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Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 23, Addenda, 1562-1605. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1973.

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Udall. See Udall, William.

Udall, William, prisoner in the Gatehouse, 89.

Ulrich, Duke of Holstein, 211.
-, witnesses patent conferring title of Earl of Salisbury on Cecil, 222.

Ulster, Ireland, 123.

United Provinces. See also States General, 11.
-, to repay their debts to England, 17, 19, 55.
-, comment of Dutch envoys on special problem arising from composition of, 54.

Unton, Lady. See Unton, Dorothy.

Unton, Dorothy, widow of Sir Henry Unton, of Wadley, co. Berks (d. 1596), petition to Cecil, 103.
-, her sister. See Gibbs, Gertrude.


Valencia [Spain], 163.
-, Viceroy of, 163.

Valladolid [Spain], letter dated from, 156.

Vallejo, Lope de, Alderman of Palma, letter of recommendation on behalf of, 6.

Valois, House of, 93.

Valyne, Margaret, of Brussels, petition to King, 113.

Valyne, Nicholas, of London, deceased, mentioned, 113.

Vane or Fane, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Vanguard (Vantguard), The, of Queen Elizabeth's navy, conveys members of English embassy to Dieppe, 22.

Vannes [Morbihan, France], submits to Henry IV, 29.

Vaughan, Mr. See Vaughan, Edward.

Vaughan, Edward, in the service of Sir Thomas Wilkes, furnished with money to pay Wilkes's debts in Rouen, 33, 34.

Vendme, Csar, Duc de, natural son of Henri IV, affianced to daughter of Duc de Mercoeur, 49.

Venice [Italy], Queen's policy towards Spain commended by Signoria of, 32.
-, letter dated from, 96.

Vere, Edward de, 17th Earl of Oxford, 1.

Vere, Henry de, 18th Earl of Oxford, Witherings dismissed by, 182.

Vere, Lady Susan, daughter of Edward de Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford, and later wife of Philip Herbert, 4th Earl of Pembroke, 94.
-, signs Rayton's petition to Cecil, 165.

Vereine. See Vervins.

Vergara, Francisco de Arcola, Governor of the fortress of Santa Cruz, Tenerife, his letter, 6.

Verney, Sir Richard, of Compton Murdak or Verney, co. Warwick, M.P. for Warwickshire, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Vernon, John [? of Warrants, Salop], Wakering's legal proceedings against, 75.

Vernon, Margaret, daughter of John Vernon, 75.

Vernon, Sir Robert, of Camberwell, co. Surrey, his petition, 155.

Vernons, family of, 155.

Verseline or Verzellini, Francis, manufacturer of Venetian glass, petition to Cecil, 179.

Verulam. See St. Albans.

Vervins (Vervyn, Vervin, Vereine) [Aisne, France], reference to negotiations at, 23, 31.
-, Henry IV sends special courier to, 57.
-, 60.

Vervyn. See Vervins.

Viana [Portugal], 192.

Vice-Chamberlain, The. See Stanhope, Sir John.

Villa Mediana, Don Juan Baptista de Tassis (Taxis), Conde de, later Spanish Ambassador to England, 70, 191.
-, rumour of his expulsion from England, 163.
-, petition to, 192.

Villars (Villers), George de Brancas, Seigneur (later Duc) de, escorts English embassy, 27, 28.

Vill Dreir [? Villedieu, Manche, France], English embassy lodges at, 73.

Villerou. See Villeroy.

Villeroy (Villerou, Villeroye), Nicolas de Neufville, Seigneur de, Secretary of State to Henry IV, 28, 44, 53, 60, 67, 72.
-, Richardot's confession to, 33.
-, notified of arrival of English embassy in Orleans, 35.
-, visits Cecil in Angers, 35.
-, attends conference with English envoys, 48.
-, his speeches at the conference, 49, 51.
-, calls on Dutch envoys with Cecil, 57.
-, his statement to Cecil in Nantes, 62.
-, visits Cecil in Nantes, 67, 73.

Villers, Monsieur. See Villars.

Vitr (Vitrey) [Ille-et-Vilaine, France], English envoys visited by Huguenot preacher at, 73.

Vitrey. See Vitr

Vivian, Hannibal, of Trelowarren, co. Cornwall, petition to Cecil, 204.

Vowell, John, of Exeter, co. Devon, 199.

Vyan, Ezekiel, of Ashley, co. Wilts, 167.


Waad (Wade), (Sir) William, Clerk to the Privy Council, later Lieutenant of the Tower of London, writes to Cecil, 22.
-, 77, 114.

Wade, Mr. See Waad, William.

Wagstaff, Thomas, Clerk of the Rolls, petition to Cecil, 167.

Waile, Thomas, 120.

Wakefield, co. Yorks, provision by will of free school in, 186.

Wakering, Sir Gilbert, of Bloxwich, co. Stafford, his proceedings against Vernon, Townshend and others, 75.
-, letter to Perceval, 82.

Waldringfield, co. Suffolk, rectory of, 165.

Wales, Council of the Marches of, 118, 197.
-, President of. See Zouche, Edward la.

Walker, George, of Hunmanby, co. Yorks, husbandman, petition to Cecil, 172.

Walker, Thomas, in the service of Sir Thomas Tresham, mass celebrated in house of, 108.

Wallop, Sir Henry, Lord Justice and Treasurer at Wars in Ireland (d. 1599), mentioned, 189.

Walmesley, Justice. See Walmesley, Sir Thomas.

Walmesley, Sir Thomas, Judge of the Common Pleas, 121.

Walsh, Elizabeth, of Hatfield, co. Herts, punished for bearing illegitimate child, 3.

Walsh, William, soldier, petition to King, 203.

Walsham, co. Norfolk, manor of, 167.
-, mills of, 210.

Walterstone, co. Hereford, valuation and extent of demesne land of, 74.

Waltham Abbey, co. Essex, 210.

Waltham Cross (Walltom Crose), co. Herts, 1.
-, plague at, 112.

Waltham Forest, co. Essex, 123, 182.

Walton-cum-Trimley, co. Suffolk, manor of, 120.
-, petition from tenants of, 167.
-, Bailiff of. See Scrutton, William.
-, Steward of. See Wentworth, Mr.

Warahous, John, of Saxony, petition to Cecil, 98.

Warburton, Mr, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Warde, , 2.

Wardour, Mr. See Wardour, Chidiock.

Wardour, Chidiock, Clerk of the Pells, reasons for invalidation of his grant, 5.

Wardour, Mr, official of the Exchequer, 179.

Wards, Court of, 8(2), 96, 104, 113, 114, 115, 116, 117(3), 119, 126, 152, 156(2), 157, 158, 161, 171(3), 172(2), 173, 174, 182, 187, 199, 203, 206(2), 207.
-, Auditor of. See Curle, William; Tooke, William.
-, Attorney of. See Hesketh, Sir Thomas.
-, Master of. See Cecil, Sir Robert.
-, Registrar of. See Perceval, Richard.
-, Surveyor of. See Pepper, Sir Cuthbert.
-, Treasurer of. See Danesell, Sir William.

Wards and Wardships, 2, 8, 10, 76, 79, 82(2), 90, 94, 96, 97, 98, 103, 104, 105, 109, 110, 113, 114, 116(2), 117, 119(2), 125, 126, 128, 156(2), 158, 159, 160(3), 166, 167, 171(2), 172, 174, 182, 185, 187, 204(2), 206(2), 221(2), 222.
-, matter of commutation of wardships raised and discussed in Parliament, 130 seqq.

Warren, William, of Bygrave, co. Herts, petition to Cecil, 185.

Warwick, Countess of. See Dudley, Anne.

Watford, co. Herts, 100, 185.

Watkis, John, petition to Cecil, 113.

Watson. See Watson, William.

Watson, Sir Edward, of Rockingham, co. Northants, 106.

Watson, William, Catholic priest and conspirator, reference to proclamation of high treason against, 113 and n.
-, Scudamore charged with being accessory to conspiracy of, 195.

Wauboy, George, of Pertenhall, co. Beds, signs Todd's petition, 176.

Waylett, Margery, of Widford, co. Essex, petition to Cecil, 80.

Waylett, Robert, of Widford, co. Essex, mentioned, 80n.

Waylett, William, son of Robert Waylett, 80.

Weare (alias Browne), Clement, of Marlborough, co. Wilts (d. 1602), wardship of his heir, 156.

Weare (Were), Humphrey, of Halberton, co. Devon, Feodary of Devonshire, 199.

Webb (alias Woolworth), Anthony, [? of Dursley, co. Gloucester], a King's ward, 110.

Wells, co. Somerset, 187.

Wells, John, a courier, sent to Villeroy, 35.
-, sent to find accommodation for English embassy in Angers, 35.

Wentworth, Mr. See Wentworth, Thomas.

Wentworth, Frances, wife of Michael Wentworth, refuses to attend church, 215.

Wentworth, Michael, of Woolley, co. Yorks, petition to Cecil, 215.
-, his wife. See Wentworth, Frances.

Wentworth, Thomas, of Lincoln's Inn, London, M.P. for Oxford, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Wentworth, Mr, Steward of Walton and Felixstowe, co. Suffolk, 120.

Were, Humphrey. See Weare, Humphrey.

West, Arthur, deceased, late husband of Sybil West, mentioned, 160.

West, Sybil, of Bisley, co. Gloucester, her petition, 160.
-, petition on behalf of, 170.

Westcourt or Westcott, Robert, of Southpetherton, co. Somerset, 206.

Westergo, Friesland [Netherlands], 18.

West Indies, proposed expedition to, 99.

Westminster, London, reference to King's state journey to, 128.
-, courts of Equity at, 178.
-, 193.
-, petition dated from, 200.

Westminster, Dean of. See Goodman, Gabriel.

Westminster, Palace of, London, instructions to English embassy to France issued from, 11.

Westminster School, Westminster, London, 190.

Westmorland, Earl of, Neville's request that he be given title of, 193.

Wetwang, co. Yorks, manor of, 108.

Weymouth, co. Devon, sends two warships to convey English embassy from, 74.

Whaddon and Nash, co. Bucks, manor of, 165.

Wharton, Lady. See Wharton, Dorothy.

Wharton, Dorothy, Lady, widow of John Tamworth (d. 1594), and 2nd wife of Philip Wharton, 3rd Lord Wharton, 160.

Wharton, Richard, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, signs testimonial to Lister, 191.

Whetcomb, William, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, signs testimonial to Lister, 191.

Whicham, co. Cumberland, 90.

Whinyard, Robert, of Chellaston, co. Derby, petition to Cecil, 89.

Whitaker, Miles, 118, 125.

White, Nicholas, of co. Waterford, Ireland, petition to Cecil, 182.

White Greyhound (Whyte Grayhounde) The, of Calais and Middelburg, captured by the Lyonesse, 91, 174, 195.

Whitehall, London, Cecil arrives late at night from France to see Queen at, 74.
-, King's minatory speech to House of Commons at, 140.
-, the Court at, 184, 188, 202, 203.

Whitly, Robert, Clerk of the Pentice in Chester, complaint against, 161.

Whittingham, Edward, of St. Clement's Inn, London, 117.

Whittingham, Margaret (alias Bethell), 117.

Wigan (Wygan), co. Lancs, petition dated from, 116.

Wilbraham, Sir Roger, Chancellor to the Queen, M.P. for Callington, his notes on petitions, 129, 159, 161, 182.
-, member of House of Commons Committee, 132.
-, 168, 175.

Wilford, Sir Thomas, of Cranbrooke, co. Kent, meets Cecil on way to Dover, 21.

Wilkes, Sir Thomas, Clerk to the Privy Council and diplomatist, sent with Cecil on embassy to France, 11.
-, proceeds to Dover, 21.
-, sails on board the Quittance to Dieppe, 22.
-, joint letters to Privy Council, 24, 26, 27.
-, dangerously ill of a fever, 27, 31.
-, his condition described in despatch, 27.
-, news of his death brought to Cecil, 33.
-, his body to be embalmed and sent to England, 33.
-, his debts in Rouen discharged, 33, 34.
-, 36(2).

Willaston. See Willaston, William.

Willaston (Willingstone), William, English merchant resident in Rouen, requested by Cecil to furnish Vaughan with money, 34.
-, 36.

Williams, Roger, of co. Denbigh, request on behalf of, 104.

Willingstone, Mr. See Willaston, William.

Willis, Captain. See Willis, William.

Willis, William, Captain, Commander of the Moon, sent to convey English embassy from France, 74.

Willoughby, Lord. See Bertie, Peregrine.

Willoughby, Sir Francis, of Wollaton, co. Notts (d. 1597), matter of lands and wardship arising from death of, 10.

Willoughby, Frances, daughter of Sir Francis Willoughby and a ward to the Queen, 10.

Willoughby, Henry, of Knoyle Odierne, co. Wilts, 86.

Willoughby, Lady Mary, widow of Peregrine Bertie, 13th Lord Willoughby of Eresby (d. 1601), and now wife of Sir Eustace Hart, request on behalf of, 114.

Willoughby, Perceval, of Bore Place, co. Kent, son-in-law to Sir Francis Willoughby, 10.

Wilmot, William, Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, signs testimonial to Lister, 191.

Wilson, Robert, of Bottisham, co. Cambridge, his petition, 159.

Wilson, Thomas, secretary to Sir Robert Cecil, Lunauer's letter to, 96.
-, 102.

Wilton, co. Wilts, Cecil's instructions to sheriffs and feodaries dated from, 117.
-, the Court at, 118.

Wiltshire, aulnage of, 217.

Winchester, co. Hants, Deanery of, 100.
-, 117, 118, 166.

Winchester, Marquess of. See Paulet, William.

Windebank, Sir Thomas, a Clerk of the Signet, 216.

Windsor (New), co. Berks, 115, 119.
-, petition from Mayor and Aldermen of, 119.
-, the Court at, 182.
-, Mayor of. See Fawcet, Humphrey.

Wingfield, John, of Tickencote, co. Rutland, 159.

Wingfield, Richard, of Robertstown, co. Limerick, Ireland, complaint against, 215.

Wingfield, Sir Robert, of Upton, co. Northants, M.P. for Stamford, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.
-, 159.

Wisbech, co. Cambridge, map of fenland between Peterborough and, 103.

Wiseman, , kills Faure in a quarrel, 124, 125.

Witherings, Anthony, former Keeper of Chapel Hainault Walk, Waltham Forest, co. Essex, reference to his dismissal, 182.

Witt (Wytt), Hendricke de, of Middelburg, merchant, petition to Cecil, 174.
-, petition to King, 195.

Wolverley, co. Worcester, 77.

Wombleton, co. Yorks, 99.

Wombwell, co. Yorks, 221.

Wood, Joan, widow of Ralph Wood, petition to Cecil, 105.

Wood, Ralph, deceased, mentioned, 105.

Wood (alias Hull), Richard, of Salop, a lunatic, custody of, 88.

Woodall, Peter, a messenger of the King's Chamber, 122.

Woodhouse, Sir William, of Waxham, co. Norfolk, M.P. for (?) Suffolk, member of House of Commons Committee, 132.

Woodrove or Woodroffe, Lady Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Percy, 7th Earl of Northumberland and widow of Richard Woodrove, of Woolley, co. Yorks, petitions to Cecil, 124, 157(2), 158.

Woods, Nicholas, 115, 119.

Woodward, Matthew, of Windsor, co. Berks, petition to Cecil, 115.
-, 119.

Woolcombe, John, of Plympton St. Mary, co. Devon (d. 1603), formerly in the service of Sir William Strode, mentioned, 116.

Woolcombe, William, son of John Woolcombe, his wardship, 116.

Woolley, co. Yorks, 215.

Worcester, Earl of. See Somerset, Edward.

Worden, Richard, attorney of the Exchequer at Chester and Deputy-Clerk of the Peace in Cheshire, petition to the Countess of Derby, 161.

Workman, Nicholas, 173.

Wortham, William, in the service of Sir Robert Cecil, petition to Cecil, 159.

Worthen, Salop, 3.

Wortley, , son of Frances Wortley, widow of Francis Wortley, and now widow of Francis Foljambe, 95.

Wotton, Lord. See Wotton, Edward.

Wotton, Edward, 1st Lord Wotton of Marley, 213.

Wotton (Wootton), Sir James, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.

Wray, Sir William, of Glentworth, co. Lincoln, M.P. for Grimsby, member of House of Commons Committee, 135.

Wraysholme, co. Lancs, 90.

Wright. See Wright, Thomas.

Wright, Thomas, English Catholic priest, reference to his confession, 87, 88.

Wriothesley, Henry, 3rd Earl of Southampton, accompanies Cecil to France, 21.
-, sails in Vanguard to Dieppe, 22.
-, presented to Henry IV, 38.
-, sups with French King, 48.
-, letter from Lord Mountjoy to, 89.

Wroth, Mr. See Wroth, Sir Robert.

Wroth, Sir Robert, of Loughton, co. Essex, M.P. for Essex, accompanies Cecil to France, 22.
-, petition to King, 123.
-, moves debate on wardship in House of Commons, 130.
-, member of House of Commons Committees, 131, 135.
-, his comment in debate, 138.
-, 182.

Wroth, William, in the service of John Morgan, his treasonable speech, 198.

Wygan. See Wigan.

Wynford, Roger, petition to Cecil, 88.

Wythan, Hercules, tenant of the Black Lion at Hoddesdon, co. Herts, petition to Cecil, 86.

Wytt, Hendricke de. See Witt, Hendricke de.


Yard, Gilbert, of Newton Bushel, co. Devon, 199.

Yarmouth, co. Norfolk, 98.
-, description of principal events in history of, 99.

Yarrowe, Thomas, vicar of Newport Pagnell, petition to Cecil and Sidney, 216.

Yaxley, co. Hunts, manor of, 129.
-, Bailiff of. See Carrier, William.

Yelverton, Mr. See Yelverton, Henry.

Yelverton, Sir Christopher, Judge of the Common Pleas, delivers message from House of Lords to House of Commons, 131.

Yelverton, Henry, Recorder of Northampton, M.P. for Northampton, member of House of Commons Committee, 139.

Yeoman of the Guard. See Tashe, Brian.

York, co. Yorks, 95, 119.
-, petition from merchants of, 220.

York, Duke of. See Charles, Prince.

York House, Strand, London, petition dated from, 205.

Yorkshire, 155, 172, 222.
-, estreats and issues of Greenwax n, 186.

Young, John, of Chichester, co. Sussex, father-in-law to Sir Richard Cowper, 122.

Young, Richard, of Stratford-leBow, London, his agreement with Ellis, 7.


Zeeland, condition of peace to be independence of, 16.
-, foreign troops to leave, 17.
-, religious concessions to, 18.
-, Caron defends action of ships of, 192.

Zennor, co. Cornwall, 109.

Zouche, Edward la, 11th Lord Zouche, Lord President of the Council of Wales, King's pardon to Lloyd delayed by, 177.
-, 184.
-, Nicholas examined before, 197.
-, his chaplain. See Martin, Thomas.