Cecil Papers: 1556

Pages 136-138

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 1, 1306-1571. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1883.

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500. Order of the Golden Fleece.
1555/6, Jan. 26. “Livre de l'ordre du Thoyson d'Or.” Extracts from proceedings of various chapters of the order from its institution to Jan. 26, 1556.
50 pp.
501. John Norris to Sir Wm. Cecil.
1556, May 15. Desires leave to come up by the 7th of June. Details progress of the alterations in the house.—Burleigh, 15 May.
Endorsed by Cecil :—“1556.”
1 p.
502. Sir John Abraham to Sir Wm. Cecil.
1556, May 15. Informs Cecil, “that yesternight was my lady her black mare brought from the park with 'an fare sadd bay horse foole' like to the Jenet but without any white, and this day was she put to your black horse, who served her ij times, and in the morning be let to him again, and after had to the park, and in the end of the next week shall your other mares be put to him.” Gives dimensions of the tables in the hall, and amount of coals [charcoal] made.—Burleigh, 15 May.
Endorsed by Cecil :—“1556.”
1 p.
503. Sir Thomas Benger to Sir W. Cecil.
1556, Oct. 24. Has finished the accounts of Maxsey and Barrowdown as usual. Expresses his goodwill towards Cecil. Concerning Cecil's request, both he and Parry will earnestly move her Grace to grant it. Trusts that Cecil may also receive her Grace's thanks for his pains about Colly Weston.—Hatfield, 24 Oct., 1556.
1 p. [Haynes, p. 202. In extenso.]
504. Margaret, Countess of Bedford to Sir Wm. Cecil.
1556, Oct. 31. She is advertised that the Bishop of Peterborough is anxious to get into his hands the lease of Iberye [Eybury, co. Northampton], and trusts through my Lord Cardinal's means to have no nay thereof. The Bishop's offer is only 200l., whilst she holds it at 300l. Asks Cecil's opinion, which she will stand by. Mr. Issham shall report to him other matters of the Earl's on which advice is required.—Woburn, 31 October 1556.
1 p.
505. Sir Philip Hoby to Sir Wm. Cecil.
1556, Nov. [29]. Departing suddenly the writer leaves Cecil unseen not unsaluted, nor his friend the bearer unrecommended, in whose business he begs him to work as he has determined.—From Blackfriars this Sunday.
Endorsed :— 28 Nov. 1556, “for Mr. Dr. Standish.”
½ p.
Modern copy of preceding.
506. Sir Philip Hoby to [Sir Wm. Cecil].
1556, Dec. [10]. I received yours of the 9th. What unreasonable a request is meant by demanding 400l. It should not be more than half, whereof I take my lord's own word to witness, who promised I should pay for no woods save as surveyed by his officers, &c. Mr. Secretary Bourne, though therewith in hand, will surely not buy anything out of mine to the hindrance of a young man, my son-in-law, unable to overbid him. Through him whom the matter concerneth let me hear if I should come to London. Of my lady's daughter (in hope of a son hereafter) I trust ye be now no sorrowful man, and the sooner to see you here.—This Thursday, Byssham.
Endorsed in a contemporary hand :—“12 Dec. 1556.”
1 p.
507. Sir Rich. Wingfield to Sir Wm. Cecil.
1556, Dec. 14. Thanks him for his offer. Cannot travel for the 10l., but will set his hand to the bill Cecil's servant brings. Is not recovered of his rheum.—London the 14 Dec, 1556. [With notes in Cecil's hand of various places, beginning “Villa Warr.”]
½ p.
508. Wm. Fisher to Sir Wm. Cecil.
1556, Dec. 31. Bearer brings the Michaelmas accounts with 12l. 5s. 11d. in settlement thereof. As directed Rich. Morley has this year's wool, 33½ stone in all, at the rate you and he agreed for, 8s. 6d. a stone. He will pay before 12 January. I dare not meddle with sheep, the price is so unreasonable. The order of your farmers is not what it should be for lack of a court keeping. Certain tenants complain that Harry Horner overpresseth the commons with keeping 500 sheep, more than was ever wont to be kept on that farm, and say that if you had a court you would so pain him that there would soon be redress.—From Grantham, the last day of December.
Endorsed by Cecil :—“1556.”
509. Sir Wm, Cecil's Sheep.
1556. Account of Sir W. Cecil's sheep at Grantham.
In Cecil's hand. 1 p.