Vatican Regesta 467

Page 194

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Vatican Regesta, Vol. CCCCLXVII. (fn. 2)

Liber Primus Officialium

[Diversorum Annorum].


  • 2. On the back of the volume is the usual modern label, with ‘Ca. 3. Libe. Off.’ Inside it is the usual front half of the original sheepskin binding, with the contemporary description ‘Primus Officialium domini Calisti pape iii.’ On a contemporary flyleaf which immediately follows is, besides the usual description ‘Calixti iii. Liber Officialium’ of Bissaiga, the contemporary name ‘Lyndisay.’ The recto of the next folio contains a list, written in several contemporary hands, of the offices of the papal court the appointments to which are registered in the volume, viz. ‘Taxatores plumbi; Thesaurarius generalis domini nostri pape; Clerici Camere Apostolice; Depositarius; Corrector; Prothonotarii; Auditores; Collectores et Thesaurarii; Cubicularii; Castellani; Referendarii; Subdiaconi; Acoliti (sic); Penitentiarii minores; Altariste sancti Petri; Clerici ceremoniarum capellani et commensales ac capelle; Secretarii; Notarii Camere; Magistri Regestri Supplicationum; Registratores, taxatores plumbi et bullatores; Soldanus et Scutiferi honoris; Servientes armorum; Cursores; Magistri hostiarii; Forrerii, palefrenarii et alii familiares continui commensales; Hostiarii prime porte et porte ferree; Senatores Urbis; Vicarii civitatum et terrarum ecclesie, alii officiales et viguerii Avinionen. (in the margin is added Thesaurarii etc. Rectores); Supracoci, coci et alii familiares de Coquina; Advocatus Fiscalis et alii advocati consistoriales; Clavarius Avinionen.; Notarius et Contralator Thes(auri) Bononien.; Bariselli; Cappellani (not cancelled; cf. above); Bullatores (cancelled; cf. above); Capitanei generales; Officiales contradictarum; Viceadmiratus classis. There are nominally ff. i. to clxxxxii. of text, many of them, however, being blank. There are also gaps in the foliation, thus f. viiii. is followed by f. xxx, after which comes f. xlvii.; f. 1. is followed by f. lviiii, the intermediate folios having apparently been removed. The ‘officia’ are grouped under the above headings and arranged chronologically, year by year, the order of the groups being roughly the same as in the above list. There is no appointment in the volume to a native of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales.