Cecil Papers: April 1573

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1888.

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'Cecil Papers: April 1573', in Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582( London, 1888), British History Online https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp49-50 [accessed 12 July 2024].

'Cecil Papers: April 1573', in Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582( London, 1888), British History Online, accessed July 12, 2024, https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp49-50.

"Cecil Papers: April 1573". Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 2, 1572-1582. (London, 1888), , British History Online. Web. 12 July 2024. https://www.british-history.ac.uk/cal-cecil-papers/vol2/pp49-50.

April 1573

122. The Governor (Thomas Heton) and the Assistants of the Company of Merchant Adventurers to the Prince [of Orange].
1573, April 15. Inasmuch as a treaty has been recently concluded between the Queen [of England] and the King of Spain to restore to its former liberty the traffic of merchandise in their countries, the writers are desirous to acquaint his Excellency with the same, especially as it would be insupportable for the inhabitants of Holland and Zeeland to have free access to this kingdom on this account, and the other subjects of the said King to be hindered. They think that so far as these negotiations concern the Low Countries, they should be carried out by those who are privileged for the same, these being the Merchant Adventurers and those of the Staple of Wools alone. They have decided to send to the merchants of Flushing two of their company, viz., Richard Goddard and George Southait (Southey) to deliver orders in this matter. Are well assured that his Excellency and those of Flushing will freely allow the company to pass and repass. The bearer of this, William de Nieveult, will further declare their intentions. They beseech the Prince to write to those of Flushing, so that there may be no restriction of the liberty so necessary for those of Holland and Zeeland.
Copy. French. 2 pp.
123. Sir Francis Knollys to Lord Burghley.
1573, April 21. Will not trouble his lordship with the complaint in his last letter sent to him by Harry Knollys, but is informed that yesterday sennight Mr. Cofferer, being in the Privy Chamber, did not (in making suit to her majesty for the reversion in lease of Battle and Blewbery) forbear to say that Mr. Hatton had promised him his good will thereof, as though Mr. Hatton had ceased his suit in that behalf, for his sake. Whereas Burghley, at Windsor, caused Sir Francis to thank Mr. Hatton for his courteous speech to the Queen in his behalf, when, understanding that Sir Francis was suitor for the same, and for the rent-corn of the same farms, he ceased to further himself in that suit, for the sake of Sir Francis. Fears he shall be disgraced diversely, unless Burghley stands his good lord “in these cunning and troublesome times.”—21 April 1573.
1 p.
124. Sir William Drury to Lord Burghley.
1573, April 28. Has received his lordship's letters of the 11th inst., wherein he finds a certain hope of some “near towardness” of Grange's leaving the Castle by treaty. Wishes it were so, but has found the clean contrary. Sends his servant, by whom his lordship may perceive what perverse mind Grange is now in, whose obstinate answer to his letter of summons Sir William has received with little contentment. Desires Burghley to give credit to the bearer.—Edinburgh, 28 April, 1573.
Seal. ¾ p. [Murdin, p. 244. In extenso.]
125. Sir Fras. Knollys to Lord Burghley and the Chancellor of the Exchequer.
1573, April 27, Asking them to rate his fine upon the particular for the rent corn off “Battayle and Bluberie” herewith presented.—Greenwich, 27 April 1573.
½ p.
126. The Spanish Debt.
1573, April. A note by Sir Thomas Gresham of monies due to the Spaniards, amounting to £18,412 14s. 2d.
Endorsed by Burghley :—“Apr. 1573.”
½ p. [Murdin, p. 244. In extenso.]