Deeds: A.7201 - A.7300

Pages 133-146

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.7201 - A.7300

[Kent.] A. 7201. Grant by William son of Hugh Pollard of Haleghesto, to Roger de Leyburne, of 7½ dayworks (deyuercas) of meadow, in a meadow called 'Smethebrok,' rendering, yearly, a costard at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Sir Ralph le Sauvage, knight, Gilbert de la Gare, William son of William de Hupcherech, and others (named).
[Glouc.] A. 7202. Grant by Alice late the wife of Thomas Dyer of Thorn- bury, widow, to Richard Orchard of Littelton by Severn, and John Nelme of Thornbury, of a tenement, by the name of a moiety of a burgage which she had of the feoffment of John Erneburgh and Thomas Clerk, in Thornbury, adjoining the villein land (terram natiram) of the lord called 'Packers.' 6 May, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 7203. Grant by Thomas de Bello Campo, earl of Warwick, to his yeoman (raletto), Simon Pakeman of Kereby, for good service done him touching the recovery of his land of Gower in Wales, of all his land &c. in Overe Botyndon. Witnesses:—Guy, Thomas, and Reynbrun, the grantor's sons, Sir Robert de Herle and Sir Ralph Basset of Sapecote, knts., Richard de Piriton, clk., the earl's steward, and others. South- ampton, 24 August, 29 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 7204. Bond by Peter de Ho, rector of a mediety of the church of Silhangles, to Sir Robert de Benhale, rector of another mediety of the same church, in 32 marks, for all Robert's corn there up to Michaelmas, both from his demesne and his tithes; Sir Robert de Bosco and Sir Robert de Morle, knights, John de Ho, his brother, Robert de Gissing, and others (named), being his sureties. A.D. 1276, 4 Edward I. Three seals, defaced.
[N'th'l'd.] A. 7205. Grant by Gilbert son of Richard the cook of Birtely, to Richard de Botteland, of all his land of Birtely, in return for 20 marks which Richard has paid to him in his great need. Witnesses:—Sirs Robert de Insula, Robert de Camhou, and Hugh de Herle; and others (named).
[Glouc.] A. 7206. Indenture of demise by Thomas de Wyncote, to John de la Chaumbre, of Brodemershtone, and Robert Jurdan of Dryemershtone, for their lives in survivorship, of the manor of Wyncote with all lands and tenements &c. together with three houses, viz. a dovehouse, a chamber, and an ox-house, by the gate. Saturday after Michaelmas, 35 Edward III. Seal, injured.
[Chesh.] A. 7207. Bond by John Legh of Legh, son of Richard Legh, John Leycestre, esquire, Thomas Legh of Northwode, and Peter Stanley, esquire, to John Daniell of Deresbury, for 200 marks to be paid at Christmas next. 21 November, 23 Henry VI. Portions of two seals.
Endorsed: Condition of above bond witnessing that if William Helegh, knight, of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem in England, shall fulfil all the agreements entered into by him in certain indentures made between him and the said John Daniell, on the above date, then the above bond is to be void.
Warw. Wilts. Berks. A. 7208. Release by Robert Horton, parson of the church of Lap- worth, to Dame Rose (Roisie) Montfort, of all his right in all the lands and tenements, &c. in the counties named, which he, with others, lately had of her feoffment. Sunday after Michaelmas, 13 Henry IV.
[Kent.] A. 7209. Grant by Simon and Walter, sons of John the tailor (cissoris), of Dudelindenne, to Roger son of Herebert of Eldindenne, of all the tenement which they inherited from their father in Dudelindenne, in a place called 'Swaneueld,' doing service to the lord of the said tenement and to the King, and rendering 1d. yearly to them and their heirs as quit rent (ad forgabulum); for this gift the said Roger has given them 6 marks and 6 pence sterling as a fine (in gheresumam). Witnesses:—Walter le Franceys, Richard de Badisdenne, William Page, William de Hertleya, Baldwin de Cranebrok, Richard le Spurch', Gregory de Dudelindenne, Amisius Wylardus, William, Roger and Robert de Martdenne. IIII Kal. May, 38 Henry III.
Endorsed:—'Carta Simonis et Walteri filiorum Johannis parmentarii de Hertle facta Rogero de Eldindenne de terra que vocatur Swanesfeld apud Hertle in Dodelindenne jacente.'
[Sussex.] A. 7210. Grant by Peter de Hautboys brother, and heir of William de Hautboys, to brother Guichard the prior, and the monks, of St. Pancras, Lewes, of all the land and tenement which he inherited from the said William in Herst, with the dower of Helewise, relict of the said William, after her death, to hold of the heirs of Simon de Pierrepoint (Petraponte), and of their heirs, in free and perpetual alms, doing royal service therefore, as much as belongs to two parts of a knight's fee, to wit when scutage is at 20s. one mark, for all service. Witnesses:—Sir Anfred de Ferrinkes, Hugh de Plumtone, Thomas de Iford, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7211. Grant by Thomas de Wyllye in Bulkyngton, to William Sweyn of Bulkyngton, of five swathes of meadow in Lorchewallemedewe and two swathes in Stelartbrugge, in Bulkynton. Monday after the Annunciation, 1 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 7212. Counterpart indenture of demise by Roger and Nicholas, sons of Edmund de Watford, to John Muleward of Watford, Agnes his wife, and Thomas their son, for the lives of the grantors, of a messuage and virgate of land in Watford, which Thomas Wattes formerly held from the said Edmund in villenage, at 24s. rent, payable quarterly to their attorney, at the manor which belonged to the said Edmund their father. Tuesday the feast of St. Vincent the martyr, 26 Edward III. Portions of seal, defaced.
[York?] A. 7213. Grant by the King to St. Mary's church, Meauton, at the request of Master Elias de Derham, 'our clerk,' rector of the same church, that all the tenants of the said church may be quit forever from suits of shires and hundreds and from the aids of sheriffs, their bailiffs and ministers, and of all things pertaining to them. Witnesses:— W [illiam], earl of Salisbury, Saer de Quency, Geoffrey 'our son,' and Peter de Stok. At Sutton, 6 April, 6 John. Fragment of Great Seal. See 'Rotuli Chartarum,' Vol. I, part I, page 147.
[Herts.] A. 7214. Grant by Thomas de Wilemundesle, rector of the church of Wakeleye, to John de Marines, of Avice daughter of Ralph Curtvileyn, whom he has of the grant of Ralph son of Richard Muschet whose nief (nativa) she was; to hold her free, and those begotten of her free, quit and discharged of all servitude. Witnesses:—John de Herpesfeud, Peter the cook of Alsewyk, and others (named).
[York. W.E.] A. 7215. Release by Alice daughter of Roger son of Herbert de Mileford, to William the clerk of Mileford, of all the land, with a toft and croft adjoining, which Sir Robert de Wilgeby formerly had of the gift of the said Roger in Mileford, lying next the assart which Ranerus brother of the said Roger held in Mileford wood, and a moiety of the tillage which abuts on Beneflat, on the north. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Wilgebi, William de Burton, Richard de Camera de Mileford, Richard and Roger de Leuenadton, Richard son of Alexander de Hudleston, Thomas de Kirk- lington, clerk, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7216. Indenture of demise by John de Catesby and Emma his wife, to William Baudy of Coventre, for sixty years, of a messuage in Pottersrowe in Coventre. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Hampton, mayor of Coventre, Robert Shyppeley and William Got, bailiffs, and others (named). Wednesday before St. Peter in Cathedra, 22 Richard II.
[Herts.] A. 7217. Grant by Theobald de Marines, to Cicely, daughter of Philip de Seldford, of all the messuage which belonged to Smalred; rendering a pair of iron spurs, or 3d. yearly, to the heirs of Hugh de Marines for all service, as the charter of the said Hugh, to him the said Theobald, of the said tenement witnessed. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Muschet, John de Gatesbire, and others (named).
[N'hamp] A. 7218. Grant by Henry son and heir of John Geffre of Yelvertoft, to Simon son of Richard Terry, of 5a. arable and ½a. meadow in Yelvertoft, part under 'le Portweie,' part 'in to' Holewemere, part on Pessul, part 'in to' Crekmere, part on Sth'cesoutlonge, part 'in to' Litlemede, part 'in to' Wodeweie, part on Longemartineslowe, part 'underb'ndonehul,' part 'in to' Severich, part 'in to' Eltendoneweie, and part in Keilmershe of which half lies in 'le Tenroden' and half in Smaldole; with further grant of the pasture of the fourth part of a virgate of land in the same town. 9 November, 7 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 7219. Release by William, son of Ralph de Alicun, to the prior and convent of Lewes, of all his right in 5 acres of land in Walsoken called 'Chancburg' land,' abutting on Fendic; saving the dower of Agnes late the wife of Alexander de Alecun, his uncle, during her life, after whose death all the said land is to remain to the grantees. Witnesses:— Adam de Hakebech, Roger de Hecham, and others (named).
Endorsed:—'Eliens' dioc'. Merslonde.'
[Warw.] A. 7220. Grant by Emma late the wife of John de Napton, widow, to William Umfrey of Chirchelalleford and Amice his wife, of a messuage, 13 acres of land, and pasture for two great beasts (grossa animalia), in Hodunhulle and Astunescote, the messuage lying in Astunescote by the stream at the town's end and the land on 'le Homforlong,' part 'Attewestbrugge,' part on 'le Longeblachemilde,' part 'Attelowewelle,' part 'Atcumtonbrok,' part 'in tothebrok,' part 'Attewashe,' part on 'le Churchehul,' part on 'le Longe Longlond,' part 'intothewodeweye,' and part on Alfletdyk; the pasture for the said beasts being in Hullemedowe, with right of way over the grantor's land for the said beasts to the said meadow at the grantee's pleasure. Monday after All Saints, 21 Edward III. Seal.
[Somers.] A. 7221. Release by William Aumbesas of Burhentone, to William de Mertok and Sarah his wife, of all his right in eight acres arable in Bourhentone, with two acres meadow in Bourmede, and a close called 'Staciismour.' Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Sencler and Sir Piers de Facunberge, knights, and others (named). Middilsomerisnortane, Saturday after St. John the Baptist, 1 Edward II. French.
[Warw.] A. 7222. Release by John son of Ralph called Chapman (mereatoris) of Great Derset, to William le Clerk of Geydon, of all his right in 4s. 6d. yearly rent from two tenements and one acre arable in Southend and Templeherdewik, held for the term of their lives by Robert Magot and Emma his wife and John their eldest son, and of all his right in the said tenements and land after the death of the said tenants. Southend in Great Derset, Wednesday after St. Chad, 4 Edward III.
[York.] A. 7223. Bond by Sir Jordan Folyot to Adam de Novo Mercato, son of Sir Adam de Novo Mercato, for 20 marks to be paid within six years at the manor of the said Sir Adam in the form specified, commencing at Whitsuntide, a.d. 1273. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Barnoby, Ralph de Schifeud, Hugh de Lindric, and others (named).
[Salop] A. 7224. Release by Lucy late the wife of Richard de Gravenhunger, widow, to John son of Roger Hastang, and Alice his wife, of all her right in all the land which John de Loskesford holds, except a messuage and a bovate of land which the said Lucy holds from John by way of dower; for which release John has given Lucy two acres of his waste, by way of dower, in the wood of Gravenhung [er] for all dowers and demand Witnesses:—Robert de Honileg', William de Derinton, and others (named).
[N'hamp.] A. 7225. Grant by Ralph Boy, chaplain, to John Barbour of Willyby, of all his lands and tenements in Watford. Tuesday the feast of All Saints, 6 Richard II. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 7226. Confirmation by William, bishop of London, of the grant made by Richard son of Walter de Alethorn, to Hugh the baker, the said bishop's servant, of land which Richard Clop held, and 10½ acres of his demesne, with a mere (mara) contained in 4 acres of the said 10½ acres. Witnesses:—Master Simon de Gloec', Michael de Barbefl[ut], clerks, and others (named). Stokes, IX. Kal. February, A.D. 1207. Portion of seal and counterseal. See A. 3437.
[Kent.] A. 7227. Grant by Robert Kechel son of Augustine de Scalaria, to Richard the vicar of Mereden, and John de Renham, chaplain, of a messuage, houses, and gardens which Margaret, sister of Anchoret, held from Robert. Witnesses:—James de Ridd, Walter and William de Horherst, Thomas and Philip de Renham, Benjamin and John de Rede, and others (named).
A. 7228. Grant by Thomas son of Robert Lambin, to John Charles, of 2s. quit rent which the heirs of William Cawe used to render him yearly for a certain messuage. 28 Edward [I]. Witnesses:—Robert Munter, John Manywar', John de Chest', and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7229. Grant by William de Harecourt, son of Robert de Harecourt, to Geoffrey the marshal, and Gemma his wife, of all the land and meadow which he had in exchange from Geoffrey at Yokebroke in Lapw [o] rth,with a right of way (chacia) for his cattle to till the said land, and to carry the corn and hay, with free entry and exit beyond the grantor's demesne; rendering yearly a root of ginger at Christmas. Witnesses:—Sir Ivo Pipard, parson of Lapw[o]rth, and others (named).
[Kent.] A. 7230. Confirmation by Geoffrey de Gurdun, to the monks of Boxley, of the grant made to them by Alvered de la Gare on the marsh of Serpenesse in the parish of Huppecherch. Witnesses:—Herbert the Palmer, Vitalis de Horepol, and others (named).
[Camb.] A. 7231. Bond by Thomas son of John de Agelton, to Sir Philip Basset, in the penalty of 100 marks, to appear, with Agnes his wife, before the justices of the King at Westminster in the quinzaine of Trinity, 46 Henry III, to make a chirograph (ad cyrographandum) to the said Sir Philip, and the countess his wife, of certain lands and tenements which he had granted them in Dodington and Northwode.
Endorsed:—'Suwode.' See C. 3589.
[Hunt.] A. 7232. Grant by John called 'le Smyth' of Aillyngton, to Master Robert de Nassington and Nicholas de Eboraco, clerks, of a messuage in Aillyngton, and of the reversion of 2 acres 1 rood land there, held for their lives by John Bidil and Stephen Wright, of his demise; part lying in Holmere, part at Neutonmore, part in Wlfstondikes, part on 'le peyselondes,' part on Littelstanehilles, part at Welleslade, and part in a tillage extending on Arnewessebrok. 10 May, 21 Edward III.
[Middx.] A. 7233. Demise by Hamo the Flesher (carnifex), and Edith daughter of Leuegar, his wife, to John le Ghyepe, of half an acre of land in Laudmarisco. Witnesses:—Brice de Hetham, Geoffrey Waterladere, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Carta Hamonis carnificis et uxoris sue facta J [ohanni] le Yepe de dim [idia] acra in Walemers.' See A. 1801, 2544.
[Essex.] A. 7234. Release by Robert de Tillundune, to William de Mon- chens[i], his lord, of 4 acres land in his field called 'Tyllundune.' Witnesses:—Sewal de Haningfeud, and others (named).
[Suff.] A. 7235. Grant by Robert Walter of Lausele, to Simon and Hugh, sons of Robert the smith of Lausele, of land in Lausele, between the roads called respectively 'Brunitofveye' and 'Brakyngveye.' Day of St. Tibur- cius and St. Valerian, 10 Edward II.
[Linc.] A. 7236. Grant by Simon de Stoke of Kanewic, to John the Long (Longo), citizen of Lincoln, of 3 perches of arable land in Kanewic field, abutting on Springwelle. Witnesses:—Thomas de Beufow, mayor of Lincoln, and others (named). Seal, injured.
A. 7237. Release by Alice late the wife of William le Massun, of Etton, widow, to John her son, of all her right of dower in a messuage, garden, and croft, in Etton. Witnesses:—Abel de Verney, John Hicheman, and others (named).
A. 7238. Acquittance by John son of Reginald, knight, for 100l. received from Sir Hugh le Despenser by the hands of Robert de Harwedon, in which sum the said Hugh was bound to John by his bond; with grant that the said bond is to be henceforth void. London, Thursday after St. John ante Portam Latinam, 25 Edward [I].
[Sussex.] A. 7239. Grant by Gilbert son and heir of the late Richard de Buntesgrove, to Sir Amfrid de Hethham, chaplain, of a messuage with a house built upon it at Buntesgrove in the parish of Hoathly (Hotlega), which was his capital messuage there; also land, with a meadow adjoining, belonging to the said messuage, and one acre next his gate, at 12d. rent yearly, and double rent for relief and heriot. Witnesses:—William de Berchamme, Adam de Shelvestrode, Roger de Dalingerug, and others (named).
N'hamp. A. 7240. Release by Ralph de Trop and his heirs, to Simon Malhore, of all their right, and the claim which they claimed by writ of right against him in the county named, concerning Ailmereshide in Weleton; in return for which Simon has given Ralph four acres of land and one holm, and has also granted to him the same common with his demesne cattle in Weleton, as the rest of Simon's free men of Weleton have. Witnesses:—Eustace de Watford, William de Hoxendona, Ralph de Thenerchbrai, and others (named).
A. 7241. Grant by Robert de Surrei, to Adam son of Benedict, of a moiety of Westbrch and various other moieties specified, viz. of a meadow in Wrthislade, and of what the grantor has respectively on Blachemore, in Rothewellescihe, and at Broderate, a moiety of Depesladehul, and a moiety of land and meadow on Hungfurlong. Witnesses:—Simon de Pink[eny], David de Hachinton, Ralph de Staunton, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7242. Release by Joan, relict of Nicholas le Wodeward of Coven- tre, widow, to Giles le Waydour of the same, of a cottage [in Coventre] and all her right in the same, which she claimed to hold from Giles for her life. Witnesses:—John de Clifton, bailiff, Roger de Pacwod, coroner of Coventry, and others (named). Coventre, Saturday, Midsummer day, 3 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 7243. Grant by John de Sutton of Wyvenhoo, knight, to Richard son of William Heynes of Leyre Marny, of the wardship of the land, and marriage, of Joan, daughter and heiress of William de Feete son of Stephen de Feete of Misteleigh. Little Oklee, Wednesday after Midsummer day, 27 Edward III.
[Sussex.] A. 7244. Grant by Denise daughter and heiress of Peter le Daubur, to Jordan le Plomer of Suthenovere, of a messuage in Suthenovere in West- port, between the messuage of the Fraterer (freyturarii) of Lewes on the north, and Thomas Lorens' messuage on the south. Witnesses:— Bromannus de Swambergh, and others (named).
Endorsed:—'Ad lumen beate Marie.'
Warw. Worc. A. 7245. Grant by Thomas de Gudlesdon, parson of the church of Morton, and Robert de Brews, chaplain, to Sir John de Bisshopesdon, knight, and Dame Beatrice his wife, for their lives, with remainder in tail male, successively, to Roger and John, sons of Sir John, and in default to his right heirs, of a messuage in Bisspwode, a field called 'Sorelles- feld,' and a messuage and croft in Lapwurth, held from the grantor by the bondmen, named, with the bodies, chattels, services, and issue, of the said bondmen; also all the grantor's wood in the foreign wood of Bisspwode growing without the inclosure, and 40s. of yearly rent arising from the manor of Bisspewode and from lands, &c. adjacent, which Dame Matilda de Cauntelow holds for her life from the grantors in Lapwurth, Rowynton, and Bisspewode, together with the reversion of the said manor and lands, &c. after Matilda's death; also further grant of thirteen messuages with land and wood, &c. and 8s. rent in Peopwell and Waresley, co. Worcester, with the bodies, &c. of the bondmen dwelling there; also grant of a silk purse rendered yearly, for lands; &c. which Joan late the wife of Thomas de Bisshopesdon holds for her life in Hull and More by Fladbury, co. Worces- ter, and in Lynden, co. Warwick, with the reversion of the said lands, &c. after Joan's death. Lodyngton, Monday before St. George, 13 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 7246. Grant by Reginald son of Richard de Hemiton, to Richard, the chaplain, of Hemiton, of a messuage in the same, with a toft, and land in a croft. Witnesses:—Sir John de Hemiton, Robert the monk of Bernewell, and others (named).
Warw. A. 7247. Indenture between John Bracebrige, and William Harwell, esquires; witnessing that the said John grants that Symond, his son and heir, shall marry Elizabeth, daughter of the said William by the feast of All Hallows next, for which William agrees to pay John 110l. in the manner specified, and 55 marks to the said Symond, and the said John is to make a lawful estate, as specified, to the said Symond and Elizabeth of lands &c. in Warwickshire worth 20l. yearly over all charges, and agrees to allow lands &c. to the value of 130l. a year to descend to the said Symond, in fee, after the death of John and of Richard Bracebrige, Symond's grandfather; provision as to the jointure and dower of Mary, John's wife; also agree- ment by John to find and pay for 'all maner apparell of the array' of Symond on the day of the marriage, William providing for that of Elizabeth and finding 'all maner coste of metes and drynkes ' at the same time, &c, &c. Monday after Michaelmas, 9 Henry VII. English. Seal.
[Essex.] A. 7248. Indenture of fine, before the King's justices (named), between John, archbishop of York, William, bishop of Norwich, Nicholas Upton, clerk, Andrew Sperlyng, Richard Alrede, and John Husy, querents, and Robert Wyvill, esquire, and Beatrice his wife, deforciants, of a third part of the manor of Newehall, whereby the said deforciants have granted to the plaintiffs the said third part, and have released to them all they had therein for the term of Beatrice's life. Westminster, the octave of St. John the Baptist, 13 Henry VI.
Endorsed: 'Essex.'
[Essex.] A. 7249. Counterpart of A. 7248.
[Bucks.] A. 7250. Grant by Berner de Rothomago, and Beatrice de Langele, his wife, to Roger de Walecothe, of lands in their field of Langele, in exchange for other lands. Witnesses: Nicholas de Bolstrode, and others (named). See A. 54 and 56.
[Somers.] A. 7251. Grant by Thomas de Chei . . . e, to Matthew de Dunnepole, of all the tenement which Adam le Vilur formerly held of him in Galamtoune. Witnesses:—Sir Henry Lovel, Sir William de Monte- Acuto, ('obiit' added), Colin Michel, Matthew de Bettevile, and . . . . . Fichet ('obiit'). Injured.
[Wilts.] A. 7252. Grant by John de Gardino, to Adam de Argoges, of 6s. 3¼d. yearly rent in Strattone, to be received from William Palmer, Nigel son of Alexander and Richard Maline. Witnesses:—Roger de Writele, Robert de Abendon, and others (named).
Middx. A. 7253. Grant by John Roberd of Willesdon, 'housbondman,' to John Gloucester, clerk of the Exchequer, of two crofts called 'Shirrewyk- feldes,' abutting on a close belonging to the grantee called 'Hakkerfeld,' and of another croft called 'Wodecrofte,' in the parish of Wyllesdon, which descended to him after the death of Thomas Roberd of Wyllesdon, 'housbondman,' his father. 29 April, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 7254. Release by Joan late the wife of Henry Foulere, of Lappe- worth, widow, to Walter Page of the same, and Juhota his wife, of all her right of dower in a plot of land in Lappeworth which they had of the said Henry's feoffment. 10 May, 2 [Edward III. ?]
[Norf.] A. 7255. Certificate by Hugh Plaitur of Gestune, that he has attorned William de Londoniis, his heirs and assigns, to Peter Walram, to pay the said Peter 6d. yearly, which Hugh owed for one acre of land in Hecham which he had sold to the said William. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Baret, Simon de Lettune, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[London.] A. 7256. Grant by Richard de Berching and Luciana his wife, to Robert Blund (blundo), son of Bartholomew Blund (blundi), in fee (in feudo et hereditate finabiliter), of the land which Ralph Sage held of them, between the land of Cicely of the Tower (de turri) and the land which Ordric held of them, rendering therefore yearly 2s. 5d. for all service. Witnesses:—Ralph de la Bare, Richard de Warewic, and others (named).
Endorsed:—'Lond' S [an] c [t] i And [ree] Estchep. Carta Ricardi de Berking ad opus Rob [er] ti Blundi quam nob [is] dedit id [em] Rob [er] tus pro a[n]i[m]a fr[atr]is sui Johannis.'
[Sussex.] A. 7257. Release by Joan late the wife of Simon de Herbeting, widow, to John her eldest son, for 10 marks, of all her right in the land which she had of the tenement of the late William le Frylende in the parish of West Wistringes. Witnesses:—Sir John Pechy, John de Almoditone, and others (named).
N'hamp. Hunt. A. 7258. Release by Walter de Nauntone and Joan his wife, to Sir Simon the abbot, and the convent, of Rameseye, of all their right in the manors of Bernewelle, Crowethorp, Hemington, Nidingworth, Haliwelle, St. Ives, Rameseye, and Hirst, with the advowson of the church of St. Andrew, Bernewelle. Witnesses:—Edmund de Pagenham, Robert de Haspale, Thomas de Hindringham, William de Kriketot, John Qwelnetham, Ralph de Bokkinge, Edmund de Hemegrave and Giles de Watesham, knights, and others (named). St. Edmunds, Sunday the vigil of St. Edmund, king and martyr, 3 Edward III. Two seals, injured.
A. 7259. Letter of general attorney by Warin de Bassingeburn, to Sir Bartholomew de Brianzon. London, 2 July, 45 Henry III. Seal of arms (gyronny of twelve), injured.
[Warw.] A. 7260. Counterpart indenture of lease by William . . . . . ., to Richard . . . . . . of Coventre, 'ferour,' and Lettice his wife, for their lives, and after their death to their heirs for ten years, of a messuage in Coventre. Witnesses:—. . . . . . Botener, mayor of Coventry, John Styward and Richard Clerk, bailiffs, and others (named). Thursday the feast of the Annunciation, 1 Richard II. Mutilated. Two seals.
[Warw.] A. 7261. Grant by Richard Elys of Hatton, to Simon de la Grene of the same, of a half acre in Hatton field, lying on 'le Redehull,' adjoining land of the prior of Stodleye. Witnesses:—John de Shreuele, and others (named).
[Herts.] A. 7262. Grant by Payn son of Adam de Terefeld, to Emmot his daughter, of 8½ acres of land in Terefeld, with all the common pasture beyond Theuestrat, belonging to his land in Terefeld; situate part at Pyntleshegges, part on Ordmarashel at 'le delle,' and part on Astoneshel. Witnesses:—Sirs John del Hay, John de Gledesh[eye], and others (named). August A.D. 1242.
[Norf.] A. 7263. Feoffment by Robert Koppyng of Hemysby, Thomas Langdon, John Wynne, and Thomas Waren, to Robert Galme alias Bately, Isabella Curtes, widow, of Ormesby, James Willyems and William Carre, of the same, and the heirs and assigns of the said Robert and Isabella, of 2 acres 1 rood of arable, lying in three pieces in the south field of Scrowteby, which, by deed dated 10 Dec, 18 Henry VII. they had, with other lands, of the grant of Robert Swalew and Roger Stanhow. 28 May, 18 Henry VII.
[Warw.] A. 7264. Grant by William son of the late William Graunpe of Coventre, to Robert de Corleye, William Madur, and John de Lalleford, chaplain, of a plot of land, with a stew &c. in Coventre, which he had of the gift and feoffment of John son of the late Ankytin de Collishull, of Coventre, in the street called 'Bitwene the Brugges,' adjoining the running water; with further grant of a certain gate and a lane leading to the said plot, with free ingress and egress &c. Witnesses:—William le Thymeler, bailiff, Roger Oky, coroner, of Coventre, and others (named). Sunday after the Circumcision, 18 Edward III. Portion of seal.
[Essex.] A. 7265. Release by Ranulph de Lanesande, for 6 marks to his lord, Fulk Basset, bishop of London, of 14s. yearly rent for a certain marsh of Lanesande, which he sold to the said Fulk. Witnesses:— Gilbert de Haltsted, Robert de Uleham, Robert de Stamford, Geoffrey Warenn, Roger de la Maylaund, Robert Bohun, Nicholas de Stok, Hugh de Simmistr', and others.
[N'hamp.] A. 7266. Grant by John Nyghtyngale of Daventre, to Nicholas West, Henry Neuport, and Thomas Fyssher, all of Daventre, of all his lands and tenements &c. in Daventre, Drayton, and Braundeston, with all his goods, chattels, and debts due to him, within England. Tuesday before St. Gregory the Pope, 2 Henry VI. Copy.
[Middx.] A. 7267. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Richard the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, London, to Richard son of Robert de Hestun, in fee and hereditarily of 26 acres land in Hestun, which Ralph Harang gave in alms, at 14s. rent. If he wish to sell it, the convent to be preferred purchaser by one bezant of 2s. He has paid 100s. in earnest. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Sancto Germano, Robert de Sancto Johanne, and others (named).
[Middx.] A. 7268. Chirograph, indented (Copy?), being a grant by Henry Bucointe, to the brethren of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem, of a messuage with a garden and curtilage in Stanmere by Eggeswere, and a certain croft, and 6 acres meadow in the marsh of Stanmere, part abutting on the high road from Eggeswere to hold by 20s. rent, for all service; with further grant that the said brethren may enclose the said meadow; and that neither before nor after mowing may he claim any common in or entry on the said meadow. Witnesses:—Gilbert de Hendun, knight, Andrew Bukerel, mayor of London, and others (named). [A.D 1231-7.]
Middx. A. 7269. Grant by Adam Stakeboll, 'barbour,' and William Skypton, clerk, to William Serjaunt, 'taverner,' of Stanes, and Ralph Baker of the same, of a curtilage and 1 acre arable in Eye, which, together with William Lucas, chaplain, they had of the gift and feoffment of Marion atte Rythe daughter and heir of William, son and heir of Thomas atte Rythe of Eye, co. Middlesex. Westminster, 11 June, 7 Henry IV. Fragment of seal.
Middx. A. 7270. Bond by Richard de Walingeford and Alice his wife, for themselves and their tenants, to Sir Adam de Stratton, clerk, for the payment of 2 marks of yearly rent which they had formerly rendered to Gerin le Gorgerer, for certain messuages &c. in Westminster which they had of the gift and feoffment of the said Gerin. Sunday after St. Gregory, A.D 1273. Seal.
[Middx.] A. 7271. Demise by Ranulph Bocointe son of Henry Bocointe, to William de Paris, of all the land which the said William held of him in Little Stanmere, viz. a virgate and 7 acres of land with pasture over against the wood of the said William called 'Luceholm,' according to the tenour of the charter of Adam Bucointe his grandfather, by 2s. for all service, and 6d. scutage when it happens, with release of all suit of court. Witnesses:—William de Westmilne, Robert de The bewrthe, and others (named).
London. A. 7272. Release by Hamo de Chikewell son of Alan de Chikewell of London, to John de Gildesburgh, citizen and fishmonger of London, of his right in 40s. yearly rent, demised to him for life by the said John, from all the said John's tenements in the city of London. Witnesses:—John Syward, Edmund de Heigham called 'de Chigwell,' and others (named). 1 September, 20 Edward III.
Endorsed: Memorandum of enrolment on the dorse of the Close Roll in October in the within written year.
Warw.] A. 7273. Grant by Henry son of John de Lodbroc, knight, to Robert Ede of Herburbur', and Alice his first wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of a half virgate of land in Herburburb', by 5s. rent and suit of court at Herburburb'. Witnesses:—Robert de Lodbroc, and others (named). Day of St. Lucy the virgin, 29 Edward [I.]
London. A. 7274. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by Stephen the prior, and the convent, of Holy Trinity, London, to Edulf, brother of Walter the hosier (hosarii) of his land which Randulph, his brother, held next before him, to hold to him and his heirs in fee (finabiliter in feodo) for 5s. yearly rent. He is bound to keep up the buildings (tenere hanc predictam terram herbergatam). He has given 1lb. pepper in earnest. Witnesses:—Jordan son of Seth, Godfrey 'glovere', Richard de Averhelle, Randulf 'hattere,' Heur' 'tannere.'
Endorsed: '[Contr] a Edulfu[m] fr[atr]em Walt[eri]i Hoser.' 'Sancti Olavi versus turrim,' &c.
[Surrey.] A. 7275. Grant by Walter de Wilesdon, to Hamo son of William the baker of Talewrth, of a dole (dol) of meadow in Pukemed, as allotted (sicut loth condonat), viz. as much as belongs to one half virgate of land. Witnesses:—William de Stroda, Elias de Graplingeham, and others (named). Portion of seal.
London. A. 7276. Indenture, being the defeasance of a bond by Nicholas the prior, and the convent, of Holy Trinity, London, to John the prior, and the convent of the Charterhouse, London, for 80l. to be paid at Midsummer next, witnessing that on payment of 40l. at four feasts in A.D. 1377, the said bond shall be void. 15 March, 47 Edward III. Fragments of seal.
[Middx.] A. 7277. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant in perpetual fee, by Odo de Toteham and Matilda (Machtildis) his wife, and Ralph his son and heir, to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of 5 acres of land in Toteham, viz. 3 acres in Appelland, and 2 acres in Langheland, at 10d. rent; for which Stephen the prior, and the canons, have given him 1 mark, and 6d. each, to the said Matilda and Ralph, and one ox worth 40d. in payment of the rent of the first four years; and the said Odo and Ralph have confirmed the agreement by their corporal oath in the Chapter of Holy Trinity. Witnesses:—Geffrey and Stephen, nephews of the prior, and others (named). Day of the Annunciation, in the year in which pope Lucius succeeded pope Alexander, before the whole parish.
London. A. 7278. Release by Sibyl late the wife of William Parys, widow, to Sir Adam de Stratton, clerk, of 107s. 8d. rent in London, in which he was bound to her, yearly, for her life, with further grant that the said bond may be annulled; for which the said Adam has given her 10 marks, and has paid 12 marks, for her, to Richard de la Grave. Stanmere, Monday the feast of St. Thomas, 56 Henry III. Portion of seal.
London. A. 7279. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by Ralph the prior, and the convent, of Christ Church, London, to William the chaplain and his heirs, of the land which belonged to Geoffrey the tanner, at 5s. rent; the said William having given 5 marks to Geoffrey by permission of the said prior and canons, for the fee of the said land and houses, and 12d. to John his son, and to each of his three daughters; and the said Geoffrey and his sons and daughters have quitclaimed the said tenure, and this they have sworn (affidaverunt) in the hand of Wluardus the cellarer. Witnesses:—Richard the priest of St. Bartholomew, Alured de Alegate, Salomon de Stebbeh', William Facetus and his sons, and others (named). Endorsed:—'Socca nostra.'
London. A. 7280. Grant by Thomas the chamberlain, son of Robert the chamberlain, to William his brother, of ½ mark, quit rent, from the land which Nicholas Duket held of him to be received only after the death of Alice Maudoit, their grandmother. Witnesses:—Henry son of Ailwin, mayor of London, John Bukoint, and others (named).
[Middx] A. 7281. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by brother E [ustace] the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, London, to Vincent le Fox of Edelmetone, of 4 acres of land there called 'Fernicroft,' which they had of the gift of Richard Denys; the said prior and convent, if they desire to repurchase, or to lease the land to be preferred to any other by 2s. Witnesses:—John called 'Blund', Richard de Anesti, and others (named).
London. A. 7282. Indenture, being the defeasance of a recognisance in 80l. made Saturday after St. Edmund the King and Martyr, 17 Edward III, before Thomas de Maryns, the Chamberlain, in the Guildhall (Guyhalda), London, by brother Nicholas the prior of Holy Trinity, London, to Augustine Waleys of Woxebregge, to be paid at Easter next; witnessing that if the said prior shall pay to the said Augustine 45l. at the dates specified, then the said recognizance shall be void. London, Monday after St. Nicholas, the Bishop and Confessor, 19 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
London. A. 7283. Grant by John de Suffolch, and Agnes his wife, daughter and heir of Peter son of Roger, to Sir Eustace the prior, and the convent, of Holy Trinity, London, of 1 mark yearly rent from a quay (cayo) with houses and shops built thereon, extending from the high street to the Thames, and from the angle of the lane called 'Aubrees Watergate,' to the quay of William son of Edmund de Essex. Witnesses:—Sir Walter Hervi, mayor of London, Walter le Poter and John Horn, sheriffs, and others (named). Sunday after the Ascension, 1 Edward I. Fragments of seal.
Endorsed:—Memorandum of enrolment in the Husting of London on Monday before St. Peter in Cathedra in the second year of King Edward. Also 'Radulfus Clericus habet.'
London. A. 7284. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by S [tephen] the prior, and the convent, of Holy Trinity, London, to Odelina late the wife of William Grant, and her heirs, of two dwellings (mansuras terre) adjacent in the parish of St. Andrew, which Gunterus and Lefsi held, to be held in fee and hereditarily for 3s. yearly. Also the said Odelina made surety to the said church of the said tenement by interposition of faith in the hands of Ralph the Goldsmith and John Facetus. Her nephew (nepos), whom she put in her place, confirmed the said surety for her upon the gospels. Also she gave to the convent a London sextary of wine and 2s. in earnest. The land is 21¼ ells in width in front, 15 ells behind, and 31½ ells in length. Witnesses:—William Facetus, John his son, Ralph the Goldsmith, William d' Arraz, Ralph son of John, Baldwin son of Baldwin, Edmund Jan [itor], Geoffrey Lirec, Robert de Hereford, Geoffrey de Insula, Simon and John de Berching.
London. A. 7285. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by Ralph the prior, and the convent, of Christ Church, London, to William Facetus and his heirs, of the land which William, his uncle, gave to the said church, with himself, when he was made canon, to hold in fee and hereditarily by ½ mark yearly rent. Witnesses:—Robert son of Lesttan, Edmund the Alderman, Jordan the clerk, Jordan son of Algod, and Roger son of Eilwin.
Endorsed: 'Sancti Andree ad Sanctam Trinitatem.' See A. 1686.
London. A. 7286. Chirograph, indented, being the defeasance of a deed whereby John Rosamund, the younger, was bound to the prior E[ustace], and canons of Holy Trinity, London, for the payment to them of 2 marks yearly out of his dwelling house (capitali managio), which formerly belonged to Master John Rosamund his lord (domini sui), viz. that on payment of 20 marks, they would restore the deed to him, on payment of 10 marks, they would deduct 1 mark from the said yearly charge, and ½ mark on payment of 5 marks. Witnesses:—Master Vincent de Puntois, Master Simon de Cornhille, Robert de Curingeham, and others (named).
[London.] A. 7287. Release by Henry de Iddeburi, executor of the wills of Master Roger de la Bere, clerk, and of John de Burford and Rose his wife, on behalf of himself and his co-executors to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, of all actions, on account of a chantry which the said prior and convent had agreed to make for the souls of the said deceased. London, 15 July, A.D. 1329.
[London.] A. 7288. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by Stephen the prior, and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, to John the goldsmith, of the land which next before him Walter the goldsmith held of them, to hold to him and his heirs in fee and hereditarily for 10s. yearly, as long as the said rent is duly (sine malo ingenio et meschenninge) paid, and as long as he is faithful; he has sworn on the four gospels in the chapter before the convent to be faithful to the church and canons for this tenement; he has given the prior and convent a sextary of wine of London in earnest for this grant. Witnesses:—Philip the chaplain of Hormade, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Contra Johannen Aurifabrum de Terra Walteri filii Jacobi pro x solidis'; 'Omnium Sanctorum de Cornilla.'
[London.] A. 7289. Demise by Richard le Paumor, and Agnes his wife, to John brother of Henry Horn, for ten years, of a plot (placeam) of land within their house with an upper room (solio) and a stair (gradum) to it. Easter, 32 Henry III.
[Middx.] A. 7290. Certificate by Henry de Lacy and Margaret his wife, to all their tenants of Eggeswere, Kingesbyry, and Little Stanmere, that they had granted to Adam de Strattone, clerk, their manors of Eggeswere and Kingesbury, and the services of their free tenants in Stanmere, which services and manors Nicholas de Lungespee [held of] them by . . . . Mutilated.
London. A. 7291. Letter of attorney by John Neirneut authorising Thomas Neirneut, his brother, to place John de Hyngestone, citizen and goldsmith of London, in full seisin of all the tenements formerly belonging to Henry de la More, citizen and goldsmith of London, in the parish of St. Nicholas Olave in the old fishmarket (piscaria), London, according to the deed of feoffment made to him thereof by the said John Neirneut and Margery his wife. Sunday after St. Peter in Cathedra, 4 Edward III. Injured.
London. A. 7292. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by Stephen the prior, and the convent, of Christ Church, London, to Hugh de Polestede, of the land by the Thames which William the priest (presbyter) held from them, the said William having sold the fee, to him, with their consent. Witnesses:—Roger de Ginges, Philip de Wid'vill, and others (named).
Endorsed: 'Modo Adam de Rokesle' . . . 'Sancti Dunstani.'
London. A. 7293. General release by Richard Cayly, chaplain, executor of the will of John de Kenyngton, late rector of the church of St. Dunstan by the Tower, London, to William the prior, and the convent, of Holy Trinity, London; and because his seal was unknown to many he procured it to be sealed by Thomas de Bakton, dean of Arches, with the seal of his office. 23 October, A.D. 1382, 6 Richard II. Portion of two seals.
London. [Essex.] A. 7294. Chirograph, indented, being an agreement between Bene- dict the abbot, and the convent, of Strafford, and Peter the prior, and the convent, of Holy Trinity, London, viz. the said abbot and convent have granted to the said prior and the canons of Holy Trinity 60 marks, and 40s. quit rent in London, in exchange for two lands, one called 'Luymudhe,' which Robert the clerk of Westham held, lying next the Lea (Luyam), and the other called 'Holecuhamma,' lying near the mill of the monks which is called 'Pikeshoc'; the said 40s. of yearly rent lying in the following places, viz. in the parish of St. Faith from land which was John de Mareny's which Geoffrey the Chamberlain held of the said monks, 8s.; in the parish of St. Benedict from land which Alfred Finacat held of them, 8s.; in the parish of St. Nicholas, in the ward of Alan Baalun from land which Walter 'Tailiator' who had to wife the daughter of Michael son of John held of them, 5s.; in the parish of St. Martin in Candelwrith- testrat from land which Ralph Long held of them, 7s.; and in the parish of St. Peter at Cornhill from land which Osbert Rufus held of them, 12s. Witnesses:—Henry son of Ailwin, and others (named).
London. A. 7295. Confirmation by Robert de Valoniis, of the grant which David de Cornhella, and Robert his brother, made to the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of their land of Blanchesapeltuna which is in his soke of the said city, rendering him therefore 4d. at Mid Lent yearly for socage, and for this they have given him one mark of silver in gersum. Witnesses:—Ralph de Lattuna, his sewer, by whom he seised them of the said land, and William his son, Richard Aguillun, John son of Nigel, and Waleran, sheriffs, Henry the Alderman son of Ailwin, William Facetus, Peter son of Alan, Geoffrey Buchuinte, Jordan de Turri, Michael de Walencines and Jeremy. [A.D. 1177.]
Endorsed: 'Staniggecherch.'
London. A. 7296. Grant by Felicia, late the wife of Jocius the young (juvenis), for the welfare of her said late husband, and of her soul, to Richard the prior, and the canons, of Holy Trinity, London, in frank almoin, of 40s. yearly quit rent, to wit 20s. from land and three shops of the fee of St. Giles' hospital in the street of London Bridge, between the land and shop (sopam) of Wygod the mercer to the south, the land and shop which was of Richard Blund, of the same fee to the north, and the land and dwelling which was of Geoffrey le Soper (managium . . . . Galfridi schopparii) of the same fee to the west; 8s. from the shop of Roger the butcher between the shop which was of Derekin the spicer (speciarii) to the south and the shop of St. Mary of Southwark to the north; and 14s. from land with houses and shops in the parish of St. John, Walebrok, between the land which was of Geoffrey de Frowyk to the east and land which was of Alan Weyder to the west. Sealed with her own seal and the seals of her husband's executors. Witnesses:—Ralph Sperleng, Robert Hardel, Robert de Cornhell, Alexander [le] Ferrun, aldermen, John Adrian, Robert de Catilon, William Aswi, draper, Richard Sigar, Gilbert le Bas, Richard le May, John de Teffunte, William Haket, Three seals lost, fragment of fourth.
London. A. 7297. Letters patent by Margery the prioress, and the convent, of Ankerwyke, being an acquittance for 2 marks, received from Sir Adam de Strettone, the king's clerk, in full payment (perpacacionem) of all money in which he was bound to them for yearly rents which he bought from them in fee in London. 2 August, 55 Henry III.
[London.] A. 7298. Chirograph, not indented, being a grant by Stephen the prior, and the convent, of Holy Trinity, London, to Gilbert the clerk, of the land which Malgerus, his uncle, held next before him, viz. a forge and the land thereto belonging, to hold in fee and heredity for ever for ½ mark rent so long as he duly (sine malo ingenio et meskenninge) pay the same: he has sworn on the four gospels in the Chapter to be faithful; he has paid ½ mark in gersum and 3s. for pitance. Witnesses:—John, chaplain of the Bailey (de ballio), John, our chaplain of St. Michael, Salomon de Stebeheth, William de Plaissiz, Gilbert's nephew (nepote), and others (named).
London. A. 7299. Extract from the will of Ralph de Cantabrigg[ia], enrolled on the under-mentioned date, viz. he bequeathed to Henry his son, in tail, the tenement which Robert Gylle held of him, subject to the payment of 16s. quit rent to the prior and convent of Christchurch, London, which he was accustomed to pay them from all his tenements, with remainder in default of issue of the said Henry to Robert Erhethe and Juliana his wife, and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten. Monday after St. Hilary, 89 Edward III. Paper.
London. A. 7300. Chirograph, indented, being an agreement by Stephen the prior, and the convent, of the Holy Trinity, London, to find one of their fellow canons to celebrate daily for the soul of John called 'le Blunt,' citizen and goldsmith of London, who had left 50 marks for the said purpose, which money the grantors had received of Ralph le Blunt, his brother and executor, the celebrant to have the said Ralph and Maud his wife in special remembrance; also the said John and Ralph are to be placed in their martyrology, and service made for them thereon as for a fellow canon; for all which the said Ralph had given them 25 marks. Friday the morrow of the Ascension, A.D. 1295.