Quarr. Witnesses:—William la Mare, Nicholas de Christchurch, and others (named). Copy.
[Warw.] D. 1325. Grant by John de Dulsforde, to Nicholas Saundres of Hulle, and Alice his wife, of land in Hulle, adjoining a tenement of the abbot and convent of Stonleye, and extending to the field called 'Brokfeld.' Thursday after Michaelmas, 28 Edward III.
Berks. D. 1326. Release by Dame Isabella Priour, lady of Shipelake, to Edmund Hamdene, Thomas Barantyne, William Fauconer, and John Wodecoke, of all her right in the manor of Engleffeld. Falle, 10 November, 22 Richard II.
Berks. D. 1327. Grant by Henry Whitehorne of Gosey, and Agnes his wife, daughter of Richard Frankelen, to Thomas Spicer of Est lldisle, Thomas Vyncent, and Andrew Stacy, of a messuage called 'Frankelene,' in Gosey, with all the grantors' other lands &c. there. 8 April, 11 Henry VII. Seal.
[Berks.] D. 1328. Confirmation by John Golafre, esquire, of a grant (recited) made on 24 April, in the under-mentioned year, by Thomas Cliaucers and Robert James, esquires, and Thomas Edward, to Richard Frary, parson of the church of Southmorton, Edmund Rede, and John York, of their manor of Tydemerssh, and the advowson of the church of the said manor, and all other lands &c. which the said grantors lately had of the grant of John Golafre, esquire, and William Holt, in Tydemerssh, Pankebourne, Sulham, and Asshamstede, with the reversion of a meadow in Ofton. 8 June, 11 Henry IV. Seal.
[Berks.] D. 1329. Demise by Thomas Spicer of Est Ildisle, to Henry Whytehorne and Agnes his wife, of Gosey, for their lives, of all the lands and tenements &c. in Gosey, which he lately had of their grant. Feast of St. George, 11 Henry VII. Seal, and portion of seal.
[Oxford.] D. 1330. Release by Thomas Megre, son of John Megre, late of Schiplake, to Thomas Bochere, of all his right in a messuage and curtilage in Schiplake, adjoining the high road called 'Schiplakerewe.' Feast of St. Martin the bishop, 16 Henry VI. Seal.