Cecil Papers: September 1577

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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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September 1577

478. Sir A. Champernoun to Lord Burghley.
1577, Sept. 2. Occurrents at Rochelle. The King had Bourage yielded unto him by composition 18 August last, the soldiers within departing with ensigns displayed and their cannons, munition &c. brought to Rochelle to the King's charges. Before yielding they made a sally, and repulsed the King's forces from their ordnance, which they kept three hours, slaying 500 of the enemy, and losing only 50, whereof the Governor was one. The Admiral of the Rochelle fleet, the “Prince,” was sunk by a galley, and the Vice-admiral taken. There was a massacre pretended to be done in Rochelle 1 August, but the King's letters sent for that purpose were intercepted, and the gentlemen who bore them quartered, and thrown over the walls. The Prince of Condé left Rochelle August 17 with 400 horse to meet the King of Navarre at Poincts. The King's power that was before Bourage is now before St. Martin, but they of the Isle make little account of them.—Dartington, 2 Sep. 1577.
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479. Sir N. White, Master of the Rolls (Ireland), to Lord Burghley.
1577. Sept. 18. Has told the Lord Deputy he wrote into England not to his disadvantage, but about cess matters, and that he was not consenting to so much of the cess as was extortion, in like manner as he had been against coin and livery. The Chancellor goeth over furnished with all things needful to be said touching Ireland, after search into the rolls and records, whereof he has carried many away. Sends over his nephew to confer with Sir Francis Knollys touching his ward.—St. Katherine's this 18th of Sept. 1577.
480. Jasper Swyfte to the Earl of Lincoln.
1577, Sept. 25. Reports the drying, sorting, and housing of 1346 hides.—From Thomas Beket's house in the Wight, 25 Sept. 1577.
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