Cecil Papers: February 1604

Pages 126-127

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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February 1604

Thomas Rawson to Lord Cecil.
1603–4, February 12. He requests the grant of the concealed wardship of the heir of Robert Moor, co. Yorks, petitioner undertaking to prove the King's title to it at his own expense.—12 February, 1603–4.
Note at bottom signed by Cecil: "Let him resort to any two of the Counsayle of the Court, whereof Mr Surveyor or Mr Atturny to be one, and if he can shewe sufficient matter and procure an order he shall have my warrant."
1 p. (P. 1617.)
The Bailiffs of Spalding to Lord Cecil.
[? After February 19, 1603–4]. Nicholas Perry, John Oldfield, Nicholas Brymston, Thomas Greaves, William Ederich, Isaac Elwood and Thomas Bennett, Bailiffs of the late Queen Elizabeth in the manors of Spalding and Paulets in Godney, Lincolnshire. These manors have lately been assigned to the Queen as part of her jointure. Petitioners declare that they, their parents and friends have performed the duties of bailiffs for forty years. After the death of the late Queen they renewed their patents and became bound to the King for the execution of their duties, at their own charges. They have now been deprived of their offices, and request that Cecil should award them some reasonable composition to be paid by those who have been granted their bailiwicks.—Undated.
½ p. (P. 1320.)
[See Cal. S.P. Dom., 1603–10, p. 78.]
Edward Field to Lord Cecil.
[Before February 21, 1603–4]. He is a yeoman of the King's Chamber. After serving the late Queen Elizabeth for 20 years he was granted the stewardship of the manor of King's Norton in Worcestershire for life. Last September he was ordered by Cecil and the Lord Treasurer not to hold any more courts there until he had received further warrant, because the manor had been conveyed to the Queen as part of her jointure. He complied with the order and has been expecting a warrant ever since. However the suspension of the court has caused inconvenience to the tenants and proved prejudicial to the interests of the Queen. He therefore asks that he be authorized by warrant to keep the court which is held every three weeks.—Undated.
Note by Cecil: "Lett this petitioner make it appeare to the Queenes Counsayle that he hath this office by letters patent for life, and he shall have warrant for keeping of the Court."
Note by Robert Hitcham: "May it please your Lordship, I have seene a patent wherby the stewardship of Kinges Norton was lawfully graunted by the late Queene to Edward Feilde for his life, butt ther are many complaints made against him for misdemenors in his office."
1¼ pp. (P. 1627.)
[See Cal. S.P. Dom., 1603–10, pp. 68 and 72.]