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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 21, 1609-1612. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1970.

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Quarles, Edward, postmaster of the Merchant Adventurers
-, 116

Queen, The. See Anne of Denmark

Queens' College, Cambridge
-, Fellowship available only for natives of Yorkshire at, 156
-, dispute over election of Proctor at, 323
-, Master of. See Tyndall, Humphrey

Quendon, co. Essex
-, 232

Questiones Miscellanae
-, written by Becanus, 76

Quinn (Quhin), Walter
-, pension granted to, 338

Quittance. See Coutances


Rabie Castle. See Raby Castle

Raby (Rabie) Castle, co. Durham
-, seat of Duke of York, 60, 66
-, 73, 119, 132, 134
-, order for repair of, 119(2), 136
-, letter dated from, 134

Raby, John, yeoman, of Upwood, co. Hunts.
-, indicted for offence of depopulation, 90

Radcliff. See Redcliff

Radcliffe, Bridget, wife of Robert Radcliffe, 5th Earl of Sussex
-, 198

Radcliffe, Henry, son of Robert Radcliffe, 5th Earl of Sussex, 198

Radcliffe, Jeremy, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge
-, signs joint letter to Earl of Salisbury, 198

Radcliffe, Robert, 5th Earl of Sussex
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 56, 197

-, sale of King's woods in, 68

Ragland, Egremont, brother of Anne Balam
-, appeal to Earl of Salisbury on behalf of, 43

Railston, John, an Undertaker in Ulster
-, permitted to transport cattle into Ireland without paying Customs duties, 271

Ralegh, Lady. See Ralegh, Elizabeth

Ralegh, Elizabeth, Lady, wife of Sir Walter Ralegh
-, letter to King, 185

Ralegh, Sir Walter, military and naval commander and author
-, reference to his attainder, 153
-, alleged legal manoeuvres of, 153, 154
-, letter to Viscount Haddington, 282
-, his proposal for another expedition in search of gold, 282

Ramsay, John, Viscount Haddington
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 36, 102, 156
-, receives anonymous appeal from member of House of Commons, 260
-, Ralegh submits proposal for another expedition in search of gold to, 282
-, his pension, 308

Ramsay, Sir George, of Dalhousie in Lothian, Scotland
-, King's gift of money to, 360

Ramsay (Ramsey), William
-, 262
-, his pension, 308

Ramsden (Ramesden), co. Essex
-, 228

Randall, Mr. See Randall, John

Randall, John, a London solicitor
-, commended for his services by Privy Council, 10

Ranes, Christopher
-, granted lands in co. Lincoln, 316

-, 32

Raphoe, Bishop of. See Knox, Andrew

Raphoe, Dean of. See O'Doghertie, Phelim

Ra's-e Halileh (Rashell) [Persia]
-, 325

Rasheley or Rashley, John, of Menabelly, co. Cornwall, Sheriff of Cornwall
-, named commissioner to investigate piracy in Cornwall, 10

Rashell. See Ra's-e Halileh

-, moved from Furnival's Inn to Staple Inn. 253

Rathborne, Aaron, a surveyor petition from, 49
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 56, 67

Ratisbon (Regenspurg) [Bavaria, Germany]
-, Diet of, 76

Ravenscroft, Anthony, Captain, former commander of foot in Ireland
-, granted pension, 316

Ravensdale Park, co. Derby
-, 285

Ravensworth, co. Yorks.
-, complaint from tenants of King's manor of, 13

Ravis, Thomas, Bishop of London
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 155
-, confiscated papist books sent to, 214
-, 231(2)

Rawlyns, Thomas, of London
-, alleged to be recusant, 296

Rawlyns, , second Clerk of the Kitchen to Prince Henry
-, 249

Raymond, John, purveyor of poultry to the King
-, payment to, 331

Read, Mr. See Read, Sir Thomas

Read, Katherine, of co. Gloucester
-, alleged to be recusant, 300

Read, Sir Thomas, 1st husband of Mildred Cecil, daughter of Thomas Cecil, 1st Earl of Exeter
-, his widow's jointure raised upon his land in Yorkshire, 50

Read (Reade), Sir William, Captain of Holy Island
-, case between King and, 66

Readheadd, Robert. See Redhead, Robert

Readman (Redman), Gabriel, of Maltby, Cleveland, co. Yorks.
-, granted recusant's property, 351

Recusants. (See under Counties)
-, reference to strength of, 327

Redcliff, St. Mary (Radcliff), parish of, Bristol
-, King's almshouse in, 339

Redgrave, John, mariner
-, engaged in shipbuilding, 329

Redhead (Readheadd), Robert, former Keeper of York Castle, now server of the King's Chamber
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 75

Redisham (Redsham), co. Suffolk
-, 91

Redman, Gabriel. See Readman, Gabriel

Redmayne, Marmaduke, deceased, former Undertaker in the plantation of Desmond lands in Munster, Ireland
-, mentioned, 341

Redmayne, Robert Chancellor of the Diocese of Norwich
-, writ of prohibition issued to, 16

Redpitsmanor Farm (Redd Pitts Farm), co. Oxford
-, 367

Red Sea
-, goods from Indies transported to Turkey through, 325

Redsham. See Redisham

Reedham, co. Norfolk
-, 232

Reeding, Mr. a beadle of the University of Cambridge
-, Bainbridge committed to custody of, 144

Regenspurg. See Ratisbon

Religion, freedom of King urged to allow, 289

Renaldes, H.
-, offers to instal "a secret conveyance" in Earl of Salisbury's house, 185

Requests, Court of
-, 163

Requests, Masters of
-, 22, 164

Reth, Baron de, envoy of Brandenburg at Brussels
-, to discuss Brandenburg's claims to Jlich and Cleves with Edmondes, 20

Revellyon, Elyn, mate on board Petre's ship
-, sent to Privy Council, 164

Reynolds, Mr.
-, 315

Rheinberg (Rhinberg) [North Rhine, Germany]
-, mentioned by Viscount Cranborne, 246

Rhinberg. See Rheinberg

Rhine (Rhin), River [Germany]
-, Viscount Cranborne travels down, 246, 247

Rhne (Rosne), River [France and Switzerland]
-, 110, 111

Ribble [ton], co. Lancs.
-, The Eagle of, 253

Ribby with Wrea (Rigbycwra), co. Lancs.
-, bailiwick of manor of, 188

Ricardott. See Richardot

Riccall (Ricall), co. Yorks.
-, sale of King's wood at, 79

Richardot (Ricardott), Jean, President of the Council of the Archduke Albert
-, agreement over Hoens with, 42
-, 45
-, pleased with letter from Earl of Salisbury, 54
-, his criticism of Spaniards, 54
-, objects to English colonisation in Virginia, 60
-, warns Edmondes of Archduke's intention to refuse King's book, 80
-, his representations on behalf of Princess of Orange ignored, 81
-, guarantees form of Spanish ratification of truce as acceptable to Dutch, 86
-, despatched to Paris to allay French suspicions over Cleves, 114, 117
-, discusses Cleves with Edmondes, 114

Richardson, John, Regius Professor of Divinity at University of Cambridge
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 13
-, elected Master of Peterhouse, 13, 15

Richardson, John, lawyer
-, letter to Wilson, 318
-, incurs censure of Earl of Salisbury, 318

Richardson, John, of Upwood, co. Hunts.
-, indicted for offence of depopulation, 90

Richmond, co. Yorks.
-, 49

Richmond (Richemont), co. Surrey
-, letters dated from, 147, 249, 253

Ricott. See Rycote

Ridgeway, Thomas, 1st Baron Ridgeway, Treasurer at War of Ireland
-, 304, 358

Rigbycwra. See Ribby with Wrea

Ringmer, co. Sussex
-, 54

Rippon (Ryppon), co. Yorks.
-, letter dated from, 56

Rivarola, Domenico, Cardinal of Nazareth
-, letter to, 319

Rivoli (St. Andre a Villane a Rivole) [Italy]
-, Viscount Cranborne at, 239

Rivoltella (Rutella) [Italy]
-, Viscount Cranborne passes through, 242

"Roades", The [Normandy, France]
-, 219

Roberts, John, seminary priest
-, allowed to leave England with French Ambassador, 95

Robertes, , a shepherd
-, granted lease by Lord Clifton at Buckworth, 89

Robinson, Edward [? of Lincoln's Inn, London]
-, petition to Earl of Salisbury, 324

Robinson, Henry, Bishop of Carlisle
-, requests timber for erection of church, 67

Roche, co. Somerset [? co. Cornwall]
-, Queen's manor of, 374

Rochefoucaut, Monsieur de la. See La Rochefoucaud

Rochester, co. Kent
-, protest against the Customer of, 230, 231

Rochester, Bishop of. See Neile, Richard

Rochester, Dean of. See Blague, Thomas

Rockingham, co. Northants.
-, request for timber from King's forest of, 7
-, letter dated from, 71

Rockingham Forest, co. Northants.
-, 3, 285

Rockingham Park, co. Northants.
-, 71, 189

Rocksteade (Rocksteede), co. Hants.
-, manor of, 269

Roe, Sir Henry. See Rowe, Sir Henry

Rogers, Edward, seminary priest
-, allowed to leave England with French Ambassador, 95

Rogerson, John, Alderman of Coventry
-, signs joint letter to Privy Council, 42

Rohan, Henri, Duke of purchases horses in England, 50

Rolls, Mastership of
-, King's grant to Sir Julius Caesar of reversion of, 292

Rolston, Lancelot, verderer of Sherwood Forest
-, signs report on misdemeanours in Sherwood Forest, 57

Rome [Italy]
-, Tyrone going to, 8
-, Michell's activities in, 25(2)
-, English College in, 25
-, dissensions amongst Irish in, 72
-, arrogant behaviour of Spanish Ambassador in, 81, 82
-, Tyrone reported to have left secretly for Spain from, 86
-, doubts raised as to Tyrone's departure from, 88
-, constant passage of Tyrone's agents between Spain and, 88
-, news from, 115
-, pilgrims at, 185
-, 205, 288
-, Manfredi executed at, 230

Romeny, William. See Romney, William

Romney (Romeny), Sir William, Alderman of London, Merchant Adventurer
-, signs letter to Earl of Salisbury from Merchant Adventurers, 43
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 234

Rookwood (Rookewood), Elizabeth, of Coldham Hall, co. Suffolk, widow of Ambrose Rookewood, executed for complicity in Gunpowder Plot
-, alleged to be recusant, 297
-, land forfeited by, 360

Rooper, Sir John. See Roper, Sir John

Roos, Lord. See Cecil, William

Rope. See Roupe, Thomas

Roper, Sir Christopher, later 2nd Baron Teynham
-, Jesuits entertained by, 63
-, His wife. See Roper, Katherine

Roper, Henry, of Mountfield, co. Essex [? co. Sussex]
-, alleged to be recusant, 232

Roper (Rooper), Sir John, Chief Clerk of the Common Pleas
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 137
-, sends gift of falcons to Earl of Salisbury, 137
-, 173

Roper, Katherine, wife of Sir Christopher Roper
-, her defiance of King's messengers, 63

Rosne, River. See Rhne

Rosny, Monsieur de. See Sully

Ross, Bishop of. See Lindsay, David

Ross (Rosse), Mr.
-, Earl of Salisbury's letter to, 370

Ross (Rosse), David
-, licensed to go to Newfoundland to procure hawks for King, 346

Rostorne. See Royston

Rotde. See Roth

Roth (Rotde) [Bavaria, Germany]
-, mentioned by Viscount Cranborne, 245

Rotherfield Greyes (Grayes), co. Oxford, seat of Baron Knollys
-, letter dated from, 249

Rotherhithe (Redrith, Redreth), co. Surrey
-, Incorporation of the Masters, Wardens and Commonalty of Shipwrights of, 357

Rothwell, Ellis, Page of the Bedchamber
-, granted recusant's lands by King, 272
-, his pension, 308

Rotterdam [S. Holland, Netherlands]
-, Viscount Cranborne at, 247
-, Winwood's threat to, 354

Rouen [Seine-Infrieure, France]
-, imposition levied upon English cloth at, 177

Roupe or Roope, Thomas, in the service of the Earl of Salisbury
-, mourner at the funeral of Earl of Salisbury, 375

Rous, Sir Anthony, of Halton, co. Cornwall
-, named commissioner to investigate piracy in Cornwall, 11

Rous (Rowse), John, of Rous Lench, co. Worcester
-, his name on Sheriffs' Roll, 187

Routh, , in the service of the Earl of Tyrone
-, arrives in Rome from Spain, 88

Rowe (Roe), Sir Henry, Lord Mayor of London [16078]
-, 231

Rowe, Nicholas, yeoman tailor in the Great Wardrobe
-, his death, 315

Rowley, Thomas, of the Company of Merchant Adventurers
-, readmitted after expulsion for marrying a foreigner, 329

Rowse, John. See Rous, John

Roydon, co. Essex
-, manor of, 314

Roye, Edward, merchant of Weymouth
-, petitions Earl of Salisbury, 226

Roye, John, merchant of Weymouth
-, petitions Earl of Salisbury, 226

Royston (Roiston, Rostorne, Rosterne, Roystorne), co. Herts.
-, letters dated from, 5, 11, 16, 18, 139, 141, 142(2), 143, 144, 146, 148, 149, 150, 159, 160, 192 (3), 197(2), 255(3), 257, 263, 269, (2), 270
-, 9, 217, 234, 265(2)
-, neglect by J.P.s of repairs to road between London and, 141

Royter, Mr.
-, 133

Ruckholts, co. Essex
-, letter dated from, 137

Rudiard, Benjamin. See Rudyerd, Benjamin

Rudolph II, Emperor
-, King sends copy of his book to, 64
-, summons Duke of Neuburg and Margrave of Brandenburg to submit territorial claims to Imperial Chamber, 82
-, his authority disregarded by Protestants of Bohemia, 82
-, grants freedom of religion to Protestants of Bohemia, 89
-, sends Archduke Leopold to Jlich to maintain his title there, 100
-, 114(2), 117, 245, 311
-, orders arrest of Merchant Adventurers and English merchants in Hanseatic towns, 225
-, King retaliates by ordering arrest of subjects of, 225

Rudyerd (Rudiard), Benjamin, poet and politician
-, receives grant of money from King, 5

Rusland. See Russia

Rusle. See Russell, Thomas

Russell, Edward, 3rd Earl of Bedford
-, 190, 329

Russell, Elizabeth, Lady, widow of John, Lord Russell, son of Francis Russell, 2nd Earl of Bedford
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 77, 78

Russell, Thomas, industrialist
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 74
-, establishes sulphur works, 74
-, receives licence to manufacture copper, 200

Russell (Rusle), Thomas, member of Christ's College, Cambridge
-, to appear before Earl of Salisbury for supporting Pemberton, 144

Russia (Rusland). See also Muscovy.
-, 79

Rutella. See Rivoltella

Rutland, Earl of. See Manners, Roger

-, sale of King's woods in, 177
-, Sheriffs' Roll for, 187

Ryce, John, a keeper in Enfield Chase
-, signs joint request to King, 151

Rycote (Rycott, Ricott), co. Oxford
-, 42
-, letters dated from, 48, 62, 68, 69, 234

Rydder (Ryder), Sir William, a London merchant and Alderman
-, 29, 348

Rydder, Mr.
-, 236, 279

Ryman, George
-, granted reversion of Keepership of Hare Warren at Hampton Court, 358

Ryppon. See Ripon