Lateran Regesta 514: 1456

Pages 287-288

Calendar of Papal Registers Relating To Great Britain and Ireland: Volume 11, 1455-1464. Originally published by His Majesty's Stationery Office, London, 1921.

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Lateran Regesta. Vol. DXIV. (fn. 1)

1 Calixtus III.

[De] Diversis Formis.

9 Kal. March.
(22 Feb.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 50.)
To James de Vincon (? rectius Vinton), perpetual vicar of Leswade in the diocese of St. Andrews, M.A. Dispensation to him, who is by both parents of noble and baronial race, to receive and retain with the said vicarage, value not exceeding 16l. sterling, any one other benefice, or, if he resign the vicarage and without it (fn. 2) any two other benefices, with cure or otherwise incompatible, even if dignities etc., even major or principal dignities, or such mixed, or a parish church or its perpetual vicarage etc., and to resign them, simply or for exchange, as often as he pleases, provided that he do not hold two parish (fn. 3) churches or their perpetual vicarages, or such mixed. (fn. 4) Nobilitas generis, litterarum etc. (P. and G. Gonne. | P. xxxx. de Varris.) [2 pp.]
Id. July.
(15 July.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 56. (fn. 5) )
To the bishop of Winchester. Mandate to dispense John [son] of Peter Stepner and Isabel Lomer, of his diocese, to remain in the marriage which they formerly contracted per verba legitime de presenti and consummated, in ignorance that they were related in the third degree of kindred; decreeing legitimate the offspring born, if any, and that to be born of the marriage. Oblate nobis. (P. and G. Gonne. | P. xviii. de Varris.) [¾ p.]

De Regularibus.

[rectius 1456].
15 Kal. May.
(17 April.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 146.)
To the archdeacon and the treasurer of Leighlin and Richard Oleaglour, a canon of the same. Mandate to collate and assign to John Okarten, a friar of the house of St. Thomas the Martyr, Althy (sic), of the order of Crouched [friars], in the diocese of Dublin (who was lately dispensed by papal authority, on account of illegitimacy as the son of a priest and an unmarried woman, to be promoted to all even holy orders and hold a benefice even with cure, after which he had himself so promoted, and who has made a private but not an open profession of the said order (fn. 6) ) the priorship of the said house of St. Thomas the Martyr, Athy, which is conventual, elective and with cure, value not exceeding 16 marks sterling, and was therefore reserved in virtue of the pope's general reservation of all conventual priories on its voidance by the death of Robert Droth, and has been so long void that by the Lateran statutes its collation has lapsed to the apostolic see. He is hereby specially dispensed, notwithstanding the said defect, to receive and retain it. Religionis zelus, vite etc. (C. and A. de Cortesiis. | C. xxx. Non. Maii Anno Secundo. de Montepolitiano.) [4 pp.]
3 Kal. Feb.
(30 Jan.)
St. Peter's, Rome.
(f. 256.)
To the archdeacon and the precentor (cantori) of Aberdeen, and Andrew Fysse (sic), a canon of the same. Mandate, as below. The recent petition of John Benale, prior of the Benedictine priory of Pluscardyn in the diocese of Moray, contained that the late John bishop of Ross took possession of and detained, as does his successor Thomas, the present bishop of Ross, certain fruits etc. and divers other goods belonging to the priory of Urchard of the said order and diocese, canonically annexed to that of Pluscardyn, on account of the parish church of Dingwale in the diocese of Ross, lawfully united to the said priory of Urchard. Seeing that, as the said petition added, on account of the distance the said prior cannot have competent judges elsewhere than in the diocese of Caithness, and that it is unsafe to go thither on account of the wildness and untractableness of its inhabitants, (fn. 7) the pope hereby, at the said petition for the commission of the cause which the prior intends to bring against the said bishop Thomas to some upright men elsewhere in Scotland, (fn. 8) orders the above to summon the said bishop and others concerned, hear both sides and decide what is just, without appeal, causing their decision to be observed by the said bishop by the pope's authority, and by others by ecclesiastical censure, etc. Humilibus etc. (P. and A. de Cortesiis. | P. xvi. de Varris.) [1 p.]


  • 1. On the back of the volume is the usual modern description in Italian: ‘Calisto iii. 1455. Anno 1. Lib. 1.’ A flyleaf has the usual contemporary description ‘Primus de diversis formis et de regularibus anno primo domini nostri domini Calisti pape iii.’ and, in different contemporary hands, the order ‘R(ecipe) Her., P.’ [de Varris] and the answering ‘Rubricatus est.’ There is also a contemporary ‘Vis(a)’ near the bottom of the same page. There are ff. i. to cccxvii. of text, some of which are blank.
  • 2. vel illa dimissa et sine illa, an unusual combination of the two commoner expressions, ‘vel (or seu) illa dimissa,’ and ‘vel (or seu) sine illa.’
  • 3. principales, rectius parrochiales.
  • 4. seu tales insimul, rectius seu tales mixtim.
  • 5. On ff. 69d. to 74d. is a bull ‘Ad fut. rei mem. Illis que pro statu universitatum studiorum,’ dated at St. Peter's, Rome, 1455[–6], Id. Feb. an. 1, confirming etc. the following bulls, granted at the instance of the three Estates of the duchy of Normandy regarding the foundation of the university of Caen:—(i) of Eugenius IV ‘Ad fut. rei mem. Dum in hac apostolice,’ dated at Bologna, 1437, 3 Kal. June anno 7 [Fournier, Statuts des Universités Françises, III, p. 149; see Cal. Papal Lett., VIII, p. 252 note]; (ii) of the same pope, ‘Quia domum preciosis ornatam,’ addressed to the bishops of Lisieux and Coutances and dated at Florence, 1439, 14 Kal. June anno 9 [Fournier, op. cit., III, p. 151.] (iii) of Nicholas V ‘Ad perp. rei. mem. Quoniam per litterarum studia,’ dated at St. Peter's, Rome, 1451, Prid. Non July anno 5 [ibid., p. 199]. (C. and H. Masheim, Ja. Bigneti. |C. lx. de Montepolitiano.) [10 pp.]
  • 6. ac ordinem predictum tacite et non expresse professus existit.
  • 7. Cum autem sicut eadem peticio subiungebat ipse prior propter locorum distanciam competentes alibi quam in diocesi Cathenensi judices habere non possit, ad ipsam quoque, pro eo quod silvestres et indomiti homines illam inhabitant, tutus sibi non pateat accessus.
  • 8. alibi in partibus illis.