Regesta 33: 1265-1268

Pages 435-437

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 1, 1198-1304. Originally published by Her Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1893.

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Regesta, Vol. XXXIII.

1 Clement IV.

14 Kal. Aug.
(f. 10.)
To Ottobon, cardinal of St. Adrian's, papal legate. (See Vol. 34, f. 14d.)
10 Kal. April.
(f. 13.)
To the queen of England. (See Vol. 30, f. 11.)
[Martene, Thes. Novus Anecd. II. 115.]
13 Kal. Oct.
(f. 16d.)
To Ottobon, cardinal of St. Adrian's, papal legate. The pope has heard both his good and bad news of England, the realm being freed by the death of wicked men, who, however, have died caring neither for God, nor for themselves. The pope has listened to the petition of Edward, and orders the legate, if he can safely enter the realm, to do what he can for the king and his children, and if he meets with resistance to preach a crusade and offer indulgences, which he is also to do in outlying provinces and in Almain, if he cannot enter the realm, and he is to recur for help and counsel to the king of France. He may absolve the bishops of London, Worcester, and Lincoln, but not grant them any favour, and if, as is notorious, they joined Simon, late earl of Leicester, or his accomplices, or have not observed the papal interdict, they are to be suspended and reserved to be punished by the pope; finally the legate is to take steps for the recognition of the dominion of the Roman church and the restoration of prelates, clerks, and others, who have been despoiled. The pope expects anxiously the soldiers and the money.
Non. Oct.
(f. 17d.)
Mandate to the same, to give to H. bishop of Ostia and Velletri, or his proctors, two benefices, now void, in England, value 260 marks, and to defend him in possession of the same. [Martene, II. 211.]
2 Id. Nov.
(f. 19d.)
To the same (See Vol. 34, f. 26.) [Martene, II. 240.]
3 Kal. Dec.
(f. 21.)
Mandate to the same. (See Vol. 30, f. 19d.) [Martene, II. 247.]
5 Id. Dec.
(f. 21d.)
To the same. (See Vol. 30, f. 20.) [Martene, II. 250.]

2 Clement IV.

17 Kal. June.
(f. 88.)
To the same. (See Vol. 30, f. 38.)
14 Kal. July.
(f. 88.)
Mandate to the same. (See Vol. 30, f. 38d.) [Martene, II. 355.]
8 Id. May.
(f. 40d.)
To the same. (See Vol. 30, f. 40d.)
[Martene, II. 319.]
2 Id. Oct.
(f. 47d.)
Mandate to the same to restore the alterations made in Winchester cathedral by bishop John, in matters pertaining by statute to the chapter or convent. The bishop is to be suspended, and some one is to be appointed to give information, if necessary, to the legate, who must provide for the safekeeping of the episcopal property.
8 Kal. Nov.
(f. 48d.)
Mandate to the same, to preach about the loss of Ashdod, Cæsarea, and the castle of Saphet, and the danger of the Holy Land, and to provide from money collected in England for the pay of five hundred cross-bowmen, who are to set out for the Holy Land in March. If not in England, they may be found about Vienne, Arles, and Narbonne. The legate is to continue his labours for peace in England, and to report to the pope. (See Vol. 30, f. 49d.)

3 Clement IV.

5 Id. May.
(f. 56 (54).)
Mandate to the bishop of Lincoln. (See Vol. 30, f. 57.)
Ibid. To Ottobon, cardinal legate. (See Vol. 30, f. 57.)
7 Kal. Aug.
(f. 61 (59)d.)
To the archbishop of Canterbury. (See Vol. 30, f. 60.)
Ibid. Mandate to the legate Ottobon, to inform the pope as to the benefices which Philip, then archbishop elect of Lyons, now count of Burgundy, held at the presentation of, but not belonging to, laymen in England; the pope having deprived him of all his benefices except the archbishopric, reserving them to himself.
9 Kal. Dec.
(f. 67 (65)d.)
To the same.(See Vol. 30, f. 65.) [Martene, II. 542.]
7 Id. Feb.
(f. 70 (68)d.)
To Henry III. (See Vol. 30, f. 72.) [Martene, II. 573.]

4 Clement IV.

3 Kal. Mar.
(f. 75 (73).)
Mandate to the bishop of Lismore to give an account to the cardinal legate of the Holy Land subsidy collected in Ireland. [Martene, II. 577.]
(6 Non. Mar.)
(f. 75 (73).)
To the bishop of Winchester. (See Vol. 30, f. 75.) [Martene, II. 578.]
10 Kal. July.
(f. 81 (79)d.)
Mandate to Ottobon, cardinal legate, if he goes to Spain, to urge the king of Castile and Leon to join the crusade, or, if he does not go, to desire the Spanish prelates to do so. [Martene, II. 611.]
2 Kal. Aug.
(f. 83 (81)).
Faculty to S[imon], cardinal of St. Cecilia's, to absolve those of France who have incurred excommunication by taking part in the disturbance of the king and realm of England. [Martene, II. 621.]