Deeds: A.9601 - A.9700

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1902.

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'Deeds: A.9601 - A.9700', A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4, (London, 1902), pp. 440-451. British History Online [accessed 21 June 2024].

. "Deeds: A.9601 - A.9700", in A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4, (London, 1902) 440-451. British History Online, accessed June 21, 2024,

. "Deeds: A.9601 - A.9700", A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 4, (London, 1902). 440-451. British History Online. Web. 21 June 2024,

A.9601 - A.9700

[Herts.] A. 9601. Feoffment by . . . . . to Adam de Stratton, clerk, of rents in Titeburste.
[Wilts.] A. 9602. Feoffment by John Bremer of Salisbury, merchant, to Richard his son and heir, of two tenements, &c. in the said city in Gigerstrete alias St. Edmund's; attorneys to deliver seisin, Robert Cove and Giles Freman. Certified under seal of mayor. 30 July, 2 Richard III. Seals, broken.
[Cornw.] A. 9603. Bond by John Borlase to William Carnsyow in 20 marks due at Midsummer. 12 May, 37 Henry VI.
[Cornw.] A. 9604. Release by Peter de Goyvoht to Roger lord of Carmen [ou], of ½a. land in Goyvoht: consideration, ½ mark beforehand. Witnesses:— William de Walesbreus, Richard de Kellestoc, and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 9605. Counterpart of demise by John de Reyskemer to Master Ralph de Tregrygyou, James Gerveys, and William de Tregoes, of all his lands, &c. in Tredouwargh, for the term of his life, with remainder to the child (puero) in the womb of Maud his wife, if God will that it be a male; rent, a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—. . . . and William Lambron, knights, Otho Botrigan, John Whalysbreu, Matthew Bretz. Reyskemer, . . . ., 4 Richard [II].
[Norf.] A. 9606. Feoffment by Gilbert Bachiler, esquire, to Ralph Willughby, esquire, John Gronde and John Powys, of two pieces of land in Gelyngham, described, which, inter alia, he had by the demise of Osbert Jernyngan, gentleman, William Orlowe and William Goddys, by charter dated 11 October, 4 Henry VII. 1 May, 7 Henry VII.
[Warw.] A. 9607. Feoffment by Walter Box of Pakwode to Henry son of Henry de Sydenhale, of a field in Thoneworth, between Henry's land and 'le Lungelone.' Witnesses:—Robert and Simon Sidenhale, Simon atte Heth, John Brom. Sidenhal, St. Margaret the Virgin, 20 Edward II. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 9608. Feoffment by John, son of Walter Broun of Thoneworth to Walter Box, of a place of land in Thoneworth, between lands of John atte Lee and Joan Sydenhale, land of John 'le Joyntur', land of Walter de Calvedene, 'le Longelone', and land of Amicia Broun his mother. Monday after St. Augustine, 16 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 9609. Feoffment by Amysia Bron of Toneworthe to Henry son of Henry de Sydenhale of the same, of a field of arable in Toneworthe, next the highway from Henle to Burmingham, &c. Witnesses:—Simon 'o the Ethe' and others (named). Tuesday before St. Augustine, 18 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
[Warw] A. 9610. Release by Walter son of Walter Broun of Toneworthe to Henry son of Henry de Sydenhale of the same, of his right in the field which Henry had by the gift of his mother Amissia. Witnesses:—Simon atte Hethe and others (named). Tuesday before St. Augustine (no year). Seal.
[Warw.] A. 9611. Feoffment by John son of Walter Broun of Thoneworth to Walter Box of a place of land in Thoneworth next land of John 'le Jointur,' &c.; rent to the lords of the fee, 12d. yearly. Monday after St. Augustine, . . . Edward II. Injured.
[N'hamp.] A. 9612. Grant by Peter Mallore of Lychesbarwe, knight, to John Martyn son of Thomas Martyn of Welton, of 20s. yearly for term of John's life out of his manor of Lychesbarwe. The Epiphany, 40 Edward III.
Warw. A. 9613. Bond by William Catesby, knight, to John Broune of Baddesley Clynton, the elder, in 100l. due at Christmas, conditioned for his standing to the award of Thomas Throkmorton, Henry Boteler and John Beaufitz, or if they failed to agree, to the award of Robert Danby, knight, chief justice of the king of the Common Bench and of John Nedeham, knight, one of the justices of the king of the same Bench, touching lands in dispute between them in Lapworth, co. Warwick, formerly belonging to John Brome of the same town. 17 September, 6 Edward IV. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9614. Feoffment by Robert son of Hugh le Botiler of Yelvertoft to Thomas son of Henry de Craunford of the same and Alice his wife, of the fourth part of a virgate of land there, &c. Sunday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 1316, 10 Edward II.
[Heref.] A. 9615. Feoffment by William Shorye, chaplain, to John de la Stokkes of 2½a. land in Knavenecastelfeld and in the field of Fenhampton, which he bought of Hugh Boter. Witnesses:—John de Lonteleye and others (named). Webbele, Saturday after the Translation of St. Thomas of Canterbury, the Archbishop, 28 Edward III.
[N'hamp.] A. 9616. Indenture being the defeasance of a bond by Nicholas de Craunford of Essheby St. Legers (Sancti Leodegarii) to John le Wedour, of Norhampton, merchant, in 10 marks due on the feast of St. Botolph next, viz. that the said Nicholas should deliver a half sack of good ewes' wool (lane matricis) on the said feast or before. Friday before St. Matthias the Apostle, 12 Edward II.
Endorsed:—Johannis le Waytor.
N'hamp. A. 9617. General release by John Aleyn of Blakesley, co. Northampton, 'gentilman,' to John Ynglond of Welton, John Tewe of the same and Thomas Napton . . . . 8 Edward IV. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 9618. Bond by Nicholas Chaumbre of Est Haddon, co. Northampton, 'husbondman,' to John Catesby, esquire, in 40l. due at Michaelmas, conditioned that the said Nicholas should, by the advice and counsel and at the costs and expenses of the said John, distrain and sue for a yearly rent of 20s. going out of lands, &c. in Welton, co. Northampton, belonging to Thomas Twe of Welton, esquire, of which rent Henry Chaumbre his father was formerly seised; and should, after obtaining possession of the said rent, grant it to the said John and his heirs. 9 March, 10 Henry VI. Seal.
Warw. A. 9619. Bond by Robert Tiscote of Henley in Arthern, co. Warwick, 'barkerr,' and Isabel his wife, to John Porrey of the same, 'draper,' in 20l. due at Michaelmas, conditioned for the quiet enjoyment of a messuage there. Wednesday in Whitsun week, 11 Edward IV. Seal, broken.
[N'hamp.] A. 9620. Letter of attorney by Eustace de Burneby in Watteforde to Thomas le Eyr of Welton, to deliver seisin to John, son of the late Peter the cobbler (sutoris) of Welton, Agnes his wife, and Alice their daughter, of a cottage, &c. next the said John's tenement. Welton, Whit Tuesday, 18 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 9621. Feoffment by William son of William atte Well (ad fontem) of Great Creton to Edmund de Watford and Margaret his wife, and the heirs of Edmund, of part of a messuage, described. Creton, Monday before St. Gregory the Pope, 10 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] A. 9622. Demise by William son of Adam Terry to Juliana atte Grene, for life, at the rent of a rose at Midsummer, of a messuage in Yelvertoft, between the tenement of John Terry and the tenement of Ellen wife of Richard Botiler his mother. The morrow of Midsummer, 12 Edward III.
[Linc.] A. 9623. Feoffment by Richard de St. Paul (Sancto Paulo) to John Long (longo), citizen of Lincoln, of land in Kanewic field, described; rent, ½d. at Easter.
[Cornw.] A. 9624. (1) Acquittance by Gerard de L'Isle (de Insula), lord of Kyngeston, to Elizabeth late the wife of Roger de Carmenouw, knight, of 10 marks in part of 100 marks wherein she was bound to him for the wardship and marriage of Thomas de Carmenouw, son and heir of the said Roger. Kyngeston del [I]sle, Tuesday after Easter, 29 Edward [III]. Latin.
(2) Acquittance by 'Girarde del Isle,' knight, to the same, of 20 marks, in part of 100 marks. Chilton, Monday after St. George, 30 Edward III. French. Copies on one sheet.
[Warw.] A. 9625. Indenture of demise, Michaelmas, 11 Edward II, by Robert son of Felicia de Herdewyk Priors to John Thomas of the same, for thirty- two years, at the rent of a rose at Midsummer, of a barren acre in the south field at Herdewyk; Robert to pay ½ mark to the prior and convent of Coventry if John be hindered by any from the said acre.
[N'hamp.] A. 9626. Grant by Margery de Wotton, late the wife of William the clerk (clerici), widow, to Richard de Ledeneye with Agnes her daughter in free marriage, of a messuage in Wotton, between tenements belonging to John her son; to them and the heirs of their bodies. Wotton, Monday after St. Nicholas, 30 (? Edward III). Witnesses:—Sir Philip de Quenton, El' de Preston, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9627. Feoffment by Richard Drayton of Welton to John atte Well of Welton, chaplain, and John his son, their heirs and assigns, of all his lands, &c. in Welton and Daventre. Witnesses:—John Mallore, knight, Thomas Tewe, and others (named). Welton, Saturday after St. Ambrose the Bishop, 2 Richard II.
[Cornw.] A. 9628. Grant by John Tregenran to Meliora daughter of William Gurlyn, of 100s. yearly rent to be received by her and her heirs, at Easter and Michaelmas, from all his messuages, lands and tenements in Tregenodar, Meenpeer, Croulis, Melyncroulis and Trethewi. Witnesses:— William Gurlyn, Martin Pedyt, Henry Nulyn. Dated at St. Erth (Sanctum Ercum), Monday morning before the Purification, 16 Richard II.
Endorsed:—The condition of that letter is such, that if the within written John shall survive his father Simon, and shall enfeoff the within- named Meliora, and his heirs which he shall beget of the body of the said Meliora, of messuages and lands within the hundred of Penwith to the yearly value of two marks, that letter shall be void.
[Leic.] A. 9629. Feoffment by John Shirewode and Robert Dekun of Great Bouden to William Walkere of the same, of all the lands, &c. which they lately had by his gift and feoffment in Bodon aforesaid. Bouden, 6 May, 12 Henry VI.
Cancelled by cuts; written above:—A false dede made by the said Esynge- wold.
[Notts.] A. 9630. Acquittance by Gilbert Nutbroun, warden of the chapel of St. Mary of Sibthorp, to Hugh Husee, knight, for 5 marks, received by the hand of William Chamberleyn of Houton, in which he was bound to him. Michaelmas, 39 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 9631. Acquittance by Henry de Sydenhale to Sir John de Dene, Robert de Crowenhale, William Wodard and John le Fisscher of Warwick, for 20 marks, wherein they were bound to him for fish bought of him from Sydenhale pond. Sydenhale, in the town of Toneworth, Easter Tuesday, 10 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 9632. Feoffment by Richard son of Thomas Palmer of Coventry to John Young (juveni), 'Hapirdas,' of 12d. yearly rent of assise from his house, next land of John le Bucmonger, &c.; for this John gave him 10s. in gersum.
[N'hamp.] A. 9633. Release by Ralph son and heir of Ralph le Botiler of North Kelingworth to Richard son of Henry de Craunford of Yelvertoft, of his right in two messuages and a virgate of land in Yelvertoft, which the said Richard formerly had by the feoffment of the said Henry his father. Wednesday in Easter week, 3 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 9634. Release by John son of Robert de Eglosmerther to Walter de Tretherf, of his right in all the lands, &c. which the said Walter and Maud his wife had by his gift in Trethoggamur and Rysyou next Lannescli. Witnesses:—Guy de St. Aubyn (Sancto Albyno), Stephen de Boswydel, and others (named). Tretherf, Wednesday after the Epiphany, 16 Edward HI. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9635. Feoffment by Ralph son and heir of Simon le Preust of Yelvertoft, being of full age, to Richard Ballard and Juliana his wife, of 2 roods of land, described, in Yelvertoft. Tuesday after Midsummer, 7 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 9636. Release by John de Trewybrest to Walter Renaud of La Medesol, of his right in all the lands, &c. which the said Walter had by his gift in Tregaermur. Witnesses:—Ralph de Bello Prato, Oger de Nanshegh', Stephen de Boswydel, John de Trewybrest, John de Nanskelli. St. Ladock (Sanctam Ladocam), Wednesday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 18 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 9637. Release by Maud, lady of Schreuele, widow, to Thomas Clerk (clerico) of Hattone, of Walter Lovekin of Schreule, her bondman, free and quit from all bondage, together with a messuage and half virgate of land and a croft of the new waste in Schreule, &c. The feast of All Hallows, 32 Edward I, ending.
A. 9638. Release by Thomas Bas, chaplain, late vicar of the church of Kenesbery, to William Tomson of Wylmendescote of Cleve of all manner of actions of trespass of all free trees growing on his lands and tenements there; with warranty of the said free trees to the said William. Cleve, Tuesday after St. John before the Latin Gate, 16 Richard II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9639. Indenture of demise by Henry Geffrei to Simon Terri and Ellen his wife, for term of their lives, at the rent of a rose, 1½a. land, &c. in Yelvertoft. Saturday after St. Luke, 2 Edward III. Seal, effaced.
[Leic.] [N'hamp.] Warw. A. 9640. Acquittance by Elizabeth, late the wife of Roland Daneys, knight, to William Revel of Bukkeby, for 2½ marks, for lands and tenements which he held of her in Bukkeby and Ryngel Thorp, and for 2 marks for lands and tenements which he held in Neuton, co. Warwick, and all arrears, for Easter term, 48 Edward III. Tikencote, co. Roteland, the morrow of Easter. French. Seal of arms.
[Salop.] A. 9641. Grant by Edmund Lucy and Joan his wife to Sir Henry Chyrme, rector of the church of Stokton, of free ingress and egress with his beasts in all the commons and wastes in their lordship of Stokton; to hold for term of his life, doing service therefore like the other tenants. Chorlecote, 17 April, 9 Henry VII.
[Cornw.] A. 9642. Feoffment by Walter son of Walter de la Bourne [son of Thomas] de Wod[eknolle] to Robert son of Nicholas de Bere, of all his messuages and tenements in W[odeknolle], which formerly belonged to the said Thomas his grandfather; to hold of the chief lords of H[ilton], answering only in the manor of Hilton, according to the form of the charter made to William Clerk (clerico), son of Roger White (albi) of Trevysek by Muriel, daughter of William . . . . . de Hiltone. Witnesses:— . . . . Nicholas Giffard of Forkedestone, Robert de Stratt[on] . . . . . . ;
Endorsed: Wodeknolle de communi pastura super terram de Hilton. Imperfect.
[N'hamp.] A. 9643. Demise by John Terry to William son of Emma Belte of 1a. land in Yelvertoft, described; to hold for life, paying nothing for the first twelve years and thereafter 5s. yearly, &c. The Purification, 20 Edward III. Fragments of seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9644. Release by Isabel late the wife of William Hoc of Welton, widow, to Richard atte Well (ad fontem), of her right by way of dower in 2a. 1 rood arable the third part of a rood of meadow and two swathes (swayis) and the third part of a half acre in Welton, which the said Richard bought of her said husband. Monday before St. Dunstan, 10 Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 9645. Letter of attorney by [Henry de la] . . . . . to . . . . ., to deliver seisin to Elizabeth de Carmynou of the whole manor of Tregony, as in the feoffment thereof made to her. Tregony, Tuesday after St. Bartholomew the Apostle, 29 Edward III. Seal of arms, effaced, with legend s. henrici de la . . . .
[Warw.] A. 9646. Indenture of demise for six years by John de Stafford, parson of the church of Leek, to John de Wilby of Bobenhull, of the moiety of a messuage in Bobenhull, called 'Wilbiplace,' with the lands, &c. which he had by the feoffment of Lucy de Wilby, mother of the said John; rent, 20s.; the said John shall keep the said moiety in repair and pay yearly to the said Lucy his mother 13s. 4d. and to John de Catesby 13s. 4d. with which the premises are charged; if the said John perform the above covenants his bond in 10l. to the said John de Stafford to be void. Coventry, Wednesday after St. Hilary, 41 Edward III. French. Seal, broken.
[Suff.] A. 9647. Feoffment by John Baxtere of Martham to Robert Wowght, of the same, and Agnes his wife, of a piece of land in Bradwelle field, described. Gorleston, Wednesday after St. Fabian and St. Sebastian, 11 Henry IV.
[Warw.] A. 9648. Grant by John de Benyngton of Coventry to James Goldsmyth of Boston (Sancto Botulpho), merchant, of 4 marks rent from the lands, &c. which he had by the feoffment of Robert son of the late Giles le Waydour of Coventry, in Coventry. Witnesses:—Nicholas Michel, then mayor of Coventry, Richard de Stoke and John de Heydon, bailiffs, and others (named). Thursday after St. Simon and St. Jude, 23 Edward III. Cancelled.
Camb. A. 9649. Composition arrived at before the prior of Merton and his fellow judges by virtue of Papal letters in the matter of tithes in dispute between the prior and convent of Lewes and Master W. rector of the church of Weston, arising from the demesne of Sir R. de Colevill, &c.; certain tithes to be divided between the said rector and Sir J. rector of Clavering, farmer of the said prior and convent, &c. Done at Karleton on the feast of St. Leonard, 1236.
Bedf. Bucks. Herts. Leic. N'hamp. Warw. A. 9650. Appointment by John, lord la Zouche and Seymour, of William Catesby, esquire, as steward and surveyor, of all his manors, &c, in the counties of Bedford, Bucks, Hertford and Warwick, and surveyor of all his manors, &c, in the counties of Northampton and Leicester, for life; also grant to the said John for life, of all his lands, &c, in Yelvertoft; attorneys to deliver seisin Henry Gryffith and Thomas Norys. 2 June, 21 Edward IV. Signature and seal, broken.
[Glouc.] A. 9651. Release by Robert Carw, rector of the parish church of Cromehale, to John Frenssh of Thornbury, 'fisshmonger,' and John Adams alias Buggegood of the same, of all testamentary claims or claims for repairs to the parsonage of Cromehale. 30 April, 27 Henry VI.
Glouc. A. 9652. Feoffment of John Attewod, citizen of Coventry, son and heir of William Attewod, late of Gloucester, to John Walshe of Olveston, esquire, Thomas Hall and John Hulp, of 1a. meadow in Northam within the manor of Thomebury, co. Gloucester, described. Witnesses:—John Twynyho of Cirencester, chief steward of the lordship of Thornbury and Others (named). Thomebury, 5 November, 2 Richard III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9653. Feoffment by Richard de Craunford of Yelvertoft to William de Tekne of Yelvertoft and Agnes his wife, of 1a. 1 rood arable in Yelvertoft, described. Friday before St. Dunstan the Archbishop, 18 Edward III.
[Bucks.] A. 9654. Release by Gilbert Bury, clerk, to John Barton, the younger, John Longevyll, Thomas Payn, and William Thommes, clerk, of his right in 1a. arable in Haversham called 'the lady acre,' and in the advowson of the church of the said town. The feast of St. Dunstan the Bishop, 5 Henry VI. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9655. Feoffment by Richard de Duston in Weleton to Richard at Well (ad fontem) of the same of ½a. arable there, described; rent, ¼d. at Michaelmas. Davyntre, Wednesday after St. James the Apostle, 27 Edward [I].
London. A. 9656. Feoffment by Richard de Essex, le Soper (soparius), to John, the prior, and the canons of Holy Trinity, London, of 6s. quit rent in the chepe (foro) of London, in the parish of St. Pancras, from his two shops (sopis) with solar above (cum solario desuper edificato) next to the door of the seld formerly Walter le Brun's on the east, between the said door on the west and the land which was Walter le Wauncer's on the east, with free ingress and egress to the said solar by the outer door of the said seid (per forinsecum hostium dicte selde); for this they gave him 4 marks. Witnesses:—Ralph Hardel, then mayor, John le Minur and Matthew Bukerel, then sheriffs, Adam de Basing, John de Gysors, Michael Tovi, Roger son of Roger, Nicholas Bat, Nicholas son of Jocius, William son of Richard, aldermen, James de Stanes, William de Wylehal, Ralph son of Thomas.
[N'hamp.] A. 9657. Letter of attorney by Elizabeth late the wife of John Malory of Welton, esquire, widow, to John Stevenes, clerk, to deliver seisin to John Bernard, knight, and Ellen his wife, her daughter, of her life estate in the manor of Welton. 6 March, 8 Henry VI. Seal of arms.
[Heref.] A. 9658. Demise by William de la Haye Urry to Alice daughter of Walter Stamp of Hay Urry, for life, of a moiety of the messuage and curtilage which was of William son of David in Hay Urry, &c., between land of the lord of Hay Urry and land of Walter de la Hay, &c. The first Sunday in Lent (die dominica proxima in quatragesima), 18 Edward II.
[Norf.] A. 9659. Release by Roger de Basingham to Robert Howard of Aldeburgh, of his right in 2a. arable in Basingham. Aldeburgh, Thursday the Invention of the Holy Cross, 22 Edward III.
[Hunt.] A. 9660. Feoffment by William Collin of Rammeseye to William Endirdale and Cristina his wife, of a tenement in Briggestrate there, described. Sunday after St. Augustine the Bishop, 14 . . . . .
[N'hamp.] A. 9661. Grant by John de Cranfort to the chapel of the B.V.M. of Essebi where he desires to be buried (in qua sepalturam elegi), in pure and perpetual alms, of 6a. situate as described; for the celebration of masses in honour of the B.V.M., according to the direction of himself and his heirs, and of others (named) of the said town, to whom Seman de Stok was to be added, if disposed to assist the said chapel in any way.
[Cornw.] A. 9662. General release by Peter Seyntaubyn, son and heir and one of the executors of Geoffrey Seyntaubyn, to Ralph Reskemmer and William Gourlyn. Seynt Crewyn, Sunday before St. Martin, 11 Henry VI.
[Kent.] A. 9663. Indenture of demise by John son of Thomas de Morton to Ralph de Sandwich (Sandwyco), knight, for life at 30l. rent, of his entire tenement in Sturmuthe and Elmerston; Ralph had paid him 180l. before- hand for the first six years, beginning at Michaelmas, 23 Edward I, &c. Witnesses:—Sir Nicholas de Kyriell, and others (named). London, Thursday the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr in the said year.
[Leic.] A. 9664. Feoffment by Thomas de Wapinburi to John de Wapin- buri, of two virgates of land in the town of Ratcliff (Radeclivia), for his homage and service, to wit that virgate which Roger son of John held, and that Roger with all his issue, and the bovate of land which William Count (Comes) held, and William himself with all his issue, and the bovate which Walter Scoth held, and Walter himself with all his issue; rent, a pair of gloves or 6d. at All Hallows. Witnesses:—W. Burdeeth, Gilbert de Houbi, Robert de Folevill . . . . . . .
[Linc.] A. 9665. Indenture of demise by Richard son of Osbert Lung to John de Wythen and Cristiana his wife, of a place of land in the parish of St. Margaret in the suburb of Lincoln, for the term of her life, at the rent of a rose at Midsummer. Witnesses:—John de Newcastle (Novo Castello), mayor, Thomas de Kele and Elyas de Stubbeton, bailiffs' of Lincoln, and others (named). Wednesday after the Translation of St. [Thomas] the Martyr, 16 Edward II.
[Warw.] A. 9666. Bond by Roger Boydyn of Coventry, merchant, to John Prest of the same, merchant, in 8l. due at Midsummer. Saturday after the Apostles Peter and Paul, 28 Edward III.
[Berks.] A. 9667. Release by Richard de Badelkyng, son and heir of John de Badelkyng to John at Water (de aqua) of Charneye and Joan his sister, wife of the said John, of his right by reason of his ancestors, &c. in the arable land, &c. in Schalyngford, with a messuage and garden, which Alan de Fernham formerly granted and. chartered (incartavit) to Robert son of the priest (sacerdotis) of Badelkyng in fee farm. Witnesses:—Thomas son of Robert de Offynton, of Schalyngford, Walter de Wermenystre, Henry de Hauford, Reginald de Gardino of Boclaunde, John Geffrey of Pesye.
[Warw.] A. 9668. Indenture being defeasance of a grant by Roger Aylesbury of Lapworth to William Mounfort and Agnes his wife, and the heirs and assigns of William, of 20 marks yearly rent out of his lands, &c. in Edeston, Botelerismerston, Wydenhay, and Dodeston, viz., the grant to be void if the said William and Agnes, and William's heirs had peaceful possession of the reversion of all their part of the manor of Grendeburgh expectant on the decease of Agnes mother of the said Roger. Thonworth, Tuesday after St. Peter the Apostle, 14 Richard II.
[Warw.] A. 9669. Release by Alice Path late the wife of Richard Gardin of Napton, widow, to Roger de Lodbrok, chaplain, of her right in a messuage in Lodbrok. Monday before St. John before the Latin Gate 23 Edward [I].
[N'hamp.] A. 9670. Release by William Sheldon of Catthorp son and heir of Elizabeth Scot daughter of Ammor Scot to John Cok of Lilleburne, William Palmere and John Drayton, parson of the church of Cleycoton, of his right in 10s. rent from a half virgate of land formerly belonging to Robert and Geoffrey sons of William de Queniburgh. Catthorp, Wednesday after All Hallows, 12 Henry IV. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 9671. Feoffment by Felicia de Herdewick, widow, to Robert her firstborn son, of all the residue of her land in the fields of Herdewick with the residue of her place there, on condition of his finding her keep and clothing, &c. The eve of the Assumption, 22 Edward [I].
N hamp A. 9672. Grant by Richard de Stratford of Northampton and Alice his wife to Richard their son, in tail, of a toft in Abyndonstrete, Northamp- ton. Monday after St. Hugh the Bishop, 13 Edward II. Copy.
London. A. 9673. Letter of attorney by Thomas Stoke of Assheby Legger, co. Northampton, to John Cheyham, goldsmith and citizen of London, and Thomas Litlyngton of the same city, to receive from Thomas Stokes of the county of Buckingham and Alice his wife and John Esket, 6 marks 6s. 8d. yearly for the two years next following from his tenement which the said Thomas, Alice and John had by his demise for the term of their lives in survivorship in the lane called Lymstrete, towards the east end of the church of St. Dionis, London. London, 26 June, 16 Richard II.
[Somers] A. 9674. General release by Walter Sydenham, late of Brympton, co. Somerset, esquire, to Alexander Sydenham of Brympton, esquire, and Richard Sydenham of the same, esquire. Brympton, 13 June, 20 Edward IV. Seal, cracked.
[Cornw.] A. 9675. Feoffment by John Trefaylec to Robert Knyth and Thomasia his wife, in tail, of a croft in the borough of Liskirret. Tuesday before St. George, 51 Edward III.
[Cumb.] A. 9676. Bond by Margaret de Lamplogh, widow, William Wodde of Lamplogh, Robert Wilson of Lamplogh, Robert Bowman of the same, and Patrick Michellson of the same, to John Eglisfeld, the elder, in 10 marks, due at Whitsuntide, 1446. Dated 20 January, 23 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] A. 9677. Release by Thomas son of John Tailor (cissoris) of Yelvertoft, the elder (senioris), to William de Tekne and Agnes his wife and the heirs and assigns of William, of his right in 1a. 3 butts of land "under Anlowe," which formerly were of the fee of Nicholas Broun. Witnesses:— John Le Taillor the younger, and others (named). Yelvertoft, Monday the morrow of St. Peter and St. Paul, 18 Edward III.
[Heref] A. 9678. Feoffment by Peter de Fernhal to Walter his son and heir, and Margery daughter of Richard Mullahc, for their homages and services, and for 12 marks and two oxen and two cows (vaccis pacabilibus), which the said Margaret gave him beforehand, of a messuage in Fernhale called 'New Garden' (novus gardinus) and 24a. of land, viz. 12a. of his demesne of Fernhal, &c., and 8a. of his land of Leye (Lega), between Webbele and Leye (Legam) and 4a. which he took in exchange, &c.; if the said Walter die without heir begotten on the body of the said Margery, she shall enjoy the premises for life &c. Witnesses:—Thomas vicar of Webbele and others (named).
[Chesh] A. 9679. Feoffment by Robert de Dokynfela to John his son and Agnes daughter of Thomas Danyeris, his wife, and the heirs of their bodies issuing, of all those lands which certain persons (named) held for term of years in Bryninton, with common of pasture and common of turbary in his wastes there; rent, a rose for all servic's Witnesses:—Thomas Danyeris and others (named). Tuesday after the Purification, 12 Edward III.
[Wilts] A. 9680. Indenture of demise, in consideration of 16 marks, by Alais late the wife of Richard de Grimstede to Nicholas de Haveresham, of her dower from the said Eichard in Grimstede, in lands, homages, services, meadows, pastures, in mills and other liberties, from Michaelmas, 18 Henry III, for eight years; also demise of all the services and customs due to her from the men of Pleiteford for the meadow of Widimed and the meadow of Alwardbur'. Witnesses:—Odo de Grimstede, knight, John Gereberd, William de Olneia, then parson of Grimstede and others (named).
Oxford. A. 9681. Feoffment by Thomas, son of John Thurgodes, comber (pectenar') of Oxford to William de Aston, copyist (exemplar'), of his land between land of the said William on the east and. land formerly of Thomas de Morton, then of Nicholas de Arden, clerk, on the west, in the parish of St. Peter in the east, Oxford; rendering therefore yearly to the chief lords of the fee the due and accustomed service, viz. to the hospital of St. John without the east gate, 4s. quarterly, to John Sewy 2s. quarterly, to the church of St. Mildred (Mildrithe) 3 halfpence at Michaelmas, to the church of St. Peter in the East 1d. at Easter, and to him and his heirs ½d. at Whitsun- tide, for all service; for this William gave him beforehand 8 marks in gersum, a robe of wool (burneta) not quite new (parum usitatam) and a pair of linen cloths (pannorum lineorum). Witnesses:—Adam Feteplace, then mayor of Oxford, Geoffrey de Hengsee, William Young (juvene), spicer (spec'), then bailiffs and others (named).
[Cornw.] A. 9682. Acquittance by Davit Carwhedros to Joan late the wife of Otto Trevarthyan, knight, for 33s. 4d. wherein Otto was bound to him. The eve of St. Margaret, 8 Henry V. Seal, broken.
N'hamp. A. 9683. Bond by Richard Geffrey of Wedon Beek, co. Northampton, 'yoman,' to William Brothers, in 20l. due at the Purification next. 1 August, 10 Henry VI. Seal.
[Berks.] A. 9684. Chirograph indented being a release by Sir Hebert Peche to Sir Bartholomew de Yatingdon, of 2a. in the field of Yatingdon, in exchange for 2a. in the field of Yverentun (?) which the said Bartholomew had released to him; in consideration whereof Bartholomew releases all manner of distraints for rent for the land in Yatingdon. Witnesses:— William de Everyntun, William de Grenham and others (named).
[Linc.] A. 9685. Feoffment by John son of John atte Townehende of Swaveton to William son of Alan atte Grene of a selion of arable in the field of . . . between land of . . . . . of Sempingham . . . . . Swaveton, Sunday after the Purification, 11 Edward II.
[Leic.] A. 9686. Bond by William son of Robert son of the parson of Halughton to Roger de Borisworth and Richard Maunsel of Tirlington in 10l., 5l. to be paid on Sunday before St. Martin, 14 Edward II, &c. Thursday before St. Bartholomew the Apostle, . . Edward II.
[Cornw.] A. 9687. Bond by John Mogyon of Mogyon, 'gentylman,' to Lawrence Tremayn in 40l. at Michaelmas next, conditioned for his standing to the award of Richard Bonython and Henry Gyllyotte, of his choice, and of Thomas Godolghan and John Lucky, of the said Lawrence's choice, touching lands, &c. in Chyenhall and Mogyon Byan. The feast of St. Barnabas.the Apostle, . . Richard III.
[Cornw.] A. 9688. Release by Ralph de Pord to John de Pord his brother, of his right in a hall with chambers 'and a garden in Pord. Witnesses:— Walter de Nanspeyti, Jordan de Trewoge, Reginald de Tregasse. Dated at St. Gerrans (Sanctum Gerendum), Sunday before the Epiphany, 1322.
[Heref.] A. 9689. Feoffment by John Hosshkyns of the parish of Almaly to Roger ap Adam of Webleye, of a tenement with buildings in the High Street, Webbeley, which together with Rese ap Jevaun he had by the feoffment of the said Roger. Sunday after the Conception, 5 Henry V.
[Somers.] A. 9690. Feoffment by John Mauncell, the elder, to Robert Norisse, clerk, and Robert Mauncell, his son, and the heirs of his said son of all his lands, &c. in Sterkyslond, Bremylham, Votelond, Callis, Gobelins, Newhouse, Ernysham, in the parish of North Pederton and a burgage in the high street of Taunton, with two stalls (scabellis) there next 'le Cornhyll.' Witnesses:—Walter Bluet, esquire, John Stanley, esquire, William Mechell, esquire, William Magot, John Clavelleshey. Dated at Mauncell, 6 June, 35 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] A. 9691. Letter of attorney by Simon Lorkyn of Nortoft to Robert Hanecok of Yelvertoft to receive seisin in his name with Sibyl his wife, of all lands, &c., as in the charter of feoffment thereof made to them. Yelver- toft, Friday after St. Augustine the Doctor, 23 Edward III. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 9692. Demise for the term of his life by John atte Ling of Thaversham to Roger Russel and Margaret his wife, of two pieces of arable in Felthorp. Thursday before Palm Sunday, 43 Edward III.
[Cornw.] A. 9693. Bond by John Gotholghan, esquire, to Lawrence . . . . . . in 20l., conditioned for his standing to the award of William Trewy[nn]arde, Thomas Kyllygrewe, John Kyllygrewe, James [Tre]vely[an], Thomas Tregoos and Alexander Nans, elected on either side, touching the marriage of John son of the said John Gotholghan and Margery daughter of Richard Nanskylly. 13 November, 21 Henry VII.
[Hunt.] A. 9694. Feoffment by John le Heyr of Wodehirst to Roger le White of Brampton, of 30a. land and 4s. 3¼d. rent from tenants (named) in . . . Date illegible.
[N'hamp.] A. 9695. Feoffment by Thomas Tuwe of Welton to John Mallore, esquire, of a croft in Welton called 'le Fisshewereyerdys.' 5 Henry VI. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 9696. Release by same to same of same. Tuesday before St. Lawrence the Martyr, 5 Henry VI. Seal, broken.
Cornw. Devon. London. A. 9697. Indenture being a feoffment by John Trenowithe, esquire, to Katharine Stradlynge his daughter and one of his heirs, of all those messuages, &c. in the close (clauso) of Bodanan, called 'Parke Bodanan,' Tregonell, Trewather, Trewethan, Trehanerane, Trehiviowe, Gaier Daunant, Brode, and the fulling mill of Poundruste, with chattels of felons, waifs and strays, and all others their appurtenances, with the rents and services of certain persons for lands they held of him in certain places (named); also grant to her of the fourth part of his woods in Trenouwithe and other places (named), and the fourth part of all his toll of tin in the county of Cornwall; also of the fourth part of the reversion of the manor of Allwostone in the county of Devon and the like of his lands and tenements in the city of London; to hold to her, and the heirs of her body, paying yearly to him, during his life, 17l. 7s. Attorneys to deliver seisin, John Nanscarrowe, and John Newall. Bodanan Parke, the feast of St. Luke, 12 Henry VII. Copy on paper.
[Norf.] A. 9698. Feoffment by William Coye, dwelling in Antyngham, to Thomas All . . . of Aldeburgh and Richard Miller of the same, of a piece of land in Aldeburgh field. Thursday after All Hallows, 18 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] A. 9699. Letter of attorney by William Smyht of Weldon to John Boys of Kold Ascheby, to deliver seisin to William Stormosworthe of Zelvertoft, of ½a. arable in the Zelvertoft fields. Sunday after the Purification, 14 Richard II.
[N'hamp.] A. 9700. Acquittance by Nicholas Felicessone, reve of the manor of Hetherington, to William Ryvel, of Buckeby, for 40s. in part of 65s. wherein the said William was bound to his lord the prior of the Hospital of St. John of Jerusalem for a relief in arrear. Hetherington, Saturday after the Nativity of the B.V.M., 18 Edward III.