Deeds: A.10701 - A.10800

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.10701 - A.10800

[Warw.] A. 10701. Indenture being the defeasance of a letter of account (literam de compoto) whereby Henry le Peyntour of Coventre, 'cotyler,' was bound to Nicholas Beyden of the same, merchant, for the payment of 4l. with interest (lucro inde proveniente), viz. on payment within two years of 38s. by instalments of 4s. 9d. the said letter of account to be void. Friday after St. Hilary, 21 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 10702. Letter of attorney by Roger Buncheqwel of Skernyngg, to Richard son of John le Knyctes, to deliver seisin to Ralph de Skernyngg and John Stevene, of a messuage, pasture and 11a. arable in Skernyngg, as in his two charters of feoffment. Monday after the Holy Trinity, 23 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 10703. Inspeximus and confirmation by Roger son of Thomas of Skerning, of the grant made by his mother Sarah, by the name of Sarah late the wife of Thomas son of Baldwin of Skerning, widow, to William de Wenling, clerk, for his homage and service and 4 marks, of the bond-land (villenagium) of Martin Chofre and Nicholas his son, together with the said Martin and Nicholas and their issue; rent, a clove gillyflower at Easter for all service. Witnesses (to both charters):—Sir Gilbert de Frausham, Alexander his son, Sir Saer de Frivill and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. rogeri. fil. thome.
[Warw.] A. 10704. Feoffment by John de Berkuswelle of Toneworth to Richard de Monteffort and Rose his wife of all the land in 'Werseworth' field, which he had by the feoffment of Julian daughter of John atte Bache of Toneworth and of John Gefferey of Ilmyndon; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Richard. Sunday after All Hallows, 42 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 10705. Feoffment by Richard son of William de Sudewde to Fulcher son of Hawys, for his homage and service, and 3s. in gersum, of a piece of land in Wendling fields; rent, a clove gillyflower at Michaelmas. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Frausham and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 10706. Feoffment by Robert Langtoft, of Skernyng, Henry Lang- toft of Estderham, Richard Basse the younger, and Thomas Rownyng of Skernyng, to John Newman of Skernyng, Thomas Newman and William Wryght of the same, of two pieces of arable reckoned at 1½a. in Skernyng, at Byrkysle, which they had inter alia by gift of Alice Langtoft, late the wife of Stephen Clerk, by her charter of feoffment dated at Skernyng, 5 April, 12 Edward IV. Skernyng, 20 May, 18 Edward IV. One seal.
[Cornw.] A. 10707. Release by John de Aleth to Sir Oliver de Dinham, of the wardship of the land Trelong, till the full age of the heirs of Sir Robert de Karmennou, in consideration of 10 marks paid beforehand, to be repaid should the land prove to be held in socage. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas le Archidiacon', Sir Thomas de Cantia, Sir Alan de Bloyhou, Sir Roger de Prydihaus, Sir John de Bello Prato, knights, Sir Hugh Peverel, John Long (longo).
[Norf.] A. 10708. Feoffment by Edmund son and heir of Richard Tabbe of Skernyng to John Poumfreyt of the same the younger, John Westhaghe and Robert Baker, clerks, and Robert Fyssher of the same, of a messuage with buildings and four pieces of arable reckoned at 2a. 1 rood there, which descended to him on the death of his father, who had the same, inter alia, by the gift of Thomas, John and Edmund Clark, sons of Henry Clark, late of the same, by their charter of feoffment dated at Skernyng, Friday after the Finding of the Holy Cross, 27 Henry VI. Skernyng, 24 February, 21 Edward IV.
Endorsed: Powle Byrdez tenet; and Thomas Hoo.
[Warw.] A. 10709. Release by John le Ward and Alice his wife to their lord William de Grenneburgh prior of St. Mary of Coventre of a messuage and 8a. land in Grenneborough, formerly John de Belgrave's, which they had by the gift of William Suwet, chaplain, and William de Offecherche for the term of their lives. Monday after St. Andrew, the Apostle, 47 Edward III. Seals.
[Norf.] A. 10710. Feoffment by John Manne, Geoffrey Brakke and Edmund Michell to Thomas Hoo of Skernyng, gentleman, John Malby of Estdere- ham and Robert Wodethorpe of Hengham, of 2a. land in two pieces in Skernyng, which, together with John Wright, since deceased, they had by the feoffment of John Pomfret by charter dated at Skernyng 81 August, 23 Henry VII. Skernyng, 1 March, 3 Henry VIII.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed; also Thomas Hoo.
[Warw.] Worc. A. 10711. Feoffment by Thomas de Gudlesdone, parson of the church of Mortone, and Robert de Brewes, chaplain, to Sir John de Bys- shopesdone, knight, and Dame Beatrice his wife, of a messuage in Bysspewode, and a field called 'Sorelles feld' in Lappeworthe, which their bondman Walter atte Knygtes held of them in bondage, also a messuage and croft which Walter le Bonde, their bondman, similarly held of them, in Lappeworth, with the bodies, chattels and services of the said bondmen and their issue, also of all their wood there (totum boscum nostrum in forinceco de Bysspewode extra clausum crescens), also of 40s. rent from the manor of Bysspewod and from land &c. to the said manor adjacent, which Dame Maud de Cauntelow held of them, for the term of her life, in Lappeworthe and Rowhintone as well as in Bysspe- wod with the reversion of the said manor &c. expectant on her decease; also feoffment to the said John and Beatrice of 13 messuages, 8 virgates land, 10a. meadow, 4a. wood, 30a. waste and 8s. rent in Peopewell and Waresleye, co. Worcester, with the bodies of the bondmen dwelling there, &c.; also of a silk purse yearly, being the rent arising from the land &c. which Joan late the wife of Thomas de Bysshopesdon held for life in Hull and More beside Fladeburi, co. Worcester, and in Lyndene, co. Warwick, with the reversion thereof, with bodies of bondmen, &c; to hold to the said John and Beatrice for the term of their lives, with remainder to Roger and John, sons of the said Sir John, successively, in tail male, with remainder in default to Sir John's right heirs. Witnesses:—Sir William de Lucy, Sir Robert de Vaal, Sir Roger de Aylesburi, Sir John Tremenel, knights, John de Peyto the elder, John de Peyto the younger, William de Lucy, John de Vaal, William de Peyto, Adam de Stimintone, Henry Milys, William de Clinton of the county of Warwick, Hugh de Cokesseye, John de Graftone, Thomas de Someri, Edmund Fyz Waryn. Lodintone, Monday before St. George, 13 Edward III. One seal, effaced.
[Norf.] A. 10712. Feoffment by Roger son of Thomas of Skerning to William de Wenling, clerk, for his homage and service, and 60s. in gersum, of the homage and service of Walter son of Jordan of Skerning, and his heirs, to wit 2s. 11d. and similar rents and services from nine others, for their tenements in Wenling, Skerning and Frausham, with escheats, wards and reliefs from them and their tenements saving to him and his heirs the king's scutage, when it happen, to be, received from Walter son of Jordan and his heirs so far as belonged to their tenement; rent, a clove gillyflower at Christmas for all service. Winesses:—Sir Gilbert de Frausham, Sir Reginald de Dunham, and others (named).
Endorsed: Thomas Hoo.
[Norf.] A. 10713. Feoffment by Stephen Tot of Skernyngg to John son of Roger atte Hil of the same of a piece of arable called 'Rutesbuske' there. Sunday after St. Edmund the King and Martyr, 17 Edward II. Fragment of seal.
Endorsed: Thomas Hoo.
[Norf.] A. 10714. Feoffment by John Straunge and Marjory his wife of Skernyng to Robert Soppe, vicar of a mediety of the church of Skernyng, of land there at 'Rodestile' next 'Northendegrene,' &c. Tuesday, All Hallow's eve, 20 Richard II. Seals.
[Warw.] A. 10715. Indenture reciting that Gilbert Chasteleyn, sheriff of Warwick, by virtue of the king's writ directing him to deliver to Isabel Queen of England all the goods and chattels of the prior of Coventry, except oxen and plough horses, in satisfaction of a debt recovered by her in court and of her costs, had delivered to John le Bruyn, her steward, in the manor of Southam, hay to the value of 10s., standing corn to the value of 44l. 12s., half the mowing grass to the value of 20s. and half the autumn boon-works of the tenants there to the value of 6s. 8d.; sale by the said John le Bruyn to William de Catesby of the said goods, grass and boon-works and demise to him of a moiety of the said manor, as extended and delivered to the said Queen by the said sheriff, for the whole of her term therein, according to statute, rendering therefore to her, or her attorney, at Coventre, in the manor of Cheylesmoor yearly, 27l. 2s. 10¼d.; bond by Catesby to the Queen in 34l. 12s. payable, 10l. at the Assumption, 14l. 12s. at the Nativity of the B.V.M. and 10l. at Michaelmas. Friday after the Translation of St. Thomas, 26 Edward III. Seal of arms (a saltire), perishing.
[Norf.] A. 10716. Feoffment by Marjory, wife of Roger Ede of Skernyng to Adam Roundyng and John Camplyon of the same, of all the land &c. there, which descended to her on the death of Ralph Gamon, her father. Wednesday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 12 Henry IV. Seal, quasi- heraldic.
Endorsed: Thomas Hoo.
[Cornw.] A. 10717. Feoffment by Michael Vighan of Truru Marche to Richard de Penpons the elder of — messuages and one acre of land Cornish in Crouwoztheynys, to wit all he had there by the gift of Stephen Beauchamp of Boswens. Witnesses:—Walter de Carnduyou, James de Trevyados, Stephen de Mertherderwa, Roger de Trelewyth, Oger de Carran, clerk. Treyusu, Thursday after the Beheading of St. John the Baptist. 22 Edward III. Seal broken.
Endorsed, Crouharze[ne]c and Crowarthevis.
[Norf.] A. 10718. Release by William Wancy of Castelacur to Sir William de Wendling and his assigns, and to Peter son of William son of Alfred (Alfredi) of Wendling, and his heirs, of his right in the land which William son of Alfred of Wendling gave him in marriage with Maud his daughter in the town of Skerning; rent, to the lords of the fee, 8d. at Michaelmas and 3d. to a scutage of 20s.; consideration, 45s. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Frausham, Alexander his son, and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 10719. Release by Peter son of William son of Alfred (Willelmi Elfredi) of Wendling to the Premonstratensian abbot and canons of St. Mary, Wendling, of his right in 3a. land in Skerning, which Sir William de Wendling, clerk, acquired from William Wanncy, of Castelacre, and whereof he enfeoffed the said abbot and canons; rent, to him and his heirs a peppercorn at Easter, and to Sir Robert de Saham and his heirs 4d. at Michaelmas and 1½d. to a scutage of 20s. for all service. Witnesses:— Sir Osbert de Caylii, Robert de Hulm and Saer do Frithvill, knights, and others (named). Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] A. 10720. Release by William son of Reiner to William Wanci of Acre (Acra) and Maud his wife, of all the land he held in Skerning, to hold to them, &c, as the charter which they had from William son of Alfred (Alvredi) witnessed; for this abjuration and quit-claim William Wanci gave him an overcoat (supertunicam) and 12d.
[Norf.] A. 10721. Feoffment by John son of William le Gleuman of Sker- ninge to his daughter Florance for her homage and service, of 4a. arable there, for her keep; rent, 12d. Witnesses:—Sir Seyer de Frevile, and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 10722. Release by Roger son and heir of John le Gleuman of Skerning to his sister Florence of his right in the above. Friday after St. Mark the Evangelist, 11 Edward [I]. Seal, with legend, s. rogeri. le. gleuma[n].
[Warw.] A. 10723. Feoffment by William Regnaldyn of Attelburgh, and Walter Patteshyll to Henry Warde of Nuneton and Margery his wife of a burgage and a half in 'le Bakhous Lane,' Nuneton, which they had by the feoffment of Philip Wryght and Margery his wife. 31 July, 12 Henry VI. Fragment of seals.
[Warw.] A. 10724. Letter of attorney by John Hancokkes of Aston Cantelow, cousin and heir of John Aston, chaplain, late deceased, to Simon Symons and Thomas Norrys, to deliver seisin to Thomas Byllyng the elder, John Catesby, serjeant-at-law, Thomas Throgmerton, Nicholas Catesby, and Edmund Newenham, of land &c. in Lappworth, Kyngeswode and Belledesert, according to his charter thereof. Lappworth, 15 January, 4 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 10725. Feoffment by Roger son of Baldwin de Frivill to Thomas son of Odelina of Skerninge, for his homage and service and for 30 marks in gersum, of the tenement Thomas held of him there; rent, 3s. for all service.
[Wilts.] A. 10726. Indenture of demise by John de la Roche to John Ballard the younger and his wife, if any, for the term of their lives, of a messuage &c. in Bromham, which Isabel Parsones formerly held; rent, 8d., mowing half an acre of corn, when warned, and finding a man for a day to carry hay in 'la Medleye.' Thursday before St. James the Apostle, 22 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 10727. Release by Geoffrey Mailiard of Est Derham to his father William, of his right in a messuage in the town of Schernyg called 'Russell,' and in land &c. in Schernyg and Est Derham. Tuesday the feast of St. Vitalis, the Martyr, 23 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] A. 10728. Feoffment by Christian daughter of Robert Russel of Est Derham to Sir William de Frausham Magna, knight, and Margaret his wife of a piece of her messuage; rent, a rose at Midsummer. Frausham, Friday after the Epiphany, 26 Edward [I].
[Norf.] A. 10729. Feoffment by Ralph de Suthwode of Estderham, chaplain, to Christian Russel of Skernyngg, for life, of his messuage at 'Russeles' in Skernyngg, which he formerly acquired from Sir Nigel Lemprour of Estderham, chaplain, with remainder after her decease to Thomas Lemprour and Geoffrey son of William Malyard of Estderham their heirs and assigns. Skernyngg, Sunday after St. Dunstan the Bishop, 15 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 10730. Feoffment by Agnes daughter of Roger Fisher (piscatoris) of Coventre to Emma late the wife of William Wymund of the same of all her land, with buildings on it, there; rent, 3s.; consideration, 20s. beforehand. Witnesses:—Anketill de Coleshul, bailiff, John Lewyne, coroner of Coventre, and others (named). Thursday before St. Mark the Evangelist, 27 Edward I. Seal, with legend, s. agnet. fil. petronille.
[Norf.] A. 10731. Feoffment by Geoffrey of Great Frausham, son of William of Sud Wde, to Sir William son of William de Wendling, for his homage and service, and 40s. in gersum, of 2½a. arable in Frausham; rent, 4d., viz. l½d. on the feast of St. Edmund and on Palm Sunday and 1d. on the feast of St. Margaret and 1d. to a scutage, more or less. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Frausham, Alexander his son, Sir Sayer de Frivill, Henry his brother, and others (named). Seal, with legend, sigil'. galfri'. fil'. wil'i.
[Norf.] A. 10732. Feoffment by Geoffrey son of William of Sudwde to Sir William son of William de Wendling, for his homage and service, and 6s. 3d. in gersum, of ½a. ½ rood arable in Frausham; rent, ½d. at the Purification. Witnesses:—Sir Seyer de Frivill and others (named). Seal, with legend, sigil'. galfri'. fil'. wil'i.
[Norf.] A. 10733. Release by Geoffrey son of William of Suwude to the canons &c. of St. Mary, Wenling, of 2d. rent they paid him for a tenement in Great Frausham. Seal, with legend, as above.
[Leic.] A. 10734. Feoffment by William son of William Tysun of Pulteney (Pulteneia), to John Owyn and Emma his wife, of 3a. 1 rood arable, with headland (chevet'), in the field of Pulteney, with all his meadow in 'Brexdale' in 'le halvidole' belonging to the virgate of land which he had by the gift of Henry Tysun, his brother, next the meadow of Sir Richard de Bosco, knight, &c.; consideration, 60s. beforehand; rent, 1d. at Easter. Witnesses:—Robert de Lusceles, lord of Wallecot, and others (named).
[Leic.] A. 10735. Counterpart of feoffment by Sir John de Pulteneye, knight, to John le Wrighte and Emma his wife, for the term of their lives, with remainder to William Dekene, of Pulteneye, in tail, with reversion in default to himself and his heirs, of a messuage and 16a. land in Pulteneye, which he had by the gift and feoffment of the said John and Emma; rent, during Emma's life, 4s. 8d. and thereafter 10s. Witnesses:—Sir Richard de Eg[eb]aston, Sir Ralph de S . . lowe, knights, and others (named). Pulteneye, Whit Sunday, 22 Edward III. one seal (of arms.)
[Warw.] A. 10736. Grant by John de Sumervile, lord of Stocton, to Adam de Napton, for his service, of a messuage in the town of Lower Sokeberw, part of a curtilage, and the fourth part of a virgate of land in the fields of the same town; to hold to the said Adam and Cristina his wife for the term of their lives; rent, 3s.
[Leic.] A. 10737. Feoffment by Adam son of Nicholas of Kyrmundecote, clerk (clerici), to William son of William Tysun of Pulteneye of 5a. ½ rood land in the fields of Pulteneye; rent, ½d. at Easter for all service. Witnesses:—Robert de Luscelis lord of Walcot, Nigel son of Hugh de Pulteneye, Robert de Luscelis the younger and others (named). Seal, with legend, s. ade. fil. nicholai.
[Leic.] A. 10738. Feoffment by Adam son of Nicholas of Kymmundecote to John Owan of Pulteneye, with the assent of Amicia his wife, of 3½a. 1 rood arable and one rood meadow 'en le Halvidole' in Pulteney field and of a toft in the same town of the land Thomas Pikot formerly held, next lands of Sir Robert de Hardredishul, Sir Adam de Napton, &c.; rent, ½d. at Easter. Witnesses:—Nigel son of Hugh de Pulteneye and others (named).
[Warw.] A. 10739. Release by Henry son of the late Henry Paine of Coventre to Nicholas Bodyn of Coundulm of Coventre, merchant, of all real and personal suits &c. on account of any contract &c. for vessels and utensils called chattels (chevail), or other goods, &c. Witnesses:—Roger le Bray, then bailiff of Coventre, and others (named). Thursday, Ascension day, 12 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 10740. Release by John de Lodelowe, burgess of Coventre, to Ranulph de Franketon, of his right in 3s. rent which he bought of Richard de Bruges and which the said Ranulph used to pay to the said Richard for land he held; rent, to Agnes daughter of William de Heyham, and her heirs, 6d. at the four terms usual in Coventre, and a pair of gloves, or ½d. at Easter, for all service; consideration, 1 mark.
[Norf.] A. 10741. Feoffment by Henry son of Robert of Wendlinge to Sir William son of William de Wendlinge, for his homage and service, and 10s. in gersum, of 1a. arable in the field of Great Frausham; rent, 2d., and 1d. to a scutage, more or less, for all service. Witnesses:—Sir Gilbert de Frausham, Alexander his son, Sir Seyer de Frivill, Henry his brother, and others (named). Seal, with legend, sigill'. henric[i].
[Norf.] A. 10742. Feoffment by John son of Ednoth of Wendling to William son of William de Wendling, for his homage and service, of 1a. land in the town of Frausham; rent, 2d., viz. 1d. on the feast of St. Edmund, ½d. on Palm Sunday, and ½d. on the feast of St. Margaret for all service. Seal crumbling (a star of 8 points) with legend sigill. joh'is.
[Norf.] A. 10743. Feoffment by Thomas son of Baldewin of Skerning to Henry son of Robert of Wendling, for his homage and service, and 9s. in gersum, of 1a. arable in the field of Great Frausham, between land of his and of the said Henry, who had it in marriage with Beatrice his wife; rent 2d., viz. 1d. on Palm Sunday and 1d. at Michaelmas and 1d. to a scutage. Witnesses:—Sir Roger de Frevill, Saer his son and others (named). Fragment of seal.
N'hamp. A. 10744. Release by John Seyton of Maydeford to Thomas Sydenhale of Toneworthe, co. Warwick, of his right in land &c. in Farthyngeston and Snoscombe beside Hennewode, which formerly belonged to John Farthyngeston of Farthyngeston, and which Thomas had by his gift, by charter of fee simple, under certain conditions, since fulfilled; also acquittance by same to same for 26s. 8d. for Midsummer last in full and final payment for same. Farthyngeston, 6 July, 4 Henry VI.
[N'hamp.] A. 10745. Assignment of dower by Richard Kynnesman, the Prince's feodary in the county of Northampton, to Emma late the wife of Giles Lovel of Snotescombe, of a third of the said Giles' lands there &c. in dower. 22 December, 36 Edward III. French.
[N'hamp.] A. 10746. Feoffment by John Doget of Asscheby Leger, chaplain, to Warin (Warygno) Lucian, knight, William de Catesby, Thomas Throp, John Yate and William Rothewell, of a messuage, a virgate of land, and 6a. meadow, in Farthyngston, which he of late recovered from Giles Saundres by default, next the tenement John Farthyngston holds, &c. Farthyngston, Saturday the feast of St. Ambrose the Bishop, 6 Henry IV. Seal.
Derby. Notts. A. 10747. Feoffment by John Zouche of Codnore, esquire, to John Seynt Jone, Henry Willughby and Thomas Cheny, knights, Thomas Kebell, sergeant-at-law, John Horneby, clerk, Robert Welby, clerk, Richard Burton and Gregory Skipwith of his castle at Codnore, co. Derby, and of all his manors, lordships, &c. in Codnore, Henor, Langley and Loscowe, co. Derby, and Estwayte, co. Notts, for the payment of his debts and the fulfilment of his last will, and thereafter to stand enfeoffed thereof to the use of his heirs; attorneys to deliver seisin: John Clerk and Henry Morton. Witnesses:—John Babyngton, knight, John Strelley, Humphrey Lowe, esquires, Geoffrey Johnson and William his son. 16 May, 15 Henry VII. Seal, a bird with wings expanded.
Derby. Notts. A. 10748. Release by Thomas Leek of Screveton, esquire, and Roger Johnson to John Saint John and Henry Willoughby, knights, of their right in the manor or castle of Codnore and in the manors and lordships of Henor, Losco and Langley, co. Derby, and Estwayt, co. Notts. 18 August, 15 Henry VII. Signature of Leeke. Seals.
Memorandum of enrolment in the Bench, roll 1, Hilary Term, 16 Henry VII.
[Norf.] A. 10749. Feoffment by John Boteler, clerk, vicar of the church of Brunham St. Clement, to John Porter, Geoffrey Porter his son, Thomas Porter, Robert Reder and John Boteler of Brunham aforesaid, of two messuages and a croft, a cottage and 1 rood land, and ten pieces of arable lying dispersed in the fields of Brunham aforesaid and Thorp, which they had by his feoffment. 17 February, 16 Henry VI.
[Warw.] A. 10750. Release by John Syer of Coventre to John Bukmor of Lapworth of his right in a toft, a half virgate of land and 4a. meadow in Lapworth, which William Roo gave to Alice, late the wife of Henry Whetecok of Lapworth, father (patris) of Henry Pakwode of Coventre. Monday before St. Matthias the Apostle, 3 Henry IV.
[Kent.] A. 10751. Counterpart of demise by the King to John Davy of Upmonyngeham of the manor of Wodlynge, from the morrow of Michaelmas, 48 Edward III, for seven years, at 25 marks 6s. 8d. rent over and above castle-guard of Dovor and other charges. 4 July, 49 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 10752. Feoffment by Thomas Broun of Toneworth to Thomas Atte Berue and Sir Richard Dolphyn, chaplain, of the same, and William Smith (fabro) of Hockelowe of his tenement called 'le Brounes.' Sunday after the Annunciation, 41 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 10753. Indenture of demise by Thomas atte Berue of Toneworth to Thomas Broun of the same for life of all the land &c. which he had by Thomas' feoffment there, the two 'Blakefeldes' excepted; with remainder as to one moiety to Agnes wife of the said Thomas, for life, with remainder to Alice their daughter in fee, and as to the other moiety to the said Alice in fee. Thursday after the Apostles Philip and James, 9 Richard II. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 10754. Letter of attorney by William Salmon otherwise called Craunford, son and heir of Richard Salmon of Wynewyk to Thomas Ysowde to deliver seisin to Nicholas Coweley of Swynford of a messuage &c. and 3a. arable in Yelvertoft. The eve of the Ascension, 25 Henry VI. Seal.
[Bucks.] A. 10755. Indenture of demise by Adam son and heir of Richard de Waltham to Sir Peter de Colingebourn, rector of the church of Ivyngho, for life, of all his land &c. in Ivingho and Pichelesthorn, at the rent of a rose at Midsummer, with the reversion of the dower of Alice de Molendinis and Maud late the wife of Richard de Hiltrigg, expectant on their decease; consideration, 60 marks beforehand. 23 February, 35 Edward I. Fragment of seal.
[Warw.] A. 10756. Indenture being the defeasance of a grant by Thomas Broun of Toneworth, 'smyth,' to Richard de Mountfort of a rent charge of 6s. 8d. on all his lands there, viz., that if Sir Henry Wolston, vicar of Toneworth, and his heirs and assigns, have quiet possession of a field there, called 'Lysterleye,' undisturbed by the said Thomas and Agnes his wife, and if they pay 20d. yearly to Thomas Archer of Toneworth, of whom the said field was held as rent on behalf of the said vicar, his heirs and assigns, the grant shall be void. Monday after St. Martin, 47 Edward III. Seal, effaced. French.
[Warw.] A. 10757. Counterpart of demise by Philip de Aylesbury and Agnes his wife to Richard Prat of Lappeworth, of a messuage called 'Welle place' there for the lives of himself, Isabel his wife and Richard their son, in sur- vivorship; rent, 12s. &c. Sunday after All Hallows, 4 Richard II. Seal, effaced.
[Camb.] A. 10758. Feoffment by John Crane, 'barbour,' and Joan his wife of Little Wilburgham to Edmund Preston of the same, of 5a. arable lying dispersed there. Monday before the Conversion of St. Paul, 10 Henry IV. Seals. Names endorsed.
[Camb.] A. 10759. Release by Alan Brich to Sir Philip Basset of 3 roods arable in West Wrottingge in 'Middelfeld' at 'Eldegore,' between lands of the nuns of St. Rhadegund of Cambridge and of Sir James de Frivill, &c. Seal, with legend, s. alani. fil. si[mon]is. bric.
[N'hamp.] A. 10760. Feoffment by Geoffrey Gamul of Crek and Agnes, his wife, to Sir William de Lodynthone, chaplain, of 1a. arable in the west field of Assheby Leger, viz. ½a. on Stocwellefurlong, &c. Thursday after the Epiphany, 3 Edward III.
[Norf.] A. 10761. Demise, for eight years from Lammas Day, 53 Henry III, in the second year of the abbot, by Richard son of Alexander, of Tychewell, to the abbot W. and convent of Ramesey, of 6a. arable, which he had by the demise of Henry son of Roger de Grimestone, viz. 4a. in Brauncestre field, abutting on the highway between Brauncestre and Tychewell, and 2a. on the other side of the said road; consideration, 5½ marks beforehand.
York [W.R.] A. 10762. Chirograph indented, A.D. 1253, being the memorandum of an agreement between John de Warenn and Adam de Newmarch (Novo Mercato), son of John, viz. that the water stopped up in the Balne (Balnea) should be carried off by a ditch 8 ft. wide and 4 ft. deep within the tilth (culturam) called 'Wehtwonge' to the ditch called 'Smalehacchedich' and thence into the ditch called 'Holdepersonedich,' and so to the water called 'Dich,' the west side to be kept in repair by Adam's men and the east side by John's men, &c.
Endorsed: . . . . inter maneria sua de Wilmarsley, Thorp, Camp- shall, Bentley et Archesey, Ebor.' Cf. A. 11128.
[N'hamp.] A. 10763. Release by William son of Henry de Craunford of Yelvertoft, to Richard de Craunford, of his right in 4½a. 1 rood land there. Sunday after St. Chad, 4 Edward III.
[Warw.] A. 10764. Feoffment by Peter le Schepeherde of Croddeworth, to John le Cok of the same of 6 selions of land in the fee of Croddeworth. Sunday after Michaelmas, 40 Edward III.
[York, W.R.] A. 10765. Confirmation by Robert bishop of Lincoln to his beloved daughter Susan, at her pious request, and to her sisters, nuns of St. Mary of Thorne, of the place which is called Thorne (Spinetum), with a carucate of land of the lordship of Melton (Meheltonie) beside Thorne (Spinetum), and a mill in — (Buceb'), with the meadow called Esselouenoa, and 10a. round the monastery with the isle beside the mill, in perpetual alms, by the gift of Gundreda mother of Roger de Moubr[ay] and by the grant of the said Roger de Moubr[ay], as their charters witness, saving the dignity of the church of Lincoln.
[Warw.] A. 10766. Memorandum of the sale, for 20l., on the morrow of St. Gregory the Pope, 20 Edward [I], by Hugh de Brantiston to Beatrice, late the wife of Bartholomew de Yatingdene, in the manor of Greneberge, of live stock, growing crops, &c. detailed.
[Essex.] A. 10767. Grant in pure alms by Roger son of Breinell' of Wikes to the prioress, Christian, and the nuns, of St. Mary of Wikes, of land &c. in Burfeld, next the land his father gave them; rent, 2d. Seal, with legend, sigill. roger' brainel.
Berks. Bucks. Herts. Middx. A. 10768. Feoffment by the dean and canons of the free chapel royal of St. George, within the royal castle of Wyndesore, to King Edward, at his desire (ad sui desiderium et complacenciam), of the manors of More, Busshy and Eggeware, cos. Middlesex and Herts, and the manors of Dachet and Ditton, co. Bucks, also of five messuages, ten tofts, 100a. land, 60a. meadow, 100a. pasture, 15a. wood and 40s. rent, in Old Wyndesore and New Wyndesore, co. Berks. 18 January, 22 Edward [IV]. Official seal.
Memorandum, endorsed, of enrolment, in February in the same year, on the dorse of the Close Roll.
N'hamp. Oxford. Suffolk. A. 10769. Indenture of demise by Giles de Wachesham, knight, for the term of his life, to Sir Hugh le Despenser, earl of Winchester, of the manors of Fullebrok and Westhalle, and all his lands in Swynebrok and Toynton, co. Oxford, with knights' fees, advowsons, &c. in exchange for the manor of Bernewell, co. Northampton, and 10l. rent in Kerreseye, co. Suffolk. Witnesses, Sirs John de Crumbewell, Richard Dammory, Walter and Giles de Beauchamp (Bello Campo), John Sturmy, John de Beek, William de Clyf, clerk. York, 2 December, 16 Edward II. Cancelled by cuts. Seal of arms (a chevron between three crescents), broken. See A. 10907.
[Warw.] A. 10770. Feoffment by Thomas atte Berue of Toneworth to Thomas Broun of the same, of two fields of land, lying together, called 'le Blakefeld' there, next the road from Henley to Bermycham, &c. Sunday after the Apostles Philip and James, 9 Richard II. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 10771. Feoffment by Geoffrey Coly, perpetual vicar of the parish church of Holkham, and John Mey of the same to John Preste of Brunham Overey, John Smyth and William Thaxter of the same of 1½a. land in the field of Brunham Overey, between land of the lord of Calthorp, on either side, and abutting on land of the lord of Burghalle on the east which they had by the feoffment of Robert Bulman of Holkham. Brunham Overey, 14 December, 11 Henry VI. Seals.
[Norf.] A. 10772. Feoffment by Thomas Grigges, son and heir of John Grigges, late of Welles by Sea, to John Jygges of Brunham St. Clement, Robert Jygges of Wighton and William Fuller of Little Walsyngham of 5a. land in four pieces (as in A. 10773) in the field of Brunham aforesaid, formerly belonging to John Preste of the same; attorney to deliver seisin, Robert Reder. Brunham aforesaid, 5 May, 13 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 10773. Letters patent by John Jygges of Brunham St. Clement, William Archer of Brunham Norton and Thomas Gruggon of Berwyk, reciting that (1) John Preste of Brunham St. Clement, Thomas Gygges, John Smyth and John atte Dale of the same, by charter dated at Brunham, Saturday after Corpus Christi, 8 Henry VI, were enfeoffed of 7 roods of land in the field of Brunham St. Clement, between land of the college of Poumfrett, late belonging to Sir Robert Knoll', on the west, 'le Gougmer' on the east and south, and land of Thomas Thirlowe, formerly John Smyth's, on the north; and that (2) the said John Preste and John Smyth and William Thaxster' of the same, by charter dated at Brunham Overey, 14 December, 11 Henry VI, were enfeoffed of 1½a. land in 'le Est Felde' of Brunham St. Clement, between land of Sir William Calthorp, on both sides and land of the manor of Burghalle on the east; and that (3) the said John Preste and John Smyth and Robert Gruggon and Robert Wryght of Brunham Norton, by charter dated at Brunham aforesaid 2 March, 14 Henry VI, were enfeoffed of two pieces of land, viz. 1a. in the same field, in 'le Mersshfelde,' between land late John Alcloo's on the east, land of the college of Poumfrett on the west and the road from Holkham to 'Oyster- shelledale' on the north, and 3 roods in the same field in 'le Nedirfurlonge,' between land of the college of Poumfrett on the east, land late John Alcloo's on the west, and the said road on the south; and reciting that the said persons were accordingly seised in fee of the said five acres of land, to the use of the said John Preste, and that the survivors of them, viz., Thomas Gygges, William Thaxster, and Robert Gruggon died so seised, when the said land descended to them the said John Gygges, William Archer and Thomas, viz. to John as son and heir of the said Thomas, to William as son of Margaret, daughter and next of kin to the said William Thaxster alias Grome, and to Thomas Gruggon, as son and heir of Ralph Gruggon, brother and next of kin of the said Robert Gruggon; and reciting that they understood that the said John Preste had appointed John Grigges of Welles by Sea his executor, who had died without performing the said will, leaving issue Thomas Grigges, his son and executor, who is minded to carry out the said John Preste's last will touching the said land; feoffment by the said John, William and Thomas of the said land to the said Thomas Grigges, to the use of the said will, and appointment of Thomas Thirlowe and Robert Koo as their attorneys to deliver seisin. Brunham aforesaid, 2 April, 13 Edward IV. Seals.
[Warw.] A. 10774. Feoffment by Thomas Wodyate of Rowynton and Alice his wife, daughter and heir of Thomas Broun of Toneworth, to Roger Smert of Kenelworth, esquire, John Smert, Robert Huggeford, Richard Archer, of Toneworth, John Wodelowe, Thomas Wodyate the younger, and Richard Wodyate, his brother, of all the land, &c. in Toneworth, formerly the said Thomas Broun's. Saturday after Easter, 4 Henry IV. Seals.
[N'hamp.] A. 10775. Feoffment by Ralph Wincent of Welleton to Richard son of Richard Martin of the same, for his homage and service and 7 marks beforehand, of 3½a. arable there; rent, 3d. at three terms of the year. Wednesday before Easter, 17 Edward [I]. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 10776. Demise by William son of William le Paumer to Alexander de Ruton, of four messuages at Gosford, between land of Ralph de Dunholm, and William de Burbache, from Michaelmas, 29 Henry III, for twelve years; rent, 12d. at the four terms appointed in Convintre, and two men to work for one day in the autumn, and two hens at Christmas, for all service; covenants as to repair; consideration, 30s. beforehand.
[Warw.] A. 10777. Indenture of demise by Sir Ralph de Stanlowe, knight, to John le Mareschal of Coventre and Felicia his wife, for the term of their- lives, of a messuage in Bishop Street (vico episcopi) there, formerly demised by him to John de Wyntonia, saving the chief chamber and better stable on his coming there in person; rent, 30s. yearly for twenty years from Michaelmas next, and thereafter 10l., tenants doing repairs. Wednesday the feast of St. George the Martyr, 8 Edward II.
[Norf.] A. 10778. Release by Peter le Loges of Brunham. St. Clement to Peter le Veutre and Lettice his wife, of .his right in 1½d. rent which Simon le Paumer and his ancestors used to pay to Roger le Loges his father, and his ancestors, for a messuage, &c. in Brunham Nortone; rent, a clove gillyflower at Christmas. Witnesses:—Sir William de Caletoip and Sir Thomas de Sniterton, knights, and others (named).
[Norf.] A. 10779. Release by John de Aungre of Burnham to Robert le Weltre of the same of his right in 4d. rent, which Robert de Aungre his grandfather bought, from a piece of land in Burnham Norton, which Adam son of William Denton held of the said Robert; consideration, 5s. Saturday after the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 28 Edward [I].
[Norf.] A. 10780. Release by . . . . de Angur of Brunham Westgate to Robert le Weltre of Brunham St. Clement of his right in 4d. rent which Robert de Angre his grandfather acquired (perquisivit) from a piece of land in Brunham Nortone, which Adam late the son of William Dentone held of the said Robert; consideration, 5s. beforehand. Brunham, All Hallows eve, 25 Edward [I] ending.
Endorsed: modo in tenura Margarete Porter et Roberti Lenton.
[Norf.] A. 10781. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Giggys of Brunham St. Clement to William Grom of Brunham Norton of a half acre in the field of Brunham Norton; rent, ½d. at Lady Day. 8 November, 2 Edward IV. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 10782. Feoffment by Hugh atte Falleyate of Brunham Norton to Robert le Ventre of Brunham of 1d. rent which he used to receive at the hands of Estrild late the wife of Roger le Clek, for a messuage, with croft, in Burnham Norton. Witnesses:—Sir Walter de Calethorp, knight, Sir Ralph de Hemenal, knight, and others (named). Brunham, St. Margaret's day, 24 Edward I.
[Norf.] A. 10783. Feoffment by Hugh Baldewyne of Depedale to Robert de Orliens of Brunham for 20s. in gersum, of a piece of his land in the field of Brunham Norton, at 'Godmaneshil,' containing 1½ roods; rent, ½d. at Easter for all service. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Sniterthon, Sir Richard de Walsingham, knights, Hugh atte Falgate and others (named). Saturday after St. James the Apostle, 25 Edward [I].
[Norf.] A. 10784. Feoffment by Robert Curteys of Hulm, and Cassandria his wife, to Richard le Longe of Wygenahale of 3d. rent they used to receive by the hands of Hugh Hert for a messuage in Burnham Nortun; rent, a clove at Christmas; consideration. 3s. Seals.
[Norf.] A. 10785. Feoffment by William son of Hugh of Burnham Nortun to Hugh Hert for his homage and service and 5 marks in gersum, of a piece of land with two houses next the highway from Burnham market to 'le Millehil,' &c.; clause against Religious and Jews; rent 3d. Seal effaced.
[Norf.] A. 10786. Duplicate of A. 10785. Fragment of seal.
[Norf.] A. 10787. Release by Eichard le Longe of Wygenale to Peter de Weautre of 3d. rent, which he bought of Robert Curteys of Hulm and Cassandra his wife, arising from a messuage in Burnham Nortun, which Hugh Hert, bondman of the said Peter, bought of William son of Hugh. Tuesday after the close of Easter, 23 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal.
Camb. Suff. A. 10788. Release by Thomas Borough, knight, John Morton, clerk, master of the Rolls, John Brokeman, esquire, Geoffrey Blodwell and Thomas Walrond to Richard Fitz Lowys, William Grene and Henry Teye, esquires, of their right in the manors of 'Barbydoys,' otherwise called 'Lophams' in Carleton Colvilles, and Moynes in Weston, co. Cambridge, and in Thurlowe, co. Suffolk, which, together with the said Richard, William and Henry, they had by the gift of William Fyndern, knight, and which formerly belonged to Thomas Fyndern, knight, his father. 12 November, 18 Edward IV. One seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 10789. Feoffment by John Broun, clerk, and William Wryghte of Daventre, to Thomas Slawston of Welton beside Daventre and Joan his wife, of all the land, &c. in Welton, which they had by the gift of Agnes Drayton, widow, late the wife of John Drayton. The Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 7 Henry IV. Seals.
[Warw.] A. 10790. Indenture of demise by Thomas Knyght and John Parker, clerks, to Richard Mullewarde, of Chepyng Derset, Katharine his wife, and Agnes and Joan their daughters, for the term of their lives, of a messuage, garden, croft, and 5a. land lying dispersed there; rent, 8s.; the tenants to rebuild a house of four bays and a chamber annexed of three bays; heriots to be paid on death. The eve of the Apostles Simon and Jude, 8 Henry IV. Seals.
[London.] A. 10791. Feoffment by Geoffrey de Hachesham, lorimer, and Cecily his wife, daughter of Nicholas son of Osbert de Chigewelle, to Edmund de Chigewelle, tawyer (alutario), of a place of land, with buildings, in the parish of St. Michael towards Alegate, and of 4s. quit-rent from the house of John le Barbur in the same parish, and of the same fee; the site has a street frontage of 7 iron ells of King Edward I, &c.; rent to them, a clove (gariophilum) at Easter and 5s. to the lord of Chigewelle; con- sideration, 4½ marks beforehand. Witnesses:—Sir Henry le Waleis, then mayor, Nicholas de Winchester (Wyntonia) and Henry de Coventre, sheriffs, John de Norhamtone, alderman of the ward, and others (named). Fragment of one seal.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the husting, Monday before St. Luke, 2 Edward [I].
N'hamp A. 10792. Feoffment by John Watford, 'gentilman,' to William Catesby, knight, John Catesby of Olthorp, William Catesby of the same, Thomas Kebeell and Everard Derby, of a messuage, a virgate and a half of land and a spinney by the messuage in Great Creton, inhabited by Thomas Bosworth as tenant at will; attorneys to deliver seisin, Henry att the Woode and John Wattes of Est Haddon. Witnesses:—William Harigton and Walter Mawntell, knights, Roger Wak, Roger Salisbury and William Newnham, esquires. Creton aforesaid, 1 January, 17 Edward IV. Seal.
Camb. A. 10793. Release by Thomas le Diakne of Ikelynton to Sir Aymer de Valence, lord of Mountignak, of his right in all the lands, goods &c. which he had by the demise of the prior and convent of Montmorel (Monte Maurilii) in Ikelynton. Witnesses:—William de Sauston, Roger Barbedor and others (named). Thursday the eve of St. Mary Magdalen, 28 Edward [I]. Seal, with legend: si. tho. filius. ricardi. de. fo[n]te.
A. 10794. Charter by John, constable of Chester, being a memorandum that he had agreed (pepigisse) freely, and at his own petition, with King John, to be faithful to the king, and his heirs by Queen Isabel; to keep no oath made to the king's enemies; to adhere in no way to the charter of liberties which the king made to the barons of England and which the Pope annulled; and in default, to lose his lands; he had given Roger his brother as hostage to the king. Witnesses:—R. earl of Chester, Geoffrey de Nevill, Hugh le Despencer (dispensatore). [1 Jan. 1216.]
[Hunt.] A. 10795. Demise by Ranulph, abbot of Ramesey, with the assent of his convent, from the day of St. James the Apostle, before Lammas day (gulam Augusti), 23 Henry III, to Thomas, their porter, of his manor of Stiuecle, the gift of the church, when vacant, excepted, and except yearly tallage, sheriffs aid and hundred aid, warren and other customs to his chamber from the said manor belonging, as from other abbey manors put to farm; term, seven years; rent, 20l. to the master of the works and the master of the infirmary; the said Thomas at the end of the term should restore it as he received it, with hay and corn, stock and buildings. Witnesses:—Sir W. de St. George (de Sancto Georgio), then steward of Ramesey, and others (named).
[Devon.] A. 10796. Mandate by king Henry [II] to the reeves and citizens of Exeter, to cause the canons of Holy Trinity, London, to receive their rents from Exeter, as in the time of king Henry, the grandfather; failing them, his justice or sheriff shall cause it to be done. Witness, M. Biset, sewer. At Worcester. Fragment of seal.
Norf. A. 10797. Release by William Jygge and John Grys of Wyghton to John Lyng of Little Walsyngham, of their right in the manor called 'le Veutres,' with land &c. formerly Simon Veutres, in Brunham St. Clement, Brunham Thorp, Brunham Norton, Brunham St. Andrew, Brunham St. Edmund, Brunham Westgate, Brunham Sutton, Debdale, Holkham, Wyghton, Warham, and elsewhere, co. Norfolk. Saturday after St. James the Apostle, 1 Henry VI. Seals.
London. A. 10798. Release by Nicholas de Bedyngtone of London, mercer, and Alice his wife, daughter of Margery Somery, to Henry de Langare, citizen and goldsmith of London, and Emma de Hallinggebyr' his wife, of their right in a place of land, with buildings in 'Goderon Lane,' in the parish of St. John Zachary, London, against 'Kyronlane,' between the tenements of the said Margery, on the east and south, the tenement late of Adam de Hallinggebyr' on the north, and 'Goderon Lane' on the west, &c. Witnesses:—John de Wenegrave, then mayor of London, William Forneys and John Priour, sheriffs, Elyas de Suffolk, alderman of the ward, and others (named). Sunday before St. Valentine the Martyr, 11 Edward II. Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the Husting of pleas of land, Monday before St. Peter's Chair, 11 Edward II.
[Wilts.] A. 10799. Release by Walter son of Simon to Hugh de Haversam, and Joan wife of the said Hugh, his cousin (cognate) and their heirs of a virgate of land in the town of Cumton, that, to wit, which William the reeve held, and the third part of a virgate of land there which William de Lisoriis gave him for his homage and service, by charter, and which Geoffrey, William's brother, confirmed to him by charter, and which Maud de Gremstede, who was sister of the said William and Geoffrey de Lisoriis, granted and confirmed to him by charter; these charters he had given to the said Hugh and Joan, as to those whom he had made heirs of all his right in the said town and elsewhere. Witnesses:—William de Haversam, Richard de Tarent, Peter de Gremmest[ed], chaplains, Nicholas, parson of Gremsted, Walter, parson of Haversam, John, the parson of Salisbury, Walter de Gremsted, William his brother and others (named). Seal effaced.
[Cornw.] A. 10800. Acquittance by William de Pasford, receiver of the moneys of Sir Henry de Wylyngtone, sheriff and steward of Cornwall, to Oliver de Carmynou, for 40s., on behalf of his tenants, in part of 400l. for wreck of the Lizard (Lyssard). Hellestone, Thursday after St. Luke the Evangelist, 14 Edward II.