Deeds: C.4101 - C.4200

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A Descriptive Catalogue of Ancient Deeds: Volume 6. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1915.

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C.4101 - C.4200

[York, W.R.] C. 4101. Letter of attorney by Roger Graystok and Amice his wife to John Symmes of Wales to deliver seisin to John Weste of Roderham and Thomas Symmes of Wales of all their lands, rents and services in Hertehill. Hertehill, Tuesday before St. Mary Magdalen, 1431. Fragment of seal.
[York, W.R.] C. 4102. Grant by Adam Stomelan of Herthill to Sir Ellis de Sutton, parson ot Herthill, Sir John de Hoton, chaplain, and Thomas de Norton, clerk, of la. land and meadow in Herthill and Wodhall, ½a. at 'le Kerwellemydowe,' adjoining the land of the church of All Saints, Herthill, and 2r. in 'le Hopyng.' Herthill, the feast of St. Ambrose, 1380.
[York, W.R.] C. 4103. Quitclaim by Joan relict of William de Manton widow, to William Herward of Wodhall of her right in the lands which he had by the gift of her said husband in Herthill and Wodhall. Beighton, 6 May, 5 Henry IV. Seal of arms.
Suffolk. Middx. C. 4104. Demise by John Wolston and Richard Phylip to Alan Buxhull, knight, of the manor of Neuton Hall with the advowson of the church of Neuton and the manor of Wyke which they had by his gift, to hold to him and the heirs ot his body, with remainder to Richard Nevill, earl of Salisbury, Alice his wife, and the heirs of her body, with remainder, to Elizabeth wife of Robert, lord de Willughby, and Anne wife of Lewis John and late the wife of Richard Hankeford, knight, and the heirs of their bodies and to each in default of issue of the other, with remainder to the right heirs of Adam Fraunceys, knight, provided that if Alan sell the said manors, &c., or any part thereof, for some notable cause, to any other than the said earl and Alice, or her heirs, if they will give as much as another, or if he sell any part thereof without such cause, in fee simple, tail, or for life, to any other, his estate therein to cease. Witnesses:—William Phylipp and William Woulf, knights, and others (named). 10 March, 14 Henry VI. Seal. Counterpart of B. 2786.
[Norf.] C. 4105. Counterpart indenture of feoffment by Andrew Marsham of Southreppes to William Curteys, clerk, and Robert Broun of Thweyte of two closes in Thorpmarkette abutting at each end on paths leading to Oldfeld Heyth, which he had inter alia by the feoffment of Adam Clerk and John Wende of Southreppes by charter dated Thursday after the feast of St. John the Baptist, 1 Edw. IV; the present charter, and livery of seisin thereon, to be void on payment to the said William of 100s. at Candlemas and Easter next. 28 June, 13 Edward IV. Seals, one destroyed.
[Notts.] C. 4106. Quitclaim by Nicholas Penythorn of Newerk to William Gryme of Newerk, husbandman, and Agnes his wife, of his right in a tenement in Appultongate, Newerk, with a selion of half an acre of land at the east end of it, which Thomas Mitton, of Newerk, carpenter, had to farm for ninety-nine years, of the priory of St. Katharine without Lincoln; William Mitton, chaplain, son of the said Thomas, and who had his father's estate therein, having released his right therein to Nicholas. Witnesses:—Thomas Hurnam, alderman of Newerk, and others (named.) 30 December, 49 Henry VI. Seal.
[Surrey.] C. 4107. Grant by Agnes late the wife of Michael Bygyn of Pekham to William Cresewyk of London, William Hyde, John Wakefeld, John Bygod, chaplain, and Alice wife of the said William Cresewyk, of a messuage and garden in Pekham which she and her said husband bought of Bartholomew Kelhog of Pekham and Maud his wife, with the reversion of the hall and west chamber of the said messuage, which the said Maud holds for her life by their demise. 1 February, 20 Richard II. Seal.
[Essex.] C. 4108. Grant by John Wayte of Branketre to John Napulton the elder of Alphamston of a tenement with gardens called 'Barones- tenement' in Alphamston between lands called 'Stonefeld,' 'Gygays- crofte,' and 'Hoomcrofte,' and the highway from Colne to Sudbury; also of three crofts in Alphamston, viz. a croft called 'Foxhell' between lands called 'Stonefeld,' 'Derengeford,' and 'le Dene,' and a wood called 'le Claper'; a croft called 'Venleygh,' between lands called 'Stonefeld,' 'Hoomcrofte,' and Foxhell,' and an alder- holt called 'Gygaysfen'; and the said croft called 'Hoomcrofte'; all which, together with John Wayte, his father, and John Potter, the elder, since deceased, he had by the gift of Robert Baroun of Kedyton. 20 November, 34 Henry VI. Seal.
[Chester.] C. 4109. Grant by Richard Haukyn, vicar of Madeley, to John Wodlok, parson of Mokeleston, Robert Davy, chaplain, and Nicholas de Wybunbury, for the life of Elizabeth wife of Ralph de Eggerton, of a messuage and land which Thomas Broke holds, a field called Neuboltfeld, now in the tenure of Thomas Erdeley, and a messuage and all the land which Matthew Bache holds of him, in Neubolt by Astbury; if it happen Hugh son of the said Ralph to die in Ralph's lifetime and Ralph thereafter to die in the lifetime of the said Elizabeth and she thereupon claim dower in the lands in Haselwall and Neubolt, which he the said vicar, gave to the said Hugh and Margaret his wife and the heirs male of Hugh's body, the estate of the said Wodlok and the others in the aforesaid lands to cease and the premises to remain to Margaret for the term of Elizabeth's life, with remainder to the heirs male of Ralph's body, with remainder in default to his right heirs. Witnesses:—Lawrence Fyton, knight, and others (named). Monday before Michaelmas, 25 Henry VI. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 4110. Grant by John son and heir of William atte Birches of Solihull to Richard atte Wode of Solihull, Avice his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to the said Richard his heirs and assigns of land in Solihull which John atte Birches of Solihull, carpenter, holds of him for life. Monday after the Annunciation of St. Mary, 26 Edward III. Seal.
[Warw.] C. 4111. Grant by the same to the same and the heirs of their bodies of 10s. rent from all his lands in Solihull. Friday after the Annunciation of St. Mary, 26 Edward III. Seal.
[Bucks.] C. 4112. Quitclaim by Edward Knyght of Bekenesfeld to William Vyncent of Bekenesfeld of his right in lands called 'Waltereslondes,' in Bekenesfeld, adjoining the lane called 'Walterslane,' the land of John Botiller, esq. called 'Hallemore,' and the highway from Bekenes- feld to Wyndesore, which the said William had by the demise of William Bradeston of Wycombe, John Hull of Burnham, the elder, and John atte Lee. 15 December, 22 Henry VI. Seal.
[Cumberland.] C. 4113. Grant by Robert de Joneby to Richard de Crosseby of all that land which William son of Cuthbert held of him in the lawn (landa) of Kirketwayt, 3a land which Adam de Thorisby held in the same lawn, and a waste which Richard May held in Wodecastmire extending from the water of Tyauk to Scortrig and a piece of land next the said waste which the said Richard assarted from the wood, at a yearly rent of 10s.; all wheat growing thereon to be ground at his mill of Lyntwayt, at one measure in twenty-four (ad viginti quatuor vas). Witnesses:— Sir M. de Artecle sheriff of Cumberland, Sir William de Boyville, and others (named). Blenerayset, the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, 18 Edward [I].
[Worc.] C. 4114. Grant by Thomas son of Richard le Portis of Wych to Richard Potel and Cristina his wife for their lives, with reversion to himself and the heirs of his body, with remainder in default to them and their heirs, of all his lands in the town of Wych and in Wytton St. Mary and Wytton St. Peter, and in the manors of Salewarpe and Fekeham, and in Holbareu; so that the said Richard find Thomas and his wife victuals (honestam mensam) and a robe, price 10s. yearly. Sunday after St. Matthias, 5 Edward III. Cf. C. 3429, 3433.
London. C. 4115. Grant by Robert Osbarn of Thorp co. Surrey, gentleman, to Richard Rawson, alderman of London, Simon Stephenson, draper, John Matirdale, tailor, and Richard Stucley, draper, citizens of London, and Thomas Otter, serjeant-at-arms of the king, for his life of all his lands, rents and services formerly of Peter Huchon, citizen and girdler of London, and afterwards of Richard Luke clerk, Edward Gower, esquire, and Thomas Randes, girdler, in the lane and parish of St. Lawrence in the Old Jewry, in the ward of Westchepe, and in Birchen Lane in the parish of St. Michael in Cornhill, in Cornhill ward. 21 June, 1 Richard III.
Memorandum endorsed of enrolment in the Husting.
[Chester.] C. 4116. Grant by Philip de Eggerton, lord of Eggerton, to John Lyttullore, chaplain, of all his messuages, lands, rents, and services in Malpas, Aggeton, Wyggelond, Masfen, Bykerton, Newton, and Tussyncham, with a moiety of his lands, salterns, and brine-springs in Over and Nether Fulwych. Eggerton, Monday after St. Oswald the King, 9 Henry V. Seal.
[Salop.] C. 4117. Grant by Joan Melnard to Robert Gardener of land in Nazsche as in C. 4062, at a yearly rent of one peppercorn. Neen Savage, Sunday after St. Martin, 15 Richard II.
Endorsed with a fragment of a sermon in English in contemporary hand.
Notts. C. 4118. Grant by William Naylar of Newerke, 'coverlidwewar,' and Thomas his son, chaplain, to Margaret Webstar of Balderton, late the wife of William Webster, William Penythorn, William Grenegate, and Lawrence Dawsun of a tenement in Appultongate, Newerke, next the tenement now belonging to the chantry of William Bannestr' chaplain, which together with Agnes Naylar, his wife they had by the demise of William Camme of Newerke and Thomas Cowper, since deceased; also of a messuage in Appultongate adjoining that of the bishop of Lincoln; to hold for the life of the said Margaret. Witnesses:—Edmund Taylour, alderman of the gild of the Holy Trinity, Newerke, and others (named). 4 October, 3 Henry VII.
Surrey. C. 4119. Grant by John Skynner and John Bowrer, feoffees to the use of James Langherst, deceased, in performance of his will, to Isabel now the wife of Robert Goorde, his daughter, of a messuage with garden in Reygate as in C. 4075. 26 April, 14 Henry VII. Two seals.
[Bedford.] C. 4120. Grant by John Warde, master of the college of St. Mary, Northyevell, Roger Wellespryng, chaplain, William Souche of Beeston, and John Boteler to Thomas Ivel of Beeston of a messuage called Hulcotys and 14a. land lying dispersed in the town and fields of Beeston, viz. the messuage, in the hamlet of Beeston called Bodynho, adjoining the land of the lord of Northyevell, and the land under the said messuage, in 'le Hoo,' against Bodynhocroft, in Dokestokkyng adjoining the land of the abbot of Wardon, on Wolselye, in Benecroft adjoining the land of the prior of St. Neots, in 'le Watelond' adjoining the furlong called 'le Wowelond,' on Hoddysdole adjoining 'le Lordes Way,' on Brookfurlong, in Myddylclay adjoining the land of the said master, and in Overeclay and Prykkedole. Monday before St. Dunstan, 3 Henry V. Four seals.
[Bedford.] C. 4121. Grant by Geoffrey Joye and Agnes his wife to Robert son of Simon de Mogerhanger, Joan his wife and his heirs, of 1½a. in the fields of Bestone, viz. on 'le Longelond,' 'le Holmoldylond,' and Middulmerysfurlong, and by Gritteforde bridge. Thursday after the feast of St. Thomas the apostle, 2 Edward III.
Notts. C. 4122. Grant by John Jurdon, cousin and heir of Agnes daughter of Jurdan Elys of Notingham, to John de Briggeford of Notingham, of ½a. arable in the fields of Notingham, in a place called 'le Bothum' adjoining land of the hospital of St. John the Baptist. Witnesses:— John de Thurmeton and William le Barbur, bailiffs of Notingham, John Lotrell, and others named. Friday, the feast of St. Simon and St. Jude, 30 Edward III.
[York, W.R.] C. 4123. Demise by Ranulph Rye of Whytewell, co. Derby, esquire, to Richard son and heir of Thomas Harewarde of Herthyll of land, &c. in Herthyll which he had jointly with John Talbot, Knt. son and heir of John Talbot, earl of Shrewsbury (Salopie) Henry Pierpount, esq., William Swyfte of Tynneslaw and Richard Banastere of Herthyll, since deceased, by the gift of the said Thomas, the father. Witnesses:— John Strelley of Lynby, esq., Robert Woddeward of Maunsfeld Woddehouse and others (named). The Annunciation of St. Mary, 20 Edward IV.
Derby. C. 4124. Grant by John son and heir of Oliver Kyrke to John Shalcrosse the younger, William Cleyton, Thomas Bowdon, and Thurstan Aleyn of a messuage called 'le Netherhous,' with a garden and croft, in the town of Chapel en le Frith (villa capelle in le Frith) within the hamlet (villatam) of Bowdon, parcels of land called 'le Birch- ynhey,' meadow called 'Hordronhilles,' 'le Oldfeld' 'All the Leys,' and 'le Longshote,' at the rent of a red rose. Monday after the Finding of the Holy Cross, 9 Henry VII. Seal.
[Merioneth.] C. 4125. Grant by Thomas Straunge, esquire and burgess of Herde- lagh, to William Stopport and Juliana daughter of William, William's wife, of two burgages in Bala late of John Bola, burgess of Bala. Witnesses:—John Salghall, constable of the castle of Herdelegh, John Holand and William Forten, bailiffs of Bala, and others (named). 15 September, 5 Henry VI. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 4126. Grant by John de Kechenham to Richard, younger son of Robert (Roberto) de Wylesham of 2a. in a field called 'Broclond.' Esshebornhamme, the feast of St. Lucy, 19 Edward III.
[York, W.R.] C. 4127. Grant by John de Goans of Barleburgh to John Warner of Hertyll and Loreta his wifes, of 1 a. in the north field of Hertyll which he had by the gift of Joan relict of Hugh Commander of Barleburgh, adjoining land called 'Trotoland,' Ryeland Dyke, and a road called 'le Brodegate.' Hertyll, Sunday after the Annunciation, 7 Henry IV. Seal
Middx. C. 4128. Writing indented whereby William Vaux and Thomas Tresham, esquires, Thomas Billyng, serjeant-at-law, John Gage, esquire, William Isle, and John Clifford (reciting that Thomas Ballard, John Wode, esqs., Nicholas Sibile, gent., John Donet, gent., John Langwith, tailor, and Thomas Fermory, scrivener, citizens of London, had demised to them and John Martyn and William Hillys, since deceased, and John Moreker, who survives but has released his right to them, all the manors, &c., co. Middlesex, which they, the said Ballard and the others, had, inter alia, by the gift of William Pecche, knt., to hold to them, the said William Vaux, and the others, to the use of the said William Pecche, knt., and Isabel, his wife, for the term of her life) release and give back to the said Ballard and the others all their estate in the said manors, &c. in the parish of Stebenhithe, parcel of the said manors, &c. in co. Middlesex (except the manor of Asshewyes with the great field thereto adjacent, containing 50a., the east part of which field is in the parish of Stebenhithe, and the residue in the parish of St. Mary Matfellon) &c. 28 Feb., 37 Henry VI. Seals.
[Staff.] C. 4129. Indenture between Robert le Verney and Thomas Lucas, witnessing that whereas the said Robert has granted to the said Thomas all his lands in the fees of Madelee and Onylee, paying all suits, services, and customs due therefrom, and the said Thomas has covenanted to maintain the two messuages thereon in as good condition as when he received them, and the said Robert has covenanted to bear the cost of such new houses as the said Thomas may build; the said Robert now agrees to pay 20li. to the said Thomas if the latter is disturbed or impleaded by the said Robert, his heirs or assigns, during the term of the grant; and that if the said Thomas is distrained for the said suits, customs, or services during the said term, he shall retain the premises after the term of twenty years till he has recouped himself. Madelee under Lyme, Friday after St. Paul, 37 Edward III. French. Fragment of seal.
Kent. C. 4130. Quitclaim by Alice Wytwang, widow, late the wife of John Wytwang, citizen and 'stacioner' of London, and executrix of his testament, to Stephen Payn of the parish of St. Mary of Hoo, of her right in the marsh called 'Fraunces Merssh' in that parish adjoining the marsh of the manor of Combe and that of the abbot and convent of Redyng. 19 October, 5 Henry VII. Fragment of seal.
Kent. C. 4131. Conveyance by Thomas Durbarre of Tonbreyg to John Hoo and Ellen his wife in survivorship, their heirs and assigns, of a tenement late Edward Chert's in the borough of Tonbreyg adjoining the meadow called 'Londonmede' and the land of Henry late Duke of Bukingham, which the said Thomas and John together with John Polley of Hadlo, since deceased, had by the feoffment of John Judde and John Tyherst the elder, late of Tonbreyg since deceased. 6 July, 9 Henry VII.
Salop. C. 4132. Grant by William Whitemore of Thurstanston to John Rosamond of all his land, &c. in Tunstall. Witnesses:—Robert de Bromley, esq., Sir John Barker, vicar of Draiton, and others (named). Monday before Christmas, 25 Henry VI. Copy on parchment of A. 6754.
Essex. C. 4133. Demise by John Gateward, Richard Stace the elder, and William Trewe of Haveryng atte Bour', to Maud Marchall, widow, William Colchester, and John Hoberd of the same, of a messuage called Griggys by Romforth, in 'le Hoo,' between the land of the manor of Mawneys and the highway from Romforth to Colyer Rowe which with other lands in Haveryng they had by the gift of William Marchall, deceased; to hold by the rent of a red rose. 7 October, 32 Henry VI. Two seals.
Bedford. C. 4134. Grant by Thomas Stacy of Bodenho in the parish of Northyyevell to Thomas.Stacy of Northyyevell, the younger, Henry Godfrey of the same, and William Rusby of Beeston, of all his lands, &c. in Beeston, Bodenho, and Thorncote in the said parish. 20 January, 17 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Staff.] C. 4135. Indenture between Simon Cotyn and John de Haukeston, whereby the said John, reciting that Simon by charter of simple feoff- ment had given him a messuage and certain tenements in Madelegh, covenants that if he have peaceable possession thereof for ten years the said charter and seisin had thereon, shall be void, &c. Friday before the Epiphany, 15 Edward III. French.
Bucks. Oxford. C. 4136. Grant by Edmund Hampden to Thomas Chaucers, John Corbrygge, Reynold Malyns, Nicholas Bagenhale, and Thomas Durem of all lands which he had by descent after the death of Agnes Bruyn in Okele and Adyngrove, co. Bucks, and Wendulbury and Esyngton, co. Oxford. Tuesday after St. George, 9 Henry IV.
Herts. Bucks. C. 4137. Grant by Ralph Basset of Weldone to Richard his son in free marriage with Nicholaa his wife, of the manor of Wivilisthorn co. Hertford and land, &c. in Draitone Beuchamp co. Bucks, to hold to them and the heirs of their bodies of him and his heirs at the rent of a rose, for all service. Witnesses:—Geoffrey de Lucy and Philip de Aylisbury, knights, and others (named). Saturday in Easter week, 5 Edward III.
Endorsed:—Ricardus predictus fuit filius et heres Radulphi Basset infrascripti et obiit idem Ricardus sine herede de se vivente Radulpho fratre suo.
[Sussex.] C. 4138. Grant by Walter Drywet to John son of John de Langehurst for 30s. beforehand of the moiety of a field, the other moiety whereof is the said John's by his gift, adjoining land called 'Cryste- masselond' in Rousperre. The feast of St. Augustine, primate of the English, 3 Edward II.
London. C. 4139. Quitclaim by John de Heylesdon to Alan Everard, both citizens and mercers of London, of his right in a tenement with houses thereon which Alan and he had by the gift of John de Wesenham in the parish of St. Mary Magdalen in Milkestrete, London. Whitsunday, 40 Edward III. Seal.
Kent. C. 4140. Quitclaim by John Judde of Tunbregge, the elder, 'gentyl- man,' to Roger Godemond, his heirs and assigns, of his right in a yearly rent of 23d. and three hens for a piece of land and garden in the tithing of Hyldenne within the parish of Tunbregge held of him as of his lord- ship of Bardenn by Tunbregge, and late held by William Cotyng, the elder, in right of Alice his wife, reserving a yearly rent of a barbed arrow feathered with peacock's feathers. 23 January, 37 Henry VI. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 4141. Grant by Thomas Stronge to William de Gates of 1a. in Sutton adjoining the land of John de Chyntynge and the abbot of Robertsbridge. Sofford, 6 September, 32 Edward III.
[Warw.] C. 4142. Grant by William de Oddyngesel, lord of the manor of Solihull, to Adam de Birchis of Solihull, of six selions in the field of Olton in exchange for a meadow at Mapelhurst; so that Adam and his heirs may for ever remain without (extra) the tithing rendering there- fore a rose at Midsummer; for this exchange and exemption (dis- portatione) Adam gave him 10s. beforehand.
[Chester.] C. 4143. Demise by Geoffrey, son of John de Legh, knight (militis), to Richard de Assheton, for sixty years, of land &c. in Assheton which he had by the gift of Robert de Assheton for life with reversion expectant to the said Richard; Richard is to pay him and his assigns 8 marks yearly during his life. Witnesses:—John Savage, knight, Hamo le Massy and John Dounvyle. Friday after the feast of St. Matthew, 8 Henry VI.
Middx. C. 4144. Grant by John Godfrey of Haryngey and Alice his wife, daughter and heir of John Crouch, to Stephen atte Feld of Haryngey and Henry Brokherst of Iseldon, of 12a. in a field called 'le Downe- hille' in the parish of Haryngey which descended to her after her father's death. 24 November, 8 Henry V.
[Sussex.] C. 4145. Grant by William son and heir of John de Megham of the parish of Hurst to Richard son of Robert de Wylsham of land called 'Chirchelond' in the parish of Esseburnehame, for 2 marks beforehand. The feast of St. Andrew, 14 Edward III. Fragment of seal.
Lincoln. C. 4146. Grant by Thomas de Aton of Lincoln to John his elder son of a messuage in the parish of St. Peter in Estgate, [in] the suburb of Lincoln, abutting on the wall 'del Barreyate' and St. Leonard's churchyard, with all goods and chattels therein, and all his arable in the fields of Lincoln with the crops thereon. Witnesses:—Simon de Edelington, mayor of Lincoln, Hugh Russel and John Pynson, bailiffs, and others (named). Thursday after St. Botolph, 1315. Seal.
[Staff.] C. 4147. Quitclaim by Maud relict of Nicholas Cotyn to Hugh son of William de Chaueldon of her right in a messuage and an adjoining enclosure (defenso) and 1a. called 'Brounyggesacre' in the fee of Madeleye, and in a place of land called 'Coudreyesfeld' as enclosed with water and hedge in Onyleye. Tuesday after the Circumcision, 12 Edward II.
[Chester.] C. 4148. Quitclaim by Richard de Venables of Neubolt to Nicholas de Haukeston of his right in the manor of Neubolt and in a moiety of Great Morton and Astebury. Witnesses:—Sir John de Daunport and Sir William de Brereton, knights, and others (named). 20 February, 24 Edward III. Seal (a gateway) with legend, s. Radulphi le porter.
[Cumberland.] C. 4149. Grant by Sir Richard de Mulcastre, knight, and John Mason and John de Arkylby, chaplains, to Geoffrey Tilioll of all their lands in Why trig, Belesyse, and Thornebank, the feoffment to be void on payment at Whitrig of 250 marks within 40 years. 20 April, 1 Henry IV. Fragments of three seals.
[Bedford.] C. 4150. Grant by Eustace de Croft of Beston to Ralph Ivel of Thornecote of part of his messuage in Beston. Friday the feast of St. Barnabas, 9 Edward II.
[N'hamp.] C. 4151. Quitclaim by Geoffrey son of Robert de Orlingb' to Master Reginald, parson of Cranesle, his heirs and assigns, of his right in two places of meadow and pasture at Thorpbrigge and Somerledes- helm in Cranesle, which he had demised to the said Reginald for life. Witnesses:—Hugh de Cranesle, Sir John de Pigtesle of Cranesle, William de Sancto Germano of Browton, Sir Walter in Salicibus of Cranesle, and others (named). The morrow of St. Gregory the Pope, 4 Edward II.
[Lincoln.] C. 4152. Grant by John Codelyng of Clee to Adam Saresone, burgess of Grymesby, Richard Smyth of Clee and Henry de Laiceby, the elder, of all the lands in the town and fields of Clee and in the territories of the town aforesaid or in the parish of Clee which he had by the gift of Simon de Grymesby and John de Bolyngton, burgesses of Grymesby, and Sir William Baron, late vicar of Clee. Tuesday, the feast of St. Matthias, 12 Henry IV.
Chester. C. 4153. Award by William Stanley, knight, Piers of Werburton, esquire, and David Ferour as arbitrators between Randolph Brereton, knight, Thomas Bailly, Randolph son of Urian of Brereton, and Elyn wife of the said Thomas on the one part, and Philip Eggerton, esquire, on the other, bound to each other in 1000 marks to stand to their award, touching the manors, &c. which sometime were of John of the Malpas of Hampton viz. that Sir Randolph and the others shall suffer Philip to have for life the site of the manor of Hampton, with Hampton Wood, the Shawe, a cottage appertaining thereto, lands called 'the Milne Filde, Pudwall Filde, Bristull Crofte, Marleruse Filde, White Medowes, Danshawe Filde, Benettes Fiide, Cokeshote Filde, Cromburley More, and the Hall More,' two tenements and chief rents in Hampton, the hall of Bykerton with the adjoining land, divers messuages and land in Bikerton held of the said Philip, and chief rents and a field in Bikerton and Eggerton called the Four Acres; that the said Philip shall pay 53s. 4d. yearly during his life to the said Elyn and Randolph and the longer liver of them; and that the said Thomas, Elen, and Randolph son of Urian shall occupy during their lives, without in- terruption of the said Philip all other lands, manors, rents, and services that at any time were of John of the Malpas or of any persons to his use. 11 December, 6 Edward IV. English. Fragments of seals.
[Bedford.] C. 4154. Grant by William de Croft of Beston to Nicholas son of William le Bonde of Northyevel of 9a. 1½r. land, lr. 1 hok and swath of meadow, lr. pasture in the fields and meadows of Northyevel viz. land by 'le Palyswyk' on Heystratefurlong, Schottelond and Way- mundeswell, against 'le Hacchedich' adjoining land late of the lady of Carmynou, on Hacchedichfurlong and 'le Goselond,' in 'le Gore' at 'le Smethehauedon' by the land of the abbot of Wardon, on 'le Watelond,' at Stapelweye, on Seueyerden and 'le Horseaker,' at Chirche- wey, on Padeworth and Schorteasphul adjoining the land of the parson of Northyevelle, on 'le Losfurlong,' Doddelouwe, Middelfurlong, Wyneslouwe and Thornylond, the meadow in Heydich, the hook and swath of meadow in Rademersh, and the pasture on 'le Downlond.' Thursday, the feast of St. Peter's Chair, 32 Edward III. Seal.
[N'hamp.] C. 4155. Grant by Robert de Catteworth, master of the hospital of the Holy Trinity without Norhampton, and the brethren and sisters of the same, to Walter Kokin of Norhampton, draper, that he shall be quit for 3s. 4d. yearly of a rent of 6s. 8d. due from a messuage in Gropecontelane; he and his heirs to acquit them and their successors of all services against the chief lords of the fee. Saturday after the Commemoration of Souls, 19 Edward II.
[Bedford.] C. 4156. Grant by Emma atte Crouhc of Beston to Peter del Hacche of the same, Maud his wife, and his heirs, of 1¼d. rent viz. 1d. from the heirs of William le Ferour for a messuage in 'le Hacch,' and ¼d. from Henry son of Hugh del Hacch for a selion outside 'le Hacch.' Sunday before Michaelmas, 9 Edward II.
[Sussex.] C. 4157. Grant by Lawrence atte Forde and Margery his wife to John Wele, William atte Chambere, William atte Grove, William Bothyl, John Pouke of Wylyndon, and Robert atte Forde, their son, of all their free land, &c. (de libera tenura) in the parish ot Waldern. 10 June, 3 Henry V. Two seals, damaged.
Lincoln. C. 4158. Grant by John, elder son of Thomas de Aton of Lincoln, to John de Crosholm the elder, Joan his wife, William their son, and William's heirs, of a messuage in the suburb of Lincoln as in C. 4146. Wednesday before St. Lawrence, 1315. Seal.
[Sussex.] C. 4159. Grant and quitclaim by John son and heir of Adam le Veutre of Roussperre to Simon le Veutre of Rougsperre, Mabel his wife, and the heirs of Simon's body, of all the lands which the said Adam gave them in Roughsperre; to hold of him at a yearly rent of 12d.; the lands to revert to him after their death, if Simon die without issue. The feast of the Epiphany, 11 Edward II.
[Kent.] C. 4160. Grant by Gregory son of Reynold de Rokesle and Agnes his wife, daughter of the late John de Godinton, to Agnes late the wife of Richard de Godinton and Agnes daughter of John Aylma[n], of five virgates of land in a place called 'Marwenehorscroft' adjoining land called 'Byschagh.' Thursday, the feast of the Holy Innocents, 20 Edward III. Two seals, one damaged. Cf. C. 4079.
[Bedford.] C. 4161. Grant by William Curteys the elder of Mogurhangger and Rose his wife to John Astel of Bereford, Maud his wife, John their younger son, and the heirs of the aforesaid John, of a messuage and house thereon in Boddenho, with a croft adjoining. Monday, the feast of St. Philip and St. James, 20 Edward III.
[Sussex.] C. 4162. Grant by William le Veuter of Rusperre to Robert le Gardener, Mary his wife and Robert's heirs, for reasonable sustenance while he lives and for 40s. beforehand, of all his messuage and tenements in Rusperre. Sunday after St. Dunstan, 3 Edward II. Seal, damaged.
Endorsed:—A deede of Langhurst in Rusper.
[Notts.] C. 4163. Grant by Richard Russell of Kyrkebi on Asschefeld to William son of Gilbert of Kyrkebi and Agnes his wife in survivorship, their heirs and assigns, of thirteen selions of arable in Kyrkebi which he had by the gift of John Pynchon the elder. Friday, the feast of St. Augustine, apostle of the English, 1335.
Essex. Suffolk. C. 4164. Letter of attorney by John Fray and John Doreward the elder to Richard Derland and William Purpull to deliver seisin, according to their charter, to William, abbot of St. Mary of Coggeshale, Benet Burgh and Thomas Swattok, clerks, and John Worthy, of their manors and advowsons of Eyston ad Turrim and Rothyng Eytroppe co. Essex, the manors of Bildeston, Dryngeston, Hopton, and Shelland, a messuage 200a. land, 8a. meadow, 9a. pasture, 3a. wood and 2 marks rent in Felsham and Geddyng, and the advowsons of Bildeston and Dryngston, co. Suffolk, which they together with John, archbishop of York, John, bishop of Bath, William, bishop of London, Richard, earl of Warwick, Ralph Cromwell, Walter Beauchamp, knt., John Prentys, clk., John Arundell, clk., Philip Ingelfeld, William Westwode, clk., William Palmer, John Hay and John Cornewaill, since deceased, had by the gift of Roger Aston, knight, Thomas Feryby, clerk, and Robert Rykeden. 6 February, 37 Henry VI. Seal and fragment of seal.
[Kent.] C. 4165. Grant by Alice late the wife of Richard Edulf of Esthamme widow, to John Galyan of the parish of Wolewych of 2a. in the field called 'Chapelfeld' in the parish of Wolewych between the lane called 'Carterislane,' the street leading to Wolewicheverye, and land of Sir John de Polteneye. Sunday after the feast of St. Peter and St. Paul, 20 Edward III.
Endorsed: Carta Alicie Edulf filia (sic) quondam Ade Payn . . . . in marisco ex parte Essex' . . .
Chester. C. 4166. Certificate by John Maynwaring and John Bromley, knights, and John Dutton of Hatton, that Master Richard Pleymunde- stowe came before them at Chester and testified that the instrument to this certificate annexed was made by him without compulsion viz. that Jonet wife of John Malpas declared when lying at the point of death that Elyn and Katerine her daughters were not the daughters of the said John, but begotten in adultery by another person. Chester, 31 May, 37 Henry VI. English. Three seals.
Derby. C. 4167. Quitclaim by John Helot and Joan his wife to Richard de Smalley of Restweyte of their right in lands late of William de Smallev, father of the said Joan, at Langeley in the parish of Henore. The feast of St. Wlfrid the bishop, 6 Henry IV. Two seals.
[Norf.] C. 4168. Grant by John Love of Crostweyt, John Oby of Worstede, and Robert Brightlyd of Hikelyng to John Wende of Southreppes, the younger and Nicholas Haneworth of 7a. and 6a. in Thorpmarket which they had by the gift of Walter Brownyng of Tranche and William Chesterfeld of the same. 7 August, 38 Henry VI. Three seals, two damaged.
[Staff.] C. 4169. Grant by William son of Gregory to Gregory his son, of his burgage in Bettiley late of Roger the baker of Nantwich (Wyco Malban) extending from the High Street of Bettiley to Wythimore, with land adjacent in Westfeld next land of the chapel of Bettiley &c. and meadow in Westmedewe and 'le Holbemedewe,' at a yearly rent of 12d. to the chief lords of the fee. Thursday before St. George, 1317.
[Notts.] C. 4170. Grant by John son and heir of Geoffrey Pynchun to Richard Russel and Alice his wife in survivorship, their heirs and assigns, of thirteen selions which the said Geoffrey had by the gift of Edelina de Perepount in Kyrkeby on Asschefeld. Sunday before St. Barnabas, 16 Edward II.
[Staff.] C. 4171. Quitclaim by Joan daughter of John le Freresone to John son of Stephen de Raveneshale of her right in all the lands which she claimed of right and of the inheritance of Margery her mother in Bettileg', except two long lands and four butts on Willruding which Richard son of Richard le Salter had by her gift. Thursday in Easter week, 1335.
[Staff.] C. 4172. Grant by Stephen son of Ody de Snede to John his eldest son of a messuage in Betileg' with all his lands in the fields of Ravene- shale. Witnesses:—John de Thiknes and Richard Marshal (Mares- callo), bailiffs and others (named). Saturday, the feast of St. Matthew, 1331.
[Notts.] C. 4173. Quitclaim by Alice late the wife of Richard Russel of Kyrkeby on Aschefeld, widow, to William son of Gilbert of Kyrkeby and Agnes his wife of her right in thirteen selions of arable in Kyrkeby which the said Richard bought of John Pynchon the elder. Penkestone. Thursday before St. Benedict, the abbot, 17 Edw. III.
Essex. C. 4174. Demise by Thomas Umfray and Agnes his wife, Hugh Freman of Witham, Richard Flawkare, John Breton the younger, Robert Mason and . . . . . of Terlyng to John son and heir of Robert Bury late of Terlyng and the heirs of his body, of land called 'Fanners' in Fairsted which, together with the said Robert Bury and Robert. . . . her, since deceased, they had by the demise of Thomas Rikedon of Witham, esquire, with remainder in default to the said Agnes wife of Thomas Umfray daughter of the said Robert Bury and the heirs of her body, with remainder in default to the right heirs of the said [Robert Bury]; attorneys to deliver seisin . . . . . . and John Feyrethorn. 26 July, 3 Edward IV. Damaged.
Surrey. C. 4175. Quitclaim by Roger Godewyn of Pekham to John Drynk- water the younger of the same of his right in a messuage and garden adjoining land called 'Lambyns,' and land in a croft called 'Otecroft' adjoining land of the prioress of Halywell, in Pekham, which the said John had by the feoffment of Richard Baker and John Godyng of Pekham. 3 April, 19 Henry VI. Seal damaged.
Essex. C. 4176. Grant by Richard Lye to Sir Robert Lopedell, chaplain, of all his land &c. in the parish of Westham, which together with William Pogger, Robert Baldewyn, William Coterell and Francis Brygges, since deceased, he had by the gift of William Wittryng of the said parish. 12 November, 8 Henry VII.
[Worc.] C. 4177. Grant by John Braas of Wych to Robert Hurle of the same of land in Wych adjoining the highway opposite the church of St. Andrew. Thursday after the Decollation of St. John the Baptist, 45 Edward III.
[Chester.] C. 4178. Grant by Ralph de Haselwall and Joan his wife to William son of Urian de Eggerton, Eustacia his wife and the heirs of their bodies, of all their land &c. in Little Calday, with reversion in default to their own just heirs. Sunday after the Circumcision, 1332. Copy on parchment.
[Kent.] C. 4179. Grant by Thomas Faukes, rector of St. Bride's, Fletestrete, Andrew Castell, Master William Petir of Strode by Rochester, and Lawrence Benn of the parish of St. Mary in Hoo, to Agnes wife of William Halton of the said parish of St. Mary for her life of a yearly rent of 4li. from land &c. in the parishes of St. Mary aforesaid, Clyve and Halgestow, which they had by the gift of the said William Halton. Witnesses:—Thomas Pympe esquire, and others (named). 30 April, 27 Henry VI. Seal.
Oxford. C. 4180. Grant by John son and heir of John Grymbald of Sydenham to Philip atte Bregge, William de Langeleye, and Thomas Welman of a messuage, land and pasture in Sydenham. Witnesses:— Robert de Marny, knight, Sir William, vicar of Sydenham, and others (named). 15 February, 37 Edward III.
[Bedford.] C. 4181. Grant by Robert Dispensator of Gruteford to William son of Thorald, for his homage and service, of 2a. 1r. in the field of Bueston, viz. ½a. in Stonilond next land of Odo Wdebrun, ½a. on Holmoldilond between the lands of Simon Marker and Richard Alvrich, ½a. on Nortlonge between the lands of Richard Alvrich and Geoffrey de Brocton, 1r. at Hulveswelle on Clayhulle next land of Walter Wdebrun, 1r. abutting on the croft of Richard de Buddenho, and lr. near the way to Thornecot next land of William Coverur; rent 1d. at Easter yearly, saving the king's service; for this William gave him 21s. Witnesses:—John the deacon (Diacono) and others (named).
[Bedford.] C. 4182. Grant by Thomas de Boddenho to John Stacy the younger of Boddenho and Alice his wife of a messuage with a house built thereon, with hedges, ditches, dikes and 'frangbord' without the dikes, in Boddenho. Sunday after Michaelmas, 21 Edward III. Seal.
[Bedford.] C. 4183. Grant by Gilbert Dreu of Buston to Richard de Bodenho and Nicholaa his wife for their services and for 20s. beforehand in gersum, of his right in half a croft called 'Morellescrof' in Bodenho adjoining the common pasture and a croft called 'Huddiscrof'; to hold the said right of the said croft, viz. with ½ lb. cummin which Robert de South Molin as long as he lived used to pay him yearly; rendering, after the death of the said Robert de Southmolin, 2d. yearly, for all service saving the king's service. Seal, with legend, s. gilberti fil' drvgonis.
Lincoln. C. 4184. Quitclaim by Thomas de Aton of Lincoln to John de Crosholm the elder, Joan his wife and William their son, his heirs and assigns, of his right in a messuage which John his elder son had by his gift in the parish of St. Peter in Estgate in the suburb of Lincoln. Witnesses:—Simon de Edelington, mayor of Lincoln, Hugh Russel and John Pynson, bailiffs of the same, and others (named). Thursday before St. Lawrence, 1315. Fragment of seal.
C. 4185. Grant by William Lovera to John his son of all the land &c. in Lygeston and Cheleton which he had by gift of Robert Weryng and John Loneger. Witnesses, Simon Stabba, Thomas Yabbecomb, William Bayly. Monday before the Annunciation, 3 Henry V. Seal.
Bucks. C. 4186. Quitclaim by John son and heir of William Weston of Evir to Robert Awbrey, esquire, and William his son, and the heirs and assigns of William, of his right in all lands, fisheries, &c, late of Joan Golbourne, daughter of the said William Weston, in Evir and Langley Marreys, by virtue of a remainder in a fine levied temp. Henry VI. 4 May, 17 Edward IV. Seal.
Bedford. Herts. C. 4187. Grant by Lawrence Pycot, Henry Mauntell and John Skynner to Richard Bussh of Little Brykehull of all their land &c. in Dunstaple, co. Bedford and Kennesworth, co. Hertford, late of Walter Andrew of Dunstaple, upon condition that Richard pay to Lawrence, his heirs or executors, 30l. at certain dates, within the next seven years, &c. Michaelmas, 15 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
[Devon.] C. 4188. Grant by John Falibus and John Fayrewether to John Davyls of Lyncombe for his life of a messuage and garden in Schabbe- combe in the tithing of Baddeston, with remainder to John Davyls of Alwyston, Richard his brother, Alice Carswyll their sister, and William Davyls their brother, successively in tail, with remainder to the right heirs of the said John Davyls of Lyncombe. 20 March, 17 Edward IV. Fragment of seal.
[Chester.] C. 4189. Quitclaim by Richard de Venables of Neubold to Sir Thomas de Haukeston, knight, Ellen his wife and the heirs of Thomas, of his right in the manor of Neubold Astebury and Great Moorton. 24 March, 28 Edward III. Fragment of seal of arms (three. . . . . erased) with legend s. willi, war . . . . .
Denbigh. C. 4190. Grant in fee farm by Robert son and heir of William Swynemore to William del Grene, 'wever,' of a burgage in 'le Pole- strete' in the suburb of the town of Dynbiegh to hold to him his heirs and assigns English at 5s. 6d. rent, &c. Witnesses:—William Burley, steward of Dynbiegh, Robert Trevor, his lieutenant and receiver there, Thomas . . . . . ry and John Holond, alderman, Henry del Peek and John Leche, bailiffs, and others (named). 5 March, 24 Henry VI. Fragment of seal.
N'hamp. C. 4191. Indenture tripartite whereby Thomas Merton of Nor- hampton, John Chauncy and Thomas Horsham, reciting that William Wattes of Haselbeche by his writing indented of fee simple, 1 December, 15 Edward IV, gave them all his land, &c. in Navesby and a messuage called 'Cretons Place' with a croft adjacent, and parcels of land, in Haselbeche (saving a way from his croft called 'le Kylneyerd,' &c.) grant all the aforesaid lands, &c. to the said William and Agnes his wife for their lives in survivorship, with remainder to John son of Thomas Shukburgh the elder esq. and Elizabeth wife of the said John daughter of the said William and Agnes and the heirs of their bodies, with remainder in default to Agnes, wife of Thomas Wattes of Maydewell, another daughter of the said William and Agnes, and the heirs of her body, with remainder to the right heirs of the said William. 4 December, 15 Edward IV. Seal and fragment.
[Essex.] C. 4192. Quitclaim by Juliana late relict (sic) of John de la More to John Huberd of Herlawe and his heirs of her right in the name of dower in the lands of the said John in Herlawe. Witnesses:—Robert Frere, citizen of London, John le Perer, Robert le Chaucer and others (named). 13 November, 2 Edward II. Seal damaged.
Kent. C. 4193. Grant by William Hynt, Ralph Holand, John Legge, and Walter Wassher, citizens of London, to William Swetyng, of Horton near Derteford, William Rothele of Derteford, and William Alvold of Horton aforesaid, of a messuage, land and rent in Chellesfeld and Strode and all other lands &c. co. Kent, which they had by the feoff- ment of William Newenham, skinner, Robert Holond, 'sherman,' and John Hurst, skinner, citizens of London. 20 September, 8 Henry VI. Fragment of one seal.
Notts. C. 4194. Grant by Henry Willughby, Gervase Clyfton, John Dygby, and Edward Stanhop, knights, and Simon and Roland Dygby esquires, to William Ascuethe elder, Thomas Thurlond, John Curson, and Humphrey Hersy, esquires, William Scorer, clerk, and Richard Baker, gentleman, of all the lands, &c., in Hemsell, which they had by the gift of John Strelley, esq. to the use of Sanchia now the wife of the said John Strelley, for her life, with remainder to the use of the heirs of the said John; attorneys to deliver seisin, Persival and Robert Strelley. 31 August, 13 Henry VII. Five seals, damaged.
[Bedford.] C. 4195. Grant by Agnes le Baxtere of Thornecote to Roger Ivel of the same, Maud his wife and his heirs, of 1a. in Bestone, ½a. on Schytereshul abutting on Schotteshavedlond, and ½a. on 'le Hul' adjoining land of the abbot of Wardone. Sunday after the feast of St. Clement the pope, 10 Edward III.
Worc. C. 4196. Grant by William Vampage, knight, to Robert Poyntz, knight, John Norwode, esquire, William Cassy, William Wye and John Grenehille, of his manor of Wyk with its appurtenances, with the advowson of the church or free chapel, in Perchore, Pynven, Castel- morton, Byrlingham, Scarlet, Myntye, or elsewhere in the county, which late were in the possession of Thomas Brygges, serjeant at law or which came to him through John Vampage, his father; attorneys to deliver seisin, Roger Porter and Robert Grevile. 18 July, 7 Henry VII. Seal.
Stafford. Salop. Chester. C. 4197. Indenture whereby Rauff Eggerton of the Wryme, esquire, reciting that he had enfeoffed William Wore and Richard Keffes, clerks, and Robert Davy, priest, of all his manors &c. in the shires of Stafford, Shrewesbury and Chester, which he had by inheritance or purchase, declares his will thereof, viz.—After dower has been assigned to Elizabeth his wife, they shall make estate to Hugh his son and heir of all the 'livelode' they have by force of the said feoffment, with the reversion of the said dower, except certain parcels 'of his purchesse' specified below, with remainders to Rauff and Urien, also his sons, and William and Philip, his brothers, successively in tail male with remainder in default to his own right heirs; reserving lands to the yearly value of 40 marks till the sum of eight score marks be taken therefrom for payment of his debts and performance of his will; and reserving all lands, rents, reversions, and services purchased by him in Wystaston, Newcastell, Bignowe, Draiton in Hales, Gravhonger, Moreton Say, Hampton Wod, Tirley, Tunstall beside Draiton, Aldelem, Marchumley in 'Shropshir,' Spurstowe, Halughton, Kneghton, the Motefeldes in Betteley, and Namptwich, and a 'mese' in Oneley, to the marriage of Elizabeth his daughter, if she live to years of marriage, and till his debts are paid; and then shall make divers estates &c. therein to his sons Rauff and Urien, William, his brother, and Roger Clerk of Wybunbury; the feoffees to receive their expenses and reasonable reward. The feast of 'sevnt Mathie,' 30 Henry VI. English. En- dorsed: The Testament of Raffe Egerton sonne of William. Copy on parchment, indented, but not executed.
[Bedford.] C. 4198. Grant by Ralph son of Lettice del Hacche of Beston to Peter del Hacche, Maud his wife, and his heirs, of a yearly rent of 2d. from messuages in 'le Hacche' viz. 1d. which they used to pay and 1d. which Emma atte Crouche used to pay. Sunday after St. Dunstan, 8 Edward II.
Berks. C. 4199. Demise by William York the elder to Thomas Collys of Wantyng of his manor in Wantyng called 'Bryanescourte' and all other his land &c. in Wantyng and Grove, from Michaelmas last for thirteen years at 10l. rent. 15 March, 6 Edward IV. Seal, with rush band.
[Surrey.] C. 4200. Feoffment by Robert Danvers, William Lee, esq., and Richard Danvers to Christopher Banastre, citizen and fishmonger of London, Margery his wife, and John his son, of a great garden with ponds, buildings, &c. in the marsh at 'lestewes' in the parish of St. Margaret, Suthwerk, which together with John Frav, chief baron of the exchequer, since deceased, they had by the feoffment of Robert Frampton. Lestewes, 4 December, 5 Edward IV. Three seals.
Endorsed: E. Alleyn, Iho. Mason. 19.