Cecil Papers: February 1577

Pages 147-148

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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February 1577

441. Benjamin Gonson and Wm. Holstock to the Lord High Admiral.
1576/7, Feb. 2. In accordance with her Majesty's warrant and his lordship's letter, have been to Chatham and viewed the ship called “The Ayde,” the hull of which they value at 500l., and her masts, yards, and other tackle at 250l.—London, 2 Feb. 1576.
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442. The Privy Council to Lord Burghley.
1576/7, Feb. 3. Her Majesty having been given to understand that by the recent exportation of large quantities of beer from this country, the prices of “bread and drincke corne” are said to be much increased in many places, is pleased to direct that no further exportation shall take place for the space of four months.—Hampton Court, 3 Feb. 1576.
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443. Christopher Hatton to Lord Burghley.
1576/7, Feb. 4. Mr. Lewis. Dyve having made suit to her Majesty for the purchase of the Parsonage of Stevington, Co. Bedford, her highness' pleasure is that his lordship should give order for the drawing up of his book accordingly, rating the same at the usual number of years' purchase in passing rectories.—The Court, 5 Feb. 1576.
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444. The Archbishop of Canterbury to Lord Burghley.
1576/7, Feb. 7. With reference to the decayed churches in Romney marsh, has given charge to his officers to see the same reformed. The difficulty herein appears to be that, the owners of the soil dwelling outside the parish and having pulled down most part of the best houses therein leaving only the cottages, the question arises whether the said owners are not responsible for the repairing of the church,—Lambeth. 7 Feb. 1576.
1 p. [Murdin, p. 304. In extenso.]
445. Lord Burghley to the Lord High Admiral.
1576/7, Feb. 15. The bonds for the repayment to Her Majesty of the sum of 250l. having been duly executed, the ship called “the Ayde” may be delivered to Martin Frobisher and the other Adventurers to the West Indies without further delay.—The Court, 15 Feb. 1576.
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446. Sir R. Sadleir to Lord Burghley.
1576/7, Feb. 18. Has received his lordship's letters advertising him that the Queen is informed “that he has made great multitude of grants to his sons and many of them in reversion, which they have sold excessively to others.”
Complains grievously of being thus misreported, and as it seems almost condemned before being heard. Begs his lordship to influence her Majesty to commit the matter to the hearing and examination of such as it may please her to appoint.—From the Duchy House at the Savoy. 18 Feb. 1577.
1 p. [Murdin, p. 305. In extenso.]
447. The Queen to Lord Burghley and Sir Walter Mildmay.
1576/7, Feb. 23. Warrant under the Signet for grant of lands in fee farm of 100l. a year to Henry Knolles, his heirs and assigns for ever, to be taken of entire manors, the tenure in socage.—Westminster, 23 February, 1576.
Sign Manual. Countersigned :—Windebank.
Sealed and endorsed. Vellum, 1m.