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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 21, 1609-1612. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1970.

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Gaddesby (Gradsby), co. Leicester
-, 232

Gage, Edward, uncle of Sir Henry Guildford
-, 52

Gainford (Gainforth), co. Durham
-, trees sold at, 60, 66, 72, 73, 79(2), 88
-, 119, 136
-, Keeper of. See Brackenbury, Francis

Gainforth. See Gainford

Gainsford Wood. See Gainford

Galbraith (Galbrieth), Francis, Sergeant of the Pantry
-, his pension, 308

Galen, Roman physician
-, reference to, 366

Galien, Emperor of Rome
-, Viscount Cranborne visits ruins of his palace at Bordeaux, 107

Gall, Francis, Clerk of the Signet
-, 353, 358(2), 360, 361

Gallawaye. See Galway

Galloway, Patrick. See Galway, Patrick

Galway (Gallawaye), co. Galway, Ireland
-, benefits enjoyed by freemen of, 304, 305

Galway (Galloway), Patrick, a Scottish minister
-, his pension bought by Ingram, 180

Gamull, William, Mayor of Chester
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 67, 135

Gant. See Ghent

Garaway, Mr. See Garway, William

Garbrand, Tobias, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford
-, signs letter to Earl of Salisbury, 260

Garda (Guarda), Lake [Italy]
-, Viscount Cranborne visits, 242

Gardener, Humphrey, a London gunmaker
-, questioned about his sale of pocket dags, 221(3)

Gardon, River [France]
-, 109

Garnish, Nicholas, of Redisham, co. Suffolk
-, indicted for offence of depopulation, 91

Garonne, River [France]
-, 107(4)

Garroway. See Garway

Garstang (Garstange), William, of Broughton, co. Lancs.
-, involved in case of attempted conveyance of calf-skins abroad, 257, 258(5)
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 258

Garter, Order of the
-, book in folio of the founders of, 68
-, bestowed by King on Prince of Orange, 353, 356
-, Chancellor of. See More, Sir George

Garter, Knights of the
-, 343, 358

Garve (Garvey), Neal, Irish rebel
-, 103

Garvey, Neale. See Garve, Neal

Garway (Garroway), co. Hereford
-, letter dated from, 58

Garway (Garaway), William, of St. Peter the Poor, London, contractor for sale of Crown lands and a farmer of the Customs
-, 128(2), 179, 361

Gascoigne, Sir William, of Castle Leavington, co. Yorks.
-, concerned with repair of Raby Castle, 136

Gatehouse, The, prison, Westminster, London
-, letters dated from, 9, 193
-, 343
-, Keeper of. See Meysy, William

Gatinare. See Gattinara

Gatley, Mary
-, granted alms room in the parish of St. Ethelburg, 362

Gattinara (Gatinare), Mercurino Arboris, Count of Gattinara
-, commands fortress of Montmlian, 238

Gaudy, Lord. See Gawdy, Sir Francis

Gaunt. See Ghent

Gavell, Edmund, of Weybridge, co. Surrey
-, 27
-, signs valuation of King's land, 64

Gawdy (Gaudy), Sir Francis, Chief Justice of the Common Pleas
-, mentioned, 194

Gawsworth, Cheshire
-, 206

Geddes. See Geddes, John

Geddes, John, formerly in the King's service in Scotland
-, reference to his copying of King's book, 83

Geneva (Genewe) [Switzerland]
-, Michell's behaviour in, 25
-, 26, 156
-, Terrail executed at, 51
-, Viscount Cranborne's description of, 111
-, King's resolution to oppose Duke of Savoy's aggression against, 210

Genett, Guillaume de, in the service of the Duke of Rohan
-, sent to England to buy horses, 50

Genewe. See Geneva

Genoa [Italy]
-, Tyrone's agents travel between Rome and Spain via, 88,
-, King in debt to the Palavicini of, 202

Gre (Gire), River [France]
-, provides water power for industry at Vienne, 110

-, Wotton's memorandum on his proposed visit to Princes of, 75, 76
-, 79, 89, 114, 202, 298
-, King refuses sale and transport of English ordnance to Dukes and Princes of, 94
-, bad weather prevents Viscount Cranborne from visiting, 111
-, contention between Protestants in, 116
-, factors of Merchant Adventurers arrested in Hanseatic cities, 225
-, proposed dynastic marriages between Savoy and England disliked in, 345
-, King orders treaty to be concluded with Protestant Union of, 354
-, Prince of Orange suggests that confederation to defend Protestantism includes Princes of, 355

Ghent (Gaunt, Gant) [East Flanders, Belgium]
-, furnishes bonds for repayment of English loan to insurgent Low Countries, 58
-, Viscount Cranborne at, 248
-, dominated by Spanish garrison, 248

Gibb, John, Groom of the Bedchamber
-, his pension, 308

Gibbons, Orlando, organist of the Chapel Royal
-, his suit, 338

Gibson, Mr. See Gibson, Walter

Gibson, Sir John, member of the Council of the North
-, 34

Gibson, Walter, a commissioner for the sale of the King's woods
-, sells woods to Earl of Shrewsbury, 54
-, 59
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury and Caesar, 178

Gibson, William, Fellow of Peterhouse, Cambridge
-, signs letter of thanks to Earl of Salisbury, 15

Giffard (Gifford), Richard, of Tytherley and Lockerley, co. Hants.
-, his name on Sheriffs' Roll, 187

Gifford, Dr. See Gifford, William

Gifford, Richard. See Giffard, Richard

Gifford (Gyfford), Richard, seacaptain and privateer
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 271, 293
-, committed to prison, 271

Gifford, William, English Catholic and Benedictine
-, 256

Gilbert, Adrian, explorer, halfbrother to Sir Walter Ralegh
-, defendant in legal proceedings, 153

Gilbert, Margaret, daughter of Howel Gilbert, tenant of the Barony of Powys, co. Montgomery
-, her wardship, 324

Gilbourne, Sir Nicholas, of Charing, co. Kent
-, 32

Giles (Gyles), Nathaniel, Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford
-, signs joint letter to Earl of Salisbury, 260

Gillingham, co. Dorset
-, Forest and Park listed as Queen's property, 185
-, Queen's manor of, 374

Gimingham (Gymingham), co. Norfolk
-, disturbances on manor of, 235

Ginlett, Richard, of Spaldwick, co. Hunts.
-, indicted for offence of depopulation, 90

Girdlers, Corporation of, London
-, licensed to erect hospital, 352

Gire, River. See Gre

Girling, William, yeoman, of Walpole, co. Suffolk
-, indicted for offence of depopulation, 91

Giron, Don Fernando, Knight of Malta, Spanish Ambassador Extraordinary to England
-, his negotiations with King, 13
-, returns to Brussels, 18

-, reference to furnaces for manufacture of, 292

-, proposal to import, 294

Glastonbury, co. Somerset
-, stewardship of, 373

Glemham, Lady Anne, daughter of Thomas Sackville, Earl of Dorset, and wife of Sir Henry Glemham, of Little Glemham, co. Suffolk
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 133

Gloucester, co. Gloucester
-, protest against jurisdiction of Council of Wales by inhabitants of, 278

Gloucester, co. Gloucester
-, Honour of, 313

-, recusants in, 228, 300, 360
-, protest against jurisdiction of Council of Wales by inhabitants of, 278
-, 342, 363, 367

Glover, Richard, a London pewterer
-, request to release quantity of tin for the use of, 145

Glover, Sir Thomas, English Ambassador to Turkey
-, 138

Glover, William, Surveyor of Norfolk and Suffolk
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 235

Goad (Gode), Roger, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 53, 195
-, 147
-, agrees that the election of Pemberton is void, 160
-, his son. See Goad, Roger

Goad, Roger, son of Roger Goad, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University
-, fatally wounded by Lisle, 53
-, Star Chamber to investigate assault on, 53, 195
-, further reference to case of, 196

Goche, Barnabas, Vice-Chancellor of Cambridge University
-, Earl of Salisbury writes to, 323

Gode, Doctor. See Goad, Roger

Godley Corner or Brill Hill, co. Bucks.
-, 222

Godolphin, Sir William, of Breage, co. Cornwall
-, named commissioner to investigate piracy in Cornwall, 10
-, 74
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 146
-, sends piece of ambergris as present to Earl of Salisbury, 146
-, begs not to be appointed sheriff, 146

Gofton, Sir Francis, of London, Auditor of Prests in the Exchequer
-, petition from, 311
-, 358

Goldfinch, Henry, of co. Cork, Ireland
-, petition to Privy Council, 278

Golding, Percival
-, pedigrees delivered to, 68

Goldsmiths, Company of, London
-, new Lord Mayor a member of, 317 and n.

Gontherant (Gunterod, Guntrodt) Sir Henri de, a naturalised German
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 40
-, 236, 279, 298

Goodale, Thomas. See Goodall, Thomas

Goodall (Goodale), Thomas, a London surgeon
-, named as one of Sir Robert Stewart's sureties, 165

Goodere, Sir Henry. See Goodyer, Sir Henry

Goodshaw, Robert, Queen's messenger
-, petition to Earl of Salisbury, 324

Goodwin, Sir Francis, of Wooburn Deyncourt, co. Bucks.
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 75

Goodyer, Sir Henry, literary patron
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 46, 205

Gordon (Gourdon), George, Lord, son of George Gordon, Earl of Huntley
-, 317

Gordon, John, Dean of Salisbury
-, 313, 330
-, granted authority of J.P. in Salisbury, 330

Gordon, Patrick, English agent at the Court of Poland
-, 315

Gorges, Sir Arthur, of Chelsea, poet and translator
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 253

Gorges, Theobald (Tibbot), nephew of Sir Arthur Gorges
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 103
-, reports on his study of foreign languages, 103

Gorges, Sir Thomas, of Langford, co. Wilts., Keeper of Hurst Castle
-, 14
-, reference to his death, 251

Gosnoll, Thomas, of London
-, 347

Gourdon, Lord. See Gordon, George

Gradsby. See Gaddesby

Grafton, co. Oxford
-, deer killed at, 136

Graham (Grayme, Gryme), Sir John, Gentleman of the Bedchamber
-, his pension bought by Francis, 180
-, his pension, 308
-, King's gift of money to, 358

Graie's Inn, See Gray's Inn

Grand, Monsr. le. see St. Lary, Roger de

Grave, Robert, yeoman of the King's Toyle
-, 336

Gravelines (Grevelinnes, Grevelinge) [Nord, France]
-, Viscount Cranborne passes through, 248

Gravenor, , a draper at Hertford
-, informed of alleged treasure at Hertford Castle, 128

Gravesend, co. Kent
-, ships from Dunkirk to be searched for Catholic literature at, 61
-, Winwood travels to Holland via, 120
-, new ordnance made for fort at, 174
-, letter dated from, 214
-, priests arrested and Catholic literature confiscated at, 214
-, coal illegally unloaded and sold at, 230, 231
-, Lord Chamberlain to meet Marshal of Poland at, 290
-, manor of, 329

Gray, Sir John. See Grey, Sir John

Gray, Captain
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 7, 21

Graye, Dorothy, Lady. See Grey, Dorothy, Lady

Grayes. See Rotherfield Greys

Grayme, Sir John. See Graham, Sir John

Gray's Inn (Graie's Inn), London 201, 373

Great Britain
-, Dutch alleged to be besieging Archduke's ships in ports of, 369

Greatham (Greetham), co. Durham
-, advowson of the Hospital at, 73
-, Master of the Hospital at, See Dethick, Henry

Great Seal, The (of England)
-, 6, 294, 320, 348
-, misabuse of, 349

Great Seal, The (of Ireland)
-, 351

Great Turk, The. See Ahmed I

Great Wardrobe, The
-, 315, 342, 352
-, warrants to, 340, 346(2), 349
-, Master of. See Aston, Sir Roger
-, Yeoman Tailor of. See Rowe, Nicholas, Young, John

Greaves, Francis (Greves, Frauncis), a London pewterer
-, request to release quantity of tin for the use of, 145

Greaves or Greves, Richard, of Moseley, co. Worcester
-, his name on Sheriffs' Roll, 187

Greaves (Greves), Richard
-, grant to, 331

Green, Peter, in the service of Sir Griffin Markham
-, indiscreet behaviour of, 167

Greene. See Wisborough Green

Greene, Mr. See Greene, John

Greene, John, of Sampford, co. Essex
-, his recusancy reported to Earl of Salisbury, 174

Greene, John, a Scotsman
-, killed by Arnott, 361

-, issues of, 359

Greenwich (Grenwich), co. Kent
-, letters dated from, 59, 64, 65, 66, 68, 84
-, 71, 271, 296, 329
-, the Armoury at, 301
-, the Queen's garden at, 340
-, complaint about the state of the town of, 368

Greetham Hospital. See Greatham

Gregory, Robert, King's searcher at Poole
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 51

Gregson, William [? of Berwick, co. Northumberland]
-, witnesses bond, 29

Grenoble [Isre, France]
-, seat of the Parlement of Dauphin, 110

Grent, John, surveyor of ships
-, 357

Gresham, Sir Thomas, founder of the Royal Exchange
-, mentioned, 50

Gresham, Thomas, of Tilsey, co. Surrey
-, his name on Sheriffs' Roll, 187

Grevelinnes. See Gravelines

Greves. See Greaves

Greville, Sir Edward, of Milcote, co. Warwick
-, his case recommended to attention of Privy Council, 185

Greville, Thomasin, of Sezincote, co. Gloucester, recusant
-, subject to forfeiture, 360

Grey, Lord. See Grey, Thomas

Grey (Graye), Dorothy, Lady, widow of Arthur Grey, 14th Lord Grey of Wilton
-, letter to Sir Charles Cornwallis, 48

Grey, Edward, of Morpeth, co. Northumberland
-, named Commissioner for the North, 180

Grey, Jane Sibilla, mother of Thomas Grey, 15th Lord Grey of Wilton
-, 47

Grey, Sir John, of Bradgate, co. Leicester
-, signs joint letter to Earl of Salisbury, 70

Grey, John
-, 228, 259

Grey, Thomas, 15th Lord Grey of Wilton, attainted
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury from the Tower, 47
-, his mother. See Jane Sibilla

Greyes. See Rotherfield Greys

Griffin, John, of King's College, Cambridge
-, accessory to Lisle's assault on Goad, 195

Grimesditch, John [? of Woolley, co. Yorks.]
-, purchaser of a pension, 180

Groyne, The. See Corunna

Gryme. See Gryme, George

Gryme, Sir John. See Graham, Sir John

Gryme, George, of Gimingham, co. Norfolk
-, riotous proceedings of, 235

Guadalesco, Philip de Cardonne, Marquis of, Spanish Ambassador at Brussels
-, forced by Edmondes to discard his favourable treatment of Hugh Owen, 2
-, criticises Spanish Ambassador at London, 4
-, his opinion of Philip III's attitude towards proposed peace treaty, 4
-, active in furthering peace treaty, 27
-, debates question of Jlich with French Ambassador, 89
-, discusses Cleves with Edmondes, 100

Guadalesta, Francisco de Mendoza, Marquis of, Admiral of Aragon
-, reported to have been arrested, 68

Guarda, Lake. See Garda

Guelderland [Netherlands] 354

Gueldres, Duchy of
-, Wesel, a town belonging to, 246

Guernsey, Island of
-, letter dated from, 43
-, Lord Carew leaves London for, 175
-, Lord Carew reports on state of affairs in, 227
-, Governor of. See Leighton, Sir Thomas

Guildford (Guldeforde), Sir Henry, Governor of Broyle Park
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 52, 54

Guildhall (Geldhall) The, London Lord Mayor's banquet at, 144

Guise, Charles de Lorraine, Duc de
-, welcomes Viscount Cranborne at Marseilles, 109, 138, 156

Guldeford, Sir Henry. See Guildford, Sir Henry

Gulfo Persico. See Persian Gulf

-, Privy Council emphasises importance of domestic manufacture of, 84
-, Earl of Worcester licensed to export, 196
-, King grants licence for manufacture of, 365

Gunpowder Plot
-, fire at King's stable in Farnham talked about as another, 96

Gunterod. See Gontherant, Sir Henri de

Guntrodt, Sir Henry. See Gontherant, Sir Henri de

Gurlyn, Thomas, of Bulls Hall, co. Suffolk
-, granted recusants' land, 296, 297

Gustavus Adolphus, King of Sweden Spens sent as envoy to, 362

Gyfford, Richard. See Gifford, Richard

Gyles, Nathaniel. See Giles, Nathaniel

Gymingham. See Gimingham