Deeds: A.12901 - A.13000

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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A.12901 - A.13000

Chester. A. 12901. Indenture being an acquittance by Richard Reynoldes of the city of London, draper, and William Phillipps of the same,' marchaunt- taylor,' for 50l., the first instalment of 120l. payable under a proviso contained in indentures of bargain and sale to them, 7 November, 15 Elizabeth, by John Danyell, of Lincoln's Inn, of the rectory and parsonage of Mynshull alias Church Minshull, now or late in the tenure of Edward Mynshull, late belonging to the monastery of Combermere, with tithe of grass, corn and hay there to the same belonging. The Purification of the B.V.M., 2 February, 16 Elizabeth. Signatures and seals. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Heref. A. 12902. Release by Thomas Donne, the elder, of Tredonock, within the parish of Llangaran, 'yoman,' to John Donne, his son, of his right in a close or parcel of land called 'Crosse Douns fild,' of 6a., three parcels of land called 'Over Crosse Dounes fild,' of 6a., a parcel of land called 'Poulsayson,' and another parcel of land, of ¾a., within the close of Richard Gwillim, all within the said parish of Llangaran. 10 September, 40 Elizabeth, 1598. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Warw. A. 12903. Indenture of bargain and sale, 12 March, 32 Elizabeth, by 'the Ladye Lettice Countesse of Leicester,' and Sir 'Christofer' Blunte, knight, to George Ognell, of Crewelfeilde, gentleman, of their estate, &c. in land, &c. in Crewelfeilde alias Creyfeilde graunge. Signed L. Leycester; Chr. Blount. Seals.
A. 12904. Bond by Thomas Thorne, gentleman, to John Wellysburn, knight, in 100l. at Christmas next, conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 12 September, 37 Henry VIII. Signature and fragment of seal.
A. 12905. Bond by Richard Payne, of Aulvoley, co. Essex, esquire, to 'Bartilmewe' Boughton, gentleman, in 200 marks at Christmas next, conditioned for the payment of 100 marks within three and a half years next, viz. 20l. yearly and 6l. 13s. 4d. at the half year. 21 November, 4 Edward VI. Signature and seal, with note of payments made.
Camb A. 12906. Feoffment by Henry Eylmer, feoffee to the use of Richard Cleve, deceased, in accordance with his last will, to Richard Maldon, cousin and heir of the said Richard, Robert Maldon and Richard Eylmer, to the use of the said Richard Maldon, his heirs and assigns, of 3r. arable in the field of Barton, called 'Hille felde' between lands of Clare Hall, Cambridge, Master Warde, and 'Thursty Wey.' 18 October, 16 Henry VIII.
Notts. A. 12907. Bond by Agnes Hussie, of Flyntham, widow, and 'Rawff' Warde, of Elton, 'yoman,' to Adam Langley, gentleman, in 40l. at Michaelmas next, conditioned for paying to the said Adam, at eight months' notice, upon his demand, 12l. apiece to William Hussie and Alexander Hussie, sons of William Hussie, late of Flyntham aforesaid, gentleman, deceased, 'for their portions or childens partes' of their father's goods, at their ages of sixteen, with benefit of survivorship. The said Agnes and 'Rawff' further bind themselves to save harmless John Hussie, her son, in respect of all the legacies and other matters concerning her husband's testament. Witnesses:—Sir Henry Sutton, knight, and Edward Bassett, clerk. 6 July, 30 Henry VIII. Seals. Signatures at foot of Henry Sutton, kt., Edwarde Bassett, prest.
Hants. A. 12908. Counterpart of demise, 20 January, 9 Henry VIII, by John Kaylwey, esquire, to Thomas Helyer, 'husbondman,' of his manor of Estfarneham, closes called 'Clapperiscroft,' 'Gardeynclose' and 'Purtockes' with a pit (putto) adjoined, and a pasture called 'Botisdone,' with a small wood called 'Thornenycombe,' parcels of the manor of 'le Botes,' with all other lands, rents, &c. to the same manor of Estfarneham and Botes belonging; to hold the said manors, fines, heriots, &c. excepted, from Michaelmas, 1523, for forty years, at 12l. 8s. 10d. rent; Thomas shall pay as heriot at the end of the said term 3s. 4d. for the close with meadow called 'Purtockes,' and for the leasows (pascua) of Botisdone and the wood of Thornenycombe such heriot as John Parson paid, &c. Signed Thomas Helyar. Seal.
[N'hamp.] A. 12909. 'Md that we John Watford and Thomas Watford owe to William Catesby vijl. vs. to be paid' 'in the feste the Epiphany next' 'and ther to we beynd ws and everych of ws by this owr writyng'; 'yef we fail of payment' 'we schall mak a state or sich sewrte to the seid William of all the landez that we have in Mych Creton aftir the rate of xj yer purchas the seid sume of vijli. vs. to be deduct' . . . . 'yevyn the xviij.te day of Octobur,' 18 Edward IV. Signed Thomas Watford. Seal. At foot: Item delyverd to Thomas Watford att London xxs. Item to John Watford att Olthorp xxs. Summa totalis ixli. vs.
Endorsed: 'This hit is agred betwyne the seid partez that the seid John Watford and Elizabeth his wif schall mak sich seurte to W. Catesby or to sich as he schall appoynt of the maner of Creton with all sich land as the seid W. hath purchesed that wer the seid John Watford or his ancesters with in iiij dayes of Kandilmas nexst comyng, at William's costs and charges, 'the seid William to pay to them att that tyme xiijli. xvs. iiijd. and therof to be deducte sich money as the lady Osborn schowld have and to the performance of the premisses the partez beynd them self to ilch othur in xl. li.,' &c. Signed Thomas Watford. Paper.
London. A. 12910. Bond by John Wale, of the parish of St. Mary Matfellon alias Whitechappell without Algate of London, 'sawyer,' to Thomas Peerson, citizen and 'merchauntaillour' of London, in 20 marks, con- ditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of bargain and sale of even date. 20 October, 1570, 12 Elizabeth. Signed by mark. Seal.
A. 12911. Bond by Agnes Robinson of Ashbie Legers, co. Northamp- ton, widow, and Lawrence Robinson, her son, to William Catisby, of Buswood, co. Warwick, knight, in 20l. conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of demise of even date. 10 April, 21 Elizabeth. Seals.
Line. A. 12912. Bargain and sale and feoffment by Thomas Lupton of Hagworthingham, yeoman, to John Copuldyke, of Harrington, esquire, of all that his piece of land in the east field of Hagworthingham, the heads of six selions of arable, called 'Whyte Wonge,' on 'Howsey Hill,' containing in width seven rods (virgas) and a half and three feet, by the rod of 18 feet, and in length 5½ rods and 3ft. &c.; attorney to deliver seisin, William Veroo. 24 July, 22 Elizabeth. Fragments of seal. Wit- nesses and memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12913. Indenture of demise by John Parkyn to Thomas Body of his whole tenement in Tregreyn within the parish of St. Blazey (Sancti Blase), for sixty years from Easter next, at 18s. rent, and 12s. for heriot or farleve. Tregreyn, 26 January, 36 Henry VIII. Seal. Witnesses' names, Philip Rayshele, John Ketowe, Richard Baker, Philip Barre, endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12914. Counterpart of demise, the last day of February, 23 Elizabeth, by William Carnsewe, of Bokyllye, esquire, to John Richard alias Lugye, of Glewyas, yeoman, in consideration of 8l. fine, of all his land, &c. in Tremoghe within the parish of Mabe, all timber trees reserved, for three years and a half and one month from date at 40s. rent. English. Paper. Witnesses' names, Martin Bare, Richard Roskrowe, per me Thoma' Ryse, endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12915. Demise by Richard Pentyre, of Canorcherde, within the parish of Lancelles, gentleman, to Richard Chamond, of Lancells, the younger. gentleman, of one close of land and pasture called 'the greta Parke or greate Parke,' in Canorcherd aforesaid within the said parish, now in his own occupation, for twenty-one years from date without rent, 'heriote,' or service. 28 October, 26 Elizabeth, 1584. English. Seal. Witnesses' names, Thomas Yeo, the mark of J. Heyman, teste me Jo. Yeo, endorsed.
York [W.R.] A. 12916. Bond by Richard Marshall, of Wakefeld, gentleman, to Henry Grice, of the same, esquire, in 40l. at Easter next, conditioned as follows:—Whereas George Saivile, of Wakefeld, gentleman, now holds three closes in the township or parish of Wakefeld for the term of seven years yet enduring by the demise of Thomas Killingbecke, of the same, 'borcher,' deceased, which closes, inter alia, the said Thomas had by the demise of John Peck, esquire, deceased, for the term of thirty years yet enduring; if Thomas' children from and after the end of the said seven years' term shall peacefully occupy the said closes for the residue of the thirty years' term without suit or disturbance by Marshall, the bond to be void. 6 February, 6 Elizabeth. Signed by me Rychard Marshall. Fragment of seal.
[Cornw.] A. 12917. Counterpart of demise, 25 February, 6 Edward VI, by John Tretherff, esquire, to John Rychard, Isabel, his wife, and William, their son, for the term of their lives in survivorship, of all his land, &c. in Lannarght Vean beside Seynt Tylven in the parish of Sydny, toll of tin and tin-works excepted, at 12s. rent, at the four terms usual in the hundred of Kerrier.
Linc. A. 12918. Probate copy of the will, dated on the feast of the name of Jesus, 1517, 9 Henry VIII, of Thomas Ketlok of Aswardby, husbandman; to be buried within the parish church of St. Helen (Elene) there, with proper mortuary; 12d. to high altar for tithes forgotten; to fabric of church for burial within it, 6s. 8d.; to fabric of Cathedral Church of St. Mary, Lincoln, 12d; to high altar there, 6d.; to the fabric of the churches of Hagworthingham, Haryngton, Soterby, Langton and Sawsthorp, 12d. apiece; to the church wardens (prepositor' ecclesie) of Aswardby and their successors, to find three candles, of 3lb. white wax, to burn on festivals at the time of celebration before the images of the Crucifix, St. Mary and St. Christopher within the said church, 20s., viz. 6s. 8d. for each light, to the praise of God, St. Mary and St. Christopher; son Thomas Ketlok to have mansion house with its appurtenances in Aswardby, and the fields thereof, and in the fields of Langton, Hagworthingham and Harington, in tail, with remainder in default to John, the elder, and John, the younger, his sons (filio meo seniori, &c), successively in tail, with remainder in default to Richard son of William Kepus and his heirs for ever; son John Ketlok, the elder, to have mansion house in Someresby in tail, with remainder, as above, to Thomas, and John, the younger, with remainder in default for sale and gifts of charity for his soul; son John Ketlok, the younger, to have mansion house in Bratofte and Burgh in the Marsh, with remainder, as above, to Thomas and John the elder, with remainder, in default, to the right children (filiis) and heirs in blood of John Hotofte and — his wife; wife Isalla (sic) to have mansion house in Aswardby, called 'Symhous' for life, with remainder to Thomas, as in the case of his own dwelling house; all the above houses, &c. in Aswardby, Langton, Hagworthingham, Harington, Someresby, Bratofte, Burgh in the Marsh, Kettesby and Walmesgare to be in feoffees' hands for maintenance of said children and performance of will according to executors' and feoffees' discretions, till said children come to their full age. Henry Ketlok, son of John Ketlok, his son, when of age, to have all his land, &c. in Kettesby and Walmesgare, to him his heirs and assigns; residue of goods to wife Isabel and Sir Thomas Williamson of Haryngton, chaplain, executors. Witnesses:—Sir John Billingay, rector of Aswardby, Robert Whallay, of Driby, Henry Peper, rector of Haryngton and others named. At foot: Proved before Robert Halam, doctor of decrees, commissioner and official of the Archdeaconry of Lincoln, 2 October, 1517, in the parish church of Horncastre, and administration granted to the executors.
Cornw. A. 12919. Counterpart of demise by John Tretherff, esquire, lord of the manor of Brongolow, to Matthew Colyns, of Tregony, Florence his wife, and Henry their son, for the term of their lives, of all his land, &c. in Treweras within the parish of Mewan, at 40s. rent, and the best beast for heriot or farleve. Treweras, 29 September, 2 Edward VI.
Memorandum endorsed: —My mynde is that this lees, &c.
York [W.R.] A. 12920. Bond by John Smyth, of Thornes, co. York, 'yoman,' to George Savile of Wakefeld, in the said county, gentleman, and Thomas Savile, of Lincolnes Inne, gentleman, in 30l., conditioned for the Saviles quiet enjoyment of ½a. arable at 'Lawe Hill,' land of George Savile on either side, in the 'graveshippe of Thornes,' now in the occupation of Thomas Smyth, which the said John Smyth and Margaret his now wife had by their surrender of even date, by Christopher Thomson, tenant of the manor, surrendered into the hands of the lord to the Saviles' use, according to the custom of the manor of Wakefield. 26 May, 31 Elizabeth, 1589. The mark of John Smythe. Fragment of seal.
Cornw. A. 12921. Counterpart of bargain and sale, 16 April, 33 Elizabeth, by John Reskymer alias Greeber, of Mirthen, esquire, and William Reskymer, alias Greeber, gentleman, his brother, to Otewell Hill, of Penwarne, esquire, in consideration of 180l., of three messuages in Carvynack alias Carvenack wartha, in the parish of Goran, in the occupation respectively of Margery Bray alias Chynhale, John Bawden, Margery his wife, and Robert Bawden and Thomas Potter, John Gilbert and William Gilbert his son; another messuage or tenement called Treveak alias Treveage in the parish of Goran, in the occupation of the said Margery Braye alias Chynhale; another messuage called Pennare in Dudman in the parish of Goran, in the occupation of Richard Warren, Pascous Dadow wife of Richard Dadowe, and William Dadow son of the said Richard Dadow; and another tenement called Tregenna, in the parish of St. Verian, in the occupation of Edward Vose, Henry his son and Mary his daughter. English. Signed Otwell Hyll. Seal. Witnesses' names, Richard Sporr, Oliver Dinham, Thomas Enys, John Trethowen, endorsed.
A. 12922. Bond by Richard Goughe, of Ashbie Legers, co. North- ampton, husbandman, to William Catisbie, of Buswood, co. Warwick, knight, in 20l. conditioned for performance of covenants in indentures of demise of even date. 10 April, 21 Elizabeth. Seal.
York [N.R.] A. 12923. Counterpart of bargain and sale and feoffment, 20 September, 44 Elizabeth, by John Girlingeton of Hackefurthe, esquire, to Thomas Walworthe, of Langethorne, yeoman, in consideration of 24l., of the 'manor howse or mansion howses of Langethorne and the scite thereof,' 'with one chamber standinge upon the sowth syde of the manor howse, one kitchin, one stable, one laythe, one old chapell, one grete garthe, one litle garden upon the sowth syde of the sayd chamber and one parcell of grounde devided with an old hedge, and certen ashes, from the Hall medowe (conteyninge about two acres), comonly called the Orchard and backegarthe'; all which is now in the tenure of the said Thomas and George Storer; 'with free libertie of common for all maner cattalles as hathe byn most commonly used and accustomed upon the Towne grene within the sayd towne of Langethorne,' by tenants or occupiers of land of like value, &c. English. Signed Thomas Walworthes marke. Seal, broken. Witnesses' names endorsed.
York [W.R.] A. 12924. Indenture of award, 30 April, 32 Henry VIII, touching matters in dispute between Robert Langton, of Nether Lounde, and William Langton, of Burton, gentlemen, by Richard Newton of Whyttyngton, Oliver Myddylton, Edward Mansergh and George Mansergh, gentlemen, 'arbytours,' by the advice of Sir Marmaduke Tunstall, knight; William to discharge Robert of all suits brought by him; William to enjoy for life 2a. land, with a 'garthe,' at Nether Lounde, viz. 1a. arable, abutting upon Lange Crofte and 1a. meadow which 'buttes upon Ashe Acre Hede,' and the 'garthe' is 'nere to the chappell at Netherlound'; saving to Robert 'the said chappell and the house therto adjoynynge'; William to pay 20d. yearly to Robert 'durynge his use' of the said 2a. English. Signatures of Tunstall and the others.
Wilts. A. 12925. Counterpart of demise, 20 December, 37 Henry VIII, by 'Androwe' Baynton, of Bromham, esquire, to John Bronsdon of 'Wynter- borne Bassett next Barwicke,' husbandman, of a messuage and 20a. arable in Wynterborne aforesaid, late in the occupation of Thomas Frye, to hold for the lives of the said John and of 'Symonde' his son, at 13s. 4d. rent &c. At foot, scrivener's mark of 'Mathew' Gainsforde. English.
[Norf.] A. 12926. Feoffment by Thomas Brak and Robert Kyrkeby, of Scarnyng, to Richard Hoo, Edmund Bedyngfelde, knight, Henry Bedyng- felde, esquire, John Gigges, William Hoo, the elder, William Bury, James Tolle, John Bury, Robert Kirton and John Walpole, of all the land, &c. in Scarneng which they had by the gift of John Bullok, of the same, by his charter dated there, 15 April, 21 Henry VIII; to hold to the use of the said Richard. Scarnyng, 29 March, 26 Henry VIII. Signed per me Robertu' Kyrby. Seals.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Norf. A. 12927. Feoffment by William Short, of Burnham Ulp, tailor, to Richard Short, of a messuage there, which he had together with Margaret, his wife, by the name of Margaret Bloy his intended wife, who survives, and Edward Plomer of Taterford and Robert Russell of Tychewell, since deceased, by charter dated, 12 January, 6 Henry VIII; also of 2½a. land at 'Brancasterwey' in Burnham Westgate, which together with Robert Crane, of Burnham Ulp, who survives, and Thomas Plommer, of Fakenham, since deceased, he had by charter dated 4 May, 27 Henry VIII, to hold, a small piece of land and an easement for drawing water only excepted, &c.; for this Richard shall pay 25l at certain dates, the charter otherwise to be void. 19 April, 2 and 3 Philip and Mary.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12928. Feoffment by John Coffyn, of Curye, gentleman, and Zenobia, his wife, in consideration of 100l., to John Reskymer alias Greber, of all his land, &c. in Lanner Vean and Tregoese within the parish of Sythneye, Retallacke within the parish of Ellire, Kynavose alias Kynhewes within the parish of Keveryn alias Kyron, and five messuages or tenements in Helston Burgh, late in the tenure of Thomas Fosse, Henry Penrosse, Thomas John, Henry Peres, John Arnold, Thomas Peres, William Cocke and John Nyle, and 6s. rent from another messuage in Helston Burgh which John Robartes of Trewrow Burgh now holds; to hold to the said John Ryskymer alias Greber in tail male, with remainder in default to William Reskymer alias Greber, his brother, in tail male, with remainder in default to the right heirs of John Reskymer late of Merthen esquire, deceased; attorneys to deliver seisin John Trethowen and William Hickes. 10 March, 39 Elizabeth, 1596. Signature and mark, Witnesses' names, Thomas Seynt Aubyn, Jo: Nance, Henri Seynt Aubyn, Tho: Rise, Tho: Nanspyan, William Dorrell, endorsed.
York [W.R.] A. 12929. Counterpart of grant, 23 July, 25 Elizabeth, 1583, by Marmaduk Readmaine, of Thornton, esquire, to John Redmaine, his brother, for life, of 40s. rent from his 'demayn landes or capitall messuage of Thornton aforesaid,' 'upon his good behaver and honest dealynge towardes me.' Signed John Redman. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Lanc A. 12930. Indenture, 6 November, 23 Henry VIII, between John Caterall, of Rauthmell, co. York, esquire, and Peter Clagnton, of Irbe, co. Lancaster, gentleman, witnessing that it is agreed between them that Peter shall take to wife John's daughter Anne before the Purification next 'yff the lawe of holy church wyll suffer itt,' in consideration of which marriage Peter covenants to make an estate in fee simple, before the said feast, to the said John Caterall, Thomas Banke, Richard Caterall, William Caterall, and John Mone, 'prest,' of land to the yearly value of 8 marks in the townships of Burton in Lonnesdale and Irbe, co. Lancaster, to the use of the said Anne for life; for this John covenants to pay to the said Peter 80 marks, viz. 20 marks before the day of marriage in goods 'praysed to the same value,' 'at the fest of Penticost,' 1530, or within fourteen days, 5 marks, 'at the fest of Seynt Marten in Vynter then next,' 5 marks, and so on, till the whole be paid; Peter further covenants that all his land, &c. in the realm shall remain and come, after his decease, to such issue as he shall fortune to have by her and in the fault to his own right heirs, the dower of Alice his mother excepted, &c.; 'ony ambiguyte' in these indentures 'shalbe construed and concluded addit or mynysshed by the councelles lernyd of bothe the seid partes accordynge to the true entent and frendly communecacion of this bergayn.' English.
[Norf] A. 12931. Feoffment by Thomas Jenyson of Brunham Market and Richard Hoo of Skarneng, to John Giggez, gentleman, Robert Touneshende, esquire, Thomas Sidney, gentleman, Henry Cliston and John Hoo, to the use of the said John Giggez, of all the land, &c. in the town and fields of Brunham Overey, Brunham Thorpe, and Holkham, or elsewhere in the county of Norfolk, late Geoffrey Porter's, which they had by the gift of Oliver Reymez, Thomas Sidney, and Thomas Walpole, by charter dated at Brunham Overey, 6 May, 19 Henry VIII. Brunham Overey, 1 October, 26 Henry VIII. Signatures and seals. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Warw. A. 12932. Bond by John Rawlett, of Nonn Eton, 'tallow chaundler,' to John Suffocke, the younger, of the same, 'tannar,' in 40l. conditioned for the performance of covenants in indentures of bargain and sale of even date. 11 August, 29 Elizabeth. Signature. Fragment of seal.
York [W.R.] A. 12933. Indenture 20 February, — Henry VIII, whereby Christopher Clapham, of Beamsley, esquire, after reciting that he had charged the 'maner or capital mese' of Over Lunde in Thornton in Londesdale, co. York, and other his land, &c. in Londesdale, with annuities of 4l., 40s. and 40s. in favour of Francis, Henry and Roger his younger sons respectively, demises to Christopher Mawde, of Hollynhall, the said manor of Over Lunde, together with land, &c. in Thorneton in Londes- dale, late in the occupation of Christopher Clapham of Lyllyng, gentleman, one 'meise' and land in Thornton aforesaid, in the occupation of Roberte Glover, one 'meise,' &c. at Westehouse in Thornton in the occupation of Nicholas Foxcrofte, one 'meise,' &c. in Thornton, called 'Gatehouse,' in the occupation of Ralph Gibson, one 'mese' in Thornton in the occupation of John Geie, a parcel of ground in Thornton called 'the Lees,' in the occupation of Jeffrey Redman, esquire, a burgage and a half in Burton in Londesdale, in the occupation of Christopher Sprotte, a burgage and land in Burton in the occupation of Thomas Tatehill, a burgage and land in Burton in the occupation of Robert Fox, a burgage and land in Burton in the occupation of 'Lunde wif Avedowe,' 8d. rent from land, &c late 'Henry Foxcrofte ys' called Kirkehouse, and a rent of a pair of gloves from land of 'John Gybson ys' in Burton, together with all other his land in Thornton and Burton or elsewhere in Londesdale; to hold to the said Christopher Mawde from the day of date for sixty years, at the rent of a red rose at Midsummer during the lives of the said Francis Henry and Roger, and after their decease respectively, at rents of the amount of their respective pensions.
[Norf.] A. 12934. Release by Clement Pomfret, at the request of John Pomfret, clerk, son and heir and executor of the will of John Pomfret of Skernyng, deceased, to Richard and William Hoo, of his right in the land, &c. in Skernyng, which he had together with the said John Pomfret' deceased, or others, to John's use. 30 September, 18 Henry VIII. Signature and seal.
[Surrey.] A. 12935. (1) Counterpart of demise, 19 January, 16 Elizabeth, by Thomas Morer, of Croydon, yeoman, 'in consideration of a gelldinge of the price of iiij. li.' delivered beforehand, to John Wudfall, of the same, gentleman, and Anne, his wife, of 'all that his howse, messuage or tenement' 'in the towne of Kingestowne upon Thames next Hampton Court in Thames streate there,' between tenements of John Amo and John London on the east and west, 'and the quenes hie strete upon the northe,' now in the occupation of Stephan Rannes, 'barbour,' for twenty-one years at 20s. rent, &c. English. Signed per me Joh'em Wudfall. Witnesses' names endorsed.
(2) Bond by Thomas Moorer, of Croiden, yeoman, to George Dalley, of the parish of St. George the Martyr, in Southwark, yeoman, in 100l. conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of bargain and sale of even date. 26 July, 31 Elizabeth, 1589. Signed by me Thomas Morar. Seal, broken.
Wilts. A. 12936. Sale and feoffment by William Hayter, of Little Lange- forde, yeoman, and Elizabeth, his wife, in consideration of 30l,to William Moggridge, of Salisbury, gentleman, and John Moggridge his son and heir apparent, of a close of meadow or pasture containing 5a. in Stratforde Comon, in the occupation of Walter Bellye, and 14a. arable in the common fields of Stratford Comon, in the tenure of Edith Jefferey, widow, together with all other their lands in Stratford Comon aforesaid; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Eyere and Christopher Molineux, gentleman. 4 March, 15 Elizabeth. Signed Wyllyam Hayter and by mark.
Memorandum of livery of seisin endorsed. See A. 12938.
Wilts. A. 12937. Indenture of demise, 21 September, 15 Elizabeth, by William Moggerydge, of the 'citie of Newe Sarum,' gentleman, to 'Edee' Jefferiez, of Stratfford, widow, in consideration of 10s. of the arable land now in her tenure in 'Stratfforde fyldes,' which he bought of William Hayter, containing 'aleven acrez,' from Lady Day last for forty years, if she so long live, at 13s. 4d. rent, &c. Signed by me Wyllya' Moggrydge. Witnesses:—John Moggerydge, gentleman, and others, endorsed.
Wilts. A. 12938. Release, 10 April, 15 Elizabeth, by Hayter and wife to Moggrydge and son, of their right in land as in A. 12936. Signature; fragments of seals.
Wilts. A. 12939. Counterpart of demise, 26 March, 8 Elizabeth, 1566, by William Hayter of Hanginge Langeford, 'gentilman,' to Ede Jeoferyes, widow, of 'Stratford under the Castell of Olde Sarum,' in consideration of 4l., of his arable land in 'Stratford aforesaid,' now in her occupation, from Michaelmas next for twenty-one years, at 8s. rent. English. Signed by mark.
Camb. A. 12940. Grant by the mayor, bailiffs and burgesses of the borough and town of Cambridge to John Fortescue, knight, chancellor of the Exchequer, and of the Privy Council, of the office of Recorder of the said town and borough, which office Sir Thomas Egerton, knight, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal and before him Henry, lord Hundesdon, chamberlain of the Queen's Household, held; to enjoy by himself, or his sufficient deputy, for life, with a yearly rent of 4l. 12s., &c. Dated in the Gildhall (Guilda Aula) of the said town, 2 February, 43 Elizabeth, 1600.
Salop. A. 12941. Probate copy of the will, dated 18 February, 1575, of Edward Gethyn, of Melverley, yeoman; to 'my cosen Edward ap John ap Ewelyn,' my sole executor, all land, &c. in England and Wales, subject to the following bequests:—to 'my mother Mawde Pryce' 20s. yearly for life; to Thomas Barber 6l. within a year to the use of E— my sister, 40s. within two years to the use of Jeoffrey my brother, 40s. within three years to the use of Howell my brother, and 3l. within four years to the use of 'Johane my base daughter'; to Margaret Mathewe, mother of the said Johane, 20s. within six months; to John Edwardes, citizen and 'girdeler' of London, 5l. to bury me; whereas divers of my lands be 'morgaged' to divers persons, the 'counterpaynes of the conveyaunce whereof one of them betwene me and one Hughe Jones is in the custodye of Edward ap Humfrey,' 'betweene me and Richard Nicholas in the custodye of William ap Thomas,' and 'betwene me and Thomas Gethin is in the custodye of Jevaun ap David Beddo of Kynnerley,' all such writings to said executor with full power to redeem said lands and enjoy them to him and his heirs, but, if he refuse to pay legacies, the said Thomas Barber to be executor and have the lands, entering into bond in 20l. 'to the sayd Edwardes' for the performance of my will; overseer, the said Thomas Barber, he to have 'one welde place or fishinge place in the Herscock in Melverley aforesayd'; all goods to said executor.
Proved at London, 22 February, 1575, before Mr. William Drury, doctor of laws, commissary of the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, by Edward ap John ap Ewelyn, &c.
London. A. 12942. Indenture tripartite, 22 July, 29 Elizabeth, between William Beckett of Lyncolnes Inne, gentleman, one of the sons and sole executor of the will of Ansell Becket, late citizen and 'habberdassher' of London, of the first, Anne Becket, of London, widow, late the wife of the said Ansell, of the second, and Roger Walrond, citizen and clothworker of London, of the third part, whereby William covenants to pay 351l., viz. 39l. apiece, to Martha, Ansell, George, Samuel, Judith, Mary, John, Matthew and Elizabeth, children and orphans of the said Ansell, at the 'nowe mansyon house of the said Anne Becket,' 'in Lothebury in London,' the boys at twenty-one, and the girls at twenty-one or marriage, with benefit of survivorship, and with interest at 4l. per 60l. remaining in his hands, &c. English. Signed, by me Anne Beckett, per me Roger Walrond. Seals.
A. 12943. Letter by Rose of Dover (Rohesia de Doror') to the prior and convent of Holy Trinity, London, to pay the 10l. due to her, to Sir Waubert, merchant of Douai (Doay), in part of her debt to him. Michaelmas, 32 Henry III.
Cornw. A. 12944. Release by Thomas Rattenburye, of Marhamchurche, yeoman, and Edmund Rattenburye, his son, to William Lamerton, of Wood Knoll within the parish of Marhamchurche, yeoman, of their right in a close of land called 'Cownaparke' in Hilton with the said parish, now in his tenure. 1 January, 33 Elizabeth. Signed by mark and Edmund Rottenbury.
Cornw. A. 12945. Indenture, 3 June, 31 Elizabeth, between John Reskymer, of Merthen, esquire, of the one part, and Henry Nicholas alias Wyllis, of Cury, of the other, witnessing that whereas the said Henry holds a tenement 'called Trengillie parcell of the manor of Carthynacke in the parishe of Constantin by the demise of Rogger Tremayne esquier late lande lorde of the same manor for terme of lyefe,' now the said Henry, 'in partile performaunce of an awarde made by Thomas Sentaubin esquire and others of agrement' between them, 'doth lease' to the said John, and Grace his wife, his land, &c. in Trengellie for sixty years, if he the said Henry shall so long live, at 4l. rent payable at the quarters most usual in the hundred of Kerier, for the better payment whereof the said John and Grace Reskymer shall allow him 4l. rent yearly 'owt of the saiede tenement in Gwillis in lewe' thereof, &c. English.
Norf. A. 12946. Indenture, 10 June, 31 Elizabeth, being a surrender by Christopher Hyrne, of Wyndam alias Wymondham, co. Norfolk, gentleman, to William Purvey, of Wormeley Buri, co. Herts, in consideration of 50l. of his term of years yet to come in the manor of Pannells alias Walpole Pannells by virtue of a lease thereof made, 19 June, 24 Elizabeth, by John Purvey, late of Wormeley Bury, esquire, father of the said William Purvey, to William Huberd of Wysbych, in the 'ysle of Ely,' co. Cambridge, gentleman, from Michaelmas then next for . . . . . years; covenant by Christopher that he has power to surrender 'so much of the possession of' the said term as is in the occupation of 'Tymothy Rawlyn of Walpole aforesaid yeoman and so much of the revertion of the said terme as' is in the occupation of Henry Everard, Henry Cosbett, John Kynge and Thomas Norris by several leases, &c.; covenant by Purvey that John and Lestrange Huberd . . . . . . 'there father decessed and there assignes' may quietly enjoy 30a. land [in Walpole] Pannells according to the demise of the said William [Huberd], &c. English. Decayed. Signed Will'm Pureveye. Seal, broken.
Cornw A. 12947. Grant by John Tretherff, esquire, to Thomas Tretherff, his brother, of 40s. rent for life charged on his land in Treweras, now in the tenure of Matthew Colyns, parcel of the manor of Burnegolowe. Tremene, 18 December, 1 Elizabeth. Signed per me, Johannem Tretherf. Seal, with metal plate embedded in wax. Witnesses' names, John Reskymer, John Kellye, John Reskymer junior, endorsed; also My writing of Treweras.
Cornw. A. 12948. Letter of attorney by Margery, cousin and heir of Laurence Tremayn, deceased, to wit daughter of Helen (Elene) his daughter, to John Awood, to receive seisin from John Udy of all those manors, messuages, lands, &c. in Tremayn, Leen, Treveder, Chyenhale, Mogean Vean, Trefalserowe, Cornhogh, Tregemynyon, Kynyavos and Helston Bourgh or elsewhere within the county of Cornwall, according to the charter of even date thereof made to her by the said John Udy. Dated 12 January, 4 Henry VIII.
[Norf.] A. 12949. Feoffment by John Pomefreyth, the elder, of Skernyng, to John Man, Geoffrey Brakke, Edmund Michyll and John Wright, of the same, to the use of John Man, his heirs and assigns, of a messuage and cottage, formerly Adam Man's, a croft adjacent, four pieces of arable, a piece of underwood in the common and la. mowing mead, and all other the lands which were John Man's in Skernyng, situate as described, which he, together with Thomas Man, the elder, Thomas Anger late of Skernyng, and Geoffrey Auncell, since deceased, had by the feoffment of Robert Man and Henry Man, the younger, by charter dated 8 August, 17 Edward IV. Skernyng, 31 August, 28 Henry VII.
Endorsed: Thomas Hoo.
Cornw. A. 12950. Counterpart indenture, 1 January, 38 Elizabeth, between John Reskymer alias Greeber, of Merthen, esquire, and William Reskymer alias Greeber, of the same, gentleman, of the one part, and Peter Courteney of Trethurffe, esquire, of the other, leading the use of a fine to be levied before Easter next and of a recovery to be suffered within two years next by the said John and William to the said Peter, viz. to the use of the said Peter and his heirs for ever, of the manors of Trethurffe and Trewynyan, with their members, &c. with land, &c. commonly called by the several names of Bodanda, Medishole alias Michell, Nanskillie, Whitleye, Fentenlazacke, Laverdvoughe, Hendre alias Hender, Goenspaliiard, Padistow boroughe, Trewrow boroughe, Merther . ney . . ., Sticker, Knowle, Helland . . . . Helland f . . . ., Tendeale, Tregeare veor, Tregazacke, Melenowith alias New Myll, Retier alias Goenretier, Treworyan, Trewynce, Dowgas, Camther alias Cunther Mill, Nansowsan, Penhale alias Penhall Power, Rescoll, Goenregies, Trewarcenek, Nanskylly parson, Dodwode, Carwynacke, Granpont alias Granponde boroughe, . . . ., . . . . . Parke Highe . . . . Parke, in the parishes, towns, hamlets and villages of Ladocke alias Lazacke, Newlyn, Enoder, St. Stephens in Branell, Probus, Creede, Trewrow St. Clementes, St. Pethericke alias Padistow, Luxullian, St. Marten in Meneage, St. Maugan in Meneage, St. Erme, St. Mewan and St. Meryn. English. Signed Peter Courteney. Seal of arms. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12951. Counterpart of demise, 26 October, 4 and 5 Philip and Mary, by John Tretherff, esquire, to Peter Avery of a 'cotage or payre of old walles,' with ground adjoining, in Hendmure within the manor of Branell,' called 'Carpalla' which now lyeth in comen,' for the term of his life, at 8s. rent and 3s. 4d. for a 'heryet or a farleff,' with remainder to 'Alis' his wife for life, with remainder to John their eldest son for life, they shall build a dwelling-house thereon, within two years, at their own charges, except 'suffycyent grosse tymbre growyng at Burngolow'; attorneys to deliver seisin John Bone and John Trebylcok; he reserves to himself 'all casualties of tyn worckes' within and without the ground. English.
Cornw. A. 12952. Counterpart of indenture, 14 April, 17 Elizabeth, between Thomas Trethurffe, of Tremayne, esquire, of the one part, and Peter Courteney, of Trethurffe, esquire of the other, witnessing that whereas by indentures between them, 20 May last, it was agreed that the said Thomas should convey inter alia, all that his mansion house, barton and demesnes of Trethurffe, Trethurffe Downe alias Pengluthio Downe, in the parish of Ladocke alias Lasacke, and all that his 'purportie or parte' of his messuages, lands, &c. in Trewynce in the said parish of Ladocke alias Lasacke, and all his lands, &c. in Flym' and Rowte, in the said parish, and all his lands, &c. in Baydocke alias Halebaydocke, in the said parish, and all his land, &c. in Trewibeste alias Trowboste in the said parish, with all his land, &c. in Tregonon in the parish of Newlyn, in such manner, &c. as 'shalbe thoughte good unto the said Peter. Hit is also nowe agreed' between them, that the said Thomas shall suffer a recovery thereof to Peter before Midsummer next to the uses limitted in the said former inden- tures. English. Signed Peter Courtenay. Fragment of seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Norf. A. 12953. Indenture, 8 February, 22 Henry VIII, being the memorandum of an exchange made by Oliver Reymes, of Burnham Ulpe, gentleman, with John Gygges, 'of Burnham Overey,' gentleman, of la. land 'in ye felde of Burnham Overey at the Northende of Jaffery Porters crofte betwix the londe of Thomas Thurlowe of the parte of the weste and the lande of John Dykkes of the parte of the Este and the South hede abuttith upon the londe of Jaffery Porter for one other acre of londe of the seid John Gyggys lying in the felde of Burnham Seynt Andrews by the londe of William Calthorp esquyer of the parte of the northe,' &c. English. Signed per me Olyver Reymes.
Norf. A. 12954. Counterpart of grant by Richard Hoo to Simon Leverich, his heirs and assigns, of 1r. meadow in 'Longmedowez' in Skarneng, bounded as described, which with Edmund Bedingfelde, knight, and others, he had to the use of himself and his heirs, by the gift of Richard Newman son and heir of Thomas Newman late of Skarneng, by charter dated there, 31 May, 19 Henry VIII; also of a piece of meadow or pasture in the field of Skarneng, toward 'Penengesbarre,' late John Pynnez', which, together with the said Edmund and others, he had to the use of himself and his heirs inter alia by the gift of Gilbert Walsham, chaplain, by charter dated at Skarneng, 25 January, 25 Henry VIII; rent, 19d. Skarneng, 14 November, 32 Henry VIII.
Norf. A. 12955. Indenture of bargain and sale, 12 April, 1 Elizabeth, in consideration of 80l. by John Pitts of Skarneng, baker, to Thomas Hoo, of Burnham Overey, gentleman, of a messuage late Clement Bocking's, and Clement his father's in Towne Berningham, and 46a. of 'freelond' and 7a. 'copihold lond' there and in Northwodeberningham, Plumpstede and Matlask; covenant by Pitts on behalf of himself and Margaret his wife, and of the said Clement the son and — his wife, &c.; and whereas the executors of one William Watts are to pay for the farm of the premisses, &c. English. Damaged.
Cornw. A. 12956. Counterpart of demise, 2 May, 25 Elizabeth, by John Reskymer alias Greber, of Merthen, co. Cornwall, esquire, to Thomas Chiverton, of Newlyn, in the said county, gentleman, in consideration of 30l., of the 'Barton of Trevarthian alias Trevarthen,' with land, &c. there, in the parish of Seint Illarie, for twenty-one years from the death of Alexander Pollard and Thomas Pollard his son and heir apparent, at 7l. rent, at the four terms usual in the hundred of Penwith, and 'a best cattell in the name of an herryott or farleiffe.' English. Signed per Tho. Chiverton. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12957. Indenture of demise by Stephen Brode and Agnes, his wife, and Margery Estcot, to Stephen Jon, Joan Bounde and Agnes, Stephen's daughter, for the term of their lives in survivorship, according to the custom of the manor of Myddelond, of all their land, &c. in Estcot, within the parish of Morwynstow, which Stephen now holds, at 19s. 4d. rent and one day in Autumn, or 2d., doing repairs; attorneys to deliver seisin, Nicholas Trycke and Thomas Broke. 16 September, 2 Henry VIII.
Linc. A. 12958. Indenture of bargain and sale, 7 January, 32 Elizabeth, by Christopher Biltinge, of Hemingby, yeoman, to Henry Biltinge, of the same, yeoman, in consideration of 20l., of two cottages or tenements in Tevelbye, with land, &c. belonging, in the occupation of Richard Clerke, of two cottages in Hemyngby, in the tenure of Richard Iplegarthe and Jane Maltebye, of a messuage and one 'oxegang' of land, meadow and pasture, in Hemingbye, called 'Maltby thinge,' in the occupation of John Raithby, and of a messuage called 'Elande thinge,' a close of pasture called 'Eland close' and one 'oxegang' and a half of land with meadow and pasture, &c. in Hemingby, except a parcel of land in Hemingby in 'Holmes' close and 'Netlecrofte' being parcel of the 'oxegange' and a half of land in Hemingby called 'Eland thinge,' late in his occupation, &c. English. Signed per me Christofor Biltinge. Witnesses' names endorsed.
London. A. 12959. Bond by Martin Slatyar, citizen and 'irenmonnger' of London, and John Cady, of London, gentleman, to Thomas Morrys, the younger, citizen and 'irenmonnger' of London, in 100 marks, conditioned for the payment of 40l. on 15 October, 1585, at his dwelling house 'on newe fishestreete hill.' 15 October, 1584, 26 Elizabeth. Signed by me Martin Slatyar, Jno. Cadye. Seals.
[Norf.] A. 12960. Feoffment by Thomas Newman, son and heir of John Newman, late of Skerneng, to Richard Hoo, Edmund Bedyngfeld, knight, Henry Bedyngfeld, esquire, John Gigges and Humphrey Deene, gentlemen, of a piece of land, enclosed, lying at 'Byrkesle,' next land formerly Richard Rowneng's, late Nicholas Arnelle's, &c. abutting on the path from Est- bradenham to Estdereham market, reckoned at ½a., which John Newman, his father, bought of Robert Langtoft, late of Skarneng, and was enfeoffed thereof, with others, to his own use, by charter dated 20 May, 18 Edward IV, &c. 5 January, 27 Henry VIII.
Memorandum of livery of seisin, 10 January following, endorsed.
Cornw. A. 12961. Release by Richard Calmady, gentleman, to John Reskymer, esquire, of his right in land, &c. in Retallecke within the parish of St. Illary. 14 October, 38 Elizabeth, 1591. Signed per me Ric'm Calmady. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Norf. A. 12962. Release by Robert Baker, clerk, at the special request of John Pomfret, clerk, son and heir and executor of the last will of John Pomfret, late of Skernyng, to Richard Hoo and William Hoo, of his right in the land there which he had together with the said John, deceased, or any other, to John's use. 30 September, 18 Henry VIII. Seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Leic. A. 12963. Indenture being an acquittance by Sir Richard Knightley, and Sir Richard Fenys, knights, Valentyne Knightley, son and heir apparent of Sir Richard, Hierom Fermor, of Burcott, co. Northampton, esquire, and Nicholas Fermor, of Easton, co. Northampton, esquire, for 250l. paid them at the church porch of Lytterworthe, by 'Gabryell' Pulteney, of Mysterton, co. Leicester, esquire, due at Michaelmas for the half of a yearly rent of 500l. which by indenture quadrapartite, 20 February, 31 Elizabeth, between Sir Henry Darcie, knight, and Dame 'Katerine' his wife, of the first, the said 'Gabryell' of the second, 'Jhon' Cope of Everdon, co. Northampton, and Thomas Thornton of Lyncolnes Inne, co. Middlesex, gentlemen, of the third, and themselves of the fourth part, the said Sir Henry, 'Kateryn' and 'Gabryell,' granted to them, for the term of the life of the said 'Kateryn,' out of the 'capitall howses' in Mysterton and Poultney, co. Leicester, and other land, &c. there and in Misterton cum Poultney, &c. 2 November, 35 Elizabeth, 1593. English. Signed Ri. Knyghtley, Hierom Fermor. Fragment of one seal. Witnesses' names endorsed. See A. 12474.
Cornw. A. 12964. Indenture, 21 February, 34 Elizabeth, being an acquit- tance by John Carmynowe, of Fentengollen, esquire, to Richard Carnsewe, of St. Kewe, gentleman, for 3s. 1½d. due 'for a releeffe for the death of William Carnsewe his father for one farthinge land holden of him in socaige of his mannor of Pendoggott by the yerelie rent of 2s. 6d.' English. Signed Jo: Carmynowe. Seal, apparently of arms.
Salop A. 12965. Bond by Richard Lee, citizen and draper (pannarium) of London, to William Lee, of Brydgenorte, gentleman, in 10l. at Easter next, conditioned for William's quiet enjoyment, after the death of Elizabeth, his mother, of a tenement or cottage, garden and dovehouse in Brydgenorthe in 'Lytle Brydge' Street, the reversion whereof by deed of even date the said Richard had sold him. 27 January, 2 Elizabeth. Signed per me Rychard Lee.
[Salop.] A. 12966. Release by William Fox, of Ludlowe, gentleman, to Richard Gryme, of Sete, gentleman, of his right in a messuage, with croft adjacent, in Sete, with Richard's land on either side. Sete, 29 November, 6 Henry VIII.
Chester. A. 12967. Indenture, 30 June, 17 Elizabeth, between Gilbert Sherington, of Grayes Inne, co. Middlesex, gentleman, and John Danyell, of Lyncolnes Inne, gentleman, reciting that by indenture, 20 June, 16 Elizabeth, enrolled in the chancery, the said John, in consideration of 77l. bargained and sold to Gilbert the rectory or parsonage of Mynshull alias Churche Mynshull, in the occupation of Edward Mynshull, late belonging to the monastery of Combermere, with the tithes there lately demised to the said Edward, and the 4l. rent usually paid therefore, together with the queen's letters patent thereof, the advowson of the vicarage only excepted, with a proviso therein contained for the defeasance of the said indenture upon payment by John of the said sum on 20 June then next, now past; covenant by the parties for a year's extension of the time, &c. English. Signed per me Gilbertum Sheryngton. Witnesses' names endorsed.
[Cornw.] A. 12968. Indenture, 6 June, 5 Henry VIII, being the defeasance, to wit on payment of 4l. in the church of St. Bartholomew of Lostwythyell on Midsummer Day, 1514, of a feoffment of even date by Edward Menwynnek to Reginald Tretherff of three closes in Kylkechewe alias Wadelond in the parish of Leskerd in the occupation of Thomas Walle as conventionary tenant, situate between the close of Eleanor Gayr, widow, on the east, the lane from 'Loe myll' to the ponds (stagna) under 'le Dene' on the south, land of the king on the west and the road from the chapel of St. Mary of Park to the borough of Leskerd on the north.
[Herts.] A. 12969. Composition between the prior of Hurlee and Sir Saer de Senlee in a suit moved by papal authority before the rector of Idefen and the vicar of Martelee, vice-gerents of the prior of Winchecumbe and his fellow judges, touching the detention of the greater and lesser tithes which the church of Hurlee used to receive from the demesne of the said Saer, those to wit which John rector of the church of Senlee held to farm of the church of Hurlee. The prior renounces his suit for tithes withheld to date; Saer covenants to pay such tithes in future to the church of Hurlee and the prior to defend him in respect thereof; for damages incurred by the prior Saer shall pay 2 marks, at his house in London, in the octave of the Sunday on which 'quasimodo geniti' is sung. This composition was made, 1245, on the morrow of the above Sunday.
A. 12970. Bond by Nicholas Bohun of Brampton, co. Suffolk, gentleman, to William Claxton and Robert Melle, gentlemen, in 500 marks at Michaelmas next, conditioned for the observance of covenants in indentures of even date. 6 October, 23 Henry VIII. Signature; fragment of seal.
Cornw. A. 12971. Indenture being a feoffment by John Morfild alias Flacher, of Weke St. Mary, to William Carnsewe, esquire, of all his land, &c. in Trewenn within the parish of St. Udye; attorneys to deliver seisin, William Bytton and John Revell. 4 May, 27 Elizabeth, 1585. Signed by mark. Witnesses' names, Richarde Carnsewe and others, endorsed.
[Norf.] A. 12972. Feoffment by Richard Beverley of Skernyng at the request of Thomas Gronde, of Norwich, executor of the will of Robert Beverley, clerk, of Norwich, to the said Thomas, John Hendry, 'skrevener,' John Corvowe, 'brasyer,' and William Phelippis, 'taillour,' citizens of Norwich, of a close called 'Poumfreytes,' containing 4a. and 1a. land called 'yeld acre' in the field of Skernyng, which together with the said Robert, he had by the feoffment of Thomas Beverley of Skernyng and Walter Ryckys, of Estderham, by charter dated at Skernyng, 20 July, 20 Edward IV; attorney to deliver seisin, Edmund Byshop of Norwich. Skernyng, 12 May, 19 Henry VII. Names of witnesses to livery of seisin endorsed.
Norf. A. 12973. Bond by John Savage of Brysyngham, gentleman, and William Barun, of Holborne, co. Middlesex, 'ynholder,' to John Danyell of Dersbury, esquire, in 10l. at Midsummer next, conditioned for the payment of arrears due by Savage for his part of the manor of Brysyngham, less payments made by him 'for the due debte of the said John Danyell to the use of one Thomas Huntley as is soposid.' 24 May, 11 Henry VIII. Signed per me Jhon Savage. Seal.
Endorsed: —Memorandum to learne of Mr. Grymesdich what conveances my great graunfather made of the landes in Norffocke; and Mr. Seargeant Jenney sumtyme student of Lincolnes Inne did purchase the landes in Brysingham within named of the within named John Danyel.
Denb. A. 12974. Feoffment by Gruffith ap Geffre ap Jevaun, free tenant in the town of Nantklyn Sanctorum in the comote of Issalet within the lordship of Denbygh, to Robert ap Gruffith ap Geffre, his son, of a moiety of all his land there, during his life, with the reversion of the whole, &c. Nantklyn Sanctorum, 10 July, 2 Henry VIII.
Endorsed: Nantclin.
York. A. 12975. Bond by Christopher Procter, of Keysden, 'yoman,' to Robert Procter, of the same, 'yoman,' in 40l. at Midsummer next, conditioned for his observance of covenants in a writing indented of even date. 16 June, 34 Henry VIII.
Cornw. A. 12976. Counterpart of demise the last day of February, 23 Eliza- beth, by William Carnsewe, of Bokyllye, esquire, to John Richard alias Lugye, of the parish of Glewyas, yeoman, in consideration of 8l. of his land, &c. in Tremoghe, in the parish of Mabe, 'howses tynne and tynne workes,' &c, 'tymber and yonge trees of ocke ashe elme and wichals and all other trees,' &c. excepted, for three and a half years and one month, at 40s. rent, &c. English. Paper. Seal. Witness' name, Richard Rosk- rowe, endorsed; also A doble of Tremogh leste to Lowgow.
Cornw. A. 12977. Indenture made 9 October, 12 Elizabeth, witnessing that Richard Chamond, esquire, lord of the manor of Trenowyth Chamond, has received the day of making thereof of John Reskymer, esquire, both his homage and 30s. 7d. and half a farthing for a relief due by the death of John Reskymer, esquire, his father, who held 2a. land Cornish in Rescurvyll, 1 ferling land in Bodenveour and ½a. in Tredenyk by knight service as of the manor of Trenowyth Chamond. Signature and seal of arms, chipped. Endorsed: Mr. Chamons acquitance of reliffe for Reskorwell et alis.
York. A. 12978. Declaration by William de Thornton of Burton in Lones- dale, esquire, that there was issue begotten between Gregory de Thornton and Alice daughter of Roger de Burgh, his lawful wife, three sons, to wit, Gilbert, Thomas and Oliver; Oliver the younger brother, because of a pretended alienation made, as he alleged, by his mother Alice of lands and tenements to (ad) the said Gregory and Alice his mother (sic), being within the towns, territories or parishes of Burton and Bentham, claimed a right, by descent, to the disinheritance of Gilbert his elder brother; but at length Sir Thomas de Grene, formerly rector of the parish church of Whittyngton, William his brother, Thomas de Hornby, William de Bolton, Richard de Hodilliston and William de Thornton above-named, with other their kindred and friends treated of peace between the brothers and made them agree, at Hornby, for 25 marks to be paid by Gilbert to Oliver. In testimony whereof William has put to his seal, together with the mark (signo) and subscription of Master William de Kerby, notary public, 19 November, 1436, &c. in the presence of Thomas, William and. John sons of John Hogeson of Burton. At foot. Certificate by William de Kerby, clerk, of the diocese of Carlisle, &c. notary. Seal of arms, [Az] on a bend [sa] three lions passant [or]
A. 12979. Counterpart of indenture, 7 June, 28 Elizabeth, between Sir Francis Walsingham, knight, 'Principall Secretarie' to the Queen and one of the 'Pryvie Counsell,' of the one part, and Thomas Cardell, gentleman, 'servant unto our said sovereigne ladie,' and 'Danyell' Batchiler, his apprentice, of the other, witnessing that whereas Richard Batchiler of Aston Clynton, co. Bucks, yeoman, father of the said 'Danyell,' by indenture, 18 November, 21 Elizabeth, put the said 'Danyell,' and the said 'Danyell' put himself, apprentice, to the said Thomas, from Michaelmas then last for sixteen years, now the said Thomas assigns and sets over to Sir Francis, with 'Danyell's' assent, the said indentures for the residue of the term. English. Signed Thomas Cardell, Danyell Bacheler. Seal.
[Warw.] A. 12980. Feoffment by Simon de Draitona to Walter de Bissopes- don, of a virgate of land in the town of Draiton, which Nicholas Old held in bondage (quam Nicolaus anticus Bonde tenuit), for his homage and service; to hold to the said Walter and his heirs, &c. at 12d. rent; also grant to him of Osbert son of Sexius (filium sexi) with all his suit (secta); consideration, 10 marks. Witnesses:—William de Bispesdon, Richard Trussel, William de Wilmecote, Robert de Clopton, William de Weston, and others (named).
Cornw. A. 12981. Indenture, 20 May, 3 Edward VI, being the memorandum of an agreement between William Carnsuyowe, the elder, of the county of Cornwall, esquire, and John Fytze, of Tavystoke, co. Devon, esquire, that before Midsummer next William Carnsuyowe the younger, son and heir apparent of the said William, shall take to wife Honor, one of the daughters of the said John, in consideration whereof William covenants that he will before the said feast make a good estate to the said William and Honor, for the term of her life, for her jointure, of land, &c. in . . ., . ., Bossothan, Kebelys, Passage . . . yper, Trevall- serrowe, Gyllye, Treghembys and Penryn Burghe, of the yearly value of 20 marks, &c.; in consideration whereof the said John covenants to pay . . . . . . 100l. at certain dates. English. Damaged.
Norf. A. 12982. Indenture of bargain and sale, 7 August, 18 Henry VIII, by Sir John Pomfret, clerk, son and heir and executor of John Pomfrete, late of Skernyng, to Richard Hoo, of the same, 'gentylman,' of all his land, &c. there, for 60l. 6s. 8d., &c. English. Signature and fragment of seal. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Norf. A. 12983. Feoffment by Geoffrey Porter, John Dykkys and John Sawnder, of Burnham Overey, to Oliver Reymes and Thomas Sydney, gentlemen, and Thomas Walpole, yeoman, of Little Walsingham, to the use of the said Oliver, of all the land, &c. in Burnham Overey, Burnham Thorp and Holkham, or elsewhere in the county of Norfolk, late the said Geoffrey's, which together with Thomas Beles, of Burnham Thorp, since deceased, they had by the grant of John Brownyng, chaplain, by his charter dated at Burnham Overey, 10 October, 2 Henry VIII. Burnham Overey, 20 September, 14 Henry VIII.
[Dorset.] A. 12984. Counterpart indenture, 8 September, 25 Henry VIII, between John Turbervyll, esquire, of the one part, and Nicholas Wylughby, gentleman, of the other, being the memorandum of an agreement that Leonard Wylughby, son and heir apparent of the said Nicholas, shall before All Saints next take to wife John's daughter, Mary; John shall find meat and drink for the day of marriage and convenient 'apparrell' for Mary, and Nicholas 'apparell convenyent' for Leonard; Nicholas covenants before the said feast to make a sure estate of fee simple to Sir Giles Strangwayes and Sir Thomas Trenchard, knights, George de la lynde, Richard Turbervyll, William Porteman, Thomas Baskett, Nicholas Cheverell and Thomas Trenchard, of Moreton, esquires, and William Jerard, gentleman, of lands to the clear yearly value 13l 6s. 8d. to the use of the said Leonard and Mary, and the heirs of the body of the said Leonard and in default to the use of the said Nicholas and his heirs for ever; also to make a sufficient deed of grant to Mary, of an annuity or yearly rent of 6l. 13s. 4d. out of the manor of Turnerspudell, lands parcel of the said manor in Wyrgrett and Snelling, or called Snelling, excepted, to be received by Mary, after marriage had between her and Leonard, from and after the decease of 'Eobeige no we wyffe unto the sayd Nicholas,' for the term of her life, &c.; 'and where the sayd John Turbervyll hathe of long tyme claymyd and pretendyd to have right and tytle unto the manor of Turnerspudell,' the advowson of the church there, and the lands, &c. which Nicholas has in Turnerspudell, Snelling and Wyrgrett, 'for asmyche as the sayd Nicholas hathe suffycyently provyd and declarid unto the sayd John' that he and others to his use have a good estate thereof in fee simple, so that John can pretend no lawful claim thereto, therefore, in consideration of the said marriage, &c. and 'for contynuell amyte by the grace of God to be hadd' between them, &c. John covenants to assure the said manor, &c. to Nicholas when required, &c.; also John covenants that before the said feast he will grant to Nicholas all his estate in the land, &c. which he John 'holdithe in ferme by the severall demises and leasis off Sr William Marten and Sr Roger Newborough, knyghtes, and James Frampton esquyer nowe dedd and of Sr Robert Payton knyght and Fraunces hys wyffe yett leving,' in the parishes of Bere Regis and Affepudell: after which assurance made Nicholas covenants to demise the said premises in Bere Regis and Affepudell to the said John Turbervyll and Isabell, his wife, for the term of twenty-seven years determinable on the death of the survivor of them; and for the said marriage John covenants to pay 200 marks, namely 100l. on the day of marriage and 25 marks at Michaelmas, 1534, and 1635, respectively. English. Signed Nicholas Wylughby.
Endorsed: Covenauntes for maryage bytwene Leonard Wyllughby and hys fyrst wyfe.
Camb. A. 12985. Release by Richard Malden, of Barton, 'husbondman,' to Richard Aylmere, of his right in the land, &c. in Barton, Whytwell, Cotton and Grauncester, being all his land, &c. there, whereof by indenture, 30 July, 36 Henry VIII, he had enfeoffed the said Richard and John Aylmere of Barton, 'husbondmen.' 16 January, 2 Edward VI. Seal.
Middx. A. 12986. Counterpart of demise, 25 February, 1568, 11 Elizabeth, by John Wale, of the parish of St. Mary Matfellon alias Whitchappell without Algate of London, sawyer, to Richard Moore, of the Mynorisse without Algate, freemason, of a garden plot on the south side of 'Whitchappell strete,' in the said parish, 'within the lordship of Stebunhith,' on the west side of the garden plot in the occupation of one Jefferson, &c.; to hold for eleven years and three quarters, at 16s, rent, &c. English. Fragment of seal.
N'hamp A. 12987. Indenture between Thomas Neubotell of the one part and John Vyncent of Rothewell of the other witnessing that whereas the title to certain lands in the county of Northampton formerly Hugh de Luttryng- ton's was in dispute between them, by the award and mediation of friends an agreement was arrived at, as follows, to wit, Thomas shall bring an assise of novell disseisin, or a writ of forme donne, against the said John at their joint expense, for all the land formerly the said Hugh's in Thorplobenham, Arthyngworth, Keylmersh, Newbotell, Hakelyngton, Pydyngton, Horton and Quenton; within a month after he has thus recovered, Thomas shall make a feoffment to John, for the term of his life, of the premises, at 4 marks rent with remainder to John's daughter Lavinia (Laryne) in tail, to hold of the lords of the fees by the services due and accustomed, paying yearly to the said Thomas and his heirs 14 marks, with remainder in default of her issue to Thomas and his heirs, &c.; John shall in no way hinder Thomas sueing for the voidance (a pursuer pur adnuller) of a fine formerly levied in the bench at Westminster by Andrew Broun, and Katharine, styled (appelle) his wife, to Richard Brounlegh, Richard de Wodeford, clerk, and John Parker of Olney, and John's heirs, of the manors of Hakelyngton and Thorp beside Lobenham, and of a messuage, 3 carucates of land, 24a. meadow, 16a. pasture and 3s. 4d. rent in Arthyngworth; statutes merchant in 1,000 marks respec- tively to be void. 8 November, 7 Henry IV. French. Copy on parchment.
[Cornw] A. 12988. Indenture made at Trenowith by Chynowith, 10 March, 17 Henry VIII, whereby John Cavell of [Pen]ryn, declares that by deed of even date he has enfeoffed William Carsuyow, esquire, of all his land, &c. in Trenowith by Chynowith, to the use of his last will, viz. that the said William shall stand seised thereof to the use of him the said John Cavell for life, and after his decease to the use of the said William and his heirs for ever, upon condition that they 'shall yerly at the fest of Seynt Dionise in the moneth of Octobere about x. of the clok of the same day at the high auter in the church of the Frerys of Truru pay or cause to be paid unto the said Frerys of Truru ten shelynges sterling to the entent that the said Frerys shall yerly the tenth day of Octobre kepe and say a solempn masse and dirige for the soule of me the said John Cavell and for the soulys of Alys and Kateryn my wiffis, John Kernyk and Johanne his wiff and for the soulys of all [those] for whom I the said John Cavell am bound to pray for.'
N'hamp Warw. A. 12989. Counterpart indenture, 2 April, 34 Elizabeth, between Sir William Catisbie, of Ashsbye Leigers, co. Northampton, knight, Sir John Spencer, of Oldthroppe, in the said county, knight, Sir Thomas Leighe, of Stonley, co. Warwick, knight, and Thomas Spencer, of Claredon, co. Warwick, esquire, of the one part, and Robert Catisbye, esquire, son and heir apparent of the said Sir William, William Spencer, of Erdington, co. Oxford, esquire, and Richard Spencer, of Offley, co. Herts, esquire, of the other, whereby the said Sir William, and the others, in consideration of a marriage to be had between the said Robert Catisbie and 'Katheryne' Leighe, daughter to the said Sir Thomas, grant to the said William and Richard Spencer 300l. annuity out of the pastures and meadows in Rodborne, co. Warwick, in the occupation of Maurice Myles, the 'parke or enclosed grounde' in Lapworthe, in the said county called 'Lapworthe Parke,' closes in Lapworth and Bushwoodd called 'Sparrowhawkesfeilde' and 'the Wakefeildes,' and the meadows and 'three litle closes lyinge aboute the mansion howse of the said Sir William called Bushwood Halle,' to hold from Michaelmas, 1595, after the said marriage, for fifty years if the said Sir William and Robert shall so long jointly live, payable at the church porch of Ashbie Legers, the first payment to be made at Lady Day, 1596, &c.; provided that nothing herein 'shall extend to chardge the persons of the said Sir William,' and the others, 'by writte of annuytie'; provided also that, if the said Robert, upon reasonable request, after ho shall accomplish his full age of twenty-one, do not make a demise to the said Sir William of a close or pasture in Sillesworthe and Watforde, co. Northampton, called the 'Midlefeilde,' of a close or pasture in Silsworthe and Watforde called the 'Highe feilde alias Hill feilde,' with the meadows adjoining, and of a close or pasture in Silsworthe and Watforde, called 'Sharrockes Close,' to hold from Michaelmas, 1595, for fifty years, if the said Sir William and Robert so long jointly live, at a peppercorn rent, then the present indenture and all contained in it shall be void. English. Signed Robart Catesbye. Seal of arms.
Endorsed: 'Sealed' &c. 'by Robert Catisby,' 30 January, 35 Elizabeth, &c.
York. A. 12990. Bond by John Awbrey, of Higham, 'yoman,' to Richard Carr, of Butterwhett, 'blackesmithe,' in 48l. conditioned for Richard's quiet enjoyment of a close of meadow, pasture and arable, specified in an indenture of even date, and for further assurance thereof to be made by the said John and Agnes, now his wife, &c. 19 February, 30 Elizabeth, 1587. Seal.
Sussex. A. 12991. Indenture of bargain and sale and feoffment, 6 June, 11 Elizabeth, by Owen Chadwicke alias Evans, of Hunston, yeoman, to Thomas Rose, of Westerton, yeoman, in consideration of 40l., of a messuage and garden in Kepston, in the parish of Hunston, late Thomas Flinte's. English. Witnesses' names endorsed.
Kent. A. 12992. Deed poll by Edmund Caman, citizen and 'fruterer' of London, and Joan, his wife, late the wife of Robert Pursell, of London, 'fruterer'; reciting that by his letters patent, 29 November, 2 Edward VI, the king granted to Silvester Taverner and John Hynde, a close of 6a. called 'Chauntery Garden,' in the parish of Tenham, late belonging to the chantry there, between the highway on the south, land of John Kyte on east and north, and land of the archbishop of Canterbury on the west, and a parcel of land of 2a. late in the tenure of John Derton, in Tenham in 'Courte Feld,' late belonging to the said chantry, abutting on land of the archbishop on the west and south, land of John Norden on the north and land of John Kyte on the east; and reciting that Taverner and Hynde, by their writing, 23 February, 3 Edward VI, gave the premises to the said Robert Pursell; reciting also that Margaret Ingram, of Westham, co. Essex, by her writing, 15 May, 3 Edward VI, sold to the said Robert Pursell a garden in Tenham between his land on the north, east and south and the highway from Tenham to Lynsted on the west; and reciting that the said Robert Pursell, being thus in possession, by his testament dated 17 April, 3 Elizabeth, gave all the said land to the said Joan, then his wife, for the term of her life only; bargain and sale, and feoffment, by the said Edmund and Joan to William Hore, of London, yeoman, of her life estate therein; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Merry- feld, fishmonger, and George Wylton, 'tallowchaundeler,' citizens of London, and James Newam, of London, yeoman. 26 October, 17 Elizabeth. Signed by me Edmound Caman, the mark of Johan Caman. Seals.
Memorandum of livery of seisin, 15 February, 18 Elizabeth, by George Wilton, endorsed.
[Berks.] A. 12993. Feoffment by Peter Dunne, of Redyng, to John Sydnam, esquire, of three tenements lying together in Redyng in 'le Newstvete' in the south part of it, between the tenement of Richard Justice, gentleman, and 'le Gutterlane,' which he acquired by the feoffment of William Wattes alias Raynoldes. Redyng, 18 May, 37 Henry VIII.
Memorandum endorsed of livery of seisin, in the presence of William Lippescombe, Nicholas Fetyplace and others (named).
Warw. A. 12994. Indenture of demise, 29 September, 35 Elizabeth, by Thomas Throckmerton, of Coughton, esquire, to John Garret, the elder, of Wixelford, yeoman, and William and John, his sons, for the term of their lives, of that part of a ground called 'the Nowells,' now in John's occupation, in the lordship of Oversley, between that part of 'the Nowels' in the occupation of William Garret, the elder, on the north, and 'the Brode Closse' on the south, and abutting on 'Oversley Lane' leading to Alcester, towards the east, and 'Wixeford medowe,' and a little medow called 'Medowe Closse,' towards the west; rent, to the said Thomas for life and thereafter to the said (sic) John Throckmerton, and his issue male, &c. 30s., doing suit of court of the manor of Oversley, &c. English. Not executed. Endorsed: Leighe versus Hawkes.
Glouc A. 12995. Counterpart of demise, 20 May, 5 Edward VI, by Sir 'Water' Dennys, knight, of Durham, to John Grafton, of Nether Hasell, 'Kateryn' his wife, and 'Morys' their son, for the term of their lives in survivorship, in consideration of 26s. 8d., of a cottage called 'Bodyez' in the lordship of Alyston, a pasture called 'Bodyez,' containing 8 acres, adjoining the cottage, 2½a. meadow to the cottage belonging, lying in 'Parke Mede,' with 'commyn' in 'the Olde Abbey,' 'Langley' and 'Greenhyll,' with 'all maner underwode toppe loppe and shrowdes of all maner of treez,' &c. at 8s. rent, doing suit to the courts of the manor of Alyston, &c. English.
I. of Wight. A. 12996. Indenture of demise by Elizabeth Howies, widow, late the wife of William Howies, of Brerdyng, to John Flemmyng, the younger, of Newport, 'marchaunt,' of a site with buildings (unam placeam terre edificatam) and a vacant half site (unam dimidiam placeam terre vacuam) in Newport, at the east end of the church of St. Thomas the Martyr, between the tenement late Richard Howies', land late William att Nashe's, the tenement and garden late John Bokett's, and the highway; also of three pieces of land and a close of land, whereof the three pieces lie in the parish of Caris- broke within the tything (decennam) of Shyde, in 'Carisbrokefeld,' and the close in the same parish, in the tithing of Gravyslond, having been late in the tenure of Robert Gilys, situate between lands of the warden of the New College of St. Mary the Virgin near Winchester, Margaret Wynnyat and the prior of Carisbrooke; to hold from Michaelmas last for sixty years, at 10s. rent. The feast of St. Martin, the Pope, 10 November, 12 Henry VIII. Seal. Endorsed: Indent' Elizabeth Hawles of my newe howsse made to John Flemmyng.
Glouc. A. 12997. Release by Robert Rogers, one of the sons of Richard Rogers, late of Dowdeswell, 'yoman,' to William Rogers, his brother, of his right in land, &c. in Rosseley in the parish of Wythington, or elsewhere in the said parish. 16 October, 1 and 2 Philip and Mary. Witnesses names endorsed; also 14 John Hygford.
[Cornw.] A. 12998. Bond by Thomas Behethland, gentleman, to William Carnseyow, esquire, in 100 marks, conditioned for his standing to the award of John Killigrew, esquire, and Thomas Rescrow, gentleman, touching the title to land, &c. in Pon snowy the, in the parish of Mylore, to be delivered before 'All Saynctes' next. 21 July, 4 Elizabeth. Signature and fragment of seal. Endorsed: Thomas Behellon.
A. 12999. Bond by Arthur, viscount Lisle, to John Lambart, gentleman, in 10l. at Easter next. 24 February, 17 Henry VIII. Signed Arthur Lyssle.
Endorsed:—Memorandum that I Abell Kytchyn have resaywyd the contentes of thys oblygation of my lorde Lysle by the handes of Jhon Husse the vjth day of Octobr in the xxxjth yere of the raygne of Kyng Henry the viijth by me Abell Kytchyn.
N'hamp. A 13000. Indenture, 16 December, 17 Henry VIII, between Richard Fermour, 'merchaunt of the Staple of the town of Calis,' of the one part, and 'Sibbel' Rudhall, of Woodcraft, 'wedowe,' and John Bentley, of London, 'yoman,' and 'Emme' his wife, daughter and heir apparent of the said 'Sibbell,' of the other, witnessing that 'wher the seid Sibbell John and Emme,' by indenture 26 July last, sold to the said Richard' their purpart moytie or halfendeale of the manor of Woodcroft,' covenanting that the same was of the yearly value of 8l., and the said Richard covenanted that if 'upon a vewe therof' by John Molysworth, William Ratclyf, Thomas Quadryng and Thomas William, gentleman, before Michaelmas, and their report before 'All Sayntes' then next, it should appear that it was of greater value, he would pay the said 'Sibell' and the others in ready money for the 'overplus' 'after the rate of xxti yeres purchase,' and whereas no such 'vewe' or report was made and the said covenant is accordingly void, it is now agreed between the parties in like manner, the report to be made 'on this half the fest of the resurreccion of our lord Jhesu Crist' next, &c. English. Signed per me Rychard Fermer.