Guibon Goddard's Journal: July 1653

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Diary of Thomas Burton Esq: Volume 1, July 1653 - April 1657. Originally published by H Colburn, London, 1828.

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July 1653

Tuesday, July 5. Mr. Rous was called to the Chair.

Resolved, that some members of this House be sent to the Lord General, to desire him to afford his presence and assistance in this House, as a member thereof.

Wednesday 6. Resolved, (fn. 1) that the title of Parliament be given to this Assembly.

Thursday 7. Resolved, that no person shall be employed, or admitted into the service of this House, but such as the House shall be first satisfied of his real godliness.

That the Lord General do sit as a member of the Council of State.

Saturday 9. The House took into debate the instructions formerly given to the Council of State, by Act of the 30th of November, 1652, in order to settling instructions for a Council of State.

The eighteenth Instruction being read; the first clause, touching the Library at St. James's (fn. 2) was agreed.

Resolved, that the members now chosen to be of the Council of State, be authorized and required to act forthwith, according to the instructions now passed.

That a Committee be appointed to consider the affairs of Ireland; and are to meet at the Chair-chamber in Whitehall.

That there be a Committee named, to consider the affairs of Scotland; and are to meet at the House, commonly called the Lords' House.

Monday 11. The House spent this day in seeking the Lord, in a special manner, for council, and a blessing on the proceedings of Parliament.

Tuesday 12. Resolved, that a Committee be appointed to consider of the state of all the treasuries, and how a check may be put upon them; and to consider of any other matter, which may conduce to the advancement and best managing of the treasure of the Commonwealth.

Resolved, that the mace shall be made use of as formerly; and that the serjeant do also attend the Speaker for the time being, from time to time from the House, to the entrance into the old or new Palace; and there again receive him, and bring him to the House.

Ordered, that a Bible be provided for the service of the House.

Thursday 14. Resolved, that this Council of State now chosen, (fn. 3) shall continue till the third of November next.

The humble petition of John Lilburne, Esquire, now prisoner in Newgate, was this day read. (fn. 4)

The question being put, that the House will suspend the proceedings in law, against Lieutenant-colonel John Lilburne, it passed in the negative.

Friday 15. The House, this day, resumed the debate, touching the business of tythes. (fn. 5)

The question being propounded, whether the maintenance of ministers by tythes, shall be continued after the third day of November next.

And the question being put, that that question be now put, it passed in the negative. (fn. 6)

Wednesday 20. Resolved, that there be a Committee appointed to consider of public debts, and to receive accusations of bribery, public frauds, and breach of public trust.

That there be a Committee for prisons and prisoners.

That it be referred to the Committee for the law, (fn. 7) to prepare an Act for redress of delays and mischiefs, arising on writs of error, writs of false judgment, and arrests of judgment.

Thursday 21. Sir William Roberts reported from the Committee, the names of members of the House, to be of the Committee for the advancement of learning, and receiving all propositions tending thereunto;

Which were, upon the question, agreed unto. (fn. 8)

Ordered, that the business touching hospitals, be referred to the Committee for the Poor.

Resolved, that it be referred to a Committee, to consider of the removing all laws and ordinances, which are hindrances to the progress of the Gospel, and to report the same.

That it be referred to the Committee of the law.

Ordered, that no person or printer, do print or publish, any acts, orders, or proceedings of the Parliament; unless the same be first licensed, under the hand of the Clerk of the Parliament, to be printed by such person.

Friday 29. Mr. Speaker acquainted the House, he had received copies of credentials given from the Consuls and Senators of the city of Bremen, unto the Lord Henry Oldenburgh, (fn. 9) written in Latin, with the translation in English, which was now read.

Resolved, that the Deputy from Bremen, have audience by the Council of State; and that the Master of the Ceremonies communicate this note to the said Deputy.

Saturday 30. A letter from the Commissioners of the Commonwealth in Ireland, (fn. 10) dated at Dublin, the 22d of July 1643, with two papers of proposals, from the Council of the army in Ireland.

Mr. Anlaby reported from the Committee for prisons and prisoners, proceedings of that Committee, touching Sir John Lenthall, Marshal of the Upper Bench; and touching the state of that prison. (fn. 11)

The humble answer of Sir John Lenthall, Knight, Marshal of the Upper Bench, was read.

Resolved, that Sir John Lenthall, shall be secured, to answer such matters, as shall be objected against him, on behalf of the Commonwealth.

That the Serjeant-at-Arms, do take the said Sir John Lenthall into custody, accordingly; and be authorized to take care of the prison of the Upper Bench.


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