Corrigenda in volumes 1-5

Pages v-vi

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 5. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1906.

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C. 245 For [Norf.] read [Derby].

C. 264 For [Norf.] read [Derby] .

C. 297 For [Bedf.] read [Derby].

C. 828 For Tidehurst read Tideburst.


A. 2315 For [Linc.] read [Leic.].

For Miantune read Miautune.

A. 3210 For Heliswiche read Heliswrthe.

C. 2000 For [Norf.] read [Derby].

C. 2011 For [Norf.] read [Derby].

C. 2061 For [Derby ?] read [Derby].

C. 2502 For [Norf.] read [Derby].

C. 2559 For [Norf.] read [Derby].


A. 5466 For [Linc.] read [Derby].



[York, W.R.].

A. 5659 For Ewaynystor read Gwaynyscor.

A. 6067 For [Norf.] read [Camb.].


A. 6250 For de Cre read de Ore.

A. 6688 Add Printed, Pipe Roll Soc., vol. x. no. 25.

A. 6692 For house of Montmorel read Maison Dieu of Montmorillon (Vienne, Poitou).

A. 6708 For de Burford read de Buiford.

For de Cardinel read de Cardimel.

A. 6946 For [Linc.] read [Derby].

A. 7385 For relimed (relimatam) read ploughed the second time (rebiniatam).

A. 8499 For Thomas Dus, Richard Trevelye read Thomas [Pyken], Sir Richard Trevelyan.

A. 9161 For Hytemor see Hycemor.

A. 9266 For count of Eu read count of Denia (de Dene).

For Westmeren read Westminster.

For church of Westmeren read monastery of Westminster.

A. 9443 For Edward III. read Edward IV.

A. 9634 For Lannescli read Gulval (Lannescli).

A. 9638 Add [Warw.].

A. 10061 For Roger . . . . read Roger [Trevarthyan].

For Gwelbemle read Gwelbevile.

A. 10342 For Hellygywytton read Hellygywytlou.

A. 10422 For Daghenele read Baghenele.

For Carnkerou read Carnkerion.

For Trevarnigon read Trevarnigou.

p. 566 Identify Breyd' as Breaston, co. Derby.

p. 587 Add to Kingsbury, co. Warw. 9638.

p. 594 Identify Methyn as Merthen.

p. 619 Insert Werdesford. See Woodsford.

p. 622 Identify Wulistorp as Wilsthorp in Sawley, co. Derby.


A. 10793 For Montmorel read Montmorillon.

A. 11066 For fait read fuit.

A. 12053 For [N'hamp.] read [Bucks.].

A. 12474 For Richard Fermor read Nicholas Fermor.

A. 13170 For Wodethorn read Wodethorp.