The Diary of Thomas Burton: 22 June 1657

Pages 269-270

Diary of Thomas Burton Esq: Volume 2, April 1657 - February 1658. Originally published by H Colburn, London, 1828.

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Monday, June 22, 1657.

Major Aston. One Vincent, an attorney, has sued one Mr. Davies, a member of Parliament for Ireland, (fn. 1) to an oath.

He produced the declaration and other proofs of it, and craved his privilege, and that the parties might be sent for as delinquents.

Mr. Secretary. Though this Davis was chosen, yet he never attended here. He was one of those that were excluded, (fn. 2) and I hope I shall never see him sit within these walls. I could give you particular satisfaction in it, if there was occasion, that he is not a person that deserves privilege in this case.

Major Aston stood up to vindicate himself, and said, if he had thought him to be such a person, he would not have moved for him. He knew nothing of him, but would take that gentleman's word for it, and rest satisfied.

The Bill for Three Months' Assessments on Scotland, was called for, read the third time, and passed, and ordered to be presented, &C. (fn. 3)

The Bill for Three Years' Assessments upon England, Scotland, and Ireland, (fn. 4) was read, and, after several amendments, passed.

I tendered a rider to add Mr. Sands and Captain Sedgwick, as Commissioners for Westmoreland. (fn. 5)

Colonel Clarke offered a proviso for remitting half the three assessments on Cardigan for the three months, as well as the three years, which is more than was voted by the House; but in a crowd the clause passed, (fn. 6) and nobody questioned it. (fn. 7)

Post Meridiem.

The Bill for the Excise was read the third time, and after several provisos tendered, (fn. 8) and a great and tugging debate thereupon, the Bill passed.

The House sat till nine o'clock, as they told me. I was in the city, buying clothes and other necessaries.


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