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Pages 238-240

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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Dackombe, John, of Motcombe, co. Dorset and the Middle Temple, London, in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, petitions to Cecil, 166, 170.
-, granted bailiwick of Corston, 166.

Dacres, Sir Thomas, of Cheshunt, co. Herts, 179.

Dacres (Dackeres), Mr, 112.

Damstorff, Henry, of the Steelyard, London, petition to Burghley, 6.

Damville, Charles de Montmorency, Duc de, Admiral of France, brings English envoys to Henry IV, 36.
-, 36.

Dan, Roger, complaint against, 82.

Dania [Spain], 163.

Daniel, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Dansell or Damsell, Sir William, former Treasurer of the Court of Wards (d. 1582), details of allowances granted to, 8.

Danson, Mr, 83.

Danvers, Lord. See Danvers, Sir Henry.

Danvers (Davers), Sir Henry, later 1st Lord Danvers of Dantsey, arrives at Rouen, 27.
-, particulars of his law suit, 194.
-, his stewardship of Bisley, 218.

Darcy, Lord. See Darcy, Thomas.

Darcy, Thomas, 3rd Baron Darcy of Chiche, petition to Cecil, 103.

Darley (Derley), co. Derby, petition dated from, 188.

Daunt, , in the service of Lord Denny, 210.

Davenant, Mr, nominated to living of Hawarden, 205.

Davers, Sir Henry. See Danvers, Sir Henry.

David, Ieuan Lloyd ap, Feodary of Anglesey, 128.

Davies, Sir John, former Surveyor of the Ordnance, involved in the Earl of Essex's rebellion, 107.

Davies, Matthew, in the service of Michael Hicks, petition to Cecil, 82.

Davies, Dr. brother of Sir John Davies, 90.

Daye, John, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, signs testimonial to Lister, 191.

Deale or Dale, , his views on poor state of defences of St. Quentin, 31.

Dee, River, plan of, near Chester, 103.

Deepe. See Dieppe.

Deer, alleged slaughter of, 107

Delahay, Paul, of Altyrynys, Walterstone, co. Hereford, petition to Cecil, 74.

Delves, Dame Anne, widow of Sir George Delves, petition to Cecil, 211.

Delves, Sir George, of Bredgar, co. Kent, meets Cecil on way to Dover, 21.
-, reference to his death, 211.

Denbigh, co. Denbigh, 177.

Denbighshire, 104.
-, Assizes of, 177, 178.
-, Feodary of. See Bellott, John.
-, Judge of Assize for. See Townshend, Sir Henry.

Denham, Eme, mother of Richard Franklin, 190.

Denmark, Privy Council of, 75.

Denmark, King of. See Christian IV.

Denny, Lord. See Denny, Edward.

Denny, Arthur, son of Sir Edward Denny, his clandestine marriage with Elizabeth Forrest, 157.

Denny, Edward, Lord Denny of Waltham, complaint against, 210, 211.

Denny, Sir Edward, of Bishop Stortford, co. Herts (d. 1600), mentioned, 157.
-, his son. See Denny, Arthur.

Denny, Margaret, Lady, widow of Sir Edward Denny, 157.

Dent, co. Yorks, manor of, 108.

Dent, Anthony, in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, petition to Cecil, 169.

Denton (Dunton), Sir Thomas, of Hillesden, co. Bucks, M.P. for Buckingham, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Derby, co. Derby, 89.

Derby, Countess of. See Stanley, Elizabeth.

Derby, Dowager Countess of. See Stanley, Alice.

Derby, Earl of. See Stanley, William.

Derbyshire, estreats and issues of Greenwax in, 186.
-, Feodary of. See Bullock, John.

Derley. See Darley.

Despernon, Duke. See d'Epernon.

Devereux, Frances, Countess of Essex, widow of Robert Devereux, 2nd Earl of Essex, case between Croft and, 96.

Devereux, Robert, 2nd Earl of Essex, Earl Marshal of England, Lord Deputy of Ireland [d. 1601], writes to Cecil, 21, 22, 34.
-, requested by Cecil to send provisions to troops, 22.
-, 24, 26, 83, 88, 96, 99, 197.
-, joint letter directed to, 26.
-, Henry IV's complimentary remark about, 42.
-, sends his carriage to convey Cecil from Staines to Whitehall, 74.
-, letter to Plonden, 81.
-, Lady Bacon's letter to, 86.
-, reference to seditious speeches by, 87.

Devonset Dozens, cloth called, 220.

Devonshire, Hungarian gentleman in, 77.
-, Justices of the Peace in, 77.
-, map of, 102.
-, kerseys sent to France from, 208.
-, Sheriffs of, 217.
-, aulnage of, 217.
-, petition from merchants of, 220.
-, Feodary of. See Weare, Humphrey.
-, Sheriff of. See Drake, John; Poole, William.

Deyer, Richard, of Pertenhall, co. Beds, signs Todd's petition, 176.

Dichur, Robert, of Muckleton, Shropshire, uncle of Richard Wood, 88.

Dieppe (Deepe) [Seine-Infrieure, France], Cecil arrives at, 24.
-, despatches dated from, 26.
-, English embassy leaves, 27.
-, 28, 83.
-, Governor of. See Chaste.

Digby, William, of Welby, co. Leicester, 171(2).

Dinan (Dynan) [Ctes-du-Nord, France], submits to Henry IV, 29.

Dineley or Dinglye, Francis, of Charlton, co. Worcester, letter to Cecil, 207.

Dinglye, Francis. See Dineley, Francis.

Divination, Elizabethan example of, 101.

Dober, Henry, prisoner in the Fleet, petition to Cecil, 95.

Doddridge, John, of the Middle Temple, London, SolicitorGeneral, M.P. for Horsham, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.
-, 149.

Dodridge, Mr Serjant. See Doddridge, John.

Dodworth, co. Yorks, 99.

Dolbery, Robert, of Sherborne co. Dorset, lawyer, 89.

Dolwyn, Richard, of Abbots Langley, co. Herts, 195.

Don Juan de Austria. See John, Don.

Donne (Dun), Sir Daniel, Master in Chancery, M.P. for University of Oxford, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Dorington, John, of London, merchant, petition to Villa Mediana, 192.

Dorset, Earl of. See Sackville, Thomas.

Dorset Dozens, cloth called, 220.

Dorsetshire, petition from merchants of, 220.

Douai [Nord, France], English College at, 187.

Douelans. See Doullens.

Douglas, Alexander, former Keeper of the Council Chamber, 199.

Doullens (Douelans) [Somme, France], Spanish offer to restore, 23.

Dover, co. Kent, English envoys to Henry IV proceed to, 21.
-, Cecil arrives in, 21.
-, French envoy to States General lands at, 22.
-, 24(2), 183.

Dover Court, co. Essex, 160.

Down, co. Down, Ulster, Ireland, monastery of, 88.

Downes, Roger, Feodary of Lancashire, signs petition to Cecil, 116.

Downs, The, ships carrying troops from Picardy to Ireland delayed at, 22.
-, Cross instructed to move his ships towards Calais from, 24.
-, Cecil rides to, 24.
-, 192.

Doyley, Mr. See Doyley, Thomas.

Doyley, Thomas, physician, in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Doyne, Edmond, in the service of Sir Christopher St. Lawrence, petition to Cecil, 200.

Drake, Mr. See Drake, John.

Drake, Bernard, of Ash, co. Devon, 217.

Drake, Humphrey, Sergeant-Major, of Wiscombe, co. Devon, killed at siege of Ostend, 183.

Drake, John, Sheriff of Devonshire, 128.

Drake, Nicholas, of Wiscombe, co. Devon, petition to Cecil, 183.

Drake, Richard, petition to Cecil, 90.

Drake, Robert, Colonel, of Wiscombe, co. Devon, killed at siege of Ostend, 183.

Drury, Sir Drue, of Riddlesworth, co. Norfolk, attempts to reconcile Earl and Countess of Cumberland, 110.

Dryden, Erasmus, of Canons Ashby, co. Northants, petition to Privy Council, 203.

Dryholme, Cumberland, 213.

Dublin, Ireland, 83, 88.

Duchy House, in the Savoy, Strand, London, 21.

Dudley, Anne, widow of Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, and sister of Margaret Clifford, wife of George Clifford, 3rd Earl of Cumberland, her petition, 110.

Duinny or Dunn, Charles, petition to Cecil, 162.

Dumfriesshire, map of contested land between England and Scotland in, 10.

Dun, Sir Daniel. See Donne, Sir Daniel.

Dunbrody, Barony of, co. Wexford, Ireland, 182.

Dunkirk (Dunkerk, Dunckirke), [Nord, France], to contribute towards discharge of debts to England, 17.
-, 91, 183.

Dunton, Sir Thomas. See Denton, Sir Thomas.

Duport, John, Master of Jesus College, Cambridge, his opinion of statute concerning Mastership of Clare Hall, 83.

Duppa (Dupper), Robert, of Dorstone, co. Hereford (d. 1600), wardship of heir of, 98 and n.

Dupper, Robert. See Duppa, Richard.

Durham, Bishopric of, 108.

Dutton, Edmund, Mayor of Chester, petition to Privy Council, 193.

Dyer, Sir Edward, of Weston, co. Somerset, Commissioner for defective titles, 207, 208.

Dynan. See Dinan.

Dynham, Lucy, of Murston, co. Kent, widow, Croft committed to care of, 95.

Dynsany. See Plunket, Patrick.

Dyott, Anthony, of Lichfield, co. Stafford, wardship granted to, 156.