Cecil Papers: 1668

Pages 454-460

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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The Earl of Rutland to the Earl of Salisbury.
[1668 or before] September 12. "Your appoyntments to mee gave my wyfe noe repos till under her owne hande shee hadd testefyed my obedience to you. Yore grandchildren are well and oblige mee greatly by their patience. But now my sonne (of theire owne speede for riding and theire skill for huntsmanship) robs mee of all: and I will thanckfully and quietly to them all reste my selfe till I wayte upon you. The daye they pitch upon is the first of Octobre for the wedding. You will please, I beseech you, to reste your selfe heer some time before and some time after; and I beseech you to bring your hawkes for I have noe fauconier (though a very great fauconier myselfe). But you shall heare mee au plus fort de la meslee in my profession, in your bedd, at your aize: without more trouble but the hearing the jubees of huntsmen, the hornes and the crie of the houndes, and my little girles crying, whoowhoop. Then in the afternoone I shall wayte on you in an other shape or dresse, the hornes a bas, the leure comes on, and in lieu of the [ ? ] the soyez soyez resondes." Beauvoir, Sept.b the 12.
Holograph. Seal. 1 p. (200. 74.)
The Countess of Rutland to the Earl of Salisbury.
[1668 or before] September 15. "I heare by Sir Edward Sidnham that the writings are ingrossed. I pray your Lordshipe that there may be so much time befor the mariage allowed, as that my brother may have a full examination if the latter agree with the paper draught. Your grandsonns are very well but my daughters legg amends slowly. So this hasty act shews my obedience purely not judgment; nevertheles since your Lordshipe will not deferr it till my comming to London, I live in expectations to see you and my La. heare against the time appoynted."—Belvoire, Sep. 15.
Holograph. 2 pp. (200. 61.)
1668, December 9. For the funeral of William Cecil. Bill presented by the Arms painter for supplying escutcheons on buckram, shields, etc, hiring a pall of velvet and trimming the hearse.
At bottom: Receipt signed by Robert Goodwin and dated April 10, 1669.
Endorsed: "To Mr Goodwin, Herald painter, per bill 101–5–0." 1 p. (Bills 472/23.)
The Earl of Rutland to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. "I stayed your man heere because he hadd hadd a long journee, and I tooke him to see a buck rowsed; soe made him goe home agayne for his aise that hee might the more fraishly retourne to you. And I invite you to bring your howndes. I finde from experimenting itt that a doe at force shewes more wisdome in the howndes then a buck, and with such as yours is as aisely and surly killed. In truth I sawe nott a buck honestly hunted of 20 yeers before. It puts in minde that I have been a yong man in seeing my yong faits [? feats] reacted. But my mirth lasted nott long, for I was absolutly tyred. But this lettre to you refraishes mee."—Undated.
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The Earl of Rutland to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. "Plaine dealing is a jewel. I most humbley thanck you that you juge me rich in that kinde of ware; and to evidence my store of it I take the bouldenesse without compliments to tell you my humble sute, which is that, as I hope for the honneur of wayting on you some little time heer, so I desire it may bee with the least ennuy to you imaginable to that ende. Knowing my huntsmanship and yours are quite different I beseech you for your hawkes. I heare you overflye all England. I will promets you game in greate quantite; and when you have tamed the covee you shall see mee kill them agayne; and that is the hight I aspire unto, to shew my readdinesse of attendance; but in my greate ambition noe man shall egale mee, a scavoir, in truth of being your most humble and faythfull servant."—Undated.
P.S. "I most humbly kisse my Ladyes faire handes. It is to faciliter the passage for her that our sommer heer is now in its spring, and I hope it will bee soe whyles you goe back agayne. Adieu, au revoir."
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Diana, Viscountess Cranborne to James, Viscount Cranborne.
[Before December 3, 1668]. "Deare James. You have heare the request of your diing mothear; nay it is more then a request, for I bage of you upon my knes for Christ Jesus sake to pay my poore faithfull sarvant Sara Gough three hundred pound of lafull mony of Ingland, for I doe oe [owe] hir that and more, and though you have not much at presant yet part with soe much for a mothers sake, for my soule would neaver be at rest if I did think you would not doe this for mee. And I know and am parswaded in my hart that God will restore it to you ten fould, and may his marcy and goodnes be evear upon you and my deare littel gerle. And for God sake be a father to your sisters and lok aftear them and God, I know, will reward you for it. Let mee congure you as evear you loved mee and as you hope for marcy, refuse not this my last request. It is the last I shall ever make you. Deare Jams, refuse it not and my soule shall bles you and may you evear be blest. I have some things but thay will not be sofeshent to pay my debts, that I mene some fue babels [? baubles] in my closet. I wich to God thay ware worth soe much as that thay would satisfie what I do oe. If God had given me longear life I would have pad [paid] all, and if evear God dus give you an estat doe what you can to satisfie my just debts, and God will give you a reward."—Undated.
Holograph. 2 pp. (200. 95.)
[At bottom a note by Viscountess Cranborne: "This lettear I writ to my son Salisbury when he was Lord Cranborn, and now I renewe my request now he is Earle and in a condition to grant my request. The Lord God put it in your hart that you may satisfie a diing mothear request now the Lord did then restore againe, now nevear to recovear more and twill be the last I shall evear make you."]
Viscount Cranborne to Viscountess Cranborne.
[Before December 3, 1668]. "My Lord your fathers and my Ladyes great ceare (sic) and kindnesse to you in desiring you to stay with them by reason off the infection, Hattfeild being soe neere London, hinders mee pressing you to come thether." He is obliged to wait upon his grandfather who both desires and expects it. "I am verey much concerned that you have been ill of your berst (? breast)."—Undated.
Holograph. 2 pp. (200. 142.)
The Countess of Rutland to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1665]. Regrets that she was not able to visit Salisbury as arranged, but circumstances forced her to postpone the journey. Concludes with thanks to Salisbury for his "bonnes graces" to her daughter.—Undated.
Holograph. 2 pp. (200. 59.)
Viscount Cranborne to Viscountess Cranborne.
[Before December 3, 1668] "the 16." Would like to know when she proposes to go to Belvoir. "I thinke yu doe very well to take with yu onely Kate. I have noe more to say onely that if my kindnesse will make yu happie, yu are the happiest woman in the world."—"the 16."
P.S. "Remember me to the childeren, and kisse them twentey times apece foe mee. I have not yet ployed for the kandelstickes, but if I doe gett them you shall be sure to have them."
Holograph. Seal. Addressed: "For the Lady Margurite Cranborn att Hattfeild." 1 p. (200. 148.)
Viscount Cranborne to Viscountess Cranborne.
[Before December 3, 1668]. "the 15". Promises to write to her on every possible occasion since his letters give her so much satisfaction. "Your most aff. husband till death, as my Lord Choowoth sayes."
Holograph. Seal. 1 p. (200. 145.)
The Countess of Rutland to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Thanks the Earl and Countess of Salisbury for their company, and presents her services to them.— Undated.
Holograph. Seal, broken. 2 pp. (200. 67.)
Viscount Cranborne to Viscountess Cranborne.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Assures her of his constant affection. "I must begge this of you that you whould not thinke that eaney divertisment here or eaney where else can teake (sic) awae the least of my thaughtes wich eare allways wholley fixed apon you as the greatest coumfort I can have in this world. As for my altering my resolution for your going to Quxwood you need not feare it in the leaste, especialey now that I know you propound some satisfaction to your selfe in the jorney."— Undated.
Holograph. Seal. Addressed: "For the Lady Cranborn att Hattfeild." 1 p. (200. 91.)
Viscount Cranborne to Viscountess Cranborne.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Is pleased to hear that she is well, and that he will see her tomorrow. "I hope you will bringe your night clooses (sic) with you that I may have your companey at Quixwood, for though I have sport anoughfe here, yett all places ear melencholley to mee when you eare absent."— Undated.
Holograph. 1 p. (200. 144.)
John Wight, the elder, to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Is prosecuted by him for his proceedings with respect to a debt of his son's. Prays him to abandon the suit.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 713.)
Richard Vincent to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. As to lands in Salisbury's manor of Rislipp, of which he is tenant.—Undated.
½ p. (P. 1741.)
Elizabeth Tegg to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Prays him to accept surrender of the lease of West park, Rockburne.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 1757.)
John Stokes to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Of a suit which Salisbury has commenced against him with respect to the estates of Roger Kirkshaw, Salisbury's late servant. Prays his forbearance.— Undated.
1 p. (P. 714.)
William Powell and Joan his wife, daughter of William Cecil, Esq, to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. For allowance of arrears of certain lands in Monmouthshire.—Undated.
½ p. (P. 1735.)
Robert Norris and Others to [Christopher] Keighley, steward to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Pray that a mill and kiln at Myms, forfeited as a deodand, be granted to William Bowman.— Undated.
1 p. (P. 1766.)
The Mayor and Inhabitants of Marrkasew to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. They pray for his assistance against the grant of a market to Penzance, which is but two miles distant, and will be prejudicial to them.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 2076.)
Tenants of the Lordship of Easendine, co. Rutland, to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. They pray for new leases; and also to be tenants of other grounds of the Lordship which others, not dwelling within the same, have in occupation, some of them converting their pasture into tillage.
List of names at foot: Thomas Brigs and 10 others.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 2077.)
Anthony Chamberleyne to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Tenant of lands and watermill in the hamlet of Essenden, co. Rutland. Requests leave to let the same.—Undated.
¾ p. (P. 1840.)
John Keddington to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. As to a lease and for allowance for his support.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 1764.)
Elizabeth Haysam to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Complains that a lease of certain lands held by copy of Court Roll in Salisbury's manor of Cranborne, co. Dorset, is unjustly detained from her by the understeward Richard Sherfield.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 1725.)
Walter Gerrat to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. As to his tenure of Priory Warren near Blagdon Park, of which he is warden.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 1748.)
John Freeze to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. For tenancy of premises in West Lane, Redriffe Wall, Bermondsey. His defence of the tenement against William Adams and others.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 718.)
John Bellamy to the Earl of Salisbury.
[Before December 3, 1668]. Requests him to forgive his arrears of rent for land at Brigstock.—Undated.
1 p. (P. 709.)
Edward Bridall to Mr Reynolds.
[Before December 1668]. Writes to convey to him the Earl of Salisbury's directions that he is to pay the sum of £2: 17: 0 to Mr Roysagade, Edward Cecill's governor, whenever he approaches Reynolds for the money.—Undated.
Holograph. Seal, broken. 1 p. (General 103/29.)