Deeds: A.7401 - A.7500

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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A.7401 - A.7500

[N'hamp.] A. 7401. Release by Richard Martin, of Welton, to Thomas his son, and Julian, daughter of Bartholomew, son of Henry, of Est Haddon, and the heirs begotten between them, and Thomas' heirs and assigns, of his right in the capital messuage he had in Welton and in the lands, &c. inherited or purchased, in Welton and Ahsscheby St. Leger whereof he had already enfeoffed them in frank marriage. Welton, the day of the Purification B.V.M. 9 Edward II. Seal effaced.
[N'hamp.] A. 7402. Demise by Ralph son of Simon called 'le Preest' of Jelvertoft, to John son of Richard Terry of the same, of two parts of a half virgate of land in Jelvertoft field with meadow and pasture and other their appurtenances, to wit the parts he held after Emma his mother was dowered thereof; to hold for 24 years commencing Michaelmas, 5 Edward II, at 4s. rent. Sunday before the Ascension, 4 Edward II. Seal.
[Hunt.] A. 7403. Feoffment by John son of Henry le Franceys of Aylington to the abbot, William, and convent of St. Benedict of Rameseye, for the health of his soul and the souls of his ancestors, of an acre of arable in Aylington field, to wit half an acre at Bouhtwell and half an acre on Middelforlong; to hold in free, pure and perpetual alms; for this grant &c. the said abbot and convent have given him 15s. of silver before hand. Witnesses:—John de Aylington, Roger son of Hugh Brian, William son of John, Walter Produme, Geoffrey son of Reginald Ketel, William de Bernewell, Robert de Hale, clerk, and others. Seal, effaced.
A. 7404. Indenture of demise by Thomas Ryvell of Bukby to Agnes Ryvell his mother, for the term of her life, of a messuage with its enclosures (clausuris) called 'Floresplace' in Bukby, and 4a. arable and pasture for a cow in his pastures in Bukby fields; the said 4a. lie, 1a. by Haddon Wey, 1a. in Dowelslade, 1a. at Barowhegge, ½a. by Dernewey and 2 roods on Rokwelhill: he has also given her 8 marks rent for life, charged 6 marks on 'Halle place' in the tenure of William Hopkyns, 20s. on John Colman's tenement and 6s. 8d. on John Sawyer's tenement; she is to renew two gables of 'Halle place' within a year from date at her own cost; further, during her life, he and his heirs will give her a load of hay on the feast of St. Peter ad Vincula yearly. 24 May, 38 Henry VI. Seal.
[Oxford.] A. 7405. Feoffment by John de Whithulle son of Walter de Whithulle, knight, to Sir Hugh le Despenser of 2a. (duas meliores acras) of his meadow in 'Le Longedole' in the meadow of Whithulle as allotted (prout sorte cadunt); which acres his men at their own expense shall at the proper season mow, turn and carry; to hold to the said Sir Hugh &c. for ever, rendering therefor yearly 40s. Witnesses:—Walter Douvyle of Takkele, Robert Clerk (clerico) of the same, Richard Young (juvene) of Whithalle, John de Cotesforde of Curtlington, Richard de Caune of the same and many other. Whithulle, Sunday after the Nativity of the B.V.M. 34 Edward [I].
Sussex. A. 7406. Feoffment by Maurice Pomery of the parish of Pulbergh, co. Sussex, to William Cheyne, knight, chief justice of the King's Bench, William Ryman and John Lilye, esquires, John atte Mylle of Arundell, Roger Holte of Hertyng and John Dragon, of his lands, &c. in Inlond and in the hundred of Bourne and in the town of West Hertyng called 'Chaunses' in the hundred of Dempford, with the exception of a parcel of land called 'Bolegardyn' in the parish of Bourne south of the highway from Inlond to Hambrok; all of which he had by the feoffment of John atte Mylle otherwise called Mylleward, clerk. Dated at West Hertyng, 14 May, 5 Henry VI. Seal.
[Glouc.] A. 7407. Feoffment by Thomas at Well (de fonte) of Hodinton, chaplain, to Henry de Weleye of Brodecampedene and Sibyl his wife, of 4 messuages in the town of Brodecampedene and 4 virgates of land with 4 virgates of meadow there; to hold to them and the heirs of the body of the said Sibyl, with reversion in default to the said Henry and his heirs. Friday after St. Valentine, 7 Edward II. Seal, broken.
[Norf.] A. 7408. Release by Richard Bumpsted, clerk, to John Tasburgh and Robert Norwiche, of his right in a messuage near Bokenhamfferye with buildings in Carleton, and in the ferry and boat, together with the lands, &c. in Langle, Bergh, Thurton, Assheby and Claxton, or elsewhere in Lodne hundred, which were Margaret Vernon's and afterwards Thomas Gerard's; all which he, together with the said John and Robert and Thomas, late bishop of Ely, Walter, bishop of Norwich, Gilbert Haultoft and Osbert Mundeford the younger, esquire, had by the demise and feoffment of William Liminour, Richard Chirche of Bungey and Roger Crosse, clerk. The last day of August, 33 Henry VI.
Norf. A. 7409. Counterpart indenture between Margaret Idley, late of Buckenham Fery, co. Norfolk, widow, executrix of the testament of John Germy, gentleman, deceased, of the one, and John Flegge of Nedeham Markett, co. Suffolk, of the other part; reciting the sale by the said Margaret to the said John of the manor and advowson of Buckenham Fery and the advowson of Hassyngham, co. Norfolk, lands called 'Lyghtfotes' with 'oon marke of Swannes' for 400 markes payable over 20 years at the rate of 20 marks yearly, as by indenture dated 15 October, 3 Henry VIII appeared, ' with a reentre for noon payment reserved'; it is agreed between the parties for better security of payment, and it is covenanted by the said John, to cause a fine to be levied of the premises, with warranty against the abbot of Westminster, in his own or their joint names before St. Philip and St. James next, to Ralph Verney, knight, Richard Wentworth, knight, Thomas More, gentleman, Thomas Wentworth, esquire, George Treheyron, gentleman, Ralph Chaloner, gentleman, Edward Styrop, merchant, and Robert Flegge, mercer, and the heirs of Styrop (discharged of all estates other than a lease for years thereof made by the said John to Anthony Hansard, esquire) to the use of the said John upon payment of 33l. 6s. 8d. 'at the ensealyng of these indentures' and thereafter of 10 marks every half year on the feasts of St. Thomas of Canterbury and the Purification of the B.V.M. between 8.0 a.m. and 10.0 a.m. in the church of St. Thomas of Acres or Acon, 'sett in the Chepe Syde of the Citee of London'; and in default of such payments, to the use of the said Margaret and of her last will. Executed 'per me Johannem Flegge.' Seal.
N'hamp. A. 7410. Counterpart indenture being a feoffment by John Watford son of Thomas Watford, late of Great Creton, deceased, to William Chambirleyn of Watford, co. Northampton, and William Walsh of the same, of 2 crofts of pasture and all other his land in Watford, at the rent of a rose, if demanded, for the first six years, and thereafter at the rent of 26s. 8d. yearly, for the term of 33 years. 1 August, 36 Henry VI. Seals.
[N'hamp.] A. 7411. Sale in final and stable sale (in finali et stabili vendicione) by Reginald Cosin and Elena his wife, daughter of Richard le Freman of Fardingeston, to Osbert Stanwey of the same for 12s. 6d. paid beforehand, of all their part, with court and croft and meadow as allotted in 'le Dole- mede,' of the messuage which belonged to the said Richard in Fardingeston, rendering 12d. in their stead to the chief lord of the fee, with warranty on (super) the whole of the said Reginald's tenements without the south gate of Northampton. Witnesses.
[Warw.] A. 7412. Feoffment by John Brome of Lappeworth to Adam Miles of Haselholt and Agnes his wife, of moiety of 'Hondiesfeld' in Lappeworth next 'le Moresmethe' pasture. Tuesday after St. Martin the Bishop, 22 Richard II. Seal.
[Kent.] A. 7413. Feoffment by John, Adam, and John, the sons and heirs of Adam Knyzt of Bromleghe, to Margery daughter of Brice Barset of Newynton, of a daywork of land with a house thereon, in Newynton, 'bynethestrete' at the Cross, which came to them by descent on the death of the said Adam their father. Saturday, the feast of St. Michael the Archangel, 21 Edward III.
[Essex.] A. 7414. Grant by Adam Buquinte, to Andrew Blund and Lucy his wife of all the land they held of him, to hold of him and his heirs so long as they should live, by free service of 3s. yearly; also he quit claimed to them whatever he had or could have of the fee of William de Reimes; for this grant and quitclaim they gave him a bezant of gold in gersum. Witnesses:—John Olivant, Lawrence son of Gregory, Matthew the tailor (parmentario), Stephen de Cantebrugia, Baldwin the tailor (parmentario), Henry the clerk, and many others.
[Herts.] A. 7415. Grant by the prior, Richard, and convent of Holy Trinity, London, to John de Hwaddun of 10a. in Berkeden, which before him Henry de Bisford held; to hold to him and his heirs in fee and heredity, rendering for all service 4s., viz. 2s. half-yearly and by doing two boons in autumn; he has sworn on the gospels to keep faith to the convent of the said tenement and service; for this he has given them 4 marks of silver in gersum. Witnesses:—Richard Muschet, Roger Hakun, Roger son of Brien, Adam de Brackinge, Thomas de Bordesden, John de Lesne, Simon de Melckele.
A. 7416. Feoffment by Peter son of William of Magnesden to William de Valentia, lord of Pembroke, of 2a. and a virgate of land, as divided, in Longerede field. Witnesses:—Robert de Cumden, Geoffrey his son, Wobernus and Ralph de Mechesburi, Robert de Chert and others (named).
[Linc.] A. 7417. Feoffment by Alexander son of the priest (Sacerdotis) of Boby to Henry de Finham of 1a. arable in the territory of Boby on the west of the town in Northfeld on the west side 'del gayre' of Sumerton abutting on the 'divises' of Coleby to the north and on the 'akerdik' of Boby to the south, at the rent of a farthing at Whitsuntide for all service. Witnesses:—William, parson of Boby, John de Lettres and others (named).
Endorsed: Botheby.
[Staff.] A. 7418. Release by Agnes late the wife of Robert de Wodecote to Sir (sire) Roger de Pyuellesdon of her dower in land sold to him by her said husband. Aston near Stone (Estanes), St. Martin's eve, 6 Edward [I]. Witnesses:—Roger de Waleton, Roger le fiz Jordan de Pyuellesdon, and others (named). French.
[Hunt.] A. 7419. Feoffment by Richard Balde of Broughton and Margery his wife to John Othewold of the same, smith, and Agnes his wife, and his heirs, of 3a. land there. Sunday before St. Thomas, Apostle, 2 Richard II.
[Herts.] A. 7420. Grant by Maurice son of Helias to Roger the chaplain of Miesdun of one acre and half a perch of land in his croft next that acre which his lady Aliz held of him; for his service and the money the said Roger paid him beforehand, viz. 3s. and to Basilla his wife 4d., rendering 2d. farm at Christmas, for all services which belong to the lord; this land the said Roger ought to hold in defence of one half acre against the king. Witnesses:—Ralph de Furneals, Richard de Miesdun, who is lord of the fee, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7421. Counterpart of demise by William de Catesby to William le Clerc of Offechirche for two years of the rents and services of his tenants in Herbury, to wit what once belonged to Sir John de Lodbrok, knight. 8 June, 47 Edward III. Seal.
[Hunt.] A. 7422. Sale by William son of Humphrey, with the consent of his wife (femine) and his heirs, to Margaret daughter of Walter son of Alger of all his part of the meadow at Benecroft [? in Warboys] and the meadow Christian wife (mulier) of Anthony held, after her life; to hold at the rent of a penny at Easter for all service; for this the said Margaret has given him 9s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir William de Wichenton, Sir Oliver Mo[in]e, Sir William Mouin, John de Clairvaux (Claris Vallibus). Geoffrey de Winchester (Vincestre) and others (named).
N'hamp. A. 7423. Feoffment by Thomas Rayge of Braunston the younger to William Saunders and Richard Wylkys, gentlemen, John Litley of Dunchurche and Lawrence Robynson, of a messuage with garden, croft and toft adjacent, in Braunston, co. Northampton, to the use of dame Elizabeth Lucy, widow, and her heirs, and the use of her last will. 26 April, 19 Henry VIII.
Memorandum of livery of seisin, the 28th April following, endorsed; in the presence of Alisaunder Cooke and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7424. Feoffment by Hugh de Braundeston to master John de Cubworth, Thomas Scut of Lapworth and Richard Giffard, of the manor of Lapworth. Witnesses named. Friday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist, 35 Edward III.
A. 7425. Release by Agnes late the wife of Walter de Brittisham, to Roger de Brittisham, her brother, of her dower in the land he had of the said Walter's gift, rendering therefore 8d. half-yearly; for this release he has given her 8d. before hand and the messuage with curtilage which Ralph, Walter's brother, formerly held, for her life, with preference to him as a tenant if she desire to lease it; because she has no seal of her own she has borrowed (acomodaci) the seal of Richard de Axe, clerk. Witnesses:— William de Tyderleghe, William Furnel, Walter Gulofre, Robert Tyrel.
[Warw.] A. 7426. Indenture of demise by Simon son of Simon Bertulmeu of Hatton to William de la Waude, for 33 years from Midsummer, 19 Edward [I], of 14 sellions (seylones) of land lying dispersed in the territory of Hatton, at the rent of a silver penny at Michaelmas; for this William has given him 20s. beforehand.
[Bedf.] A. 7427. Indenture of demise, made 31 Henry III, by John, chaplain of Gykewelle to Richard Rous (Rubeum), chaplain of Caldecot, for the term of his life, of his right in a messuage in Gykewell and a croft adjacent, and in two 'otherhalfzerdes' in Gykewell field on the fardel (super quarentenam) called Scortecroft, &c, keeping the house in repair and not sub-letting; for this Richard has given him 5 marks. Witnesses:— Randulf de Thurnecot and others (named).
[Berks.] A. 7428. Indenture of demise by Sir Hugh le Despenser the elder to Robert Badelking and Meliora his wife of a croft called 'Westchokes- croft,' containing 7a. land, and 5a. meadow, 2 enclosed and 3 in the common meadow, in Benham Valence, to wit the croft and meadow which Cecily Scot sued by the king's writ against the said Robert; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies; rendering, the said Robert, 10s. and after his decease the said Meliora and their heirs, 20s. yearly, to the said Sir Hugh and his heirs; with reversion in default of their issue to the said Sir Hugh. Witnesses:—Sir John de Haudlo and Sir Richard Fokeram, knights, and others (named). Spene, Monday after the octave of St. Hilary, 6 Edward II.
Endorsed:—Scriptum Roberti Batilking. . .
[Derby.] A. 7429. Indenture of demise by Amicia de Burgo, prioress of Blessed Mary of Langele and the convent there, to Geoffrey de Bolton, chaplain, and Isabel his sister, for their lives, of a messuage and two bovates of land in the territory of Bolton, which Roger their father formerly held of the said convent; rendering 10s. yearly. Monday, St. Martin's eve, 26 Edward [I]. Witnesses:—Robert Saucheverel of Bolton, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7430. Indenture being an assignment of dower by William, son and heir, to Emma, late the wife, of John de Catesby, of tenements in Thurlaston and Dunchirch, being in the said William's hands on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
[Kent.] A. 7431. Release by Guy at Hall (Wydo de Aula) of the parish of Renham, to Stephen de Crofte, in consideration of 5s. 4d. paid beforehand, of 6½d. rent and ½d. of forgavel (de forgabulo) for 5a. land in a place called 'Elfredis- dane,' and 1d. rent for 3 virgates land called 'Godwottisland.' 23 Edward I. Witnesses:—Guy at Well (Wydo de Puteo) de Puteo, William de Toketone, Walter son of Walter de Moristret, John Elfred, and others (named).
[Kent.] A. 7432. Release by John de Wykham, son of John le Clerk, to Stephen de Crofte, in consideration of 4s. 6d. paid beforehand in gersum, of 6½d. quit rent which the said Stephen was wont to pay to him and Elena his wife for a piece of land in a place called 'Elfredesdane.' Witnesses:—Ralph atte Nok, Walter de Moristrete and others (named). June, 26 Edward [I].
Warw. A. 7433. Feoffment by George Catesby, esquire, son and heir (heres de sanguine) of William Catesby, esquire, to John Burman and Thomas Foxe, clerks, John Salbrige and Richard South, of lands called 'Brome is landes' in Lapworth, co. Warwick. 4 January, 12 Henry VII. Seal, a cat.
A. 7434. Feoffment by William son of William Austyn of Hulle by Warrewyk to Geoffrey, son of the said William Austyn, tanner in Coventry, and Joan his wife, of a tenement in Wymoundeslane in Coventry which he had of the gift and feoffment of the said Joan; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Geoffrey. Witnesses:—Roger de Pacwode, coroner of Coventry, and others (named). Wednesday before St. George, 8 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 7435. Chirograph, indented, being a grant by Albert, prior of St. Pancras of Lewes and the convent of the same to Thomas son of Alan of Walepol, for his homage and service, of the sixth part of one 'tinmanlot' in Walepol which his father held; rendering 10s. yearly, over and above the yearly rent of 31d. which he owed for another sixth part of the other 'tinmanlot' which master Alexander gave him in frank marriage with his sister Matilda, and over and above the rent of 6d. which he owed for 5½a. land he held of them in the town of Walepol. Witness: the whole convent. (Teste universitate nostra).
Endorsed: Mersselond.
[Surrey] A. 7436. Feoffment by Robert Lenote of Wolkensted to William Lenote his son of messuage and curtilage there between the road from Croydon to Grensted, &c. Sunday before St. Lawrence the Martyr, 35 Edward III.
[Berks.] A. 7437. Feoffment by William Parys, son of Richard Parys, to Adam de Argoges of 11s. 2d. rent in Offinton to be received yearly from James de Offinton; rendering 1d. at Easter; for this Adam has given him 10 marks silver beforehand in gersum. Witnesses:—Adam de Greynvill, Thomas Esperun, then justices of the Jews and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7438. Feoffment by dame Rose (Rosa) de Mountford to John Mountford, son of Thomas Mountford of Toneworth, of two messuages in Lappeworth and Notehurste late of Walter atte Welle and Joan his wife. Saturday after St. Faith the Virgin, 6 Henry V.
[Essex.] A. 7439. Chirograph, not indented, being an exchange between Stephen the prior and the convent of Holy Trinity, London, and Ralph le Desp[encer] of Bromfeld, of half acres in Brademad in the said town. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Mandavill, knight, and others (named).
[Essex.] A. 7440. Certificate by Thomas Serjeant (serviens) that he has attorned Alice daughter of John Spileman her heirs and assigns to pay the rector of Bromfeld church and his successors 6d. by 3d. half yearly.
[Essex.] A. 7441. Release by William Pinkene to master Walter, archdeacon of Norfolk, of 3a. land in the town of Brunfeld (described), together with the quit claim which Thomas de Maundeville made to the said master Walter of the aforesaid land, which is contained in the charter of quit claim which he made to the said master Walter of the fair of St. Leonard, and of the road before the door of the church of the said town, and of a right of way (de libero itinere) from the rector's house to the church across the fields of the said Thomas; rendering 2lbs. wax, at 4½d. the pound, at Michaelmas for all service; for this release the said master Walter has given him 16s. beforehand. And because he, the said William de Pinkenee, is not willing to warrant the said quitclaim, the said Thomas de Mandeville has entered for him to make the said warranty, together with other warranties and the quit claim which he made to the said Walter, as in the charter of the said Thomas is more fully contained. Witnesses:—John the priest (presbitero) of Crepinges and others (named). Seal, broken.
[Kent.] A. 7442. Feoffment by Emma de Clyve, relict of the late John Cumpernage, and Henry Neuu her son, to Stephen Lacatour and Alice his wife of a messuage they bought of John Barratour and Margaret his wife in Nethewode [in Lesnes]. 20 Edward II. See A. 4956.
[Essex] A. 7443. Feoffment by Geoffrey Parfey of Bolemere to Sir Philip Basset, for his service and ½ mark silver, of 14½d. rent, and 3d. to a scutage of 20s. and so in proportion, which he was wont to receive from Hugh Sevare of Sub[buri] for land called Reylond in the town of Bolemere; rendering a clove gillyflower at Christmas for all service. Witnesses:— Sir Ralph de Wascoil, Sir Peter de Mervile and others (named).
London. A. 7444. Release by Thomas de Beauflour, citizen and vintner of London, to Henry de Braundeston son of the late Sir Hugh de Braundeston, knight, of his right in land and tenements in the parish of Blessed Mary atte Hull at Billyngesgate in the city of London, which he had of the said Henry's gift. Witnesses:—Thomas le Prentice then Chamberlain of the Guildhall (Gyhalle) and others (named). Saturday before St. Botolph, 12 Edward II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7445. Indenture of demise by John Mallore, knight, lord of Welton, to William Holewelle of Watford and Joan his wife, for their lives, of 5a. arable and 1a. 1 rood of mowing mead (prati falcabilis) in Welton fields, at 5s. rent. Tuesday after the Annunciation, 38 Edward III.
Warw. A. 7446. Indenture being a feoffment by John Wileby of Bobenhull to Thomas de Meryngton, Simon de Catesby, rector of Wolfhamcote, William Brook, chaplain, and John Brook of his lands in Bobenhull, co. Warwick, to the intent that, after seisin had and attornment of tenants, they should within one month reenfeoff him thereof subject to the yearly rent of 13s. 4d. during the term of 20 years then next. Witnesses:— John de Catesby and others (named). Monday the morrow of St. Gregory, 14 Richard II. Seal.
[Kent.] A. 7447. Feoffment by Roger de Faukham to William de Wykewane and Sarah his wife of 15a. land in Faukham; also of 3 perches of meadow in the salt marsh of Derteforde near Costynesmed; for this they have given him 100s. 28 Edward [I]. Witnesses:—Sir Richard Scotland, knight, and others (named).
[Kent.] A. 7448. Feoffment by Stephen son of Hamo the weaver (tixtoris) and Agnes his wife to Robert Skeet and Emma his wife of a daywork (deywercam) and a quarter with a house thereon and a road to the water called 'Cranford'; for this they have given them 15s. 34 Edward [I].
Endorsed: Derteford. Redd[it] inde annuatim capitalibus dominis illius feodi duos denarios ad festum Sancti Michaelis.
[Bucks.] [Middx.] A. 7449. Release by Agnes late the wife of Thomas de la Mersch to Henry son of Thomas of her dower in lands in the parishes of Great Kunebell and Stanes. Mersch (apud Mariscum), Saturday before 'le Hokedey,' 5 Edward [I].
[N'hamp.] A. 7450. Feoffment by Thomas Adam of Braundeston, chaplain, to William de Baddeby of the same and Agnes his wife, of two messuages, &c. there. Monday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 23 Edward III.
[York. W.R.] A. 7451. Feoffment by John Hodingray of Melton to Alan de Friseby of a bovate of land with a toft and croft in Ravenfeld, to wit that bovate which Peter Filding formerly held; rendering 5s. yearly to the chief lords of the fee, and to him the said John and his heirs ½d. at Christmas. Witnesses:—Adam de Normanville, Robert de Hoton, and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7452. Feoffment by Symon Bertulmeu of Hatton to Stephen Murdak of a half acre of land with headland (capudicio) of meadow there; rendering 1d. at the Annunciation for all service; for this the said Stephen has given him 5s. 6d. before hand.
Leic. A. 7453. Feoffment by Nicholas Craunford of Assheby Leger, co. Northampton to his daughter Juliana of 13s. 4d. and 1lb. cummin, rent, in Thedingworth, co. Leicester, due from John Richard and his heirs for their tenement there; 16s. from a messuage and virgate there held by Henry Taylour for the term of his life, with the reversion thereof after his decease; the cottage William le Grom used to hold there; and Thomas le Waryner, his bondman (nativum), with his issue (sequela), goods and the messuage and half virgate he held in bondage (villenagio); to hold to the said Juliana and the heirs of her body lawfully begotten; rendering yearly 39s. silver to him, the said Nicholas, and Katharine his wife, during their lives and thereafter a grain of pepper to his heirs, and doing the services due to the chief lords of the fee; with remainder, in default of her issue to Henry his son and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to Robert his son, his heirs and assigns. Witnesses:—Eustace de Burneby, Sir Nicholas de Burneby, knight, and others (named). Monday after the Purification, 14 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[Warw.] A. 7454. Release by William Dastyne of Magna Derset to William le Clerk of Geydon and Joan his wife of his right in a tenement which his uncle Thomas and his father William Dastyn had of the feoffment of Sir John de Suydleye in 'le Newelonde' in Chepingdercet. The feast of St. Barnabas, 12 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 7455. Demise by Thomas Dastyn of Derset to William le Clerc of Geydon and Joan his wife for their lives in survivorship of 2s. rent from the messuage which John Recheles held of him in 'le Newelonde' of Derset, with the reversion of the said messuage after the said John's decease. The feast of the Annunciation, 12 Edward III.
[Wilts.] A. 7456. Feoffment by William son of Warin de Aylesbury to Sir Adam de Stratton, clerk, of 6s. 3d. rent in Crekelade from his tenants there; rendering a rose at Midsummer for all service; for this Adam has given him 3 marks. Witnesses:—Sir Robert de Lusteshull and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 7457. Release as in A. 7454. The feast of St. Ambrose, 12 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7458. Feoffment by John Mallore to John de Lye and John Broun, chaplain, of the manor of Weltone. Tuesday after the Purification, 24 Edward III. Seal, effaced.
N'hamp. Worc. A. 7459. Grant by Richard Nevile, lord Latymer, to George Catesby, in consideration of the surrender of letters patent dated 1 October 17 Edward IV, whereby Elizabeth, lady Latymer, deceased, granted to William Catesby, esquire, his father, for services rendered, a rent of 10l. and to himself a rent of 10 marks, for their lives respectively, out of the manors of Kyslyngbury and Bewedeley, of the like annuity of 4l. out of the manors of Kyslyngbury and Stowe. 27 November, 15 Henry VII. Signed.
[N'hamp.] A. 7460. General release by Nicholas le Wariner of Buckeby to William son of Robert Ryvel of the same. Overton Quatremars, co. Leicester, St. John's Eve, 22 Edward III.
[Herts.] A. 7461. Sale and quit claim by William de Waver son of Warin to Richard, the prior, and the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of 12d. quit rent which Ralph Thiede was used to pay him for a tenement he held of him in Bordesden of the said canons' fee; for this they have given him 12s. sterling.
[Lanc.] A. 7462. Feoffment by Robert de Plesinton to Richard son of Adam de Knoll of 8a. arable and meadow in Chepyn. Wednesday within Easter week, A.D. 1313.
[Hunt] A. 7463. Feoffment by William Cycely of Rameseye to Thomas Caunvyle of Hetmundegrove and Fina his wife of land there, rendering 3d. yearly to the almoner of Ramesey. Thursday, 15 April, 46 Edward III. Fragments of seal.
[Suff.] A. 7464. Feoffment by Peter son of Thomas de Haumesete to Dame Gundreda de Thudeham of homages and services due to him for an assart in Swinlond, rendering a clove gilliflower for all service, and he has attorned her to pay 4s. 4d. yearly to the church of St. Mary of Wikes, as in the charter he had of the said house. Witnesses. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7465. Feoffment by Edmund de Watford to William de Boudon, clerk, of the manor of Watford; ten messuages and ten virgates, which the said William had before of his demise by fine duly levied in the King's court, excepted. Thursday after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 1 Edward III. Seal, broken.
[N'hamp.] A. 7466. Release by Richard Golafre of Watford to Benedict de Drayton in Weleton of his right in 1½a. 1 rood land in Weleton fields, part of the land formerly Richard Vincent's. Daventre, Wednesday after St. Luke, 9 Edward II.
Linc. A. 7467. Feoffment by John de Roos of Pyncebeck to Walter de Poynton, for life, of 13s. 4d. rent from his lands in co. Lincoln. Wednesday after St. Denis the bishop, 21 Edward III. Seal of arms.
[Warw.] A. 7468. Release by John son and heir of Thomas de Audeley and of Elizabeth, daughter and heir of John Brome of Lapworth, his wife, to Ralph, lord de Cromwell and John Brome of Warrewyk, the younger, of his right in the lands which descended to him upon the death of Margery late wife of the said John Brome of Lapworth, in Lapworth, Stodley, Henley, Beaudesert (Bello deserto), Kyngeswod and Pakwode. 4 May, 14 Henry VI. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7469. Indenture of demise by Richard Golafre of Watford to Emma relict of Edmund de Watford for the term of her life of ½ a arable [there] in exchange for another; the exchange to be permanent if ratified by Edmund's heirs at their full age. Seal, chipped and effaced.
[Kent.] A. 7470. Release by Robert son of Jordan de la Gare to Warin de Monchensi, his lord, of his share in Denesgrave; for this Warin has given him 2s.
[Salop.] A. 7471. Indenture of demise by William Huggeford, knight, lord of Appeley Huggeford to Thomas son of William Huggeford, clerk, for life, of the keepership of the parks thereof and other woods there, with 6s. 8d. in addition to the usual fees. Thursday after the Epiphany, 13 Richard II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 7472. Indenture of bargain and sale by 'Sir Thomas Yelshawe, prist' to Richard Verney, esquire, and the lady Elizabeth Lucy, his wife, and her heirs, in consideration of 4l. of 'oon shoppe and a voide place off grounde 'in Heyndeley' in the shoppe roowe'; also 'oon other shoppe of custome holde and takyn of the Kyng by copye of Courte Role,' 'at the nether yende of the same shopperowe.' 18 Sept. 23 Henry VIII. English.
[Heref.] A. 7473. Letter of attorney by Thomas Barton of Webley to Geoffrey Newton and William Webbe to deliver seisin to Walter Devereux, knight, lord Ferrers, John Ferrers, knight, and Thomas Garewey of 4a. arable in 'le Wyndemullefeld' within the lordship of Webley, according to the charter he had made them thereof. 28 Jan. 16 Edward IV.
[Warw.] A. 7474. Feoffment by Nicholas atte Wyle of Toneworth to Richard de Monteforti of the same of 14s. rent from Richard de Stapulton of the same for a meadow the said Richard held of him for life, together with the reversion thereof. Friday after Easter, 43 Edward III. Seal.
[Kent.] A. 7475. Feoffment by William Revenysdale to John Coupere of the moiety of a messuage in the parish of Bradgar. 9 March, 18 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] A. 7476. Counterpart of demise of Dame Margaret Catesby and William Catesby of Asscheby Legger, esquire, to William Warde of Great Creton and Joan his wife for their lives of a messuage and croft and land thereto belonging called 'Catesbyeslond' in Great Creton, at 20s. rent, with building clause and other covenants. Monday before the Epiphany, 19 Henry VI. Seals.
Endorsed; The fine for entry to be 6s. 8d. and 6 capons; grant of the executors' year.
[N'hamp.] A. 7477. Release by Emma late the wife of Simon le Prest of Yelvertoft, to Richard Ball and Juliana his wife and their heirs of her dower in the premises they had of his feoffment. Feast of St. Margaret the Virgin, 8 Edward II.
[Glouc.] A. 7478. Release by William de Pole, clerk, to Sir Hugh le Despenser of his right in the lands and tenements which were Walter son of Peter de Bardesle's, and whereof the said Walter enfeoffed him for the term of his life. Baa, Tuesday after the Purification, 2 Edward II.
[Linc.] A. 7479. Feoffment of Walter, son of Martin the clerk of Bly- borough (Bliburgo) to Sir William de Bussey of 3a. meadow there. Seal.
[Wilts.] A. 7480. Release by Katharine Russel, daughter of the late Walter de la Hok, in her widowhood, to Thomas de la Hok, of her right in her said father's lands, which the said Thomas had of the gift and feoffment of John Russel, her husband, at 'la Hok' and Hasele within the manor of Lydiard Treygoz. Witnesses:—Thomas Neel of Pyryton and others (named). Wottone Bassat, Thursday the morrow of St. Matthew, 9 Edward II. See A. 4615.
[N'hamp.] A. 7481. Feoffment by William Watteford of Great Creton to Thomas his son in tail of all his lands, &c. there and in Norhampton, with reversion in default to himself. Saturday the feast of St. Hugh the bishop, 21 Richard II. Seal.
[Kent.] A. 7482. Release by William son of Richard de Quercu of the parish of Opechirch to Stephen de Crofte of 5d. rent he was wont to pay for an acre of land there formerly John Polet's. 23 Edward I.
N'hamp. A. 7483. Indenture made 1 April, 16 Edward IV, between Alice Pydyngton of Yelvertoft, co. Northampton, 'lady of oon maner ther with all the meduys lesuys and pastures rentes revercions and servyces courtes advousons mylles and waturs . . . . to the said maner . . . . belongyng,' of the first part, and Sir William Catesby, knight, William Catesby his son, Nicholas Cowley of Swynford, gentleman, and others, of the second, to declare the uses of a feoffment she had made to them thereof, to wit, that they should permit John Bell 'the which hath ben her servaunt many yeres' to take the rents thereof 'duryng the first iij. or.iiij. yeres next aftur her dessesse in to the reward of his good servyce doon by forn,' and that, subject to the payment of her debts and funeral expenses they should then make an estate in tail thereof to Thomas Pydyngton son and heir to William 'sum tyme her son,' if he 'com whom a gayn in to Yelvertoft and claym the for said maner,' but if he were dead without issue that they should sell the same to 'hym that woll geff most ther for' and distribute the money for her 'sowle and for the welfar of the sowllis of her auncetry,' if, by inspection of her evidences or 'by sight of the evidences of Richard Haddon son and heir of William Haddon sum tyme of London the which pretendeth a title to the said maner as heir to the same Thomas,' they found that the same might lawfully be sold. English. Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7484. Grant by Thomas de Throp to John son of John Herberd of the same of 2s. rent from the lands and tenements he had bought of the said John in Throp by Daventre. 6 Nov. 9 Richard II.
N'th'l'd. &c. A. 7485. Indenture of feoffment by Ralph, earl of Westmorland to Ralph Nevyll his eldest son and Edith his wife of the manor and lordship of Bywell, co. N'th'l'd, the manor and lordship of Bolbek in the bishopric of Durham, together with the barony of the same lordships, the manor and lordship of Assheford in 'le Peke', co. Derby, the manor of Alverton in Sherewode, co. Notts, the manors of Kirkebymoreshede, Brauncedale, Ferndale, Gillemor, Faddemore, Buttrecrambe, Scraynghame, Cottyngham and Witton, two closes of pasture called Mantholme by Beverley and the free farm (liberam firmam) due from the abbot of Kirkstall for the manors of Colynghamme and Berdesey, co. York, the manors of Beasby with the soke and Stowe by Deping with the free farm of Grymesby, co. Lincoln, the manor of Caldcottes with the free farm of the town of Ormesby, cos. Huntingdon, Norfolk, the manor of Talworth with the fee farm of Iden, Basyngstoke and Andover, cos. Surrey, Sussex and Hants, and all his manors with free farms in cos. Devon and Kent, to hold the said Ralph and Edith and the heirs of the body of the said Ralph, with reversion in default to himself; attornies to deliver seisin, John Norton, Richard Baynbricc, Henry Cheyne and Richard Pulley. Witnesses:—George Lomley, lord de Lomley, Thomas de Lomley his son and heir, William de Hilton, Ralph Bowes, William Eure and Edward Pikeryng, knights, and William Conyers of Hornby, esquire, 1 Sept. 7 Henry VII. Executed by 'Rauff erl of Vestmorland,'
[Bucks.] [Herts] A. 7486. Feoffment by Hugh de Brok, knight, son of Lawrence, to Hugh son of Otho, knight, of Thomas Sweyn, Richard Segwyne, and Colesloue his bondmen (nativos) with their belongings and the lands and tenements they held of him in bondage (villenagio) in Cestresham; also of 10s. rent from John Hochedeiz in Flaunden, and 4s. rent from Adam Brond in Cestresham and Agmundesham; rendering a clove gilliflower at Easter for all service and doing the service due to the chief lords for John Hocchedez tenement; for this Hugh has given him all the land and tenement he had of the gift and feoffment of Robert de London' and of Thurbert his son in Cestresham. Witnesses:—Bartholomew de Briaunzon, John de Chenney, Roger de Hachesworth and Richard de Welles, knights, and others (named).
[Suff.] A. 7487. Bond in 20 marks by William Herberd of Lausill to the abbot of Ramsey to maintain the sons and messuage of the late Alexander Hunning in as good or better state than when he first had access to the wife of the said Alexander; to do all the accustomed services for the said tenement to the abbot and chamberlain of Ramsey; to be in all things subject and obedient to them, as though one of their bondmen (unus de nativis) in the same manor, so that for no distraint or other cause touching his person or his goods by their bailiffs or their men should he be able to make plaint (conqueri) in any court or place except in the court of the said abbot and chamberlain; and to pay the chamberlain 40s. on the eve of the Purification, 40s. on the feast of St. John the Baptist next, and 40s. at Michaelmas; he has found pledges, to wit William his father, John son of the clerk and Nicholas Fareman; for this the said abbot and convent of the same have granted him the custody of the boys and tenement until any of the said boys come to the age at which, by the custom of the manor of Lausill, he can hold land, and then he shall have half the land and messuage, and the other half shall remain to the said William and his wife, for her life, and after her decease the said William shall have nothing further therein. 53 Henry III.
[Wilts.] A. 7488. Release by Nicholas, abbot of Stanleye, and the convent of the same, to Sir Hugh le Despenser of their right of commoning in the . . . . he has enclosed. Witnesses:—Walter de Pavely, Robert de Kaynes and John de Holt, knights, Peter Bluet and others (named). Stanleye, Saturday after St. Barnabas, 29 Edward.
Endorsed: . . . de silva de Fastern . . .
[N'hamp.] A. 7489. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond in 20l. from John Tewe of Welton to John Mallorry of the same, knight, to wit that if he bear himself well toward Sir John the bond be void, but if ill, by the award (per legale arbitrium) of Sir Peter, the prior of Daventre, Sir Robert de Daventre, knight, Eustace de Burneby and Lawrence de Belegrave, it be of full force. Northampton, Friday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 4 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 7490. Acknowledgement by John de Tewe of Welton that he and his heirs shall hold a messuage and two virgates of land there of John Malorie, knight, his heirs and assigns, by the service therefore due and accustomed; and more fully to confirm the lordship (dominium) of the said Sir John he has done homage for the same in the church yard of Blessed Peter of Northampton, in the eyre of the justices, in the presence of. Robert de Daventre, knight, Sir Laurence de Belegrave, Eustace de Burneby, Nicholas de Burneby, John de Braunfeld and others. Witnesses:—Nicholas de Wyeleston, John his brother, Ralph Waldshcef and others. Northampton, Friday after the Conversion of St. Paul, 4 Edward III. Copy.
[N'hamp.] A. 7491. (i) Indenture witnessing that, whereas a dispute had arisen between John Malory, esquire, of the one part and Thomas Tuwe of Welton of the other by reason of the homage the said John claimed to have of the said Thomas for a messuage and 80a. land there the parties agreed to stand to the arbitration of Thomas Gerveys of Muscote, William Brokhole and Richard Ynglond of Welton, in accordance with whose award the said Thomas did his homage to the said John in his manor of Wolde according to the form and custom of law in the presence of John Barnard, esquire, William Lobenham of Brykelesworth, John Stevenys, rector of Wolde, and many others. In testimony whereof the seals of the parties and of the arbitrators are attached, and because the seals of the arbitrators are to many unknown they have procured the seal of the office of the mayoralty of Norhampton to be attached. Norhampton, the eve of the Annunciation, 5 Henry VI. Four seals and the seal of the mayoralty.
(ii.) Recognisance and attornment of all the tenants, free and bond, of John Mallory in Welton, made Friday the feast of St. Margaret the Virgin. 11 Richard II.
Thomas Tewe the elder has acknowledged himself to hold of the said John Mallory a messuage called 'Rotouresplace' with its appurtenances for homage and fealty and for the service of 12d. to be paid at the feasts of St. Michael, the Purification of the Blessed Mary, and the Nativity of St. John Baptist, yearly by equal portions. Slip of parchment sewn on to the above indenture.
A. 7492. Chirograph, indented, being the memorandum of an agree- ment between Henry son of Reingner of London, and Hugh de Sancto Germano, to wit that the said Hugh shall pay the said Henry, or his heirs, half a mark of silver for his land of Bordhwateston for eight consecutive years commencing at the next feast of All Hallows occurring in the first interdict made in England in the time of King John (a proximo festo omnium sanctorum infra inter primum interdictum factum in Anglia in tempore regis Johannis usque in viij. annos continuos sequentes) to wit 20d. on each of the four usual terms yearly; and he shall pay 10s. of the said farm beforehand on the next Sunday before the Purification after the said feast of All Hallows and shall then be quit of the payment of the first year and a half; Lawrence de Bramford, the said Hugh's man, has taken in hand that farm to be rendered, as pledge for Hugh, if he should make default in payment; the said Hugh and Lawrence have sworn (affularerunt) to keep this agreement. Witnesses:—Robert son of Alice, Josceus son of Peter, Lawrence de Bramford, Hugh the clerk, Walter Perdriz, William the clerk and many other.
[N'hamp.] A. 7493. Indenture of demise by William [Cald]ecote of Welton to Henry le Heyr of Welton, Juliana his wife, and John their son, for their lives in survivorship, of 6½a. arable in the fields of Welton and Esseby St. Leger; rendering, after the twenty-third year following Michaelmas, 10 Edward II, 20s. yearly for all service; provided that, after the said term of twenty-three years, the said land is to revert to him, and the indenture to be void (sic). Wednesday the feast of St. Michael, in the year aforesaid.
[Norf.] A. 7494. Indenture of demise, in accordance with the last will of Robert Bigott 'sekeman, owner of the sekehows of Walsyngham,' by William Wade and John Lyon of 'Walsyngham Lityll,' his executors, to John Edriche and Cecily his wife, for their lives in survivorship, of 'his place clepid the sekhows of Walsyngham,' with the contents, detailed. 'Item the seid Robert ordend ther j. bedd for poor walkyng pepull to be harborowed therin.' Bond in 20l. by the said John and Cecily for the value of the said goods. 'The fest of Seynt Marten busshopp in wynter,' 7 Henry VII. Seals. English.
[Hunt.] A. 7495. Release by Henry Tye of Huntyngdon to William Overtone, clerk, and Robert Mertone of Broughton of his right in the lands and tenements which belonged to John son of William son of Alan otherwise called John Sou of Broughton. Saturday after St. Denis, 8 Richard II. Seal, broken.
[Bucks.] A. 7496. Feoffment by Walter de Broke to Henry Buqunte of a moiety of his land of Broke, which his father held; rendering 5s. on the feast of St. Martin for all service and a pair of gloves at Easter; further he has granted to the said Henry a moiety of all lands if any should come to him of the land which was his father's, or his uncle Elias de Wynberville's, or his aunt (matertere) Maud's (Matillidis) to wit 'la Rudinge,' and of all the lands which could come to him by descent; to hold of him by a moiety of the service due to the lords of the fee (fundi). Witnesses:—Waleran le Tyes(Teutonicus),Ralph de Wedun,Thomas de Flonden, Hugh de Bathonia, Richard de Belmden and others (named).
Glouc. A. 7497. Indenture of demise by Richard Wyncote, esquire and William Wyncote, clerk, being enfeoffed of the lordship of Wyncote, co. Gloucester, to the use of the said Richard, to William Hale and John Medewe of Quenton of a pasture there for twelve years from Lady Day next, rendering 6l. yearly. 25 April, 13 Edward IV. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 7498. Release by Emma late the wife of John de Napton, in her widowhood, to William Umfrey of Chirchelalleford and Amicia his wife and his heirs of her right in a messuage and 13a. land with heads (cheviciis) and pasture for two great beasts in Hullemedew in Astunescote and Hodunhull. Monday before St. Andrew the Apostle, 21 Edward III. Seal.
London. A. 7499. Feoffment by Richard de Enefeld, citizen of London, to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of his messuage in the suburb of London, in the Bailey (ballio) in the parish of St. Sepulchre's; rendering to him and his heirs 1d. or ½lb. of cummin at Michaelmas, and to St. Bartholomew's Hospital 8s. viz. 2s. a quarter; for this Adam has given him 40 marks silver in gersum. Witnesses:—Michael Tovy being alderman of the ward, &c.
A. 7500. Chirograph, not indented, being an agreement between William de Reimes and Adam Buchointe that if William be able to recover against Walram that land which he claims, he shall make up to Adam the lack (faciet . . . implementum . . de defectu) of the tenement Adam holds of him; but if he fail he shall remit the service for as much land as is lacking to the said tenement, and shall acquit the said Adam of foreign service. Witnesses:—Reginald the priest (presbytero), Ralph son of Almaric, Peter son of Osbert, Oliver son of Thurstan, Robert de Messewurthe, Sucheling.