Deeds: A.12701 - A.12800

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.12701 - A.12800

Glouc. A. 12701. Indenture of demise, 28 April, 13 Elizabeth, by Margaret Rede, of Boddyngton, widow, late the wife of John Rede, esquire, to William Rogers of Dowdeswell, gentleman, in consideration of 200l. of the manor or farm of Little Aston, and of her tithe of corn and hay in the parish of Nether Gytyng, from Lady Day last for fifteen years, at 5l. 2s. rent. English. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Wilts. A. 12702. Indenture of demise by William Moggeridge, of Bunes Courte, near Salisbury, gentleman, reciting that John, late bishop of Salisbury, by deed dated 10 September, 36 Henry VIII, demised to William Barton, yeoman, for seventy years, closes of 'pasture and meade callyd Horsleas, Marshe Crofte, Longe Meade, with the Doles, and certeyn enable ground then in the occupacion of Syslye Lyne, wydowe,' 'a close callyd Barnye alias Barnye Haye in the occupacion of Julyan Harper, a close now in the occupation of John Mayo, called 'Parsonage Close,' a parcell of pasture and arable nigh to Pottern Wood called 'Wood Breach,' a grove called 'Parsonage Grove,' two closes now in the occupation of John Flower the elder, and one tenement and one 'yeard land' in the occupation of John Dussocke, being all parcel of 'the lordes demaynes called horde land or overland,' within the lordship of Pottern within the 'tythings and homages of Whystly Preband and Worton,' the term to commence on the death or surrender of the said tenants, at a rent to the bishop, or the 'reve' of the said manor of Pottern, of 4l. 13s. 4d., viz. 25s. for 'Horsleas,' 6s. 8d. for 'Barnye Haye,' 20s. for 'Parsonage Close,' 3s. 4d. for 'Wood Breache,' 2s. for 'Parsones Grove,' 14s. for two closes in the occupation of John Flower the elder, 17s. 2d. for Dussocke's tenement and 'yeard' land, and 6s. for Dussocke's 'borde' land; which lease the said William Barton, by deed dated 24 April, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary, assigned to him, the said William Moggridge; now, in consideration of 100 marks, he demises to John Markes, of Worton, in the parish of Pottern, gentleman, the reversion of the two closes of pasture in the occupation of the said John Flower on the determination by death or otherwise of Flower's estate therein, for sixty years, at 14s. 2d. rent. 20 May, 25 Elizabeth. English. Signed by me Wyllya' Moggrydge. Witnesses:—Thomas Longe, John Moggrydge, William Whytt.
Wilts A. 12703. Bond by Thomas Longe of Hurcoate, co. Wilts, gentle- man, and John Mogridge of Buns Courte, nigh Salisbury, gentleman, to Robert Jolle and Robert Norwell, of Salisbury, brewers, in 20l., conditioned for the payment of 25 quarters of barley before the Purification next at Jolle's dwelling house in Castle street. 24 March, 34 Elizabeth, 1592. Cancelled by cuts.
A. 12704. Bond by John Bolde, residentiary of the cathedral church of Salisbury, D.D., to Adam Squyer, master of Baliol College, Oxford, D.D., in 200l., conditioned for his standing to the award of Hugh Powell, of 'the cetie of Sarum,' esquire, and William Squyer, of London, gentleman, upon all matters ecclesiastical and temporal in dispute between them. 27 April, 20 Elizabeth. Signed John Bolde. Seal of arms.
Staff. A. 12705. Feoffment by Roger Ecclesall of La Thillington, gentle- man, to Edward, his eldest son, in tail male, with remainder in default to Richard, his son, in tail male, of the messuage or tenement called 'Northalls thinge alias Wyrleys,' lying within the liberty of 'la Thillington,' aforesaid. 5 September, 1 Mary. Signature. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Wilts A. 12706. Feoffment by Charles Stourton, knight, lord Stour- ton, in fulfilment of covenants contained in indentures 23 January, 6 Edward VI, between him and Giles Atcloughe, of the city of Salisbury, 'inholder,' of all that site of the manor, messuage or farm called Bountes Courte alias Bownes Courte, with buildings, &c. thereto belonging, lying within the said city, without the gate there com- monly called 'le Castell Gate'; also of arable land, &c. to the site of the said manor belonging; also of four small messuages or tenements, whereof three lying together on the west side of the street there called 'Castell Stret' without the 'Castell Gate,' between the site of the said manor on the north and a tenement of Thomas Chaffyn, esquire, on the south, and the fourth is situate within the liberty of the said city on the east side of the said street, without the gate, and is now in the occupation of one Hugh Jeffreye; also of four messuges or tenements with shops, cellars, sollars, &c. now in the several occupations of Thomas Wyllye, Robert Earthe, Thomas Hoock and Thomas Welloo, lying together on the west side of a street there called 'Carterne Strete' between a tenement of the heirs of Thomas Byfflett, deceased, on the north, a tenement of Walter Moone, [esquire], on the south, and the said street on the east; attorneys to deliver seisin, . . . . . . ., and Christopher S . . . . 25 January, 6 Edward VI. Signed Caroll' Stourto'.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Dorset. A. 12707. Indenture of demise, 13 October, 22 Elizabeth, by John Stone, of Wareham, pettiechapman,' and Katharine, his wife, to Edmund Chesman, of the same, brewer, and William Croke, of the same, 'marchant,' of their burgages, &c. in the borough of Wareham, to wit, the tenement or burgage wherein John Stone now dwelleth in 'our Ladie streate ther,' 'two toftes or garden plottes sometymes beinge the landes of the said William Croke,' 'the tenement or burgage wherein one Stephen Goslinge nowe dwelleth,' with 3s. 4d. rent from a garden there near the 'west walles,' now in the tenure of one Thomas Francis, and 13s. 4d. rent from Roger Reade for the burgage he dwelleth in; from Michaelmas last for seven years, at 53s. 4d. rent; covenant by Chesman and Croke to pay the quit rent, 4d. due to 'one Sarret,' and 1d. due to 'one Leonarde Decaine.' English.
Salop. A. 12708. Bargain and sale and feoffment by Richard Lee, citizen and draper (pannarius) of London, in consideration of 5l., to William Lee, of Brydgenorth, gentleman, his brother, of the reversion expectant on the death of Elizabeth Lee, their mother, under the will of Fowlke Lee, his father, of a tenement or cottage garden and dovecot in Bridgenorthe, in a street or place called 'Lyttlebridge'; with attornment by the said Elizabeth. Executed by Richard and Elizabeth. 27 January, 2 Elizabeth. Signed by me Rychard Lee. Fragment of one seal. Witnesses to Elizabeth's sealing, &c. endorsed.
[Wilts.] A. 12709. General release by William Grimston, gentleman, to William Moggerydge, gentleman. 28 March, 2 and 8 Philip and Mary. Signed per me Will'm' Grymston. Paper.
A. 12710. Bond by William Catesbye of Ashbye, co. Northampton, esquire, to Lewis de Pas, of the city of London, foreign merchant, in 20l., conditioned for the payment of 10l. within ten days next after the first and next return of the said Lewis from Rome, the said Lewis producing sufficient proof that he 'hathe bene at the saide cittye.' 6 June, 17 Elizabeth.
Wilts. A. 12711. General release by Elizabeth Eyre, of the 'citie of Newe Sarum,' widow, to William Moggerydge, of the same, gentleman. 20 April, 5 Elizabeth. Seal.
Wilts. A 12712. Indenture of demise, 2 November, 1 Mary, by John Fry alias Harrys, of the 'citye of New Sarum,' 'tayler,' to Thomas Codymor, of 'Stratford under the olde castell' of 'one halve of erable lond' in the fields of Stratford aforesaid, called 'Marshe furlong'; to hold 'the said halve of erable lond' from Michaelmas last for twenty-one years, at 8d. rent. English. Seal, broken.
Wilts. A. 12713. Bargain and sale by James Harrys alias Frye of 'Newe Sarum,' 'husbondman,' and 'Agnys,' his wife, in consideration of 11s. 4d., to Robert Penyngton, of the same, 'brassyer,' of 'one halve of erable ground' in the parish and fields of Stratford, called 'Marshe Furlonge, late in the occupation of Thomas Codymore and now of the said Robert; attorneys to deliver seisin, 'Lawncelott' Porter and William Freman. 10 March, 6 Elizabeth. English.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Lincoln. A. 12714. Counterpart indenture, 19 December, 25 Elizabeth, between John Ion, of Barrowe, gentleman, and William Metharn, of Bullington, esquire, whereby the said John, in consideration of a marriage already had betAveen William Welcome, of Lincoln, gentleman, his 'cosen and next heire apparant,' and Anne Metham, William's daughter, covenants that before Midsummer next he will assure to Thomas Metham, of Mecham, co. York, esquire, George Metham of Hannby, co. Lincoln, esquire, and Thomas Broxolme, of Lowth, co. Lincoln, esquire, or such other persons as the said William shall nominate, an estate in fee simple of his manor of Claxeby next Normonby, a moiety of the rectory and parsonage of Goxhill alias Gowsell, the rectory and parsonage of Burghe upon Bayne, of all his land, &c. in Claxeby, Normanby, Barton, Swynthorpp, Snelland, Burghe upon Bayne, Kirvington, Ferribye, and Goxhill alias Gowsell, and of all his land, &c. in Canwick in the county of the city of Lincoln, with warranty against himself only, the fine or other assurance thereof to inure, as to land in Swinthorp and Snelland and in Canwick to the use of John Ion for life, with remainder to the use of the said William Welcome and Anne and the heirs of the body of William, with remainder in default to the use of Thomas Welcome, William's brother, in tail, with remainder in default to the use of Mary Marbury, now wife of Edward Marbury, esquire, sister of the said William, in tail, with remainder in default to the use of John Ion's right heirs; and as to the manor of Claxeby, and all other the premises, to the use of John Ion for life, with remainder to the use of the said William, Thomas and Mary successively in tail, with remainder to the use of John Ion's right heirs. English. Signed Will'm Metham.
N'hamp. A. 12715. Counterpart of demise, 18 October, 18 Henry VIII, by Thomas Danyell, of Dersbie, co. Chester, gentleman, son and heir apparent of John Danyell, and one of the coheirs of Roger Pilkyngton, to Maurice Osborne, of Kelmersche, co. Northampton, gentleman, in consideration of 10l. of his part and 'purpartie' of the manor of Clipston, with the advowson of the church, and all land, &c. in Clipston and Kelmersche, from Michaelmas next for forty-one years, at a rent for the first six and a half years of 6d. 'if hit be laufully axed,' and thereafter of 30s. 6d.; covenants to sell to none but Maurice, and for return of money if title prove bad. English. Signed by me Maurice Osborn. Seal.
Denbigh. A. 12716. Indenture being a feoffment by Jevaun ap Rees ap David ap Grono to Thomas ap Grono ap Jevaun ap Engion of a parcel of land containing 3a. in the hamlet (villat') of Nancklyn Sanctorum in the hundred of Issalet, co. Denbigh, &c. 3 July, 2 Edward VI. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
A. 12717. Bond by Robert Litle of the King's Household to Thomas Lucy, esquire, and Alexander Staveley, of the said Household, in 100 marks at Michaelmas next, conditioned for his saving them harmless against 'Rauf' Jenet, 'yeman of the Kinges Warderobe of beddes,' in respect of an obligation of 100 marks wherein they are bounden as his sureties for the performance of covenants in indentures between the said Rauf and Robert 'concernyng the keping of the Kinges Warderobe within the Castell of Wyndesore.' 25 September, 1 Henry VIII. Signed per me Robert Lyttyll.
A. 12718. (1) Bond by George Roper, of Cussington, co. Somerset, gentleman, one of the yeoman (valector') of the Queen's Chamber, to William Barnes, one of the gentlemen of the Queen's Chapel, in 66l., conditioned for the payment of 33l. at the now dwelling house of John Greene, 'scryvenor,' in Breadstreet, on 1 January next. 11 January, 44 Elizabeth, 1601. Signed Georg Ropar.
(2) Bond by same, and George Greene, of Westminster, co. Middlesex gentleman, to same, in 80l. conditioned for the payment of 40l. at the now dwelling house of the said William Barnes in Windsor Castell, co. Berks within three months. 22 June, 44 Elizabeth, 1602. Signed Georg Ropar' George Greene.
(3) A piece of paper, endorsed 'Roper T. Beamond Deft'; also 'A coppye off my letter to Mr. Phillyps the xxixth off June 1585'; on the other side, copy of letter 'the fyrst of this moneth I received your letters by which (and your letters to Mr. Huddylston off the same [date sent] with my sunne) I am very well satisfyed,' &c.
(4) Two small detached seals.
I. of Wight. A. 12719. Sale and feoffment by John Meulx, esquire, of Kyngeston, to John Flemmyng, the younger, of Newport, of a half place of land in the south part of 'Crokkerstrete,' in Newport, between land late Nicholas Seman's, land belonging to the church of St. Thomas the Martyr, of Newport, land belonging to the wardens of New College of St. Mary near Winchester and land of William Lovell; attorneys to deliver seisin, Richard Meulx, his brother, and Stephen White, of Newport. Newport, 30 October 12 Henry VIII. Seal.
Berks. A. 12720. Indenture being a feoffment by John Godard, of Chawford, co. Berks, yeoman, and Christina, his wife, in consideration of a marriage to be had between Henry Godard, their son, and Mary Cowper daughter of Edmund Cowper, of Whitchurch, co. Hants, clothier, of all their land, &c. in Waterhowse, Aldermaston, Micham, Wolhampton and Brymton, which he, the said John, bought of William and George Davers, esquires, land, &c. bought of Sir John Huband, knight, excepted, to the said Henry and Mary, in tail male, with remainder in default to the heirs male of the said Henry, with remainder in default to John Godard, Richard Godard, Thomas Godard, William Godard, George Godard and Nicholas Godard their sons successively in tail male, with remainder in default to the right heirs of John. 25 March, 19 Elizabeth. Signature and one seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
A. 12721. Bond by William Rigges, esquire, to Roland Lymell, clerk, in 40l. at Lady Day next. 9 February, 3 Edward VI. Signed per me Will'm Rygges. Seal.
I. of Wight. A. 12722. Indenture of demise by John Flemmyng, the elder, of Newport, tanner, to Nicholas Byrtt, of Calbourne, 'husbondman,' of all his land in Shorewell called 'Presford' and 'Bretons,' from Michaelmas next for twenty-one years, at 7s. rent. Shorewell, the feast of St. Anne, mother of Mary, 10 Henry VIII.
Endorsed 'late W. Wolles lond.'
Denbigh. A. 12723. Indenture being a feoffment by Meredith ap David ap Hoell ap Harry, free tenant in the town of Eryvyat in the comote of Issalet in the lordship and county of Denbigh, to Fulk ap Thomas ap Grono, gentleman, of two pieces of land, of 3a. and 4a. respectively, the latter called 'Susfeld,' in the said town of Eryvyat; the feoffment to be void on payment of 40 marks in the parish church of Henllan, in the said county, at Michaelmas, 1571, or Michaelmas, 1575. 30 April, 9 Elizabeth, 1567. Witnesses' names, and further stipulation endorsed.
Heref. A. 12724. Counterpart of a feoffment by Margaret A Fraunce of Tretille in the parish of Llangarran, widow, late the wife of Richard A Fraunce of Tretille in consideration of her natural affection for John Edwardes, her cousin, son and heir of Thomas Edwardes, of Llancragh in the said parish, 'yoman,' to Robert Howell, of Trewen, in the parish of Whitchurche, and John Philipp of Trewen aforesaid in the parish of Llangarran, yeomen, of four parcels of arable and pasture, containing 10½a., in Llangarran, within the manor or hundred of Wormelowe, late the land of the said Richard A Fraunce, situate as described; to hold to her use for life, with remainder to the said John Edwardes, his heirs and assigns, and to his and their use. Tretille, 2 November, 36 Elizabeth, 1594.
Memorandum endorsed that seisin was delivered, and that, whereas 8d. rent was due to Gilbert, earl of Shrewsbury, lord of the manor or hundred aforesaid, both for the said four pieces of land and for a messuage and divers other lands the reversion of which, expectant upon her decease, the said Margaret had conveyed to Thomas Treharne, son and heir of William George alias Treharne, of Garwaye, co. Hereford, yeoman, and his heirs, the said Thomas and the within named John Edwardes are agreed that their portions shall be liable for 6d. and 2d. thereof respectively.
[Denbigh.] A. 12725. Indenture of demise, 20 April, 27 Henry VIII, by Owen ap Gruffith ap Jevaun ap Gruffith, to Gruffith ap Jevaun ap Gruffith, for the term of his life, of two parcels of land, in the town of Abergelle, in the comote of Isulat, within the lordship of Dembych, the one in a place called 'y gwrych,' between the highway from Abergele to Conwey and the common pasture, &c. and the second in place called 'y morva,' next land of the heirs of Roger Mylton, &c.; rent, 2d. to the said Owen and to the king 2s. 9d.
Wilts. A. 12726. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 21 August, 8 Elizabeth, by Henry Sharington, of Lacocke, esquire, to Edward Baynton, of Rowdon, esquire, and Agnes, his wife, of all his land, &c. 'within the parke callede Spye Parke,' 'whiche weare parcell of the manor of Lacocke,' to them, and the heirs of Edward; covenants by Henry and Anne, his wife, &c. English. Signed Edward Bayntun. One seal.
Linc. A. 12727. Counterpart of demise, 1 March, 3 Edward VI, by Rowland Lymell, clerk, parson of Bekyngham, to William Rygges, esquire, one of the King's Majesty's Auditors, of the tithes, &c. of the said parsonage growing in Fenton and Stragylthorpe, parcel of the said parsonage, from St. Mark's day next for twenty-one years, paying for the first year of the term, at Bekyngham church, 15l. at Midsummer and Michaelmas, 'over and besydes the fyndyng of one honeste preste or curate at Stragylthorpe aforesaide,' and the like sum thereafter at Midsummer, Michaelmas and St. Mark's day by even portions, &c. Signed per me Will'm Rygges manu propria.
[Kent.] A. 12728. Indenture of award by John Boys of St. Gregoryes near Canterbury, esquire, appointed, with consent of the parties, by order of the council of the court of Requests, 10 February, 21 Elizabeth, to decide all matters in dispute between Thomas Mathue, plaintiff, and Thomas Stoughton, and others, defendants; Boys awards and Stoughton covenants to deliver deeds or copies of deeds; Mathue to quietly enjoy 'thre yardes of land,' in the occupation of John Stone, and 'thre other yardes of landes' in 'Mill feilde'; a hedge in Chilton field to be repaired at their joint charges; Boys awards and Mathue covenants that Stoughton shall quietly enjoy 13a. pasture purchased of one Christopher Yeldhalgate, and allotted to him in a partition deed by the description of 13a. of 'mershe'; 4a. 3½ yards land in 'Mill Feilde,' to be measured 'bye the rodde of sixtene foote and a half,' &c. to be given by Mathue in exchange for 'all the land which the said Thomas Stoughton, Elizabeth Elleine or Marye his daughters,' 'have on the sowthe syde of the house of the said Thomas Mathewe,' in 'Mill feild,' 'conteyninge five acres one rodde and some perahes,' and their part of a close called 'Mill Hill,' with covenant by Stoughton that John Spensar gentleman, and 'Elleine' his wife, Thomas Wylde, gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife, and the said Mary, his daughter, shall make sufficient assurance thereof before Whitsun next; Mathue shall retain 57s. 8d. 'levyed by an execucion sued out of the Pallaice courte of Canterburye sythens the said decree made in the Courte of Requestes,' &c. 20 April, 21 Elizabeth. English. Signed, Jhon Boys. Names of witnesses, Vyncent Boys and others, endorsed.
Warw. A. 12729. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 22 December, 39 Elizabeth, by 'Gabryell' Pulteney, of Mysterton, co. Leicester, esquire, to George Cope of Cannons Ashbye, co. Northampton, gentleman, of all manner of' goodes cattle and chattells now being or remayning in the manner howse of Knolle Haull in the county of Warwyck or in and uppon the demayne grounds therof,' except horses, colts, 'the farest and largest' breeding mare, &c. 'one be[d]steed standing in the wanscoot chamber,' 'one sylver spone with a forck at the end therof,' 'one chest of wanscoot,' 'all woodden boxes and paper nootes whatsoever in my clossett,' &c. Signed, George Cope. English. Paper.
Cornw. A. 12730. Counterpart of demise by John Reskymer alias Greber, of Murthen, esquire, and William Reskymer alias Greber, in the same county, gentleman, to Baldwin (Baldewino) Perowe of the parish of Gunwallow Wynianton, husbandman (agricole), John Thomas, son of Thomas James, of the same, and Allan Bawden, son of the said Baldwin Perrowe, of all that their tenement in Saint Sewannowe, within the said parish, which tenement the said Baldwin now holds; to hold for the term of their lives in survivorship, rendering therefore yearly to the said John Reskymer, and the heirs male of his body, or in default to the said William Reskymer, and the heirs male of his body, or in default to the heirs male of Richard Reskymer alias Greber, deceased, 13s. 4d. at the four terms usual in the hundred of Kyryer, and the best beast far 'heriot' or farley (farlevium) according to the custom used and approved in the said hundred; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Prigean and Henry Skewis. 7 October, 25 Eliza- beth, 1583. Names of witnesses, John Trethowen, and others, endorsed.
A. 12731. Bond by Adam Squyre, doctor of theology, to William Thorley, of Salisbury, gentleman, in 200l. conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date between him and Lawrence Thorley, clerk. 19 February, 26 Elizabeth, 1583. Signed, Ad: Squier. Seal.
Heref. A. 12732. Bargain and sale and feoffment of John Edwardes, of Llancragh, in the parish of Llangarren, 'yoman,' son and heir apparent of Thomas Edwardes, to Philip Gwillim son and heir apparent (sic) of John Gwillim, late of Trerees, in the said parish, deceased, of three parcels of land containing 5½a., in the said parish, and withm the manor or hundred of Wormelowe, late the lands of Richard Affraunce and afterwards of Margaret Affraunce, his wife, whereof one called 'Pulch Cough,' containing 3a. reaching from land late of John Gwillim, gentleman, of Trerees, grandfather of the said Philip, to lands of John Ballard, the elder, gentleman, and of John Waythen, of Trerees, and between land of Walter Hopkyn, of Penblayth, &c. the second called 'le Parke, containing 1a., &c. the third called 'le Over Quicksett,' surrounded by John Gwillim's lands on all sides. 15 August, 43 Elizabeth, 1601. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed, and that 'Johan Gwillim, widow, mother of the said Philip, the 'nowe lessee and tenaunte of tne premysses,' attorned.
ork, [W.R.] A. 12733. Feoffment by Christopher Ayrtorm, of Halifeld, in Cravenn, yeoman, and Richard Ayrtoun, his son and heir apparent, in performance of covenants in indentures of the 24th inst. (A. 12831), to Francis Smithe, of Pannbecke, yeoman, of a parcel of land of 5a. called 'Snell Holme,' between lands of Christopher Preston and l Galbridge Waie'; attorneys to deliver seisin, Robert Ellis and Stephen Batmonn of Panbecke. 26 February, 42 Elizabeth, 1599. Signatures and seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Dorset. A. 12734. Indenture of demise, 4 October, 24 Elizabeth, by John Stone, of 'Allholois in the com. of Kent, pettiechepman,' to John Lawrence alias Carter, of Wareham, 'husbondman,' of a tenement in the parish of 'oure ladie' in Wareham, in 'our ladie streate' there, next the tenement 'wherein one John Stone nowe inhabitethe,' on the south and a tenement in the tenure of Thomas Smythe, on the north, 'beinge nowe in the tenure and occupacion of the said John Lawrence alias Carter, together with two garden plottes scituat in the parrishe of Sainte Peter in Wareham aforesaid lyenge neare to Allhollan well beinge lately purchased by the said John Stone of one William Croke,' reserving to himself two rooms in the said tenement now in the tenure of—West 'and the romes nowe in the tenure of Babidge—alias Tinker'; to hold from Michaelmas for twenty-one years at 20s. rent, &c. English. Names of witnesses endorsed.
Heref. A. 12735. Indenture being a feoffment by John Gwillim, the elder, of Trereese, in the parish of Llangarran, gentleman, in performance of covenants in indentures, 20 December, 29 Elizabeth, between himself of the one part, and Maud Reese alias Higgynne, of Llannocke, in the said parish, of the other, to Roger Hopkyn, of Trecelle, in the said parish, and John Higgynne, of Llannocke, aforesaid, 'yomen,' of his messuage commonly called 'Trereese alias Trebaudye,' in the said parish, with land, &c. belonging in Trereese, Tredonnocke, Trecelle alias Trecelly alias Trecelley and Tredroughan alias Tredroughan Waylod and elsewhere in the said parish, both within the manor or hundred of Wormelowe and within the manor or lordship of Gooderiche, and now in the occupation of himself or his assigns; to the use of himself for life, with remainder, as to a moiety of the premises, to the use of Jane, his now wife, for life, with remainder, to the use of John Gwillim, his son and heir apparent, and the heirs of his body upon the body of Joan, his now wife, one of the daughters of the said Maud Reese alias Higgynne, begotten, with remainder in default to the heirs of the body of the said John, the son, with remainder in default to his own right heirs; and with remainder, as to the other moiety of the premises, immediately upon his own decease, to the use of the said John, the son, and the said Joan, his now wife, and the heirs of their two bodies, with other remainders as above. Trereese, 8 February, 30 Elizabeth, 1587. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed. See A. 12894.
Worc. A. 12736. Indenture being an assignment by Thomas Goarle of Kemsey, 'yoman,' to Henry Baylie, in performance of a decree of the court of Requests, 32 Elizabeth, in a cause between the said Henry, plaintiff, and himself, defendant, of 'Paynes feilde,' 'Paynes medowe' and la. meadow in a certain 'meade,' in Earles Crome, and 'Collyns feilde' in Ripple, and of all his right therein by reason of a demise thereof made by the said Henry to one Thomas Durston, and by Durston assigned to him. 14 May, 33 Elizabeth. English. Signed by mark. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Glouc. A. 12737. 'Byll indentyd,' 16 January, 38 Henry VIII, between Sir Robert Acton, of Rybsford, co. Worcester, knight, and William Welles, of Lytle Aston, co. Gloucester, gentleman; whereas William holds of Sir Robert [the farm] 'called Litle Aston with a teithe lying in Nether Gytyng' by the yearly rent of 5l. 4s. as appears in an indenture made, 6 February, 24 Henry VIII, 'by the lat priorasse of Westwod' to oone Nicholas Marten'; William covenants to pay the said rent and to suffer Sir Robert to distrain in default, and to assign no part of the said 'ferme,' without Sir Robert's consent, to any save his child, brother or brother's child. English.
Endorsed: 27. Jo Hygford.
Wilts. A. 12738. Bargain and sale by William Moggaridge, of the 'citie of Newe Sarum,' gentleman, in consideration of 10l. to Thomas Barker, of the same, 'hosier,' and Robert Oliver, of the same, 'parsement maker,' of his garden plots now in the occupation of 'Robarte' Homes, gentleman, in 'St. Edmondes strete' there, between Henry Beckingam's land, on the north, a tenement late belonging to the dissolved college of St. Edmondes on the north (sic), the highway and the 'common river' adjoining to it on the east and land of Walter Bonnam, gentleman, on the south; covenants to levy fine, &c. 5 November, 19 Elizabeth. English. Signed [per] me Wyllya' Moggrydge.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Wilts. A. 12739. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 24 April, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, by Andrewe Baynton, of Bromham, esquire, to John Slade 'thelder,' of the same, 'yoeman,' in consideration of 20l. of his woods, timber trees, &c. growing upon his 'groves hedgerowes copices and other growndes aswell of the demeanes of the mannor of Bromham Battell,' in the parish of Bromham, in John Slade's occupation, as the like growing on three customary tenements in the said parish called 'Paradice' 'Upper- furcedownes' and 'Netherfurcedownes,' in John Slade's occupation by copy of court roll; to cut and carry from Lady Day last for twenty-one years, paying 12d. yearly, &c. 1558. English.
Wilts. A. 12740. Indenture, 17 February, 28 Henry VIII, being the memorandum of an agreement between Sir Edward Baynton, of Bromeham, knight, and Richard Snelle of Michell Kyngton, gentleman, that for the 'sure payment' of 153l. due to him from Sir Edward, Snell shall take 25l. yearly, as from Michaelmas last, at the hands of the tenants of certain parcels of the manor of Stanley, viz. 7l. from a pasture called 'Newelese' and 26s. 8d. from a close of pasture called 'Rogers croft,' now in Snell's occupation, 5l. from a mill which Thomas Wylcockes occupies, and 11l. 13s. 4d. from two closes of pasture called 'Grett Hayward' and 'Wyvenmede' in the holding of John Northburn, till all be paid, &c. English.
Flint. A. 12741. Indenture being a feoffment by Henry ap John ap Ithell, free tenant of the towns of Kelstan and Gwesper, to Peter ap Richard ap Hoell of all his land, &c. in the said places. 18 November, 84 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Wilts. A. 12742. Counterpart of release, 3 April, 18 Elizabeth, by Sir Henry Sharington, of Lacocke, knight, to Sir Edward Baynton, of Bromeham, knight, of all his right in the manors of 'Bremehill and Bromeham Battle, 120 messuages, 4,000a. land, 4,000a. pasture, 4,000a. meadow, 200a. wood, 2,000a. heath and furse and 4l. rent in Bremehill alias Bremble, Bromeham Battle, Peusey, Wotton Ryvers and Foxeham. English. Signed E. Bayntun. Seal of arms, quarterly of six. Names of witnesses, Stephen Duckett, W. Baylyff and others, endorsed.
Wilts. A. 12743. Bargain and sale by Geoffrie Hawkins, the younger, of Bisshopstrow, clothier, to 'Lancellott' Davis, of the 'cittie of New Sarum,' 'yoeman,' and Gregory Davis, his son, in part performance of indentures of bargain and sale between them, dated 19 January, 43 Elizabeth, of his orchard and garden near the said city in a place called 'Bugmore' or 'Bugmore street,' now in the occupation of Grigory Cleark, 'hosiar,' and 3a. arable and la. 'nieade' in the fields and parish of 'Stratford under the Castle of Olde Sarum'; attorney to deliver seisin, 'Charells' Jacob, of Salisbury, tanner. 21 January, 43 Elizabeth. English. Signed Jeffery Hawkinges, junior. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Wilts. A. 12744. Indenture, 19 January, 43 Elizabeth, between Geoffrye Hawkins, the younger, of Bishopstrawe, clothier, and Lancelott Davis, of the 'citty of Newe Sarum,' yeoman, and 'Grigorye' Davis his son; reciting that 'Geoffrie Hawkins thelder.'of Bisshopstrawe, 'clothiar,' and Jone his wife, Richard Constantyne of Coggeshall, co. Essex, gentleman, Henry Alye of Guyssage St. Andrewe, co. Dorset, gentleman, John Hampton, of Markett Lavington, co. Wilts, gentleman, and Robert Hampton, his son and heir apparent, by deed indented, 20 February, 41 Elizabeth, in consideration of a certain sum and in part performance of articles of agreement, 18 December, 41 Elizabeth, between the said Geoffrey, the elder, and Geoffrey, the younger, and in part performance of articles of agreement between the said Henry Alye of the one part and the Hamptons of the other, 12 January, 41 Elizabeth, and by fine and recovery acknowledged thereon, granted, bargained and sold to the said Geoffrey the younger, an orchard, garden and land, as in A. 12743, the land in Stratford being then in the occupation of one Jeremye Hampton, now of William Davis; now the said Geoffrey, the younger, in consideration of 20l. bargains and sells the premises to said Lancelot and Gregory, with covenant to levy fine, &c. English. Signed Jeffery Hawkingea, junior. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Glouc. A. 12745. Feoffment and bargain and sale by Ryse (Riseus) Abowen alias Ryse ap Owen of Upton, co. Pembroke, in performance of covenants in indentures, 18 April, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, between William ap Ryse, esquire, and Isabel his wife, and himself, of the one part, and William Rogers, of Dowdeswell, co. Gloucester, of the other, and in certain other indentures, 2 March, 1 Elizabeth, between himself of the one part and one William Rogers, the elder, of Dowdeswell aforesaid, gentleman, of the other, to the said William Rogers, the elder, son of the said William Rogers, of the manor of Dowdeswell with all land, &c. in Dowdeswell and Pekilswoorthe, with all reversions and rents reserved thereon, &c. 19 September, 1 Elizabeth. Witnesses'names at foot. Endorsed:—15. John Hygford.
[. of Wight. A. 12746. Bond by Stephen Rodes, of Newport, yeoman, to James Bisshoppe, of Brading, in 100l., conditioned for James' quiet enjoyment, during the lives of 'Joane' Rodes wife of Stephen and late the wife of Leonard Machell, and of John Machell, her son, of the messuage, garden and orchard, with barn, stable, &c. belonging, in Brading, a close of pasture of 4a. adjoining 'the church lytten of Brading,' and 18a. in the common fields of Brading, to the said messuage belonging, which the said 'Johane' and John hold of Edward Richardes, gentleman for their lives, and for Stephen's assurance to the said James of John's estate in the premises, which he had bought, &c. 26 March, 28 Elizabeth. Signed by me Stephen Rodes. See A. 12752.
Kent. A. 12747. Release by John Dundye, of the parish of Milton, co. Kent, 'yoman,' to Ursula Palmer, the administratrix of the goods of George Palmer, William Whyskyn, John Byllyngherste and Henry Warcope, of all action or demand by reason of any contract, obligation, bill or other specialty. 16 October, 32 Elizabeth. English. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
[York, E.R.] A. 12748. Feoffment by John son and heir of Thomas Sutton formerly of Houeden to William Cottes, of Barmby, of the parish of Houeden, and Isabel, his wife, of a messuage in Houeden, next Halebrig, abutting on the Darwent, between the tenement late Richard Portyngton's now of Thomas Portyngton, esquire, and the way from Haylegat to Houeden market, which messuage lately descended to him on the death of Alice Sutton, relict of Thomas Sutton, his mother. St. Nicholas day, 6 December, 6 Henry VIII. Fragment of seal.
Wilts. A. 12749. Indenture of demise, 2 October, 33 Elizabeth, by William Weste, of Corsham, yeoman, to Edward Rogers, of Troll, yeoman, of moieties of a messuage, of a yard land called 'Overmore,' and of 'one corcettell of lande called Reades with thappurtenaunces to the same corcettell belonginge,' now or late in the occupation of Philip Weste, his father, some several closes next adjoining to the mansion house of said messuage only excepted, and all other his land, &c. in Corsham, from Michaelmas last for seven years. English.
Wilts. A. 12750. Counterpart of demise, 20 December, 2 Elizabeth, by Andrew Baynton of Bromeham, esquire, to William Anstye son of William Anstye, of the parish of Bromeham, yeoman, deceased, in consideration of 20l. and in consideration that Elizabeth Anstie, widow, late wife of the said William, the father, and John Anstie, son of the said William and Elizabeth, are seised for their lives in survivorship, by demise, 18 April, 36 Henry VIII, of a messuage in the tithing of Netherstrete, in the parish of Bromeham, with three cottages, of old appertaining thereto, a close of meadow called 'Hamclose,' and a tenement which Amery White 'dyd holde,' called 'Adams,' of the reversion thereof, 'Adams' tenement excepted, expectant on the death, surrender or forfeiture of the said Elizabeth and John, for forty-one years, at 47s. rent and suits of court, &c. to the chief lords, &c. English.
Wilts. A. 12751. Indenture being a feoffment by George, earl of Huntyngdon, lord Hungerforde, Hastyngez, Botryaux and Molyns, in consideration of 100l. to William Poulet, knight, treasurer [controller erased] of the king's household, and Elizabeth, his wife, and his heirs, of all his land, &c. in Babton and Fyssherton de la Meere [and Wynterborne Stoke added] [also of all his land, &c. in Wynterbournestoke which descended to him on the death of Lady Mary Hungerforde his mother, erased]; attorneys to deliver seisin, William Snelgar and John Hannyng, esquire. 28 November, 28 Henry VIII [altered to 8 November, 29 Henry VIII].
I. of Wight. A. 12752. Indenture of bargain and sale, 30 April, 28 Elizabeth, by Stephen Rodes, of Newporte, yeoman, and Johanne his wife, late the wife of Leonard Machell, to James Bisshopp, of Bradinge, yeoman, in consideration of 52l. of their right, &c. interest and 'terme of life,' in her right, in a messuage, &c. in Brading, as in A. 12746, lately occupied by one John Knighte, under a lease, 5 March, 23 Elizabeth, thereof made by Edward Richardes, of Everlande, gentleman, to the said Johanne, then the wife of the said Leonard, and to John Machell, Leonard's son, for the term of their lives in survivorship; also bargain and sale by Stephen of the 'terme of life' therein of the said John Machell, which he had by John's assignment, 28 January, 28 Elizabeth. English. Signed by mee Steven Roads. Johm.
Somers., &c. A. 12753. Indenture being a grant by John Sydenham, esquire, to Joan Sydenham, widow, his mother, lale the wife of John Sydenham, esquire, his father, of 14l. 4s. 4d. annuity from his manors, lands and tenements in Syndercomb, co. Somerset, and all other his manors, lands and tenements in the counties of Somerset, Essex, Devon and Berks. 14 June, 1 Edward VI.
Devon. A. 12754. Bond by John Axe, of Northepetherton, co. Somerset, 'yoman,' to John Sydenham, of Netylcomb, in the said county, esquire, in 100l., conditioned for observance of covenants touching a messuage, &c. called 'Axhayes' in Honitoniscliste contained in indentures of even date. Seal.
N'hamp. A. 12755. Indenture of demise, 8 March, 9 Elizabeth, by Michael Pulteney, of Misterton, co. Leicester, esquire, to Edmund Bracebridge, of Lilborne, gentleman, of a close, toft or croft in Lilborne, now in the occupation of Richard Yoxsall, from Lady Day or Michaelmas next after the said Richard Yoxsall's decease, for twenty-one years, at 3s. rent. English.
Hants. A. 12756. Sale and feoffment by William Erneley, of Cakeham, co. Sussex, esquire, to John Gounter of Rakton, co. Sussex, esquire, of his land, &c. called 'Neelys lond' in the parish of Warblyngton, which John Ernely, his father, now deceased, bought of John Ingeler, as appeared by the said John Ingler's charter thereof made, 10 April, 1 Henry VIII, to the said John Erneley, John Dawterey, of Southampton, John Stanney, John Bryrley, Edward Banester and William George; attorney to deliver seisin, Thomas Tyrwyght. 26 September, 29 Henry VIII. Signed By me Wylly'm Ernele. Seal.
Memorandum at foot that this writing was acknowledged by the said William before Richard Sakevile and John Stanney, two justices of the peace and Thomas Bysshopp clerk of the peace, according to the tenour of an act of parliament, at Chichester, 1 October, 29 Henry VIII, and desired it enrolled. Signed by me John Stanney.
Endorsed: Enrolled in the county of Sussex of record in the second roll, &c.
Norf. A. 12757. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Drurye, in performance of a condition specified in a charter indented, dated at Skarneng, 1 January, 34 Henry VIII, made to him by Thomas Pinchebek, to the said Thomas and Margaret Hoo, daughter of Richard Hoo, his intended wife, of all the land, &c. in Skarneng, which he had by the said Thomas' gift, of the said date; to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to Margaret's right heirs. Skarneng, 2 January, 34 Henry VIII. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Norf A. 12758. Bond by Oliver Pomfrett, of Skarnenge, 'yoman,' to Richard Hoo, gentleman, in 8l. at Easter, conditioned for his conveying to the said Richard within a year the land in 'Saynt Botolphezfelde alias Chapelfelde' there, late belonging to Clement Pomfrett, his father, now in Richard's occupation, which he had bargained and sold to the said Richard. 14 February, 1 Elizabeth. Seal, broken. See A. 12761.
[Norf.] A. 12759. Memorandum on paper that John Fayrman, clerk, by charter dated 17 February, 25 Henry VI, gave to John Marten, the elder, and others, inter alia ½a. land at 'Chappelfelde,' ½a. land abutting thereon, 3r. land at 'Abbottesclosse' next land of the manor of Skamenghalle, 3r. land at 'Coppesbust' next land of the sacristan of Wendlynge, 1r. land in 'Chapelhirne' next land of John Watlyngton, and 3r. land next land of John Marten, &c.
[Norf.] A. 12760. A note of land in the fields of Scarning. Paper.
Norf. A. 12761. Feoffment by Oliver Pomfrett, of Skarnenge, yeoman, in consideration of 7l. 15s. to Richard Hoo, of Skarnenge, gentleman, of land as in A. 12758. 12 February, 1 Elizabeth. Seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
A. 12762. Bond by Richard Catesbye, of Warwick, gentleman, to William Catesbye, of Bushewood Hall, in the said county, knight, in 1,000l. conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 16 April, 22 Elizabeth. Signed, Richarde Cattysbey.
London. A. 12763. Counterpart of demise, 28 July, 4 Elizabeth, by John Foster, citizen and bowyer of London, to William Jakson, citizen and baker of London, and 'Mabell' his wife, of not only the shop of his messuage or tenement bakehouse in the parish of 'St. Katheryne Christ- churohe besydes Algate of London,' but all other rooms and buildings directly over or behind the same shop, &c. which tenement bakehouse adjoins 'the tenement or inne commonly called the Sarazens hed'; to hold to the said William and Mabell, and every of their children of their two bodies begotten, from Michaelmas next for thirty-one years, at 4l. 13s. 4d. rent. English. Signed by me Wm Jackson. Fragment of seals.
Norf. A. 12764. Feoffment by Anne Shelton, widow, late the wife of John Shelton, knight, and John Shelton, knight, his son and heir, in part performance of covenants in indentures, 16 February, 6 Edward VI, to Richard Hoo, of 'Redmedowe,' and 4a. arable abutting on 'Longmedowes,' in Skarnyng, now in Richard's occupation and formerly parcel of the pos- sessions of the dissolved monastery of Carrowe beside Norwich; warranty by John; attorney to deliver seisin, Henry Salter, clerk. 17 February, 6 Edward VI. Seals.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
London. A. 12765. Bargain and sale and feoffment by Robert Harrys, esquire, and William Barker, gentleman, servants of Thomas, duke of Norfolk, earl Marshal of England, K.G. and Margaret, duchess of Norfolk, his wife, in performance of covenants in indentures of 2 March last, to John Foster, citizen and 'bowier' of London, of a messuage or tenement, now 'a bakehouse' in the parish of St. Katerine Cristes Churche within Algate, London, late in the occupation of Rice Fuller, baker; which premises were parcel of the possessions of the late prior and convent of the late dissolved monastery of Holy Trinity, London, commonly called 'the Priory of Christes Churche, London,' and were granted inter alia by letters patent, 28 June, 27 Henry VIII, to Thomas Awdeley, knight, lord Awdeley de Walden, chancellor of England, after his death descended to the said duchess, and were purchased by them of the said duke and duchess as appeared by charter, under the seals of arms of the said duke and duchess, 29 January, 4 Elizabeth, enrolled in the husting, &c.; attorney to deliver seisin, John Lee, the younger, citizen and writer of courthand. 10 March, 4 Elizabeth. Signed per me Rob'tum Harrys, Wyll' Barker. Seals.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
London. A. 12766. Sale by John, abbot of Westminster, and the convent of the same, appropriators (proprietarii) of the collegiate church or chapel of St. Martin le Grand (magni), London, to John Russell, knight, Thomas Cromwell, master and treasurer of the king's jewels and. John Pen, gentleman, of the next presentation to a prebend in the said church upon the first vacancy. — April, 24 Henry VIII.
Norf. A. 12767. Indenture of demise, 4 December, 6 Elizabeth, by Clement Harwarde, of Alborough, gentleman, to Richard Amyas, of Wullterton, 'yoman,' of the site of the manor of Alborough, with 169a. land, &c. belonging; 'the parlour that stondith at the south ende of the hall with that rowe of howses both the over loftes and nether as it stondith east and west and also halfe the stable,' &c. excepted; from Michaelmas next for three years, at 32l. 19s. 8d. rent, with many covenants on either side. English. Signed C. Herward. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12768. Indenture of demise, 10 May, 27 Elizabeth, by John Reskymer alias Grebar, 'esquier,' and William Reskymer alias Grebar 'of the saied countie gentleman,' to Edward Mabe, Jenett his wife and Henry their son, of four pieces of ground in Burvannacke Wartha, parcel of the manor of Trevarthen, containing 3a. land 'which the saide Edwarde ther before helde,' for the term of their lives in survivorship, at 8s. 6d. rent, to be paid to the said John and the heirs male of his body, in default to William and the heirs male of his body, and in default to such to whom the same shall rightfully appertain, 'at fower termes of the yere within the hundred of Kerrier moste usuall,' &c.; attorneys to deliver seisin, Henry Badcocke and John Favell. English. Signed John Reskym'. Witnesses' names and memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Norf. A. 12769. Indenture being a feoffment by Thomas Walbott, of Terrington St. John in Marshland (in partibus Mersland), husbandman, son and heir of Thomas Walbott, the elder, of the same, yeoman, deceased, in consideration of his natural affection to Audrey (Andream) Boston, his mother, now the wife of Humphrey Boston, of the same husbandman and in discharge of her dower in his father's lands, to the said Humphrey and Audrey, of 20a. land and pasture in 'Owld Siberly' field there, between lands of Edmund Browne, John Boston alias Tyler, and William Makell, and abutting on 'le common drove' there and 'Middle Gates,' which descended to him on the death of his father who was solely seised thereof; the feoffment to be void if he paid them 10l. annuity for the term of their lives in survivorship at the south porch of the parish church there. 20 July, 17 Elizabeth, 1675. Mark and seal.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Sussex. A. 12770. Indenture of demise, 24 July, 1601, 40 Elizabeth, by Edmund Shorditch, of the city of Westminster, gentleman, to Michael Shorditch, his brother, of Ickenham, in the said county, gentleman, of his farm in Warenham and Rudgsweeke, co. Sussex, with the appurtenances thereto belonging commonly called 'Rowhooke Landes,' 'Seryches,' and 'Sayers,' now in the occupation of Nicholas Edwardes, for seven years from date, at 5s. rent, the demise to be void on payment of 63l. on 24 January next in the church porch of Ickenham, co. Middlesex. English. Signed Edmunde Shordich.
Cornw. A. 12771. Indenture whereby John Trethurff, esquire, reciting that one John Jamys held a tenement in Tregathenyn of him, by the grant of Reginald Trethurff, his father, deceased, whose heir he is, to hold to the said John Jamys, Marina his wife and Amisia their daughter, and the heirs of John, by 12d. rent, which rent being a month in arrear and duly demanded was not paid and he reentered on the premises in default, in consideration of the said John Jamys' faithful service to his father demises the premises to the said John Jamys for forty years, at a pepper-corn rent and the best beast for heriot or farleve, saving to himself tin works and toll of tin. 2 February, 38 Henry VIII. Signed, John Tretherffe. Witnesses' names, viz. John Reskymer, William Somaster, Richard Penwern, Humphrey Trethhanprest, Benett Forgewe, endorsed. See A. 12891.
Cumb. A. 12772. Bond by Anthony Patrickson, of Stockhowe, co. Cumber- land, gentleman, and Christopher Fletcher, of Furnefalles Inn, co. Middle- sex, gentleman, to Julius Ceaser, doctor of laws, one of the Queen's Council of the Court of Requests, in 200 marks, conditioned as follows:— Whereas Anthony Patryckson, of Ennerdaile, co. Cumberland, yeoman, has brought an action upon an ejeccionem firme at the common law against one John Jackson, of Thacktwhaite in the said county, yeoman, if the said Anthony upon the trial of the said action do stay the entering of the judgment and taking forth the execution thereupon until the Masters of H.M. High Court of Requests have taken further order in the same cause, and shall perform such decree as the said Masters shall make, &c. 4 July, 35 Elizabeth, 1593. Signed, Anthony Patrickeson.
London. A. 12773. Assignment by Thomas Newce, of Broxborne, co. Herts, gentleman, to Launcelot Lovelace, the elder, of London, gentleman, of (1) an indenture of demise, 17 October, 7 Elizabeth, by William Emerson and John Redman, citizens and bowyers of London, to William Kirkham, citizen and haberdasher of London, of a tenement with 'shoppe seller sollers,' &c. in 'St. Michaells Lane in the parishe of St. Michaell by Crooked Lane,' being part of the tenement there called the 'Cuppe,' for thirty-four years from Michaelmas then last at a rent therein reserved; and (2) an indenture of demise, 7 July, 17 Elizabeth, by Richard Chester, draper, and George Smythe, 'girdeller,' citizens of London, to the said William Kirham of 'that little shopp which is now used as part of the said tenement as it was then particioned, and was before that tyme in the occupacion of George Hilliard, musition,' being [then parcel] of the then dwelling house of the said George Smythe 'in Crooked Lane aforesaid,'for thirty-four years from Michaelmas then next, at a rent therein reserved; he being then possessed by good conveyance of the said William Kirkham's estate therein. . . . . . 38 Elizabeth. English. Signed per me Tho. Newce. Witnesses' names, John Newce and others, endorsed. Cf. A. 12805.
A. 12774. Bond by John Smith of Easte Barnett, co. Herts, gentle- man, Richard Wrighte, citizen and 'clothwoorker,' of London, and Jane, his wife, to Richard Shawe of the parish of St. Stephen in Colemann- strete, London, gentleman, in 200l. conditioned for their standing to the award of Stephen Slaney, alderman of London, Robert Atkinson, William Towese, esquires, and John Stone, citizen and haberdasher of London, to whom the decision in the suit brought by them against Elizabeth Brigges, now the wife of the said Richard Shawe, had been 'compromitted' by H.M. council of the court of Requests, such award to be made 'before the firste retourne of Hillarye Tearme' next, or in default to the award of Ralph Rookeby, esquire, one of the said council, to whom the 'umparadge' of the said cause had been 'compromitted' by the said council. 1 November, 31 Elizabeth, 1589. Signed Jhon Smythe and by mark. Seals.
Hants. A. 12775. Indenture of demise, 4 October, 32 Elizabeth, by Francis Keilwaie, of Rockborne, and Thomas, his son and heir apparent, esquires, in consideration of 6l. to John Sims of Alderhoulte, co. Dorset, husband- man, 'Jeames' his son, and Edith Syms, his daughter, for ninety-nine years if they should so long live, of a piece of ground called 'Hethiecrofte, containing 3a. 30 lugges, in the parish of Fordingbridge, co. Hants, lying between lands of John Bulckley, Henry Mullens, called 'Lydownes, and William White, esquires, and the highway from Fordingbridge to Damerham, la. pasture in 'Sandhill Heathe,' between 'groundes' in the tenure of Richard Kerley, of Rockborne, and of John Prower, the said highway and the highway from Rockborne to Alderhoult, with free common in 'Sandhill Heathe,' at 9s. rent and suit of court of the manor of Rockborne, &c. English. Signed by me Frawnces Keylweye. Cf. A 12785.
A. 12776. Bond by Richard Shawe of the parish of St. Stephan in Colemanstreet, London, yeoman, and Elizabeth, his wife, to John Smythe, of East Barnett, co. Herts, gentleman, Richard Wright, citizen and clothworker of London, and Jane his wife, in 200l., conditioned as in A. 12774. 1 November, 31 Elizabeth, 1589. Signed Rychard Schaw and by mark. Seals.
[London.] A. 12777. Indenture, 20 April, 1600, 42 Elizabeth, between Gerson Willford, of London, mercer, 'deputie and assignee' of Richard Drake and Michael Stanhope, esquires, and William Catcher, of East Smithefeilde,' bruer,' witnessing that whereas by letters patent, 23 March, 36 Elizabeth, the queen licensed the said Richard Drake and his deputies for twenty-one years then next to 'enjoye the whole and sole trade of making brewing and providing of all and singuler beere ale or anie other good and wholsom liquor whatsoever to be at anie time or times during the said terme converted and used to and for the making of Aquacomposita Aquavitie beere venigar beeregar or allegar onlie and for no other intent or purpose,' throughout England,' by anie person or persons whatsoever to be sould or put to sale'; by virtue of which letters patent the said Richard Drake and Michaell Stanhope, 'by their writing or deputation,' 16 March last, constituted him, the said Gerson Willford, as their 'deputie and assignee' for the execution of the same; he gives licence to the said William Catcher 'and his assignes in the brewhowse' where he 'now dwelleth commonlie called the Redd Lyon, in East Smithfeld afforesaid onelie,' while the said letters patent endure, to brew, &c. such 'beere, ale' or 'wholsom liquor,' except 'wyne and wyne lees,' 'to be converted and used to and for the makinge of Aquavitie Aquacomposita beerevenigar beeregar or allegar,' and to sell the same in London, Westminster and Southwark, paying for every barrel of beer, ale or other liquor sold 6d. and for every barrel of 'grounds or washe' 2d. quarterly, and so from quarter to quarter for every barrel the like sum, as by his tally or book it shall appear, &c.; covenant by Catcher not to deliver out any such beer, &c. for any of the above purposes 'before the same be lawfallie tried tasted and allowed to be good and wholsome' by Willford or his assigns, &c. English. Signed per me Gerson Wilfforde. Seal. Paper. See A. 13348.
[Norf.] A. 12778. (1) Testament, 1 December, 1505, of Thomas Gegges of 'Burnham Sancti Clementis'; soul to God and St. Mary' and to all the holy company of Hevyn and to Seynt Gregory pety and to Seynt Clement myn advowe'; to be buried in the chapel of our Lady in the church of St. Clement,' unto the which hey awter,' 6s. 8d., to repair of said church, 6s. 8d., to 'oure ladye lyte ther,' 20d., 'to the gylde of Seynt John ther,' 20d., 'to the Carmelytes Fryeres ther,' 6s. 8d. 'that is to sey to the prior xijd. and to euery Fryer beyng a preste ther iiijd. and euery Novys ijd. and to their pytauns xijd. and thei to kepe ther a solempne Dy-gye and a masse for my soule and all my frendys soules at my burying,' to the 'gylde of oure lady ther,' 12d., to 'the hey awter of Woodnorthton for my tythes for goten,' 3s. 4d., to repaid of said church, 3s. 4d., to 'the gylde of seynt Petyr ther,' 12d., to 'the gylde of all seyntes ther in Geyste, 3s. 4d., to repair of the church of Burnham Nortbtown, 20d. 'and a com' a malt,' to the church of Southton, 12d. 'and a combe malt,' 'to iche of my godchildern the which I have had at the funston be it man or woman,' 4d., to every servant 4 bushels of barley 'and to Jone a cowe x yowes and the lambes by the syde in the wooll and x hogges in the wooll. Item to John Gegges a cowe and x yowes and thei to be delyvered and marked oute at the next clyppyng and clypped to ther behove tyll thei be maryed to brynge them in catell. Item to Elynore a cowe and x yowes an hooll bedde that is to sey a selyr a tester feder bed j. peyer blankkettes ij. peyer shetys and a coveryng. Item to Agnes a kowe, a bullok and a hooll bedde a brassepotte a panne a spete. And if any of myn seid iij. dougteres dey or thei be maryed,' their parts to remain 'to them that ben a lyve'; residue of goods to wife Olyve, for 'the sustentacion' of herself and children 'fynding my sone to lernyng in vertuous levyng'; executors, said wife and Roger Townneshend esquire, to whom 20s. for his labour. English.
(2) The laste of will of Thomas Gegges of Burnham Overey, 10 December, 1505, touching lands and tenements in the county of Norfolk- wife Olyve to have 'my manere of Burnham called Veutrs,' in Burnham Seynt Clementes, Burnham Thorp, Burnham Sutton, Burnham Seynt Andrew, Burnham Ulpe, Burnham Seynt Marys, Burnham Norton, Holkham and Warham, for her life with remainder to son John in tail' with remainder in default to daughters Elinor Agnes and Jone, in tail' with remainder in default to brother John, in tail, with remainder in default to brother 'Roberd' Geggys, in tail, with remainder in default to Roger Townneshend, esquire, in tail, with remainder to own right heirs; if son John die issueless, lands not parcel of said manor of Veutres to be sold by executors and proceeds to be disposed in church of Seynt Clementes 'as in prystes syngyng ther and more other charytabill dedys ther to be don,' &c.; land, &c., in Wood Norton to be sold by executors and proceeds divided between two daughters Elinor and Agnes at time of marriage, if married by executors' advice, or else nothing, if either die before marriage the survivor and daughter Jone to share her portion, if both die all to Jone if she marry by advice, if she be then still unmarried, if all die or marry without assent, executors to dispose their parts for his soul, &c.; wife to pay son John 4l. yearly after twenty-one during her life out of said manor of 'Veutres,' with 'mete and drynke,' 'if she kepe howse, for hym and his wife,' if she die before, Roger Townneshend, esquire, to take the profits of said manor till son be of age, to 'find' said son, pay repairs and charges, and to apply surplus to marriage of daughter Jone; son to have a chamber in said manor during wife's life; feoffees to make estate to his executors. English.
(3) Probate, Friday, 6 February, 1505, at Norwich, of the testament, together with the last will, of Thomas Gegges of Burnham St. Clement, before the Official of the Consistory Court of the bishop of Norwich, granted to the executors in the person of Robert Goddefrey, rector of Reynham Mary.
[Kent.] A. 12779. Letter of institution, by the dean of St. Mary of Arches, London, commissary of Walter, archbishop of Canterbury, of John, styled (dicto) 'le Rede,' of Claveryngg, priest, to the vicarage of Bixle, of the deanery of Schorham, of the exempt jurisdiction of the archbishop, on the presentation of the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, subject to the oath to reside personally, according to the constitution of Otho and Ottobon, formerly legates in England. London, XVI. Kal. January, 1325. Fragments of seal.
London. A. 12780. Bond by Nicholas Gravener, citizen and 'lether seller' of London, to Launcelet Strong, glover, in 20l. at Christmas next, con- ditioned for his saving the said Launcelet and Margery his wife harmless in respect of all charges upon two messuages and gardens, late in his tenure, which they had bought of him, to them and the heirs of Lancelot, situate in the parish of 'Seynt Clement Danes without Temple Barre of London,' late belonging to the dissolved priory or hospital of St. John of Jerusalem. 16 November, 8 Edward VI. Seal, apparently of arms.
Cornw. A. 12781. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 3 November, 4 Elizabeth by John Reskymer of Tremaigne, esquire, to Richard Crane, of the parish of Camborne, and 'Humfrie' Crane, gentlemen, in consideration of 120l. of all his land, &c. in the towns and fields of Trethyne, within the parish of Sener, Trevewan and Trevean within the parish of Morvathe, Trevoung- lethe, in the parish of Powle, Trewarnogowe, Busvarweth otherwise called Busvarvan within the parish of Sannccrethe and St. Ies, in the said county. English. Signed by me Rychard Crane. Seal and fragment of seal.
Salop. A. 12782. Bargain and sale and feoffment by William Gravenor of the town of Bridgnorthe, gentleman, in consideration of 46s., to William Lee, of the same, gentleman, of la. land in 'Churchefild' within the franchise (fraunch') of Bridgnorthe, between the highway and lands of the said William and Richard Yate, being in William's occupation; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Edmundes and Thomas Adams. 28 May, 8 Elizabeth.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12783. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 26 October, 37 Henry VIII, by John Reskymer, esquire, to John Pencoste, the elder, of all trees within the 'compase' of 20a. ground on the east side of his parke in Mirthyn, with access to remove the same during six years, for 100 marks, viz. 50l. in hand, and 16l. 13s. 4d. at Christmas next. Signed by me John Pencost.
[Norf.] A. 12784. Feoffment by William Belde, the elder, of Skernyng, and William Colsy, of the same, to Thomas Man', the elder, of the same, Richard Pynchard, of Est Derham and Richard Crowe, of Skernyng, of a messuage and cottage, formerly Adam Man's, with a croft adjoining the messuage, nine pieces of arable, a piece of underwood in the common, and la. mead for mowing, in Skernyng, the messuage, cottage and croft being situate between land formerly John Clerk's on the south, and land late Henry Cat's formerly Robert Aleyn's on the north, abutting on the common pasture called 'Wodegate Grene' on the east, and the head of the croft abuts on a pasture called 'le Merssh' on the west, &c.; all of which they had by the gift of John Man of Skernyng. Skernyng, 10 December, 32 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
Hants. A. 12785. Indenture of demise, 4 October, 32 Elizabeth, by Francis Keilwaie, of Rockborne, and Thomas his son and heir apparent, to John Syms, of Alderhoult, co. Dorset, husbandman, 'Jeames' his son, and Edith, his daughter, in consideration of 6l. of a parcel of pasture called 'Hethiecrofte,' in the parish of Fordingbridge, bounded as in A. 12775, with common of pasture in Sandhill Heathe, for the term of their lives successively, at 5s. rent, and by suit of courts held in the manor of Rockborne; attorneys to deliver seisin, Roger Taylor and John Dyar. English. Signed by me Frawnces Keylweye.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed. Cf. A. 12775.
Cornw. A. 12786. Indenture whereby Francis Blewett, John Glynne, John Graynfylde, clerk, and Ralph Trelowbys, clerk, reciting that Thomas Sentabyn, esquire, had by his charter indented dated at Clowyns, 18 February, 32 Henry VIII, enfeoffed them of all his land &c. in Tregastour and Bodenek beside Branell, upon the condition therein contained, in full performance of the said condition, grant the same to him for life, with remainder to Thomas Sentabyn, his son, in tail, with remainder in default to the right heirs of Thomas, the father; attorneys to deliver seisin, Richard Colyn and Richard Foxe. Tregastour, 1 March, 32 Henry VIII.
Cornw. A. 12787. Counterpart of demise by John Tretherff, esquire, to Richard Bree, for life, with remainder to John, his son, for life, with remainder to Benedict, his son, for life, of the messuage, &c. in Trewythean within the parish of Gerens, which Richard previously held of him as tenant at will; rent, 18s., best beast for heriot or farleve, and suit of court of his manor of Petygrewe; attorneys to deliver seisin, Benedict Forgow and John Restoke. Trewythean, 2 March, 3 Edward VI. Fragments of two seals.
Endorsed: Trewythyan.
A. 12788. Acquittance by Dame Margaret Roche, of the city of London, widow and executrix of Sir William Roche, knight, late citizen and alderman, to John Danyell, of Derrysburye, co. Chester, gentleman, for 40s. in full of 20l. for the payment whereof he, John Norbury and John Grymesdytche, gentlemen, stood severally bound to the said Sir William by recognizances acknowledged in the King's Chancery, 20 May, 27 Henry VIII. 15 October, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary. English. Seal.
[Norf.] A. 12789. Feoffment by Thomas Hoo, of Hengham and John Sturgez, 'gentilmen,' Geoffrey Brakke, John Malby, of Estdereham, and Robert Wodethorp, of Hengham, at the special request of the said Thomas, to John Dykman, of all those closes, &c. which together with Francis Southwell, esquire, since deceased, they had by the gift of Robert Baker, clerk, Geoffrey Brakke, Thomas Brakke, John Pounfret, the elder, John Pounfret, clerk, William Slapp, clerk, John Manne and Edmund Michell, as by four several charters thereof to us made, dated at Skernyng, 24 May, 22 Henry VII, 1 June, 23 Henry VII, 11 April, 24 Henry VH and 1 March, 3 Henry VIII. Skernyng, 9 January, 9 Henry VIII.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
[Warw.] A. 12790. Feoffment by Thomas Weyle, bishop of Banados in Thrace (epncopus Panadensis) and vicar of the parish church of Nuneton, William Astell, of the same, Thomas Tomson, of the same, John Everard, Henry Marschall, Henry Hendman, John Mumme, John Asshe, John Gardener, Richard Asshe, Robert Fynson and Richard Smyth, to Richard Ingilwode, 'glasyer,' and Alice, his wife, of a tenement in Nuneton, between the tenement of William Smyth and land of the prioress there, a weir (gurgite) called 'le Honysiche' and 'le Burgagefeld.' Nuneton, 14 May, 1 Henry VIII. Fragment of seals.
[Warw.] A. 12791. Bond by Thomas Lucy, of Charlecote, co. Warwick, esquire, to Hugh Dawes, citizen and draper (pannario) of Coventry, in 10 marks at Michaelmas next conditioned as follows:—if the said Hugh happen to be sheriff of Coventry this next year following, the said Thomas shall keep his day of payment within named; if he be not sheriff he is contented that Thomas have day of payment 'untyll Myghelmas come Welvemoneth,' 1512. 14 May, 8 Henry VIII. Signed per me Thomam Lucy. Cancelled by cuts.
London. A. 12792. Bond by Robert Blackwell, of the parish of St. Botolph without Algate, London, 'carter,' John Balderstone, of the same, 'black- smith,' and Jervase Stoane, of the same, 'marchant tailor,' to Edward Hemmynge, of London, 'brickmaker,' in 14l., conditioned for the payment by Blackwell of 7l. on 29 September next, 'at or on the founte stoane in the parishe churche of Sainte Botolphes without Algate, London, between 2.0 and 4.0 p.m. 14 May, 33 Elizabeth. Signatures; fragments of seals.
London A. 12793. Indenture of demise, 19 December, 31 Elizabeth, by Robert Losse, of Cannons, co. Middlesex, esquire, to William Dermer alias Dormer, of London, 'scryvener,' in consideration of 40l. 10s. of a messuage, tenement or inn, called 'the Bell,' in Westsmythfeild, and also of all other the messuages, &c. 'late of Hugh Losse deceassed,' his father, in 'Longe Lane nere West Smythfeild' or elsewhere in the parish of St. Sepulchre without Newgate of London, and in the parish of 'Saint Mary Magdaleyn in Oldfishestrete,' and also of all and every other the messuages &c. of the said Robert Losse in the city of London and county of Middlesex or either of them, &c. for five hundred years from 22 February next at a peppercorn rent; the demise to be void on payment of 40l. 10s. on 22 February next at William's now dwelling house in the parish of 'Saint Martyn neare Ludgate of London,' &c. English. Signed Robert Losse. Witnesses, William Dermer the younger, and others named. Seal.
Endorsed: Losse to Dermer. Copied.
Norf. A. 12794. Release by Robert Hogon, gentleman, one of the sons of Robert Hogon, esquire, deceased, at the request of Thomas Hogon, esquire, his brother, to Thomas Caton and Elizabeth his wife and Caton's heirs and assigns, of his right in the closes which Caton bought of his said brother in Wendeling. 6 January, 3 Edward VI.
Cornw. A. 12795. Counterpart of feoffment by Thomas Trethurfe of 'St. Martyns in Maneacke,' 'esquier,' 'for the preferment and advaunce- ment in lyving of Willy am Reskemer alias Greeber gentleman,' his son in law, to John Arrundell, of Talvorne, Richard Trevanyon of Talvorne and Thomas Sentabyn of Clowens, esquires, of all his land, &c. 'within the severall townes and feeldes of Petegrewe,' now in the occupation of Edward Humfrye and Jane his wife, Trewithian, in the occupation of Alexander Bodrigewe, Metherosvean, in the occupation of 'Raff' Metheros, and within the parish of St. Gerrance; his land, &c., 'in the towne and feldes of Porth, now in the occupation of Alexander Sawell, within the parish of St. Anthony in Roseland; his land, &c. 'in the towne and feldes of Tere Marracke,' in the occupation of Edward Humfrye, within the said parish of St. Gerrance; to hold with 'mynes and proffyttes of tynne tynworkes,' &c. to the use of him, the said Thomas Trethurfe, and the heirs males of his body, and in default to the use of the said 'Willyam Reskeemer alias Greeber' and the heirs males of his body, and in default to the use of his own right heirs, &c.; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Ennys, gentleman, and Nicholas Davye, yeoman. 3 November, 20 Elizabeth. English. Signed John Arrundell, fragment of seal; Rychard Trevanyon, seal; Tho. Seyntaubyn, seal of arms. Witnesses' names endorsed, and witnesses to livery of seisin, John Reskemer, Thomas Arrundell, Hughe Trevanyon, Harry Cara.
Cornw. A. 12796. Indenture of demise, 13 May, 39 Elizabeth, by John Greebare alias Reskimer, of Mirthen, esquire, and William Greebar alias Reskymer, gentleman, in consideration of 70l., to William Thomsey, or Thomeseie, of Constantyn, gentleman, and Jane, his wife, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of their land, &c. in Burvannock alias Burvannock Wolas and in the fields of Marhaiowe, parcel of Burvannack (sic), in the parish of St. Illary, all of which are in the tenure of the said William or his assigns; also demise to them of 'one culver howse or dove howse now decaied being upon the saide tenement at Burvannock,' 'alltinne and tinne worckes' reserved, but 'filling up and closing up all such shaftes or pittes where as no profitt of tyn shalbe founde '; rent, 4l. and a heriot or best beast when due; if Jane die, 'living the said William,' no best beast to be paid; they shall 'doe suet [of] courte to the mannor of Trevarthen and shall be Rive when there time or times shall happen bie election of thomage of the said court,' &c. 1597. English. Signed John Reskym'. Witnesses' names, Thomas Seyntaubyn, John Trethowen, Jo. Eduards, endorsed; also memorandum of livery of seisin; also surrender by William Thomsey, the survivor, 13 November, 40 Elizabeth, 1598, of the premises to the said John and William Reskymer.
Sussex. A. 12797. Indenture of demise, 1 May, 4 Henry VIII, by Arthur Plantagenett, knight, and lady Elizabeth, his wife, to Richard —, of Hampsey, beside Lewis, in the county of Sussex, husbandman, of the manor and advowson of Hampsey, for thirty-one years, at 34l. rent. Much damaged.
N'hamp. A. 12798. Indenture being a grant, 19 June, 28 Elizabeth, by Sir William Catesby, of Ayshby Leagers, knight, to Henry and 'Dynnys' Breton, 'sonnes of one George Breton of Petwourth, co. Sussex, gentleman,' of an annuity of 16l. 18s. 4d. out of the manor of Ashby Leagers, for the term of their lives in survivorship, by quarterly payments in 'Clyffordes Inne Hale neare Temple Barr,' the first payment to be made at Michaelmas next; with proviso that if at Christmas next between 1.0 and 5.0 p.m. 'at the nowe lodginge of one Mr. William Roper, esquire, beinge percell of Southampton House,' 'in Holborne in the countie of Myddellsex,' Sir William or his sufficient attorney, &c. if they 'maye without offence enter into the said house,' and if not 'at the dore of the said Southampton House,' notify Sir William's will and pleasure 'to make frustrate and voide' the said grant, and if at Midsummer, 1587, they pay, the said Henry and 'Dynnys,' in the said 'Hale,' or as near it as may be, the sum of 110l., the grant to be void. English. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12799. Indenture of demise, 24 March, 6 Edward VI, by John Tretherffe, esquire, 'of the parische off Ladocke,' to Thomas Jenkyn, 'husbondeman of the parisch of Kueveryn,' of a tenement in Tregemaynan, in the said Thomas' holding, 'yn the parische of Keveryn,' for the term of the lives of the said Thomas, Margaret his wife and 'Maryn' their daughter, at 22s. rent, 'at iiij tymes of the yere as ys most used withyn the Hondred of Kyrryar,' &c.; fine 30s. English.
Endorsed: Tregemynyon.
[Cornw.] A. 12800. Indenture of demise by John Trethurff, esquire, and Isabel, his wife, to John Benett, of the parish of Grade, of a messuage, &c. in the parish of Landew[ino]k, for thirty-one years at a rent to them, and the heirs of John, of 4s. yearly, and . . . . in the name of a 'heryott' according to the custom of the hundred of Keryer. 31 January, 3 and 4 Philip and Mary. English.
Endorsed: Lesard.