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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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Dacke, Dorothy, wife of Robert Dacke, 166, 178.

Dacke, Robert [? of Bawdeswell, co. Norfolk], sues Tewe for non-payment of tithes, 166. 178.

Dackombe, John (later Sir John Dackombe), solicitor to the Earl of Salisbury, afterwards Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 1.
-, protests against slanderous statements made about him, 1.
-, guest at Hatfield House, 1.
-, involved in legal proceedings as executor of late Earl of Salisbury, 8.
-, 11, 34 and n, 37, 47, 56, 157.
-, his death, 56 and n.

Dackombe, Robert, Captain, of Branksea Castle, co. Dorset, reference to his death, 177.

Dackombe, Captain. See Dackombe, Robert.

Dacorum, co. Herts, free gift to King from hundred of, 15.
-, 83.
-, opposition to service amongst trained bands of hundred of, 311.

Dacres (Dakeres), Sir Thomas, of Cheshunt, co. Herts, 152, 300, 301, 311.
-, Earl of Salisbury's directive to freeholders to vote for, 209.

Dalby, , member of the jury at Franklin's trial, 24.

Dalhouse. See Ramsay, William.

Dallison (Dallyson), Sir Maximilian, of Halling, co. Kent, his estate valued at 800, 14.

Dallison, Sir Roger, LieutenantGeneral of the Ordnance, mentioned at examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 95, 101, 106, 111.

Dalmahoy, Mr, 447(2).

Dalston, Sir George, of Dalston, co. Cumberland, his suit against Bennet, 163.

Dalton, Sir John, of West Wralling, co. Cambridge, 316.

Dalton, Robert, his bill for cleaning pictures and portraits at Salisbury House, 428.

Damerham, co. Wilts, 47, 134, 395.

Damoroy (Dammerye) Court, co. Bucks, manor of, 7.

Dampier (Dampire), Henry Duval, Count of, Imperial commander, failure of assault by troop under, 122, 123.

Dampire. See Dampier.

Danby, Sir Thomas, of Thorpe Perrow, co. Yorks, 316.

Danube, River, Hungarian feat against Imperial soldiers near, 123.

Danvers, Lord. See Danvers, Henry.

Danvers (Davers), Henry, 1st Baron Danvers of Dantsey, 96.
-, appointed commissioner to consider military assistance for Palatinate, 141.

Darcy, Sir Edward, of Dartford, co. Kent, his estate valued at 1000, 14.

Darell, Sir Robert, of Calehill, Little Chart, co. Kent, his estate valued at 500, 14.

Darell (Darrell, Dorell), Thomas, of London, Steward to the Earl of Salisbury, his accounts, 403, 417, 431(2).
-, 452.

Darnley, Lord. See Stewart, Henry.

Dartford (Dartforde), co. Kent, manor of, 56.

Darts, , member of the jury at Franklin's trial, 24.

Datchworth, co. Herts, 320.

Davenport, Christopher, alias Franciscus a Sancta Clara. Franciscan and controversialist, 331.

Davenport, Randolph, in the service of Sir William Ashton, 271.

Davers, Lord. See Danvers, Henry.

Davey or Davy, Francis, of Westhall, co. Suffolk, sued for nonpayment of tithes, 178, 189.

Davies, Thomas, of Penbidwal, Walterstone, co. Hereford, letter to Brett, 17.

Davis, William, Provost-Marshal of London, prevents mob from altering position of communion table in St. Paul's, 364.

Dawes, Sir Abraham, of Putney, co. Middlesex, 360.

Deal, co. Kent, 409.

Dean, Forest of, co. Gloucester, Earl of Salisbury's loan to King to be repaid out of revenues of, 334.
-, lessees of ironworks in, 373.
-, Royalist forces destroy ironworks in, 381.
-, case concerning ironworks in, 381.
-, letter from preservators of, 401.

Deer, hunting prohibited in Enfield Chase because of reduced number of, 5.
-, 12, 83, 118, 121(2).
-, at Hatfield, 137.
-, decline in their number in Cranborne Chase, 296.
-, warrant from Fairfax to protect deer in Hatfield park, 391.

Deering, Sir Anthony, of SurrendenDeering, Pluckley, co. Kent, his estate valued at 1000, 14.

De Idiot [? alias Idiota or Raymundus, Jordannus], purchase of a work in Greek version by, 388.

Delagard, Monsieur, to buy powder for Earl of Salisbury in France, 271.

Delahay, Henry, 434.

Delahay (Delahyde), John, of Trewyn and Alt-yr-ynys, Walterstone, co. Hereford, 17, 229, 234, 434.
-, his behaviour criticized by his father, 36.
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 214, 235.
-, letter to Morgan, 215.
-, his cattle seized by Hopton's bailiff, 215.
-, letters to Hyde, 269(2).
-, criticizes Baron Trevor for his conduct of case, 269.

Delahay, Paul, of Alt-yr-ynys, Walterstone, co. Hereford, father of John Delahay, letter to Keighley, 36.

Delahyde, Mr. See Delahay, John.

Delamaine, Richard, mathematician, tutor to the Earl of Salisbury's children, 270.

Delft [S. Holland, Netherlands], King of Bohemia expected to be lodged in Prince of Orange's house at, 147.

Delinquents, revenues from sequestration and sale of estates of, 423(2).

Demosthenes, Athenian orator, purchase of his Orationes, 388.

Denham, Henry, curate of Selston, co. Notts, witnesses agreement between Pusey and Lord Capell, 362.

Denmark, King of. See Christian IV.

Denne, Mr [? William Denne, of Bursted, Bishopsbourne], co. Kent, his estate valued at 300, 13.

Denny, Lord. See Denny, Edward.

Denny, Edward, 1st Baron Denny of Waltham, accused by Lady Mary Wroth of writing defamatory verses, 160.
-, letters to Lady Wroth, 160, 162.
-, charges Lady Wroth with writing offensive book, 161.

Derby (Darby), co. Derby, 252, 253, 258(2), 265.

Derby, Countess of. See Stanley, Elizabeth.

Dereham, co. Norfolk, 78.

Derry, Lord of. See Gibson, Sir Alexander.

Despenser, Hugh le, Justiciary of England, (d. 1265), Yelverton's advice to Buckingham to consult indictment of, 149.

Devereux, Frances, Countess of Essex, wife of Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex, and later Countess of Somerset, guest at Hatfield House, 1.
-, details of her participation in the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury, 2029.
-, desires the death of Earl of Essex, 21.
-, further details of her activities revealed at Franklin's trial, 24, 2629.
-, Groom of Bedchamber to. See Clapham, Stephen.

Devereux, Robert, 3rd Earl of Essex, later General of the Parliamentary army, Savery alleged to have practised sorcery on, 21.
-, his death desired by Countess of Essex, 21.
-, serves with English forces in Palatinate, 122.
-, appointed commissioner to consider military assistance for Palatinate, 141, 144.
-, raises volunteers for States General, 193.
-, Earl of Salisbury taxed to provide horsemen for, 286.
-, 327, 373, 397, 398, 418.
-, reference to his retreat from the West, 380.
-, his soldiers quartered at Rushton, 387.

Devonshire, 7, 12, 220.
-, petition from clothiers of, 16.

Devonshire, Countess of. See Cecil, Elizabeth.

Devonshire, Earl of. See Cavendish, William.

Dewes, Captain. See Dewy, James.

Dewlish (Duelish), co. Dorset, letter dated from, 196.

Dewy (Dewes), James, Captain, of Bloxworth, co. Dorset, Parliamentary commander, his soldiers at Rushton, 388.
-, 403.

Deyall or Dalzell, Sir Robert, of Eliok, Dumfriesshire, Scotland, his jest at Court leads to grant of reversions by King, 105.

Dickenson, John, Clerk of the Privy Council, 197.

Dickenson, John, cousin of Christopher Keighley, 10.

Dieppe [Seine-Infrieure, France], fortified by Longueville against Louis XIII, 120.
-, Viscount Cranborne and Robert Cecil visit, 288.

Digby, John, Baron of Sherborne, later 1st Earl of Bristol, diplomatist, 84, 118, 141, 157, 173.
-, his opinion and verdict at examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 112.
-, his embassy to Vienna, 151.
-, to go as ambassador-extraordinary to Spain, 152, 159.
-, his annuity from Exchequer frozen by Lord Treasurer Cranfield, 159.
-, prepares to go to Spain, 159.
-, sends his steward to England with news of Prince Charles's arrival in Spain, 168.
-, letter to King, 169.
-, serves as interpreter at meeting between Prince Charles and King of Spain, 170, 171.
-, accompanies Prince Charles to Prado, 174.
-, his petition to House of Lords, 210, 224.
-, prohibited by Lord Keeper from attending Parliament, 210.
-, Duke of Buckingham accused by, 210.
-, his letters to King, 221226.
-, his annuity from Court of Wards suspended, 221.
-, prisoner in the Tower, 222.
-, charges brought in Parliament at Oxford against, 223.
-, prohibited from attending Parliament, 223, 224.
-, charged with treason, 224.
-, mentioned in Goring's answers to interrogatories concerning conspiracy against Parliament, 357.

Digges (Diggs), Sir Dudley, diplomatist, of Chilham, co. Kent, his estate valued at 800, 14.
-, 87, 167.
-, speech on articles of impeachment against Duke of Buckingham, 210.

Dillworthe (Dilworth), John, vicar of Brigstock, co. Northants, presented with Brigstock vicarage by Earl of Salisbury, 31.
-, 194.

Diodati, Giovanni, Professor of Divinity in Geneva, purchase of his Pious Annotations upon the Holy Bible, 388.

Dirleton, Lady. See Maxwell, Elizabeth.

Dirlton, Lord. See Maxwell, James.

Diurnall, purchased, 383, 385, 390.

Dives, Sir Lewis. See Dyve, Sir Lewis.

Dixon (Dyxon), Mr [? Henry Dixon, of Hilden, Tunbridge], co. Kent, his estate valued at 400, 14.

Dixon (Dyxson), Robert, merchant, of London, 255, 257.

Dixon, Thomas, Clerk of the Kitchen at Hatfield House, his accounts, 426.

Dixon (Dyxson), Mr, 250.

Dobscrost Mead, Hatfield, co. Herts, 114.

Docwra (Dockwray), Sir Henry, of Culmore, co. Londonderry, Treasurer at War of Ireland, mentioned in examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 107.

Docwra, Periam (Perient), of Pirton, co. Herts, to show his horse and arms to Earl of Salisbury, 320.

Dodderidge (Dodritche), Sir John, Judge of the King's Bench, 203.

Doddington, William, of Mere, co. Wilts, signs joint letter to Earl of Salisbury, 196.
-, recommends dismissal of Sherfield, 196.

Dodritche, Judge, See Dodderidge, Sir John.

Dodson, John, draper, of London, 252.

Dohna, Achatius, Baron de (Dona Achatus de), Ambassador of the King of Bohemia in England, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 177, 121, 129(2).
-, requests contributions to assist King of Bohemia, 117, 121.
-, quarrel between Sir Edward Cecil and, 118.
-, response of inhabitants of Hertfordshire to appeal from, 124126.
-, receives money contributed by inhabitants of Hertfordshire towards Bohemian cause, 127.
-, requests Earl of Salisbury to forward Hertfordshire contributions to him, 129(2).
-, report on his audience with King, 129.
-, Sir Edwin Sandys questioned about his meeting with, 156.

Dona, Achatus de. See Dohna, Achatius de.

Doncaster, Viscount. See Hay, James.

Donne, Sir Daniel, Dean of the Court of Arches, writ of prohibition directed to, 16.

Dorchester, co. Dorset, letter dated from, 177.
-, 320.
-, munition and ordnance in, 353.
-, military forces at, 354.

Dorchester, Lord. See Pierrepont, Henry.

Dormer, Anne Sophie, wife of Robert Dormer, 1st Earl of Carnarvon, 267.

Dorrell, Mr. See Darell, Thomas.

Dorset, Earl of. See Sackville, Edward.

Dorsetshire, the plague in, 39.
-, 59, 76, 195, 200.
-, surveys of munition, ordnance and military forces in, 353, 354.
-, disbanding of troops in, 403.

Dorsington, co. Gloucester, 378.

Douglas, William, 7th Earl of Morton, his nomination by King as Chancellor of Scotland rejected by Scottish Parliament, 365, 366.
-, dispute between Earl of Argyle and, 365, 366.

Doutwait. See Dowthwaite, William.

Dover, co. Kent, men levied in Hertfordshire for service under Mansfeld to embark at, 197, 200.
-, King to journey to, 205.

Downs (Dunes), The, 219, 220, 409(2).

Downton, Paul, letter to Earl of Pembroke, 256.

Dowsett, Richard, of Thorley, co. Herts, a high constable of Braughing hundred, 126.

Dowthwaite (Doutwait, Douthwaite, Dowthwayte), William [? of Bridgwater, co. Somerset and Lincoln's Inn], bailiff of Cranborne later solicitor to the Earl of Salisbury, 56, 58, 59(2), 60, 76, 77, 158n.
-, letter to Roger Reseigh, 144.
-, letter to Roger Oliver, 150.
-, letter to Earl of Salisbury, 157.
-, leaves Earl of Salisbury's service, 158.
-, Sherfield's views on case of, 163.

Drayton, Michael, poet, purchase of his Poems, 383.

Dreux [Eure-et-Loir, France], handed over by Louis XIII to Comte de Soissons, 124.

Drexelius, Jerome, of Augsburg, German theological writer, his Considerations upon Eternitie purchased for Edward Cecil, 383.

Drury (Drurye), Edmund, of Gayton, co. Norfolk, sued for non-payment of tithes, 18.

Drury, Sir Robert, of Rougham, co. Suffolk, 16.

Dublin, Ireland, letters dated from, 274, 280, 282, 283, 316.

Dudley, , in the service of Sir Thomas Shirley, in Naples, 52.

Duelish. See Dewlish.

Duels, prevalence of, 30.
-, 79, 274, 368.

Duke, Sir Edward, of Cosington, Aylesford, co. Kent, his estate valued at 400, 14.

Du Moulin (Molineus), Pierre, the elder, French Protestant writer and Professor of Divinity at Sedan, purchase of work by, 286.

Dunbarton (Dumbarton), Dunbartonshire, Scotland, Scots fortify castle of, 335.
-, 336.

Duncan (Dunkine), footman in the service of the Earl of Salisbury, 289.

Dunes. See Downs.

Dungarvan, Lady. See Clifford, Elizabeth.

Dungarvan, Lord. See Boyle, Richard.

Dunkine. See Duncan.

Dunkirk [Nord, France], thought to contain boats for possible invasion of England, 217.
-, reference to damage caused by pirates of, 347.

Duport, Mr. See Duport, James.

Duport, James, Fellow of Trinity College, Cambridge, tutor to Algernon Cecil, his bills, 388, 391.
-, letters to Lord, 394, 396.
-, doubtful about Algernon Cecil's progress at Cambridge University, 394.

Duppa, Brian, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Oxford, sends book of verses to Earl of Salisbury, 270.

Durham, Bishopric of, 325.

Dutch Congregation in London, send petition concerning their grievances to King, 40.

Dutchland. See Germany.

Dyke, Mr, of Brenchley, co. Kent, his estate valued at 500, 14.

Dyve (Dives), Sir Lewis, of Bromham, co. Beds, Royalist commander, 380, 410.