Deeds: C.5201 - C.5300

Pages 188-204

A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.5201 - C.5300

Surrey. C. 5201. Indenture of demise by William Combe of Guldeford, co. Surrey, gentleman, to Nicholas Bone of Edelmeton, co. Middlesex, gentleman, and Giles Gorton, merchant of the Staple of Caleys, of two meadows and a garden in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen of Barmondsey, situate as described; to hold for thirty-one years at 33s. 4d. rent. 20 May, 16 Henry VII, 1501. English.
[Sussex.] C. 5202. Certificate by the official of the archdeacon of [Chichester] of the due administration of the goods of Robert le Gardenyr of Roughsperre by Mabel, his relict, and John, his son, the executors of his testament. Saturday after the feast of St. Boniface, 1347.
[Sussex.] C. 5203. Testament, 6 July, 1395, of Alice Gardener, wife of Thomas Gardener of Rousparre; her body to be buried in the churchyard of St. Mary of Rousparre; 13s. 4d. to celebrate for her soul; bequest to altar on the north side, &c.; 4d. each to her godchildren; her husband to be executor and residuary legatee. At the foot, Proved before the dean of Storweton, commissary of the official of the archdeacon of Chichester, in the church of Horsham, 31 July, in the year abovesaid.
[Bedford.] C. 5204. Grant by Robert Veysy of Bereford and Thomas Mylward of Northyevyll to John Norman, William Blok, Robert Fyssher and Robert Wilteshire of a messuage, 70a. arable and 8a. meadow in Bereford, whereof the messuage is in Lurtburgh Ende, &c.; the said John and the others to pay to the said Robert Veysy, his executors or assigns, 80l. by 10 marks a year, &c. Monday before St. Thomas the Apostle, 8 Edward IV. Cf. C. 5206. Fragment of one seal.
Surrey. C. 5205. Grant by Henry Barton and William Newenham, citizens and skinners of London, to William Stranxhill, citizen and skinner of London, Sir John Caston and Sir Gerard Hesyll, chaplains, Robert Holond, barber, John Herst, skinner, John Rythe, 'malemaker,' John Body, 'peyntour,' and Thomas Clerk, skinner, citizens of London, of all the land, &c. which they, together with Walter Vitull, citizen and armourer of London and Mariona his wife and the said William Stranxhill, who have released their right to them, and together with Henry Rede, armourer, since deceased, had by the gift and feoffment of Robert Wretill, since deceased, citizen and tailor of London, and of Maud his wife, in the town and fields of Pekham and in the parish of Camberwell. Pekham, 22 March, 4 Henry VI. Seals.
[Bedford.] C. 5206. Counterpart of C. 5204. Fragments of three seals.
Chester. C. 5207. Grant by Richard Leftwiche of Leftwiche to Richard, his son and heir apparent, of a salt work (salinam) in Northwich (Northwico) beside 'le Bakehouse'; also of a messuage, a cottage and all the land, &c. in Leftwiche now in the tenure of John Mulynton and Richard Blore, and a cottage in Shipbroke, now in the tenure of John Yate; also of all his land, &c. in Hudleston and Acton; to hold to the said Richard, the son and the heirs of his body begotten. 1 March, 21 Henry VII.
Bedford. C. 5208. Indenture, 21 September, 4 James, being the defeasance by John Myles the elder of Shitlington, yeoman, of a statute staple made to him by John Myles the younger, his son and heir apparent, 1 July last, in 1,000l., to wit if his executors or administrators have quiet enjoyment of the 'scyte of the mannour of Shitlington called Shitlington Bury' and the land thereto belonging for one whole year after the death of the survivor of him and Johan his wife, with all the corn, &c, thereon, &c, the statute to be void. Signed, Per me Johannem Myles. Fragment of seal. Witness' name endorsed: also memorandum that no waste shall be committed during the executor's year, &c.
Wilts. C. 5209. Grant by Christopher Wroughton, knight, to Robert Willoughby, lord Broke, Walter Hungerford, Giles Brygges and Francis Chayne, knights, John Broke, serjeant-at-law, William Esexe, Edmund Tame, Anthony Seyntmonde, William Trye, John Yorke, John Skyllyng, Robert Bulkeley, and Thomas Yorke, gentlemen, of his manor of Brodehenton, and of all his land, &c. in the hundreds of Sylkeley, Kyngbryge and Calne, for the performance of his last will in writing under his seal of arms; attorneys to deliver seisin, Thomas Wroughton, John Quynten and Nicholas Saunders. Witnesses:— John Seymour, knight, Robert Blake, and Philip Baynarde, esquires, and many other. 20 September, 2 Henry VIII.
Devon. Dorset. C. 5210. Certificate by John Hamelyn, mayor of the city of Exeter, Robert Chubbe, Thomas Blower, Nicholas Nawne and John Lussyngcote, 'stywardes of the same cite,' that whereas it 'hath be late noised and saide with yn Dert' within co. Devon 'how that on' Water Toly, mason duellyng withoute the Est yate of Exceter and his ij. brethern with other mo schulde in a tyme past have ben present be for the maier of Dert' . . . . and sworne apon a boke that thaire fader and moder and all their brethern and sistren had yeven and graunted all thair londez in Dorsetschir' to on' William Horetop of Dert' and Agnes his wiff and thair heir' in fee'; the said Water Toly, son and heir to Isabella, his mother, as he said, and Robert, his brother, 22 January, 8 Edward IV, came before the said John Hamelyn and the others and swore that they never made such grant at Dert' or elsewhere; also they deposed that their father and mother never knew 'within what lordschip or schire, Somerset or Dorcet, any londez lay that were perteynyng to ther clayme ne never was sesid of any such londez'; but the said Water, after his mother's death, enquired 'where the landez laye and which they wer that his moder was borne unto' and entered into the same as her son and heir, &c. English. Copy on paper.
Cambridge. C. 5211. Grant by John Basset of Chishulle, co. Essex, the elder, and others, to John Thirlowe of Thriplowe, yeoman, of all the land, &c. which they, with Richard Fox and others, had by the gift (C. 4251) of John Danby, citizen and saddler of London, and others, formerly of Edward Clark, of London, saddler, in the town and fields of Thriplo; also of 6½a. land there which they had by the gift of John Chambur- leyne of Melborne, and others. 8 November, 22 Henry VII, Fragments of two seals. Cf. C. 4228.
[Middx.] C. 5212. Grant by William Soneman, citizen and tailor of London, to William Hankeford, knight, of 3½r. 5p. 65¼ft. land, with a ditch on the east side, in the parish of St. Andrew the Apostle in Holborne, on the north of the said William Hankeford's garden and the garden of the lord de Fournevaill; rent, 4s. Monday after All Hallows, 4 Henry V. Seal.
Salop. C. 5213. Grant by Richard Taverner of London, esquire, and Robert Taverner of the same, gentleman, for the sum of 12l. 13s. 4d. paid them by Humphrey Oneslowe of Shrewsbury, esquire, and Elizabeth his wife, to the said Humphrey and Elizabeth of a tenement on the bridge near Abbey Foregate (le Forriatt Monachorum) beside the town of Shrewsbury with other tenements, &c. there (specified) and a tenement and garden in Abbey Foregate late of the dissolved monastery of Shrewsbury; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of Humphrey of the king in free burgage and common socage as of his honor of Grafton, co. Northampton, by fealty only. 20 September, 37 Henry VIII. Signed at foot, Ricardus Taverner; Robertus Taverner. Fragments of two seals. Memorandum of execution endorsed.
[Surrey.] C. 5214. Indenture of demise by William Samon, citizen and 'joynour' of London, Marion his wife, William Brook, rector of the parish church of St. George in Suthwerk, and Robert Mildynhale, citizen and skinner of London, to William Fermory, citizen and fish- monger of the said city, of a garden, with houses built therein and ponds and ditches thereof, at 'lestywes' in the parish of St. Margaret of Suthwerk, with ingress and egress from the street (vico regio) by a door and alley; which garden lies between the garden of William Caundyssh, citizen and mercer of London on the east, a way there leading from the lane called 'Maidenlane' towards 'Seynt Johnes Mylles' and the garden of Edward Southworthe, esquire, on the west, the garden of William Flete and the garden of the said Edward on the north and 'Maidenlane' on the south; which garden they had by the feoffment of Robert Chichele, citizen and grocer of London, William Warbulton, Thomas Knolles, William Olyver, John Sayer, William Huntingdon, clerk, and Nicholas Esmond, clerk; quit-rent to them 12d.; warranty by William Samon against the chief lords and all other. Witnesses:—William Haukesworthe, Robert Brigger and others (named). Suthwerk, 20 February, 11 Henry VI. Endorsed, E. Alleyn; Tho. Mason.
Essex. Kent. C. 5215. Quitclaim by Robert Rocheford, citizen and grocer of London, to Richard Walsale, chaplain, son of John Walsale, late of London, 'scolemaister,' of his right in all those lands, &c. late of Thomas Hardyng, citizen and vintner of London, in the town and parish of Berkyng, co. Essex; also in those 10a. in Berkyng formerly of Margaret Canown, widow; also in all that wall (wallea) with hopes called 'Galyonshope' in the marsh called 'Westmerssh' of Berkyng by the side (costam) of the Thames; and in all land, &c. in Berkyng and Estham, co. Essex, and Wolwyche, co. Kent, late of William Rotheley, citizen and goldsmith of London, Anne his wife, and John Corbyn, and in all land, &c. in the parish of Haveryng atte Bowre, co. Essex, late of John Ruston late of Berkyng. 10 March, 1483, 1 Richard III.
Middx. C. 5216. Counterpart of grant by Thomas Wyndesore, esquire, Thomas Say, 'gentilman,' William Yorke the younger, brother of William Yorke the elder, deceased, John Mathewe, citizen and mercer of London, and Robert Rypon, according to the last will of the said William Yorke the elder, to Dame Elizabeth Yorke, widow, late the wife of the said William Yorke the elder, of all their manors of Twykenham, Witton, and Worton, and all their land, &c. there and in Thystelworth and Braynford, co. Middlesex, and of all other their land, &c. in the said county, which they jointly had by the gift of the said William Yorke the elder; to hold to her for the term of her life; also grant that after her decease the said manors may remain to William Yorke, one of the sons of the said William Yorke the elder and of Elizabeth his wife, and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to John Yorke, the other (alteri) of the sons of the said William Yorke the elder and of Agnes his wife, and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said William Yorke the elder; attorneys to deliver seisin, John Holgrave, gentleman, and Robert Gretham, clerk. Witnesses:—John Salet, and others (named). Twykenham, 29 January, 16 Edward IV. Seal, with band.
[Chester.] C. 5217. Grant by John Donne son of Robert Donne of Flaxordes, to Hugh Donne of Utkynton of all his lands, &c. in Budworth in le Fryth which Robert, his father, together with John Weld, had by the gift of William Becheton, otherwise called William Bayly, of Budworth in le Fryth. Witnesses:—Thomas Dutton and Thomas de Manley, esquires, John Bruin of Tervin, and other. Budworth, Monday, the feast of St. James the Apostle, 35 Henry VI. Copy on parchment.
Essex. C. 5218. Quitclaim by John Ruston of Berkyng to Henry Chacombe, draper, John Dun the elder, mercer, Robert Rocheford, grocer, citizens of London, John Walsale, 'scolemaister,' Thomas Fermory and Lawrence Test, draper, citizens of London, of his right in the land, &c. late of Thomas Hardyng, citizen and draper of London, in the town and parish of Berkyng and elsewhere in the county of Essex; also in 10a. land which were of Margaret Canoun, widow, in Berkyng, whereof 4a. called 'Humpelond' lie in the west marsh, 2a. called 'Lyttlemede' in the west marsh, 3a. in the field called 'Swalewedon,' and 1a. land lies between land called 'Pultounteslond' on the north and land of Henry Kebill on the south; which land, &c. the said Henry and the others had by the grant of Ralph Josselyn, knight, alderman of London, Thomas Ursewyk, Thomas Rigby, Alfred Cornburgh, Nicholas Preston, John Boys, Thomas Herd, John Leget and Thomas Knottyng; warranty by John Huston against all men. 3 February, 8 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Devon.] C. 5219. Inquisition under the jurors' seals taken ex officio, both for the king and the lord of the liberty, at the court (curiam legalem) of Ralph Chelsham, prior of Barnastaple, Saturday the feast of St. George, 7 Richard II, who find various encroachments on the prior's lands of Barnastable in the time of Hymbert, late prior there, and since. Fragments of three seals.
Essex. C. 5220. Conveyance by John Rande, William Nyzttyngale, John Lyttilton, citizen and mercer of London, and Robert Lyfton to John Cotermong' alias Ely, John Smyth and Richard Freberne of Brendewode of a tenement with garden called 'le Christofer' in Brendewode, between the highway from London to Chelmesford on the south and land late of the prior and convent of Blakemore, now of John Rychard and Anne his wife, on the north, &c, which tenement, &c. they, together with John Batayle since deceased, had by the gift of the said John Cotermong'; also of a void place of land there between the highway called 'Wellelane,' &c. and a garden there which they similarly had by his gift; upon condition that the said Robert and the others pay to the said John Rande 20l. in the parish church of St. Margaret of Berkyng at certain dates, &c. Brendewode, 20 May, 29 Henry VI. Fragments of two seals.
Essex. Kent. C. 5221. Counterpart of demise, 26 August, 16 Henry VII, by Henry Harman, Roger Shelley, and Thomas Blake, gentlemen, to Richard Danyell of Westham, co. Essex, yeoman, of a tenement called 'Galyons' in the parish of Wolwich, co. Kent, 'and also all that ther drowned mersshes called the Wetemersshe of Galyons aswell Russhtons as other parcelles liyng in brede betweene the Rant called Cotmannyshaven and the Thamys' on north and south and 'the wall called Colewall otherwise called Sterlyngeswall adjoynyng unto the drye lond of Galyons late inned to Berkyng Reche' on east and west, lying in the 'Westmersshe of Berkyng,' co. Essex, for seven years; rent, 10l., a well-fed 'oxe' to be delivered to the said Henry Harman against Christmas yearly, and 2,000 'rede in seson redy repyn and made' to the same Henry, when required; with proviso in case they during the said term 'gete and inne the forseid drowned mersshes,' &c.
[Herts.] C. 5222. Grant by William de Chaurey to Roger Aynel of all the land which he had in the field called 'Leuinesfeld.' Witnesses:— Simon de Bra[m]belha[n]ger, Thomas de la Heyde, Thomas de Norwode, William de la Grave, and others (named).
[Kent.] C. 5223. Quitclaim by John Gynes and Thomas Gynes, sons and heirs of Andrew Gynes of . . . . ., to Maud Gynes their sister of their right in the tenement which was of the said Andrew and Ellen his wife, their mother, situate between the tenement of Geoffrey Bron of Roucle and the tenement of Ellen le Bole. Witnesses:—Geoffrey Aldwin, John Scot, John Child, Nicholas Gramon, Walter le Bowyer.
[Suffolk.] C. 5224. Grant by Richard de Queduell of Great Bures (Magna Bur') to Sir Richard de Cornerd, knight, and Dame Cristiana his wife, of a piece of arable called 'Suetemaneflet,' lying in the field which is called 'le Heyefeld,' and a piece of meadow lying in a meadow called 'le Brademedue' between meadow of Peter le Saltere and meadow of William le Saltere, one head abutting on the road (stratam) and the other on Sir Richard's meadow which is called 'Menechenemedue'; doing to the chief lords the services due and accustomed. Witnesses:—Sir Thomas de Grey, Sir John de Pertun, knights, Robert de Bur', Richard Seer, Walter de Queduell, and others (named). Dated at Great Bures (Bur' Magnam), the morrow of St. Mary, 20 Edward [I]. Fragment of seal.
Norfolk. C. 5225. Grant by Thomas Jakson, master, and the brethren of the hospital of the Holy Trinity, Walsokyn, to William Bewschen and Alice his wife of the benefit of confraternity. 10 October, 1470. Fragments of seal.
Kent. London. C. 5226. Statute staple by Adam Aungere alias Chaunce of Strode, co. Kent, cousin and heir of Stephen de Craye, citizen of London, to John Spenser, citizen and draper of London, in 100l. at Easter next for goods bought of the said John in the staple of Westminster. Dated in the said staple, 12 August, 5 Henry V. Seal of the staple of Westminster, with counter-seal.
[Norfolk.] C. 5227. Quitclaim by Joan daughter of Sir Thomas Gerberg, knight, widow, to the said Sir Thomas, her father, of her right in 10l. rent which Sir Walter de Caltorp is bound to render yearly to Sir Thomas, his heirs and assigns, for the tenements which he holds of Sir Thomas in the towns of Sithyngg, Mundham, Langhale, Thweit, Kirkestede, Brok, Wtton and Cislaunde; for this Sir Thomas gave her 5 marks of yearly rent for life in his manors of Thorlee and Norton. Norton, Thursday after Easter, 31 Edward [I]. Seal, with legend, s . iohann . gerberge.
[Suffolk.] C. 5228. Indenture witnessing that Roger Messager of Bury St. Edmunds, 'goldsmyth,' has put Thomas his son apprentice to John Dekene of Ipswich, merchant, for eight years. Monday the feast of the Annunciation, 21 Henry VI. Copy on parchment.
[Suffolk.] C. 5229. Grant by . . . . of Great Wrattyng to William his son of a piece of land in a field called 'Ordineryscroft' abutting on 'le Grenedich.' Saturday the feast of the Circumcision, . . . . Edward . . . . Fragment of seal, with legend, s . rogr . . . .
[Sussex.] C. 5230. Grant by Joan relict of Roger Salerne of Wynchelesee, widow, to William Trapel, Eleanor his wife, and Alice her daughter (filie nostre), of 4a. land, with a house thereon and garden adjacent, in the parish of Haylysham, which she purchased of Emma, sister of [Master] Bon, in fee, lying on the south of the way leading from Haylysham to Horsye, &c. and on the north of the path from Horseye to Haylysham; to hold to the said William and Eleanor and Alice by hereditary right for ever; and after the decease of the said Alice I will that the said 4a., &c. revert to John son of Simon [M]usket and the heirs of his body with reversion in default to the next heir of the said William Trapel. Tuesday after the Holy Trinity, 15 Edward III.
[Norfolk.] C. 5231. Bond by Geoffrey Candeler, Reynold Lawes, Roger Farman of Great Yarmouth, Nicholas Colyn of Olton and Robert Colyn of Therfeld to the king (domino Edwardo de Wyndeshore regi Anglie) in 50l. at the Exchequer on All Hallows next, conditioned for Geoffrey's good conduct, so that he do nothing to the hurt of the king or crown or the liberty of the town of Great Yarmouth (Magne Jernemuth'). Friday the morrow of St. Luke, 49 Edward [III].
[Warwick.] C. 5232. Indenture, being the defeasance of a charter whereby Andrew Frankeleyn of Herberburi granted to William son of Thomas atte Birches of Solihull 20s. yearly rent from his lands in Herburhuri at the Finding of the Holy Cross yearly, viz. William has granted that if Alice de Ebrehale, wife of the said Andrew, do not recover a corrody which she had by the grant of Margaret, late prioress of Hynewode, which corrody the said Andrew and Alice released to Millicent, prioress of Hynewode, and the convent there, the charter to be void. Friday in Easter Week, 18 Edward III.
[Wales.] C. 5233. Indenture made 12 October, 13 Henry VIII, between Agnes verch Lewys ap Jevaun ap Guttyn, and Jonet and Katharine her sisters, witnessing that the inheritance, to wit, all the land, &c. late of the said Lewys their father is divided between the said sisters as follows: to wit, Agnes shall have a tenement called 'Llwyn Kadick,' a parcel of meadow called 'Korse y garane,' a parcel of meadow 'yny Deeler,' a third parcel of land beside the place called 'Bryn y rryg,' a parcel of land called 'Dol y styffyle'; Jonet shall have the stone house, late her father's, situate beside the place called 'Kastell Karn Doghen' with its appurtenances as it lies there within a certain close [together with the house in the mountains in summer-time beside 'Kraig y tan,' but the said Jonet is to build another summer-house (domum estivalem scilt. hafod) for Agnes her sister at her own expense erased]; the said Katharine shall have a house beside a brook called 'Gwen ffrwd' running from one part of 'Kastell Karn Doghen' with its appurtenances in the mountains. Witnesses:—Jevan ap John ap Guttyn cogh, and others (named). In margin: And the said Agnes shall have the summerhouse in the mountains beside 'Krayg y tan.'
[Warwick.] C. 5234. Grant by Thomas de Bockemor of Solihull to Richard de Caldeford, rector of Burthenbury, of 2s. 8d. rent which he used to receive from Richard le Smyth of Shireleye in Solihull and Amice his wife for a curtilage and two crofts of land which they hold of him for life in the same town, with the reversion thereof after their decease. Solihull, Sunday after St. Chad the Bishop, 43 Edward III. Seal. Defeasance endorsed, to wit, if the within written Richard de Caldeford receive for ten years after Lady Day next 2s. 8d. yearly the present writing to be void.
[Derby.] C. 5235. Indenture witnessing that William Pole, proctor of the dean and chapter of Lichfield, in their jurisdiction of Baukewell, has demised to John Torre of Wormyll and John Fleccher the tithe of sheaves and hay of Hill from day of date for ten years at 33s. 4d. rent payable at Lady Day and the Assumption. In witness he has put to the seal of the office of commissary of the said jurisdiction. Dated Wednesday after Lady Day, 1465.
[Lincoln.] C. 5236. Grant by Henry de Imingham, merchant, burgess of Grimesby, to Walter de Houtona, clerk, burgess of Grimesby, of a messuage with buildings in Grimesby, in Westegate, situate as described; rent, to the king 4½d. at Michaelmas and to him and his heirs a clove at Easter. Witnesses;—William Reyner, mayor of Grimesby, Peter Kyng, John Reyner, bailiffs, Henry Ayr, coroner, Sir Geoffrey, vicar of St. James' of Grimesby, and others (named).
[Suffolk.] C. 5237. Indenture, being the defeasance of a grant by John Aleyn of Boxforde, Robert Dulle of the same, John Alysawndre of Kersey and William Howat, chaplain, to John Parker of Edwardiston, Alice his wife and Robert Rokkynge of Boxforde of 20s. rent from all their land, &c. which were Simon Mychyl's in Boxforde; to wit, whereas Robert Dulle has granted to the said John, Alice and Robert a cottage in Edwardistone situate between the messuage of John Tropenel and the garden of Isabel Hersent, abutting on the highway called 'Scheteborghstret,' which cottage was formerly in the tenure of William Mannok of Stoke and John Symond of the same in right of the inheritance of Ellen and Maud their wives, daughters and heirs of John Goodwhete of Stoke; if the said John, Alice and Robert are disseised thereof by the said Ellen, who survives, and if Robert Dulle thereupon pay them 7l. in Boxforde church within forty days, the writing of the said 20s. rent to be void. One seal.
[Surrey.] C. 5238. Demise by Thomas de Hoo, knight, general attorney of William . . . ., on behalf of the said William and Alice his wife, to Robert atte P . . . . of a purparty of the said manor of Okkele, for five years at 10 marks rent. . . . . Edward III.
[Oxford.] C. 5239. Grant by Roger Wiltous of Sydeham to Peter de Sydeham, his chief lord (capitali domino meo), and Emma his wife, and their heirs, of a headland and a half-acre arable in the fields of Sydeham, situate as described. Witnesses:—Sir John Lovel, lord of Menistr', and others (named).
Notts. C. 5240. Grant by John de Lenton of Notingham and Emma his wife to John de Briggeford of a place of land in Nottingham, situate as described, which they had by the gift of Thomas de Morwode for the term of their lives. Witnesses:—John de Thurmeton and . . . . le . . . ., bailiffs of Notingham, John Loterell, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Gregory the Pope, 31 Edward III. Fragments of seals.
Herts. Bucks. C. 5241. Counterpart of indenture between John Ormond and 'Johanne' his wife of the one part and William Duncom of the other, witnessing that John and 'Jane' be agreed that all such covenants shall [stand] as have been made between 'the lady Margarete' and the said William for the manor of Tiscote with the members thereto belonging in the counties of Hertford and Bukyngham; moreover they are agreed that he shall occupy the said manor for forty years next, paying yearly to them therefor 40s. 'over that money that the said William now pais to the forsayd lady for hyr joyntry.' 'Gyffen at Alfreton,' 10 October, 12 Henry VII. English.
Berks. C. 5242. Indenture of demise by John Throkmarton, Robert Russell and John Rous, esquires, to Agnes Andrewe late the wife of Robert Andrewe, esquire, of the manor of Wantynge Bryan, which they had by her gift to hold for the term of her life, with remainder to Thomas Wynslowe and Agnes his wife, their heirs and assigns. Christmas Day, 20 Henry VI. Three seals, one damaged.
[Radnor.] C. 5243. Grant by Walter Tomkyns of Boroware to Hoel Tayllour of Knulle and John Hoddale of all his land, &c. in 'le Dyche' and in the fee of the same within the lordship of the castle of New Radenour. Dated at 'le Dyche,' the feast of St. Martin the Bishop, 31 Henry VI.
C. 5244. Indenture, being the defeasance of a bond in 40l. at Midsummer next by William Ingylton of co. Lancaster, clerk, Robert Ingylton of Warton, in the said county, 'gentylman,' and Geoffrey Threylgyld of Kyrkeby Kendale, co. Westmerland, 'gentylman,' to Thomas Tame, clerk, viz. on payment of 6l. at Christmas next and of 40s. yearly for the term of his life in the conventual church of the Holy Trinity, London, at Christmas and Midsummer equally, to begin at Christmas, 1446, the bond to be void. London, 2 January, 15 Henry VI.
[Middx.] C. 5245. Grant by John de Tue the younger of Hakenay to Nicholas at Wike of Brambele, Idonia his wife, and the heirs and assigns of Nicholas of 1r. meadow in the town of Hakenay, in the meadows of Humburton, between the meadows of the prior of the hospital of St. Mary and the meadows of William Alvard, and abutting on meadows of the bishop of London and of the rector of Hakenay. 4 February, 28 Edward III, 1343.
[Dorset.] C. 5246. Letters by John Simondesburgh, bachelor in laws, arch- deacon of Wilts, canon and official of Salisbury, and keeper of the spirituality of the bishopric of Salisbury, sede vacante, notifying that, upon the resignation of the church of Britport by Thomas Moigne, late rector there, on account of age and infirmity, he has granted the said Thomas an annuity of 20l. to be paid quarterly by the rector of that church for the time being, with the consent of John Helyer alias Dollyng, now rector, and Theobald Gorges, patron of the said church. Salisbury, 15 August, 1426. Seal of the archdeaconry, damaged.
[Essex.] C. 5247. Grant by Robert Chaunterel of Rames' to William de Rames', for his service and for 20s. in gersum, of 2a. land as enclosed, between the highway which leads towards the berewick (berew') of the town (villata) of . . . ., &c. and one head abuts on . . . . in the town of Rames'. Witnesses:—[Geoffrey] de Ruyly, John de Fultone, John de Rames', John de Ford . . . .
[Stafford.] C. 5248. Demise by John de Stanford to John de Sonnebur' of Wike, for life, of part of his messuage in the town of Brome with all his arable in the territory of Brome for the term of John's life, saving to him all heriots, reliefs, works of customary tenants and their services, profits of courts and seven staves of meadow in Avenham in 'le Hurne,' towards 'le Muthe,' and a place in Brome which is called 'Piriehei'; rent, 60s. at three terms and 16s. 1d. at four terms to acquit the rents of his lords, with other covenants. Witnesses:— William Blaunfrount, Walter Blaunfrount, Thomas de Chebbesseye, and others (named). Wotton, Saturday after the feast of All Hallows, 7 Edward III. Cf. B. 633, 2603, 3610; C. 2985.
[Sussex.] C. 5249. Grant by William de Bonwyk, son and heir of William de Bonwyk of the parish of Horsham, to William Urry of the same parish and Margery his wife, for 30s. beforehand, of a croft of his land which is called 'le Stouruden' in the said parish; to hold to them and the heirs of William. La Rogheye, Saturday after the Annunciation of St. Mary, 9 Edward [I].
[Herts.] C. 5250. Quitclaim by William Archebaude of Great Berkhampsted, co. Herts, to Thomas Aldebury and Robert Newenton, clerks, William Aldebury and John Muleward of his right in all the land, &c. which he had together with them and Walter Salford, chaplain, John Chesham and John Rowlond, clerk, since deceased (defuncto), in Hemel- hampsted, Radbourne and the town of St. Albans by the gift of John Impey and Joan his wife. Monday the feast of St. Mark, . . . . Henry V.
[Essex.] C. 5251. Grant by Robert de Sancto Egidio to William de Ponte of 1½a. arable between their land and abutting on meadow late of Henry de Plumberg and on 'Grobbescrofte'; rent, 1½d.; for this William gave him 1 mark in gersum (gersumpmam). Witnesses:—John de Maundevile, Nicholas le Venour, John le Blunt, James Derk, Thomas Smith (fabro), Jakeminde Wodeham, Richard Sprot, Roger the clerk.
[Chester.] C. 5252. Grant by John son of Richard son of Ron' de Alsachere to Robert de Bulkileg' and Felicia his wife, their heirs and assigns, of a moiety (dimidietate) of a lawn of land and tenement within their garden, and a place of land and tenement in 'le Brodemeduwe' within their land on either side up to John's ditch, in exchange for a moiety of lawn and tenement in 'Broccroft.' Witnesses:—William, lord of Alsachere, Richard his son, Nicholas de Alsachere, and others (named). Alsachere, Tuesday after St. Mark, 1322.
[Staff.] C. 5253. Quitclaim by Nicholas Agard, esquire, to Thomas . . . . of Tutbury and Margaret his wife and the heirs of Thomas of his right in a burgage in the town of Tutbury in Monk Street (vico monachorum) extending to the . . . . called 'le Safron Gardyn.' Witnesses:—Edmund Wetton, yeoman of the crown, and others (named). 1 August, . . . . 3 Henry . . . .
Chester. C. 5254. Grant by Philip de Eggerton of Eggerton and John his son and heir to Richard 'le Wever' of Chester and Joan his wife of two messuages in 'Foregat strete' of Chester, situate as described; to hold to them, their heirs and assigns, to perpetual fee farm according to the custom of the said city: rent, 10s. Witnesses:— John Walsche, mayor, Robert de Eton and John Catyngham, sheriffs of the same city, William Holme, and others (named). 12 September, 14 Henry VI. Fragment of one seal.
C. 5255. Indenture, being the defeasance of a simple obligation of even date, whereby Robert Willughby, lord Broke, John Pawnesfote late of —, co. Gloucester, gentleman, and John York of Rammesbury, co. Wilts, gentleman, are bound to Stephen Jenyns, citizen and alderman of London, in 160l. to be paid as therein is contained; to wit, if they pay 80l. on 6 July next and 80l. on 6 January following, the obligation to be void. 14 July, 22 Henry VII. Signed, 'By me Stephen Jennyns.'
Lincoln. C. 5256. Indenture, being a grant by Henry Moyne of Willingham, gentleman, and George Moyne, his son and heir apparent, to John Moyne, gentleman, of their manor of Willingham, otherwise called Wyflyngham, for the term of his life; attorneys to deliver seisin, Alexander Moyne, Thomas Moyne and Lawrence Moyne. 31 August, 14 Henry VII. Fragment of one seal; other seal blank.
[Sussex.] C. 5257. Grant by Adam Davy of Westram and Joan his wife, daughter of John Goldyng of Nuthurst, to Roger le Pyk of Hordham and Agnes his wife of four crofts of land which the said John formerly gave by charter to the said Joan at Pullynges in the parish of Horsham, whereof three lie together, &c. 6 November, 44 Edward III. Seal, and fragment of seal.
[Middx.] C. 5258. Grant by William Grace and William Ricard of Twykenham to Clement Grace, John Hert, John Grace, William Dale, John Paye, clerk, and Henry Reve, of all the land, &c. in Twykenham in the hundred of Istelworth which they had by the gift of John Gobyon of Twykenham in the town aforesaid; to hold to the said Clement and the others and the heirs and assigns of Clement. Twykenham, 23 October, 2 Henry IV.
[Notts.] C. 5259. Grant by Richard de Halum, parson of Estweyt, and John Parker of Trowell, chaplain, to Robert Pascaill of Estweyt and William son of Richard de Hiklyng, of all the land, &c. which formerly were William de Hiklyng's in Kynmerley and Neuthorp (except a messuage and 8a. land which Robert Aleyn formerly held in Kynmerley) which they had by the gift of Isabel who was the wife of William de Hiklyng; to hold to the said Robert and William son of Richard for the life of William, with remainder to the heirs of William's body, with remainder in default to William son of William de Hyklyng, clerk (clerico), and his heirs. Kynmerley, Monday after All Hallows, 11 Richard II. One seal.
[Essex.] C. 5260. Grant by John Bonsergant of Rokyswell to William son of Robert and Sabina his wife, of all that his pasture called . . . . extending to the road from Schelewe to Chelmerford, &c.; to hold to them and the heirs and assigns of William. Rokyswell, the feast of St. Agatha, 15 Edward II.
[Staff.] C. 5261. Quitclaim by John de Tervyn and Alice his wife, Alyn relict of Richard de Cruwe, and Margery relict of Simon Ingelesone to Gregory son of William of Bettylegh, his heirs and assigns, of their right in a messuage of land with buildings and all the land adjacent in Westfeld and meadow, which messuage lies in Bettylegh between the messuage of Adam de Hanlegh, chaplain, &c. Witnesses:— John de Thickenes and Hugh de Delves, bailiffs, Thomas de Thickenes, and others (named). Saturday after St. Augustine the Bishop and D[octo]r, 1342.
[Derby.] C. 5262. Grant by Robert son of Sampson de Stretley to Peter de Schatton, forester, his heirs and assigns, of two tofts in Brough (Burgo), to wit, the toft which Robert the miller held and the toft which Peter husband of Nala (maritus Nale) held; also of his whole meadow in Brough and 3a. arable which lie together beside the Noe (juxta Noue), with the whole residue between the said 3a. and the middle of the Noe (medictatem aque de Noue); also of ½a. land in the croft (in Crofto); also of his toft in Brough, with buildings standing thereon, with 2a. land, to wit, 'le Holourriding,' which Simon, groom (garcio) of Robert held; also of his land in the fee of Hope beside 'le Castilgate' which is called 'le Holdedom,' with meadow adjacent; rent, a rose (florem rose) on the feast of the Apostles Peter and Paul, for all service saving foreign service of the king. Witnesses:—Robert Bozun, keeper of the bailiwick of Peck, William Martyn, Richard le Archer, Roger his brother, William Hally, Roger Woderoue, William de Sale and other. Endorsed, Strelley.
[Derby.] C. 5263. Quitclaim by Hugh son of Herbert Snou to Sir Robert le Vavasur and his heirs of his right in a toft and croft and two bovates of land in Makeworthe, which were the free marriage of Maud his mother; also grant to the said Robert of two bovates of arable and 6½a. assart with a wood and a toft and croft in the same town which Herbert his father gave to the said Robert; to hold, &c, doing the services which in his said father's charters are contained. Witnesses:— Sir William de Meysam and Sir Robert de Stanton, knights, Geoffrey de Stanton, Robert de Kirketon, Alexander de Wandisleye, Walter de Ufton, Henry Kitte, Henry le Tailur, Austin the clerk, and other. Endorsed, Carta de Makwet; Haukesworth.
[Heref.] C. 5264. Grant by Adam de Bromfeld of Mawerdyn to Hugh Baudewyn of Buford and Joan his wife, for 12 marks which they gave him beforehand, of 16a. arable and the whole of that pasture which is called 'Burdensmars' within the manor of Mawerdyn, whereof 8a. lie in the field called 'Bertmanescote,' &c.; rent, 3d. Warranty against all men and women, Christian and Jews. Witnesses:— Thomas le Waffre, Nicholas le Seculer, and others (named).
Notts. C. 5265. Grant by Ralph Taylard of Notyngham and Cecily his wife to Thomas Holt of Mapurleye and Joan his wife of [all the lands] and tenements which formerly were of J . . . . de Brigef[ord] of Notyngham, in the town and fields of Notyngham and Radeford, except that tenement lying in 'le Barregate' between the tenement formerly of . . . . de Morewod on the south and a certain void place of the abbot and convent of 'la Dale' on the north; to hold to the said Thomas and Joan and the heirs of their bodies, rendering therefor yearly to the said Ralph and Cecily, for life, 66s. 8d. at the Purification and St. Peter's Chains, and doing to the chief lords the services due; with remainder in default to the heirs of Joan's body, with reversion in default to Ralph and Cecily and the heirs of Cecily. Witnesses:— [John Pestur,] mayor of Notyngham, William de Ettewell and Henry de Wylford, bailiffs of the same, and others (named). Friday after St. Matthew, 4 Richard II. Memorandum endorsed of the examination, Wednesday after the feast of St. Roman in the same year, before William de Thrumpton, mayor, Thomas de Wilford the elder, and Hugh de Shelford and Robert de Howden, bailiffs, of the said Cecily and Joan as to their consent.
[Essex.] C. 5266. Grant by John Fort of Sandon to William Cartere of Great Badewe and Joan his wife of a croft of land called 'Petfeld,' lying in the town of Sandon, situate as described, a fourth part thereof excepted to the right heirs of Maud Russell. Witnesses:—Henry de Spayne, and others (named). 5 July, 28 Edward III.
Surrey. C. 5267. Grant by Henry Wyssh of Sydelsham, co. Sussex, to Thomas Fyssh of Southwerk, 'hosier,' of a piece of meadow of 2a. between meadows of Simon Worsted, citizen of London, on north and south, abutting on meadow of the earl of March (comitis de la March), &c. in the parish of St. Giles of Camerwell, which descended to him after the death of Henry Wyssh, his father. Witnesses:— Thomas Hode, John Hode, his brother, of Pecham, Richard Hode. Richard de Dean, Richard Courtiour of Camerwell, and other. Camerwell, 5 November, 8 Richard II.
[York, W. R.] C. 5268. Quitclaim by Robert son of Richard de Cotes to Matthew de Oxpring of his right in land which lies at the east from the town of Oxspring, to wit, between two brooks (rivos) whereof one runs between Holand and Oxspring and the other to the south from the land which Swan son of Gamell held to Clowegraines, and which Henry son of Robert after- wards held; also of his right in an assart, with the whole pasture, &c. to the said land and assart belonging, to wit, the assart which the said Swan and Henry after him held; for this Matthew gave him one mark and quitclaimed to him all the land which lies between the brook (rivulum) which runs between the two Cotes and between the brook which runs on the south part of the land of said Swan and which the said Henry afterwards held, except the beforenamed assart, saving the homage of the said Robert and his heirs. Witnesses:—John de Byrkyne, Robert Waleis, Jordan de Floketun, John de Brettun, Henry his son, William de Peningest', Adam de Holand, and other.
[Heref.] C. 5269. Quitclaim by Juliana daughter of Alan Charnes to William de Couleye and Isabel his wife, and the heirs of William, of her right in the manor called 'La Sudde' in the parish of Cradeleye and in all the tenements called 'Doucelond,' 'Presteslond,' 'Huyetes- lond' and 'Sadintoneslond.' Witnesses:—John de la Barewe, Peter de la Hulle, Walter de Muntrich, Roger Racy, Richard de Hanley, and other. Sunday after St. Hilary, 22 Edward III.
Chester. C. 5270. Grant by Philip de Eggerton to John de Colshull of Chester, carpenter, and Agnes his wife, and John and Richard their sons, of a messuage with a curtilage adjacent in 'le Castellone' of the city of Chester, between land which was of Henry Wade and land which was of Richard de Leghe, carpenter, which messuage Richard de Troghford, carpenter, held before; to hold for the term of their lives in survivorship; rent 6s.; covenant not to remove buildings in the said tenements. Witnesses:—Richard de Capenhurst, mayor, Madoc de Capenhurst and Bartholomew de Northdene, sheriffs of Chester, Edmund de Waterfall, Roger le Calf. Chester, Wednesday after St. Boniface the Bishop, 1346.
[Kent.] C. 5271. Grant by Katharine Lad and Hugh Lad her son to John Rokka, carpenter, and Alice his wife of a piece of meadow called 'Brok' in the parish of Hevere, abutting on land of Walter Polbroke, &c. Tuesday before Midsummer, 4 Henry IV.
[Essex.] C. 5272. Quitclaim by Alice Mallemeyn late the wife of Robert Mallemeyn of Berkyng, widow, to John Stafforde of Esthamme of her right in a wall (wallea) with 6a. land and 4s. rent, with hopes, ditches, &c. by reason of her dower or other estate, in the west marsh of Berkyng by the coast of the Thames, extending from land late of William Gaylon' to land late of Thomas Clerk. Esthamme, 22 May, 19 Richard II.
[Huntingdon.] C. 5273. Grant by John, abbot of Rames', and the convent of the same to Ellis Reyner of Rames' of a corrody from their house for life, viz. a white loaf of their free servants, a knight's loaf, two gallons (lagenas) of the beer from which the monks drink, with double pottage, two dishes from their kitchen according to the day (prout dies exigit), a furred gown yearly such as their free servants aforesaid receive or 2s. for the said fur; also grant to him of a cartload of hay yearly at Midsummer, with two cartloads of fuel (effocal') against the winter, as he used to receive before the making of these presents, and a half-quarter of corn and a half-quarter of malt (brasei ordeic') against Christmas. Witnesses:—John de Clervaus of Upwode, Robert le Wodeward of Heytmundegrave, William le Rydeman of the same, and others (named). Dated at Rames' in their chapter, Monday after St. Leonard the Abbot, 1304, 32 Edward I. Endorsed, Transcriptum carte conventus Ram' Elye filio Reyneri confecte.
[Sussex.] C. 5274. Quitclaim by Christian de Effolde to William Urri of 2a. land in a field called 'le Tyghe' between his land, land of Thomas le Lewere and land formerly of Richard de Effolde, her father, at 'la Rogheye' in Horsham. Horsham, Sunday after St. Gregory the Pope, 8 Edward II.
[Hants.] C. 5275. Counterpart of demise by Richard 'le Baufo' and Olimpias his wife to William le Niueman of a weir which is called 'Hel[ing W]ere' and 1a. meadow in the marsh of Helinge to the said weir belonging; to hold for the term of his life, doing repairs; rent, 6s. Seal, with legend, s . willelmi . le . neweman. Cf. C. 141.
[Sussex.] C. 5276. Grant by Henry Bovet and Alice his wife to William son of William ate Bere, for 8s. 6d. beforehand, of a ham of land in the parish of Yfeld between the wood of Prestewode and land which was formerly 'Tacheerslond.' Witnesses:—Simon le Veutre, and others (named). Fragments of seals.
[Derby.] C. 5277. Grant by John Hunt of Asshovere the younger to Roger de Hull of Chestrefeld of a messuage with garden in Chestrefeld in the street called 'Sa[der]strete,' between the messuage of the gild of the Holy Cross, &c.; also of three . . . . of arable in the field of Chestrefeld at 'Goldwell' abutting on the highway from Chestrefeld to Neubold. Chestrefeld, . . . . before the Purification, 4 Henry IV. Seal.
[York, W.R.] C. 5278. Grant by John Harward of Herthill to Sir Richard Banastre, rector of the parish church of Herthill, and Thomas Doyle of Herthill of all his land, &c. in Herthill and Wodehall. 27 January 10 Henry V. Fragment of seal.
[Dorset.] C. 5279. Grant by John [Rede] of Dorchestr' to Richard Morys of Melcomb Regis of that tenement which he had by way of exchange by the gift of John Beneit in Melcomb in 'Seynt Thomas stret.' Witnesses:—Henry Ford and John Northover, bailiffs of Melcomb, and others (named). Dorchestr', St. George's Day, 10 Richard II.
[Staff.] C. 5280. Grant by Thomas son of Thomas de Whytemor to John Kene of a selion of land in 'le . . . ., as it is assigned and divided to the said John. Madeleye, Tuesday the feast of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 29 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 5281. Grant by William Willem of Horsham to Robert . . . . of Horsham and Alice his wife of a wood called 'Hunte Grof' in 'la Roghe,' with ingress and egress from . . . . [through] . . . . called 'Westgardyn' into the field of John Hunte called 'Northfeld' to the said wood; to hold to them and the heirs of Robert. Horsham, the feast of St. Dunstan the Archangel (sic), . . . . Richard II.
Chester. C. 5282. Testament of William del Heth; soul to God, body to be buried in the parish church of St. Michael, Chester, before the image of St. Michael; to John my son the tenement I dwell in and to the heirs of his body begotten, with remainder in default to Nicholas my son and the heirs of his body, with remainder to Thomas my son for life, with remainder to Ith[el] Trevore, his heirs and assigns. Chester, 26 December, 1401.
[Sussex.] C. 5283. Grant by Thomas . . . ., John Carylton, vicar of Alfriston, Nicholas Selewyn, Roger Lacche and Richard Cessingham to Thomas atte Wode, John Tilman, Simon Gardiner and William Castrete of all the land, &c. which they, together with Richard Parker since deceased, had by the gift of Robert Smyth, son of Thomas Smyth of Launcyng, Roger Whate, Thomas Joynour the elder and Thomas Joynour the younger of Westferl[egh] in the parish of Hailesham and Horsye, within the liberties and without. Hailesham, the day of St. Margaret, 13 Henry IV. Endorsed, 'a dede of fefement unto Simon Gardiner.' One seal.
Notts. C. 5284. Grant by Alice daughter of Robert le Potter of Notingham to John Jonettesone le Potter of the same and Agnes his wife of a seld in the Saturday market (foro sabbati) of Notingham, beside the gates of the selds of the butchers, between the void place of the selds of the butchers on the west and the seld of Richard de Gremiston on the east. Witnesses:—Robert Ingram, mayor of Notingham, William de Crophull and Lawrence le Spicer, bailiffs of the same, Richard de Lenton, and others (named). Friday after the Nativity of the Blessed [Virgin], 9 Edward II. Endorsed, Seld' draper'.
[Heref.] C. 5285. Grant by Hugh Vaghan, chaplain, and Jevan ap Howel to Eynon ap Ph[ilip], chaplain, of all the land, &c. in the fee of Wormelowe and Treget which they had by the gift of the said Eynon. Witnesses:—David Mayneston, and others (named). Dated at Seth Nant, 13 January, 16 Richard II. One seal.
Chester. C. 5286. Copy of an indenture of grant by Geoffrey son of William le Boydell to John de Laghton, corviser, citizen of Chester, of his messuage in Br[id]gestrete of the city of Chester, between land of Alexander le Belleyatter, &c.; rent, 8s. Witnesses:—Thomas de Bradeford, mayor of Chester, Thomas de Apulton and John le Armerer, sheriffs of Chester, Alexander le Belleyetter, and others (named). Thursday the morrow of St. Matthew, 1 Richard II.
[Cambridge.] C. 5287. Quitclaim by Alan son of William the shepherd (bercatoris) of Trippelawe to Alice le Carpunter of Fulmere of his right in a messuage formerly of William his father in the parish of Trippelawe at Brokestrate, abutting on the road from Fulmere to Foxton, &c.; for this she gave him 4s. beforehand. Tuesday in Easter Week, 23 Edward [I].
Notts. C. 5288. Grant by Juliana late the wife of Philip Tusard of Notingham to John de Brigeford of Notingham of 13s. 4d. yearly rent to be taken from 3a. arable in Notingham which Robert de Morewode of Notingham and Cecily his wife hold of her and John her son for their lives, whereof three selions containing 2a. 1r. lie in 'le Wodefeld' in a place called 'le Bothum,' &c. and one selion containing 3r. lies on Pesehill, &c.; to hold to the said John, his heirs and assigns, together with the reversion of the said 3a. Witnesses:— John de Tumby, mayor of Notingham, Ralph Colier and Nicholas de Crophill, bailiffs of the same town, William de Amyas, and others (named). Monday the eve of the Assumption, 20 Edward III. Seal.
[Notts.] C. 5289. Grant by Henry son of Stephen de Watenhou to Sir John de Cokefeud, knight, of a toft with buildings which he had by the gift of William le Vavasur, which Gilliana de Basigfeud held of him, in Watenhou, situate as described; rent, a peppercorn at Christmas. Witnesses:— Sir Hugh de Stapilford, and others (named).
[Cambridge.] C. 5290. Indenture, being the defeasance of a charter whereby Walter son of John Clerk (clerici) of Trippelow enfeoffed John le Ward of Trumpyton of a messuage called 'Sauserstede' and 14a. land with meadows, &c. in Trippelow; to wit, if Walter pay the said John 20 marks at Cambridge on the morrow of the Lifting up of the Holy Cross next, the charter to be void. Thursday after St. Peter and St. Paul, 8 Edward III. Fragment of seal. Cf. C. 4904.
Notts. C. 5291. Chirograph indented: 29 Edward I, at the feast of the Nativity of St. Mary, it was so agreed between Richard de Gaham in Notingham and Maud his wife of the one part and Reynold de Acre in Notingham of the other, to wit, Richard and Maud have demised to Reynold the whole hall formerly Robert Dast's in Greatsmithgate (vico grossorum fabrorum) of Notingham, with chambers, &c. (specified), for the term of his life; rent, 3d. Witnesses:—John le Flemeng, mayor of Notingham, John son of Adam le Palmar, William Casteleyn, bailiffs of the same, and others (named). Endorsed, . . . . in Bryd[les]mythgate . . . .
Wilts. C. 5292. Statute merchant by Thomas son of John Sauser of Wanbergh', merchant, of co. Wilts, to Thomas son of Walter de Hungerford, merchant, of the said county, in 40l. at Salisbury at Midsummer next, made before Thomas de Hungerford, mayor of Salisbury, and Ellis Farman, clerk of recognisances there. 10 February, 26 Edward III.
[Cumb.] C. 5293. Grant by John de Skelton, rector of Kirkeland, to Thomas Barker of Penreth, of a half-acre of land in the field of Penreth, viz. 1½r. on 'Mathwait,' &c. Witnesses:—Clement de Skelton, bailiff of Penreth, Thomas Talliour, reeve, and others (named).
[Dorset.] C. 5294. Grant by Peter Kyng of Brideport to John Tracy and William Louch of a messuage with curtilage in Brideport between the tenement of John de Stikelane, &c. Witnesses:—William Hichecok and John Lomb, bailiffs, and others (named). Monday before St. Simon and St. Jude, 33 Edward III.
Essex. C. 5295. Grant by John Radenore, yeoman (valettus) of Sir Robert Braybrook, bishop of London, to the said bishop, Roger Albrighton, William Hatton and William Fraunceys, of his whole meadow with a wall (wallia) called 'Bulleswall' in Westhamme, also of all his goods, &c. 1 August, 1 Henry IV.
[Kent.] C. 5296. Grant by John Lambe of the parish of Scheldwych to John Backe of the same of a messuage with garden and a virgate of land in the parish of Sheldwych in a place called 'Welleforstall,' &c. 24 April, 2 Edward IV.
[Chester.] C. 5297. Quitclaim by Henry son of [Thomas] de Somerford and Cecily his spouse (uxor mea desponsata) to Thomas de Venablys of their right in the land of Newbold, in that land, to wit, which could fall to them in name of dower after the death of Richard son of Robert de Wallefeld; they bind themselves under penalty of 4 marks to the justice of Chester for the time being that he may compel them to keep the aforesaid agreement. Witnesses:—Roger de Daunport, William de Brerton, and others (named).
[Oxford.] C. 5298. Grant by Richard Roppelegh to Sir Robert, rector of Crowell, John Bussard, Alexander Symond, John atte Brok and William Wytteneye of all his land, &c. in the towns and in the fields of Kyngeston and Aston. Kyngeston, the feast of St. Margaret, 43 Edward III.
[Wilts.] C. 5299. Grant by Nicholas de Wytindich, son of Edmund de Wytindich, to William ate Putte and Joan his wife of a messuage with curtilage and garden and 1a. arable in Remmesbury which he had by the feoffment of John le Wayte; for this William gave him 7 marks beforehand. [Thursday] the morrow of the Translation of St. Thomas the Martyr, 7 Edward II.
[Worc.] C. 5300. Grant by Roger Ravel of Pershore (Persora), chaplain, to John de Bromhale and Richard de Wodeforde of 2a. arable in the upper field of Wyke, situate as described. Witnesses:—John de London', John Vaumpage, and others (named). Wednesday after St. Matthew, 3 Edward III.