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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 22, 1612-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1971.

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Fagge (Fage), Mr [? Edward Fagge, of Ewell, Faversham], co. Kent, his estate valued at 800, 14.

Fairfax, Sir Thomas, of Denton and Nun Appleton, co. Yorks, later 3rd Baron Fairfax of Cameron, Commander-inChief of Parliamentary forces, payments towards army of, 379, 380, 385(2), 386, 391(2), 402, 403(2).
-, his letters published, 385(2).
-, his soldiers at Rushton, 388.
-, issues warrant to protect deer in Hatfield Park, 391.
-, criticised in a pamphlet, 397.
-, letter to Colonel Horton, 401.
-, issues warrant to protect deer in Enfield Chase, 403.
-, attacked in the tract called New Magna Charta, 405.

Fairwood, Cranborne, co. Dorset, tithes of, 392.

Falkener, John, summoned as witness in case between Earl of Exeter and Sir Thomas Lake, 68.

Falmouth, co. Cornwall, new fort at, 77.
-, 444.

Falthrop (Ffalthrop), Thomas, of Giggleswicke, co. Yorks, and Peterhouse, Cambridge University, later Rector of Little Berkhampstead, co. Herts, letter to Carter, 19.

Fanchurche Street. See Fenchurch Street.

Fane, Sir Francis, of Mereworth, co. Kent, his estate valued at 3000, 14.

Fane, Sir George, of Burston, Hunton, co. Kent, his estate valued at 800, 14.

Fane, Sir Henry, of Hadlow, co. Kent, his estate valued at (?) 3000, 14.

Fanshawe, Mr. See Fanshawe, Henry.

Fanshawe, Henry, of Ware Park, co. Herts, elected M.P. for Hertford, 205 and n.

Farmery (Farmory), John, Chancellor of Lincoln diocese, articles of inquiry into gratuities given to, 365.

Farmory, Dr. See Farmery, John.

Farnell, Thomas [? Thomas Furnell, of Gray's Inn, London], involved in legal proceedings, 40.

Farnese, Alessandro, Prince of Parma, his portrait at Salisbury House, 251.

Faukenbrieg, Lord. See Belasyse, Thomas.

Feakes, Mr, a London goldsmith, 257.

Feathers (Ffethers), James [? of Alderholt, co. Dorset], granted plot on Earl of Salisbury's waste at Alderholt, 236.

Felton, John, Lieutenant, description of assassination of Duke of Buckingham by, 244, 245.

Felton, Nicholas, Bishop of Bristol, later Bishop of Ely, requested to contribute towards theological college in Chelsea, 57.
-, his verdict at examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 112.
-, in favour of referring Yelverton to King's clemency, 132.

Fenchurch (Fanchurche) Street, London, 234.

Fenton, Joseph, a London surgeon, endorses certificate, 2.

Fenton, Lord. See Erskine, Thomas.

Ferdinand II, Emperor, deposed as King of Bohemia, 88.
-, reasons for his deposition, 92, 93.
-, said to be dominated by Jesuits, 94.
-, 119, 151.
-, alleged to have given Spinola free hand in conduct of war in Germany; 122.
-, Duke of Bavaria reconciles upper Austria and, 128.
-, prospect of war between England and, 159.
-, proposes to invest Duke of Bavaria with the Elector Palatine's electoral power, 159.
-, preparing to attack United Provinces, 192.
-, States General alarmed by expansion within Germany of power of, 230.

Ferdinand, Infante Cardinal, son of Philip III, King of Spain, later Governor of the Spanish Netherlands, meets Prince Charles, 171.

Ferrabosco (Ferrboscio, Ferraboscoe), Alfonso, musician, 395(2).

Ferrara [Italy], letter dated from, 52.

Ferrbosco (Ferraboscoe), Mr. See Ferrabosco, Alfonso.

Ferrers (Ferris), Sir John, of Markyate, Caddington, co. Herts, guest at Hatfield House, 2.

Ferris, Sir John. See Ferrers, Sir John.

Fert-Bernard (Benart), (La) [Sarthe, France], handed over to Duc de Mayenne, 124.

Fetter Lane, London, letter dated from, 204.

Fettiplace, John, guardian of Nathaniel Weston, imprisoned for undertaking armed service for Parliament, 419.

Ffarwel, Sir John, of Boughton, co. Kent, 87.

Ffaukland, Viscount. See Cary, Henry.

Ffen, Sir Robert, of Kensington, co. Middlesex, 381.

Ffines, Colonel. See Fiennes, John.

Ffountayne, Serjeant. See Fountaine, John.

Ffowles. See Fowle, Mathias.

Ffranklyn. See Franklin, James.

Ffryens. See Fryern.

Ffynch, Sir Thomas. See Finch, Sir Thomas.

Ffynnes, Mr. See Fiennes, Nathaniel.

Field (Feild), Edmund, of Aslacton, co. Norfolk, involved in case of libel, 186.

Field (Ffeilde), George, a constable of the half hundred of Hertford, 126.

Field, [? Henry Field, underkeeper of Theobalds Park], 175(2).
-, order issued for arrest of, 175.

Fiennes (Ffines, Fynes), John, Colonel, Parliamentary commander, his soldiers at Rushton, 388.

Fiennes (Ffynnes, Ffines), Nathaniel, M.P. for Banbury, later Parliamentary governor of Bristol, reports on conspiracy against Parliament, 359.
-, mentioned in tract called New Magna Charta, 411.

Fiennes, William, 1st Viscount Saye and Sele, Goring discloses conspiracy against Parliament to, 358.
-, 433.

Filer, Mr. See Fyler, George.

Filmer (Fylmer), Sir Edward, of East Sutton, co. Kent, his estate valued at (?) 400, 14.

Finch, Mr. See Finch, John.

Finch, Mr, Serjeant. See Finch, Sir Henry.

Finch, Sir Heneage, Recorder of London and Speaker of the House of Commons, 175.
-, receives peremptory order from King, 211.

Finch, (Sir) John, barrister, later Speaker of the House of Commons and Lord Keeper, acts for defence in examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 103, 107.
-, counsel for defence in Yelverton's trial, 131.
-, letters to English Lords Commissioners, 326, 327.

Finch, Sir Henry, Serjeant-at-law, acts for prosecution in examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 97.
-, 131.

Finch (Fynch), Sir Moyle, of Eastwell Place, Eastwell, co. Kent, his estate valued at (?) 1000, 14.

Finch (Ffynch), Sir Thomas, of Heneage House, London and Eastwell, co. Kent, 167.

Finch (Ffinche), Thomas, of Brickendon, co. Herts, in arrears with contribution towards defence of King of Bohemia, 126.

Finch (Fynch) Mr [? Thomas Finch, of Kingsdown], co. Kent, his estate valued at 400, 14.

Findall, Richard, witnesses Earl of Pembroke's will, 416.

Finnet, (Sir) John, of Soulton, near Dover, co. Kent, guest at Hatfield House, 2.
-, 80, 90, 91.
-, letters to Earl of Salisbury, 94, 96, 103, 105, 131.

Fisher, Captain, cornet in the troop commanded by Captain John Blunt, reference to his considerate behaviour, 379.

Fishpool (Ffishepoole) Ward, St. Albans, co. Herts, money collected towards defence of King of Bohemia within, 125.

Fiske, Ambrose, late vicar of Gayton, co. Norfolk, sues Drury for non-payment of tithes, 18.

FitzJames [? John, of Leweston, co. Dorset], 39, 215.
-, to apologize to Ashley, 215.
-, complaint about behaviour of, 417.

FitzJames, Margaret, her son's threatening behaviour towards Stillingfleet, 417.
-, petition to Earl of Salisbury, 418.

FitzJames, Captain, in charge of foot company in Dorset, 354.

Flanders, anxiety in England over alleged military preparations in, 212, 217.
-, 427.

Flche, La [Sarthe, France], Viscount Cranborne and Robert Cecil visit, 288.

Fleet (Flight, Fflete) Street, London, 165, 212.

Fleet, prison, London, Bingley to be committed to, 110.

Fleet, Mr [? of St. Johns, Isle of Thanet], co. Kent, his estate valued at 300, 13.

Fleetwood, Colonel [? Charles Fleetwood], Parliamentary commander, 402.

Fleetwood, Sir Miles, Receiver of the Court of Wards, 57, 334 and n.
-, his evidence produced at examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 98.

Fleetwood, William, Recorder of London (d. 1594), reference to, 139.

Flegge, Henry, husbandman, of Dereham, co. Norfolk, sued for non-payment of tithes, 78, 84.

Fletcher, William, signs joint petition to Coke, 38.

Flight Street. See Fleet Street.

Florence [Italy], oil from, 439.

Florence, Earl of Salisbury's race horse called, 429.

Flower, Captain, 378.

Fludd, Mr [? Thomas Fludd, of Milgate, Bersted], co. Kent, his estate valued at 400, 14.

Foale, Mr. See Fowle.

Fontainebleau [Seine-et-Marne, France], Viscount Cranborne and Robert Cecil visit, 288.

Forbes, Master of. See Forbes, Arthur.

Forbes, Arthur, Master of Forbes, charges of his regiment, 336.

Ford (Forde), co. Sussex, manor of, 56.

Fore, Paul, a London innkeeper, his evidence produced at examination of Lord Treasurer Suffolk, 100.

Foreman, Dr, implicated in conspiracy to murder Overbury, 20, 21.
-, his widow gives evidence in Turner's trial, 21.
-, received 100 for his services, 21.

Foreman, Mrs, widow of Dr Foreman, gives evidence at Anne Turner's trial, 21.

Forest, Sir Anthony, of King's Langley, co. Herts, guest at Hatfield House, 1.
-, 166.
-, witnesses marriage contract between Lady Anne Cecil and Arthur Capell, 178.

Forest (Fforrest) Robert, keeper of Old Park, Enfield Chase, 414.

Forrester, Lord. See Forrester, George.

Forrester, George, 1st Lord Forrester of Corstorphine, opposes nomination of officers of state by Scottish Privy Council, 363.

Fortescue, Captain [? Henry], guest at Hatfield House, 1.

Fortescue, Nicholas, summoned as witness in the case between Earl of Exeter and Sir Thomas Lake, 68.

Fortescue, Sir William, of Salden, co. Bucks, 151.

Foster, Lady, 395.

Fotherby, Mr [? Charles Fotherby, of Barham Court, Barham], co. Kent, his estate valued at 500, 13.

Fotherby, Dr [Martin], of Canterbury, co. Kent, his estate valued at 500, 13.

Fountaine (Ffountayne), John, Serjeant-at-law, of Salle, co. Norfolk, 447.

Fovant, co. Wilts, wounded soldiers conveyed from Cranborne to, 380.

Fowle (Foale), Mr [? John Fowle, of Sandhurst], co. Kent, his estate valued at 300, 14.

Fowle (Ffowles), Mathias, patentee of silver thread, mentioned by Yelverton in his speech in self-defence to House of Lords, 148.

Fowler, Agnes [? a bookseller in Fetter Lane, London], petition to Earl of Suffolk, 11.

Fowler, Sir Thomas, of Islington, co. Middlesex, chosen foreman of jury at Anne Turner's trial, 20.
-, 72.

Fraiser, W. J. and Eliza. See Fraser.

France, stay of English cloth in, 16.
-, adverse effects on English cloth manufacture of export of wool to, 16.
-, glass manufactured in England by natives of, 31.
-, Shirley passes through, 51.
-, Earl of Salisbury requested for hounds to send to, 85.
-, Bohemian expectations from friendship of Elector Palatine with, 89.
-, 115, 190, 201, 341.
-, disturbances in, 120(2), 151.
-, petition for peace and pardon to Louis XIII from Protestants of, 155.
-, imprisonment of Duc de Rohan gives rise to anxieties amongst Protestants of, 169.
-, Pope said to be well disposed towards, 190.
-, Valtelline dispute rouses hostility towards Spain in, 190.
-, hint by States General that King should be more restrained in his policy of intervention on behalf of Huguenots in, 231.
-, map of France in Salisbury House, 250.
-, difficulty of payments in, 247.
-, States General disinclined to treat with Spain without approval of, 259.
-, Monsieur Delagard to buy powder for Earl of Salisbury in, 271.
-, journey of Viscount Cranborne and Robert Cecil in, 288, 289.
-, Robert and Philip Cecil in, 304.
-, Scottish demands for English naval escort of their ships to, 346.
-, conspirators against Parliament expect assistance from, 359, 360.
-, reference to plunder by soldiers from France during civil war, 359, 360.
-, Scottish "incendiaries" escape to, 367.

France, Chancellor of. See Sillery.

France, King of. See Louis XIII.

France, Queen of. See Anne of Austria.

France, Queen-Mother of. See Marie de Medici.

Francis, a fool, his portrait at Salisbury House, 250.

Frankendale. See Frankenthal.

Frankenthal (Frangnendale, Frankendale) [Rheinland Pfalz, Germany], negotiations for surrender to Imperialists of, 168.
-, 187(2).

Frankfurt (am Main) (Francford) [Germany], 122.
-, Spinola fails in his design on, 128.

Franklin (Ffrancklyn), James, apothecary, of Tower Hill, London, 23.
-, indicted for his participation in the murder of Sir Thomas Overbury, 23.
-, evidence brought against, 25, 26.
-, his examination read at his trial, 26, 27.
-, his confessions to Coke, 27, 28.
-, his defence, 29.
-, condemned to death, 29.
-, exhorted by Coke to make further disclosures, 29.

Franklyn, Mr [? of Badlesmere], co. Kent, his estate valued at 300, 14.

Franquendale. See Frankenthal.

Fraser (Fraiser), Eliza, 427.

Fraser (Fraiser), J. W., letter to Eliza Frazer, 427.

Frederick I, Duke of Holstein, 84.

Frederick V, Elector Palatine and King of Bohemia, exposition of his qualifications for election as King of Bohemia, 88, 89.
-, elected King of Bohemia, 91.
-, to meet Kings of Denmark and Sweden at Nuremberg, 104.
-, his ambassador in England requests contributions for defence of, 117, 121.
-, 118(2), 119, 151, 152.
-, entertains Turkish and Hungarian ambassadors at Prague, 122.
-, contributions by inhabitants of Hertfordshire towards defence of, 124126, 127(2), 129.
-, Bethem Gabor said to be on his way with forces to assist, 128.
-, reference to his courage, 133.
-, expected in United Provinces, 147.
-, his arrival at the Hague expected, 147.
-, suggestion in House of Commons that he be given money directly and not through Exchequer, 155.
-, his agent in London. See Abraham, William.

Freeman, Robert, formerly in the service of Dr Foreman, gives evidence at the trial of Anne Turner, 21.

Freeman, Mr, Escheator of Hertfordshire, 257.

Freeze, John, petition to Earl of Salisbury, 459.

Freher, Philip, tutor to the Earl of Salisbury's children, letter to Collins, 247.

Freke, Captain, in charge of foot company in Dorset, 354.

French, William, an Irish sailor, drowned at St. Michael's Mount, 266.

French Congregation in London, submit petition concerning their grievances to King, 40.

Friars (Fryers), St. James, Norwich, property called, 16.

Frier, Sir William. See Fryer, Sir William.

Fry (Frye), William, of Alderholt, co. Dorset, guilty of encroaching on Earl of Salisbury's waste at Alderholt, 236.

Fry, Captain. See Fry, John.

Fry, John, of Tarrant Gunville, co. Dorset, Parliamentary commander, in charge of foot company in Dorset, 354.
-, 380.

Fryer (Frier), Sir William, of Maidecroft, co. Herts, Gentleman Pensioner of the King, 56.

Fryern (Ffryens), Chaldon, co. Surrey, tenement called, 430.

Fryers. See Friars.

Fulford, Sir Francis, of Little Tollard, co. Dorset, letter to Fussell, 320.

Furneux Pelham, co. Herts, money collected towards defence of King of Bohemia within parish of, 126.

Fussell, John, of Blandford, co. Dorset and New Inn, co. Middlesex, Deputy-Steward to Earl of Salisbury in Dorset and Wiltshire, later an Attorney-at-law, recommended to Earl of Salisbury, 196.
-, replaces Sherfield as DeputySteward, 200.
-, 201, 320, 374, 386.
-, letters to Keighley, 201, 229.
-, coldly received by Sherfield, 201.
-, prisoner in Newgate, London, 389.
-, informed upon by Brodnax, 389.

Fustians, 6.

Fyler (Filer), George, Rector of Cranborne, to be paid 40 annually, 209.

Fylmer, Sir Ed. See Filmer, Sir Edward.

Fynes, Edward. See Clinton, Edward.

Fynes, Mrs [? Eleanor Fynes, wife of Sir Henry Fynes, of Kirksted, co. Lincs, son of Henry Clinton or Fiennes, 2nd Earl of Lincoln], guest at Hatfield House, 1.