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Pages 322-326

Calendar of the Cecil Papers in Hatfield House: Volume 24, Addenda, 1605-1668. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1976.

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Dackombe, (Sir) John, of Motcombe, co. Devon and the Middle Temple, London, secretary to Sir Robert Cecil and, later, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
-, 182, 196, 199, 235
-, letters to, 188, 189
-, appointed to supervise weaving industry at Hatfield, 236 and n

Dackombe, Alice, daughter of Sir John Dackombe
-, 235

Dackombe, Dorothy, daughter of Sir John Dackombe
-, 235 and n

Dacorum, co. Herts.
-, hundred of, 273

Dacres, Lady. See Dacres, Martha

Dacres, Martha, Lady, wife of Sir Thomas Dacres, of Cheshunt, co. Herts.
-, 218

Dacres, Sir Thomas, of Cheshunt, co. Herts., Deputy-Lieutenant of Hertfordshire
-, signs joint letters to William, Earl of Salisbury, 268, 270, 273
-, letter to Lucy, 269

Dallam (Dallom), Thomas, organbuilder
-, his bill for services, 189
-, payments to, 202, 206

Dallison, Sir Thomas, of Greetwell, co. Lincoln
-, 226

Dallom, Thomas. See Dallam, Thomas

Damerham (Damersham), co. Wilts. 262, 278
-, Rector of. See Buckley, Thomas

Damerham Church, Damerham, co. Wilts.
-, 163

Damerham Coppices, co. Wilts.
-, accounts for, 278

Damerham House, Damerham, co. Wilts.
-, 163

Damersham. See Damerham

Damport, William, a footman to the King
-, petition to Cecil, 121

Danby, Christopher, of Masham, co. Yorks.
-, 136

Danby, Christopher, Steward to Christopher Danby, of Masham, co. Yorks.
-, petition to Cecil, 136

Daniel, John, of Ireland, in the service of the King
-, petition to King, 34

Danson, John, tailor to the King petition to Cecil, 76

Danvers, Lord. See Danvers, Henry

Danvers, Henry, Lord Danvers of Dantsey, Lord President of Munster
-, 159

Danzig [Poland]
-, 7
-, Dutch ship seized off English coast by pirates from, 250

Darby, Mr. See Darby, Edward

Darby, Edward, auditor
-, entertained at Theobalds, 30
-, appointed to supervise weaving industry at Hatfield, 236

Darcy, Lord. See Darcy, Thomas

Darcy, Sir Edward, of Dartford Priory, co. Kent
-, 87
-, signs Henlake's petition, 185

Darcy, Sir Francis, of Isleworth, co. Middlesex
-, 87

Darcy, Thomas, 3rd Baron Darcy of Chiche
-, case between St. Leger and, 79

Darnton, co. Durham 172

Davenport, William
-, 83

Daventry, co. Northants.
-, manor of, 250

David, Evan Lloyd ap, Feodary of Merionethshire
-, 22

David, Roger, of Dinas, co. Brecknock
-, petition to Cecil, 196

Davies, Sir John, of Tisbury, co. Wilts. and Middle Temple, London
-, 232

Davies, Nathan or Nathaniel [? of South Mimms, co. Middlesex], a carrier
-, petition to William, Earl of Salisbury, 243

Davison, John, of Weston, co Lincoln
-, his wardship, 173

Dawes. See Dawes, Abraham

Dawes, Abraham, of London, a surveyor of the outports
-, 144

Day, Florence, of Abergavenny testifies against recusants, 242

Day, Thomas, in the service of Sir William Ingleby
-, 123

Dean, Forest of, co. Gloucester 171

Deepe. See Dieppe

-, for Theobalds, 132
-, their decline in Kingswood Forest, 171
-, poaching of, 234

De Hope, The
-, sails to Pernambuco, 212

Delabere, Richard, of Lincoln's Inn, London
-, Cecil sells manor of Southam to, 163

Delahay, Helen, widow of Paul Delahay
-, replies to interrogatories, 294

Delahay, Paul, of Altyrynys, Walterstone, co. Hereford
-, map of Altyrynys drawn by, 161
-, (?) 233, 294

Dell, Mr.
-, 9

Delvin, Dowager Lady. See Nugent, Mary

Delvin, Lord. See Nugent, Christopher; Nugent, Richard

De Monachis
-, theological work entitled, 33

-, Chancellor of, 7
-, ambassador from, 27
-, 61, 215, 249
-, English merchant's goods seized in, 80
-, hawks brought to Cecil from, 201

Denmark, King of. See Christian IV

Dennis, William, formerly in the service of Anne Dudley, Countess of Warwick (d 1604)
-, complaint against, 30, 31

Deputy Lieutenants
-, of Hertfordshire, 77, 78

Derby, Dowager Countess of. See Stanley, Alice

Derby, Earl of. See Stanley, William

Derby, Lordship of
-, 47

Derby Hills, co. Derby
-, waste called, 214

-, 286

Desborough, Martin, senior, tenant in Brigstock Park
-, petition to William, Earl of Salisbury, 279

Desborough, Martin, junior, tenant in Brigstock Park
-, petition to William, Earl of Salisbury, 279

Desmond, Earl of. See Fitzgerald, Gerald; Fitzgerald, James

Dethicke, Sir William, Garter King of Arms
-, his allowance, 68

De Thou, President. See Thou, Jacques Auguste de

Devereux, Edward, of Castle Bromwich, co. Warwick
-, 144

Devereux, Frances, (divorced) wife of Robert Devereux, 3rd Earl of Essex
-, verses written on occasion of her marriage to Earl of Somerset, 231 and n

Devereux, Robert, 2nd Earl of Essex (executed 1601)
-, mentioned, 78
-, reference to his expedition to Azores, 99

Devereux, Robert, 3rd Earl of Essex
-, entertained at Theobalds, 29
-, 78
-, polemical attack on, 277

-, 33, 185, 233
-, sheriff of, 207
-, cloth industry in, 256

Devonshire, Lord. See Cavendish, William

Devys, Robert, of co. Norfolk, yeoman, deceased
-, mentioned, 224

Dickenson, Thomas, of Hesketh, co. Lancs., tanner
-, petition to Cecil, 189

Dieppe (Deepe) [Seine-Infrieure, Paris]
-, 210

Digby, Lady. See Digby, Lettice

Digby, Sir Everard, of Stoke Dry, co. Rutland, recusant and Gunpowder Plot conspirator
-, petition to Cecil from tenants of, 32
-, reference to his arrest, 34, 59
-, 38, 59 and n
-, his father. See Digby, Everard
-, his father-in-law. See Mulsho, William
-, his mother. See Digby, Mary

Digby, Everard, of Stoke Dry, co. Rutland, father of Sir Edward Digby, (d 1592)
-, mentioned, 32

Digby, Sir John, Vice-Chamberlain, diplomatist and statesman, later 1st Earl of Bristol
-, mentioned unfavourably in verses, 236
-, 238

Digby, Lettice, wife of Sir Robert Digby
-, 38

Digby, Lady Mary, wife of Sir Everard Digby
-, involved in Gunpowder Plot activities, 38

Digby, Mary, mother of Sir Everard Digby, and wife of Samson Erdeswick
-, 59

Digby, Sir Robert, of Coleshill, co. Warwick
-, 38

Dillon, Mr. See Dillon, Thomas

Dillon, Alice, widow of Thomas Dillon
-, 89

Dillon, Henry, King's Attorney in Ulster
-, petition to Cecil, 120

Dillon, Lucas, father of Henry Dillon
-, 120

Dillon, Robert, son of Thomas Dillon
-, 89

Dillon, Thomas, former Chief Justice of Connaught (d 1606)
-, mentioned, 89 and n, 120

Dinas, co. Brecknock
-, Lordship of, 196

Dingan (Dingam), Offaly, co. Meath, Ireland
-, 97

Dirleton, Lord. See Erskine, Thomas

Dishforth, co. Yorks.
-, 214

Dixon, Thomas, Sergeant-at-Arms his allowance, 65

Dobbinson. See Dobbinson, Ralph

Dobbinson, Ralph, Bailiff of Westminster
-, seizes Catesby's goods, 35
-, 138
-, petition to Privy Council, 138
-, arrests Curwen, 207

Dockwra (Docwra), Thomas, of Putteridge, co. Herts., Steward of Hitchin
-, 14 (2), 15

Dodd, Edward, of Edge, Cheshire, former Baron of the Court of Exchequer of the County Palatine of Chester
-, 46 and n

Doddington, Edward, Captain, former officer of the army in Ireland
-, petition to Cecil, 29

Dodsworth, Sylvester, Sergeant of the King's Buckhounds
-, complaint against, 159

Doelan, Daniel. See O'Doelan, Daniel

Dohna (Dona), Achatius, Baron de, Ambassador of the King of Bohemia in England
-, reference to quarrel between Sir Edward Cecil and, 237

Dolbery, Robert, of Sherborne, co. Dorset
-, petition to Cecil, 215

Dolman, Mr. See Dolman, Thomas

Dolman, Thomas, of Shaw, near Newbury, co. Berks., Steward of the Queen's Hospital of St. Bartholomew in Newbury
-, gravely ill, 132 and n

Dona, Baron. See Dohna

Doncaster. See Hay, James

Doncombe, Mr. See Duncombe

Donne. See Donne, John

Donne, John, poet and divine
-, purchase of his Pseudo Martyr, 229

Donne, Sir Daniel, Master of Requests
-, 78, 174, 233 and n
-, his note on petition, 234

Don Quixote de la Mancha (Quexiota de la Mancha)
-, purchase of, 229

Dorchester, Viscount. See Carleton, Dudley

Dore, John, of London, tenant to John Wynyard
-, 111

Dormer, Jane, wife of Gomez Suarez de Figueroa, Count of Feria
-, 209 and n

Dormer, Sir John, of Long Crendon, co. Bucks.
-, 160

Dormer, Robert, Viscount Ascott and 1st Earl of Carnarvon
-, creation of his titles, 266

Dormer, Sir William, of Wing, co. Bucks.
-, visits Italy and Rome, 147

Dorothie, Lady [ ? Lady Dorothy Hastings, wife of Sir James Stuart]
-, her allowance, 67

Dorset, Earl of. See Sackville, Thomas; Sackville, Edward

Dorset, Marquis of. See Grey, Henry

-, Justices of the Peace in, 234
-, Duchy of Lancaster's manor in, 250

Douai (Dowaye) [Nord, France]
-, English students at, 73 and n

Dover, co. Kent
-, 16, 210, 219, 225
-, English Catholic priests cross from Calais to, 73
-, duty of mayor of, 219
-, Lieutenant of Castle of. See Fane, Sir Thomas

Dover, , [ ? Hickory Dover], an actor
-, takes part in entertainment at Theobalds, 137

Doves, John, of London, mariner
-, petition to Cecil, 91

Dowaye. See Douai

Downe, Earl of. See Pope, William

Dowthwaite, William, of Bridgwater, co. Somerset and Lincoln's Inn, London, Bailiff of Cranborne, later solicitor to William, Earl of Salisbury
-, Hooper's letter to, 234
-, to discuss question of pension with Dean and Chapter of Wells, 275

Doyver [? Dolwar], co. Montgomery
-, manor of, 39

Dragon, The
-, laden with spices from East Indies, 177

Drake, Robert, of Littleham, co. Devon and Inner Temple, London, barrister
-, patent of surveyorship of Duchy of Cornwall conveyed to, 46

-, of Coventry, 128

Drapps, John, of Newport Pagnell, co. Bucks.
-, petition to William, Earl of Salisbury, 290

Drayton [ ? co. Somerset]
-, manor of, 94

Drewer, John, of London
-, 111

Dromond, Jane. See Drummond, Jane

Drummond (Dromond) Jane, Lady of the Bedchamber to the Queen
-, her allowance, 65

Drury, Sir Drue, of Riddlesworth, co. Norfolk
-, signs Henlake's petition, 185

Drury Lane, London
-, 35

Dublin, Ireland
-, 36, 88, 97, 222
-, Master or Keeper of the King's House in. See Ashe, Sir Thomas

Dudley, Ambrose, Earl of Warwick (d 1590)
-, mentioned, 126

Dudley, Anne, 3rd wife (and widow) of Ambrose Dudley, Earl of Warwick, (d 1604)
-, mentioned, 31

Dudley, Robert, Earl of Leicester (d 1588)
-, mentioned, 20, 184

Duher, John, of London, goldsmith
-, petition to Cecil, 141

Duke, The. See Stuart, Ludovic

Dunbar, Earl of. See Home, George

Dunboy, co. Cork, Ireland
-, reference to siege of, 2

Dunch, William, of Avebury, co. Wilts.
-, his wardship, 55 and n

Dunch, , brother-in-law to Deborah Mervyn
-, 55

Duncombe (Doncombe), Mr.
-, visits Italy and Rome, 147

Dunkirk [Nord, France]
-, complaints of English discrimination against ships of, 48
-, 55, 225

Dunsmore, Baron. See Leigh, Francis

Duperron, Jacques Davy, Cardinal
-, 165 and n

-, entertained in Paris by William Cecil, 283

Durant, William, of Enfield, co. Middlesex
-, petition to Cecil, 11

Duret. See Duret, Jean

Duret, Jean, French physician and politician
-, 166, 167

Durham, co. Durham
-, 82

Durham, Bishop of. See James, William

Durham, Bishopric of
-, lands surveyed within, 174

Durham, county of
-, priests and recusants in, 42
-, 83

Durham House. See Britain's Burse

Dyers, Company of, London
-, petition from, 28

-, 87

Dymock, Thomas [ ? of Pinchbeck, co. Lincoln]
-, petition to Cecil, 173